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Please Note Obituaries printed after March 1, 2014 are not included on this site.  They can be located at

More obituaries on Martha's Page

Abstracts of obituaries published in The Avilla News papers on file in the Avilla Branch Library and from a private collection; AvilLaOtto Nooz, clippings pasted to index cards and located in the Noble County Genealogical Societyís obituary card file and obituaries published in the Kendallville News-Sun, as well as those on the index card file at Noble County Library in Albion and on microfilm in the Kendallville Library; obituaries from books at the Kendallville Public Library; and clippings saved in miscellaneous family scrapbooks are included in this record. The Genealogical Society file includes items published in Noble County American, New Era, Kendallville News-Sun and a few other area newspapers. The paperís identity was not included on the Societyís individual cards, therefore not available for inclusion. The focus here is on individuals born and/or buried in Noble County.  It should be noted that dates written on the cards in Albion's library are not always correct; however, they were copied as written.  Information from current obituaries is included with permission of the newspapers involved.

Dates which appear in Avilla News, AvilLaOtto Nooz and Kendallville News-Sun microfilmed items are paper publishing dates. Dates from the Albion Library collection are dates written on the index cards. Dates from family scrapbooks are sometimes publishing dates and sometimes dates written in the scrapbook.  It was the custom in early papers to charge for publishing an obituary, leaving some families without resources to publish. There were complete issues noted as "missing" in the microfilm.  Source coding location is as follows:

~ The Avilla Branch Library, Avilla News and AvilLaOtto Nooz
^ Kendallville Public Library Microfilm and The News Sun
> Kendallville Public Library Book
+ Noble County Library at Albion
* Misc. scrapbooks and clippings

Many names of individuals and places were misspelled in the original published paper and, wherever possible, corrections were made, changes from the actual print being designated by italics. Names engraved on tombstones were generally considered to be the correct spelling. Every attempt was made toward accuracy, although it is recognized that good intentions do not always produce the desired results.

Noble County Libraries in Albion and Avilla, Kendallville Public Library, and the Noble County Genealogical Society are gratefully acknowledged for allowing their resources to be accessed in compiling this record. 0f obituaries to 2-28-2014.

Links to area funeral homes:

Brazzell Funeral Home - Albion and Avilla 
Hite Funeral Home
- Kendallville
Sheets and Childs
- Churubusco
Yeager Funeral Home
- Ligonier
Young Family Funeral Home - Kendallville and Wolcottville

Noble Notes: When you complete a 25-generation chart, you will have found 67,108,862 direct ancestors.