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Noble County Veterans
     An unofficial and  incomplete list of deceased veterans who enlisted from, were born, died or buried in Noble County.


 Civil War References
Regiments affecting Noble County

      Ligonier Participants in the Civil War - contributed by Dan Replogle

    Medal of Honor Recipient -  Private Henry M. Hardenbergh  contributed by Charles Stanley

     Letters by Strieby - Letters written by William U. and Mary E. (Fordyce) Strieby between 1861 and 1865 while he was serving in the 30th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry unit.  

    Andersonville Civil War Prison, Andersonville Georgia
I do volunteer research at Andersonville Civil War Prison in Andersonville, Georgia at absolutely at no cost. There are 1743 prisoners of war on record from the state of Indiana and about 700 who died here. I also do the research for any prisoners from any state that were here.  There are 2 online databases to do by name...and one by company and regiment. I have a copy of the Dorence Atwater Death list which has the names and grave numbers of 12960 graves with only 460 marked as Unknown.  This, along with a CD I have which contains 34,000 names of the 45,000 who were imprisoned there, helps me find prisoner records which are difficult to find because of misspellings of the names or alternate names. I visit the prison site every couple of weeks and have access to the onsite databases as well as the physical files.  I also take grave photos for a small fee to cover my costs.  Email me directly for free lookup at

                            Kevin Frye
                            Local Andersonville Historian / National Park Service Volunteer

     You may also wish to visit my website dedicated to those Americans  who were imprisoned and died in captivity while in the service to our country:  

U.S. and Indiana Veteran Resources

   Veteran Ancestry Registry -  United States Internet Genealogy Society
Sons of the American Revolution -  Indiana Society
    6.2 Million Confederate and Union Soldiers - List published by National Park Service
    DAR researchers
  A helpful group of organized DAR VIS Volunteers monitor the RootsWeb DAR  Message Board every day and    welcome  lookup requests.  Include your  Revolutionary War-era ancestor's first and last name, spouse's name (if known), dates of birth, death, and state of residence when posting your  lookup request. You need not be interested in  joining the NSDAR to request a lookup.

Noble Notes: When an old person dies, it's like a library burning.
 Alex Haley