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The listing includes names and dates included in guardianship orders.  The original order may or may not include additional information.  Transcribed from court records by Beverly Shank.
    Abdill Wallace L, heir of John.
    Abdill, Gdn Warren E Newton. Filed 14 Dec 1888.
    Abrams Laura, heir of Mary L, Cornelius, & James Abrams, Gdn William B Knappe. Filed 20 Mar 1882.
    Ackerman Elizabeth V A, Malinda M, Mary L, heirs of Eliza Jane Ackerman, Gdn James G Ackerman.  Filed 17 Apr 1871.
    Ackerman Francis, Henry W, Elizabeth, heirs of William Ackerman, Gdn Eliza Ackerman (now Conley). Filed 9 Oct 1865.
    Ackerman Henrietta, Fannie, Abraham, Joanetta, Benjamin, Samuel, Romeo, heirs of Solomon Ackerman,  Gdn Regina Ackerman. Filed 18 Nov 1879.
    Ackerman John, Mary, William, heirs of Anne Ackerman, Gdn John Ackerman. Filed 2 Jun 1868.
    Ackerman Joseph F, trustee of the estate of Ferdinand Ackerman. Filed 6 Oct 1941.
    Ackerman Joseph F, heir of Bella Ackerman, Gdn Leopolt Schloss. Filed 20 Sep 1911.
    Acton Maud, Erwin, heirs of Norman Acton, Gdn Henry C Peterman. Filed 27 Apr 1903.
    Acton William C, George W, heirs of William A Acton, Gdn Norman Acton. Filed 7 Dec 1889.
    Adair Edwin Ross, heir of Ann Prickett, Gdn Edwin L Adair. Filed 12 Jan 1923.
    Adair Mary, Fred, Gdn Benton J Bloom. Filed 9 Jun 1925.
    Adam Edward S, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 5 Jan 1915.
    Adam Elizabeth, Gdn Charles Poppy. Filed 11 Jun 1924.
    Adams Homer B Jr, heir of Sylvester S Adams, Gdn June R Adams. Filed 14 Jan 1925.
    Adams Joan Marie, heir of Joe Tobolskie, Gdn Mary Ann Adams. Filed 1 Nov 1937.
    Adams Schuyler, Viola, Vinnie, Orpha, Bernice, Pearley, Robert, Alpheus, heirs of Ebenezer Adams, late of Seneca Co OH, Gdn Samuel H Adams. Filed 17 Sep 1889.
    Addis Ray, Roy, heirs of William Beesecker, Gdn Clara Addis. Filed 27 Oct 1937.
    Adolph Herbert, Berniece, heirs of Lydia Adolph, Gdn August Adolph. Filed 29 Dec 1899.
    Airgood Doris A, Gdn Roy E Targgart. Filed 4 Apr 1963.
    Akers Florence, Lizzie, Carrie, Robert, Susan, Hubert, heirs of Robert F Akers, Gdn Fred E Weir. Filed 29 Jan 1909.
    Albright Mary R, Virginia, Delta Clyde, heirs of Delta C Albright, Gdn Grace Albright. Filed 13 Nov 1911.
    Albright Warren, heir of John & Sophia Albright, Gdn Peter Elser. Filed 22 Apr 1882.  
    Alexander Minerva, Haman, Sarah, heirs of John Alexander, Gdn Harriet Stout. Filed 22 Feb 1869.  
    Allen Cynthia, Maria, heirs of Annanias Allen, Gdn Felton Allen. Filed 12 Dec 1861.  
    Allen Ella J, lived Cloud Co, heir of Otis D Allen & Miriam Haggerty, Gdn Tallock A Stangland. Filed 30 Apr 1873  
    Allen Isaac, Ella H, heirs of Eri Allen, Gdn Lydia White. Filed 30 Jan 1862.  
    Allen Janette, heir of Otis D Allen & Miriam Haggerty, Gdn John N Busz. Filed 15 Apr 1863.  
    Allen Maria, Mary, Franklin P, Ella, heirs of Otis D Allen & Miriam Haggerty, Gdn Jacob Winebrenner. Filed 28 Jun 1862.  
    Allen William C, Otis D, Janette M, Phoebe M, Mary C, Franklin P, Ella J, heirs of Otis D Allen, Gdn Miriam Allen. Filed 4 Mar 1859.  
    Allen William A, Alfred, heirs of Frederick Allen, Gdn Maria Allen. Filed 4 Dec 1872.  
    Alstadt Mary F, Ann A, Oscar F, Adaline V, heirs of John H Alstadt, Gdn James H Mathews. Filed 28 Aug 1865.  
    Altimus Martha J, Andrew W, heirs of Alexander Altimus, Gdn Mary Altimus. Filed 4 Jun 1877.  
    Altimus Mary, Gdn Christopher Hooley. Filed 9 Sep 1885.  
    Alvord Samuel E Jr, Nathan, Edith, heirs of Julia Alvord, Gdn Samuel E Alvord Sr. Filed 21 Oct 1881.  
    Alwine Beverly I, Guy A, Lois T, Leslie L, heirs of Alfred R Alwine, Gdn Thelma Alwine. Filed 30 Jan 1942.  
    Aman Bertha, Gdn John S Clark. Filed 10 Oct 1930.  
    Ambrose Vesta M, heir of Homer Wilkins, Gdn Vada Doub Winebrenner. Filed 27 Sep 1943.  
    Ananias Alice, Gdn Malcolm Fraze. Filed 8 Jun 1955.  
    Anderson Mary A M, heir of James A Anderson, Gdn Susannah Anderson. Filed 2 Apr 1910.  
    Andrews Alice L, heir of Emaline Andrews, Gdn Eldredge B Andrews. Filed 17 Nov 1865.  
    Anglin Kevin, Bruce, Mary Kay (Anglin) Wilson, heirs of Edwin P Anglin, Gdn Josephine A Anglin. Filed 2 Dec 1960.
    Applegate Florence, Clara, Fermer, heirs of James M Applegate, Gdn Oliver P Fulk. Filed 5 Nov 1880.  
    Archer Anna B, Gdns Joan Doll & Dallas L Archer. Filed 14 May 1957  
    Archer Avanna, Harriet, William, Lucinda G, heirs of George Archer, Gdn Washington A Coon. Filed 11 Jul 1887.  
    Arehart Marjorie, Gdn Glenn R Arehart. Filed 25 Nov 1953.  
    Atkins Angeline, Arthur, heirs of Isaac Atkins, Gdn Cornelius Munfort. Filed 4 Feb 1864.  
    Atwell Emaline A, heir of Levi Atwell, Gdn Harrison Eddy.  
    Atz Amy C, heir of Samuel Gretzinger of Marshall Co IN, Gdn Lucetta Gretzinger. Filed 29 Oct 1918.  
    Aul Myrtle, Gdn William H Duesler, Filed 29 Nov 1951.  
    Axtell Foy, Letha A, heirs of Jacob Singrey, Gdn William A Axtell. Filed 3 Mar 1903.  
    Babb Charles E, Aaron A, Albert F, Mary M, John, heirs of Samuel Babb, Gdn William R Myers. Filed 4 May 1883.  
    Babcock Leon E, Vivian K, Claude W, heirs of Kathryn Babcock & Edwin A Belt, Gdn Earl H Babcock of Cook Co IL. Filed 11 Mar 1911.  
    Bachellor Odis M, heir of John L Miller, Gdn William R Bachellor. Filed 22 Feb 1913.  
    Badger Vernon, heir of George H Badger, Gdn Mabel Cramer. Filed 20 Mar 1935.  
    Baight Minerva, Solomon, John, Eli, heirs of Barbara Baight, Gdn Samuel Baight. Filed 3 Dec 1864.  
    Bailey Daisey, heir of Mary C Bailey, Gdn Archibald Crofoot. Filed 12 Jul 1886.  
    Bailey Douglas A, heir of Merry C Bailey, Gdn William C Clouse. Filed 15 Jul 1952.  
    Baker Adam L, Hazel M, heirs of Minnie M Baker, Gdn Orrison J Baker. Filed 11 Mar 1921.  
    Baker Cyrena M, Eugene M, Millie L, heirs of Annue J Baker, Gdn Samuel Broughton. Filed 30 Dec 1867.  
    Baker David H, will of David B Barnes, Gdn Laurence D Baker. Filed 17 Nov 1947.  
    Baker Esther, heir of of Aaron Baker, Gdn Porter Green. Filed 1 Sep 1873.  
    Baker Henry F, Fairy B, heirs of Martin D Garrison, Gdn Oliver Green. Filed 27 May 1909.  
    Baker Gilbert, heir of Aaron Baker late of Licking Co OH, Gdn Green Cole. Filed 17 Jun 1871.
    Baker Hiram D & James, heir of William Baker, Gdn Isaac W Kern. Filed 31 Dec 1859.  
    Baker John R, heir of John W Dooley late of Hendricks Co IN, Gdn James E Baker. Filed 8 Feb 1910.  
    Baker Karen S of Preble Co OH, Gdn Geraldine Baker. Filed 26 Jun 1963.  
    Baker Lewis T, Gdn George W Baker. Filed 7 Mar 1927.  
    Baker Mildred L, Kenneth C, heirs of Claud E Baker, Gdn Elmer E Cole. Filed 11 Jan 1926.  
    Baker Mary A, Gdn John Guthrie. Filed 9 Jun 1886.  
    Baker Orison J, heir of Sarah E Baker, Gdn Solomon Baker. Filed 31 Mar 1877.  
    Baker Phyllis J, heir of Harriet E Jones, Gdn Frank M Baker. Filed 26 Sep 1945.  
    Baker Porter, heir of Aaron Baker, Gdn Porter Green. Filed 18 Aug 1869.  
    Baker Rosey A, heir of Aaron Baker late of Licking Co OH, Gdn Oliver Green. Filed 30 Mar 1875.  
    Baker William C, Charles F, George A, Alice E, heir of Aaron Baker. Filed 24 May 1860.  
    Balliet Evangeline E, heir of Harvey J Balliet, Gdn Eythel M Balliet. Filed 21 Jul 1924.  
    Balliet Paul, Gdn Ella Balliet. Filed 15 Mar 1926.  
    Barber Flavins J, heir of Thomas B Barber, Gdn Flavia Hulbert. Filed 30 May 1865.  
    Barcus Rufus, Gdn Cora Maggart. Filed 9 May 1924.  
    Bare Hubert D, Claude A, Mamie V, Edith M, heirs of Peter Huser, Gdn Sarah E Yontz. Filed 5 Sep 1923.  
    Barhan Ella A, heir of Mary A Barhan, Gdn Stephen C Barhan. Filed 12 Jun 1874.  
    Barhan Mattie M, heir of Stephen C Barhan, Gdn Joseph H Nelson. Filed 2 Feb 1887.  
    Barhan Sarah L, Joseph A, heirs of Stephen Barhan, Gdn Christian Barhan. Filed 13 Nov 1863.  
    Barker Hal G, Gdn Max A Barker, Filed 27 Jul 1961.  
    Barnett Eva D, Gdn Della Ackerman. Filed 10  Oct 1961.  
    Barnhart Clarence A, Marguerite, Eva M, heirs of William C Barnhart, Gdn Nellie M Barnhart. Filed 30 Mar 1934.  
    Barnum Abel R, Ben, heirs of Abel A Barnum, Gdn Blanche Barnum. Filed 13 Oct 1930.  
    Barr Anna, Gdn Robert D Weimer. Filed 15 Dec 1952.  
    Barr Eva, Gdn Ralph K Barr & Porter D Crowell. Filed 5 Aug 1941.  
    Barr Fanny E, Alonzo C, Orpha C, George S, heirs of Thomas W Barr late of St Joseph Co MI, Gdn Ira Gillaspie. Filed 6 Apr 1866.  
    Barr Homer L, heir of Edward M Barr, Gdn William D Bonar. Filed 24 Sep 1930.  
    Barr Ralph K, heir of Robert P Barr, Gdn Eva B Barr. Filed 27 Mar 1909.  
    Barrs Frederick, John, Charles, heirs of John Barrs, Gdn Jacob Gerver. Filed 26 Aug 1859.  
    Bartley Frank, heir of John S Bartley, Gdn Charles Bartley,. Filed 14 Dec 1886.  
    Bartley Orvin H, heir of Charles Bartley, Gdn Amanda J Bartley. Filed 30 Apr 1890.  
    Barton Emma F, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings. Filed 18 Jul 1927.  
    Baugher Alvin, heir of Henry Baugher, Gdn Elizabeth Baugher. Filed 7 Mar 1881.  
    Baughman Day, Iva, heir of John & Harriet Baughman, Gdn Peter O Black. Filed 26 Mar 1888.  
    Baughman Emma, Ella, heirs of David C & Nancy B Baughman, Gdn Stansbury W Lemmon. Filed 22 Aug 1883.
    Baughman Fern M, heirs of Albert F Baughman, Gdn Zoe S Baughman. Filed 3 Feb 1914.  
    Baughman Mary A, Clara J, Ida, Emma, Willie, heirs of Grafton D Baughman, Gdn John C Kerr. Filed 3 Feb 1870.  
    Bauman/Bowman Anna, Gdn Calvin L Martin. Filed 29 Jan 1904.  
    Bauman Margaret, Adam, Lizzie, Soloma, Mary, George, heirs of Thomas Bauman, Gdn Adam J Hess & Christopher Bauman. Filed 31 Jul 1880.  
    Bauman Martin P, Gdn Jay F Olinger. Filed 20 Sep 1948.  
    Baum Grace E, Gdn Dorothy E Whonsetler. Filed 22 Jul 1958.  
    Beach John M, George W, heirs of Benjamin F Myers, Gdn Jay Beach. Filed 15 Mar 1909 Kent Co MI. Filed 16 Aug 1915 Noble Co IN.  
    Beadle Adalaide I, Gdn Robert J Stewart. Filed 9 Jun 1913.  
    Beanblossom William A, Thomas H, heirs of Abagail Beanbossom, Gdn Thomas B Hill. Filed 6 Jun 1864.
    Beanblossom William A, Thomas H, heirs of William L Beanblossom, Gdn Thomas B Hill. Filed 23 Sep 1861.  
    Beard Virginia B, heir of William Beard late of Williams Co OH, Gdn William N Lamb. Filed 12 Dec 1865.   
    Beard Virginia B, heir of William Beard late of William Co OH, Gdn Samuel Beard. Filed 1 Dec 1869.  
    Beavers Margaret, Gdn Ressie Ott. Filed 13 Sep 1943.  
    Beaubien Betty, Walters Gladys, heirs of Frank Cornelius, Gdn George D Foster. Filed 30 Oct 1943.  
    Beazel Arthur W, Laura E, heirs of Martha J Beazel, Gdn William M Beazel. Filed 25 Jun 1880.  
    Beazel Frank W, Clara B, Neil N, Chester R, heirs of Finley Beazel, Gdn Louisa R Beazel. Filed 23 Sep 1887.  
    Beck Myrtie A, Grace, heirs of Jacob Beck, Gdn James B Kimball. Filed 14 Jan 1889.  
    Beck William F, Gdn Henry Beck. Filed 20 Mar 1912.  
    Becker/Baker John, William F, Fred K, Joseph R. heirs of Mary Becker/Baker, Gdn John P     Becker/Baker. Filed 13 May 1875.  
    Becker Joseph R, Howard S, heirs of Joseph R Becker, Gdn Naomi Taylor. Filed 24 Aug 1912.  
    Beckner Eli H, Gdn Margaret Stoner. Filed 14 Sep 1958.  
    Beers Mary J, heir of Melvin J Beers, Gdn Laurence Beers. Filed 14 Jan 1941.  
    Beers Vance A, Joseph E, Edna M, Lewis, Orvas E, heirs of Orvas E Beers, Gdn Margery M Beers. Filed 16 Jan 1919.  
    Beers William L, Lester D, heirs of Mary Beers, Gdn Maria Line. Filed 14 Dec 1887.  
    Beesecker Elizabeth, Gdn William Beesecker. Filed 24 Oct 1921.  
    Beesecker Harriet, Gdn William Beesecker. Filed 24 Oct 1921.  
    Beezley James T, Janis R, Judy R, children of Corp George P Beezley now in U S Army, Gdn Delle P    Beezley. Filed 27 Oct 1950.  
    Begien Jennie, Gdn William Ackerman. Filed 27 May 1953.  
    Beiler Solomon P, Sarah A, Samuel E, heirs of Jonathan Beiler, Gdn Christopher Hooley. Filed 5 Mar 1878.  
    Bell Charles, heir of Robert Bell, Gdn Rufina Bell. Filed 13 Feb 1862.  
    Bell Charles, heir of Rufina Bell, Gdn Henry Hill. Filed 5 Jan 1871.  
    Bell Joyce, Kathy, April, heirs of Betty Bell, Gdn Mary K Young. Filed 21 Dec 1962.  
    Bender Edith L, heir of George D Bender, Gdn William L Lane. Filed 24 Dec 1895.  
    Bender Eliza, Gdn John Aman. Filed 25 May 1915.  
    Bender Joseph, Leo, heirs of Anthony Johns, Gdn Frank M Bender. Filed 5 Feb 1906.  
    Bender Susan B, Gdn Albert M Bender. Filed 10 May 1932.  
    Bender Samuel, Gdn Henry E Pieper. Filed 31 May 1899.  
    Benfer Richard W, Mary J, heirs of Frank A Benfer, Gdn Delle Benfer. Filed 14 May 1914.  
    Bennet Mortimer F E, Gdn Luther C Bennet, filed 23 Sep 1942.  
    Bennett Lillian, heir of Mattie Leisy, Gdn William L Bowen. Filed 2 May 1917.  
    Bennett Merl, Minnie, Merrit, Dela, Dale, Donald, heirs of Hiram P Kilgore, Gdn Noah S Stump.  
    Bennett Orril, heir of Adaline Bennett, Gdn George W Bennett. Filed 7 Jun 1869  
    Bentley Herschal, Permelia, James, heirs of Rebecca J Bentley, Gdn Daniel D Bentley. Filed 8 Feb 1865.
    Benward Roy, Amy, heirs of Mortimer & Nancy Benward, Gdn Samuel Benward. Filed 10 Dec 1898.  
    Berger John, Ida, Rose, heirs of Charles Schimpff, Gdn Aaron Ackerman. Filed 17 Oct 1898.  
    Berhalter Bertha, heir of Frank Berhalter, Gdn Henry H Ritter. Filed 2 Nov 1894.  
    Berhalter Etta, Charles, Albert, Minnie, heirs of Joseph Berhalter, Gdn Fannie Berhalter. Filed 21 Mar 1882.  
    Berhalter Maud, heir of Mary J Berhalter, Gdn Joseph W Berhalter. Filed 17 Oct 1881.  
    Berhalter Minnie, heir of Joseph & Fannie Berhalter, Gdn Joseph Berhalter. Filed 5 Dec 1888.  
    Berkes Kathleen, John, Keith, Allen, Dorthea, heirs of John N Berkes, Gdn Fae Berkes. Filed 4 Nov 1935.  
    Berkes Peter, Gdn William M Berkes. Filed 28 Mar 1913.   
    Berkes William M, Gdn Walter H Berkes. Filed 20 Nov 1961.  
    Berning Clara M, Gdn William L Berning. Filed 1 Dec 1943.  
    Berry Charles B, Mary A, heirs of Rufus D Berry, Gdn Ira Hovey. Filed 3 Jun 1861.  
    Berry Martha, heir of Rufus Berry, Gdn Nelson Prentiss. Filed 2 Feb 1863.  
    Bertram Maude, Gdn Floy H Stureman. Filed 14 Aug 1957.  
    Bertsch Robert L, Gdn June Rodenbeck. Filed 20 Sep 1956.  
    Bethel Jacob A, heir of Barnet Bethel, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 25 Oct 1869.  
    Bethel Thene M, Gdn Samuel C Kimmell, Filed 23 Dec 1916.  
    Beyer Augusta, Frederike, Henry, Julia, heirs of Frederike Beyer, Gdn Henry C Misselhorn. Filed 4 Jan 1971.  
    Billman Charles L, Irene J, heirs of Conrad Billman late of Berry Co MI, Gdn Margaret Billman. Filed 26 May 1871.  
    Billman George W, heir of Daniel Billman, Gdn John Renehan. Filed 10 Mar 1874.  
    Billman Ida A, John H, Harvey A, heirs of Solomon Miller, Gdn Daniel Billman. Filed 23 Feb 1881.  
    Billman Simon, Olive (Billman) Knepper, heir of Richard Billman, Gdn Abram H Smith. Filed 25 Nov 1873.  
    Billmire Beverly, heir of Florence Nichols late of Marion Co IN, Gdn Ica L Billmire. Filed 18 Jan 1935.  
    Bingman Phoros, Susannah, Daniel H, Frederick, George, David, Sarah, Mary, Henry, heirs of John H Bingman, Gdn Hannah Bingman. Filed 24 Apr 1876.
    Bink Charles L, Gdn John C Hagen. Filed 2 Jan 1956.  
    Birch Grace V, Stella M, Amos A, Charley E, Emma M, heirs of Stephen & Elizabeth Birch, Gdn Edward R Birch. Filed 11 May 1906.  
    Birtch Alonzo, heir of Edmund D Birtch, Gdn Jacob Wolf. Filed 17 Oct 1859.  
    Bittikoffer Frederick, Annie, Edward, Harmon, Mary, heirs of John Bittikoffer, Gdn John Duerr. Filed 20 Mar 1883.  
    Bitting Ada F L, heir of Frederick Bitting, Gdn Lillie Bitting. Filed 18 Apr 1874.  
    Bixler Florence, Harding Charles W, Roy V, Clarence, Frank G, heirs of Rachel Pardee, Gdn John A Jennings. Filed 14 Nov 1912.  
    Bixler Henry, Herbert, George, heirs of Wallace Bixler, Gdn Jennie Bixler. Filed 11 Jul 1887.  
    Bixler Olivia, Celinda, heirs of Daniel Bixler, Gdn Prutia Bixler. Filed 16 Oct 1861.  
    Black Dallas M, Porter R, John K, Earl B, heirs of Rollin Black, Gdn Winnie Black. Filed 2 Apr 1918.  
    Black Kathy, Philip, heirs of Charles D Black, Gdn Harriett E Black. Filed 7 Feb 1958.  
    Black Peter O, Sophia J, heirs of Sophia Black, Gdn Frederick A Black. Filed 2 Oct 1867.  
    Blackman Douglas, David, heirs of Howard L Blackman, Gdn Helen L Fritz. Filed 29 Apr 1949.  
    Blackman Howard L, Warren J, heirs of Bessie A Blackman, Gdn Myra Blackman. Filed 16 Jun 1932.
    Blackman Isadora L , heir of William H Blackman, Gdn Mary M Parks. Filed 29 Feb 1868.  
    Blair Benjamin, Gdn James Smalley. Filed 21 Apr 1861.  
    Blake Nancy, heir of Isaac Blake, Gdn Benjamin B Green. Filed 29 Jul 1889.  
    Bleck Edward, Gdn Frank Bleck. Filed 16 Apr 1935.  
    Bloomfield Hiram, Gdn John P Becker. Filed 20 May 1889.  
    Bloomfield Jeremiah, Sarah, Amanda, Viola, Rachael, Jackson, Cordelia, heirs of Cornelius Bloomfield, Gdn Elizaeth Bloomfield.  
    Blough William, Gdn Harmon C Kreiger. Filed 15 May 1916.  
    Blunt Anna C, Achsa N, Harry E, heirs of Ambrose Blunt, Gdn Elizabeth L Blunt. Filed 14 Dec 1889.  
    Boese Charles, Gdn Justus Boese. Filed 4 May 1920.  
    Bogner Harry, Virginia, Mary, Glen, heirs of Melvin Bogner, Gdn Editha Bogner. Filed 13 Sep 1948.  
    Bohnenbarger Frederich, William, heirs of Christopher Bohnenbarger, Gdn John Bohnenbarger. Filed 20 Feb 1867.  
    Bohnenbarger Mary A, heir of John Bohnenbarger, Gdn Catherine Bohnenbarger. Filed 10 Aug 1871.  
    Bohnenberger George W, Edie S, heirs of David Bohnenberger, Gdn Catharine Bohnenberger. Filed 21 Aug 1881.  
    Bollinger Glenn H, Gdn Frank B McCarty. Filed 26 Feb 1945.  
    Bolton Alice, Charles, heirs of James & George Roginson, Gdn Robert Bolton. Filed 25 Aug 1871.  
    Bolton George, Gdn Henry Ramsten. Filed 10 Jan 1884.  
    Bonar William Jr, heir of William Bonar Sr, Gdn Abel Barnum. Filed 8 Jan 1891.  
    Bonham Blanch, heir of John M Bonham, Gdn Alice R Bonham. Filed 15 Feb 1906.  
    Bonham Mary M, heir of William Bonham, Gdn Elizabeth Bonham. Filed 11 Mar 1884.  
    Bootz Eulalia, Adalheid, heirs of Christian Bootz late of Kent Co MI, Gdn Matthias Bootz. Filed 15 Oct 1877.  
    Boger Orlo, Gdn June Boger. Filed 22 May 1946.  
    Borlin Hjordis, Gdn James D Frost. Filed 28 Aug 1961.  
    Brothwick Adie I, heir of William Borthwick, Gdn Rebecca A Brothwick. Filed 19 Mar 1875.  
    Bortner Charles, Gdn Elmo S Uhl. Filed 5 Jun 1944.  
    Borton Jessie, Gdn Hazel E Miller. Filed 16 Jan 1934.  
    Bosworth Mary, Phebe, Sarah, Merrill, Harvey, Elva, heir of Morgan Bosworth, Gdn George Harvey. Filed 28 May 1869.  
    Boszor Dennis F, Gdn Frank O Wirick. Filed 13 Mar 1939.  
    Boszor Jacob, Gdn Ashley S Boszor. Filed 8 Oct 1904.  
    Boszor Mary A, Gdn George W Boszor. Filed 27 Oct 1916.  
    Bothel Lucy, Harriet, Frank, Melvin, Leslie, heirs of Thomas H Bothel, Gdn Zilla A Bothel. Filed 4 May 1868.  
    Bouse Electa H, Bessie B, heirs of Benjamin F Bouse, Gdn Dora Bouse. Filed 4 Dec 1900.  
    Bouse Ray, Jennie, Pyrena, heirs of Michael Bouse, Gdn Ida J Bouse. Filed 20 Nov 1894.  
    Bouse Wilma M, heir of Alla S Poyneer, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 9 Jun 1906.  
    Bowen Anita, Marcia, heirs of Fred Bowen, Gdn Emagene Bowen. Filed 11 Feb 1949.  
    Bowers David, Susan J, heirs of Frances & Jacob Bowers, Gdn William Broughton. Filed 4 Jun 1862.  
    Bowers Flora, Minnie, heirs of Catharine W Bowers, Gdn John H Ely. Filed 5 Apr 1883.  
    Bowers Susan, heir of Jacob Bowers, Gdn William J Broughton. Filed 2 Feb 1869.  
    Bowlby Virgil, heir of James A & Mary E Bowlby, Gdn Joseph F Bowlby. Filed 26 Jun 1895.  
    Bowman Birdie, Clyde, Grover, heirs of Philip Bowman, Gdn James N Harvey. Filed 9 Jan 1893.  
    Bowman Charles M, heir of Charles M Bowman, Gdn Maude Bowman. Filed 4 Mar 1929.  
    Bowman Eva L, heir of Daniel Bowman, Gdn William McEwen. Filed 20 Jan 1877.  
    Bowman Hamilton B, heir of Simon Bowman, Gdn Francis R Baughman. Filed 12 Jan 1865.  
    Bowman Laura, Allen, Lillian, heirs of Elizabeth Bowman, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 6 Aug 1926.  
    Bowman Mary, Gdn Jonas Bowman. Filed 16 Mar 1886.  
    Bowman Minerva, Orla, Alice, heirs of Henry Bowman, Gdn Mary Bowman. Filed 2 Jun 1859.  
    Bowser Elva, Ralph, Benjamin, heirs of William Bowser, Gdn Henry Long. Filed 29 Oct 1903.  
    Bowsher Lulu, heir of Boston Bowsher, Gdn William L Sipe. Filed 15 Oct 1901.  
    Brace Nellie, heir of Howard D Brace, Gdn James A Brace. Filed 5 Feb 1909.  
    Brackney Edna, heir of Esther S Davis, Gdn Orlo Barnum. Filed 6 Jul 1899.  
    Brackney Jennie, George, heirs of Eliza Brackney, Gdn John Brackney. Filed 25 May 1859.  
    Bradbury Edgar J Jr, Gdn Edgar J Bradbury. Filed 30 Dec 1959.  
    Braden George L, Gdn Harlan Braden. Filed 31 May 1899.  
    Braden Zina M, Leroy E, Abigail, William, heirs of Richard Braden, Gdn John G Galbreth. Filed 17 Mar 1887.  
    Bradley Charles, heir of Robert Bradley, Gdn Elizabeth Callahan. Filed 2 May 1882.  
    Bragg Maurice D, Helen E, heirs of Elizabeth Kegg, Gdn Minnie E Brown. Filed 26 May 1913.  
    Braginton Darel M, heir of John Braginton, Gdn Alva M McGuire. Filed 26 Oct 1922.  
    Breidert Paul, Anna M, heir of Charles Breidert, Gdn Louis Beckman. Filed 29 May 1888.  
    Brenninger Alfred, heir of George F Brenninger, Gdn Sparta State Bank. Filed 27 Sep 1928.   
    Brenninger George F, Ida Z, heirs of Alfred Brenninger, Gdn Thomas J Wilson. Filed 6 Mar 1877.  
    Brewster Ida, Gdn Romeo Walton. Filed 27 Oct 1950.  
    Bricker Belle, Gdn Glen Strater. Filed 18 Feb 1953.   
    Bricker Burley M, heir of Ella Bricker, Gdn Jehu Bricker. Filed 6 Aug 1886.  
    Bricker Mary, heir of Peter Bricker, Gdn George S Bricker. Filed 18 Feb 1873.  
    Bricker Victor, heir of Conrad Bricker, Gdn Jehu Bricker. Filed 1 Nov 1880.  
    Bridenthal Robert W, heir of Emma Deuerling, Gdn Carrie Bridenthal. Filed 17 Oct 1921.  
    Brink Warren, Louisa, John, Samantha, heirs of Robert Brink, Gdn James Craven. Filed 2 Mar 1881.  
    Brinkerhoff Bessie, Winnifred, heir of John C Brinkerhoff, Gdn Rufus G Marcy. Filed 6 Mar 1893.  
    Brinley Amelia, heir of Amos Brinley, Gdn John Vanferson. Filed 18 Apr 1859.  
    Brothwell Maggie, trustee Joseph L Gilbert. Filed 20 Aug 1920.  
    Broughton Florence A, Gdn Charles E Lewis. Filed 30 Oct 1950.  
    Browand Frances, Gdn Alonzo Whitford. Filed 21 Oct 1881.  
    Brower Kenneth, heir of William F Brower, Gdn Gladys Brower. Filed 11 Aug 1954.  
    Brown Adam, heir of Henry K Brown, Gdn William C Vanderford. Filed 30 Jan 1878.  
    Brown Bruce E, Jeffry L, heirs of Emma Latson, Gdn Zelma Kelly. Filed 11 Feb 1963.  
    Brown Charles E, heir of John S Brown, Gdn Mason M Brown. Filed 17 May 1884.  
    Brown Eulalie, Russell, Howard, heirs of Flora & Charles E Brown, Gdn Vermont Finley. Filed 14 Aug 1912.  
    Brown Frank, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 15 Oct 1930.  
    Brown George W, Gdn John D Friskney. Filed 18 Jan 1915.  
    Brown Nelson, heir of George Brown, Gdn Anna E Brown. Filed 26 Feb 1914.  
    Brown Sarah, Franklin, Charles, William, Iva, heirs of Barbara Brown, Gdn Otho Brown. Filed 22 Oct 1894.  
    Brown William A, heir of Margaret Brown, Gdn James F Brown. Filed 24 Sep 1874.  
    Bruck Harold E, heir of Edna Bruck, Gdn Anthony H Burck. Filed 19 Dec 1932.  
    Brust Ernest, heir of Charles Brust, Gdn Sophia Brust. Filed 4 Jun 1883.  
    Brumbaugh Edythe, Gdn Harry E Sheets. Filed 1 Nov 1963.  
    Brumbaugh George, Jacob, Louisa, Minnie, heirs of Christiana Ebey, Gdn Henry Ebey. Filed 13 Apr 1875.  
    Brumbaugh Perry, John, Elizabeth, Susan, Justina, Kiser Sarah, Alonzo, Susan, heirs of Israel Cooper, Gdn James A Bowlby. Filed 1 Sep 1881.  
    Brundige Allen, Margaret, heirs of Mary E Brundige, Gdn Ezekiel Brundige. Filed 9 Jun 1868.  
    Brundige Ruth A, Albert, Lydia, heirs of John Brundige, Gdn Mary Brundige. Filed 20 Jan 1879.  
    Buchanan George, heir of William Buchanan, Gdn Albert Kesler. Filed 4 Sep 1895.  
    Bucher Emeline, heir of David Bucher, Gdn Catherine Bucher. Filed 22 Oct 1859.  
    Buchs Marabelle & Kinney David, heirs of Elizabeth Kinney, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings. Filed 15 Oct 1918.  
    Buchtel Henry, Gdn John J Buchtel. Filed 23 Mar 1891.  
    Buckles Bertha J, Wayne S, Mary A, heirs of Jennie J Buckles, Gdn William I Buckles. Filed 29 Aug 1905.  
    Buckles John G, heir of Rachel C Buckles, Gdn George W Buckles. Filed 5 Jan 1911.  
    Buckles John H, Gdn State Bank of Kimmell. Filed 22 Oct 1923.  
    Buckles Linda A, heir of George E, Gdn Barbara S Buckles Uhl. Filed 8 Jun 1954.  
    Buckles Mary A, heir of Jennie J Buckles, Gdn William I Buckles. Filed 28 Nov 1919.  
    Buckles Nina C, Gdn Stanley E Buckles. Filed 27 Apr 1959.  
    Buckles William, heir of Catharine J Buckles, Gdn Robert H Buckles. Filed 9 Dec 1887.  
    Buckmaster Wesley, heir of John Buckmaster, Gdn Eliza Whitehead. Filed 3 Aug 1875.   
    Buescher Bertha, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 4 Apr 1952.  
    Buffenbarger Anna, Gdn Edward E Knapp. Filed 24 Mar 1919.  
    Buffenbarger Orin D, Mary I, David H, heirs of Samuel & Eliza A Buffenbarger late of Clark Co OH, Gdn Michael E Lott. Filed 11 Oct 1873.  
    Bufink John, Gdn Jay C Pierce. Filed 23 Aug 1934.  
    Bull George, Sarah, Elizabeth, Emily, Thomas, heirs of Henry Bull, Gdn Magdalene Bull. Filed 11 Oct 1869.  
    Bunger Etta E, Gdn Harry L Bunger Jr. Filed 1 Dec 1959.  
    Burkley Damand L, JoAnn, heirs of Virgil E McGuire, Gdn Ruth Burkley. Filed 25 Feb 1959.  
    Burnett Lillie, Gdn Howard L Arehart. Filed 6 Apr 1943.  
    Burnheimer Lee R, Gdn Margaret R Burnheimer. Filed 22 Mar 1954.  
    Burns Henry, heir of William J Burns, Gdn Elizabeth Burns. Filed 4 Jun 1878.  
    Burnworth Jean, Judy, heirs of Ben Burnworth, Gdn Leila Burnworth. Filed 5 May 1951.  
    Burtch Alonzo, Gdn Jacob Wolf. Filed 3 Feb 1863.  
    Busch Henry, Gdn Barthel Lehman. Filed 3 Jun 1921.  
    Busch Lewertha A, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 19 Nov 1962.  
    Bushong Dale T, Heir of Alverdia McClelland late of Elkhart Co IN, Gdn Thurlow Bushong. Filed 13 Dec 1921.   
    Bushong Glade T, ward of Noble County Court, Gdn Fred Hostetter. Filed 24 Nov 1942.  
    Bushong Ida M, heir of Susette Bushong, Gdn William Bushong. Filed 6 Feb 1874.  
    Bushong Jane, heir of Susette Bushong, Gdn George A Herendeen. Filed 24 Dec 1873.  
    Busz Jesse, Gdn William Huntsman. Filed 28 Oct 1927.  
    Butler Dennis G, heir of Lowell N Butler, Gdn Minnie McDonald. Filed 15 Feb 1957.  
    Butler Fay Ann, heir of Lowell N Butler, Gdn Linda P Chrisman. Filed 3 Oct 1957.  
    Butler Ford, heir of Lillian J Butler, Gdn John F Butler. Filed 29 Jan 1912.  
    Butler Ford H, Gdn Ruth M Butler. Filed 21 May 1963.  
    Butler Theodore R, Robert L, heirs of Herbert T Butler, Gdn Harry Butler. Filed 1 Jun 1933.  
    Butt Mary E, Daniel E, John O, heirs of John R Butt, Gdn Emeline Butt. Filed 8 Aug 1866.  
    Butz Eliza, Angeline, Eddie, heirs of Andrew Butz, Gdn Elizabeth Butz. Filed 6 Apr 1880.  
    Cain John, William, Albert, heirs of Ruth Cain, Gdn Curran F Cain. Filed 9 Feb 1882.  
    Camp Frank, Archie, heirs of James Camp, Gdn Melvin M Smith. Filed 19 Mar 1891.  
    Campbell George W, heir of Fred E Campbell, Gdn Mary E Campbell. Filed 18 Jun 1951.  
    Campbell Lelia, Ruthie, Elizabeth, Arthur, heirs of Burnell Campbell, Gdn Ralph W Probst. Filed 9 Jan 1939.  
    Campbell Violet L, Marie, Goldie, Hazel, Cleo, heirs of Pearl Campbell, Gdn Don L Brown. Filed 9 Jun 1920.  
    Caple Mary B, Gdn Charles Caple. Filed 17 Sep 1956.  
    Carbary Philbert, heir of Clarence F Carbary, Gdn Frances Curnow. Filed 8 May 1944.  
    Cariher Joseph, Walter, John, heirs of Prudence Cariher, Gdn William Cariher. Filed 13 Dec 1878.  
    Carney James H, heir of Patrick J Carney, Gdn Mae E Carney. Filed 24 Oct 1928.  
    Carothers Marilla O, Gdn Vienna E Parker. Filed 3 Oct 1922.  
    Carothers Thelma, heir of Mary Carothers, Gdn Blanche Carothers. Filed 1 Jun 1945.  
    Carr Nellie, Sarah, heirs of Walter W Carr, Gdn Kate Carr. Filed 13 May 1907.  
    Carrier Sarah F, Gdn George C McDonald. Filed 4 Jan 1917.  
    Carter Clara, Ida, heirs of Pyrena Carter, Gdn Adam Gants. Filed 15 May 1906.  
    Carter Rhoda, heir of James Carter, Gdn Thomas Scott. Filed 9 Aug 1859.  
    Cartwright Donna M Buchanan, Gdn Douglas Cartwright. Filed 10 May 1943.  
    Carver Hazel W, Gdn Fred J Schwab. Filed 2 Aug 1934.  
    Cary Wealth, heir of Abram Cary, Gdn William W Cary. Filed 10 Jan 1891.  
    Case Aline, Gdn Verne Pray. Filed 16 Apr 1948.  
    Castetter Ella, William, heirs of Levi Castetter, Gdn Henry G Zimmerman. Filed 9 Oct 1873.  
    Cavin George, heir of Isaac Cavin, Gdn William Cavin. Filed 20 May 1884.  
    Cavin William, heir of Isaac Cavin, Gdn John L Cavin. Filed 20 May 1884.  
    Cauffman Clyde, Hazel, heir of John P Cauffman, Gdn Annette Cauffman. Filed 12 Feb 1900.  
    Cazier Irvin, Curtis, heir of Murray & Sarah A Cazier, Gdn Joshua S Rinehart. Filed 31 Jan 1900.  
    Chaffee Anna, heir of A J Chaffee, Gdn Mary Bowers. Filed 1 May 1868.  
    Chaffee Lillie D, Gdn Jeannette M Gard. Filed 15 Sep 1952.  
    Chapman Clarence, heir of William Rice, Gdn Fred M Chapman. Filed 30 Jul 1919.  
    Chapman Ella, Gdn Millard F Owen. Filed 6 Nov 1924.  
    Chapman Isabell, Josephine, heirs of Hannah P  Chapman, Gdn John M Chapman. Filed 21 Jun 1867  
    Chappell Lenora, Adrian, Rosetta, Myrta, heirs of Sylvester Chappell, Gdn John M Richmond. Filed 31 May 1886.  
    Chiddister Harley B, heir of Townsin Case late of Elkhart Co IN, Gdn Samuel J Chiddister. Filed 17 Feb 1906.  
    Chiddister Mary A, heir of Nelson Hite, Gdn James O Simpson. Filed 3 Sep 1935.  
    Childs George, Butler Co OH. Gdn Nathan G Oglesby. Filed 24 Feb 1876
    Christlieb George A, heir of Isaac & Catharine Christlieb, Gdn Samuel P Christlieb. Filed 17 Aug 1888.  
    Clapp William, Zoe, Kenneth, Helen, heirs of William F Clapp, Gdn Edward P Eagles. Filed 12 Jun 1905.
    Clark Allice A, Mary J, Allman L, Eliza J, heirs of Allman Clark, Gdn David M Sparks. Filed 8 Feb 1961.
    Clark Elizabeth, Gdn Byron K Smith. Filed 22 Jan 1951.  
    Clark Everet, heir of Lorenzo W Clark, Gdn Charles O Clark. Filed 14 Jun 1900.  
    Clark Jonathan, Mary E, Jarvis M, heirs of Jonathan Clark, Gdn Polly Clark & Nathan B Carothers. Filed 4 Oct 1871.  
    Clark Loueza, heir of Margaret & Daniel Clark, Gdn Mary C Clark Bartley, Filed 14 Sep 1903.  
    Clark Philip Warner, legatee of Philip Allen late of New York, Gdn Charles H Clark. Filed 15 Jan 1927.  
    Clark Thomas J, Elizabeth E, heirs of Joel Clark, Gdn Susannah Kepford. Filed 5 Mar 1869.  
    Clark Zona, heir of Lydia J Clark, Gdn Elizabeth Roof. Filed 6 Aug 1895.  
    Claxton Marie E, Ernest L, heirs of Alice M Claxton. Gdn Alva H Claxton. Filed 3 Feb 1934.  
    Clayton Quimby, Gdn John W Morr. Filed 5 May 1902.  
    Cleland Arthur E, Gdn Frank B McCarty. Filed 5 Oct 1959.  
    Cleland Leila V, heir of Ota E Cleland, Gdn Ruby M Cleland. Filed 9 Jun 1926.  
    Clifford Oscar, heir of Henry C Clifford late of Kosciusko Co IN, Gdn Delila Simpson. Filed 26 Aug 1868.  
    Cline Rosa M, Etta B, Daniel H, heirs of Daniel & Sophia Cline, Gdn Harriet Yeager. Filed 26 Aug 1887.     
    Clingerman Israel C, Rachael L, heirs of Frederick Clingerman Sr, Gdn Israel Cooper. Filed 4 Feb 1867.  
    Clock George M, Mary L, heirs of Mary J Clock, Gdn Martha M Shourds. Filed 28 Oct 1879.  
    Clouse John, Luther, Alta, heirs of Christian Bisicomer, Gdn David C Clouse. Filed 10 Jun 1882.  
    Clouse Sharon L, Shirley M, Richard L, Michael P, Carson, John D, heirs of Wilbert R Clouse, Gdn Eugene Kitson. Filed 4 Jan 1955.  
    Coats Luella, Sherman, Rachel, Nancy, Edith, Dorothy, Frederick, heirs of Anson C Coats, Gdn Laura C Gretzinger. Filed 21 Jan 1921.  
    Coats Ollie W, Gdn Walter F Coats. Field 28 Dec 1951.  
    Cobbs Clara B, Gdn Jeanette L Kerins. Filed 11 Aug 1958.  
    Cochard Lee, Larry, legatees of Lewis N Poyser, Gdn DeWitt L Cochard. Filed 24 May 1960.  
    Coe Janey, Gdn Eliza Herendeen. Filed 20 Aug 1930.  
    Coffelt Patsy L E, heir of Lulu W Miller, Gdn Delphos Coffelt. Filed 14 Jun 1949.  
    Cole Audley, Gdn Grace Cole. Filed 15 Jan 1917.  
    Cole Brian, Mary K, George E, heirs of George W Cole late of Wabash Co IN, Gdn J K Lautzenhiser. Filed 16 Jul 1870.  
    Cole Franklin P, Helen A, heirs of Audley Cole, Gdn Grace Cole. Filed 28 Oct 1918.  
    Coleman Catharine, James, Thomas, Mary, heirs of John Coleman, Gdn Catharine Coleman. Filed 6 Sep 1894.  
    Collins Catherine, Russell, heirs of Sylvester Faylor late of Portage Co OH, Gdn William L Bowen. Filed 27 Apr 1916.  
    Collins Martha J, heir of Asa Collins late of Noble Co IN & Arlene Collins late of Allen Co IN, Gdn James L Collins. Filed 19 Nov 1963.  
    Colerick Mary A, Charles, Maria, heirs of John A Colerick, Gdn William Levering. Filed 24 Jun 1864.  
    Collett Sarah, heir of Abraham Collett, Gdn Rebecca Collett. Filed 10 Apr 1862.   
    Compton Charles D, Gdn Jesse L Dunning. Filed 8 Dec 1885.  
    Conklin Eugene, Gdn Richard Targgart. Filed 19 Jul 1954.
    Conkle Squire W, Sanford N, heir of Samuel Conkle, Gdn James M Applegate. Filed 23 Sep 1869.  
    Conley Lewis L, Gdn Thomas J Conley. Filed 6 Oct 1943.  
    Conley Samuel L, Gdn Thomas J Conley. Filed 6 Oct 1943.  
    Conley Thomas, Lester, Ledger, heir of Clara Conley late of LaGrange Co IN, Gdn Jennie Conley. Filed 17 Aug 1917.  
    Connelly Noreen, heir of James E Connelly, Gdn Mary C Wildy. Filed 31 Jan 1920.  
    Conner Almira P, Gdn Sparta State Bank. Filed 8 Jan 1923.  
    Conner Ina, Gdn Cromwell State Bank. Filed 15 May 1928.  
    Conner Noah, Gdn John Conner. Filed 17 Oct 1890.  
    Connett James, Peter, Jasper, John, heirs of Joseph M Connett, Gdn Diana Line. Filed 13 Apr 1868.  
    Conrad Charles, Idress, Alva, heirs of George W Conrad, Gdn John M Richmond. Filed 20 Sep 1892.  
    Conrad Franklin P, heir of Elias Conrad, Gdn Christian Conrad. Filed 8 Jun 1864.  
    Conrad Mary A, Sarah E, heirs of Daniel Conrad, Gdn Christian Byler. Filed 9 Jun 1865.  
    Cook Darlow, Gdn Lester Cook. Filed 10 Dec 1947.  
    Cook William, Bessie, heirs of Sarah J Cook, Gdn Zachary T Cook. Filed 14 Feb 1889.  
    Coon Frances A, heir of Michael Coon, Gdn Catharine Coon. Filed 4 Jun 1863.  
    Cooper Louisa, Gdn Judson Pulver, Filed 19 Jan 1916.  
    Copeland Albert L, Gdn Chester Vanderford. Filed 7 Mar 1933.  
    Coplin Ellen, heir of Theodore Coplin, Gdn Lucy M Chambers. Filed 29 Feb 1868.  
    Corbin John, heir of Amy Corbin, Gdn Francis Hardenbrook. Filed 9 Feb 1865.  
    Coriell Mary, heir of Vincent V Coriell, Gdn Justice V Coriell. Filed 21 Dec 1882.  
    Correll Frede C, heir of Flora J Correll, Gdn John W Adair. Filed 29 Oct 1903.  
    Cosper Lucinda, heir of Lucinda Cosper, Gdn Manias H Kimmell. Filed 9 Jun 1873.  
    Cosper Mary, heir of Schuyler C Cosper, Gdn Clara J Shaffer. Filed 1 Feb 1917.  
    Cottet Julia, Josephine, Lelia, heirs of Julia Cottet, Gdn David Yarian. Filed 15 Apr 1881.  
    Cotton Joseph, heir of John Cotton, Gdn William W Riddle. Filed 21 Dec 1881.  
    Couts Guy, Earl, Marjorie, heirs of Jasper W Green, Gdn Cleo A Green. Filed 29 Mar 1922.  
    Cowley Bess, Amy, heirs of Sarah W Cowley, Gdn Ledger D Cowley. Filed 16 May 1893.  
    Craig Herbert, Daisy, heirs of Benjamin F Craig, Gdn Hiram L King. Filed 11 May 1894.  
    Cramer Cora, Eliza, heirs of Hiram Cramer, Gdn John Drake. Files 13 Mar 1869.  
    Cramer Iona, Gdn Waldo E Cramer. Filed 18 Jul 1963.  
    Cramer Linda V, Ella, Cora, Eliza J, heirs of Hiram Cramer, Gdn Nathan Carothers & Ira King. Filed 28 Dec 1864.  
    Cramer Lovina, Gdn Addie Cramer. Filed 31 Mar 1823.  
    Cramer Maretha, heir of Yovan Milic late of Lake Co IN, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings. Filed 15 Jul 1924.  
    Cramer Martha J, heir of John Cramer, Gdn Josiah Cramer. Filed 8 Nov 1879.  
    Cramer Susannah, Gdn Leander B Eagles. Filed 17 May 1884.  
    Cramer Wilbur, heir of Conrad Cramer, Gdn Charles F Baker. Filed 28 Mar 1882.  
    Crawford Delilah, Gdn Thomas Hite. Filed 21 Oct 1889.  
    Crawford Lydia, Gdn Alonzo R Cole. Filed 13 Jan 1914.  
    Crawford Mary, Gdn Vi C Truelove. Filed 1 Oct 1948.  
    Crawford Seigel E, Minnie C, heirs of Mary A Crawford, Gdn Peter L Crawford. Filed 2 Dec 1886.  
    Creager Dorothy, Margaret, Catharine M, heirs of Sophronia A Mitchell, Gdn Fred L Bluhm. Filed 19 Oct 1904.  
    Cress John W, heir of Samuel Cress, Gdn William Earnhart. Filed 6 Feb 1867.  
    Cress Sylvester, Charlotte, heirs of Samuel Cress, Gdn Thomas Headley. Filed 2 Oct 1866.  
    Criner George N, Mary A, Jacob S, heirs of George Criner late of Gallia Co OH, Gdn Mary A Mercer. Filed 5 May 1868.  
    Cripe Jason, Gdn Mary Cripe. Filed 20 Jan 1920.  
    Criswell Donald J, heir of Donald D Criswell, Gdn Maudie Criswell. Filed 16 Nov 1960.  
    Crockett James, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 2 Aug 1932.  
    Cross Richard G, heir of Richard G Cross, Gdn Jennie Gillespie. Filed 18 Jul 1945.  
    Crothers Harold, Evelyn, heirs of Isaac M Crothers, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 24 Jan 1919.  
    Crothers John L, Gdn Mina L Crothers. Filed 17 Oct 1923.  
    Crothers Marilla, Gdn George E Rawson. Filed 25 Oct 1922.  
    Crothers Mary, Gdn John W Crothers. Filed 19 Apr 1946.  
    Crow James, Levetta, Margaret, Joseph, heirs of Aaron Applegate & Anna Herendeen, Gdn William O Shambaugh. Filed 6 Oct 1888.  
    Crum Harry D, heir of Mary Crum, Gdn Lycurgus P Crum. Filed 18 Jul 1871.  
    Crume Jennie, heir of Moses Crume, Gdn Christian Weaver. Filed 18 Nov 1872.  
    Cullison Sarah E, William J, Emila V, heirs of Thomas P Cullison, Gdn John C Johnson. Filed 9 Nov 1869.  
    Culver Grace, Gdn Betty Whitmer. Filed 9 Jan 1962.  
    Culver Martha, Buell, Bulah, Willard, heirs of Martha C Culver, Gdn Nathan B Hathaway. Filed 6 Jul 1911.  
    Cummings William, Lizzie, heirs of David A Cummings, Gdn Joanna S Daniels. Filed 29 Jun 1862.  
    Cuney Josephine, heir of Peter Cuney late of Crawford Co PA, Gdn John P Cuney. Filed 18 Dec 1872.  
    Cuney John P, Gdn Anthony John. Filed 24 Dec 1896.  
    Cunningham Isabella, Mary, Lewis, heirs of Mary A Cunningham, Gdn James Cunningham. Filed 20 Sep 1862.  
    Cunningham Mabel I, devisee of Clara M Griffith late of Miami Co OH, Gdn Ella L Cunningham. Filed 28 Aug 1933.  
    Curl Carrie, Louie A, heirs of Johnston D Curl, Gdn Julia T Rawson. Filed 1 Apr 1862.  
    Cushing Julia A, Gdn Charles L Cushing. Filed 28 Jan 1910.  
    Cushing Mary, Gdn William A Williams. Filed 21 Mar 1840.  
    Damand Mary A, heir of Henry Damand, Gdn Henry Willits. Filed 14 Mar 1889.  
    Darrow Eugene A, Gdn Frank J Darrow. Filed 23 Oct 1917.  
    Davault Elisha, Filed 12 Apr 1899.  
    Davidsen Thomas, heir of Thomas M Davidsen, Gdn Alvena A Davidsen. Filed 18 Aug 1953.  
    Davidson Grace, heir of William Davidson, Gdn Edwin J White. Filed 11 May 1897.  
    Davidson John, heir of Levi Davidson, Gdn Hiram B Iddings. Filed 17 Mar 1884.  
    Davis Buel, Nellie, heirs of Owen Davis, Gdn William Hart. Filed 6 Jun 1889.  
    Davis Eli C, heir of Jackson & Nathaniel Rider and William Davis, Gdn Esther S Davis. Filed 6 Mar 1882.  
    Davis Emerillis, heir of James A Davis, Gdn Delilah J Davis. Filed 11 Feb 1869.  
    Davis Franklin, heir of John Davis, Gdn Eliza Davis (now Bender). Filed 9 Jan 1877.  
    Davis George B, heir of Mary Davis, Gdn Alfred Roush. Filed 20 Mar 1905.  
    Davis Myrtie O, Roy E, Stage Vera G, Theresa N, Ivah E, heirs of James A Diley, Gdn William L Sipe. Filed 4 Oct 1904.  
    Davis Samuel, Charles, Frank, heirs of Samuel Davis late of Miami Co OH, Gdn Rachel Davis. Filed 21 Apr 1865.  
    Deardorff Izora E, Albert L, Ozro C, Helena I, heir of Elijah Deardorff late of Whitley Co IN, Gdn Joseph E Knappe. Filed 12 May 1879.  
    Deardorff John C, Gdn Alva M Deardorff. Filed 14 Oct 1955.  
    DeBrular Joseph, Don, James, Paul, Thomas, heirs of Ellsworth L DeBrular, Gdn Nellie N DeBrular. Filed 29 Jul 1929.  
    DeCamp William E, heir of Sarah E DeCamp, Gdn John N DeCamp. Filed 23 Jun 1910.  
    Degenhart George, heir of Emeretta Degenhart, Gdn Adam Gants. Filed 10 Nov 1881.  
    Denny Lizzie, heir of William Denny, Gdn Wellington Leonard. Filed 20 Oct 1874.  
    DePore Lois J, heir of George W DePore, Gdn Chester Vanderford. Filed 25 Jan 1939.  
    Deter Caroline J, Gdn Gerald W Fisher. Filed 17 Dec 1957.  
    Deter Elijah, Mary A, Lucinda, Andrew, Almeda, heir of Emanuel Deter, Gdn Charles Woodruff. Filed 31 Jan 1866.  
    Deter Jennie M, Gdn J Russell Walter. Filed 27 Sep 1950.  
    Deuerling Georgiana, heir of Emma Deuerling, Gdn George A Deuerling. Filed 20 Jul 1921.  
    Deuitch Emma D, heir of John C Deuitch Jr, Gdn John Deuitch. Filed 30 Jan 1907.  
    Deuschle Treva, heir of Gottlieb Deuschle, Gdn Fred Strater. Filed 1 Aug 1896.  
    DeVoe Dorliska, Gdn Claude C DeVoe. Filed 31 Mar 1931.  
    Dice Emily, Walter, heirs of Elizabeth Dice, Gdn Eli Dice. Filed 26 Sep 1865.  
    Dickey Ernest O, Thelma V, Owen O, Adrian, Theodore R, Kenneth A, Bonnie S, heirs of Bertha    Dickey, Gdn John Buckles Jr. Files 21 Aug 1916.  
    Dickinson Martha B, heir of Martha Dickinson late of Cook Co IL, Gdn William Bliss. Filed 11 Oct 1873.  
    Diehm Susanna, heir of Sarah Diehm, Gdn John B Renkenberger. Filed 3 Dec 1880.  
    Diffendaffer Sarah, Homer, Samuel, James, heirs of Emanuel Diffendaffer, Gdn Eliza Coe. Filed 3 Dec 1867.  
    Diggins Hattie, heir of Harmon A Diggins, Gdn Vincent C Mains. Filed 25 Mar 1885.  
    Diggins James, heir of Harmon A Diggins, Gdn James R Bunyan. Filed 7 Nov 1893.  
    Dihl John, Carolina, Joseph, Lena, Sophia, Henry, William, Daniel, heirs of Sophia Dihl, Gdn John Dihl. Filed 5 Feb 1881.  
    Dillon Harriet, Emma, Mary J, Willie, Ina, heirs of John Q A Dillon, Gdn Louisa Dillon. Filed 20 Dec 1878.  
    Dingman Dora, Ida, Melvin, Myrtle, heir of Mary Dingman, Gdn James Rosco, Charles Crocker, Henry Funk. Filed 4 Apr 1880.  
    Dodge Charles, Ellen, heirs of Chauncy Dodge, Gdn Ann Dodge. Filed 6 Feb 1865.  
    Doll Hiram, Daniel, heirs of Lewis Doll, Gdn John Hontz. Filed 29 Dec 1866.  
    Domer Amanda, Fred, heirs of Daniel Lower, Gdn John Price. Filed 30 Mar 1898.  
    Domer Juliette, Melissa, John W, William S, heirs of Caroline Domer, Gdn John Zimmerman. Filed 8 Feb 1867.  
    Donaldson Ellen, Mark, heirs of George Donaldson, Gdn William Dixon, William R Myers. Filed 15 Nov 1870.  
    Dosch Anthony, Carl J, heirs of Nicholas Fox, Gdn Jacob Fox. Filed 7 Jun 1912.  
    Dowell Augusta, Gdn Robert C Moses. Filed 14 May 1948.  
    Dragoo Rachel, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 3 Oct 1911.  
    Drain Amos, Matthais, Polly, George, heirs of Margaret Drain late of Vernon Co WI, Gdn Henry Drum. Filed 4 Jun 1860.  
    Drain Jennie, Gdn Claude A Lee. Filed 1 Nov 1941.  
    Drake George, heir of James L Drake, Gdn Sol Crossley. Filed 22 Aug 1866.  
    Drake Harrie S, heir of Harriet E Fish late of Huron Co OH, Gdn Datus H Drake. Filed 1 Dec 1890.  
    Drake Nelson, Gdn Bird Berhalter. Filed 31 May 1922.  
    Dressell Charles W, Wilmina, Anna L, John C, Matilda M, Sylvania, heirs of William Dressell, Gdn John McMeans. Filed 4 Apr 1876.  
    Drumheller Genevieve, Judson, Erastus, heirs of Abram Drumheller late of Koscuisko Co IN, Gdn Carrie H Drumheller. Filed 4 Jan 1871.  
    Duke Graydon, Reginald K Jr, Anylee, parents Reginald K Sr & Thelma Duke, family lived at Sterling Logan Co CO, Gdn George L Rulison. Filed 1 Jun 1948.  
    Dukes John, Willis, heirs of Isaac A Dukes, Gdn Christian Frick. Filed 8 Mar 1881.  
    Dukes John W, heir of Thomas S Dukes, Gdn Ruth E Dukes. Files 27 Nov 1905.  
    Dull Hiram, Daniel, heirs of Lewis Dull, Gdn Diana Vorhis. Filed 2 Jun 1873.  
    Dull Leon, Bessie, heirs of Alice R Dull, Gdn Daniel F Dull. Filed 4 Oct 1898.  
    Dunlap Robert, James, Charles, heirs of Electa Dunlap, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 16 Apr 1917.  
    Durkee Deborah, Gdn Andrew J Durkee. Filed 8 Dec 1886.  
    Eagles Alice, Gdn Winifred E Parsons. Filed 6 Feb 1948.  
    Eagles Matilda G, heir of Leon K Eagles, Gdn Dorothy M Eagles. Filed 29 Aug 1938.  
    Eagles Nancy, Edward P, heirs of Edward P Eagles, Gdn The Albion National Bank. Filed 15 Oct 1945.  
    Earl Anna, Gdn Edward P Eagles. Filed 21 Aug 1917.  
    Earl Anna L, Gdn Kenneth E Thomas. Filed 17 Oct 1941.  
    Earl Joseph P, Sarah, heirs of Joseph D Earl, Gdn Mary J Earl. Filed 5 Jun 1873.  
    Earnhart Arby, Glenn, heirs of Nelson Earnhart, Gdn Loretta C Earnhart. Filed 23 Oct 1907.  
    Earnhart George, Robert, heirs of Robert Earnhart, Gdn Josiah Lane. Filed 28 Jan 1871.  
    Easter Carna W, Beatrice E, heirs of Justin H Easter, Gdn Anna E Easter. Filed 8 Jan 1914.  
    Eberly Emma, David, heirs of David D Eberly, Gdn Zachariah Eberly. Filed 1 Feb 1873.  
    Eberly Leon, Alan, heir of Joseph W Eberly, Gdn Beatrice Eberly. Filed 17 Jan 1962.  
    Eberly Zachariah, Gdn Isaiah Bear. Filed 11 Jan 1890.  
    Ebey Catharine, Calvin, Lemmon, Minnie, Levi, Enoch, heirs of Cornelius & Susan Ebey. Gdn Adam Ebey & Jacob Brumbaugh. Filed 18 Dec 1900.
    Eby Edward, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 20 Mar 1939.  
    Echart Joseph, Gdn Gust A Baker. Filed 8 Mar 1933.  
    Eddy Myron, Eugene, Harriett, George, heirs of Achilles Eddy, Gdn Sarah Eddy. Filed 10 Aug 1860.  
    Eddy Oscar G, heir of George W Eddy late of Wayne Co OH, Gdn David S Simons. Filed 13 Apr 1867.  
    Edgerton Catherine E living Arlington Co VA, heir of Ella Thompson & Arthur & Martha Edgerton late of Cleveland OH, Gdn Grace Thompson Pfeiffer of Cuyahoga Co OH. Filed 22 Jan 1932.  
    Edsall Estella, Olive, Silvanis, heirs of Sarah E Edsall, Gdn Samuel A Edsall & James C Stewart. Filed 19 Nov 1873.  
    Edwards Ecil, Gdn John W Long. Filed 14 Aug 1937.  
    Edwards Emily, heir of Maxwell Edwards, Gdn William H Smith. Filed 6 Jan 1865.  
    Egbert Ida A, heir of David Egbert late of Hancock OH, Gdn Margaret A Zeibell. Filed 14 Mar 1872.  
    Eichelberg Henry, Gdn John A McDonald. Filed 25 Mar 1931.  
    Eichman Margaret, heir of Celia Eichman, Gdn John Eichman. Filed 8 Dec 1916.  
    Eisennacher Lillian, heir of Ida Eisennacher, Gdn Henry P Weimer. Filed 29 Nov 1911.  
    Elder Clara F, Frank R, heirs of David E Elder, Gdn James M Chappell. Filed 29 May 1914.  
    Elder Laura, heir of Abner Elder, Gdn Reuben Bloomfield. Filed 11 Oct 1867.  
    Eley Alma B, Gdn Phoebe E Eley. Filed 8 Apr 1890.  
    Ellerman Emma, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 30 Jun 1927.  
    Elliot Ruth, Gdn Ralph W Probst. Filed 1 Apr 1935.  
    Emahiser Charles B, heir of Charles Beidelman, Gdn Amos C Emahiser. Filed 22 Jun 1887.  
    Emerick Alva S, Nathan, heirs of Samson T Emerick, Gdn William C Layman. Filed 15 Feb 1915.  
    Emerick Charles R, Gdn Berthan E Zonker. Filed 15 Sep 1946.  
    Emerson Harriet, Waldo, Sarah R, William, Robert, heirs of Robert Emerson, Gdn Margaret Emerson. Filed 19 Apr 1859.  
    Emery Maxwell, Mamie, heirs of Anna Emery, Gdn Curtis G Hire. Filed 4 Mar 1913.  
    Eminger Charles, heir of Daniel Stroman late of LaGrange Co IN, Gdn Eugene Wolf. Filed 7 Feb 1893.  
    Eminger Rollin, Gdn Manfred Hill. Filed 12 May 1902.  
    Eminger Wilma D, heir of Alfred L Eminger, Gdn Josephine Eminger. Filed 12 May 1902.  
    Emmert Vera, Velma, Paul, heir of John Emmert, Gdn Howard Emmert. Filed 27 Oct 1934.  
    Emrick Dollie, Gdn Vina A Greenwalt. Filed 5 Mar 1962.  
    Engelbrecht Sarah A, Martha M, heirs of Rudolph Kundert, Gdn Herman Krueger. Filed 20 May 1899.  
    Engle Adam, Gdn Marshall J Engle. Filed 11 Mar 1911.  
    Engle James, Gdn Ray & Alta Engle. Filed 7 Feb 1955.  
    Engle Lucina, Gdn Roderic S Malony. Filed 9 Jun 1920.  
    Englert Harold L, heir of Charles S Englert, Gdn Mabel Ayers. Filed 9 Mar 1949.  
    Erdly Joan, Gdn Ace Erdly. Filed 8 Dec 1950.  
    Erickson Charles W, William D, Oceanna, John F, heirs of John Erickson, Gdn Samuel Broughton. Filed 11 Nov 1865.  
    Ertel Maria B, Elizabeth W, heirs of Bernhardt Ertel late of Germany, Gdn Maria Ertel. Filed 14 Jul 1880.      
    Eshelman Levi, Gdn John J Eshelman. Filed 8 Oct 1907.  
    Estrada Hazel, Gdn Dorothy Hossinger. Filed 9 Jul 1963.  
    Evans Eva J, Esther A, Marjorie J, heirs of Sophia J Evans, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 26 Jun 1911.  
    Evans Jonah, Gdn Carlos R Wiley. Filed 18 Feb 1871.  
    Evans Lillie, Gdn Donna Neal. Filed 7 Feb 1944.  
    Evans Mahlon, heir of Lydia Evans, Gdn Ford D Spencer. Filed 18 Aug 1888.  
    Evers Howard J, Gdn Mary M Evers. Filed 27 Feb 1940.  
    Ewens Rhody, Gdn John Pray. Filed 6 Jun 1871.  
    Eyman John, Fame, Louisa, Samuel, heirs of Abraham Eyman, Gdn Christian Rivir. Filed 28 Dec 1871.  
    Fahl Mary, John P & Raber Frederick, Charles, Amelia S, heirs of Catharine Fahl, Gdn John A Fahl. Filed 11 Feb 1868.  
    Fairbanks Clara J, Gdn Bessie B Hersh. Filed 22 May 1946.  
    Fales Kenneth, heir of Margaret Douglas, Gdn Blanche Weiss. Filed 22 Dec 1919.  
    Farrell Mary J, heir of Mary B Farrell late of Marion Co IN, Gdn George C McDonald. Filed 4 Oct 1932.
    Fausnaugh Artemecie, Gdn Clyde Fausnaugh. Filed 11 Jan 1918.  
    Fausnaugh Gregg D, heir of Merritt Fausnaugh, Gdn John Doll. Filed 12 Feb 1947.  
    Faux Grover, Gdn Charles C Fraze. Filed 10 Aug 1963.  
    Faux Shirley, legatee of Adda B Logan late of Lucas Co OH, Gdn Paul E Faux. Filed 8 Jun 1938.  
    Favinger Judith A, heir of William H Favinger, Gdn Frances C Favinger. Filed 2 Nov 1942.  
    Favinger C Wayne, M Olive, F Earl, V Allen, E Mae, heirs of Ida E Favinger, Gdn John S Favinger. Filed 24 Jan 1902.  
    Fears Charles, heir of Jacob Simmons, Gdn George Keehn. Filed 17 Jan 1878.  
    Febles Lelia H, Beryle B, heirs of Lillie E Febles, Gdn Lee Febles. Filed 31 Dec 1909.  
    Feldheiser Peter, Gdn Sparta State Bank. Filed 7 Mar 1928.  
    Fell Nina, petitioners Savilla J Reidenbach & Lulu P Haggerty. Filed 24 Sep 1962.  
    Ferguson Joseph, heir of Clarence Ferguson, Gdn Artimishia Ferguson. Filed 16 Mar 1943.  
    Ferrell Robert, heir of Rachel K Ferrell, Gdn Omar J Stangland. Filed 27 Oct 1927.  
    Feucht Pearl, heir of Christena Feucht, Gdn Louisa Miller. Filed 30 Mar 1911.  
    Fieneman Fred W, Gdn James O Simpson. Filed 8 Jan 1943.  
    Fifer Willis, heir of Valentine Steffe, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 27 Sep 1927.  
    Fillmore Sarah L, heir of Elizabeth Fillmore, Gdn Ephraim Myers. Filed 28 Apr 1875.  
    Firestone Alvadore F, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 24 Jun 1927.  
    Firman Julia A, heir of Juliana Firman, Gdn Joseph Firman. Filed 24 Jan 1862.  
    Fischer Jack, Wilma, Velma, heirs of Raymond Fischer, Gdn Michael W Walt. Filed 9 Dec 1946.  
    Fish Arvilla, heir of Nathaniel Lyon, Gdn Ira M King. Filed 20 Jan 1882.  
    Fish George, Hattie, heirs of William Fish, Gdn Benjamin F Oviatt. Filed 4 May 1893.  
    Fish George R, Gdn Unknown. Filed 20 Aug 1891.  
    Fisher Adella, Effie, heirs of Elmira Fisher, Gdn John P Kitt. Filed 18 Mar 1884.  
    Fisher Eliza, Frank, Albert, Frederick, Alva, heirs of Joshua N Fisher, Gdnn Harrison Wood. Filed 5 Jan 1862.  
    Fisk Kenneth, Gdn Harry Fisk. Filed 11 Jun 1919.  
    Flanagan Alice, Gdn John W Palmer. Filed 28 May 1901.  
    Flanagan Sarah, Ambrose, heirs of Alice Flanagan, Gdn Augustus Yorkey. Filed 6 Oct 1906.  
    Fleming George, Emma, heirs of George H Fleming, Gdn Mary E Green. Filed 6 Jul 1882.  
    Flint Henry, Alice, heirs of Abel F Flint, Gdn Edward B Spencer. Filed 13 Jan 1885.  
    Floerkey Harry, heir of August Floerkey, Gdn William D Hays. Filed 13 Jun 1887.  
    Flowers William E, heirs of George W & Sarah Flowers, Gdn Chester Vanderford. Filed 9 May 1922.  
    Foehl Howard G, Gdn Helen Foehl. Filed 4 Nov 1942.  
    Foehl Julia O, Henry G, heirs of John A Foehl, Gdn Caroline Foehl. Filed 24 Apr 1886.  
    Fogle George, Gdn Levi Campbell. Filed 29 Dec 1886.  
    Fogle Hattie M, heir of George Fogle, Gdn Margaret Fogle. Filed 18 Aug 1886.  
    Foote Sadie, Gdn Retha M Koon. Filed 20 Dec 1937.  
    Forker Glendia J, heir of Ida Grate & Charles Forker, Gdn Ray Gawthrop. Filed 4 Nov 1908.  
    Forst Glenna, Gdn Herman Forst. Filed 27 Apr 1956.  
    Foster Howard, Gdn Helen King. Filed 25 Sep 1957.  
    Foster Jack F, Edward C, heirs of D B Foster late of Cook Co IL, Gdn Jennie P Flint. Filed 3 Sep 1894.  
    Foster Robert E, heir of Willis Foster, Gdn Ocie M Foster. Filed 30 Dec 1933.  
    Fox Albert, Alice, Gdn Wilmer Weimer. Filed 14 Oct 1958.  
    France Charles, heir of Henry France, Gdn John A Stansbury. Filed 18 Jul 1871. 
    France Margaret E, Gdn Leland S Miller. Filed 4 Mar 1940.  
    Frankenberry James T, heir of Laura R Holman, Gdn John Cuney. Filed 14 Jun 1939.  
    Franks Helen, Ruth, Marjorie, heirs of Henry W Franks, Gdn Lillian I Franks. Filed 19 Jan 1907.  
    Franks Robert R, Ralph B, heirs of Reason Franks & Mary E Logan, Gdn Harry Spurgeon. Filed 3 Jul 1906.  
    Franks William H, Gdn Paul B Glover. Filed 30 Oct 1923.  
    Frazure Mary B, Gdn Charles W Beck. Filed 18 Jan 1924.  
    Frederick Dorothy P, Gdn Loyal W Frederick. Filed 28 Jan 1961.  
    Frederick Susan, Amanda, William, Jeddiah, heirs of Nicholas Frederick, Gdn George Aichele. Filed 2 Jan 1865.  
    Freeman Gwendolin, heir of Elwood W Freeman late of Erie Co NY, Gdn Ethel Freeman. Filed 6 Jun 1916.  
    Freeman John W, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 11 Jun 1924.  
    Frey Kenneth E, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 12 Sep 1945.  
    Frick Clarence, Myra, Russell, heirs of William A Frick, Gdn Ida E Frick. Filed 3 Feb 1914.  
    Frick Dorothy M, Mary B, heirs of Edward Frick, Gdn Mary E Frick. Filed 8 Dec 1927.  
    Frick Harry D, Herman R, Lester L, heirs of John P Becker, Gdn Edward Frick. Filed 7 Feb 1905.  
    Frick John H, Gdn Jesse Frick. Filed 5 Mar 1928.  
    Fried Gottlieb, Gdn Charles Harvey. Filed 16 Jan 1900.  
    Friend Alice O, Helena B, heir of Calvin & Eliza Friend, Gdn Otto E Grant. Filed 13 Nov 1917.  
    Frost Arthur D, heir of Richard Frost, Gdn Jacob C Miller. Filed 1 Jan 1890.  
    Fruchey Harvey S, John A, heir of Lovina Fruchey, Gdn Margaret VanSwearingen. Filed 16 Apr 1881.  
    Frurip Grace, Gdn Gladys L Whitford. Filed 1 Dec 1959.  
    Fry Florence M, Gdn Farmers Loan & Trust Co. Files 13 Dec 1963.  
    Fry Permeanus, Gdn Valmont Fry. Filed 18 Feb 1958.  
    Frymier Clinton, Donna G, George N, heirs of Edgar Frymier, Gdn Marguerite A Frymier. Filed 2 Jun 1939.  
    Fulk Owen, George, heirs of Adam Fulk, Gdn Eliza Fulk. Filed 9 Feb 1881.  
    Fuller Abraham, Rachel, John, heirs of Lovina Fuller, Gdn Bayard T Kuhn. Filed 19 Apr 1892.  
    Fuller Cordelia, Malvina, Finley, heirs of Margaret J Fuller, Gdn Robert L Fuller, Filed Jun 1859  
    Fuller Ira, heir of Jacob Fuller, Gdn Peter Fuller. Filed 28 Nov 1859.  
    Fuller Mary, Gdn Cornelius Fuller. Filed 7 Oct 1867.  
    Fulton Mary K, Gdn Thomas E Schlotterback. Filed 13 May 1916.  
    Furman Julia A, heir of Juliana Furman, Gdn Joseph Furman. Filed 24 Jan 1862.  
    Gaby Pearl, Zimmerman Clinton, heirs of Frank Patton, Gdn Henry G Cobbs. Filed 21 Sep 1891.  
    Gage Franklin, Abraham, heirs of William O Gage, Gdn John E Pancake. Filed 15 Aug 1915.  
    Gale Henry, Gdn Ethyle G Young. Filed 4 Mar 1935.   
    Gale Marvel J, heir of Harry Gale, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 11 Oct 1916.  
    Galloway Anderson, Gdn Groase M Galloway. Filed 28 Jan 1922.  
    Galloway Don, Gdn Mae B Galloway. Filed 5 Sep 1956.  
    Galloway Harriet, Gdn Sparta State Bank. Filed 3 Nov 1928.  
    Gandy John W, Annora, Charles M, Burton E, heirs of Owen Gandy, Gdn Cynthia A Gandy. Filed 9 Jan 1878.  
    Gandy Victoria, Gdn Benton W Bloom. Filed 15 Apr 1952.  
    Gappinger Edward S, Gdn Francis Gappinger. Filed 27 May 1921.  
    Gappinger Gottlib, heir of Caleb Gappinger, Gdn Christian Gappinger. Filed 7 Feb 1865.  
    Gappinger John, Gdn Maud M Gappinger. Filed 28 Jan 1932.  
    Gardner Freeman, William, Urias, Lewis, Whitman, heirs of George Gardner, Gdn Joseph Stewart. Filed 8 Apr 1865.  
    Gardner Nellie, Carrie, heirs of Mary A Gardner, Gdn William G Gardner. Filed 20 Mar 1889.  
    Gardner Sally A, Carol S, Barbara S, Keenan Tom B, Ann, heirs of Harvey E Gardner, Gdn Lowell B     Gardner. Filed 18 Jul 1947.  
    Garhart Edwin, Effie, Mary, John, heirs of Thomas Conley, Gdn Martin J Garhart. Filed 1 Jun 1897.  
    Garmire Alice (Caston), Gdn Horace G Garmire. Filed 23 Dec 1887.  
    Garstka Martin, Gdn William V Garstka. Filed 19 Oct 1929.  
    Garvey John, heir of Owen Garvey, Gdn Robert H Dowling. Filed 17 Aug 1866.  
    Garvey Mary, heir of Ann Clark, Gdn James Garvey. Filed 6 Feb 1873.  
    Gates John, Gdn Henry Gates. Filed 23 Mar 1891.   
    Gatwood Margaret B, Elden J, Mary E, heirs of Elden J Gatwood, Gdn Margaret D Gatwood all living in Davidson Co TN. Filed 29 Dec 1941.
    Gay Max, Lois, Bonnie, Nancy, heirs of Chester Gay, Gdn Lincoln National Bank & Trust Co. Filed 1 May 1951.  
    Geaugh James, Sarah, John F, heirs of Lewis Geaugh, Gdn Daniel W Green. Files 15 Dec 1879.  
    Gehring Caroline, Gdn George A Gehring. Filed 30 Apr 1909.  
    Gehring James V, heir of Precillia Likes late of LaGrange Co IN, Gdn George Gehring. Filed 4 Jan 1926.  
    Geib Arthur, Gdn Lloyd J Geib Filed 30 Jan 1931.  
    Geiger Emanuel A, Gdn Matilda R Geiger. Filed 1 Jan 1917.   
    Geiger Eugene H, Gdn Fred H Geiger. Filed 10 Oct 1957.  
    Geiger Hugh, Gdn Mary Geiger. Filed 1 Jun 1953.  
    Geiger Jimmy  Roger, Richard, heirs of Tonny Geiger, Gdn Venus E Geiger. Filed 22 Aug 1963.  
    Geiger Charles, Pauline, Harry, heirs of Earl Geiger, Gdn Mary Geiger 2 May 1962.  
    Genda Lorene, Lucille, heirs of Henry A Genda, Gdn Edna E Genda. Filed 18 Jul 1947.  
    George Orpha I, Dean Annetta, heirs of Minerva L Cole, Gdn Isaac Dean. Filed 18 Mar 1869,  
    Gerard Pauline O, heir of Lawrence R Gerard, Gdn Orlando F Gerard. Filed 16 Jul 1913.  
    Gerkin Clarence, heir of Amanda Gerkin, Gdn William Hyndman. Filed 9 Jan 1898.  
    Gerkin Pearl M, Irean B, heirs of William C Gerkin, Gdn Omar J Stangland. Filed 6 Jun 1912.  
    Gerver Charlotte, Gdn Evangeline Franks. Filed 1 Oct 1928.  
    Gerver Grace, Maurice, Edith, heirs of Reuben & Julia Gerver, Gdn Willis A Gerver. Filed 4 Mar 1916.  
    Gerver Lloyd R, Gdn Willis L Gerver. Filed 16 Oct 1961.  
    Gerver Marie, Fredonna, Grace, Maurice, heirs of Albert Gerver, Gdn Lucinda Gerver. Filed 1 Jun  1904     
    Getting Ella, William, heirs of Sarah S Gettings, Gdn Adam Gettings. Filed 11 Apr 1860.  
    Gibson Christine, Gdn Arlo Pepple. Filed 7 Mar 1955.  
    Gibson Recie, Gdn Luecreta Gibson. Filed 19 Dec 1961.  
    Gilbert John E, heir of David Gilbert, Gdn Catherine Gilbert. Filed 20 May 1871.  
    Gilbert Frederick A, heir of Sophia J Gilbert, Gdn William G Gardner. Filed 20 Mar 1889.  
    Gilbert William, heir of Simon Gilbert , Gdn Jacob Shonts. Filed 24 Mar 1864.  
    Gill Zora, heir of Thomas S Butts, Gdn Joseph Neufer. Filed 20 Oct 1905.  
    Gillespie Dorothy A, under will of William Lash, trustee Jay S Brechbill. Filed 7 Jan 1929.  
    Gillespie Jennie, Silloway Mary, heirs of Acha Silloway late of Ihrie Co PA, estate filed in Cattaraugus Co NY, Gdn Marshall Silloway. Filed 19 Nov 1912.  
    Gillian Ronald N, heir of Ellen A Gillian, Gdn Norman J Gillian. Filed 2 Jul 1957.  
    Glant Arthelia A, Gdn Marion Glant. Filed 9 Mar 1897.  
    Glant Ernest M, heir of Ora J Glant, Gdn Vesta M Bowman. Filed 21 Mar 1921.  
    Glant Leora, Caddie B, heirs of Isaac Cavin, Gdn Levi Glant. Filed 20 May 1884.  
    Glass Robroy, Janet, Gdn Annabel Glass. Filed 25 Sep 1959.  
    Glatte Bertha, Charles, Willie, heirs of Wilhelm Gubeler late of Germany, Gdn Laura Glatte. Filed 13 Jul 1881.  
    Gloyd George W, Gdn Charles C Wright. Filed 30 Mar 1926.  
    Gloyd Mary R, Gdn Ellen Stark. Filed 15 Mar 1926.  
    Golden Maude, James, Charles, heirs of William Golden, Gdn Joseph A Zimmerman. Filed 23 Jan 1892.
    Gonser Mary, Eliza, heirs of George Gonser, Gdn Gunder Erickson. Filed 6 Jun 1867.  
    Good Nevin, Gladys, heirs of Bruce Good, Gdn Bird Good. Filed 7 Oct 1912.  
    Goss Mark E, heir of Jack E Goss, Gdn Citizens National Bank. Filed 5 Jun 1957.  
    Gotsch Emilie, Theodor, Julius, Magdalene, Christian, heirs of Julius H Gotsch, Gdn Christian Beyer. Filed 24 Jun 1872.  
    Goucher Barnabas, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 7 Jun 1907.  
    Graber Martin, Gdn Fred B Crothers. Filed 2 May 1960.  
    Graden Wallace, William, Charles, heirs of Joseph Graden, Gdn Edward Graden. Filed 6 Mar 1861.  
    Grady Edward J, Gdn Virgil C Grady. Filed 13 Oct 1932.  
    Gragg William, heir of William Gragg, Gdn Jonas Strouss. Filed 12 Oct 1869.  
    Graham Valentine P, Gdn Marjorie I Stephens. Filed 22 Oct 1958.  
    Grawcock Harold, Gdn William H Bender. Filed 28 Dec 1920.  
    Gray Samuel, Gdn James M Applegate. Filed 12 Oct 1867.  
    Gray Winfield S, Gdn Barbara Himes. Filed 10 Sep 1957.  
    Green Anna S, Gdn Arthur J Ferguson. Filed 21 Nov 1947.  
    Green Annie E, heir of Luther H Green, Gdn Daniel W Green. Filed 17 Jan 1884.  
    Green Charles, Fleming George E, heirs of Betsey M Palmer, Gdn Daniel W Green. Filed 6 Mar 1894.  
    Green Charles F, heir of Betsey Palmer & Daniel W Green, Gdn Fred H Green. Filed 16 Jan 1900.  
    Green Eliza, Mary, Matthias, heirs of Ann Mayfield, Gdn Jacob Kiser. Files 16 Mar 1869.  
    Green James, Rosa, heirs of Allen Green, Gdn Benjamin B Green. Filed 5 Feb 1881.  
    Green Jesse Jr, heir of Simon Archer, Gdn Harry Green. Filed 4 Jan 1937.  
    Green Julia, Wallace, heirs of Andrew Green, Gdn Rufus S Turner. Filed 4 Mar 1864.  
    Green Mary, Gdn Edwin D Smith. Filed 19 Jul 1926.  
    Greenamyer Clarence, Cecil, Leo, heirs of Harriet Greenamyer, Gdn George W Agler. Filed 7 Mar 1893.  
    Greider Opal, heir of William Hyndman, Gdn Fred D Greider. Filed 15 Dec 1922.  
    Griffith Frances, heir of William H Griffith, Gdn Electa L Griffith. Filed 27 Jun 1864.   
    Grimes Edward, John, Mabel, heirs of Margaret Davault, Gdn Beulah E Bothwell. Filed 6 Oct 1908.  
    Grimes Mary A, Alonzo C, Hannah, Minerva, Dora B, heirs of Eli Grimes, Gdn Daniel Hathaway. Filed 30 Jan 1871.  
    Grimm John, Edward, Perry, Icie, May, heirs of Elizabeth Grimm, Gdn Cornelius L Grimm. Filed 1 Mar 1870.  
    Grimm Sophia, Olive, Charles, John, heirs of Jehu J Grimm, Gdn Samuel Broughton. Filed 6 Jun 1868.  
    Grobis Stephen F, heir of Thomas Grobis, Gdn Albert D Schutta. Filed 29 Aug 1928.  
    Grocock Catharine, Gdn Frank P Bothwell. Filed 23 Mar 1914.  
    Grocock Hannah A, heir of Hannah Grocock, Gdn Thomas Kelham. Filed 1 Jul 1907.  
    Grocock Joseph, Newman, heirs of John Grocock, Gdn Thomas Kelham. Filed 11 Jan 1898.  
    Groh William, Celia, George, Rosa, Catharine, heirs of William Groh, Gdn Peter Ringle. Filed 15 Feb 1878.  
    Gross Russell L, Gdn Fawn Gross. Filed 23 Jan 1942.  
    Growcock David, Gdn Joseph J Growcock. Filed 7 Oct 1929.  
    Growcock Harold, Gdn Forest Addis. Filed 21 Jan 1937.  
    Growcock Seba, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 7 Jun 1948.  
    Grubb Owen, Gdn Virgil Nobles. Filed 7 Jun 1917.  
    Grubb Sarah A, Gdn Walter Bonham. Filed 7 Jun 1917.  
    Guffy Agnes, heir of Maria Young, Gdn Lizzie M Abel. Filed 10 May 1897.  
    Guiff Rosalie, heir of Agnes B Guiff, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Bank. Filed 19 Apr 1946.  
    Gump Simon P, heir of Dalinda Gump, Gdn David Yarian. Filed 1 Apr 1875.  
    Gunther Ora, Gdn Frank B McCarty. Filed 13 Feb 1959.  
    Guy Milton, Albert, heirs of Milton W Guy, Gdn Maggie Ayers. Filed 24 May 1876.  
    Guyor Noah, Gdn Julia Guyor. Filed 8 Jan 1909.  
    Haag Guy F, heir of Harrison Cramer, Gdn Elias Haag. Filed 19 Jun 1920.  
    Haas Arthur, Franklin, heir of Thomas Haas, Gdn Eliza E Hass. Filed 15 Oct 1867.  
    Haas Pearl, Elsie, heir of Mary O Haas, Gdn William J Franks. Filed 16 Aug 1901.  
    Hadley Miller, Lodusky, heirs of Levi Hadley, Gdn Matthias Marker. Filed 16 Jul 1859.  
    Hague Warren D, heir of William O Hague, Gdn Agnes R Hague. Filed 2 Jan 1951.  
    Haid Mary E, heir of Louis M Haid, Gdn Grace L Haid. Filed 6 Oct 1931.  
    Haines Emma G, Erwin D, heir of Permelia Haines, Gdn Robert S Haines. Filed 11 Apr 1882.  
    Haines Jane, Gdn George S Bricker. Filed 5 Oct 1909.  
    Halferty Beulah, Gdn Donald E Halferty. Filed 4 Mar 1960.  
    Halferty Emma L, Thomas J, Gdn Addie D Seymour. Filed 11 Jun 1936.  
    Hall Olive L, heir of Benjamin Hall, Gdn Catherine Hall. Filed 13 Dec 1905.  
    Hall Sarah J, Gdn Frank A Benham. Filed 30 Mar 1916.  
    Haller John, Lydia, heirs of Frederick Haller, Gdn William R Myers. Filed 2 Jun 1887.  
    Haller Mary E, Gdn Merritt Diggins. Filed 28 Feb 1948.  
    Hamilton George, Lydia, James, heirs of James & Samuel Hamilton, Gdn James F Latta. Filed 5 Mar 1901.  
    Hamilton Owen, heir of L Catharine Hamilton, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 7 Oct 1892.  
    Hammer Carl S, heir of Mary J Bachelor, Gdn Porter C Crowell. Filed 3 Mar 1949.  
    Hanas Jacob, Rosina, Harriet, Margaret, Ida M, heirs of George Hanas, Gdn Henry Auman. Filed 3 Apr 1884.  
    Hanes Onata, Gdn Gerald Fisher. Filed 29 Apr 1960.  
    Haney Bessie, Gdn Leone Haney. Filed 28 May 1963.  
    Haney Dewey K, heir of John L Haney, Gdn Thomas R Haney. Filed 26 Feb 1916.  
    Hannah Eutokie A, Gdn Zelda J Sprandel. Filed 2 Oct 1953.  
    Hardenbrook Frank, Ralph, heirs of William F Hardenbrook, Gdn Agnes Hardenbrook. Filed 28 Mar 1867.  
    Hardendorff George, Annie M, Blanche V, heirs of Mary Hardendorff, Gdn Henry W Edmonds. Filed 1 Apr 1915.  
    Harding Mabel, heir of John & Martha Harding, Gdn Grace D Harding. Filed 8 Jul 1892.  
    Hardy Almon, Sylvester, heirs of Arba Hardy, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 29 Mar 1883.  
    Harker Daniel, Lucinda, Fred, Caroline, Sophia, Louisa, heirs of Frederick Harker late of Humphreys Co TN, Gdn George Uhl. Filed 26 Oct 1875.  
    Harkins Rawson, Byron, heirs of Sarah Harkins, Gdn Julia Harkins. Filed 10 Jun 1876.   
    Harkless Joseph, heir of William Harkless, Gdn Stansbury W Lemmon. Filed 12 Oct 1885.  
    Harlan Daniel, Samuel, heirs of James Harlan, Gdn Frederick Ott. Filed 4 Aug 1886.  
    Harlan Sarah, Daniel, Jane Samuel, heirs of James Harlan, Gdn Samuel B Baker. Filed 31 Oct 1884.  
    Harlan William, Fordis, heirs of James Harlan, Gdn Hester A Harlan. Filed 10 Feb 1883.  
    Harner David L, Frances I, heirs of Daniel Harner of Green Co OH, Gdn Simon Harner. Filed 1 Sep 1866.  
    Harp Francis, Gdn Paul Harp. Filed 15 Oct 1945.  
    Harper Howard G, Harmon M, Robert A, Mildred I, devisees of George W Shearer, Gdn Frank B Harper. Filed 2 Mar 1929.  
    Harris Ethel M, heir of William Harris, Gdn Guy Hardenbrook. Filed 23 Sep 1927.  
    Harris Everett O, heir of Ora A Harris, Gdn Iona Harris. Filed 22 Mar 1918.  
    Harris Martin, Calvin, Mary J, Lloyd, Edwin, Augusta, Lodica, heirs of Stephen Harris, Gdn Almira    Harris, Filed 6 Oct 1860.  
    Harrison Homer, Cecil, Edmond, James, Fred, Alice, Donald, heirs of Harold E Harrison, Gdn Anna L    Harrison. Filed 26 Aug 1946.  
    Harrold Aaron, Gdn Charles Weidman. Filed 30 Oct 1936.  
    Harrold John, Gdn Otto Klemm. Filed 1 Oct 1906.  
    Harrold Jonas C, Gdn Franklin Geiger. Filed 27 Feb 1951.  
    Harrold Silas, Gdn Dorothy Prosser. Filed 30 Mar 1951.  
    Harsh Lois A, heir of Burther Olinghouse late of LaGrange Co IN, Gdn Jessie Harsh. Filed 9 Jan 1942.  
    Harshbarger Ida M, Gdn Pearl King. Filed 19 Jan 1959.  
    Hart Edgar M, Gdn William Goe. Filed 29 May 1950.  
    Hart Emily, Seth, heirs of Jonathan Hart, Gdn Joseph Repine. Filed 24 Aug 1859.  
    Hart Mary, Gdn Roy D Hart. Filed 10 Jan 1921.  
    Hart Orpheus, Bertha, Lloyd, Franklin, heirs of Aaron Moore, Gdn William Moore. Filed 15 May 1889.  
    Hart William P, Vietta, Eva A, heirs of Daniel S Hart, Gdn William H Palmer. Filed 31 Oct 1888.  
    Hart William R, heir of Samuel Hart, Gdn Jacob Favinger. Filed 7 Jun 1875.  
    Harter Sarah, Gdn Isaac B McCoy. Filed 23 Dec 1902.  
    Harting Nellie, heir of Ephraim Harting, Gdn George J Growcock. Filed 16 Oct 1905.  
    Hartman Adam, Gdn Ida E Gehring. Filed 16 May 1930.  
    Hartman Edward, Atchaphala, heirs of Leonard Hartman, Gdn Adam Hartman. Filed 25 Oct 1899.  
    Hartman William, Chloe, Charles, John, heirs of Adam M Hartman, Gdn Eliza M Hartman. Filed 4 Dec 1899.  
    Hartsuck Bruce E, Gdn George W Hartsuck. Filed 15 Jul 1898.  
    Hartzel Elizabeth, Gdn Frank P Bothwell. Filed 28 May 1906.  
    Harvey William A of Erie Co NY, heir of William R Harvey, Gdn John Wisner of Erie Co NY. Filed 10 Jan 1863.  
    Haskins William, Edgar, heir of Thomas B Haskins, Gdn Catherine Johnson. Filed 1 May 1868.   
    Hasselman Henry, Mary, heirs of William Hasselman, Gdn Mary Hasselman. Filed 2 Aug 1882.  
    Hassinger Helen, Gdn William J Donovan. Filed 13 Jun 1919.  
    Hastings Leland, heir of Samuel & Susanna Hastings, Gdn Lettia Hastings. Filed 6 Jan 1900.  
    Hathaway Barbara A, Alva S, John, Loren R, heirs of William & Margaret Hathaway, Gdn Gustavus A Teal. Filed 22 Jul 1861.  
    Hathaway Ida A, Gdn Carleton W Poppy. Filed 3 Mar 1947.  
    Hawk Ida, heir of Henry Hawk, Gdn Simon Benhower. Filed 26 Jul 1882.  
    Hawk J C, heir of Florin L Hawk, Gdn Amos C Kepford. Filed 5 May 1920.  
    Hayes Frances, Gdn Frank B McCarty. Filed 22 Nov 1950.  
    Hayes Harriet L, heir of William D Hayes, Gdn William A Cochran. Filed 28 Jan 1904.  
    Hayhurst Clara, Margaret, Lydia, heirs of Thomas M Hayhurst, Gdn Catharine Thompson. Filed 17 Dec 1877.  
    Hays Francis, Mary, George, heirs of William H Hays, Gdn Mason M Bowen. Filed 6 Jun 1865.  
    Hays John, Mary, heirs of Woodward H Hays, Gdn Arthur W Larson. Filed 24 Apr 1930.  
    Hays Robert, Maggie, Cynthia, William, heirs of William Hays, Gdn Elizabeth Kindle. Filed 25 Oct 1880.  
    Hays William, heir of William Hays & Elizabeth Kindle, Gdn Jacob Seip. Filed 27 Nov 1888.  
    Haywood Lucille M, Ruth E, heirs of Verne Haywood, Gdn Cecil M Haywood. Filed 8 Apr 1916.  
    Heckman Marie, Clatus, Hilda, heirs of Julia A Heckman, Gdn John Aman. Filed 3 Jul 1914.  
    Heckman August, Gdn John Aman. Filed 30 Mar 1911.  
    Heermann Charles A, Athol L, heirs of Lina H Heermann, Gdn Charles W Heermann. Filed 30 Mar 1926.  
    Heffner Ida B, Gladys M, heirs of George W Heffner, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 27 Mar 1928.  
    Hefner Dorothy, Helen, Owen, heirs of Ethel B Hefner, Gdn Leonard H Hefner. Filed 10 Mar 1925.  
    Heileman Rosina A, heir of Rosa Eisenman, Gdn Edward Mertz. Filed 1 Mar 1937.  
    Heist Charles, heir of Henry Heist, Gdn John E Walters. Filed 12 Jun 1883.  
    Helmer Henry, Mary, John, Theodore, Joseph, Franklin, heirs of Mary Helmer, Gdn John W Heckman. Filed 24 May 1872.  
    Heltzel Audra, heir of Adelia Heltzel, Gdn Harley W Franklin. Filed 1 Apr 1922.  
    Heltzel Ida M, heir of William Heltzel, Gdn Lloyd W Bender. Filed 4 Mar 1922.  
    Heltzel Sylvia, Gdn John L Crothers. Filed 28 Oct 1928.  
    Heminger Ida M, Barhydt Richard T, heirs of Ida Fredline, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 23 May 1919.  
    Henderson Steven R, Gdn Campbell & Fetter Bank. Filed 13 Mar 1963.  
    Henry Craig A (Barber), heir of Lewis F Henry, Gdn Alvin Bauman. Filed 7 Jan 1946.  
    Henry Robbie, Martha M, Charles V, Roy V, James M, Margaret M, lived Paris TN except Robbie lived IN, heirs of Viana McCoy, Gdn Thomas W McCoy. Filed 30 Oct 1916.  
    Herb Charles, Eugene, Louise, George, heirs of Michael Oswald late of Germany, Gdn Charles Weingart. Filed 8 Apr 1884.  
    Herberger Celia, Frank, John, heirs of Joseph Herberger, Gdn Lydia Herberger. Filed 2 Jan 1900.  
    Herendeen Dwight M, Gdn Donald Herendeen. Filed 13 Sep 1955.  
    Herendeen Elda, Garry, Lawrence, Neva, James, heirs of Bertha E Herendeen, Gdn Homer E Herendeen. Filed 15 Oct 1929.  
    Herin Edna B, Lura G, heirs of Jennie G Herin, Gdn James A Herin. Filed 5 Mar 1912.  
    Herrald Clara, John E, Salina J, heirs of Henry Herrald, Gdn Elizabeth Herrald. Filed 21 Mar 1887.  
    Herrick Martha E, heir of Israel Herrick, Gdn Isaac Dean. Filed 26 Jan 1866.  
    Herron Miles, Gdn Peter Dolan. Filed 13 Jun 1941.  
    Herron Nicholas, trustee George Thomas. Filed 20 Jan 1926.  
    Hess Edward A, Gdn A Pauline Hass. Filed 23 Apr 1963.  
    Hess Forrest, heir of Simon Weimer, Gdn Thomas S Weimer. Filed 27 Feb 1923.  
    Hess Zelle B, heir of Ephriam Hess, Gdn Farmers Loan & Trust Co Whitley Co IN. Filed 18 Sep 1914.  
    Heupel Roger K, heir of Fred Heupel, Gdn Pauline Heupel. Filed 16 May 1952.  
    Hiatt Carna L, Gdn Dean Hiatt. Filed 27 Apr 1960.  
    Hiatt Craig, Gary, heirs of Bernard M Hiatt, Gdn Leora J Hiatt. Filed 13 May 1955.  
    Hiatt Lana, Ricky, Anita, heirs of Kate Hiatt, Gdn Julia Hollowell. Filed 9 Oct 1961.  
    Hickman Laura B, Gdn David F Yount. Filed 2 Mar 1961.  
    Hickman Thomas, heir of Clarence Hickman, Gdn Cora Hickman. Filed 10 Oct 1958.  
    Hile Bertha O, Gdn Frank B McCarty. Filed 11 Sep 1962.  
    Hile Ford D, Joseph M, heirs of Manda J Prickett, Gdn Fred E Campbell. Filed 9 Jan 1922.  
    Hile Lunette, Clifford, Cleota, Mary, Ernest, heirs of Ernest R Hile, Gdn William Sargent. Filed 14 Oct 1926.  
    Hilkert Curtis, heir of Franklin Hilkert, Gdn Bela Broughton. Filed 19 Nov 1898.  
    Hilkert Theresa, Shirley, heirs of Curtis Hilkert, Gdn Edward F Pankop. Filed 21 Dec 1934.  
    Hill Adam P, Gdn Maggie H Leaman. Filed 8 May 1957.  
    Hill Charles R, Gdn Albert S Hill. Filed 18 Jan 1905.  
    Hill Henry, Hattie, Hannah, heirs of Hester A Hill, Gdn John C Hill. Filed 23 Oct 1877.  
    Hill Mary, James, Ira, Emma, heirs of Noah I Hill, Gdn Rebecca A Hill. Filed 22 Aug 1862.  
    Hill Melvin, heir of Cyrus Hill, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 2 Jul 1883.  
    Hill Laura B, Gdn Helen G Foehl. Filed 8 Mar 1948.  
    Hill Ralph, heir of Catherine E Hill, Gdn Albert Hill. Filed 9 May 1916.  
    Hills Joanna, Gdn William Hills. Filed 14 Oct 1889.  
    Hills William, Gdn Samuel Wolf. Filed 9 Mar 1892.  
    Hindbaugh John, Myrtle, heirs of William B Hindbaugh, Gdn Emma B Hindbaugh. Filed 29 Oct 1889.  
    Hindman James, Gdn Anderson Galloway. Filed 8 Mar 1886.  
    Hiney Jeremiah, Sarah, Dennis, heirs of Jonas Hiney, Gdn Samuel Alvord. Filed 10 Apr 1871.  
    Hinkley Cora, Luella, Sarah, Benjamin, Bessie, Dollie, John, Ralph, Otis, heirs of Orilla S Hinkley, Gdn Robert F Hinkley. Filed 21 Nov 1900.  
    Hinkley Helen J, Gdn Ethel V Brace. Filed 23 Oct 1935.  
    Hinkley Lawrence D, heir of Mary C Weaver, Gdn John E Gault. Filed 20 May 1924.  
    Hire Carrie, Grace, heir of Abraham Hire, Gdn Michael Hire. Filed 25 May 1892.  
    Hire Dennis, Claude, Ronald, heirs of Thomas C Hire, Hermona Hire. Filed 3 Jul 1963.  
    Hire Lucile M, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 12 Aug 1955.  
    Hite Hariet M, Harold M, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 14 Jan 1929.  
    Hite Sally B, legatee of Martin McClintic late of Kosciusko Co IN, Gdn Dean Hite, Filed 19 Apr 1961.  
    Hitler Joseph, Gdn William Schlabach. Filed 26 Oct 1899.  
    Hively John T, Rachel A, William H, Jacob T, heirs of William Hively late of Pike Co IN, Gdn George Wright. Filed 12 Nov 1873.  
    Hively Michael J, heir of George A & Mamie H Hively, Gdn Katheryn Gaff. Filed 27 Apr 1949.  
    Hjelm William H, Gdn Harvey E Hjelm lived Chicago IL, Filed 1 Apr 1947.  
    Hoagland Bertha & Claxton Walter. Bertha lived in Indian Territory with mother.  Walter lived in DeKalb Co IN, heirs of James L Halferty, Gdn William W Cary. Filed 12 Oct 1896.  
    Hodges Rachel, Gdn William Boosinger. Filed 26 Sep 1901  
    Hoff Rosa, Gdn Harry D Frick. Filed 2 Nov 1945.H
    Hoffman Amanda M, heir of Catharine Hoffman, Gdn Solomon Hoffman. Filed 20 Apr 1861.  
    Hoffman Basil, heir of Vilella Wright, Gdn George Hoffman Jr. Filed 26 May 1935.  
    Hoffman Ethel, Pearl, heirs of Harrison Swank, Gdn John E Pancake. Filed 12 Nov 1903.  
    Hoffman Irene, Gdn Neal M Hoffman. Filed 23 Jun 1956.  
    Hoffman Jesse, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 13 Jun 1919.  
    Hoffman Mary, Gdn George Hoffman. Filed 6 Jan 1931.  
    Hoffman Patricia, heir of George W Hoffman Jr, Gdn Vaughn DePew. Filed 29 Dec 1931.  
    Hoffman Junior, Jack, heirs of George W Hoffman Jr, Gdn Basil D Hoffman. Filed 29 Dec 1950.  
    Hollis Robert Jr, Larry, Jerry, heirs of Agnes Mazur, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Bank. Filed 5 Nov 1947.  
    Hollister Frederick, heir of Horace Hollister, Gdn Dorman C Vancamp. Filed 31 Oct 1876.  
    Holmes Jay A, heir of Lemuel Holmes, Gdn John C Gillian. Filed 29 Aug 1899.  
    Holsinger Walter H lived Arrapahoe Co CO, heir of John Holsinger, Gdn Charles F Holsinger. Filed 6 Sep 1886.  
    Holey Carrie R, heir of Israel Adams, Gdn unknown. Filed 30 May 1902.  
    Honeywell Carlton, heir of Howard Honeywell, Gdn Alma Honeywell. Filed 2 Apr 1951.  
    Hontz Harrison, Harvey H, heir of May Hontz, Gdn Julia Hontz. Filed 6 Apr 1882.  
    Hooper Ann E, Gdn Frank L Hooper. Filed 27 Oct 1931.  
    Hoot Bert, John, Howard, Floyd, Florence, Blake, heirs of George Graber, Gdn Sherman Hoot. Filed 29 Apr 1921.  
    Hoot Catharine, John W, heirs of John A Hoot late of Germany, Gdn John A Zahnter. Filed 18 Jan 1862.  
    Hoppe James S, heir of Jessie S Hickman late of Defiance Co OH, Gdn Nellie Y Stewart. Filed 23 Oct 1923.  
    Horn Mary E, Manock John, Peter, heirs of Nicholas Renz & Maria Horn, Gdn Ambros Horn. Filed 1 Oct 1887.  
    Horn Najda G, heir of Tahawina Netch late of Lake Co IN, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 17 Feb 1925.  
    Horner Emanuel, Gdn Mervil L Horner. Filed 8 May 1928.  
    Hosler Robert J, Gdn Myrtle Hosler. Filed 28 Apr 1936.  
    Hossinger Sabina, Gdn unknown. Filed 10 Feb 1902.  
    Hostetter Luella E, heir of Joel W Hostetter, Gdn Hiram M Goodspeed. Filed 29 Jan 1895.  
    Hottinger Grace L lived Marion Co OR, heir of Aloisius Hottinger, Gdn Minnie Hottinger. Filed 6 Jan 1915.  
    Howard Loressa, Thursey, Harvey, heirs of Ralph Howard, Gdn Charles A Howard. Filed 31 May 1886.      
    Howard Mettie H, Gdn Richard Targgart. Filed 21 Jul 1953.  
    Howard Ortha, heir of Charles A & Frances E Howard, Gdn Willis A Fox. Filed 28 Apr 1905.  
    Howe Paul E, heir of Benjamin F Ogden late of Allen Co IN, Gdn Charles E Howe. Filed 12 Apr 1926.  
    Howe Sarah, Gdn Elmer E Royer. Filed 29 May 1915.  
    Howenstein George H, Janet, heir of George Howenstein late of Wayne Co MI, Gdn Helen M Vanderford. Filed 9 Oct 1936.  
    Hubbard Orrin B, Mary L, heir of Orrin M Hubbard, Gdn Betsey J Hubbard Thompson. Filed 22 Jun 1859.  
    Huber Adaline, heir of Tiry Huber, Gdn John H Wilson. Filed 8 May 1891.  
    Huelsenbeck Billie, heir of Edward M Huelsenbeck, Gdn Bessie Huelsenbeck. Filed 1 Nov 1948.  
    Huff Alma, Martin L, George W, heirs of Martin Huff, Gdn  Ruth A Huff Wantz. Filed 7 Jun 1886.  
    Huff Murvin C, heir of Charles M Huff, Gdn Frank T Hosford. Filed 13 Aug 1929.  
    Huff Silva, Edna, Otto, heir of Mabel Huff, Gdn Herman D Hile. Filed 13 Dec 1901.  
    Huff Reuben, Gdn Tilden Heltzel. Filed 6 Aug 1914.  
    Huff Susan B, Gdn Oscar Parrott. Filed 29 Oct 1915.  
    Huffman Bessie B, Gdn Lucile M Imes. Filed 17 Dec 1963.  
    Huffman Jeannette, heir of Howard A & Susie M Huffman, Gdn Thomas E Kelley. Filed 28 Jan 1939.  
    Huffman Ottie, Lulu, Iven, heirs of Abram Huff, Gdn Isaac N Shanower. Filed 4 Mar 1901.  
    Hulett Norris A, Gdn William Baunle, Filed 10 Jan 1949.  
    Hull Mary, Gdn Joseph Maloney. Filed 26 Mar 1919.  
    Humphreys Howard F, heir of Phoartes Humphreys, Gdn Lamora Renkenberger. Filed 7 Jun 1883.  
    Huntsman Heather, Gdn Steven D Huntsman. Filed 6 Dec 1960.  
    Huntsman Robert H, Donna B, heirs of William  Huntsman, Gdn Anson Huntsman. Filed 31 Aug 1937.      
    Hursey George, heir of Margaret Hursey, Gdn Henry G Tucker. Filed 20 Sep 1881.  
    Hursey Nancy J, heir of David McCray late of IL, Gdn William H Smith. Filed 6 Jan 1865.  
    Huston Alice M, Annabeth, heirs of William P Huston, Gdn Sadie Huston. Filed 2 Jan 1920.  
    Huston Thomas, Gdn Lyman J Piggott. Filed 31 Aug 1960.  
    Hutchins John B, Jalma J, Gdn Beverly B Hutchins. Filed 25 Mar 1948.  
    Hutt Carl, Gdn John W Mathews. Filed 30 Oct 1915.  
    Hutt Henry, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Files 9 Jul 1928.  
    Hutt William F, Gdn Hilda J Wogoman. Filed 15 Nov 1935.  
    Iddings Gladys, heir of Lewis Iddings, Gdn Mary Iddings. Filed 2 Apr 1900.  
    Iddings Grace, Natalie, heirs of Scott Iddings, Gdn Gladys L Iddings Whitford. Filed 9 May 1922.  
    Iddings Ivern, Gdn Harold Iddings. Filed 17 May 1951.  
    Iddings Sadie, heir of Henry Iddings, Gdn Warren Iddings. Filed 2 Jun 1874.  
    Iden Charles, Arthur, heirs of Wesley Iden, Gdn Rosie Iden. Filed 17 Feb 1897.  
    Iden James T, Gdn Orlo R Werker. Filed 21 Jun 1938.  
    Ihrig Louis, heir of Minerva Ihrig, Gdn Francis M Ihrig. Filed 24 Oct 1892.  
    Imes Milton E, Gdn William Imes. Filed 24 Mar 1891.  
    Isbell Harold, Donald, Ruth, heirs of Emma Isbell, Gdn Charles H Isbell. Filed 17 Mar 1908.  
    Isbell Marion R, Marjorie E, heirs of John M Isbell, Gdn Harry C Isbell & Justin Faux. Filed 14 Jul 1928.      
    Jackson George, Alto, Hazel, heirs of Mary D Showalter, Gdn Harlen Gibson. Filed 16 Mar 1903.  
    Jackson Richard, Patricia, heirs of Laura Jackson, Gdn Maggie Cuney. Filed 13 Nov 1946.  
    Jackson William, Bell, heirs of William H Jackson, Gdn Willard C Jackson. Filed 1 Nov 1886.  
    Jacoby Stanley E, Erwood L, Verna M, heirs of Charles Looker late of Richland Co WI, Gdn John M Schermerhorn. Filed 3 Mar 1914.  
    James Elizabeth, Alta, James, George W, heirs of Aaron & James James, Gdn James Gregory. Filed 9 Oct 1863.  
    James Nathan, George W, heirs of John Rodenbaugh, Gdn James Gregory. Filed 9 Aug 1862.  
    Jaquay Ellen L, heir of Herby Jaquay, Gdn Walter Jaquary Jr. Filed 18 Sep 1937.  
    Jaques Walter D, Louisa M, heirs of David & Ida Jaques, Gdn Washington A Coon. Filed 12 Jul 1900.  
    Jennings Henry S, heir of Ebenezer Pierce, Gdn Orville Jennings. Filed 17 Oct 1865.  
    Jerles Luetta, John, heirs of Joseph W Jerles, Gdn William K Wolf. Filed 28 Jul 1874.  
    Jett Floyd, heir of Anderson L Jett, Gdn Myrtle Jett. Filed 30 Sep 1919.  
    Johnson Barbara Staton, Gdn Arnold G Hobbs. Filed 9 Sep 1958.  
    Johnson Elizabeth, Clara, heirs of Thomas Johnson, Gdn Joshua Bailey. Filed 26 Sep 1867.  
    Johnson Orvill A, heir of Ambrose E Johnson, Gdn Lucia A Johnson. Filed 12 Jun 1868.  
    Johnson Grace E, Gdn Ralph C Probst. Filed 5 Apr 1955.  
    Johnson Lucia A, Gdn Linford W Diggins. Filed 17 Oct 1901.  
    Johnson Mary, Gdn Thomas Simmons. filed 7 Oct 1919.  
    Johnson Mildred, heir of John Johnson, Gdn Margaret Johnson. Filed 26 Oct 1929.  
    Johnson Muriette, heir of Hosea Johnson, Gdn Thomas Graham, Filed 24 May 1873.  
    Johnson Charles H, Raymond C, Marietta, minors of Lester D & Edna Johnson, Gdn Chester Vanderford &  Victor A Burger. Filed 23 Sep 1933.  
    Johnston Charles A, minor of William N & Cordella V Johnston, Gdn Henry H Fluke Jr. Filed 18 Aug 1962.  
    Johnston Rae A, Gdn Virginia & Clyde Johnston. Filed 26 Jun 1959.  
    Jones Alice, Benjamin, minors of Benjamin & Margaret Jones Sr, Gdn Freeman Taber. Filed 18 Jan 1876.  
    Jones Elida, Rachel, heirs of Elias Jones, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 17 Feb 1879.  
    Jones John G B, Gdn DeRosa Jones. Filed 5 Mar 1951.  
    Jones Verle, Gdn Ray Baker. Filed 30 Mar 1929.  
    Jorg Roy J Jr, heir of Ruth G Jorg, Gdn Roy J Jorg Sr. Filed 28 May 1946.  
    Joslin Margaret, Gdn Verne E Pray. Filed 6 Jul 1948.  
    Jourdan Amanda F, Gdn Ella Franks. Filed 11 Aug 1933.  
    Jourdan Elizabeth, John, heirs of John Jourdan, Gdn Solomon Klitz. Filed 26 Nov 1878.  
    Jourdan Frankie W, heir of Sarah A Young, Gdn George W Jourdan, Filed 26 Feb 1906.  
    Jourdan Jesse, heir of Jacob Jourdan, Gdn Huldah A Church. Filed 24 Oct 1890.  
    Kaiser Elizabeth, heir of Henry Ratte, Gdn William Pieper. Filed 16 Feb 1889.  
    Kaiser Frederick, Gdn Robert Kropp. Filed 1 May 1958.  
    Kastner Edward, Earl, heir of Nikolaus Kastner, Gdn William F Kastner. Filed 28 Dec 1907.  
    Kayser Katie, Mary, heirs of John Kayser, Gdn Katharine Waldhart. Filed 22 Feb 1883.  
    Keener Catharine, Gdn Adam S Barcus. Filed 5 Jun 1922.  
    Keirn Rickie, minor of Dennis & Louise Keirn. Filed 12 Aug 1955.  
    Keister Edna, heir of Samuel Keister, Gdn John F Criswell. Filed 23 Nov 1896.  
    Keister Franklin, Emma, heirs of Miles Keister, Gdn Henry Klick. Filed 6 Apr 1880.  
    Keister Samuel, Gdn John P Kitt. Filed 28 Jun 1884.  
    Kelham Anna, Gdn Bayard T Kuhn. Filed 6 Jan 1903.  
    Keller Frank, Gdn Avilla State Bank. Filed 5 Feb 1927.  
    Keller Raleigh, Glenn, Ralph, heirs of Edward Keller, Gdn Eliza Keller. Filed 21 May 1921.  
    Keller Sarah, Gdn Luman L Baker. Filed 30 Oct 1913. Heirs of Sarah Keller, Nelson B, Max Baker, Winnie Martin Febles.  
    Kelly William D, John D, Doris E, heirs of John D Kelly, Gdn Emma F Kelly. Filed 29 Mar 1913.  
    Kennel Horace, Ellen, Mary, heirs of Elizabeth Kennel, Gdn Solomon H Kennel. Filed 1 Jun 1872.  
    Kent Martha, Ella, Mary, heirs of Enoch Kent, Gdn Sophia Kent. Filed 11 Feb 1873.  
    Kesler Charles, heir of Winfield S Kesler, Gdn Sophia Kesler Kabrich. Filed 6 May 1880.  
    Kesler Ida, Henry, heirs of Margaret Kesler, Gdn William Kesler. Filed 11 Feb 1867.  
    Kesler Walter, Hugh, heirs of Joshua S Rinehart, Gdn Jacob C Fetter. Filed 7 Oct 1907.  
    Kesling Virginia, Gdn George L Foote. Filed 18 May 1935.  
    Kessler Harry, Gdn Daniel A Harlan. Filed 16 Aug 1929.  
    Kessler Henry, heir of John N Kessler, Gdn William K Milnor. Filed 7 Feb 1882.  
    Kilgore Edgar E, heir of Eliza M Thomas, Gdn Jacob E Kilgore. Filed 26 Aug 1921.  
    Kilgore Natalie, Lane, heirs of Nettie Kilgore, Gdn Jacob E Kilgore. Filed 14 May 1913.  
    Kimble Catherine, heir of Martin Kimble, Gdn Orlando Kimmell. Filed 22 Apr 1873.  
    Kime Mary E, heir of Glenora M Kime, Gdn Edwin W Kime. Filed 6 May 1935.  
    Kime Rose, heir of David Kime, Gdn Daniel Zeigler. Filed 17 Oct 1876.  
    Kimmel George W, Gdn Roy K Riddle. Filed 13 Nov 1946.  
    Kimmel Lester E, heir of Lester Kimmel, Gdn Rosella N Kimmel. Filed 11 Nov 1942.  
    Kimmell Anthony, heir of William F Kimmell, Gdn John C Foote. Filed 5 Jan 1892.  
    Kimmell Cora C, Gdn George L Foote. Filed 12 Mar 1915.  
    Kimmell Nettie B, heir of Martha Galbreth, Gdn William Galbreth. Filed 25 Feb 1874.  
    Kimmell Morton, Gdn Alan Kimmell. Filed 27 Feb 1957.  
    Kimmell Samuel C, Gdn Harold R Seymoure. Filed 6 Apr 1959.  
    Kimpel Martin, Carl, Earl, heirs of William H Kimpel, Gdn Edna F Kimpel. Filed 14 Apr 1948.  
    King Eva, Gdn Ronald H Jones. Filed 18 Dec 1944.  
    King Paul E, Janet M, Mary G, Jerry E, heirs of Elden King, Gdn Helen L King. Filed 5 Mar 1958.  
    King Jonathan, Gdn Jonathan Zook. Filed 1 Nov 1875.  
    King Kenneth A II, Gdn Kenneth A King. Filed 8 Nov 1956.  
    King Volnie, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 29 Jun 1949.  
    Kingsley Kate, Charles, heir of Lorin Kingsley, Gdn Hannah E Kingsley. Filed 9 Apr 1880.  
    Kinnison Frances, Maurice, Merrill, heirs of Mark Kinnison, Gdn Grace Kinnison. Filed 26 Jun 1934.  
    Kirk Vera, Clair, Beatrice, Kline Merle, heirs of Jason Kirk, Gdn Estella Mobley. Filed 16 Apr 1916.  
    Kirtpatrick David, Mary, heirs of John W Kirkpatrick, Gdn Michael Bouse. Filed 28 Dec 1869.  
    Kitson Robert, William, heirs of Walter W Kitson, Gdn Mary Schlotterback. Filed 5 Mar 1958.  
    Kitt Edward, Mary, Maggie, heirs of Jacob L Kitt, Gdn Sarah E Kitt. Filed 25 May 1878.  
    Kitt Edward P, Gdn Omar Kitt. Filed 8 Mar 1886.  
    Kline Clement O, Gdn American State Bank, Change of venue. Filed 12 May 1947.  
    Kline Earl M, Gdn Constance L Silvers. Filed 17 May 1940.  
    Kline Geraldine M, Gdn Earl L Kline Jr. Filed 6 Aug 1954.  
    Kline Julia J, Constance L, heirs of Margaret H Kline, Gdn M L Horner. Filed 25 Jan 1945.  
    Kline William, trustee Frank W Zimmerman. Filed 15 Nov 1929.  
    Klink Nancy, Gdn Adam Schlotter. Filed 16 Oct 1899.  
    Knach Anna M, heir of Michael H Knach, Gdn Valentena E Knach. Filed 28 Oct 1931.  
    Knepper Albert, heir of Mary A Knepper, Gdn Henry C Knepper. Filed 25 Dec 1889.  
    Knepper Angela, heir of Susanna Knepper, Gdn Riffle Hathaway. Filed 14 Apr 1879.  
    Knepper Grant, William, John, Jennie, George, heirs of John F Knepper, Gdn Sarah C Knepper. Filed 21 Feb 1881.  
    Knepper Mabel J, Gdn Sam Patton. Filed 25 Oct 1951.  
    Knepper Olive B, heir of Mary J Knepper, Gdn William Knepper. Filed 25 Nov 1873.  
    Knepper Trent S, Alyce D, heirs of Merry M Knepper, Gdn Florence E Deibele. Filed 7 Jan 1935.  
    Knight Richard, Rose A, William, Hannah, Charles, George, Rebecca, Charlotte, heirs of Richard Knight, Gdn David S Scott. Filed 8 Mar 1859.  
    Knight Marlin H, heir of Mollie Knight, Gdn Herbert Knight. Filed 20 Dec 1921.  
    Knight Nan E, Gdn Donald P Knight. Filed 19 Dec 1957.  
    Knox Harry, Richard Schreiber Kate, heirs of William T Knox, trustee Harry Knox & Kate Schreiber. Filed 27 Mar 1942.  
    Knox Orwell T, Mary J, heirs of Thomas Knox, Gdn Ann C Knox. Filed 4 Feb 1867.  
    Knox Thomas, Wayne, Richard, Ruth, Harry L, heirs of Anna C Silburn, Gdn Sparta State Bank. Filed 30 Oct 1929.  
    Komp Frederick, Gdn George E Komp. Filed 29 Jan 1909.  
    Koon John T, Gdn Archie M Koon. Filed 5 Oct 1926.  
    Koons William, Adam, John, heirs of George W Koons, Gdn Sophia Koons. Filed 18 Nov 1864.  
    Koscielny Peter, heir of Andrew Koscielny, Gdn Churubusco Exchange Bank. Filed 4 Apr 1922.  
    Kostielney Frieda, heir of John Kostielney, Gdn Andrew Kostielney. Filed 29 Aug 1938.  
    Kovets Peter, Gdn Nellie Kovets. Filed 9 Mar 1949.  
    Krahn Pauline S, Gdn Winifred Braginton. Filed 11 Jul 1963.  
    Kreager Artie, Gdn Lewis Schlabach. Filed 26 Mar 1919.  
    Kreger Claude, George, heir of John Kreger, Gdn Moses R Gilbert. Filed 26 Apr 1895.  
    Kresse August, William, Amelia, heirs of Charles Kresse, Gdn Louisa Kresse. Filed 28 Oct 1891.  
    Kreese Louise, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 20 Jan 1928.  
    Krider Benjamin, Gdn Arthur Krider. Filed 29 Mar 1921.  
    Krueger John R, Gdn Earnest A Krueger. Filed 15 Jul 1946.  
    Krupp Herbert J, heir of Adolf Krupp, Gdn Marie Krupp. Filed 23 Nov 1916.  
    Kugler Margaret, Gdn Joseph Kugler. Filed 17 Mar 1917.  
    Kunce Kenneth, Henry, heirs of Lewis F & Emma Kunce, Gdn Beulah E Bothwell. Filed 29 Oct 1909.  
    Kundert Caroline, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 6 Jan 1914.  
    Kunkle Jane, Gdn Martin H Spangler. Filed 27 Jun 1934.  
    Kurtz Linda S, Gdn Edward E & Bertha Kurtz. Filed 6 May 1960.  
    Kurtz Heneretta, Pearl, heir of August Kurtz, Gdn Clarence R Finley. Filed 13 Nov 1913.  
    Kurtz Sylvia, Gdn Theron Kurtz. Filed 1 Mar 1962.  
    Kwis Rose M, Gdn Robert J Calkins. Filed 13 Aug 1958. 

If you haven't all the things you want,
be grateful for the things you don't have that you wouldn't want.