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Dog-eared old scrapbooks are wonderful, but sometimes they create questions.  Was the pained expression on Grandma Grocock's face due to a fashionably too-tight corset?  Was she angry with Grandpa or just plain worn out from bearing 14 children?  Circuit-rider Grandpa Griffith looks so stern in his photo I suspect he never "spared the rod and spoiled the child."  But I don't know.  And how did he ride the circuit?  Was his horse an old nag or a thoroughbred?  I know Grandpa Billington got into the gun powder on the Mayflower, but I wonder why he came.  Did his mother cry and kiss him good-by when he got on the boat?  Did the voyage make him seasick?  Grandma Baker looks so sad.  Was it because she didn't want her picture taken in that old dress, or was she having a premonition she would become a young Civil War widow?  Questions, questions.  Cause to dig a little deeper.  And hunt for more scrapbooks.  Sometimes they provide answers, as well.  Our scrapbook contains various items and photographs contributed and not elsewhere classified.  A page seems to be missing.  Is it yours?

Descendants of John Watson  Bearrup by Judith Board

David Bourie - photograph of early Noble County Pioneer - contributed by Ann Hoff

Major Ward Bradford  - First resident of Hawpatch. -  A detailed journal of his life and times contributed by Judy Palmaffy

Descendants of John French Brothwell contributed by Judith Board

Broughton Family Tree - a link to Debbie Broughton's Records

Love Letters of John W Bryant and Elvira Harmon  - submitted by Cheryl Harmon Bills

Cromwell facts - including contributions by Dan Replogle

Fisher Letter - a letter written by C. H. Fisher to his father, A. C. Fisher, in 1867.  

Francisco Ancestors - article by Lawrence Sullivan on the history of the Francisco family.  Includes surnames Latta and Sullivan.

Ocie and Nim Norris Hathaway - photograph, includes Aunt Id Buell and Uncle Nate Hathaway.

George and Martha Hilliard - photo at their home in Brimfield - contributed by Tom Stevens

Thurlo C Holcomb, Noble County Educator and Historian

Latta Family - a link to Down at Latta's Mill -  by  Larry Sullivan

Leader Of Blacklegs Caught - by Larry Sullivan

Ligonier Facts 1870-71 - Contributed by Dan Replogle

Merriam Christian Chapel History -  contributed by Dave Winebrenner

Moree Family - Link to Moree Family History by Better Butcher Topp

Noble County Connections - personal website of Annette DeHoff, with surnames DeHoff, Homsher, Strouss, Whan, Jeffries, Miller, McCoy and  Hossinger

Preston Letters - contributed by Sasha Stanley

Routsong-Jennings Photos - contributed by Donna Bellamy

Ruderman - About Abe, Morris and Louis Ruderman, LaOtto onion farmers.

Shambaugh Family - a link to the official website of "Shambaughs International"

Simmons Family
- contributed by Burt Fuller

John A Smith - family photograph of a Ligonier Smith family - Husband of Catherine (Jackson) Smith and father of Charles,
  Thomas, Grover, George, Frank and Mary (Smith) Gibson.

Family of David and Philippina Strauss  - a link that includes Strouss and Strouse families - by Annette DeHoff

West Christian Advocate - by Annette DeHoff

Helen Walker and Henry Jeaneret - photograph contributed by Jeanne Aruguelles

Samuel Wilson - The original Uncle Sam, buried at Merriam - by Wilmer Walker

Wolf Lake Mint Harvest - contributed by Dave Winebrenner

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