Cromwell Facts
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Cromwell.  Dates a settlement from 1851; it is a station on the B&O RR in Sparta township,  Noble County, 10 miles west of Abion Court house.  Ligonier, 5 miles north, has the nearest bank.   With a population of 500, the village supports Lutheran and Methodist churches.  Wheat, livestock and lumber are shipped.  Ex, B&O George W Barnhart, postmaster.  Cromwell businesses found in Indiana State Gazetteer  by RL Polk & Co   1884-1885  (page 188)       

  Barney, GH, grain
arnhurt, George W, general store
  Comer Solomon, furniture
Couts & Campbell, blacksmiths
  Cress C & Co., carpenters

  Eaton F, general store
le SB, hardware
  Engle, Gants, & Conner, tub factory

  Engvall Oscar, shoemaker

  Gants John, physician

  Green Jacob, saloon
  Hill & Doane, carpenters
  Hussey ML,  drugs
Kober Wm O, livery
  Kreager JD, saloon
  McMeansWB, tinner
Mayfield, Abram, hotel
  Messmore, ED, grocer, restaurant and Justice

  Pollock, Simon, meat market

  Scott & Baker, general store

  Tucker HG,  physician

  Tung, Solomon, barber

  Yeager JD & Son, sawmill                   

  In conclusion,  Cromwell has 2 physicians, 1 druggist, 1 hotel, 2 tinner,  3 general stores,  1 hardware,  1 blacksmith, 1 grain (elevator?), 1 furniture, 2 carpenters, 1 tub  factory, 1 shoemaker, 2 saloons, 1 livery, 1 hotel, 1 grocer, 1 restaurant, 1 meat market, 1 barber and 1 sawmill.     Submitted by Dan Replogle December 29, 2013 

In 1874, the Illustrated Historial Atlas of Noble County, Indiana, published by Andreas & Baskin, listed the following for Cromwell.

  H G Tucker, Physician and surgeon.
  John Gants, Physician and surgeon, Orange St.
  Vanderford & Bros., Dealers in dry goods, groceries, queensware, glassware, boots and shoes, and general variety stock. Jefferson St.
  E F Benner, Jeweler, watchmaker, musician and tuner.  Dealer in all kinds of musical insruments,  Repairing done promptly. Jefferson St.
  G W Reed, Cariage and wagon manufacturing, blacksmithing, painting and trimming. Jefferson St.
  F D Airgood, Carriage and wagon manufacturer, blacksmithihng, painting and trimming.  Horseshoeing done in the best manner.  Particular pains taken with lame horses.
  F Oscar Engvall, Manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes of all descriptions.  Special aims taken with custom work.  All work warranted.  Jefferson St.
  Jaob Baker, Farmer and trustee of Sparta Township.
  George Hontz, Carpenter, joiner, contractor and builder.  Dealer in furiture of every description.  Jefferson St.
  Aaron More, Retired merchant.
  A Mayfield, Proprietor Cromwell House.
  L B Eagles, Dealer in hard and softwood lumber.  The highest market price paid for walnut, ash and softwood, logs.  Manufacturer of all descriptions of lumber. etc.  Indian
  G W Reed (of Martin, Reed & Son) Tanners and Carriers.  Manufacturers of calf, kip, harness, upper and leather of all descritions.  The highest cash price paid for hides.
  Section 19, Sparta Township.
  Milo Johnson, Carpenter, joiner, contractor and builder, Indiana Village.
  John Stumbaugh, Farmer, carpenter and joiner.
  Simeon Smith, Farmer, carpenter and joiner.
  C E Johnson, Brick manufacturer.
  Daniel Sarber, Fruit tree agent.