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More Marriage Records on Martha's Page 

Noble County Indiana marriage records from 1859 into December 2012 were transcribed from the files at the Noble County Clerk’s office (books 1-77). Records prior to 1859 were obtained from church and newspaper records, and it should be noted there are, in all probability, many marriages prior to 1859 not listed here.  Old return record books at the courthouse were compiled from paper documents (returns from the official who performed the marriage).  The original applications are in the books; however, the return documents have since been destroyed.

Each spouse is listed independently in alphabetical order. The date of marriage (or application date when there was no return recorded) is at the end of the groom’s line. If taken from a county record, the Noble County book and page number where the event was recorded is listed at the end of the bride's line.  One asterisk indicates a return was recorded, but the license was not on file in the record books.  Two asterisks in the bride's column indicate the record was obtained from other sources.  NR indicates a license was issued but there was no return indicating the marriage had occurred.

Names of parents were not included in the official records prior to April 15, 1905. The parents' names, therefore, were obtained from sources listed below. It should be noted that in second marriages, the official record often listed the bride's married surname. Wherever it could be determined, the maiden name was used in the alphabetical sequence listing, with the entry surname shown in brackets.  If a variation in name spelling was detected, the named carved on tombstones was generally used.  Faded copies, illegible handwriting and lack of standardization in spelling made transcription difficult, at best. Although every attempt was made toward accuracy, it is recognized good intentions don't always produce the desired effects.  Many errors were detected in the court documents themselves.  Corrections are welcomed.

Sources not exclusive to, but generally used to determine names of parents, were the Noble County probate records, old marriage returns, cemetery records, obituaries, Alvord's History of Noble County, Blanchard & Goodspeed's History of Noble CountyHistory of Northeastern Indiana, family histories and federal census records. 

Knowing that many errors have been detected and corrected, one can only assume that many remain yet to be found. The user is, therefore, cautioned to make careful analysis of  these and all transcribed records in genealogical research.

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