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Abbreviations: Bro - brother; Ch - children; d - Died; Fa - father; Fd - filed; Gc - grandchildren; H - heirs; Mo - mother; Nep - nephew; Nie - niece; Sis - sister; Sp -spouse. 
Compiled from court records by Beverly Shank.

    Abbott Susannah, d. 3-28-1905. Fd: 4-25-1905. Names: Nellie Drake, Minerva Hitchcock, Susannah Donaldson.
    Abdell Louisa E, d. 9-13-1901. Fd: 2-5-1902. Ch: Charles Abdell.
    Abdill John, d. 11-19-1884. Fd: 11-29-1884. Sp: Mary E. Ch: Edward E, Zulu M, Wallace L, Merton P Abdill.
    Abrams James, d. 10-30-1864. Fd: 6-16-1868. Sp: Mary S.
    Ackerman Abraham R, d. 2-6-1897. Fd: 7-30-1902.
    Ackerman Charles K, Fd: 9-16-1913.
    Ackerman Fredericka, d. 1-31-1903. Fd: 9-5-1904. Sp: John. Hr: Emma Bassett, Minnie, Fredericka Rinehart, David Ackerman.
    Ackerman Henry, d. 8-21-1922. Fd: 9-5-1924. Ch: Earl W Ackerman.
    Ackerman Jacob, d. 10-20-1891. Fd: 10-28-1891. 2nd Sp: Mary. Ch: William, Solomon M Ackerman, Lovina Munk, Mary A Knecht, Aaron Ackerman, Martha Sherman, Bertha Heier, Emma Isbell.
    Ackerman John, d. 7-3-1893. Fd: 7-25-1895. 2nd Sp: Elizabeth. 1st Sp: Sarah Ackerman.
    Ackerman John W, d. 1-12-1899. Fd: 2-20-1899. Sp: Fredericka. Hr: Minnie Reinhart, Mary Ackerman, Emma S Bassett, David, John Albert, William C Ackerman.
    Ackerman Mary, d. 6-11-1920. Fd: 7-2-1920. Ch: Samuel Ackerman, Martha Sherman, Bertha Heier. Gc: Donald, Herold, Isbell, Ruth Schermerhorn.
    Ackerman Mary A, d. 7-1908. Fd: 3-15-1909.
    Ackerman Olivia, d. 4-16-1899. Fd: 5-30-1899. Sp: George W. Ch: Abigail Broughton, Gc: Bernard Broughton.
    Ackerman Regina, d. 3-14-1917. Fd: 3-31-1917. Ch: Henrietta Lowenthal, Jennie Heyman, Abe, Benjamin, Samuel, Jerome Ackerman. Gc: Sadie Wolf.
    Ackerman Solomon, d. 8-14-1879. Fd: 8-19-1879. Sp: Regina. Ch: Fannie, Henrietta, Joanetta, Abraham, Benjamin, Samuel, Romeo Ackerman.
    Ackerman Solomon H, d. 5-25-1924. Fd: 5-28-1924. Ch: Albert J, Fred D Ackerman.
    Ackerman William, Fd: 7-27-1864. Sp: Eliza. Ch: George W Ackerman.
    Acton Ephraim, d. 3-1-1923. Fd: 3-29-1923. Sp: Mollie.
    Acton George W, d. 10-1886. Fd: 2-18-1888. Ch: Norman Arthur Acton, Emma Rauser.
    Acton Nathaniel, d/ 4-25-1874. Fd: 5-11-1874. Sp: Mary S.
    Acton Norman, d. 2-1902. Fd: 3-24-1903. Sp: Merta. Ch: Maud, Ervin Acton.
    Acton William C, d. 5-28-1887. Fd: 6-14-1889. Sp: Mary. Hr: Caroline Wicoff, Lucinda Zook, Ephraim, Christopher, William, Levi, Norman, William A, Florence L, Nora Acton, Almira Dean, Emma Rauser, Norman, Emma, William, Lizzie, Edith, Alva, Elmer, Lottie, Burt, Archie, Gertie Childs.
    Adair John N, Fd: 1-3-1891. Sp: Christiann.
    Adair Joseph E, Dates 1851-1860.
    Adams Adolph, d. 10-24-1924. Fd: 2-14-1925. Sp: Emma E.
    Adams Emma E, d. 3-17-1925. Fd: 3-25-1925. Ch: Bessie Eddy.
    Adams Harriett, d. 8-12-1914. Fd: 10-13-1914. Hr: Mary L Coplin.
    Adams J Edward, d. 1-25-1922. Fd: 2-9-1922. Sp: Ellen M. Ch: Harry E Adams, Gertrude A Bowen.
    Adams Lemuel, d. 3-27-1912. Fd: 4-2-1912. Sp: Harriet E. Hr: Minnie P Gary.
    Adams Israel, d. 4-16-1900. Fd: 5-8-1900. Ch: John Q, Mary C Hallock. Gc: Charles Adams, Verne Lamp, Leonard, Charles, Lana, Carrie Holey, Lena Randall.
    Adams Sylvester D, d. 10-5-1923. Fd: 10-9-1923. Sp: June R. Ch: Homer B Adams Jr.
    Addis Jefferson, Fd: 10-30-1899. Sp: Mary E.
    Addis John B, d. 2-11-1886. Fd: 2-20-1886. Ch: Washington, Jefferson, William, Milton, Samuel Addis, Mary (Addis) Shannon.
    Addis Joseph, Fd: 3-29-1864. Final report 2-17-1866.
    Addis Milton, d. 1-10-1911. Fd: 2-4-1911. Ch: Albert L.
    Adkins Arthur, Theron Teal. Release of securities. 6-18-1870.
    Adkins Erastus, d. 8-11-1859. Fd: 8-26-1859. Sp: Harriet M.
    Adkins Otis, d. 1855. Lost papers when Court House burned 25 Jan 1859. 2nd filing 2-25-1861.
    Agee Harriett, d. 1-12-1916. Fd: 3-24-1916. Sp: James O Agee. Ch: Mattie Lundy, Gc: Harriett, Rose L, Mary Lundy.
    Agler Caroline, d. 4-12-1916. Fd: 5-9-1916. Hr: Clyde, Pearl, Chester Freed, Dora Newton, Jennie Weir, Chester, James P Reed, Frank Akers.
    Ahrens Henry, d. 12-10-1887. Fd: 8-1-1888. Ch: Henry, Frederick, Ferdinand, Charles, August, Caroline Ahrens. Gc: Caroline, Charles, Mary, Emma Ahrens.
    Aichele George, d. 10-5-1880. Fd: 11-11-1880. Sp: Wilhelmine.
    Aker John, d. 2-17-1890. Fd: 4-3-1890. Sp: Caroline.
    Akers Charles, d. 12-5-1921. Fd: 12-17-1921. Sp: Minnie. Ch: Marvin C, Millard Akers, Vera Knox, Helen Sible.
    Akers Robert F, d. 6-19-1890. Fd: 7-31-1890. Sp: Lois. Ch: Florence, Lizzie, Carrie, Robert F, Susan E, Hubert Akers.
Albaugh Adam, d. 3-16-1918. Fd: 5-6-1918. Sp: Lydia. Ch: Jacob (dead), John, Frank, Samuel Albaugh, May Shambaugh, Mary Griem, Emma Lizer.
    Albertson Matilda, d. 3-9-1927. Fd: 3-14-1927. Sp: Jerry. Ch: Walter, Carl B Albertson.
    Albright Catharine, d. 10-24-1917. Fd: 11-23-1917. Ch: Minnie Shroeder, Clara Schiefer, Frank, Fred, William Albright.
    Albright Delta C, d. 12-21-1909. Fd: 1-21-1910. Sp: Grace. Ch: Mary Ruth, Virginia, Delta Clyde Albright.
    Alburn Guy A, d. 12-19-1925. Fd: 10-19-1927. Sp: Effie. Ch: Austin Alburn.
    Alexander George P, d. 12-10-1919. Fd: 12-10-1919. Friend: Theresa Bersch, Ida Monday. Hr: Roselda A Holsinger, Roselda A Rust, Isabelle Broach, Henry L Good, Harrison Craven, Mary Haines, Elwood F Demmon, Mary Herbst, Alice Ferguson, Kathryn Adams, Maggie Byrne, Gertrude Blaney, Elizabeth Beeson, Wilma Kitson.
    Alexander James H, d. 4-8-1917. Fd: 6-6-1917. Sp: Emily T. d. 11-10-1917, before final report. Addie Shaw, sister and only heir of Emily Alexander. Fd: 1-31-1919.
    Allen Alfred, Fd: 9-24-1898. Sp: Sophia Belle.
    Allen Alpheus I B, d. 11-20-1901. Fd: 11-25-1901. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Allen Eri, Fd: 1-10-1860. Sp: Lydia. Ch: Isaac, Harriet E, Chloe Allen.
    Allen Felton, d. 10-22-1897. Fd: 11-5-1897. Sp: Susan G. Ch: E N, W D, J L, A I B, Allen, Jennie E Shambaugh.
    Allen Otis D, Fd: 3-1-1859. Sp: Miriam. Ch: Jenette M, Phebe M, Mary C, Franklin P, Ella I Allen.
    Allen Susan Gray, d. 10-22-1913. Fd: 5-8-1914. Hr: Byron P, Frank P Gray, Sarah Ufford, Emma Frick, Lillie Dukes, Minnie Zoleman, Clara Spencer.
    Allman Clark, d. 6-13-1877. Fd: 6-23-1877. Sp: Sophia.
    Allman Nicholas, Fd: 2-4-1861. Ch: Rebecca Kennedy, Sarah E Trindle, L A Gindlesparger, Almina Sarber, Annie Ryason.
    Allman William, d. 7-23-1924. Fd: 7-29-1924. Sp: Flora Stahl. Ch: Evangeline Dolan, Lee S Allman.
    Alshouse Andrew, d. 9-16-1909. Fd: 10-4-1909. Sp: Emily. Ch: Henry Alshouse, Dora R Silebaugh.
    Alshouse Sarah A (formerly Knight), d. 11-12-1903. Fd: 11-17-1903. Hr: Gladys Essie, Clara D Snyder, James Leo, George Alton, Grace L Yarian.
    Altimus Alexander, d. 3-7-1874. Fd: 3-20-1874. Sp: Mary. Ch: Martha J, Andrew W Altimus.
    Alvord Samuel, Fd: 8-23-1901. Disposed of 1-1902. Sp: Miranda I.
    Aman Jacobina, d. 12-6-1888. Fd: 12-17-1888. Ch: Joseph, George, Jacob, Lidell, Frank, Alpheus, Catharine Aman, Helen Stout, Mary Harrison.
    Aman Mary M, d. 6-2-1921. Fd: 8-31-1921. Sp: Joseph. Ch: Althea Hibbs, Eliott Aman, Martha Powell Worthington, Cecelia Helmer.
    Aman Michael, d. 12-14-1863. Fd: 1-4-1864. Sp: Jacobina.
    Amos Catharine, d. 8-23-1896. Fd: 8-25-1896. Ch: Charles W, Lovina, Andrew Amos, Sarah Warner, Caroline Simon. Gc: Elmer E, James D, Sarah C, Lovina J, Ada Lodge.
    Amsden Polly L, d. 9-2-1895. Fd: 9-10-1895. Ch: Marietta Spangle, Nancy R Rose, Harriet Roach, Claudia Brookerman, Danetta Hardesty, Ephriam, Nathan, Daniel H, Orrin L, Jarod Amsden.
    Andrews Elizabeth, d. 1-31-1874. Fd: 3-3-1874. Hr: Mary Rush, Sarah A Stevenson, Arthur C, Edwin S, Ira H, Henry, Elizabeth Engle.
    Anderson Emma, d. 1-13-1908. Fd: 2-17-1908.
    Anderson James A, d. 3-13-1908. Fd: 4-7-1908. Sp: Susannah. Ch: James N, Mary A M Anderson.
    Anderson Laura Carter, d. 3-30-1899. Fd: 4-7-1899. Sp: Warren W. Lena Blythe, guardian to Richard H Ryan, under 14.
    Anderson Thomas, d. 7-30-1923. Fd: 8-13-1923. Ch: James M Anderson.
    Anderson Thomas A, d. 2-12-1882. Fd: 2-23-1882. Sp: Anne. Ch: Sarah A, Thomas, James A, Robert Anderson, Mary J Mills, James A        Anderson guardian of minor heirs of Elizabeth (Anderson) Lockhart.
    Apple Israel, d. 4-18-1912. Fd: 5-14-1912. Sp: Mary. Ch: Elmer Apple.
    Applegate Aaron P, d. 4-17-1876. Fd: 5-24-1876. Sp: Anna.
    Applegate James M, d. 1-19-1880. Fd: 2-13-1880. Sp: Sophronia.
    Applegate William, Fd: 1-20-1860.
    Appleman Samuel A, d. 11-26-1897. Fd: 11-30-1897.
    Archer Benjamin, d. 5-7-1899. Fd: 5-12-1899. Ch: Levi, George, John, Ellison, William, Waterman, Simon Archer, Polly Spurgeon, Harriet Agee, Urana Randall, Amanda Engvall, Gc: Gertrude, Harriet, Avinna Saltzgaber, Dorothy, Brooks A, Orilla, Rebecca Rice, Alfred, George Randall, Emma Forker, Christina Estlick, Emma Kunce, Mary Galloway, Samuel L Archer.
    Archer George, d. 8-1-1886. Fd: 8-17-1886. Sp: Eliza. Ch: Avinna Saltzgaber, William, Harriet, Lucinda G B Archer.
    Archer John, d. 2-11-1892. Fd: 2-22-1892. Sp: Mary E. Ch: Aaron B, Wallace B Archer.
    Archer Levi, d. 1-17-1927. Fd: 2-1-1927. Sp: Emma Jane. Ch: Benjamin F Archer, Ollie M, Grace P, Verna E McCammon, Etta M Yarlett.
    Archer Lucinda A, d. 1-24-1887. Fd: 4-13-1887. Sp: Benjamin.
    Archer Thomas, d. 12-3-1881. Fd: 1-13-1882. Sp: Rebecca.
    Archer Wallace B, Fd: 6-11-1896. Sp: Linda.
    Arehart Moses, d. 1-4-1903. Fd: 1-29-1903. Ch: Albert, George Arehart, Harriet Strater.
    Armstrong George, Fd: 2-6-1895. Sp: Hattie.
    Arndt Herman, d. 6-13-1891. Fd: 7-8-1891. Sp: Sarah.
    Arnold Charles, d. 9-3-1886. Fd: 10-1886. Sp: Jane E. Gc: Frank Kimball.
    Asher Emma R , d. 1901. Fd: 9-30-1901. Sp: John H. Ch: Earl, Ray, Daniel Asher.
    Ashley Amandis E, d. 2-11-1892. Fd: 2-15-1892. Fa: Joseph Ashley.
    Atwood James, d. 5-25-1918. Fd: 6-3-1918. Sp: Josie G.
    Aumsbaugh Adam, d. 8-29-1926. Fd: 9-2-1926. Sp: Alabama. Ch: Walter Aumsbaugh, Bertha Cinninger, Dessie Fidler. Gc: Walter Hall.
    Axtell Eva J, d. 6-2-1913. Fd: 6-5-1913. Ch: Harriet Hooper.
    Axtell Jesse M, Fd: 12-27-1871. Sp: Mary. Ch: Silas S, William A Axtell, Lucy Chambers.
    Axtell Mary, d. 4-3-1888. Fd: 8-11-1892. Ch: Silas S, William A, John J Axtell. Gc: Ellen R Plough, Vay V, Mary E, Jesse S Chambers.
    Ayres Maggie, d. 2-9-1909. Fd: 2-18-1909.
    Baber Sarah, d. 1-27-1906. Fd: 2-20-1906. Ch: Dora, Pearl Baber, Cora Sarver.
    Bachelder Greenlief F, d. 3-1891. Fd: 3-25-1891. Hr: Imogene Coleird, Viella, Bart, Blanche, James M P Bachelder, all of NH.
    Badger Hamilton, d. 11-7-1890. Fd: 11-26-1890. Sp: Hannah R.
    Bailey James M, Fd: 9-24-1894. Sp: Mary A.
    Bailey Sarah R, d. 7-16-1907. Fd: 10-1-1907. Ch: D Osborn Bailey, Alice Randall.
    Baird Catharine, d. prior to 1-1-1889. Fd: 10-1-1890. Sp: William.
    Baird Charles, d. 11-20-1921. Fd: 12-20-1921. Ch: Carrie Dragoo, Riley A Baird, Laura T Hosler, Florence A Wetzel.
    Baker Annue J, d. 12-10-1867. Fd: 12-30-1867. Ch. Cyrena M, Eugene M, Millie L Baker.
    Baker Carrie, d. 9-17-1918. Fd: 10-31-1918. Ch: Sadie Snyder, Charlotte Vanderford, Martha Marker, Dennis, Hiley, Ulysses S, Frank Baker.
    Baker Claud E, d. 8-22-1924. Fd: 8-28-1924. Sp: Nellie. Ch: Mildred L, Kenneth C Baker.
    Baker Commodore P, d. 5-25-1925. Fd: 7-13-1925. Sp: Catherine S. Ch: Otis Baker, Mary G Bouse.
    Baker David S, d. 11-8-1859. Fd: 11-26-1859.
    Baker Edith S, d. 12-1-1915. Fd: 1-5-1916. Ch: William S, Clarence, J E, Mildred, Jennie Baker, Grace Farrell.
    Baker Ellen J, d. 10-1-1924. Fd: 11-19-1924. Ch: Willis M, Samuel M, Guy V, Alvin C Baker, Nannie M Hile.
    Baker George Jr, d. 3-18-1872. Fd: 4-2-1872.
    Baker George Sr, d. 2-14-1886. Fd: 3-22-1886. Sp: Mary A. Ch: Sarah Keller, Laura E Dreibelbis, William H Baker.
    Baker Jacob, d. 5-8-1881. Fd: 6-10-1884. Ch: Rebecca A Dubois, William, John (deceased, his heirs), Henry, Jacob Eden Baker.
    Baker Jacob, d. 12-6-1896. Fd: 2-6-1897. Sp: Mary. Hr: Julia Brightmire, Henry, Clarence S Baker.
    Baker Jennie L, d. 3-17-1917. Fd: 4-24-1917. Hr: Clarence F, James E, Millie, William S Baker, Grace B Farrell.
    Baker John, d. 8-26-1879. Fd: 9-12-1879. Ch: Hamilton, Jesse, James, William, Daniel W, Joseph Baker, Emma Price.
    Baker Lewis T, d. 3-9-1827. Fd: 3-15-1827. Hr: George W, Henry E, Clarence S, Julia Brightmire.
    Baker Luman L, d. 10-2-1824. Fd: 10-17-1824. Sp: Etha A.
    Baker Mary, d. 2-17-1920. Fd: 2-24-1920. Ch: Fred W Baker, Harriet Robinson.
    Baker Minnie M, d. 2-17-1920. Fd: 3-15-1920. Sp: Orrison J. Ch: Adam L, Hazel M Baker.
    Baker Samuel B, d. 3-12-1886. Fd: 3-24-1886. Sp: Ruth. Ch: Solomon, Zachariah, Mary J Baker.
    Baker William, Fd: 3-15-1907.
    Baker Zachariah, d. 7-12-1923. Fd: 9-18-1923. Sp: Ellen J. Ch: Willis M, Samuel W, Guy V, Alvin C Baker, Nannie M Hile.
    Baldwin Eliza A, d. 4-2-1882. Fd: 12-13-1883. Hr: Catharine Quinn, Caroline Nobles, Melissa D Winegardner.
    Baldwin Horace W, Fd: 11-30-1864. Sp: Julia.
    Baldwin Howard, d. 10-13-1868. Fd: 11-13-1868. Sp: Leurana, went to KS in 1869. Ch: Helen, Albert, Lucy Baldwin.
    Bales William D, d. 4-8-1905. Fd: 4-11-1905. Sp: Isadora A. Ch: Charles, Albam Vern Bales.
    Balliet Harvey J, d. 5-3-1924. Fd: 6-11-1924. Sp: Eythel M. Ch: Avangeline E Balliet.
    Banta Albert J, d. 9-17-1908. Fd: 11-30-1908. Ch: J V Banta.
    Banta Mary A, d. 1-29-1904. Fd: 5-22-1905. Sp: Dewitt C. Ch: Earl Z, Bessie Banta, Leila Grubb.
    Barber James, d. 2-19-1917. Fd: 2-24-1918. Ch: William Barber, Nettie M Calhoon.
    Barhan Stephen, d. 2-9-1863. Fd: 3-2-1863. Sp: not named. Hr: John M, Sarah Ellen, Joseph A Barhan.
    Barhan Stephen C, d. 1-2-1887. Fd: 1-12-1887. Sp: Sarah A.
    Barnes Frederick, d. 7-1913. Fd: 1-22-1914. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Barnes Mary E, 2-16-1872. Fd: 3-11-1872.
    Barnett Clifford T, 8-11-1915. Fd: 11-12-1915. Fa: John A. Mo: Grace Barnett. Bro: Ray Barnett.
    Barnett John W, d. 8-14-1915. Fd: 9-13-1915. Sp: Grace. Fa: William A. Mo: Mary J.Barnett.
    Barnum Abel, d. 3-5-1910. Fd: 3-14-1910. Sp: Mary. Ch: Abel, Orlo Barnum.
    Barr Elizabeth, d. 9-11-1866. Fd: 3-27-1867.
    Barsz John, Fd: 5-7-1859.
    Bartley Charles, d. 12-4-1887. Fd: 1-7-1888. Sp: Amanda J. Ch: Effie J Crandall, Orvin H Bartley.
    Bartley Isaac, d. 11-21-1877. Fd: 5-22-1878. Sp: Hannah. Ch: John, Ephraim, Charles Bartley.
    Bartmess Joseph B, d. 9-23-1925. Fd: 4-19-1926. Ch: Hallie E Miller, Linnie E Askey, Cora E Bailey, W Roy Bartmess.
    Bassett Lucia, d. 4-26-1892. Fd: 12-26-1892. Sp: Hiram. Ch: Isabelle Vermilyea.
    Bassett Platt B, d. 11-2-1902. Fd: 1-31-1903. Sp: Mary A. Ch: Florence E Casey.
    Bathe John H, d. 10-10-1921. Fd: 10-29-1921. Name: Louis A Moench.
    Baugher George, d. 3-25-1906. Fd: 8-18-1910. Sp: Mertie Ann Davis.
    Baugher Henry, d. 11-1-1880. Fd: 3-7-1881. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Baugher Rebecca, d. 5-30-1922. Fd: 6-6-1922. Ch: Albert Baugher, Elizabeth Koher.
    Baugher William M, d. 5-16-1895. Fd: 1-29-1896. Ch: Allen, Calvin, Francis M, Marion Baugher, Sarah E Swihart.
    Baughman Albert E, Fd: 9-28-1914. Sp: Stella.
    Baughman Alton, d. 7-15-1926. Fd: 8-11-1926. Sp: Millie. Ch: Bernard J, Eaton D Baughman, Evelyn G Fitzpatrick.
    Baughman Grafton D, Fd: 8-16-1864. Sp: Amanda I.
    Baughman Harriet, d. 3-19-1888. Fd: 3-27-1888. Bro: George W Tyler.
    Baughman Henry A, d. 9-9-1884. Fd: 10-3-1884. Sp: Lydia. Ch: Eva, William Baughman.
    Baughman Henry M, d. 2-15-1912. Fd: 3-13-1912.
    Baughman John H, d. 1-21-1887. Fd: 5-26-1888. Sp: Harriet. Ch: T Day, Iva Baughman.
    Baughman Thomas J, d. 10-25-1894. Fd: 2-5-1895. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Louisa Beanblossom, Barbara A Huff, Mary Huff, Harriet Sheneman, Thomas M, Albert F, John H Baughman.
    Baughman Wilbur L, d. 5-14-1919. Fd: 5-26-1919. Hr: Amanda J Frost, Clara J Fairbanks, Kate Bennett, Ida, Stella, Alda, Ray, Chester, Claude Boszor.
    Baum Aaron, d, 3-7-1910. Fd: 3-26-1910. Sp: Hannah.
    Baum Frances A, d. 1-22-1925. Fd: 6-8-1925. Ch: Carlton H Baum.
    Baum Meyer, d. 9-19-1899. Fd: 2-17-1900. Sp: Sarah. Ch: Isaac M Baum.
    Bauman Christina, d. 7-12-1880. Fd: 8-9-1880. Sp: Thomas.
    Bauman Christopher, Fd: 1-22-1877. Sp: Dorotha. Ch: John L Bauman, Catharine Householder, Magdalena Bartles.
    Bauman Dorotha, d. 7-1882, (found in her husband Christopher's papers.) Fd: 11-14-1882.
    Bauman George H, d. 1-4-1920. Fd: 7-5-1922. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Reuben E Bauman.
    Bauman George Nicholas, d. 1-24-1886. Fd: 3-8-1886. Sp: Annie M. Ch: George N, Leonard, Christy Bauman, Lydia Helms, Mary Martin.
    Bauman Peter, d. 5-16-1902. Fd: 6-4-1902. Hr: Peter, Christopher, Henry, Michael, George Bauman, Lena Lecky, Mary Weisweber.
    Bauman Thomas, d. 4-19-1879. Fd: 6-4-1879. Sp: Christina.
    Baumueller Tobias, d. 12-10-1896. Fd: 12-21-1896.
    Bause David L, d. 5-3-1886. Fd: 6-1-1886. Hr: Martha A Cramer.
    Bause Gertrude, d. 8-31-1925. Fd: 11-21-1925. Sp: Robert W. Ch: Mabel Hontz.
    Bause Henry E, d. 6-2-1920. Fd: 6-11-1920. Sp: Clara E.
    Bause James, d. 2-23-1917. Fd: 2-26-1917. Sp: Susanna. Ch: Treadie E Russell.
    Beadle Adelaide, d. 3-12-1915. Fd: 3-18-1915. Ch: Nora Stewart, Henry, Chauncey E Beadle, Flora Stout, Addie Varner. Gc: George Sheley.
    Beall Drusilla, d. 12-13-1906. Fd: 1-23-1907. Ch: Joseph W, Martin K, Evan S Beall, Arrilla Pinchon, Sybilla Winebrenner, Clara Dolph. Nep: Irving Nulf.
    Beall William, d. 11-4-1889. Fd 4-3-1901. Ch: Elias, Albert, Charles W, Emmitt Beall, May Horner, Dora F Rose.
    Beam Elizabeth F, d. 6-15-1914. Fd: 6-26-1914. Ch: James C Beam, Mary A Baker, Ida J Hursey, Minnie F Earnhart (Adpt Dau).
    Beanblossom William L, d.9-20-1861. Fd: 9-25-1961.
    Beard Jacob, d. 5-13-1909. Fd: 5-20-1912.
    Beazel Finley, d. 8-28-1885. Fd: 9-17-1885. Ch: by 1st Sp: Alvin, James Beazel. Ch: by 2nd Sp: Clara Belle, Ralph Chester, Frank, Neil    Beazel.
    Beazel James R, d. 4-20-1907. Fd: 6-13-1907. Sp: Jennie A. Ch: Leona Beazel.
    Beazel William N, d. 7-13-1918. Fd: 7-23-1918. Sp: Frances C. Ch: Arthur W, Laura E Andres.
    Beck Jacob, d. 3-8-1888. Fd: 3-27-1888. Sp: Katharine. Hr: Jesse C, Benjamin F, Joseph, Leonard Beck, Susannah Davis, Amanda Southard, Nancy Shumaker, Catharine Swartz.
    Beck Katharine, d. 1-12-1912. Fd: 2-16-1912. Ch: Cathrin Wyrick, William F, Henry, John Beck. Gc: Viola Gunter.
    Beck Malinda P, d. 8-10-1896. Fd: 8-29-1896. Ch: Eugene G Johnson, John Fry, Almina Long.
    Beck Michael, d. 2-2-1922. Fd: 4-1-1922. Ch: Mary Frazure, Melissa Smith, Charles W, Martin C Beck.
    Becker John B, d. 5-31-1882. Fd: 6-10-1882.
    Becker John Peter, d. 11-27-1904. Fd: 12-1-1904. Sp: Sarah J. Ch: Joseph R, Elmer W, John C, Fred E, Henry N, William F Becker, Winnie Black, Hattie Beach. Gc: Harry D, Herman R, Lester L Frick.
    Becker Joseph H, d. 8-11-1911. Fd: 10-20-1911. Ch: Christena V Weber, Abbie Gonser, Joseph J Becker.
    Becker Joseph R, d. 10-31-1909. Fd: 11-3-1909. Sp: Naomi E. Ch: 2 sons not named.
    Beckley Wilson L, d. 1886. Fd: 4-15-1887.
    Beckman Charlotte W, d. 2-6-1911. filed 11-20-1916. Sp: Louis. Ch: Charles G, Henry F, Edward W, Lillie M Beckman.
    Beckman Louis, d. 10-25-1916. Fd: 10-28-1916. Ch: Charles G, Henry F, Edward W, Lillie M Beckman.
    Beebe Bela P, Fd: 3-4-1870. Sp: Ellen M.
Beers Henry, d. 2-17-1919. Fd: 3-17-1919. Sp: Isabella. Ch: William V, John W, Charles, Roy, Melvin J, Eva A, Florence Beers. Gc: Berniece Beers.
    Beers Orvas, d. 2-11-1918. Fd: 2-21-1918. Sp: Margery M. Ch: Vance A, Joseph E, Edna May, Lewis D, Orvas E Beers.
    Beesecker Elizabeth, d. 4-1-1922. Fd: 8-18-1922. Ch: William, Charles, Harriet Beesecker.
    Beesecker Wilbert L, d. 2-10-1919. Fd: 9-23-1919. Fa. William. Mo. Lona. Sis: Clara, Rosa Addis.
    Beeson Miranda, d. 3-5-1899. Fd: 3-9-1899 Whitley Co. Court. Sp: Edward B. Nie: Gertrude Slessman.
    Beezley Maude J, Fd: 10-1-1924. Sp: Paul W. Ch: Woodward H, Leroy P, William I, Lucile M, Virginia M Beezley.
    Beidelman Charles, d. 5-28-1887. Fd: 6-3-1887. Sis: Susannah Lucas.
    Beight Catherine, d. 1-1-1920. Fd: 1-8-1920. Sp: Samuel. Ch: Pauline Noaker, William, George, Sol, John, William, Samuel, Henry Beight, Minerva Bush, Caroline Kammerer, Mary Schrieber.
    Beight George, Fd: 2-8-1926. Ch: Ida, Oscar, Milo, Elmer Beight, Alice Smolinske, Myra Kanous.
    Beight William C, d. 11-8-1920. Fd: 12-1-1920. Sp: Sophia. Ch: Lillie Mertz.
    Bell Cassie, d. 4-19-1914. Fd: 12-29-1914. Ch: Frank H Bell.
    Belt Eugenia E, d. 2-1 8-1925. Fd: 4-4-1925. Sp: Edwin A. Ch: Edwin K Belt, Bertha K Black, Kate M Babcock, Henrietta L Cass, Ethel Lemmon, Edith Baughman.
    Belts Jacob M, Fd: 1-22-1895. Sp: Lovina S.
    Bender David, d. 3-6-1919. Fd: 6-30-1919. Sis: Miranda Hill. Bro: Jay Bender. Nie: Ida Rothschild, Claudia C Smith. Nep: Worthy L Bender.
    Bender Ella Wisner, d. 10-4-1924. Fd: 11-5-1924. Sp: William A.
    Bender John E, d. 1-1882. Fd: 2-15-1882. Sp: Evelyn. Ch: William, Franklin, Charles W. Almira S, John A Bender, Mary Parker.
    Bender Joseph, d. 6-20-1887. Fd: 7-5-1887. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: George, Levi, Meinrod Bender, Adpt son Albert Bender, Mary Gullmeier, Sarah Gullmeier, Euphemia Bender, Rosella Morion. Gc: James Bender.
    Bender Monroe, d. 3-15-1897. Fd: 4-26-1897. Sp: Fanny M.
    Benthine Anna, d. 10-22-1911. Fd: 12-1-1911. Ch: Lena Harsh, Rosa Maupin, Edward Benthine.
    Benton Joshua, Fd: 5-16-1859. Ch: Jane Brown. Gc: William D Benton.
    Benton Sidney, Fd: 10-3-1866.
    Berhalter Charles, d. 3-3-1926. Fd: 1-12-1927. Bro: George, Albert Berhalter. Heirs: Louie E, Arthur J, Thurlow Berhalter, Bertha Kline, Ralph Vetter, Josie Parker.
    Berhalter Fanny, d. 1-23-1886. Fd: 1-30-1886. Sp: Joseph. Ch: Etta Vetter, John, Joseph W, Charles, George, Louisa, Albert, Minnie Berhalter.
    Berhalter John, d. 7-28-1923. Fd: 9-10-1923. Sp: Mary Ellen. Ch: Arthur J, Louie E Berhalter.
    Berhalter Joseph, d. 9-4-1881. Fd: 9-8-1881. Sp: Fanny.
    Berkes John, d. 8-18-1926. Fd: 10-19-1926. Sp: Anna. Ch: John N, Fred Berkes. Bessie Shafer, Ida Haynes, Emma Sawyer.
    Berkes Peter, d. 7-11-1916. Fd: 7-12-1916. Ch: Maggie Hess, Amelia Hoffmeyer, Annie Wilks, Caroline Weimer, Louisa Keck, John G, Chris, Sol, William M Berkes.
    Berry Josiah, 2-7-1862. Fd: 6-30-1862.
    Berry Rufus, d. 1-28-1861. Fd: 2-18-1861.
    Besecker Charles C, d. 5-6-1926. Fd: 5-11-1926. Sp: Delila A.
    Besecker Noah, Fd: 12-29-1898. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Bethel Barnet, d. 12-4-1862. Fd: 2-17-1863.
    Bethel Benjamin H, Reciepts dated as early as 1855, record lost 25 Jan 1859. Sp: Rebecca.
    Bethke John, d. 3-15-1884. Fd: 6-20-1884. Legacy: Ely Deck. Adpt dau: Emeline Withers.
    Bevier Adaline, d. 9-29-1880. Fd: 10-2-1880. Sole devisee: Abreza Bevier. Ch: Cornelia Decker.
    Beyer Christian, d. 4-9-1888. Fd: 4-21-1888. Sp: Clara.
    Beyer Fredericke, d. 12-14-1870. Fd: 1-14-1871. Ch: 2.
    Beyer Melissa C, d. 1-10-1928. Fd: 3-31-1928. Sp: C C. Ch: Arthur E Beyer.
    Beymer Thomas, d. 4-4-1911. Fd: 4-12-1911. Sp: Jane L. Ch: Eva Hill, Victoria J Graves, Lillian J Butler, Mary Bricker. Gc: George T, Clarence B, Thaddeus S Graves. Mary M, Blanchard F, Ford H Butler, John L, Frank, Francis, Melvin, Earl, Zell Bricker, Della M Bricker Bell.
    Biddle Adaliza, Fd: 8-21-1926. Ch: Augustus, Jesse, Merton, Clyde Biddle, Minnie Davis. Gc: John, Evelyn, Wilbur Davis, Hazel Seeburg, Mada Barth, Wava Noe.
    Biddle Hiram H, Fd: 5-23-1927. Sp: Rebecca J. Ch: Harry C, Otto F, Everett J Biddle, Addie M Crissman, Mollie Hines.
    Bidlack Minerva M, d. 9-3-1911. Fd: 10-3-1911. Sp: John A. Ch: Walter J, Willis J Bidlack, Cecelia L Mack, Anna J Rendel.
    Bidlack Walter J, d. 7-21-1927. Fd: 7-24-1927. Hr: Willis J Bidlack, Anna Rendel, Forrest, Chandler Mack, Lulu Eley, Florence Drake, Ulin Bivvins.
    Bidwell Moses, Fd: 6-19-1865. Adm's: Decatur & Abi M Bidwell. Bro: Comodore Bidwell.
    Biewend Sophia, d. 7-26-1896. Fd: 8-17-1896. Adm: August B C Biewend. Ch: E L, Henry E Biewend, Sophia Crull. Hr: Eric Crull, Lizzie, Elsie, Adolph Biewend.
    Billings Charlotte, d. 7-16-1883. Fd: 8-8-1883. Ch: Jane R Conlogue, James Billings, Polly Burnham, Maria Haskins, Malvina Warner.
    Billman Daniel, d. 9-10-1873. Fd: 9-29-1973. Ch: Eliza Rose, her heirs. Adpt Son: George Billman, his heirs. Hr: Sarah Ann Rose. Friends: David Probst, Mrs Rennahan, John Knepper.
    Billman Frances H, d. 7-23-1923. Fd: 9-21-1923. Ch: Ralph W Billman, Maude Wysong, Henrietta F Milner.
    Billman Israel, d. 5-31-1897. Fd: 6-11-1897. Sp: Frances. Ch: Maud Wysong, Fae, Ralph Billman.
    Billman Richard, d. 9-24-1873. Fd: 10-13-1873. Hr: Lydia, Oliver, Simon, Lewis F Billman, Hattie B Penny, Sarah E Gerber, Hannah Stockbarger, Lidie B Squier, Anne Knepper.
    Billman Wilson, d. 4-21-1920. Fd: 4-27-1920. Ch: John W Billman, Ida J Magnuson, Nellie A Liechty.
    Bills Caroline, d. 2-22-1912. Fd: 7-5-1912. Ch: William Bills.
    Bingman John F, Fd: 12-28-1875. Sp: Hannah.
    Birch Stephen, d. 9-29-1904. Fd: 11-15-1904.
    Bishop Laura, d. 3-13-1922. Fd: 5-15-1923. Ch: Lauren Bishop.
    Bissell George W, d. 10-24-1877. Fd: 11-9-1877. Sp: Hester E. Mo: Aurelia Bissell.
    Bissicomer Christian, d. 9-17-1879. Fd: 10-8-1879. 2nd Sp: Lydia no children. Ch: by 1st Sp: Eliza Fox, Maria M Mullin, Harriet A Smith, Theodosia Howdin, alias Segmer, alias Hamilton, Mary Clouse heirs, John Henry, Luther, Alta Clouse, Susan C Good heirs, Emma, Linn, Lizzie Gable, Anna Mackly heirs, Grace, Hiram, Mary, Martha J, Alice V, Abraham L Mackly.
    Bittikoffer John, d. 1-17-1883. Fd: 1-30-1883. Sp: Catharine. Ch: Frederick O, Anna D R, Edward J, Harmen L, Mary L Bittikoffer.
    Bitting Frederick, d. 9-15-1873. Fd: 10-1-1873. Ch: Birdie Alice Bitting, Lillie DeCamp, Ada F J Borough, Ella Brightbill. All lived Monroe Co MI.
    Bixler Elizabeth, Fd: 3-6-1865. Settled 6-5-1883. Out of state.
    Bixler Daniel, d. 1859. Fd: 4-1-1859. 2nd Sp: Prutia. Ch: Olivia, Celinda Bixler. 1st Sp: Ch: Andrew, Daniel Bixler, Anna Scarlett, Elizabeth Rogers, Mahala McMann, James, Sophia Bixler, Julia Homsher.
    Bixler Henrietta, d. 11-25-1903. Fd: 1-5-1905.
    Black Barzilla T, d. 1-5-1876. Fd: 2-25-1876. Sp: Mary. Ch: William, Charles, Marion, Frank Black.
    Black Benjamin, d. 12-2-1914. Fd: 12-9-1914. Ch: Eva E, Naomi J Hines.
    Black Cyrus, d. 11-2-1904. Fd: 11-23-1904. Hr: Benjamin, Caroline, William W, Mary J, Lulu, John, George C, Jackson W, Owen J, John W, Peter O Black, Frank O Hetrick, Mary A Stannard, Ellen N Conner, Sarah E Lawson, Sophia J Parker, Gertrude B Winebrenner, Naomi E Shirk, Martha E Ray, Matilda A Koons, Martha W Scott.
    Black Ella S, d. 9-19-1923. Fd: 10-12-1923. Ch: Gladys M Black, Alma Smith, Mary Moore.
    Black Emma C, d. 1-16-1908. Fd: 1-20-1908.
    Black Emmet, d. 5-8-1923. Fd: 5-18-1923. Sp: Ella. Ch: Gladys M Black, Alma Smith, Mary Moore.
    Black F Amos, d. 7-23-1885. Fd: 8-1-1885. Ch: Peter O, John W Black.
    Black H Minerva, d. 7-23-1925. Fd: 5-10-1926. Ch: Albert, Harry Black.
    Black Jackson D, d. 5-9-1916. Fd: 3-7-1921. Sp: Minerva. Ch: Albert, Harry Black.
    Black John D, d. 8-21-1914. Fd: 9-1-1914. Sp: Margaret. Ch: Martha E Homsher, Minnie Rimmel, Bess Benton, Mabel Black.
    Black John W, d. 1-16-1913. Fd: 1-27-1913. Ch: Maurice, John W, Emmet W, Calvin L, Charles, Rollin Black, Jennie M Young.
    Black Margaret M, d. 2-15-1925. Fd: 3-15-1925. Ch: Martha E Homsher, Minnie Rimmel, Bess Benton.
    Black Martha, d. 1-28-1872. Fd: 3-1-1872. Hr: F A, James M, Cyrus, Benjamin, Davis, O P, Owen Black, Naomi A Knox, Elizabeth Hetrick's heirs.
    Black Oliver P, d. 4-4-1887. Fd: 2-12-1889. Sp: Mary A. Ch: George C Black, Martha Ray, Naomi E Shirk.
    Black Peter, d. 10-16-1863. Fd: 11-11-1863. Sp: Martha. Ch: James, Benjamin, Davis, Cyrus, Owen, Amos, O Perry Black.
    Black Rollin, d. 7-25-1916. Fd: 8-1-1916. Sp: Minnie. Ch: Dallas M, Porter R, John K, Earl B Black.
    Black Samuel L, Fd: 4-25-1905. Sp: Lydia A.
    Blackman Amy, Fd: 9-3-1860. Sp: Elisha. Hr: Elisha Jr, William H, Sylvester, Mitton H, Myhew (d.) Blackman, Julia A Spangle.
    Blackman Elisha, Fd: 3-18-1872. Sp: Margaret L. Ch: Elisha, Sylvester Blackman, Julia A Spangle.
    Blackman Elisha, d. 4-21-1914. Fd: 5-5-1914. Sp: Mary E. Ch: Clara Postina, Allie Stage, E Rolin Blackman. Gc: Carey Sutton.
    Blackman Oliver O, d. 2-12-1917. Fd: 2-17-1917. Sp: Myra. Hr: John A Blackman, George L Cramer, Lora O Mitchell, Sarah E Maham.
    Blackman Sylvester, d. 2-11-1923. Fd: 3-2-1923. Ch: Joseph E, William J, Thadeus G, Mary E, Gertrude Blackman, Ella Black her Hr: Gladys Black, Alma Smith, Mary Moore.
    Blair Rhoneas, d. 5-23-1860. Fd: 6-26-1860.
    Bliss H Cornelia, d. 7-9-1914. Fd: 7-18-1927. Sp: Charles W. Ch: Fannie Bliss.
    Bliss Charles W, d. 5-20-1927. Fd: 5-31-1927. Ch: Fannie Bliss.
    Bliss John H, Fd: 9-17-1889. Sp: Margaret.
    Bloom Mary, d. 11-26-1926. Fd: 12-17-1926. Sp: Michael. Ch: Stephen, Peter, Frank, Martin, Lewis, John Bloom, Frances Schenher, Catharine Alter. Sole legatees under said Will: Stephen Bloom, Frances Schenher.
    Bloom Michael, d. 8-30-1926. Fd: 9-4-1926. Sp: Mary. Ch: Stephen, Peter, Frank, Martin, Lewis, John Bloom, Frances Schenher, Catharine Alter.
    Bloomfield Clementine, d. 11-7-1912. Fd: 11-28-1912. Ch: George, William Bloomfield, Esther Eichelberg.
    Bloomfield Cornelius, Fd: 11-28-1862. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Bloomfield Elizabeth, d. 5-8-1887. Fd: 8-9-1887. Ch: Jackson, Jeremiah, Henry, Hiram Bloomfield, Sarah J Becker, Rachel Ann Couts, Cordelia Swogger, Amanda Swogger, Gc: Otis, Vesta Couts.
    Bloomfield Franklin, d. 4-8-1862. Fd: 5-19-1862.
    Bloomfield Jeremiah, d. 9-28-1910. Fd: 10-4-1910. Legacy: Kittie Fordyce, Lasalle, Bella, Frank Bloomfield. Hr: Ch of Washington & James Bloomfield, Jackson, Henry, William, Bloomfield, Sarah Jane Becker, Amanda Swogger, Anna Couts, Cordelia Swogger.
    Bloomfield Susan, d. 4-19-1899. Fd: 8-2-1899. Hr: David, Eli, Clementine, William, George, Samuel Bloomfield, Sarah Hively, Esther Pember, Lydia Brumbaugh, Mary J Kranze, Deliah Mead.
    Bluhm Henry F, d. 1-13-1922. Fd: 1-25-1923. Sister: Anna Ryan.
    Blum Jacob, d. 5-15-1867. Fd: 6-6-1867.
    Blunt Ambrose, d. 12-3-1889. Fd: 12-13-1889. Sp: Elizabeth L. Ch: Harry, Anna C, Achsa M, James, Charles Blunt.
    Bodenhafer Clarissa Ann, d. 1-19-1922. Fd: 11-28-1922. Sp: John. Ch: John G, Willard W, Minnie Bodenhafer, Ella Reynbrandt, Arzilla K Evers, Minnie A Graham.
    Bodenhafer George F, d. 1-28-1888. Fd: 2-9-1888. Hr: John, Solomon, Levi, Andrew Bodenhafer, Mary Ann Volz, Lydia Loen, Lucinda E Whitford.
    Bodenhafer John, d. 4-3-1925. Fd: 4-18-1925. Ch: John G, Willard W, Minnie Bodenhafer, Minnie A Graham, Ella Reynbrandt, Arzilla K Evers.
    Bogner Jonathan, d. 6-22-1926. Fd: 10-5-1926. Ch: Oala Sawyer
    Bohneberger John, d. 4-2-1871. Fd: 8-10-1871. Sp: Catherine.
    Bohneberger Christina E, d. 12-26-1881. Fd: 1-13-1882. Ch: Mary M Bohneberger.
    Bohnenberger David, d. 6-26-1881. Fd: 7-20-1881. Sp: Catharine. Ch: George W, Edie S Bohnenberger.
    Bohnenberger George, d. 1-7-1861. Fd: 1-22-1861. Sp: Dorothea Ann.
    Boller George Z, d. 5-30-1883. Fd: 7-3-1883. Sp: Catharine.
    Bonem Jacob, d. 3-18-1897. Fd: 4-12-1897. Sp: Addie L. Ch: Rosalie Bonem.
    Bonham Alice R, d. 2-28-1926. Fd: 3-10-1926. Ch: Walter Bonham, Blanche Barnum.
    Bonham William, d. 6-22-1878. Fd: 7-26-1878. Sp: Elizabeth J. Ch: John M, Homer W, Mary M, Arabella Bonham, Justie L Stanley, Sarah M Trumbo.
    Boone John, Fd: 1-4-1895. Sp: Mary.
    Boos Henry, d. 5-20-1869. Fd: 6-5-1869. Ch: Mary Elizabeth Spangle.
    Boreland Margaret, d. 3-9-1876. Fd: 4-27-1876. Hr: Martha Hart, Jane Sheppard, Hannah Long, James S Boreland.
    Bortner Allen, d. 6-20-1927. Fd:7-5-1927. Sp: Eva. Ch: Lena Winebrenner, Mae Bushong, Dora Becker, Archie, Dewey Bortner.
    Bortner Charles, d. 9-21-1908. Fd: 12-9-1908. Ch: Sarah Leslie, Julia A Epp, Josephine Stoops, Susanna Skinner, Martha Fisher, Henry, Joseph, Benjamin, William, Allen, Thomas, Jane Bortner.
    Bortner Jacob, d. 1-18-1892. Fd: 4-9-1892. Hr: Sarah Hoffman, Caroline Warner, Margaret Garverick, Margaret Garver, Frances Bertnett, Rebecca Hamilton, Nora Heistand, Cornelius, Sylvester Messimore, Mary E Shonnacker, Susannah Goodman, Charles, Jonas, Adam, Eli, John, Web, J A, Amos Bortner.
    Bortner Joseph S, d. 5-19-1916. Fd: 6-28-1916. Ch: Emma Graham, Iva Botts, Mabel Fulk, Myrtie, Elizabeth J Bortner.
    Bosworth D M, Fd: 4-11-1864. Sp: Lydia.
    Bosworth Samuel, d. 5-20-1872. Fd: 6-4-1872. Sp: Sarah A.
    Boszor Charles H, d. 2-11-1921. Fd: 2-17-1921. Hr: Ashley S, Mary Ann, George W, William H Boszor, 4 Ch of Lafayette Boszor, Wallace, Millie Boszor, Cora Householder, Ola Kline. Ch of Henry Boszor: Myrtle Wolf. 3 Ch of Melinda Beck: Allie Long, John Fry, Eugene Johnson. 2 Ch of Martin Boszor: Ida Webster, Charles Fox Boszor.
    Boszor Henry M, d. 8-8-1919. Fd: 1-29-1921. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Myrtle Wolff.
    Boszor Jacob, d. 10-14-1910. Fd: 10-24-1910. Sp: Margaret. Hr: Ida Webster, Henry M, Ashley S, Charles H, Mary A, George W, William H, Charles E, Wallace, Millie Boszor, Cora Householder, Ola Cline, Eugene Johnson, Almina Long, John Fry.
    Boszor John, d. 6-23-1884. Fd: 7-30-1884. 2nd Sp: Frances E, having no ch: Hr: Elmer Phelps, Sylvester, Leroy Boszor, Aurelia, Elner Lighty, Norman Teal.
    Boszor Sylvester H, d. 7-22-1926. Fd: 10-5-1927. Ch: Harry E Boszor.
    Boughey Edward, d. 1-30-1918. Fd: 2-6-1918. 2nd Sp: Frances E, having no ch. Ch of 1st Sp: Elva M Grigg, Olivia G Holmes.
    Boughey John E, d. 9-26-1916, Fd: 10-3-1916. 2nd Sp: Minnie E, having no ch. 1st Sp Ch: Carl R Boughey, Julia O Riddle, Iva E Glass, Edith M Graves.
    Bouse Aaron, d. 5-8-1885. Fd: 6-1-1885. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Grant, Robert W, James, John Bouse, Evaline Cramer.
    Bouse Benjamin F, d. 8-19-1900. Fd: 8-30-1900. Sp: Isadora. Ch: Electa M, Bessie B Bouse. Bro: George S Bouse.
    Bouse Malinda S, d. 7-14-1914. Fd: 3-18-1915. Sp: Michael. Ch: George S, Newton A Bouse, Malinda S Bowlby, Maude Lawder, Bessie Clark. Gc: Ray, Pyrena, Jennie Bouse, Ch of Simon Bouse.
    Bouse Michael, d. 6-6-1894. Fd: 7-10-1894. Sp: Malinda S. Hr: George S, Newton, Benjamin F, Ray, Remie, Jennie Bouse, Malinda S Bowlby.
    Bowen Ann Elizabeth, d. 7-18-1915. Fd: 7-23-1915. Ch: William H, Thurston H, Freedom C, Winfred G Bowen, Chloe L Perkins.
    Bowen John, d. 8-31-1889. Fd: 10-18-1889.
    Bowen Mary Ann, d. 4-30-1902. Fd: 5-10-1902. Sp: Mason M. Hr: Unnamed foster son, Jacob, M S, C C, W H, D C, John M, Miles, Manuel Browand, Mary C Rossington.
    Bowen Mason M, d. 1-24-1902. Fd: 2-14-1902. Sp: Mary Ann. Ch: Ora Bowen. Hr: Maurice H Bowen.
   Bowen William E, d. 5-5-1881. Fd: 5-18-1881. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Owen W, Franklin J, William E, Elizabeth, Margaret Spencer.
    Bowen William W, d. 5-12-1915. Fd: 7-23-1915. Sp: Ann Elizabeth. Ch: Hancen (William H), Thurston H, Freedom C, Winfred G Bowen, Chloe L Perkins.
    Bower Alfred M, d, 8-3-1888. Fd: 8-15-1888. Sp: Rebecca Poyser, dau. of Isiah Poyser.
    Bower Daniel , d. 4-29-1901. Fd: 6-1-1901. Devisee: Sarah J Boyer, Susan Danner, Emily Albright, Rebecca Grubb, Mina Parker, Clara Rimmel, Harriet Cain.
    Bowers Jacob, Sale Bill dated 9-12-1857. Final settlement: 7-19-1859. Sp: Unnamed.
    Bowers Lyman, d. 2-10-1923. Fd: 8-6-1926. Ch: Will, John Bowers.
    Bowlby James A, d. 9-17-1890. Fd: 2-28-1895. Sp: Mary E. Ch: Joseph F Bowlby
    Bowlby Mary E, d. 2-18-1895. Fd: 2-28-1895. Sp: James A. Ch: Joseph F Bowlby.
    Bowling Brack B, d. 3-9-1922. Fd: 3-31-1922. Sp: Lizzie. Ch: Minnie Bowels.
    Bowman Charles M, Fd: 7-5-1927. Sp: Maude.
    Bowman Daniel, d. 6-3-1872. Fd: 6-29-1872. Sp: Catharine. Ch: Jacob, John H, Barbary, Ellen, Eva Bowman, Sarah Ann Griswold, Emeline Fisher, Elizabeth Buel, Jane Whitford. Gc: Rawson, Nellie Whitford, Barbara Messell.
    Bowman Elizabeth, d. 7-4-1926. Fd: 7-8-1926. Ch: Nora E Larson, Hilda C Reichard, Laura E Barrett, Lillian P, Allen Bowman.
    Bowman Henry, Fd: 7-20-1859.
    Bowman John, d. 6-12-1885. Fd: 6-19-1885. Sp: Mary. Ch: Jonas, Lycurgus Bowman, Elizabeth Seaburg, Mary O Bricker.
    Bowman Levi, d. 11-11-1919. Fd: 11-20-1919. Sp: Rebecca. Ch: Alvenia, Reda Smith, Cecil Phillips.
    Bowman Mary, d. 2-1-1907. Fd: 2-8-1907. Ch: Elmer S Bowman, Minerva McEwen, Alice Enders.
    Bowman Philip, Fd: 4-30-1882. Sp: Mary M. Ch: Charlotte McEwen, Serenes, Elmer S Bowman. Gc: Clyde, Birdie, Grover, Ch of Jay M Bowman.
    Bowman Rebecca S, d; 8-4-1922. Fd: 8-10-1922. Ch: Alvenia, Reda Smith, Cecil Phillips.
    Bowman Simon, Fd: 10-19-1867. Sp: Nellie, now Garver. Ch: Hamilton Bowman.
    Bowser Daniel, Fd: 4-19-1859.
    Bowsher Boston, d. 4-7-1901. Fd: 4-20-1901. Ch: Amos, D D, Jay C, Lulu May Bowsher, Catharine Slabaugh, Mary Poyser. Hr: Lillian L Grant, Eva L Lantz, Jessie Bachelor, Cephas Bowsher.
    Boyd Harrison, d. 3-8-1914. Fd: 3-13-1914. Sp: Emily. Ch: Vitalis, Marshall, Freeman, Austin, David, Frank, Orphiafus, Marcelia Boyd.
    Boyer Frederick M, d. 7-14-1906. Fd: 7-21-1908. Sp: Catherine. Ch: George, Mary, James W, Phineas Boyer, Ida Helms, Clara Todd.
    Brace Howard D, d. 1-27-1909. Fd: 1-29-1909. Ch: Nellie Brace.
    Brackney George W, Fd: 2-27-1892. Sp: Lucinda J.
    Brackney John M, d. 10-9-1890. Fd: 10-27-1890. Ch: Mosheim D, Alonzo Lytle Brackney, Mahala Ripley, Adaline Snider, Amelia M Cutler, Jennie B Fleming. Sis: Ann Brackney
    Brackney Mahue A, d. 3-11-1923. Fd: 3-20-1923. Sp: Nellie. Ch: Marie Huntsman, Harry, Elsie, Hubert Brackney.
    Brackney Thomas J, d. 4-16-1861. Fd: 6-21-1861. Sp: Catharine. Ch: Keziah Pepple, Margaret Anspach, John L, Jemima, George W Brackney.
    Braden Isaac B, d. 11-15-1914. Fd: 11-23-1914. Sp: Blanche. Ch: Donald, Jennie Braden.
    Braden John, Fd: 2-4-1864. Hr: Joseph Braden.
    Braden Joseph, d. 4-29-1880. Fd: 5-4-1880. Sp: Mary. Ch: Herbert, Emma, Nelson Braden.
    Braden Richard, Fd: 8-19-1886. Sp: Elizabeth Braden Westbaugh.
    Braden Samuel Jr, d. 1-3-1913. Fd: 1-23-1913. 2nd Sp: Lydia L. 1st Sp Ch: Sylvia Hadley, Isaac B, Walter L, Frank Braden.
    Braden Samuel M, d. 1-3-1919. Fd: 2-1-1919. Legatees: Cora M Chandler, Alma Klinedenst, Grace Arney, Gertrude Stafford, Effie Knox, Dell Clawson.
    Bradford James E, Fd: 5-24-1865. Hr: John L, Francis, Mary, Edmond, Edmunda Squier, Emma I Platter, Caroline S, Violett, Adaline D Johnson, Lucinda Weaver, Louisa B, Francis M Stage.
    Bradley Edward, d. 7-13-1915, Fd: 7-23-1915. Sp: Lovina. Ch: William, John C, Edward Bradley, Alba B Williams. Gc: Wellington Bradley.
    Bradley John, d. 9-26-1878. Fd: 11-13-1878. Sp: Mary Ann. Ch: Barbara A Harkless, Harriet Allen, Louisa Kennedy, Margaret E Vanbuskirk, Joseph, John Bradley Jr. Gc: Joseph C, John M, Mary, Charles A, John, William, Clementine E. Joseph, Franklin, Louisa Bradley, Franklin E Vanbuskirk.
    Bradley Mary, d. 3-8-1883. Fd: 4-21-1883. Hr: Harriet Allen, Louisa Kennedy, Franklin Vanbuskirk, John A, Joseph M, Sheldon P, Harkless, Mary J Wright, Joseph, John, Mary F, Charles A, John M, Julia E, Willie, Frank, Joseph A, Louisa M Bradley.
    Bradley Mary A, d. 3-12-1881. Fd: 3-15-1881. Ch: Mary Bradley.
    Bradley Robert, d. 10-1-1879. Fd: 10-3-1879. Ch: Edward Bradley, Adptd son Charles Bradley, Bridget Patten, Gc: James T Bradley, Mary A Reber, Bessie H Patten,
    Bradley Sarah A, d. 2-5-1896. Fd: 2-22-1896. Sp: Hiram. Hr: Julia, Cora, Yona Lloyd, James Parmlee, John Epp, Elwood, Della Leonard, Mattie, Elmer Shirk, Emma Gillespie, Lulu, Ira Shively, Eva, Frederick Obendoffer, James Shull, Charles Pearson, Melville Johnson, Amanda, George Ager. 
    Brahier Francis, d. 12-6-1926. Fd: 12-11-1926. Sp: Hortense. Ch: Henry, Fred, Frank, Joseph, August, John, Alfred Charles P, Brahier, Louise Gerardot, Clara Wolfe, Mary Green. Gc: Edwin Boumhour, William, Irene Fordyce, Marie Shively, Pearl Hovey, John, Edgar, Roscoe, Roydon, Eleanor Brahier, Agnus Rue.
    Brahier Hortense, d. 12-1927. Fd: 3 Oct 1927. Sp: Francis.
    Brainard Fred E, d. 6-8-1926. Fd: 9-2-1926. Sp: Ida C. Ch: Milo E, Albert F Brainard, Zina B Long.
    Branyan Anna, d. 9-22-1889. Fd: 4-24-1893. Hr: Captolia L Carmer, John, Henry, Charles, David Branyan.
    Brauer Adolphus, d; 6-21-1922. Fd: 1-2-1923. Sp: Louisa. Ch: Anna Reiss,
    Breeden Claude, d. 7-7-1905. Fd: 7-14-1905. Sp: Stella.
    Breeden Isaac S, d. 9-18-1914. Fd: 9-28-1914. Sp: Nancy E. Ch: Alice I Wagner. Gc: Roy Williamson, Alice Williams, Carl, Edith, Jredda I, Harry S Breeden.
    Breeden Nancy E, d. 4-25-1919. Fd: 4-29-1919. Ch: Alice I Wagner. Gc: Alice Rowan, Carl, Edith, Freda I, Harry Breeden, Wilson F Clemens. Bro: Charles I Campbell.
    Breidert Charles, d. 12-9-1887. Fd: 1-3-1888. Sp: Catherine. Ch: Paul, Anie M Breidert.
    Breidert Paul, d. 4-15-1924. Fd: 6-23-1924. Stepmother: Katharine. Sis: Anna Matilda Breidert.
    Breninger Alfred, d. 10-1-1876. Fd: 10-31-1876. Ch: Franklin, (IaaZnn ?) Breninger.
    Breninger Daniel, d. 9-12-1873. Fd: 9-27-1873. Hr: Lucetta Ward, Ellen Wetsel, Delila Knappe, Lydia A Deardorff, Mary B Wright, Amanda V Piper, Hellena, Alfred, Irena R, Eliza J, Oley Breninger/Brenninger.
    Brester Elizabeth G, d.11-12-1922. Fd: 1-16-1923. Hr: Henry M Smith.
    Bricker George S, d. 9-26-1920. Fd: 10-4-1920. Ch: Laura R Holman, Clarence J Bricker.
    Bricker Peter, Fd: 8-21-1871. Sp: Rebecca. Ch: Lydia, George S Bricker, Susanna Yarian, Mary Albert.
    Brill Charlotte E, d. 8-16-1911. Fd: 2-24-1912. Ch: Ira E, Franklin E, Melvin G, Walter E, Ida M Brill, Lillie M Frick, Loretta E Rentfrow, Beulah C Smith.
    Brillhart Amanda, d. 7-12-1818. Fd: 1-27-1927. Ch: Ida L Miller.
    Brillhart George, d. 2-8-1899. Fd: 9-26-1910. Sp: Amanda. Ch: Ida L Miller. Legacy: Anna Barton, Bina Blair, Ida Sweet Upp, William H, Henry Brillhart.
    Brinkerhoff John C, Fd: 3-14-1892. Sp: Clara.
    Broach Thomas F, d. 1-11-1885. Fd: 1-23-1885. Fa: Thomas.
    Brooks John M, d. 6-1878. Fd: 8-23-1878.
    Brothwell John F, d. 12-15-1874. Fd: 8-25-1875. Sp: Marilda W.
    Brothwell Maggie W, d. 4-2-1915. Fd: 4-16-1915. Legacy: Alice Hollopeter, Amelia Bell, Commodore P Fisher. North IN Con Methodist Church, Mrs G W Bailor, Ardena Grannis, Nathan, Carrie Wyatt.
    Brothwick George, d. 11-13-1874. Fd: 12-7-1874. Hr: Mary A VanKirk, Sarah E Cook, Sarah A, Ella, Martha, George Turner, Ida, Rebecca Brothwick, Mary McLean.
    Broughton Frances R, d. 3-20-1918. Fd: 5-10-1918. Ch: Florence C, Everett W Broughton. Gc: Curtis B Harter.
    Broughton Orvil, d. 8-24-1914. Fd: 8-29-1914. Ch: Elroy, William Broughton, Delores Cramer, Jennie Parker, Effie Hardenbrook.
    Broughton Samuel, d. 9-14-1901. Fd: 9-30-1901. Ch: Delmer, Bela, Samuel Jr, Morton Broughton, Lois Simon.
    Brouse Curtis, d. 11-11-1923. Fd: 11-28-1923. Sp: Alvina E. Ch: Ulysses C Brouse.
    Browand Emanuel, d. 3-3-1917. Fd: 4-4-1917. Nep: Herbert R, David Browand. Nie: Lena Johnson, Mellissa Graham, Catharine Rossington. Bro: Henry, Michael, John M, Miles A Browand.
    Brown Abram, d. 7-31-1866. Fd: 9-3-1866. Sp: Mary. Ch: James, William H, Francis F Brown, Juliett Vail, Charlotte Trowl, Sarah J Zimmerman.
    Brown Alexander, d. 3-18-1921. Fd: 4-2-1921. Sp: Marie. Ch: Noah, Jefferson, Thomas, James, Jonas, Frank Brown, Georgie Stallbaum, Jennie Hewitt, Loretta Leeth.
    Brown Alfred, d. 8-1888. Fd: 3-11-1889. 2nd Sp: Rebecca. Ch: Vernon Brown. 1st Sp Ch: Margaret McClelland.
    Brown F F, Fd: 6-22-1877. Claim by Andrew Curry.
    Brown George, d. 7-4-1911. Fd: 7-25-1911. Sp: Anna E. Ch: Clara Albertha Resler, Iva E Bower, Nelson F Brown.
    Brown George W, d; 3-31-1886. Fd: 4-7-1886. 2nd Sp: Angeline, no ch. 1st Sp Ch: Lulu Campbell, Carrie, Irvin, Ettie M Brown.
    Brown George W, d. 3-18-1918. Fd: 3-30-1918. Ch: William, Otho, George Brown, Sarah C Southworth, Ellen Eagly, Lidra Kitt, Laura Spitler. Gc: Clara A Resler, Iva E Bower, Nelson F Brown.
    Brown James, d. 6-27-1878. Fd: 10-12-1878. Sp: Clarissa. Ch: 7.
    Brown James B, Fd: 2-19-1862. Ch: Mary Runkle, Susannah Yoder, Hannah Coppes, Elizabeth Butz, Catharine Ebey, Samuel Brown.
    Brown James F, d. 2-11-1902. Fd: 7-2-1902. Sp: Anna. Ch: William A, Frank A Brown.
    Brown John S, d. 3-18-1884. Fd: 10-3-1884. Sp: Electa.
    Brown Julia A, d. 1-31-1922. Fd: 7-21-1922. Ch: Elizabeth N, Adda B, David S Brown, Minnie M Yeager Toubey, Margaret E Vankirk, Letha N Dryer, Jeanette V Wolfe.
    Brown Otho, d. 3-26-1921. Fd: 3-30-1921. Ch: Rosa Brumbaugh, Iva M Firestone, William, Frank L, Charles G Brown.
    Brown William A, d. 9-3-1916. Fd: 1-11-1917. Ch: George W, Joseph H Brown, Kate Sweetman.
    Bruce George E, d. 4-21-1874. Fd: 10-18-1880. Sp: Emma.
    Bruce John A, d. 9-15-1886. Fd: 9-29-1886. Sp: Abaline.
    Bruce Louisa M, d. 10-31-1909. Fd: 11-2-1909. Sis: Livona L Campbell, Lucy M Dillon. Bro: John S Bruce. Nie: Bessie Eddy.
    Bruce Lucy A, Fd: 3-13-1869.
    Bruce Sarah A, d. 4-11-1903. Fd: 12-14-1903. Ch: Charles H, William H, Edward Bruce. Gc: Anna, Edward Bruce.
    Brueggeman John H E, d. 1-1-1919. Fd: 1-7-1919. Fa: John E H. Sis: Emma C S, Minnie, Anna L Brueggemann, Ida M Frosch.
    Brueggemann John Ernst, d. 10-24-1921. Fd: 11-21-1921. Ch: Emma S C, Ester W H, Anna L Brueggemann, Ida M Frosch.
    Brumback Clara J, d. 4-14-1918. Fd: 5-6-1919. Sp: Henry C.
    Brumbaugh Jacob, d. 9-7-1866. Fd: 9-22-1866. Sp: Christena.
    Brundige Charles Freemont, d. 3-30-1895. Fd: 4-6-1895. Sp: Estella. Ch: Faye, Inez, John, Iona Brundige. Bro: Albert L Brundige.
    Brundige Ezekiel, Fd: 8-24-1876. Sp: Ann. Ch: Margaret Ann Craig, Allen Brundige.
    Brundige John, d. 12-22-1874. Fd: 1-21-1875. Sp: Mary. Ch: Charles F, Albert L, Lydia Brundige, Ruth A Masters.
    Brundige Mary C, d. 2-4-1907. Fd: 2-19-1907. Ch: Albert L, Freemont Brundige, Lydia Shook. Gc: Faye Allen, Inez F Howe, Ionia B, John H Brundige.
    Brust Henry C, d. 2-5-1875. Fd: 2-26-1875. Sp: Sophia. Mo: Margaret Brust. Ch: Charlotte Beckman, Mary Lohman, Charles, Frederick, William, Henry, Ernest Brust.
    Bryant John W, Fd: 2-22-1859. Sp: Elvira.
    Buchanan Anna L, d. 2-10-1923. Fd: 2-17-1923. Ch: Alma E Buchanan. Bro: George Duncan.
    Bucher David, Dates: 2-1-1856 - 6-8-1861. Sp: Catharine. Ch: Emeline. Hr: Mary An
Buchtel Charles C, d. 12-4-1914. Fd: 4-15-1915. Ch: Charles W, Sandford Ellsworth, Irven O Buchtel.
    Buckles Edwin H, d. 12-1921. Fd: 2-21-1922. Sp: Sarah. Ch: Carlos, Maynard, Nina Buckles.
    Buckles Jennie M, d. 1-28-1905. Fd: 4-8-1905. Sp: Robert H. Sis: Carrie H Firestone. Hr: Ch of George & Rachel Buckles, Hazel H, Elvira A, Catherine Buckles. Friend: Margarett Erdly.
    Buckles John H Sr, d. 1-17-1925. Fd: 2-3-1925. 2nd Sp: Permelia J. (childless.) Ch: Nellie Earnhart, Ida Pollock, May Braden, Jennie Bartley, Winnie Sanders, Grace Haid, James, Austin, Thomas Buckles.
    Buckles Robert H, d. 10-6-1903. Fd: 11-2-1903. Sp: Jennie M. Hr: Edwin H, George, William I Buckles, Eliza J Reed.
    Budd Anna J, d. 9-10-1923. Fd: 9-21-1923. Ch: Minerva McDuffee, Vera McCoy.
    Budd Thomas E, d. 9-8-1921. Fd: 10-3-1922. Ch: Earlin R, Arthur L Budd, Effie J Resler.
    Buffenbarger Alace Zan, d. 8-30-1917. Fd: 9-7-1917. Ch: Clarence L, Emmon R Buffenbarger.
    Bufink Mary M, d. 8-1-1911. Fd: 3-26-1912. Ch: John, Henry, Mary Bufink.
    Bufink Peter, d. 11-16-1904. Fd: 3-26-1912. Sp: Mary M. Ch: John, Henry, Mary Bufink.
    Buker Ernest C, d. 9-6-1916. Fd: 9-9-1916. Fa: Francis M. Mo: Sarah C. Bro: Charles C, William T, George F, Charles C Buker. Sis: Sarah C Myers.
    Buker Francis M, d. 2-27-1921. Fd: 12-20-1921. Ch: Charles C, William T, George F Buker, Sarah C Myers.
    Bukiewiz Apolonary, d. 10-6-1915. Fd: 10-20-1915. Sp: Petronela. Ch: Catharine Hollis, Frances Bloom.
    Bullock Elizabeth, d. 11-1-1917. Fd: 11-7-1917. Ch: Dorus A, Royal O Bullock, Jennie R Roy.
    Bunyan George B, d. 11-15-1912. Fd: 12-26-1912. Sp: Vida Estella Oakes.
    Bunyan James R, d. 8-26-1901. Fd: 9-4-1902. Sp: Rebecca B. Ch: George B, Walter W, James R Jr Bunyan.
    Bunyan Walter W, d. 3-16-1903. Fd: 3-23-1903. Mo: Rebecca B Bunyan. Bro: James R Jr, George B Bunyan.
    Bunyan William, d. 8-31-1902. Fd: 9-4-1902. Sis: Catharine E Reed, Helen Ostrander. Bro: James R, his Ch George B, James R Jr, Walter W Bunyan.
    Bupp George W, d. 3-23-1903. Fd: 4-7-1903. Hr: John M, Noah S Bupp, Mary M Hosford, Susanna E Sink.
    Burket Frank W, d; 10-21-1923. Fd: 11-1-1923. Bro: Henry Burket. Sis: Minnie Smith.
    Burket Henry, d. 2-20-1885. Fd: 3-2-1885. Sp: Hannah.
    Burnett Edwin, d. 7-1-1865. Fd: 8-4-1865.
    Burnett Josephus, d. 4-26-1912. Fd: 5-10-1912. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Burton T Burnett, Nellie B Williams.
    Burnheimer Julia A, d. 3-22-1923. Fd: 4-4-1923. Ch: Isaac H, Aaron J, Anna, DeWitt Burnheimer, Opal Miller, Lusina Baker, Ida Knapp, Stella Welker.
    Burns Elizabeth, d. 2-1896. Fd: 8-28-1897. Hr: Della Keifer, Rose E Danner, Sarah, Andrew J Steffey.
    Burns Ellen, d. 8-3-1913. Fd: 3-2-1923. Gc: Ella S Black, Joseph E, William J, Mary G, Thadeus G, Anna E Blackman.
    Burns James, Fd: 4-16-1864. Sp: Ellen. Ch: William Burns.
    Burns William J, d. 3-26-1878. Fd: 5-1-1878. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Henry E Burns.
    Burnsworth George W, d. 5-19-1916, Fd: 9-14-1916. Sp: Martha J. Ch: William H, Job C, Charles W Burnsworth, Minnie B Coyle.
    Burroughs Matilda, d. 3-18-1918. Fd: 9-10-1919. Sis: Lydia Monroe.
    Busch Albert, d. 12-3-1911. Fd: 12-13-1911. Ch: Edward H, Bernard D, Enoch J, George A, Gustave O, Minnie S, William P Busch, Stella M Stults.
    Busch Christian F, d. 4-15-1910. Fd: 5-7-1910. Sp: Minerva. Ch: Emma S Ziebell, Julia E Bauman, Henry C E, Albert J G, Ida L K, Sarah C M Busch.
    Busch Frederick, d. 1-16-1919. Fd: 7-16-1919. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Theodore, Lewertha, Emma, Louis, Arthur, Earl Busch, Tillie Beerwirth, Millie Sawyer, Bertha Withers, Nora Monroe.
    Busch Leonard, d. 8-13-1887. Fd: 10-25-1887. Ch: Edward, Otto R Busch, Louisa F Kresse, Emma L Wilson.
    Busch Minerva, d. 8-28-1925. Fd: 9-11-1925. Ch: Emma S Ziebell, Ida Busch, Lulu Bauman, Sarah Kammerer, Henry, Albert Busch.
    Bushong William, d. 11-8-1918. Fd: 11-16-1918. Sp: Sarah J. Ch: Thurlow Bushong, Ida VanTilburg, Margaret Baldwin, Maud B Shew, Jane Applegate. Gc: Nettie Branden, Roy, Ross, Victor Applegate, Grace Shelton.
    Busler Joseph, d. 4-24-1860. Fd: 5-12-1860. Sp: Elizabeth E Busler West.
    Bustner Ferdinand, Fd: 1-8-1878.
    Busz Henry L, d. 3-1-1926. Fd: 3-10-1926. Hr: Mina L, Otto E Walburn, Lottie E Strouse, Vlalia Gaff. Friend: Edward H Walburn.
    Busz Jesse, d. 1-19-1892. Fd: 3-12-1892. Sp: Malinda Busz Egolf. Ch: Jesse C Weber, Mary Kuhns, Willmina L Walburn.
    Busz John N, d. 8-22-1895. Fd: 9-9-1895. Sp: Mary C. Ch: Julia Cleland, Rachel Moore, Susie Cleland, Etta Stephenson.
    Busz Simon W, d. 12-7-1915. Fd: 2-8-1916. Ch: Henry A Busz.
    Butler Dunn A, d. 1-23-1918. Fd: 2-11-1918. Sp: Sarah A. Ch: Arthur L, Oran N Butler.
    Butler Henry W, d. 7-26-1904. Fd: 10-19-1904. Ch: Frank E, Spencer Butler.
    Butler Laura J, d. 8-27-1901. Fd: 8-28-1901. Gc: Madge Calbeck, Latta, Alpha Zollinger.
    Butler Sarah A, d. 3-3-1925. Fd: 3-10-1925. Sis: Emma Swank. Bro: Andrew Inks. Hr: Bert, Minnie, Dora Stienbarger.
    Butt John R, Fd: 7-5-1865. Sp: Emeline. Ch: Franklin W, Mary E, Daniel, John O Butt.
    Butz Andrew, d. 5-28-1878. Fd: 6-18-1878. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Eliza J, Angeline, Etta Butz.
    Butz John G, d. 10-2-1922. Fd: 12-1-1922. Bro: Ulric, William, Fred Butz. Sis: Minnie Butz, Anna Shisler, Lena Wemple, Ida Hoffman, Clara Shaffer.
    Byer Fredericka, Fd: 6-7-1871. Sp: John G. Ch: Louisa Augusta, Frederika, Julia, Henry Byer.
    Byler Jonathan, Fd: 12-7-1887. Sp: Catharine. Ch: Barbara E Miller, Mary Kauffman, Lizzie Kurtz, Rachel J Miller, Sarah A, Samuel, John K, Sol P Byler.Cain Angeline, d. 7-22-1916. Fd: 8-2-1916. Sp: Columbus C. Ch: Lamora E Averill, Dollie Stinson, John A Cain.
    Cain Christopher C, d. 1-24-1903. Fd: 2-4-1903. Sp: Angeline. Ch: Lamora Stone, Dollie Stinson, John A Cain.
    Cain Delilah, d. 9-9-1884. Fd: 11-5-1884. Hr: Helen Hippenhammer, Melissa Yeomans, Curran F Cain.
    Cain Ruth, d. 1-24-1880. Fd: 3-31-1880. Hr: Lila M, Curran F, Willie W, Albert Cain, Melissa, Frances L, Burtie C, Adalade M, Annie C Yeomans, Jacob C Scudder, Helen Hippenhammer.
    Cain William, d. 2-12-1879. Fd: 3-10-1879. Sp: Ruth. Hr: Curran F, Lila M, William W Cain, Melissa Yeomans.
    Calbeck Joseph, d. 6-2-1908. Fd: 5-23-1911. Sp: Mary. Ch: Lewis, John W Calbeck, Ida A Shafer, Isabella Bowser.
    Callow Fred, Fd: 3-11-1911. Sp: Hattie.
    Campbell Gertrude M, d. 2-22-1919. Fd: 4-9-1919. Fa: Archy Campbell. Mo: Kate R Campbell. Bro: Donald M Campbell. Sis: Josephine Beyer.
    Campbell Harding G, Fd: 6-5-1886. Sp: Rebecca A.
    Campbell James A, Fd: 3-8-1883. Sp: Emma.
    Campbell Harriet, d. 12-4-1900. Fd: 5-20-1901.
    Campbell Levi, d. 1-22-1914. Fd: 3-25-1914. Sp: Lucy. Ch: Rosa F Rosenberger, Elmer Campbell, Dora B Baker. Gc: Orlo, Hull Baker.
    Campbell Lucy, d. 12-3-1922. Fd: 2-2-1923. Ch: Elmer E Campbell, Rosa F Rosenberger, Dora Baker, Gc: Hull B, Orlo B Baker.
    Campbell Rebecca/Elizabeth, d. 7-1887. Fd: 10-3-1891. Bro: Samuel Beck. Sis: Minerva Wilson. Hr: Sarah E Arnell, Matilda Pepple, Mary Phillips, Creighton, Clara, Ada, Mary, Frederick, Albert, Bertha Wilson, Amanda Boise.
    Campbell Samuel M, d. 5-5-1920. Fd: 5-11-1920. Ch: Elva A Magnuson, Charles F Campbell, Della Morris. Gc: Carl, William Reese, Ch: of Della Morris.
    Campbell Savanah, Fd: 6-13-1872. Sp: Norman.
    Campbell Susan Elizabeth, d. 8-12-1921. Fd: 8-12-1922. Ch: Homer Campbell, Fannie Smith.
    Cannon Susan, Fd: 10-10-1891. Hr: John Cannon.
    Capman William, d. 7-4-1892. Fd: 8-30-1892.
    Carey Betsey, d. 1-5-1889. Fd: 3-15-1889. Ch: Emma Hilkert, Amelia Brindle Snow. Gc: Ida, Samuel, Edward, Henry Snow, Betsey Simon.
    Carmien Melville Jackson, d. 2-12-1916. Fd: 3-7-1916. Step Ch: Anna White Hire. Gc: Josephine R Wolf.
    Carney Patrick J, d. 2-2-1918. Fd: 3-13-1918. Sp: Mae. Ch: Stuart, Helen M, Cecelia, James H Carney.
    Carothers Marilla O, d. 8-4-1925. Fd: 8-22-1925. Ch: Vienna E Parker, William, Leslie B, Cyrus, Mary E, John L Carothers. Gc: Letitia Rawson, Lafayette, Arthur V Carothers.
    Carr Benjamin, d. 7-18-1861. Fd: 2-7-1862. Sp: Susan. Ch: Walter, James, David B, Bailus, Lewis, John G, George W, Lott G Carr, Nancy Grant, Sarah Fisher, Susan Grant, Kitty Ann Shisler. Gc: Balis C, Benjamin F, Miriam J, Jeremiah, David Grant, Christina Fontz, Hester Ann Marshall, Mary Gallatin.
    Carr David B, d. 10-30-1867. Fd: 11-5-1867. Sp: Susanna. Ch: Mary Foster. Hr: William H Nelson, James P Whitcomb, A T, Sarah, Susan    Carr, Melissa Smith, Sadie Shobe, Ann E Homan, James McConnell, Abram S Fisher.
    Carr George W, d. 3-1-1895. Fd: 3-28-1895. Sp: Sarah A.
    Carr Harriet K, d. 6-21-1914. Fd: 7-2-1914. Ch: Harry M Carr. Gc: Constance Edna Holway, Helen Marjory Carr, Grace M Grow.
    Carr Sarah A, d: 2-2-1907. Fd: 2-25-1907. Hr: Matilda Vieman, Jane Weatherwax, Demus Treat.
    Carr Walter, d. 1-1-1889. Fd: 1-17-1889. Sp: Harriet K. Hr: Henry, Roland H, Leander T, Harry Carr, Alice J McDowell, Elezan Yoder.
    Carrick Martin, d. 12-14-1915. Fd: 1-5-1915. Ch: Mary Kearney, Martin, Robert, Edna Carrick, Agnes Keller, Catherine Debelius, Elizabeth Schultz. Gc: Edna, Gertrude, Kenneth, Harold Carrick.
    Carrier John W, d. 8-26-1916. Fd: 9-15-1916. Sp: Sarah J.
    Carter Charles, d. 10-7-1906. Fd: 10-26-1906. Sp: Mary C.
    Carver Weir D, d. 2-17-1885. Fd: 2-23-1885. Sp: Mary E.
    Carver Weir D, d. 11-1915. Fd: 3-6-1917. Sp: Mabel G. Mo: Mary E Carver. Hr: Weir D, Inza M, Ray B Carver. All lived Defiance, OH.
    Cary Abram, d. 5-8-1888. Fd: 6-1-1888. Sp: Ann Cary Potts. Ch: Wreath J, Sophronia, William W Cary, Sorada J Potts. Orphan Gc of Samantha A Cary Skinner, Orloff E, Wilburt W Skinner, Hila B Wilson, Lillie H Smith. Ch of Emily A Cary Ritter, Carson C Ritter.
    Cary William W, d. 2-12-1925. Fd: 2-18-1925. Half Bro: Wreath J Cary. Friend: Edith M, Ione Freda, Carl Cary Breeden.
    Casey Florence E, d. 7-4-1918. Fd: 7-8-1918. Hr: Platt B, Joseph Vermilyea, Helan Jansma, May Gesman, Irene E Hoffman, Grant A, Cora Kimmell, Jennie Franks, Friend: Mary Barnum, Sarah Earle, Anna Hart, John W Palmer, Myrtle E Spangle, Blanche Barnum, Minnie Winegart.
    Casey Michael, Fd: 12-30-1865. Sp: Catharine. Ch: Timothy, John, Michael, William, Thomas, Catherine, Patrick, James Casey, Hannah Cass.
    Caskey Nancy Jane, d. 10-4-1901. Fd: 3-31-1904. Ch: Edwin Grant, Robert, Charles W Caskey, Sarah E Blake, Minnie Connor.
    Caskey Jasper M, d. 11-23-1898. Fd: 3-30-1900.
    Cass James, d. 4-9-1871. Fd: 5-22-1871. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Cass Levi, Ch: Mary A, Daniel W Cass, Mercy, Lucy J Ford.
    Cass Patrick, d. 6-3-1905. Fd: 8-7-1905. Sp: Hannah. Ch: Lillian C Bailey, Mary Francisco, Frank J, Michael C, Thomas L, William P, John W, Timothy E, Anna C, Nellie M Cass.
    Cassell Samuel, Fd: 10-13-1881. Sp: Sarah.
    Castator Jackson, d. 4-19-1916. Fd: 5-6-1916. Sp: Melissa J. Ch: Lorenzo S, Orrin L, Monroe R, Oscar, Clayton Castator.
    Castetter Levi, Fd: 1-18-1860. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, John Andrew, William Clayton, Lidia Castetter.
    Caswell Guy, d. 5-8-1862. Fd: 9-20-1862. Sp: Elmira.
    Cauffman John L, Fd: 2-6-1900. Sp: Annette.
    Cavin Hugh, Fd: 1-5-1859, filed before court house burned. Sp: Esther Cavin Cox. Ch: Oliver, William, Silas, Eli Cavin.
    Cavin Isaac, d. 5-3-1884. Fd: 5-20-1884. Ch: William, John L Cavin, Mary Glant. Gc: Edward, Leora J, Caddie B Glant.
    Cavin William, d. 3-13-1892. Fd: 5-16-1892. Sp: Sarah. Ch: George Cavin.
    Cazier Murray, d. 5-28-1897. Fd: 6-7-1897. Sp: Sarah A.
    Chaffee Ezra A, d. 8-7-1921. Fd: 8-12-1921. Ch: Mary Portner, John R, Ezra M, Thomas E, Oscar P, Philo H Chaffee.
    Chamberlin Charles L, d. 8-24-1925. Fd: 5-2-1910. Sp: Katherine E, Mother-in-law: Anna Eirich.
    Chamblin Aaron, d. 1897. Fd: 1-15-1917. Sp: Mary. Ch: Mary E Munk Isbell, Thomas L, Charles W, Richard N Chamblin.
    Chapman David, d. 4-19-1910. Fd: 5-2-1910. 2nd Sp: Mary A. 1st Sp Ch: Martha Farrell, Eva A Cramer, Oliver M, Fred M, Abe L Chapman.
    Chapman George W, d. 7-4-1906. Fd: 11-18-1907. Hr: Lelle C Park, Dwight W, Vera, Kenneth M Chapman, Josephine Meagher.
    Chapman Harriet, d. 7-1-1883. Fd: 8-25-1906. Sp: George W. Ch: Lelle C Park, Charles Chapman. (G W Chapman 1st Sp:) Ch: Isabella Gilbert, Josephine Meagher.
    Chappell Sylvester, d. 10-29-1882. Fd: 11-17-1882. Sp: Matilda. Ch: Lenora, Adrian, Rosetta, Myrta Chappell.
    Cheek Thomas S, d. 3-9-1871. Fd: 4-14-1871. Sp: Mary A E.
    Childs Ambrose, d. 4-22-1869. Fd: 5-4-1869. Hr: John Childs.
    Childs Elizabeth, d. 2-27-1867. Fd: 3-16-1868. Ch: Jane Butler Black, Susan Allen, Sharlot Neal, Catherine Dowd, Elizabeth Kitt, Cintha McGinnis, John Childs. Gc: Elizabeth J Redenbaugh Braden. Bequeathed: Michael M Childs, Samuel Braden.
    Childs John, Fd: 2-5-1872. Sp: Diantha.
    Christen Elise, d. 6-26-1899. Fd: 3-13-1900. Mo: Elizabeth Christen of Tramelen, Switz. Legatees: Mamie, Selia, Nathan Wertheimer, Christian Lenaker, Eliza Baumgarten.
    Christie Milo E, d. 11-23-1923. Fd: 3-25-1924. Ch: Clem S, Donald E Christie. (gave money to aunt Theora Christie.)
    Christie Rachel Jane, d. 9-5-1913. Fd: 10-2-1913. Ch: Alice Miller, Dollie G Nelson.
    Christlieb Catharine, d. 6-7-1888. Fd: 8-17-1888. Ch: Almira Leiter, Jay I, George A, Charles A Christlieb.
    Christlieb Isaac, Fd: 1-30-1877. Sp: Catharine.
Clapp Angeline S, d. 4-4-1906. Fd: 4-10-1906. Ch: William F, Charles M Clapp, Adella C Starr. Gc: Mary Starr Briggs, Pierre C, Hugh Starr, Kenneth S, Helen L, William M Clapp, Zoe M Cowan. Bro: Ezra, Merritt C Skinner. Sis: Susan Elliott, Hila Cannon. Nie: & Nep: Ross A, Orr E, Frank P, Roy M, Ruth Skinner, Edward K, Fred M Elliott, Mary E Boylan, Hattie DePew, Ida U Dudgeon, Maud Skinner, Ella Sykes, Lillie Cannon.
    Clapp William F, d. 4-28-1905. Fd: 6-1-1905. Sp: Alice A. Ch: William M, Zoe M, Kenneth S, Helen L Clapp.
    Clapp William M, d. 1-5-1881. Fd: 1-10-1888. Sp: Angeline. Ch: William F, Charles M, Adella C Starr.
    Clark Charles W, d. 3-16-1918. Fd: 1-16-1919. 2nd Sp: Iva E Clark Waldron. Ch: Lloyd, Mabel Clark. 1st Sp Ch: Thad R Clark.
    Clark Dale M, Fd: 5-29-1924. Fa: John W Clark. Mo: Rilla Clark. Bro: Earl D, Herbert Clark. Sis: Ruth E, Helen, Grace Clark.
    Clark Daniel, d. 2-25-1897. Fd: 3-18-1897. Sp: Mary C.
    Clark Isaiah A, d. 3-16-1866. Fd: 12-4-1889.
    Clark Joel, d. 4-1865. Fd: 2-19-1866. Sp: Susan Clark Kepford.
    Clark Jonathan, d. 8-4-1871. Fd: 8-19-1871. Sp: Polly. Ch: Jonathan S, Mary E, Jarvis M Clark.
    Clark Jonathan S, d. 4-1-1918. Fd: 4-5-1918. Sp: Rebecca A, signed Alice R. Ch: Addie A Bolton, Ella B Downend, John S, Frank C Clark.
    Clark Lorenzo W, d. 2-27-1900. Fd: 4-2-1900. Sp: Lizzie.
    Clark Lydia, d. 7-1895. Fd: 11-4-1895. Ch: Zona Clark.
    Clark Patrick, d. 1-25-1902. Fd: 2-21-1902. Hr: Mamie M Hively.
    Clark William H, Fd: 2-27-1895. Sp: Lydia.
    Clawson Albert, d. 9-27-1910. Fd: 5-12-1911. Mo: Dulcina Gowdy. Bro: George, Frebran, Perry Clawson. Sis: Lulu Keasey, Beulah Hall, Yetta McDowell, her Sp: George W. Ch: Eva McDowell. Half Bro & Sis: Callie Haberstroh, Laura R Dowell, Frank Francisco.
    Clawson Charles, d. 3-9-1900. Fd: 4-2-1900. Sp: Mary Jane.
    Clawson William, d. 10-25-1908. Fd: 11-9-1908. Ch: David, Samuel, Timothy, Wilson, Frank, Charles Clawson. Ch of David, Walter, Laura Clawson, Ch of Charles, Bessie, George, William Clawson. Ch of Samuel, Lew W, Anne Belle Clawson. Legacy: Jane Jackson, Lillie Morris, Minnie Belle Deacon.
    Clayton Joseph, d. 4-12-1891. Fd: 4-30-1891. Sp: Mary.
    Cleland Emma, d. 9-5-1925. Fd: 9-10-1925. Ch: Sylvia Mawhorter. Gc: Gerald L, Dale C Mawhorter.
    Cleland John C, d. 10-18-1923. Fd: 10-26-1923. Ch: Samuel C, Dorotha D Cleland.
    Cleland Jonathan W, d. 8-5-1918. Fd: 8-10-1918. Sp: Catherine M. Gc: Samuel C, Dorotha D, William G, Samuel J, Oliver P, John C, Nathan S Cleland, Ruth A Busz.
    Cleland Nathan S, d. 4-18-1922. Fd: 4-22-1922. Sp: Minnie Cleland Zimmerman. Ch: Elmer, Will, Willard, Allie, Arthur Cleland, Cora Alabaugh, Elsie Glass.
    Clemens Emerson F, Fd: 8-30-1897. Sp: Alice.
    Clemens John, Fd: 2-7-1868. Sp: Jeretta. Ch: Rebecca Price, Henry H, Samuel S, Martha E, Priscilla, William Clemens.
    Clemens Joseph, d. 8-16-1882. Fd: 3-10-1883. Sp: Jane.
    Click Solomon, Fd: 10-20-1903. Sp: Mary.
    Cline Charles C, d. 10-21-1918. Fd: 11-11-1918. Ch: May Cline.
    Cline Elizabeth E, d. 2-5-1914. Fd: 11-11-1918. Sp: Charles C. Ch: May Cline.
    Cline/Kline Henry, d. 8-19-1873. Fd: 9-8-1873. Sp: Sophia. Ch: Phebe Moore, Rebecca Seidel, Hester Overly, Leah Dunbar, Louisa Lantz, Daniel Cline/Kline.
    Cline/Kline Sophia, d. 11-16-1886. Fd: 11-24-1886. Ch: Rebecca Seidel, Phebe Moore, Leah Dunbar, Louisa Lantz, Hester Overly, Daniel Cline. Gc: Mary Etta, Ray, Harry Null, Rosa M, Etta B, Henry D Cline, Henry Overly.
    Clingerman Elizabeth, d. 2-10-1881. Fd: 2-23-1881. Ch: Frederick Clingerman. Gc: Phebe Jane Clingerman.
    Clingerman Frederick, d. 1-21-1864. Fd: 2-15-1864. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: John, Frederick, Jackson, James, Anna Campbell, Hr: of Miles.
    Clingerman Frederick, d, 11-15-1882. Fd: 8-16-1894. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Clinker Susan, d. 6-29-1887. Fd: 8-17-1887. Sis: Margaret Brinkman, Mary Rider, Sarah Crominger, Eliza Bash, Lydia Hipsch. Bro: Samuel, Lewis Bose.
    Clouse Jacob S, d. 12-17-1894. Fd: 2-2-1895. Sp: Margaret. Ch: Mintie Hutchinson, Willard, Tom, Harry B Clouse.
    Clucas Amanda J, d. 3-26-1925. Fd: 3-4-1925. Sp: William. Ch: Mary A Calendine, Lucy E Dawson, Jesse E, Elza E Clucas.
    Coats Anson C, d. 7-23-1920. Fd: 12-9-1920. Sp: Eva A. Ch: Bertha F Snyder, Ivy M Clouse, Edith Sherman, Lutie E Campbell, Rachel N Savoy, Luella, Dorothy, Frederick Coats.
    Coats Elijah F, d. 7-20-1920. Fd: 7-24-1920. Ch: Laura C Gretsinger, Reason B, James H Coats. Gc: Bertha F Snyder, Ivy M Clouse, Edith Sherman, Lutie E Campbell, Rachel N Savoy, Luella, Dorothy, Frederick Coats.
    Cobbs Edward F, d. 8-31-1922. Fd: 9-12-1922. Sp: Luella D.
    Coe Harrison, Fd: 9-1911. Sp: Mary E. Ch: Perry W, Henry Coe, Jennie Frazure.
    Coffinberry Damon P, d. 1-5-1860. Fd: 1-25-1860. Sp: Hannah. Ch: Ann Eliza Coffinberry.
    Cohen Deetie, d. 7-12-1920. Fd: 8-7-1920. Sp: Minnie.
    Cole Almeda C Lash, d. 4-1922. Fd: 4-29-1922. Sp: J J Cole. Bro: H A Armstrong. Ch of Mable Smith, Helen Margaret, Thomas Bartlett, John Brewer, Phillip Elijah Smith.
    Cole Audley, d. 7-8-1917. Fd: 7-28-1917. Sp: Grace. Ch: Franklin P, Helen A Cole.
    Cole Bruce, Fd: 12-18-1890. Sp: Alma.
    Cole Cornelia A, d. 1-7-1914. Fd: 5-12-1914. Ch: Curtis, Merritt E Cole. Gc: Kathryn Irene Cole. Sis: Mrs Harry N Craig.
    Cole James R, d. 9-15-1921. Fd: 9-26-1921. Sp: Martha J. Ch: Frank W, William R, Elmer E, Prentice B, Floyd R, D Belle Cole, Mary J Munk, Martha M Schlabach, Nellie Baker, Kate Wadsworth.
    Cole Lauren, d. 7-17-1925. Fd: 7-23-1925. Sp: Maude. Fa: Sheldon Cole. Mo: Angeline Cole.
    Coleman John, d. 8-2-1893. Fd: 8-19-1893. Mo: Catherine Coleman, Fa: Michael Coleman. Bro: James, Thomas, Michael Coleman Jr. Sis: Katie, Mary Coleman.
    Colerick John A, Fd: 5-28-1860. Sp: Mary Colerick Masters.
    Collett Abraham, d. 9-15-1860. Fd: 11-7-1860. Sp: Rebecca.
    Collins James, d. 12-8-1882. Fd: 1-4-1883. Hr: George, Charles F Collins, Jane C Brown.
    Collins William H, d. 6-6-1924. Fd: 6-10-1924. Ch: Ward E Collins, Ivy L Guthrie. Gc: Fern VanGorder.
    Collins William (sometimes known as William Lehr), Fd: 8-3-1924. Sp: Catherine Collins Nidy.
    Colors Samuel, d. 3-6-1879. Fd: 8-1-1881. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Conkle Samuel, d. 8-10-1868. Fd: 8-31-1868. Sp: Catherine. Ch: Francis M, Squire W, Sandford Conkle, Marilla Walkley.
    Conley Lewis, d. 3-3-1925. Fd: 3-28-1925. Sp: Jane. Ch: Dora L, Thomas J, Lewis L, Samuel L Conley.
    Conley Thomas, d. 2-2-1895. Fd: 2-15-1895. Sp: Eliza. Hr: Samuel, Harrison, Ephraim, Lewis Conley, Elizabeth Waddell, Arminda Berry, W B, Kaiser Burnham, Wilford, Millard Hall, Celia H Almond, Jennie C, Lizzie E, Effie M, Edwin J, Mary B, Johny W Garhart.
    Conlogue Joseph S, Fd: 5-23-1911. Ch: Harriet Maloney
    Conlogue Julia, d. 6-6-1918. Fd: 8-1-1918. Ch: Ruth Reeve, Harriet Malony. Gc: Joseph Edwin, Frederick Windhell, Julia Ruth Reeve.
    Conlogue Samuel B, Fd: 9-22-1874. Sp: Mary Ann.
    Conlogue William F, d. 5-10-1914. Fd: 10-6-1914. Adpt son: Pliny C Conlogue.
    Conner Almira P, d. 4-13-1923. Fd: 5-11-1923. Sp: Gideon. Legatees: Sarah Iden, Oscar Conner, Ruth Reeves, Rena Ritchie, Ruth Archer.
    Conner Amos, d. 7-21-1921. Fd: 7-27-1921. Sp: Emily. Ch: Lemuel O, Jacob L, Calvin L Conner. Gc: Glenn Conner.
    Conner John, d. 12-15-1912. Fd: 2-6-1913. Sp: Lizzie. Ch: Bessie C Seniff, Frankie G Godsell.
    Conner Julia A, d. 8-9-1878. Fd: 12-5-1878. Sp: Solomon. Fa: John Sloan.
    Conner Lizzie, d. 4-10-1918. Fd: 4-19-1919. Ch: Bessie C Seniff, Frankie G Godsell.
    Conrad Adam, d. 1-12-1901. Fd: 1-29-1901. Sp: Eliza. Ch: John A Conrad, Anna E Billman.
    Conrad Daniel, d. 3-15-1861. Fd: 3-30-1861. Sp: Rebecca Conrad Kauffman. Ch: Daniel J Conrad.
    Conrad Elias, Fd: 6-25-1860. Sp: Lydia Conrad Yoder. Ch: Franklin P Conrad.
    Conrad Esther, d. 11-21-1915. Fd: 11-29-1915. Ch: Charles, Halleck Conrad, Clara Hubbard, Mary E Frye, Idress Voris.
    Conrad George W, d. 11-22-1888. Fd: 12-8-1888. Sp: Esther. Ch: Eva, Idress, Thomas H, Charley, Alva Conrad, Clara Hubbard.
    Conrad Jacob, d. 7-10-1899. Fd: 4-27-1900. Sp: Sarah. Ch: Susan E, John S, George W, Huston Conrad, Emma J Thompson, Lottie Stienbarger. Gc: Lendla, Eleanor McHenry.
    Conrad Sarah, d. 1-30-1903. Fd: 2-27-1903. Sp: Jacob. Ch: John S, George W, Huston, Susan E Conrad, Emily J Thompson. Gc: Elmer, Lendla McHenry, Lovina Coburn, Richard, Ada L Cullison, Emily V Fluky, Sarah E Hulbert.
    Cook Bert D, d. 9-18-1925. Fd: 9-30-1925. Sp: Leona M. Ch: Donald E Cook, Edna E Knepper.
    Cook D, d. 1-1898. Fd: 9-9-1909.
    Cook Delilah, d. 12-14-1883. Fd: 12-28-1883. Ch: Noah, Andrew Cook, Mary Ripperton, Eliza Newman, Nancy Hamilton, Lovina McWhorter. Gc: Eliza, Mary E, Alexander, Sarah, Douglas, George Hamilton, Alvantta McWhorter.
    Cook Eleanor, d. 6-8-1882. Fd: 6-13-1882.
    Cook James, d. 3-19-1862. Fd: 11-27-1862. Sp: Delilah.
    Cook James M, d. 7-11-1877. Fd: 12-22-1877. Sp: Matilda.
    Cook Ola, d. 9-1-1919. Fd: 10-14-1919. Sp: William E.
    Cook Zachary T, d. 5-12-1926. Fd: 5-25-1926. Ch: Eva M Cook.
    Cookingham Mary C, d. 8-26-1917. Fd: 8-31-1917. Ch: Effie A Amos, Myrtie E Hole.
    Coon Francis A, d. 10-28-1873. Fd: 1-9-1907. Bro: Washington A, William Coon. Sis: Cordelia Daymude. Nep: Harry S Coon.
    Cooper Daniel, Fd: 8-8-1893. Sp: Sarah C.
    Cooper George W, d. 1-15-1921. Fd: 1-28-1921. Bro: Chauncy, Monroe Cooper. Sis: Arvilla Woodman. Nep: Lewis, Nentford Hewitt. Cousin: Hattie Feek.
    Cooper Israel, d. 2-17-1881. Fd: 4-1-1881. Ch: John C, Susan, Isaac Cooper, Elizabeth Clingerman, Julia Boomershine, Mary Brumbaugh, Maria Kiser. Gc: John H, Perry I, Elizabeth A, Susan I, Justina Brumbaugh, Sarah A, Alonzo, Susan Kiser.
    Cooper John C, d. 2-28-1916. Fd: 3-17-1916. Ch: Laura D Hartsock.
    Cooper William, d. 5-15-1890. Fd: 5-22-1890. Sp: Louisa. Bro: Lewis, James Cooper. 1st Sp: Phebe J. Devise: Hallie M, George Sowers.
    Coosard Rachel J, d. 1-11-1918. Fd: 3-26-1918. Bro: Joseph L, Millard P Newman. Hr: Herbert F, Verne J, Grossie J, Millard P Newman Jr.
    Coosard Samuel, d. 11-2-1898. Fd: 11-15-1898. Sp: Rachel J.
    Copeland Abraham J, d. 5-27-1923. Fd: 6-15-1923. Bro: William W Copeland.
    Copeland Martha P, d. 1-2-1918. Fd: 1-11-1918. Bro: Abraham J, William W Copeland.
    Coplin Theodore, d. 2-1863. Fd: 4-7-1863. Sp: Lucy.
    Corbin Sarah Ann, d. 3-3-1867. Fd: 3-8-1867. Ch: Maria Corbin. Bro: Stanfill Corbin. Sis: Elizabeth Holcomb. Hr: Martha E, Martin, Mary Jane, Edwin, Lodicia Harris.
    Corbin Stanfill, d. 6-17-1898. Fd: 7-5-1898. Sp: Harriet.
    Coriell Andrew, d. 4-8-1880. Fd: 4-27-1880. Ch: Abner, Thomas C Coriell.
    Cornell Ann E, d. 3-22-1902. Fd: 3-27-1906. Sp: Henry R. Ch: Nettie B Bothwell, Matie C Goodspeed. Legacy: Harry, Lee, Mamie Brothwell, Cloe, Ora Wonder, Byron Sweetland, Kenneth Goodspeed, Jennie Taggart.
    Correll Franklin, d. 4-19-1926. Fd: 3-18-1927. Sp: Matilda, Ch: Elsie Luts, Homer, Oscar Correll, Lorene Decker, Anna Smith, Lora Black, Blanche Hurtle, Estella Miller.
    Cory Aaron E, d. 2-2-1914. Fd: 4-1-1914. Sp: Mary I. Ch: Angie P Resse, Kitty Metzger, Jennie E Baker, Homer M Stanley, Joseph H Cory.
    Cosper Charles J, d. 11-19-1903. Fd: 11-30-1903. Mo: Emaline K Cosper. Bro: Schuyler Cosper. Sis: May C Hitchcock.
    Cosper Emeline, d. 4-22-1914. Fd: 5-14-1914. Ch: Schuyler Cosper.
    Cosper Jesse, Fd; 24-28-1928. Sp: Pearl.
    Cosper Schuyler, d. 12-11-1914. Fd: 1-5-1915. Sp: Clara C. Ch: Mary Cosper.
    Cottet Andrew, d. 4-5-1874. Fd: 5-6-1874. Sp: Julia. Ch: Josephine, Julie, Celia Cottet. 1st Sp Ch: Mary T, Annie E Cottet.
    Cottet Julia, d. 3-11-1881. Fd: 4-8-1881. Ch: Josephine, Julie, Celia Cottet.
    Couts Emma, d. 8-13-1915. Fd: 8-26-1915. Ch: Fred, Frank, Charley, James, Arthur, Earl Couts, Iva Clark, Sadie S Ramer.
    Couts Joseph, d. 3-5-1874. Fd: 4-9-1874. Sp: Hannah. Ch: Margaret Highs, Joseph, Jacob, Joshua, Daniel Couts.
    Coverstone Samuel E, Fd: 4-25-1924. Sp: Reuah J. Ch: Eldora, Lena, Grace, John, Betty A Coverstone.
    Cowan John, d. 6-23-1918. Fd: 6-26-1918. Legatee: George Kurtz, John Woolf.
    Cowley Buel W, d. 4-28-1923. Fd: 5-29-1923. Sp: Ulelah M.
    Cowley Ulelah M, d. 12-31-1924. Fd: 1-8-1924. Sp: Buel W. Ch: Arthur E Reed.
    Cox David, Fd: 3-20-1873. Sp: Unnamed.
    Cox Joseph S, d. 6-1876. Fd: 6-30-1876. Sp: Elizabeth C.
    Coy Cintha, d. 11-13-1915. Fd: 1-12-1916. Sp: Irvin. Ch: Sherman, Roy, Ernest Coy.
    Coyner Albert Grant, d. 9-4-1915. Fd: 9-17-1915. Hr: Ennis M, Frank B, Samuel A, Harriet Benefill, Phoebe F Virgin.
    Crabb Charles A, d. 1-6-1924. Fd: 1-17-1924. Sp: Mary A. Ch: Irene Tammer, Lola, Lucille, Dorothy Crabb.
    Craft Lillie, Fd: 6-7-1916. Sp: George.
    Craig Herbert C, d. 10-1894. Fd: 10-9-1895. Mo: Margaret Craig King. Sis: Daisy N Craig.
    Cramer Conrad, d. 7-18-1878. Fd: 11-11-1878. Sp: Lydia.
    Cramer Harrison, d. 3-6-1921. Fd: 4-18-1921. Sp: Lovina. Ch: Addie, Joseph, Leotis, John Cramer, Lottie Haag, Orpha Gump. Gc: Hazel Cramer.
    Cramer Hiram, Fd: 2-12-1866. Ch: Linda V Cramer.
    Cramer John, d. 5-22-1878. Fd: 7-27-1878. Sp: Susannah. Ch: Josiah, William L, Martha J Cramer, Rebecca Galloway, Susanna Bause.
    Cramer Lovina, d. 4-9-1925. Fd: 4-18-1925. Ch: Addie, Joseph, Loetis, Orpha Gump. Gc: Hazel, Paris, Frank Cramer, Disa Mueller, Bernice Tucker, Guy Haag, Helen Foote, Bessie Shellenberger.
    Cramer Susannah, d. 2-3-1885. Fd: 3-16-1885. Ch: Josiah, William L Cramer, Susannah Bause, Martha J Miller.
    Cramer William L, d. 2-18-1920. Fd: 3-8-1920. Bro: Josiah Cramer. Sis: Susanna Bause, Rebecca Galloway.
    Crance Carl W, d. 7-26-1925. Fd: 8-1-1925. Sp: Florine P.
    Crandall Charles, Fd: 4-29-1919. Sp: Della J. Ch: Ethel Pollock. Gc: Carlyle, Burlin Pollock.
    Craven Aaron, d. 7-9-1914. Fd: 7-14-1914. Nep: Albert W, Elias E Craven.
    Craven Adaline, d. 6-15-1913. Fd: 8-2-1913. Ch: William L, Harrison, Frank, Thomas E Craven, Mary Haines. Gc: Walter Ealey, Iona Allabach, Mary Perry, Alice Wagner, Agnes Wren, Orvilla Cole, Ada Bollard.
    Craven Leonard, Fd: 1-9-1865. Legatee: Elizabeth Ellenwood.
    Crawford Delilah, d. 4-16-1900. Fd: 5-7-1900. Ch: Elmer Crawford, Rye Hoshaw, Mary Ridenouer.
    Crawford Mary A, d. 8-2-1886. Fd: 12-2-1886. Sp: Peter L. Ch: 4.
    Crawford Peter L, d. 2-15-1904. Fd: 4-6-1904. Sp: Francelia. Ch: Charles C, John E, Seigal E, Harold E Crawford, Minnie C Grummel.
    Crawford Thomas, d. 4-17-1886. Fd: 5-3-1886. Sp: Delilah. Ch: Elmer, Rye Hoshaw, Catharine Chiddister.
    Creigh David M, d. 5-12-1869. Fd: 6-9-1869. Sp: Barbara.
    Cress John, Fd: 1-9-1913. Sp: Ellen J.
    Cress Samuel, d. 7-5-1863. Fd: 7-1-1863. Ch: Lydia C Headley, Jane E Lane, Harriet R Campbell, Mary E Earnheart, Henry D, John W, Sylvester, Charlotte Cress.
    Cress Theresa, d. 4-28-1917. Fd: 6-1-1917. Ch: Wallace L, Charles R, Alva A, Orris B, Herman Cress, Lela M Deardorff, Bessie P Todd.
    Crispell Sarah, d. 5-26-1902. Fd: 1-12-1903. Sis: Catharine F Foote, Bro: William Crispell. Hr: Scott, John Lee, Allie, Anthony Tague, William B, Sydney O, Albinus N, Anthony C Kimmell.
    Crispell William, d. 4-25-1917. Fd: 5-4-1917. Sis: Mariah Lee, Leah Kimmell. Hr: Sarah M, George L Foote, William B, Sydney O, Albinus N Kimmell, Allie Tague, John C, Loomis O, Herbert G Lee.
    Crofoot James E, d. 3-7-1923. Fd: 5-29-1923. Sis: Lucy L Crofoot, Laura Rosenbury, Helen V Sargood.
    Crone John, d. 12-11-1898. Fd: 12-20-1898. Sp: Catharine. Ch: John, William H Crone, Barbara Rawson, Laura Tyler, Amy Stultz, Blanche Blackman, Elizabeth Jones. Hr: Josie Teal.
    Crone John S, d. 2-19-1926. Fd: 2-27-1926. Sp: Ellen M. Ch: Frank L Crone.
    Crow Elijah J, d. 11-4-1925. Fd: 11-11-1925. Sp: Clara J. Ch: Frank Crow.
    Crow Janet, d. 5-8-1920. Fd: 5-25-1920. Ch: Jacob E, William N Crow, Jennie Klick, Sadie Sloan. Gc: Janet Sloan.
    Crothers Isaac, d. 12-7-1917. Fd: 12-13-1917. Ch: Faye Augustine, Freda Jackson, Harold, Evelyn Crothers.
    Crume Levi, d. 2-14-1920. Fd: 3-8-1920. Ch: Inez Faux, Mable Goble.
    Cullars David A, Fd: 5-1-1914. Sp: Mary J.
    Cullers John, d. 12-25-1876. Fd: 1-4-1877. Sp: Jane.
    Cummings Alfred, 9-16-1862. Fd: 6-5-1863. Sp: Joanna S.
    Cummings Ann, Fd: 6-2-1863. Bro: Thomas, Charles B, Simpson Cummings. Sis: Martha Williams, Mary J Beavers. Hr: James, Alexander, William McConnell, Mary A, Jane, Frances E, William Spencer, Rachel, John, Thomas Cummings, Polly Cox, Simpson, Hamilton, Nathaniel Cummings.
    Cummings Emanuel, d. 12-26-1887. Fd: 2-25-1888. Sp: Susanna E. Ch: Martena A Leathers, Rebecca J Hart, Malissa A Null, Irene, Rachael M, William J Cummings.
    Cummings Joseph, d. 12-14-1867. Fd: 1-17-1868. Sp: Margaret A. Legatee: A M, Oliver H, Benjamin F Cummings, Angeline C Thornton, Lois S, W W, H C Burns, Almira Broughton.
    Cuney John Peter, d. 10-6-1898. Fd: 9-6-1898. Ch: Mary V Pechin, Josephine Damason, Thomas W, Lewis E, Peter F, John, Joseph Cuney, Angeline Huff, Mary Ann Countess.
    Cunningham Henry C, d. 10-25-1914. Fd: 11-17-1914. Sp: Mary E.
    Cunningham James, d. 7-18-1891. Fd: 1-29-1891. Sp: Martha.
    Cunningham Morrison, d. 8-17-1911. Fd: 8-29-1911. Ch: John A Cunningham.
    Cushing Julia, d. 12-7-1917. Fd: 3-22 1918. Ch: Charles L, Guy M Cushing. Gc: Horace, Harry, Vetura Cushing, Cora Drenning, Blanche Shellenbarger.
    Cussen John, d. 12-28-1922. Fd: 1-23-1923. Legatee: Cordelia Swogger.
    Cutshaw Charles, d. 10-15-1910. Fd: 11-16-1910. Sp: Emma.
    Cutshaw Thomas J, Transfered 2-17-1879.
    Damand Anna Catherine, d. 2-14-1871. Fd: 3-6-1871. Hr: Henry, William Damand.
    Damand Mary Ann, d. 1-17-1922. Fd: 4-20-1922. Ch: Dottie Mary Ann Damand.
    Damand John Henry, d. 8-26-1883. Fd: 9-21-1883. Sp: Mary Ann. Ch: William H, Mary Ann Damand.
    Dammann John, d. 2-2-1993. Fd: 2-10-1993. Bro Henry, N August Dammann. Sis: Catharine Negel.
    Damy David E, d. 8-31-1912. Fd: 9-12-1912. Sp: Mary J. Ch: Samuel Fremont, Frank E, John S Damey, Clara L Price, Hattie Seba Growcock, Jennie M Miller, Ada Belle Blake, Minnie M Crothers, Sarah A Vance. Gc: Alta Miller, Lula Wiard, Eva, Alva Vance.
    Daniels Ebenezer, Fd: 6-20-1862. Sp: Laura. Bro: Daniel R, Lemuel A Daniels. Nep: Wayland E, Archibald, Augustus Daniels.
    Daniels Emily, d. 5-15-1915. Fd: 10-30-1915. Devise: Dr. N J Shook, Ethel McGahen. Bequest: Harry Sayre.
    Daniels Wayland E, Fd: 7-19-1904. Sp: Samantha M.
    Darrow Frank J, d. 9-6-1925. Fd: 9-12-1925. Sis: Grace McDermott, Marry Darrow. Bro: Eugene A Darrow. Nep: Charles, Eugene E, Glancy, Gay Darrow.
    Davault Elisha, d. 7-17-1899. Fd: 8-10-1899. Sp: Margaret. Ch: Thomas J Davault, Elizabeth Michael.
    Davault Jahue, Fd: 1-31-1907. Sp: Noama. Ch: Melvin, Ilah Davault. Fa: Elisha Davault.
    Davidson Andrew, Fd: 8-28-1900. Sp: Marietta.
    Davies Ada, d. 4-9-1919. Fd: 4-19-1919. Ch: Julia Rowlee, Celia Helmer.
    Davies Alfred, d. 9-17-1918. Fd: 8-6-1919. Sp: Ada. Ch: Emory, Clarence Davies, Celia Helmer.
    Davis Eli C, Fd: 11-13-1898. Hr: Esther S Davis.
    Davis Elizabeth, Fd: 4-12-1866. Hr: Eve H Richards.
    Davis Esther S, d. 6-27-1899. Fd: 6-30-1899. Devise: Zella Davis, Edna Brackney. Nie: Mina Fogle, Hr: Elza, Addie, Leda, Burlin, Cerel Fogle. Bro: Morris Hill.
    Davis Francis R, d. 7-13-1879. Fd: 5-6-1879. Sp: Lavina. Ch: Thomas R Davis.
    Davis Freeman, d. 2-27-1902. Fd: 5-13-1902. Legacy: Almina Weeks.
    Davis James A, Fd: 4-11-1865. Sp: Delila. Ch: Emerillis Davis.
    Davis John, d. 5-4-1876. Fd: 5-24-1876. Sp: Eliza.
    Davis Lavina, d. 8-1-1909. Fd: 4-2-1910.
    Davis Owen, d. 12-23-1888. Fd: 1-2-1889. Sp: Lucina. Ch: Buel, Nellie Davis.
    Davis William, d. 4-11-1889. Fd: 7-1-1889. Sp: Esther S. Hr: Eli C Rider Davis.
    Davison Jeremiah, d. 1-24-1884. Fd: 3-17-1884. Mo: Elizabeth Iddings. Sis: Barbara Fryfogle, Sarah Zahnter. Bro: Henry, John, William Davison.
    Dawson Arthur, d. 4-20-1883. Fd: 5-2-1883. Legatee: William S, Louis C, Joseph F, John B, Jane Hunter, Martha Ranney, Alfred Davis, George Lampkins, May A, Mary Jane Jones, Mary J Greenwell, Nancy E Fitch.
    Dawson Jonathan, d. 4-7-1890. Fd: 5-3-1890. Sp: Mary C. Ch: Charles E Dawson.
    Deardorff Bert DeRoy, d. 10-22-1922. Fd: 2-28-1923. Sp: Anna. Ch: Claude E Deardorff.
    Deardorff Jonathan, Fd: 10-24-1885. Sp: Rachel.
    DeBolt Reason J, d. 4-28-1915. Fd: 5-25-1915. Ch: Leona Chapman, Cora A Waldron, Frank H DeBolt, Nellie A Crabill, Minnie E Gibson.
    DeBrular Ellsworth L, d. 10-1-1926. Fd: 11-17-1928. Sp: Nellie N. Ch: Joseph, Don, James, Paul, Thomas DeBrular.
    DeBrular Mary, d. 8-1-1914. Fd: 9-2-1914. Ch: John Charles T, Edward, Elsworth, William, Tim DeBrular, Iona Badman, Lizzie Stage. Gc: Velma Poppenfoose, Piercy Cole, Edith Sensibaugh.
    DeCamp John, d. 10-12-1867. Fd: 12-16-1867. Sp: Deborah. Ch: Samuel M, Simeon S, Moses DeCamp, Debbie Laycox, Ann Squier, Amanda Gordon.
    DeCamp Sarah, d. 3-30-1910. Fd: 4-16-1910. Sp: William L. Ch: Ollie Bushong, Alverdia Stroup, William Ervin DeCamp.
    Decker David, Fd: 7-20-1863. Sp: Helen.
    Decker Isaac B, d. 9-11-1907. Fd: 10-22-1907. Ch: A B, Frank L, Hannibal H Decker.
    Decker Jeremiah, d. 2-19-1868. Fd: 3-21-1868. Sp: Elizabeth.
    Decker Jonas, Fd: 12-4-1893. Sp: Helen M.
    Deerwester Luvina, Fd: 6-2-1927. Ch: Carlie W, Wesley R, John Deerwester, Lillie D Houser, Ella Stockton. Gc: Hazel, Ora, Curtis, Faye, Pauline R, Gilbert T, Garnet J Deerwester.
    Deeter Emanuel, Fd: 1-31-1866.
    Deibele John, d. 2-11-1914. Fd: 2-17-1914. Sp: Rosa. Ch: August, Ervin A Deibele, Emma Amelia Lieberenz, Lydia F Holsinger, Emma May Galloway, Edith R Baughman, Kathrina Hill.
    Deibele Rosa, d. 10-7-1923. Fd: 11-12-1923. Ch: Ervin A Deibele, Edith R Baughman, Emma M Galloway, Lydia F Holsinger.
    DeLoss Newton, d. 9-15-1868. Fd: 9-24-1868. Sp: Carrie.
    Denlar Albert J, d. 4-10-1888. Fd: 4-13-1888. Sp: Alice F Denlar Mann. Ch: Meloris E, Fred, Leona, Catherine Denlar.
    Dennis Hattie B, d. 6-6-1927. Fd: 11-29-1927. Sp: Frank B.
    Denny DeWitt C, Fd: 3-8-1876. Hr: Eliza M, Mary L Galbreath, Lizzie, LaFayette Denny, Honor Strait, Luski Bordner, Cable, Rosana Clark.
    Denny James, d. 7-30-1913. Fd: 10-4-1913. Sp: Julia A. Ch: Watts P, James O Denny. Gc: Helen Denny.
    Denny John N, d. 3-28-1908. Fd: 4-6-1908. Sp: Martha J. Ch: Madalena M Denny.
    Denny Lafayette, Fd: 9-1-1868. Sp: Frances.
    Denny William, Fd: 12-5-1872. Sp: Mary, no ch. 1st Sp Ch: Rosanna Clark, DeWitt C, William I, Lafayette Denny, Mary, Eliza Galbreath. Gc: Elizabeth Denny.
    DePew David, d. 9-30-1889. Fd: 10-24-1889. Sp: Olive. Ch: David A, Edward G, Isaiah, Samuel DePew.
    DePew Ezra W, d. 6-17-1911. Fd: 1-21-1913. Sp: Hattie. Ch: Nora Strickland, Flora Williams, Clarence E, Evarts V, Heber B, Hutoka W DePew. Gc: Zora Fry, Charles J, Cuba M Williams.
    DePew William W, d. 4-27-1894. Fd: 1-8-1896. Sp: Elizabeth J.
    Derbyshire James H, d. 10-14-1921. Fd: 1-25-1923. Sp: Matilda.
    Derbyshire Matilda, d. 6-30-1926. Fd: 7-3-1926. Bro: Joel Albright, Sis: Clarissa Lovett. Nep: William, Sherman G, J Barton, Charles, Nelson, S Crawford Wise, Harry W Stees, Norman R, W Cloyd, Cecil E Snyder, Glenn A, Harry D Bryner, Dalton, Lloyd Albright, Charles Sturgis. Nie: Mary Wise, May L Michel, E Helen
Moor, Lucinda W Ross, Mary Bell, Junie M Bryner, Elva A Truax, Nelie Kimmel, Lillie Schweitzer.
    Detering August, d. 9-2-1885. Fd: 11-2-1885. Ch: William F, George, Louis, Gustave, Amelia, Julia Detering. 

Deubener Julia A, d. 12-19-1922. Fd: 12-21-1922. Friend: Mary Hulbert. Bro: Alfred Fisher, Sister-in-law: Minnie Fisher. Sis: Agnes Roop, Myra Ackerman. Nie: Anna, Mabel Deubener.
    Deuerling Emma A, d. 5-10-1920. Fd: 7-13-1920. Ch: George A Deuerling, Carrie D Bridenthal. Gc: Georgiana Deuerling, Robert Bridenthal.
    Deuerling Joseph J, d. 8-31-1901. Fd: 9-19-1901. Sp: Emma A. Ch: Carrie E, George A Deuerling. Legacy: Georgia A, Jennie Deuerling, Carrie Graves.
    Deuitch John C Jr, d. 11-23-1905. Fd: 12-22-1905. Fa: John Deuitch Sr. Mo: Anna Deuitch. Sis: Emma L Deuitch, Lena M Carrick. Bro: Joseph L, Henry A Deuitch.
    Deuschle Gottlieb, d. 7-2-1896. Fd: 7-10-1896. Sp: Elizabeth. Ch: Mary A Steckley, Eliza Shaffer, Malinda Bucher, Amelia Day, Treva Deuschle.
    Devenbaugh Samuel W, d. 4-21-1898. Fd: 10-4-1898. Sp: Julia. 1st Sp Ch: Edna Ramer, Mary Hetrick, Emma Couts.
    Devoe Jesse, d. 3-7-1915. Fd: 3-17-1915. Sp: Dorliska. Ch: Seymour M, Claude C Devoe.
    DeWitt Clinton, d. 10-24-1867. Fd: 5-12-1867. Ch: Louisa H Irish, William T, Eunice I Baughman.
    Dice Eli, d. 1-30-1874. Fd: 1-30-1874. Sp: Marinda. Ch: Chauncey B, Walter Dice, Emily Caskey.
    Dice Marinda V, d. 5-1-1898. Fd: 9-2-1898.
    Dicke Peter, Fd: 4-20-1859.
    Dicken Silas S, d. 2-3-1907. Fd: 11-8-1909. Sp: Mary R. Ch: Perry Dicken, Louie A Foster.
    Dickey Immanuel, d. 1-10-1920. Fd: 1-19-1920. 2nd Sp: May. Ch: Ernest O, Thelma V, Owen O, Adrian, Theodore R, Kenneth A Dickey, Bonnie L Buckles.
    Diehm John Christopher, d. 12-7-1869. Fd: 1-1-1870. Sp: Christina. Lacey: Catharine Weimer, Joseph, Abline Miller, Peter, Sarah Diehm, George Hess, Thomas Bauman.
    Diehm John Michael, d. 12-17-1861. Fd: 1-11-1862. Sp: Sarah. Ch: Anna C Shafer, Mary L, John W, George M, Christian, John M, Samuel A, Susan C Diehm.
    Diehm Sarah, 7-14-1880. Fd: 9-20-1880. Ch: John M, Samuel A, Susan, Mary, George, Christian Diehm, Anna C Shaffer.
    Diggins George W, Fd: 12-31-1869. Sp: Ellen.
    Diggins Harmon A, d. 7-19-1883. Fd: 7-26-1883. Sp: Eliza.
    Diggins William M, d. 8-26-1923. Fd: 9-10-1923. Sp: Tillie M. Ch: Frank C, Harold H Diggins.
    Diley Edward, Fd: 7-30-1904. Sp: Mary. Ch: William, Wallace Diley. Legacy: Roy E, Clarence E Davis, Ethel Stoler, Edward, Gladys, Fern, Moses Diley, Mary Alvord, Lottie Decker, Iva E Stage Beidler, Myrtie Davis Pickney, Theresa Stage Flickinger, Maud Shrull, Bessie Chalk, Vera Stage Disney.
    Dilley James A, d. 3-28-1904. Fd: 4-5-1904. Hr: Iva Beidler, Vera Disney, Roy, Clarence E Davis, William B, Wallace Dilly, Mary Alvord, Bessie Chalk, Lottie M Decker, Maud E Shrull, Theresa N Flickinger, Myrtle Pickney.
    Dill Edward, d. 8-6-1904. Fd: 10-20-1904.
    Dillon Harrison, d. 11-12-1910. Fd: 8-2-1913. Sp: Christena. Ch: Esta Dillon.
    Dillon Ira, d. 10-7-1922. Fd: 10-11-1922. Sp: Lucy M. Ch: Dallas B Dillon.
    Dillon John Q A, d. 11-10-1878. Fd: 11-26-1878. Sp: Louisa.
    Dillon Rebecca, d. 3-28-1900. Fd: 4-18-1900. Hr: Madison, Harrison, William C, Polly, Louie, John W, Charles E Dillon, Martha Hice, Ch of Jackson Dillon, Harriet Richards, John W, Charles E, Samuel Dillon.
    Dingman Adam, d. 11-2-1876. Fd: 11-15-1876. Sp: Mary. Ch: Martin, James K, John, Thomas, Emma, Dora Dingman, Harriet F Miller, Elizabeth Wilson.
    Dingman Mary, d. 2-1880. Fd: 4-3-1880. Sp: Adam. Ch: Martin, James K, John, Thomas, Emma, Dora Dingman, Harriet F Miller, Elizabeth Wilson.
    Ditmars Henry, d. 2-19-1880. Fd: 3-27-1880. Sp: Catharine. Hr: S C Yarian, Celia, Elmer, Edwin, Henry A, Emmet Ditmars, Lizzie Whitford.
    Dixon William, d. 1-9-1881. Fd: 1-18-1881. Sp: Susannah.
    Dobbins James, d. 12-30-1885. Fd: 1-19-1886. Sp: Ruth. Ch: Charles A, James H, Sarah J Dobbins, Emma C Surfus, Laura M Hoskins.
    Dodge Eusebius J, d. 1-15-1900. Fd: 2-5-1900. Sp: Emma E. Ch: Viola Dodge.
    Dodge Newton H, d. 10-4-1876. Fd: 2-28-1877. Sp: Mary Ann.
    Dodsworth George, d. 3-29-1893. Fd: 4-4-1893. Sp: Fanny.
    Dodsworth William A, d. 6-29-1916. Fd: 7-10-1916. Sp: Lulu. Mo: Mary Dodsworth.
    Doescher Elbe Henning, d. 9-5-1889. Fd: 10-21-1889. Hr: S D Krenning, H W R Krenning.
    Dolan Mary J, d. 10-29-1913. Fd: 11-4-1913. Ch: John E, Albert J Dolan, Della J Crandall, Sylvia P Adair.
    Dolan Michael, d. 4-26-1924. Fd: 5-15-1924. Ch: Peter, Frank, Russell, Harry Dolan, Carrie Macklin, Rachel Hart. Nie: Lois Wiley. Nep: Wallace, Harry, Louis Dolan.
    Dolan Patrick, d. 11-14-1900. Fd: 12-6-1900. Sp: Priscilla. Ch: Lillian L Saltzgaber, Mary E Dolan, Inez E Parrott, Rosa V McMeans, Lucy P Miller, Patrick H Dolan.
    Dolan Priscilla, d. 6-11-1919. Fd: 6-16-1919. Ch: Mary, Henry Dolan, Inez Parrott, Lillian Saltzgaber, Rosa V Nicodemus, Lucy Miller.
    Domenico Vinditt, d. 9-16-1892. Fd: 10-25-1892.
    Donnenberg Barnhart, d. 9-6-1888. Fd: 9-27-1888. Ch: Joseph Donnenberg, Hannah Fermuth.
    Dosch John C, d. 3-26-1921. Fd: 4-11-1921. Sis: Mary Judith, Maggie Liebhart, Elizabeth Hardy. Bro: Harry Dosch. Nie: Annie Judith, George Kopf, Gertrude Camp. Nep: Charles Camp.
    Dosch John P, Fd: 6-4-1871. Sp: Mary Ann. Ch: Mary Schneider, Mrs. Frank Ueber. Legacy: Mary & John M Dosch.
    Doyle Elizabeth, 11-8-1887. Fd: 5-29-1888. Hr: Mary J, Henry F, David R Free, Ellner E Fretenberg, Florence Wakeman, Malissa A Dragoo. Sis: Jane Barns. Bro: Robert Moore.
    Draggoo Alpheus, d. 4-18-1871. Fd: 5-16-1871. Sp: Rachael Draggoo Hall.
    Draggoo Rachael, d. 2-23-1912. Fd: 2-28-1912. Ch: Mary Wadsworth, Matilda VanNiman, Julia A Riehm, Peter Draggoo.
    Drain Joseph R, d. 3-6-1917. Fd: 3-23-1917. Sp: Jennie S. 1st Sp Ch: John, Charles E, Joseph E Drain, Isabel R Smith.
    Drake John, d.12-16-1887. Fd: 12-22-1887. Sp: Emelia. Legacy: Newton A, Frank, Rollin W, Oscar N, John, Wallis Drake, Susan Parrish, Harry D, Ralph Hains.
    Drake William H, d. 12-10-1892. Fd: 3-2-1894. Ch: Nathan L Drake.
    Draper Benjamin F, d. 2-15-1891. Fd: 3-17-1891. Sp: Abbie P. Ch: John W Draper. Hr: Frank L, Walter S, Anna E. Charles T Draper.
    Dreibelbis Peter, d. 12-24-1918. Fd: 12-28-1918. Ch: Martha Hiatt, Lulu Snyder, Orian, Alton, Thurlow Dreibelbis.
    Drerup Anthony, d. 5-1882. Fd: 6-20-1882. Ch: Gerhard Drerup, Catharine Blust. Legacy: Bernard, John, Anthony Drerup, Marie Anna Meyer.
    Dressel William, d. 10-22-1875. Fd: 11-6-1875. Sp: Minnie. Ch: Charles W, Wilmina, Anna L, John C, Matilda M, Sylvania M Dressel.
    Duehmig Dominick, d. 6-3-1905. Fd: 6-14-1905. Devise: Julia Deck, Herman J Aderding.
    Dukes Lucinda E, d. 9-16-1906. Fd: 10-26-1906.
    Dukes Thomas S, d. 10-8-1905. Fd: 11-3-1905. Sp: Ruth E. Ch: William R, James A, Melvin, Ward, John W Dukes, Laney E Smith.
    Duley George, d. 1855. Fd: 2-26-1869. Ch: Caroline Bash, Margaret Reed, Lorinda Shell, Nettie Ann Brenninger, Marcia Walker, Eliza Crits, George Duley.
    Dull Alta, Fd: 4-22-1927. Sp: John. Ch: Adrian, Jettie, Arnold, Pauline Dull, Erma Lung.
    Dull Caroline, d. 10-1883. Fd: 11-27-1883. Sp: John. Ch: Andrew F, Daniel F, Sarah, William A, James F Dull, Eva Clark, Lydia Tyler. Gc: Hattie Walker. Hr: Simon P Dull.
    Dunbar Leah, d. 11-11-1906. Fd: 11-12-1906. Legatee: Henry Overly, Blanche Wilhelm, Myrtle Ryff, Henry Cline, Phebe Moore, Minnie Ostrander, Della Swartz, Minnie Zigler, Edith Essenbarger, Harry Null.
    Dunn William B, Fd: 2-23-1888. Sp: Nancy A.
    Dunning Rose E, d. 11-30-1924.Fd: 2-4-1925. Sp: Jesse L. Ch: Mabel L Sinclair.
    Dyer Esther, d. 7-24-1879. Fd: 10-13-1879. Sp; John.
    Dyer Henry F, d. 5-13-1899. Fd: 5-30-1899. Legatee: Charles Holsinger. Ch: Malvina Rice, Rachel Carey, Cyrelia Zigler, Clara M Raber, John Dyer.
    Dysert Silas, 2-29-1864. Fd: 11-24-1868. Sp: Phoebe.

Noble Notes:  If you're longing for the good old days,  try reading your pedigree chart by an oil lamp.