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Noble County tombstone readings were first taken by members of DAR in 1934.  The Noble County Genealogical Society updated readings in the early 1980's.  From 1996 until current year, records are updated each summer, and the most recent readings were obtained in 2013.

About Photos: J R Nash has photographed some of the gravestones and has generously contributed them to this record.  The readable information from the stone is being added to the site as time allows.  A copy of the actual full-sized photo may be obtained by contacting  Permission must be obtained from J R Nash if copies for other than personal use are to be made.  He can be reached at:  In order to access a photograph, click on an underlined name within the cemetery record.  This will reveal the page where the photograph is stored.  The gravestone photo will appear in the top row. (Names have not been linked within the alphabetical listing.)

Previous  readings were included here when unkempt conditions prevented access to the cemeteries and/or deteriorated and broken stones made accurate readings impossible.  Multiple names engraved on one stone are listed individually here for alphabetical sorting purposes.  A 2-digit code is used to identify the larger cemeteries, followed by the section and row number.  Information obtained from burial records (when there is no tombstone) is designated by "bu rec".  Dates in italics were taken from obituary records and may or may not be engraved. * indicates a stone was not located in current research, but prior records were included.

All-county alphabetical listing by individual surname:

A Ba Bl C D E F G Ha
He Ho IJ K L Ma Me NO P
QR Sa Sm St T UV Wa Wi YZ

By Cemetery in reading sequence (with 2-digit code and township):

Allen Chapel AC Wayne Hooper King  HK Swan Oak Park - 1-B  OP Perry Schlotterback Perry
Augusta York Hopewell Ho Swan Oak Park - C-J  OP Perry Shobe Perry
Avilla Av Allen Horsley Wayne Old Wayne Simon Swan
Bethlehem  Be Swan Immaculate Conception  IC Swan Orange  Or Orange Sparta  Sp Sparta
Broadway Washington Immanuel Lutheran  IL Allen Perseverance  Pr Wayne St Gaspar - KS Orange
Buckles Bu Washington Indian Village  IV Sparta Port Mitchell York St Mary's  SM Allen
Christian Chapel CC Noble Kammerer  Ka Wayne Quinn Noble Stewart Washington
Cosperville  Cv Elkhart Kerr Island Orange Rehoboth  Re Jefferson Swan  Sn Swan
County Farm York Krieger Wayne Rice Elkhart Sweet  St Jefferson
Eagle Lake Sparta Lake View  MP,A-E   F-M  Lv Wayne Rose Hill A-E  RH Albion Thorn  Th Washington
Evers Wayne Lake View  N-Q   BuRec   Lv Wayne Rose Hill F-O BuRec RH Albion Valley  Va Sparta
Fulk Fu Swan Lisbon  Li Allen Routsong Orange Weston  We Wayne
Godfrey Sparta Lower Elkhart Sacred Heart  SH Allen Wolf Lake  WL Noble
Gragg Swan Metz  Me Washington Salem  Sa  Perry Wright  Wr York
Gray  Gr Green Mount Pleasant  MP Jefferson Salem  Sl Washington  
Hague Orange Northport Orange Sanford  Sd Noble  Lake View Interment

Township trustees maintain cemeteries which are not governed by church, municipal or cemetery boards.  They are as follows.

Albion Twp: Casey Myers, 1005 E Main St., Albion, 636-6047
Allen Twp: John Huelsenbeck, PO Box 332, Avilla, 897-2472
Elkhart Twp: Sheila Jett, 7452 N 200W, Wawaka, 761-2065
Green Twp: Mel Egolf, 0578 E US 33-57, Churubusco, 693-2867
Jefferson Twp: Mark Fisher, 3476 N Skinner Lake W Dr., Albion, 239-4015
Noble Twp: Ira Schlotterback, 3784 W 300S, Albion, 351-4613
Orange Twp: George Wolfe, PO Box 398, Rome City, 854-2912
Perry Twp: Barbara Donley, PO Box 289, Ligonier, 894-4717
Sparta Twp: Guy Lawrence, PO Box 301, 856-4129
Swan Twp: Jerry Fanger, 10736E 100S, Avilla, 897-9111
Washington Twp: Janelle Burnworth, 1786 S 700W, Kimmell, 799-4938
Wayne Twp: Chris McCoy, 208 Granada Dr., Kendallville, 349-1489
York Twp: Linda Kerlin, 3686 N 500W, Ligonier, 635-2396

Noble Notes: Whoever said "A good memory is fine; but the ability to forget is great,"
never tried to help Grandpa remember where he put his hearing aid.