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Killed in a Runaway
(Grover W. Smith, born 19 Jun 1886, died 20 May 1900)

A fatal runaway accident occurred 2½ miles south-west of Millersburg Sunday evening at 10:30. Grover W. Smith, the 14 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Smith being the victim. Mr. Smith lived with his parents, five miles south-east of town and he with his two older brothers Charles and Frank had been at church at Solomon’s Creek and were returning home when he met his fate.

The trio occupied a single carriage and one of the older boys were driving. After crossing the Bollinger bridge the horse became frightened and made a lunge, upsetting the vehicle and throwing the occupants out. There is a steep embankment at that point and it seems that Grover was thrown with greater force than the other two boys and fell heavily at the bottom of the ditch, striking his head on a stone, killing him almost instantly. He lived about ten minutes.

Charles and Frank escaped with slight injuries and upon regaining their feet they called for Grover but received no response. A search was made and he was found a few feet away unconscious. One of the boys hastened to Millersburg and summoned Dr. Hall, but when he arrived the boy was dead. An examination revealed a fracture of the skull near the temple.

The body was taken home and to say that the boy’s parents were shocked is putting it mildly. Little did they think when their sons left home that afternoon that one of them would be brought home dead. Deceased was a brother of Dr. G. O. Smith, the veterinary surgeon. He was notified of his brother’s death and hastened to render what assistance he could. Another brother resides in the west and he was telegraphed Monday. The accident is a very sad one and the relatives have the sympathy of the entire community.

The funeral services were conducted from the Burr Oak Church yesterday, Rev. Kauffman officiating. A father, mother, one sister and four brothers are left to mourn his demise.

Note:  In error, the above article omitted the name of another older brother living at home; Thomas J. ("TJ") was also living at the Smith home at the time of Grover's death.