Guardianships L-Z
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Guardianships A-K

The listing includes names and dates included in guardianship orders.  The original order may or may not include additional information.

    Lamp Argyle, heir of Elan Lamp, Gdn Peter A Sunday. Filed 17 Mar 1897.

    Lamp Francis, John, Jacob, Elon, Eli, heirs of John Lamp, Gdn Magdalena Lamp. Filed 7 May 1863.  
    Landgraff Vernon, Gdn Clayton Bloom. Filed 13 Feb 1957.  
    Landgraff William, Gdn Clayton Bloom. Filed 22 Aug 1956.  
    Landon Charles M, heir of Martin Landon, Gdn Francis M Stage. Filed 28 Mar 1876.  
    Landon Jarvis L, heir of Jarvis Landon, Gdn Sarah Landon. Filed 18 Oct 1876.  
    Lane Franklin, heir of George H Lane, Gdn Eliza M Thomas. Filed 17 Dec 1898.  
    Lang George E, heir of Edward H Lang, Gdn George G Lang. Filed 23 Apr 1920.  
    Lang William, Donald, heirs of Otto Lang, Gdn Mabel Lang. Filed 11 Jan 1927.  
    Lantz Blossom, Russell, Everett, Gladys, Marguerite, heirs of Norman N Lantz, Gdn Ephraim C Lantz. Filed 12 May 1908.  
    Larimer Bartlett, Gdn Sarah E Larimer. Filed 27 May 1913.  
    Larson Ellen J, Alexander A, heirs of Arthur W Larson, Gdn Harriet C Larson. Filed 24 May 1946.  
    Lash Christine, Gdn Herman D Lash. Filed 19 Jul 1927.  
    Lash Elijah, heir of William Lash, Gdn Alonzo D Whitford. Filed 6 Feb 1865.  
    Lash Arzuba R, heir of Ruby Hyde, Gdn Albert Wilson. Filed 5 Feb 1861.  
    Lash Rosa E, heir of May G Isbell, Gdn Sarah Miser. Filed 11 Dec 1890.  
    Lasho Beartice S, Leona M, Frank F, Edith A, heirs of Paulina M Lasho, Gdn Wallace G Lasho. Filed 26 Oct 1911.  
    Lasho Clarence, heir of William J Lasho, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 22 Jan 1916.  
    Latta Carlyle M, Donald B, heirs of Nellie Latta, Gdn Jennie W Hess. Filed 5 Apr 1920.  
    Latta Charles S, heir of Joseph Latta, Gdn Kizia Latta. Filed 18 Mar 1864.  
    Latta Eugene, heir of Martha Krichbaum, Gdn John F McDevitt lived Madison Co AL. Filed 20 Jan 1873.  
    Lauer Frank J, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 10 Dec 1963.  
    Lavering Nimmons, heir of John G Lavering, Gdn Jesse H Matthews. Filed 24 Sep 1863.  
    Laycox Anna D, Herbert D, heirs of Joseph Laycox Jr, Gdn Debbie Laycox. Filed 19 Feb 1867.  
    Laymiller David, heir of David Bare late of Whitley Co IN, Gdn John Laymiller. Filed 5 Aug 1886.  
    Leatherman Keith S, Melford S, Joseph J, heirs of Blanche V Leatherman, Gdn Everett D Leatherman. Filed 9 Apr 1956.  
    Leatherman Leonard L, Gdn Donald C Leatherman. Filed 31 Jan 1963.  
    Leatherman Luther L Jr, Gdn Luther L Leatherman Sr. Filed 15 Aug 1963.  
    LeCount Grant, Gdn William S LeCount. Filed 4 Oct 1910.  
    Lafevor Delmar, Gdn Paul Lafevor. Filed 20 Sep 1963.  
    Lehman Julius W, Celia M, heirs of William J Lehman late of DeKalb Co IN, Gdn Ricka Lehman. Filed 23 Jan 1913.  
    Leighty Franklin, Eugene, hiers of Marve V Leighty, Gdn Alice W Leighty. Filed 2 Oct 1946.  
    Leighty John J, heir of Jacob Hovarter, Gdn William V Leighty. Filed 4 Aug 1921.  
    Leighty Ronald L, Gdn Franklin L Leighty. Filed 16 Jun 1960.  
    Leins Maude, Gdn Ivor Leins. Filed 3 Dec 1945.  
    Leitch Martin, Donald, Ronald, Robert, heirs of John N Leitch, Gdn Minnie M Leitch. Filed 15 Oct 1941.  
    Leiter Glade, Gdn Clarence Leiter. Filed 16 Dec 1929.  
    Lenegar Mark A, heir of Roger L Lenegar, Gdn Nancy Lenegar. Filed 8 Feb 1960.  
    Leonard Albert & Ida J, Gdn Fred Targgart. Filed 16 Sep 1952.  
    Leon's Incorporated, trustee U C Brouse. Filed 22 Apr 1931.  
    Lewis Bradley C, Gdn Jennie Lewis. Filed 14 Aug 1922.  
    Lewis Lillie, Viva, heirs of Mary C Jerraid, Gdn David B Kuhns. Filed 19 Jan 1915.  
    Lewis Loyal V, Gdn Helen Lewis. Filed 6 Jun 1895.  
    Lieb Martha A, heir of Mae L Dutter, Gdn Wava D Lieb. Filed 19 Jun 1951.  
    Leiberenz Grace W, Gdn Walter Leiberenz. Filed 16 Feb 1959.  
    Liebering Lucetta, Gdn Claude F Smith. Filed 4 Apr 1956.  
    Linn Mary J, Gdn Lawrence J Uhl. Filed 10 Oct 1956.  
    Linse Frank, Executrix Sister M Fidelia. Filed 9 Jnn 1932.  
    Lint Josiah, Henry, Moses, heirs of Daniel Lint, Gdn John Walker. Filed 5 Dec 1863.  
    Lisle Ross, Loretta, Sarah, Eudora, heirs of Christopher C Lisle, Gdn Isaac E Knisely. Filed 13 Nov 1873.
    Lobdell Albery T, Millard F, heirs of Daniel Lobdell, Gdn John W Lobdell. Filed 22 Sep 1866.  
    Lobdell Mary L, heir of Francis A Lobdell, Gdn Lawrence S Helmer. Filed 8 Jun 1953.  
    Lock Charles, Gdn John Singleton. Filed 3 Jan 1938.  
    Lock Jacob E, heir of Elisha Lock, Gdn Luisa Craft. Filed 22 Feb 1876.  
    Lockhart George, Eva, James, heirs of Thomas A Anderson, Gdn James A Anderson. Filed 25 Mar 1882.  
    Loeser Judith E, heir of Milton W Loeser, Gdn Mildred M Loeser. Filed 2 Apr 1951.  
    Loeser Mamie, Hattie, heirs of Jacob Weil late of Allen Co IN, Gdn Carrie Loeser. Filed 10 Nov 1900.  
    Lohman Mary, Gdn Mae S Lohman. Filed 18 Jan 1926.  
    Long Alvaretta, heir of Jeremiah Long, Gdn George W Long. Filed 12 Mar 1885.  
    Long Catherine A, Gdn Wallace M Head. Filed 28 Apr 1947.  
    Long John W, Gdn Albion National Bank. Filed 9 Jan 1943.  
    Long Myrtle, Russell, Stella, heirs of Lucas Bassett, Gdn Charles V Long. Filed 25 Feb 1916.  
    Longenecker Donald, Mary, heirs of Albert R Longenecker, Gdn Agnes Longenecker. Filed 8 Jan 1938.
    Loomis Samuel J, Gdn Archy Campbell. Filed 25 May 1908.  
    Lords Avis I, Alice P, heir of Abraham L Eshelman, trustee James & William Eshelman. Filed 7 Mar 1913.  
    Lossing Emma R, heir of Alfred Lossing, Gdn Fred D Spencer. Filed 7 Aug 1865.  
    Loveall Wilbur, Gdn Delores Zellers. Filed 26 Feb 1957.  
    Lovett John W Jr, life estate of Commodore & Amelia Fisher, Gdn John W Lovett Sr living  Wayne Co MI. Filed 5 Jan 1938.  
    Lovett Lillie M, Gdn Charles Hosler. Filed 13 Feb 1962.  
    Luebker John H, heir of Frederick Luebker, Gdn Henry Dickman. Filed 26 Sep 1876.  
    Luther Irma L, Ruth M, James F, Rosella R, Martha E, heirs of Frank W Luther, Gdn Fred E  Campbell.  Filed 23 Dec 1933.  
    Lybarger Lydia, Gdn Jennie Haller. Filed 14 May 1900.  
    Lyons Laws, Gdn Silas Lyons. Filed 3 Feb 1868.      
    Mack William, Roderick, James, heirs of Ann Mack, Gdn Timothy M Watkins. Filed 1 Jan 1873.  
    Mackle Mary, Joanna, Henry, Ellen, heirs of Frederick Mackle, Gdn Mary C Mackle. Filed 16 Feb 1874.  
    Macomber Marshall, Herbert, Gdn Indiana National Bank Indianapolis IN. Filed 2 Apr 1956.  
    Madden David, heir of Henry Madden, Gdn John Weade. Filed 1 Feb 1871.  
    Madison George, heir of John Madison, Gdn Francis M Godfrey. Filed 28 Mar 1967.  
    Magers Francis, Mary E, heirs of John Magers, Gdn Christina Magers. Filed 20 Feb 1872.  
    Maggart Penny, Michael, heirs of Herbert Maggart, Gdn Betty Maggart. Filed 23 Jul 1951.  
    Magnuson Arthur, heir of Peter Magnuson, Gdn Joseph G Steel. Filed 20 Oct 1905.  
    Magnuson Erma E, heir of Henry Magnuson, Gdn Jesse L Dunning. Filed 8 Aug 1912.  
    Mahnesmith LaVon, heir of Frank Mahnesmith, Gdn Retha Mahnesmith. Filed 20 May 1935.  
    Mallahan Harvey, Lawrence, heirs of Francis P Mallahan, Gdn John H Moree. Filed 31 Mar 1919.  
    Maloney Dorcas M, heir of Etta Maloney, Gdn William C Ott. Filed 3 Mar 1942.  
    Mangan Elizabeth, Gdn John Mangan. Filed 27 Jul 1955.  
    Manier John, Sarah, Emma, Ida, Emanuel, Marietta, heirs of Maria Manier, Gdn Daniel Manier. Filed 1 Feb 1882.  
    Mankey Christian, heir of John Mankey, Gdn Christian W Kinsey. Filed 17 Aug 1878.  
    Mapes Marilyn, Gdn Robert E Bryan. Filed 2 Sep 1958.  
    Mapes Nancy, Robert, Karen, Sally, Dennis, Susan, Lawrence, Doris, Gale, heirs of Lawrence Mapes. Gdn Martha Mapes. Filed 18 Jul 1963.  
    Marker James, heirs of Jonas & Elizabeth Marker, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 1 Jul 1865.  
    Marker John, William, Celestia, Rachel, Jonas, heirs of Matthias Marker, Gdn Reuben Forker. Filed 2 Sep 1867.  
    Marker Mina A, Gdn Woodward Weeks. Filed 17 Apr 1960.  
    Marsh Francis, Andrew, James, Philip, Lydia, heirs of Squire Marsh late of Fulton Co OH, Gdn  Elizabeth E Mawhorter. Filed 28 Apr 1868.  
    Marshall Orta E, legatee of Elizabeath Marshall, Gdn William W Marshall. Filed 29 Dec 1919.  
    Marshall Stella M, Ralph E, Edith, heirs of Leora E Marshall late of Highland Co OH, Gdn Matthew M Marshall. Filed 12 May 1890.  
    Martin Minnie E, Gdn Lillian T Reed. Filed 8 Mar 1929.  
    Martz Edward, Julia, Lillie, Margaret, heirs of Frederick Martz, Gdn Anna M Martz.  
    Martz Urban, heir of Gregory Lash, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings. Filed 22 Mar 1921  
    Masemore Jacob, heir of Benjamin Masemore, Gdn Benjamin Masemore. Filed 6 Jun 1864.  
    Masters Maynard D Faux, heir of Maynard A Faux, Gdn Arthur R Russell. Filed 8 Sep 1947.  
    Matthews Goldie, heir of Oliver P Matthews, Gdn Lydia L Braden. Filed 20 Oct 1894.  
    Mawhorter Joan, Arleen, heirs of Grace S Mawhorter, Gdn Theodore J Spurgeon. Filed 13 Oct 1939.  
    Mawhorter Marilla L, Gdn Frank B McCarty. Filed 1 Mar 1962.  
    Mawhorter Marquis, Joshua, heirs of William Mawhorter, Gdn William H Mawhorter. Filed 22 Jun 1872.
    Mawhorter Martha, Sarah, Lucinda, heirs of Thomas Mawhorter, Gdn William Pierson. Filed 30 Mar 1968.  
    Mawhorter Prudence, Prudy, Andrew, Norman, heirs of James M Mawhorter, Gdn William Stewart. Filed 21 Sep 1867.  
    May Ruby, heir of Minnie May, Gdn Sol May. Filed 25 Nov 1904.  
    Mayo Evelyn D, heir of George Mayo, Gdn Ed H Mayo. Filed 13 May 1937.  
    Mazure Mary, Helen, Theresa, heirs of Valentine Mazure, Gdn Frank Mazure. Filed 27 Apr 1912.  
    McBride Robert, heir of Absolom McBride, Gdn James H Kniss. Filed 26 Sep 1893.  
    McCammon Wilbur, Alice, Martha, Ralph, heirs of William W McCammon, Gdn Jonathan A Hontz. Filed 4 Jan 1907.  
    McCartney Joseph, heir of Lauren E McCartney, Gdn Opal T McCartney. Filed 21 Apr 1931.  
    McClanahan John, heir of Jewel O McClanahan, Gdn Sarah F McClanahan. Filed 4 Dec 1964.  
    McClellan Rosella, Gdn Santford S McClellan Jr. Filed 10 Apr 1957.  
    McClelland Evarilla, James, heirs of Jane McClelland, Gdn William McClelland. Filed 1 May 1876.  
    McCloughin James R, Jack, heirs of Precillia Likes late of LaGrange Co IN, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 8 Jan 1927.  
    McClurg Eliza, Simon, heirs of David McClurg, Gdn Edward Walburn. Filed 3 Aug 1869.  
    McClurg Willie H, heir of Samuel McClurg late of Franklin Co OH, Gdn Lucina Engle. Filed 9 Feb 1884.  
    McClure Belle, Gdn Flora B McClure. Filed 4 Jun 1933.  
    McClure Jacob, Gdn Harry Hiatt. Filed 10 Jan 1933.  
    McClure Jacob S, Gdn Flora B Armstrong. Filed 26 Aug 1944.  
    McClure John M, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 8 Nov 1956.  
    McConnell Jack, heir of Samuel S Diffendafer, Gdn Isaac McConnell. Filed 13 Jun 1939.  
    McConnell William E, Gdn Martha J Denny. Filed 1 May 1922.  
    McConnell William E, Edward E, Carrie E, heirs of DeWitt C McConnell, Gdn Frank P Bothwell. Filed 22 Jun 1885.  
    McCoy Donald, James, Marjorie, heirs of Jesse A McCoy, Gdn Chloe McCoy. Filed 9 Jun 1938.  
    McCoy Iva V, Orpha M, Hazel, Lawrence J, Carl W, Ethel V, heirs of Cyrus Kesling, Gdn John M McCoy. Filed 31 Aug 1915.  
    McCoy James M, Sarah M, Mary E, Isaac T, Luticia C, heirs of Luticia McCoy, Gdn Isaac McCoy. Filed 6 Nov 1866.  
    McCoy Martha, Chancey, heirs of Carrie E McCoy, Gdn William Henry. Filed 18 Mar 1907.  
    McCoy Wilbert, Eva, Alice, heirs of James M McCoy, Gdn Sarah A McCoy. Filed 29 May 1900.  
    McDaniels Amanda, Gdn Dewey K Haney. Filed 25 May 1955.  
    McDaniels Charles, trustee Henry Wolf. Filed 24 May 1941.  
    McDevitt Etta, Charles, Edson, heirs of Reuben McDevitt, Gdn Clara E McDevitt. Filed 28 Oct 1879.  
    McDonald James, John, heirs of Sarah A McDonald, Gdn Melzer McDonald. Filed 14 Oct 1890.  
    McDonald John, Marion, heirs of David H McDonald, Gdn Eliza A Lewis. Filed 20 Jan 1887.  
    McDonald Melzer, Gdn James E McDoanld. Filed 20 Jun 1879.  
    McDowell James H, Gdn Earl K McDowell. Filed 16 Mar 1948.  
    McEachran Nellie, heir of Donald McEachran, Gdn Abram Himes. Filed 26 Feb 1894.  
    McGinley Elizabeth, Samuel A, heirs of Margaret Brouse, Gdn George Rendel. Filed 12 Oct 1 868.  
    McKellan Minnie, heir of Orna McKellan, Gdn George W Hall. Filed 28 Jan 1904.  
    McKenzie Irene, heir of Neil C McKenzie, Gdn Sarah McKenzie. Filed 27 Sep 1859.  
    McLean Leana, heir of George McLean, Gdn Jacob C Zimmerman. Filed 10 Jun 1875.  
    McMahan Blanche, Cliff, heirs of Oliver McMahan, Gdn Nelson Prentiss. Filed 7 Feb 1865.  
    McMahan Tammie, heir of James L McMahan, Gdn Ezekiel L Teagarden. Filed 23 Oct 1889.  
    McMann Permelia, Diania, Spalden, William C, heirs of Cory McMann, Gdn Catherine Winegardner. Filed 1 Mar 1870.  
    McMannamy Clara W, heir of Mary E McMannamy, Gdn Thomas L Bunger. Filed 2 Jan 1898.  
    McMarrel Tracy, Gdn Addie Streb. Filed 26 Mar 1906.  
    McMeans John, Gdnn Claud V Barker. Filed 29 Aug 1939.  
    McMillan Rozella, Gdn Bertha Pepple. Filed 14 May 1917.  
    McMillian Charles H, Gdn James B Kimball. Filed 25 Mar 1895.  
    McNair Martha, heir of Nathaniel McNair, Gdn Margaret McNair. Filed 15 Oct 1867.  
    McNamara Mary, Gdn William V Garstka. Filed 22 Mar 1920.  
    McNutt James, Ferdinand, heirs of Tobias McNutt, Gdn Jacob McNutt. Filed 7 Oct 1861.  
    McWherter Alvaretta, heir of Lovina McWherter, Gdn William H Gerver. Filed 5 Apr 1882.  
    McWherter John, Gdn Eden H Fisher. Filed 1 Feb 1884.  
    McWilliams Helen, Gdn Carlos McWilliams. Filed 1 Mar 1934.  
    McWilliams Walter P, Charles A, heirs of John P McWilliams, Gdn John W Moorhouse. Filed 16 Feb 1892.  
    McWilliams Westley, Albert, Ellen, heirs of William B McWilliams, Gdn Ezekiel Teagarden. Filed 11 Oct 1866.  
    Mead Clarence, heir of Catharine Mead, Gdn Francis P Mead. Filed 2 Nov 1901. Mead Mert, Gdn George Iddings. Filed 26 Mar 1938.  
    Mead Nora, Lloyd, Agatha, heirs of Mary Mead, Gdn Arnold Houriet. Filed 20 Apr 1916.  
    Meibers Walter E, heir of Joseph E Meibers, Gdn Catherine Meibers. Filed 7 Apr 1943.  
    Melvin Kenneth, Vanalton, Bonnie, Donnie, heirs of Vanvactor B Melvin, Gdn Vera Melvin. Filed 15 Nov 1954.  
    Merkling Martin L, James O, heirs of Mary A Merkling, Gdn George S Merkling. Filed 4 May 1884.  
    Merkling Martin L, Gdn James O Merkling. Filed Aug 20 1917.  
    Merkling Rachel, Gdn James Merkling. Filed 8 Jul 1929.  
    Merry Myrtie M, Gdn Mercedes Donat. Filed 31 Dec 1956.  
    Metcalf Charles, heir of Gilbert A Metcalf, Gdn Gilbert Metcalf. Filed 3 Feb 1880.  
    Metz Flora, Calvert, Norval, heir of Jacob Metz, Gdn Mary Metz. Filed 6 Jan 1882.  
    Messimore Minnie A, Gdn Etta Bunger. Filed 2 Oct 1957.  
    Messmore Susannah, Hannah, heirs of Benjamin Messmore, Gdn Jacob Messmore. Filed 23 Mar 1859.  
    Meyer Leonida, heir of Katharina Meyer, Gdn Cora M Meyer. Filed 2 Feb 1912.  
    Meyer Minnie, Gdn Robert Klinkenberg. Filed 14 Mar 1898.  
    Meyer Stella E, James W, Carl E, heirs of Anna L Meyer, Gdn Daniel B Meyer. Filed 27 Oct 1939.  
    Michael Eva, Carl, Pearl, Harry, heirs of Venal DuPius late of St Joseph Co MI, Gdn Clara A Michael. Filed 2 Jul 1907.  
    Mier Durbin F, heir of Solomon Mier, trustee Abraham B Mier. Filed 15 May 1912.  
    Miller Alice, Elizabeth, Rozetta, heirs of Levi Miller, Gdn Joseph Bushong. Filed 3 Nov 1875.  
    Miller Celesta, heir of Joseph Winger, Gdn Jacob T Miller. Filed 5 Dec 1892.  
    Miller Charles, heir of Solomon Miller, Gdn George Growcock. Filed 15 Mar 1881.  
    Miller Clara, Thressa, heirs of Nancy A Miller, Gdn Geroge P Alexander. Filed 14 Jun 1894.  
    Miller Eliza, Gdn Henry Kirkpatrick. Filed 28 Mar 1898.  
    Miller Emma, heir of Henry V Miller, Gdn Annie E Miller. Filed 14 Jul 1888.  
    Miller George, Amanda, heirs of Daniel Dingman, Gdn Lawrence Miller. Filed 30 Mar 1877.  
    Miller George W, Gdn Catharine Miller. Filed 28 May 1901.  
    Miller Harriet, Gdn Byron K Smith. Filed 29 Jan 1951.  
    Miller Harry J, heir of William B Miller, Gdn Victoria Fitch. Filed 18 Nov 1885.  
    Miller Jacob, Gdn John H Eley. Filed 29 Oct 1903.  
    Miller James M, Isabelle, heirs of John Miller, Gdn John J Miller. Filed 5 Feb 1866.  
    Miller Jonathan, heir of Jacob Miller, Gdn Elias Hartzler. Filed 3 Dec 1875.  
    Miller Margaret, Gdn James L Miller. Filed 25 Oct 1920  
    Miller Martha J, Gdn Josiah Cramer. Filed 10 May 1910.  
    Miller Marvin, Milan, heirs of Samuel & Rachel Miller, Gdn Harriet C Miller. Filed 15 Apr 1898.  
    Miller Mary, trustee Jacob Singrey. Filed 1 Dec 1888.  
    Miller Orley, heir of Solomon Miller, Gdn Edson McNutt. Filed 17 Aug 1880.  
    Miller Sarah, Gdn John W Weirick. Filed 23 May 1899.  
    Miller William, Mason, George, heirs of Reuben Miller, Gdn Eliza Miller. Filed 25 Nov 1879.  
    Miller Thomas, Gdn Carl Hardenbrook. Filed 31 Mar 1919.  
    Mills Vern, heir of John Mills, Gdn Martin Spangler. Filed 31 Mar 1917.  
    Minier Anna, Gdn Martin Spangler. Filed 7 Mar 1939.  
    Minnick John J, Gdn Charles C Fraze. Filed 20 May 1863.  
    Minor Eva M, heir of John Minor, Gdn Leander B Eagles. Filed 14 Jun 1878.  
    Minot Mary M, heir of Samuel Minot, Gdn Archibald Crofoot. Filed 7 Jan 1868.  
    Monroe Mary E, heir of Ebenezer Monroe, Gdn Noah Myers. Filed 15 Oct 1963.  
    Moody Joann, Elizabeth, Karen, Sharon, heirs of Etta Moody, Gdn Berniece H Rodman. Filed 1 Sep 1954.  
    Moon Agatha, Perley, heirs of Lucy Moon, Gdn Vincent C Mains. Filed 17 Jan 1884.  
    Moon Cora, Gdn John Singleton. Filed 27 Oct 1931.  
    Moon Lucy, Gdn John Singleton. Filed 2 Nov 1929.  
    Moore Amelia, Rhoda, heirs of Jeremiah Huntsman, Gdn Nellie Mayfield, Filed 29 Sep 1877.  
    Moore Charles, Elisha, Alfred, Nancy, Willard, heirs of William Moore, Gdn Nellie Moore. Filed 29 Sep 1877.  
    Moore Daniel, heir of George Moore, Gdn John Keister. Filed 9 Dec 1873.  
    Moore John, Barbara, heirs of Evan Parker, Gdn William Moore. Filed 1 Dec 1863.  
    Moore Julia, heir of George H Moore, Gdn Nettie O Diffendafer. Filed 4 Jun 1902.  
    Moore Lloyd & Bailey Carol, heirs of Mary A Maggart, Gdn Freeman C Moore. Filed 30 Mar 1935.  
    Moore Mabel M, heir of Edith A Moore, Gdn Nathan B Moore. Filed 1 Mar 1887.  
    Moore Mary E, Gdn Gladys A Veazey. Filed 10 Mar 1939.  
    Moore Opal, Sena, Willard, heirs of Willard S Moore, Gdn Jenny Moore. Filed 22 Jun 1903.  
    Moore Raymond, Opal, Guy, Ruth, heirs of Bessie E Moore, Gdn Charles E Moore. Filed 6 Jun 1923.  
    Moorhouse Kathryn, Edward, John, Joseph, heirs of John J Moorhouse, Gdn Mildred E Bordner. Filed 4 Aug 1955.  
    Moorhouse Rebecca M, Gdn Ellen Moorhouse. Filed 20 May 1930.  
    More Ada L, Gdn Marie Marquiss. Filed 29 Sep 1954.  
    Moree Abigail, Gdn Beulah M Imler. Filed 2 Apr 1956.  
    Morel George, Gdn Heber C Brown. File 4 Oct 1915.  
    Morley Gertie, Edgar, heirs of Horn Morley, Gdn Almira Wright. Filed 29 May 1884.  
    Morr John L, Gdn John A Morr. Filed 19 Jun 1953.  
    Morr Marsha A, heir of John O Morr. Gdn Delores I Marker. Filed 18 Sep 1950.  
    Morrell Adaline, Mahala, heirs of Joseph Morrell late of Green Co MO, Gdn Christopher Hooley. Filed 22 Jun 1874.  
    Morris Dennis A, heir of Anthony Morris Jr, Gdn Roscoe LeCount. Filed 28 Mar 1958.  
    Morris Edward R, heir of Stephen Morris, Gdn Rosey A Morris. Filed 21 May 1868.  
    Morris Jason, Marion, heirs of Jason C Morris, Gdn Mabel Morris. Filed 15 Oct 1930.  
    Morrow Wava, heir of Sarah Morrow, Gdn Frank Shallenbarger. Filed 3 Jun 1916.  
    Mortimer Jennie, heir of Mary A Mortimer, Gdn Matilda J Bartley. Filed 15 Jul 1893.  
    Moser Mary E, heir of Cletus W Moser, Gdn Clara Moser. Filed 8 Aug 1946.  
    Moses Theora, Anna E, heirs of Gideon H Moses, Gdn Margaret Aber Filed 22 Apr 1859.  
    Mountz Omar E, heirs of Myrtle L Mountz, Gdn Mae S Stephens. Filed 11 Dec 1940.  
    Mueller Elizabeth M, E P, E A. Emma C, Frederic K, Enna A, John E, Gertrud V, heirs of Frederick  Mueller, Gdn George A Saxer. Filed 22 May 1866.  
    Mueller Katie, Daniel, George, heirs of William Mueller, Gdn John Koch. Filed 13 May 1890.  
    Muhn Robert A, Gdn Anna M Sellenbarger. Filed 7 Mar 1963.  
    Mullins James A, heir of Roy L Mullins, Gdn Marie Mullins. Filed 10 May 1952.  
    Muncy Heirs of John Muncy, Gdn James A Stewart. Filed 12 Mar 1859.  
    Munk Mandel, Melvin, heirs of Jacob W Munk, Gdn Mary E Munk. Filed 15 May 1912.  
    Murphy Linda, Eugene, heirs of Olive A Harroff, Gdn Floyd & Opal Murphy. Filed 9 Sep 1963.  
    Murphy Oliver N, Gdn Mary S Umbaugh. Filed 15 Dec 1953.  
    Murray Eliza, Gdn William Metz. Filed 11 Jan 1921.  
    Murray Stanley D of Allegheny Co PA, heir of Floyd E Shively, Gdn Charles C Fraze. Filed 17 Aug 1962.  
    Muter Rittie L, heir of Peter Muter, Gdn George W Rendel. Filed 10 Nov 1899.  
    Muter Sarah E, Gdn George W Rendel. Filed 30 May 1898.  
    Myers Albert, Emma A, Arthur, George J, Grace L, heirs of Eliza A Myers, Gdn James Z Gower. Filed 11 Jun 1864.  
    Myers Alvida, Ernest, heirs of Isaac Myers, Gdn Amanda E Cook. Filed 14 Apr 1874.  
    Myers Eva B, Donald, heirs of Horace I Myers, Gdn Alice Myers. Filed 1 Jun 1926.  
    Myers Jessie, Harold R, heirs of Charles O Myers, Gdn George E Milnor. Filed 29 Dec 1910.  
    Myers Lemuel, Gdn Lloyd Myers. Filed 28 Mar 1938.  
    Myers Lydia, Jacob, Noah, William, heirs of Andrew J Myers, Gdn Janette Flowers. Filed 17 Jun 1868.  
    Myers Mary, Sarah Catherine, heirs of John Myers, Gdn Rachel Myers. Filed 1 Nov 1875.  
    Myers Sarah, Gdn Frank Myers. Filed 28 Sep 1920.  
    Myers Virginia, heir of Russell R Myers, Gdn Frank E Myers. Filed 22 Sep 1933.  
    Neal Mary, Sarah, Zilla, Charles, heirs of Maria K Neal, Gdn Samuel Olwine. Filed 19 Oct 1867.  
    Neely Ogie, Gdn Martha Sawyers. Filed 28 Aug 1944.  
    Neff Lottie, Josephine, North H, heirs of North Henry Neff, Gdn Lindsey MaKemsow. Filed 5 Feb 1868.  
    Neff Hattie, heir of North Henry Neff, Gdn George M Shade. Filed 7 Dec 1869.  
    Neill Lowell, Ruth A, heirs of Joseph F Neill, Gdn Jacob Busz. Filed 21 Jun 1916.  
    Nelson Ollie, Gdn William L Bowen. Filed 21 Oct 1919.  
    Nesbitt Catherine, Charles, Lydia, Lena, heirs of Elizabeth Nesbitt, Gdn James H Nesbitt. Filed 29 Apr 1874.  
    Nesbitt Harold, Melvin, heirs of Claude F Nesbitt, Gdn Samuel H Nesbitt. Filed 22 Jul 1942.  
    Newhouse Harriet, Harvey, heirs of David K Newhouse, Gdn Hiram Stott. Filed 30 Jan 1868.  
    Newlin Elijah W, Gdn Ray D Irwin. Filed 4 Nov 1927.  
    Newman Francis A, heir of Francis A Newman, Gdn John C Cochman. Filed 5 Jun 1868.  
    Newman Harold, Gdn Marie Newman. Filed 27 Mar 1937.  
    Newman Joseph, Millard, heirs of Daniel Newman, Gdn Francis A Newman. Filed 6 Feb 1865.  
    Newman Margaret, heir of Francis A Newman, Gdn Levi Eshelman. Filed 5 Jun 1868.  
    Newsome Betty J, heir of Walter Newsome, Gdn Campbell & Fetter Bank. Filed 13 Sep 1960.  
    Newsome Gail, heir of Elsie Newsome, Gdn Gordon Newsome. Filed 17 Aug 1962.  
    Nicholas Harry E, Gdn Hattie E Nicholas. Filed 23 Jan 1905.  
    Nichols Glen, Gdn William V Herr. Filed 3 Apr 1961.  
    Nichols Jane, Mayomabell, heirs of Horace Nichols, Gdn Carlos R Wiley. Filed 20 Oct 1879.  
    Nichols John J, Gdn George O Forker. Filed 17 8 1915.  
    Nicodemus Edward M, Gdn Jeannette Foster . Filed 18 Apr 1955.  
    Nobles Carl R, Irene, Velda L, heirs of Christian & Louisa Zumbrun, Gdn Perry Nobles. Filed 31 Aug 1923.  
    Noe Marshall N, Gdn Ella Baker. Filed 2 Oct 1928.  
    Noe Rachael, Jeremiah, heirs of Aaron Noe, Gdn John Earnhart. Filed 23 Jul 1859.  
    Norris Eden, Carl, Faun, Edith, heirs of Elizabeth Norris, Gdn John R Stigner. Filed 6 Oct 1896.  
    Norris Vera, heir of Eliza E Norris, Gdn John W Wood. Filed 22 Mar 1904.  
    Norton Clara, heir of James M Norton, Gdn Susan E Norton. Filed 2 Oct 1867.  
    Nott Mary, George, Edith, heirs of Benjamin S Nott, Gdn Emily E Ott. Filed 25 Jul 1887.  
    Nowels Mary, Gdn James M Pierson. Filed 8 Jun 1876.  
    Nowels Doris, Gdn Adrian Nowels. Filed 1 Mar 1963.  
    Nulf David, Gdn Marion Growcock. Filed 4 Jan 1916.  
    Nulf Hilmer, Francis M, heirs of Mary Nulf, Gdn Samuel Braden Sr. Filed 13 Mar 1872.  
    Officer Ida, Ella, Emma, heirs of Mary Officer, Gdn Jesse Hoover. Filed 17 Jan 1873.  
    Oldfather Florence, Samuel, heirs of Odell Oldfather. Gdn Ruth C Oldfather. Filed 19 Oct 1932.  
    Olin George, heir of Ezra A Olin, Gdn Austin C Jennings. Filed 28 Jun 1860.  
    Olinghouse Maureen, Dolores, heirs of Roy E Olinghouse, Gdn Leta T Olinghouse. File 9 Mar 1937.  
    Oliver Goerge, Gdn Olga Oliver. Filed 25 Feb 1953.  
    Oliver Victor L, heir of Lillie M Oliver, Gdn Charles Cole. Filed 4 Nov 1921.  
    Olmstead Nannie, Gdn Ralph L Olmstead. Filed 5 Dec 1949.  
    Osborn Horace A, heir of James Osborn, Gdn James Osborn. Filed 1 Apr 1862.  
    Osborn Ida E, heir of Nathan P Osborn, Gdn Annanias Stewart. Filed 9 Jun 1879.  
    Osbun Everett, heir of Clyde J Osbun, Gdn Raymond Osbun. Filed 15 Jun 1945.  
    Ott Sarah, Gdn Eugene F Rensch. Filed 28 May 1940.  
    Overley Henry, heir of Hester Overley, Gdn John S Bartley. Filed 2 Jun 1888.  
    Owen Forrest L, Elva, Effie, heirs of Hannah M Owen, Gdn Marshall J Engle. Filed 24 Jan 1916.  
    Owen Nellie, Ray, Lillie, Frank, Dell, heirs of Isaiah Owen, Gdn John H Eley. Filed 25 Jan 1883.  
    Page William, Harmon, Emily, heirs of Morris Page, Gdn James Pepple. Filed 22 Jan 1859.  
    Palmer Charles L, Gdn Maude Palmer. Filed 14 Oct 1935.  
    Palmer Mary E, Cora B, heirs of Louisa A Palmer, Gdn Jacob Waldron. Filed 28 Nov 1879.  
    Pancake Cora E, heir of Isaac Pancake, Gdn George D Gaby. Filed 17 Mar 1884.  
    Pankop Jane, Ann, Gdn Hubert Pankop. Filed 16 Dec 1954.  
    Parker Cynthia A, Simon, heir of Elias Parker late of OH, Gdn James Parker. Filed 14 Mar 1859  
    Parker Maynard, heir of Bessie Parker, Gdn Forrest H Parker. Filed 6 Aug 1937.  
    Parker Wadsworth, May, Wilson, heirs of Elihu Parker, Gdn Asher S Parker. Filed 5 Mar 1885.  
    Parks Andrew J, heir of Limerick Parks, Gdn Margaret Parks. Filed 25 Jun 1867  
    Parks Andrew J, heir of Limerick Parks, Gdn Margaret Bliss. Filed 8 Feb 1872.  
    Parks Caroline, Emily, heirs A Edmond Parks, trustee Lincoln National Bank & Trust Co. Filed 21 May 1947.  
    Parks William, Roger, heirs of Curtis H Parks, Gdn Merritt Diggins. Filed 27 Jan 1949.  
    Parmenter Myrtle, heir of Effie J Parmenter, Gdn William P Russell. Filed 14 Dec 1904.  
    Parr Catherine, Gdn Ephriam Krieger. Filed 18 Jan 1932.  
    Patton Frank, heir of Samuel Patton, Gdn Jacob Singrey. Filed 13 Dec 1883.  
    Patton Harry N, Gdn Laura Clouse. Filed 23 Mar 1954.  
    Pennell Nathaniel G, heir of Jonathan Pennell, Gdn Ann Johnson. Filed 3 Jan 1863.  
    Penrod John L, Gdn Walter J Penrod. Filed 1 Feb 1935.  
    Pepple Annie, heir of Walter I Pepple, Gdn Minnie M Pepple. Filed 14 Jan 1941.  
    Perry Thaddus, Zell, Grace, heirs of Ella R Perry, Gdn Jay F Perry. Filed 3 Mar 1891.  
    Peterson Ellsworth, Helen, Mary C, Ray, heirs of Henry E Peterson, Gdn Ruth Peterson. Filed 5 Jan 1926.  
    Petrie David W, James L, heirs of Pauline Petrie, Gdn Carl Petrie. Filed 8 May 1963.  
    Pfaff Jacob, Daniel, George, heirs of Elizabeth Pfaff, Gdn Christopher H Pfaff. Filed 30 Jun 1859.  
    Pfaff Mary, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 13 Mar 1888.  
    Pfaff Mary C, Gdn Helen M Whitson. Filed 6 Sep 1962.  
    Pfafman Naomi, Gdn Helen Flickinger. Filed 27 Jul 1956.  
    Phillips Delta, Grace, heirs of James Pepple, Gdn Cornelius B Phillips. Filed 12 Nov 1887.  
    Phillips Hattie, Wert, Grace, heirs of Jane E Phillips, Gdn Horace A Phillips. Filed 27 Apr 1880.  
    Phillips Joseph, Albert, heirs of Mary J Phillips, Gdn John W Moorhouse. Filed 16 Jan 1891.  
    Piatt Charles, Harriet, heirs of Caroline Piatt, Gdn John W Rendel. Filed 19 Jun 1877.  
    Piatt Lorenzo J, heir of Lorenzo Piatt, Gdn Jonathan N Keehn. Filed 16 Oct 1882.  
    Pierce Arabella A, Gdn Lora D Myers. Filed 28 Oct 1925.  
    Pierce Arabella J, heir of Ebenezer Pierce, Gdn Julia D Pierce. Filed 16 Feb 1866.  
    Pierson Beatrice, Vivian, Mildred, Ruth, heirs of Jesse L Pierson, Gdn William A Williams. Filed 4 Oct 1920.  
    Pierson James W, Paul D, heirs of John Pierson, Gdn Millie L Boone. Filed 25 Sep 1920.  
    Pierson Thomas, Ora, Eva, David, heirs of Aaron E Pierson, Gdn David D Pierson. Filed 16 Apr 1904.  
    Pike Lottie, Bertha, Linus, heirs of Linus E Pike, Gdn Roselda A Pike. Filed 15 Mar 1882.  
    Piper Frances, Fannie, heirs of William Piper, Gdn Thelma Piper. Filed 1 Feb 1946.  
    Piper Zelda, Gdn Marie McLallin. Filed 26 Nov 1935.  
    Pippenger Rebecca S, Gdn Levi E Pippenger. Filed 27 Mar 1922.  
    Pitman Maude E, heir of Luther M Pitman, Gdn Abram H Smith. Filed 24 Apr 1893.  
    Plank Ephraim, Gdn Melvin E Plank. Filed 23 May 1942.  
    Pletcher Franklin, Gdn Eugene G Pletcher. Filed 13 Oct 1943.  
    Pollick Vera D, Gdn Harry Holsinger. Filed 26 Jan 1962.  
    Pollock Lilly, heir of Elsey Pollock, Gdn William K Wolf. Filed 1 Jul 1975.  
    Pollock Leland T, Lawson E, heir of Pearl M Pollock, Gdn Sanger D Pollock. Filed 13 Sep 1917.  
    Pollock Mildred, heir of Elva Pollock, Gdn Charles E Pollock. Filed 26 Mar 1920.  
    Poppenfoose Velma, heir of Joseph DeBrular, Gdn Charles DeBrular. Filed 21 Mar 1916.  
    Poppy Harold, Hazel, heirs of Catherine Sawyer, Gdn Charles Poppy. Filed 28 Apr 1925.  
    Potter Newton, heir of Galusha Potter, Gdn Phebe Potter, Filed 26 Oct 1875.  
    Potter Winslow, John, heirs of Noah Potter, Gdn Otis B Heath. Filed 20 Apr 1866.  
    Potts Christiann, heir of Lewis Potts, Gdn John W Kline. Filed 22 Jan 1863.  
    Potts Ida, John, Owen, heirs of Alfred D Potts, Gdn Ann Potts Cary. Filed 16 Feb 1870.  
    Poyser Dale, Forrest, heirs of Minnie J Poyser, Gdn John W Long. Filed 4 Feb 1911.  
    Poyser Elmer, John J, Henry, Bertie, Homer, Harmon, Savilla, heirs of William B Poyser, Gdn Mary Poyser. Filed 30 Dec 1882.  
    Pratt Minnie A, Gdn Laura M Rickey. Filed 19 Apr 1954.  
    Pray Emma A, Gdn Carl C Pray. Filed 28 May 1943.  
    Prentiss Margery A, Charles N, heirs of George Prentiss, Gdn Thomas Wilson. Filed 2 Aug 1862.  
    Presky Trevor R, Gdn Floss Presky. Filed 16 May 1929.  
    Pressler Everett, heir of Vada Pressler, Gdn Harvey Pressler. Filed 4 Nov 1922.  
    Preston Mary, Slilla, heirs of David & Phebe Voorhees, Gdn Anson Preston. Filed 7 Apr 1887.  
    Price Ruby A, Gdn Charles J Price. Filed 22 Apr 1961.  
    Prickett Rachel A, Margaret, Isabel, Mary, heirs of Nicholas Prickett, Gdn James Tuttle. Filed 13 Feb 1866.  
    Prickett Frank, Edith D, Edna A, Lotta J, Charles D, heirs of Charles H Prickett, Gdn Anna K Prickett. Filed 24 Sep 1918.  
    Prickett Mary E, Gdn Samuel Braden Jr. Filed 20 Oct 1881.  
    Pross Bruce R, Gdn Frances Baird. Filed 8 Jun 1949.  
    Proudy Alma, Phobe, Willard, heirs of Orange Prouty, Gdn Susannah Prouty, Filed 5 Feb 1870.  
    Prouty Lydia, heir of Rodrick Prouty, Gdn John Prouty, Filed 25 Jan 1869.  
    Queer Anthony, heir of Peter Queer, Gdn Catharine Hollis. Filed 3 Apr 1897.  
    Quick Susan E, Thomas R, Gdn Evelyn M Quick. Filed 28 Mar 1962.  
    Quinn Annie E, heir of May Mayfield, Gdn Robert Mayfield. Filed 22 May 1874.  
    Quinn Everett L, Charles E, heirs of Cora B Dukes, Gdn James O Simpson. Filed 3 Apr 1943.  
    Raber Elmer, heir of Joel Raber, Gdn William G Shaefer. Filed 16 Feb 1884.  
    Raber Frederick, Charles, Amalie, heirs of Frederick Raber, Gdn John A Fahl. Filed 12 Feb 1867.  
    Radford Frederick W, Benjamin J, heirs of Margaret M Guffey, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 8 Sep 1923.  
    Rallihan Elizabeth, Gdn Charles Rallihan. Filed 10 Jan 1929.  
    Ramsby Ellen, Gdn Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Filed 12 Oct 1931.  
    Rapsch Alice, Jennie, heirs of Edward Rapsch, Gdn Peter Sisterhen. Filed 11 May 1885.  
    Rarick Maurice, Rosalyn, heirs of John E Rarick, Gdn Wilma F Rarick. Filed 15 Dec 1939.  
    Rath Hannah, Charles, heirs of Christopher Rath, Gdn Sophia Eichorst. Filed 5 Mar 1870.
    Rauh Joseph, heir of Fred Rauh, Gdn Clara Rauh. Filed 6 May 1936.  
    Ream Elsie, Gdn Frank Taylor. Filed 25 Feb 1952.  
    Reamer Carl W, heir of Henry Reamer, Gdn Cora Reamer. Filed 12 Apr 1922.  
    Reed Ann, Ida, heirs of Abraham Reed, Gdn Julia A Monroe. Filed 5 Jun 1866.  
    Reed George, Henry, heirs of Henry Reed, Gdn Mary R Reed. Filed 21 Mar 1882.  
    Reed Clyde, heir of Mary P Reed, Gdn Charles R Reed. Filed 3 Jun 1874.  
    Reed John, William, heirs of Hamilton Trindle, Gdn Levi Jackson. Filed 10 Jun 1875.  
    Reed John, Elmer, Eva, heirs of Robert Reed, Gdn Elizabeth Reed Embry. Filed 17 Sep 1870.  
    Reese Margaret, heir of Amelia Bickel, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 20 Mar 1934.  
    Reeves John, heir of Elizabeth Reeves, Gdn William D Hays. Filed 7 Jan 1868.  
    Rehwinkel Selma, Alfred, Rudolph, Johanna, heirs of William Rehwinkel, Gdn Gertrude Rehwinkel. Filed 13 Jan 1902.  
    Reidenbach Cleon, Robert, Sanford, heirs of Lizzie Reidenbach, Gdn William A Reidenbach. Filed 28 Oct 1916.  
    Reigel Fredercka, Gdn John W Heckman. Filed 25 Aug 1887.  
    Reinbold Grace L, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 25 Oct 1929.  
    Reinhart Armelia M, Gdn Estel R Shippy. Filed 22 Jun 1954.  
    Renahan Beatrice, Gertrude, heirs of Maria & Abram Franks, Gdn Florence B McEwen. Filed 23 Jan 1913.  
    Rench David E, Gdn Marie E Rench. Filed 3 Dec 1936.  
    Renier Clara, Gdn Martin H Spangler. Filed 14 Mar 1913.  
    Renier Francis, Josephine, heirs of Anthony Renier, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 13 Sep 1912.  
    Rensberger Harry, heir of Henry Rensberger, Gdn Frank Bodenhafer. Filed 5 Feb 1917.  
    Rex George A, heir of Beatrice B Rex, Gdn John R Golden. Filed 14 Jul 1952.  
    Reyher Clyde, heir of Mary E Reyher, Gdn Henry E Reyher. Filed 22 Apr 1907.  
    Reyher Ella, Gdn Ethel Beyer. Filed 15 Apr 1932.  
    Reynolds Charles, Edith, heirs of Stephen G Reynolds, Gdn Charles W Nichols. Filed 28 Oct 1885.  
    Rhea Eleanor, Janet, Robert, Max, heirs of Basil Rhea, Gdn Avah V Rhea. Filed 14 Sep 1937.  
    Rhees Irvin H, heir of Orpha Rhees, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 4 May 1914.  
    Rhodes Willis W, heir of John J Rhodes, Gdn Bertha T Rhodes. Filed 9 Oct 1919.  
    Rhodes William, Eliza, Sarah, Mary, Jacob, George, Sophia, heirs of Jacob & Sophia Rhodes, Gdn Jacob Rhodes. Filed 17 May 1860.  
    Rice Alice M, Richard L, heirs of Otto R Bush, Gdn Malcolm Fraze. Filed 26 Jun 1945.  
    Rice Harriet A, heir of Amos Rice, Gdn Margaret E Miller. Filed 4 Feb 1867.  
    Rice Helen E, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 27 Oct 1937.  
    Rice Max W, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 15 May 1922.  
    Rice Verna M, heir of Emma C Black, Gdn Oliver M Rice. Filed 29 Jan 1925.  
    Richmond James, Henry, Mary, heirs of Jane Richmond, Gdn William Richmond. Filed 11 Oct 1867.  
    Richmond Jessie, heir of Edmond A Richmond, Gdn Jonathan B Stutsman. Filed 7 May 1867.  
    Rickard Sarah E, heir of Daniel Rickard, Gdn Bela Broughton. Filed 6 Jan 1864.  
    Riddle Lida M, Gdn Ralph M Riddle. Filed 26 Oct 1961.  
    Rider Catharine, Gdn Samuel Rider. Filed 17 Jan 1890.  
    Rider Eli, heir of Andrew J Rider, Gdn William C Davis. Filed 18 Jun 1883.  
    Rider John W, Gdn Rosetta Long. Filed 7 Feb 1933.  
    Riegel Mary, Alois, Emma, Joseph, Charles, Clara, Theresa, heirs of Charles Riegel, Gdn Matinus Blust.  Filed 23 Apr 1877.  
    Ries Emma, heir of George & Magdalena Hess, Gdn Michael Ries. Filed 14 Oct 1896.  
    Riker Elmira, Minerva, Mary, heirs of Barbara Riker, Gdn Solomon Riker. Filed 3 Jun 1863.  
    Rimmel Alpharetta, Gdn Ward Rimmel. Filed 18 Oct 1939.  
    Rimmel George B, Gdn Bill B Rimmel. Filed 9 Oct 1946.  
    Rinehart Casandre, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 13 May 1913.  
    Rinehart Janelda E, Gdn Charles Fraze. Filed 22 Sep 1953.  
    Ripperton Jess, Ella, heirs of Elizabeth Ripperton, Gdn Mary Ripperton. Filed 6 May 1897.  
    Ritter Andrew, Gdn John Singleton. Filed 13 Oct 1912.  
    Ritter Benjamin, Robert, Annie, Josephus, Mary, heirs of Elizabeth Ritter, Gdn Abraham L Ritter. Filed 18 Jun 1891.  
    Ritter Kermit H, heir of Howard A Ritter, Gdn Dale Hontz. Filed 18 Feb 1957.  
    River John, Gdn Byron P Gray. Filed 29 May 1890.  
    Robbins Maude, Gladys, Glen, Fred, heirs of Charles Robbins, Gdn Forrest B Robbins. Filed 2 Nov 1901.  
    Roberts Elmo, Maud, Slyeen, Arthur G, heirs of Davies Roberts, Gdn Nathan Roberts. Filed 17 Apr 1884.  
    Roberts John G, heir of Hiram Roberts, Gdn Vincent C Mains. Filed 13 Apr 1892.  
    Roberts Philip, Serenus, Alzira, heirs of Alpheus Roberts, Gdn Harriet Roberts. Filed 10 Mar 1875.  
    Roberts Venetta, Gdn Don C Sollenberger. Filed 26 Sep 1951.  
    Robinson Samuel, heir of Samuel Williams, Gdn William E Robinson. Filed 13 Nov 1897.  
    Rodgers Donald, Gdn Farmers Loan & Trust Co. Filed 2 Jun 1958.  
    Rodman Danny L, Gdn Forrest W Rodman. Filed 11 Dec 1957.  
    Rodman Charles W, Gdn William P Grannis. Filed 5 Oct 1920.  
    Rodman Eva M, Gdn Forrest W Rodman. Filed 11 Dec 1957.  
    Roe Mary A, Gdn Leslie Roe. Filed 22 Mar 1930.  
    Roe Rebecca, Oliver, heirs of Abel B Roe, Gdn Elitha Hursey. Filed 15 Aug 1868.  
    Rogers J C, Gdn Gerald N Rogers. Filed 9 Sep 1954.  
    Rogers William O, heir of George W Rogers, Gdn George W Mummert. Filed 19 Nov 1879.  
    Rollins William D, Gdn Ira A Rollins. Filed 19 Apr 1960.  
    Rose Louis, Sarah, heirs of Eliza Rose, Gdn William Rose. Filed 24 Mar 1878.  
    Rose Harry, Molane Philip, Gdn Milo D Snyder. Filed 23 Jun 1916.  
    Rose William, Gdn Abram H Smith . Filed 22 Oct 1900.  
    Rosenbury Justin, Gdn Warren K Rosenberry. Filed 12 Jan 1891.  
    Rosenogle Billie O, heir of John L Rosenogle, Gdn Alta M Workman. Filed 10 Mar 1947.  
    Ross Clela M, heir of George W Ross, Gdn Ida L Ross. Filed 27 Apr 1909.  
    Ross, Carol, Jacqueline, Evalyn, Wilbur, heirs of Jack W Ross, Gdn Wilbur Ross. Filed 1 Feb 1951.  
    Rothhar Nora E, heir of Peter Rothhar, Gdn William F Waldron. Filed 13 Feb 1906.  
    Routsong Mettie, Gdn Richard Targgart. Filed 12 Jun 1953.  
    Rowe Anne, George, Elenora, heir of Job L Rowe, Gdn Elizabeth Rowe. Filed 1 Jun 1868.  
    Rowe Darlene M, Gdn Arthur & Leona Rowe. Filed 19 Mar 1959.  
    Rowe Grace, Robert, Dorothy, Bernice, heirs of J Warren Rowe, Gdn Estella Rowe. Filed 15 Nov 1922.  
    Ruch George, Louie, heirs of Minnie Ruch, Gdn Albert F Ruch. Filed 1 Jun 1904.  
    Ruggles Julia, heir of Jeannette F Ruggles, Gdn Henry D Ruggles. Filed 18 Sep 1879.  
    Rupert Clara, Gdn Leander Rupert. Filed 25 Jan 1923.  
    Ruple Aaron, Gdn David Selig. Filed 27 Jan 1890.  
    Russell Velma, Phillips Lulu, Cornelius, heirs of Grace Russell, Gdn Cornelius B Phillips. Filed 2 Sep 1909.  
    Russell Frances, Anice, heirs of William Russell, Gdn Charles J Weeks. Filed 22 Dec 1873.  
    Ryan Alice M, Gdn J R Brandbury. Filed 23 Feb 1923.  
    Ryan Ortha H, heir of Charles Howard, trustee Joseph E Knapp. Filed 29 Jan 1910.  
    Ryback Elizabeth J, heir of Andrew Ryback, Gdn Rozella M Ryback. Filed 1 Apr 1926.  
    Rybolt Raymond D, heir of Josephine W Foster, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 9 May 1949.  
    Rynearson Clare, Kenneth, Robert, Lucile, heirs of Elizabeth Rynearson, Gdn Amber Mann. Filed 11 Feb 1920.  
    Sackett Anna, Gdn Gladys Moon. Filed 30 Mar 1962
    Saffell Mary C, heir of Reuben Saffell, Gdn David Ward. Filed 8 Jun 1859.  
    Sams Ettie M Himes, Gdn Sylvester Sams. Filed 27 Jan 1890.  
    Samuelson Simon, Gdn Albert J Kuster. Filed 30 Apr 1956.  
    Saunders Mary B, Gdn Charles G Keehn. Filed 31 Oct 1924.  
    Sawyer Harold, Gdn Ralph W Probst. Filed 6 Apr 1939.  
    Sawyer Harvey, Agnes, heirs of Jackson Sawyer, Gdn Albert D Sawyer. Filed 13 Mar 1885.  
    Sawyer Josephine, Mary J, heirs of Catherine Sawyer, Gdn Margaret M Sawyer. Filed 1 May 1925.  
    Sawyer William, Mary J, heirs of Admiral Sawyer, Gdn Elizabeth Sawyer. Filed 4 Feb 1861.  
    Sayles Carl, Gdn Roy Sayles Jr. Filed 18 Jul 1963.  
    Sayles George, heir of William Sayles, Gdn Rosa B Sayles. Filed 10 May 1906.  
    Scarlett Elizabeth, Lois, Joseph, heirs of Abner Scarlett, Gdn Newman Stewart. Filed 20 Jul 1859.  
    Scarlett Newman, heir of Horace Scarlett, Gdn James J Stewart. Filed 8 Jul 1860.  
    Schafer Mary, Julia, heirs of Fred Schafer, Gdn Mary Schafer. Filed 10 Jun 1891.  
    Schauweker Betty J, heir of John W Schauweker, Gdn Albion National Bank. Filed 9 Oct 1948.  
    Schepper Edward, Gdn Paul F Schepper. Filed 11 Jun 1957.  
    Schenher Emma, heir of Elizabeth Schenher, Gdn Frank G Schenher. Filed 17 Apr 1889.  
    Schenk Dale, heir of Grace D Schenk, Gdn H D Schenk. Filed 27 Dec 1940.  
    Schlabach Lewis, Gdn W Mortimer Cole. Filed 29 Oct 1936.  
    Schlabach Mary R, heir of Bert E Schalbach, Gdn May F Schlabach. Filed 23 Jul 1938.  
    Schlabaugh Cholene, heir of Russell Schlabaugh, Gdn Franklin D Schlotterback. Filed 29 Apr 1952.  
    Schlotterback Betty L, heir of George M Webster, Gdn Mary K Schlotterback. Filed 30 Oct 1950.  
    Schlotterback Lula, heir of Gideon Schlotterback, Gdn Eli L Schlotterback. Filed 6 Oct 1903.  
    Schmenk Theresa, heir of John H Schmenk, Gdn Dominic Duehmig. Filed 16 Jun 1877.  
    Schneider John P, heir of Jacob Schneider, Gdn Francis R Baughman. Filed 16 Mar 1888.  
    Schneider Louisa, heir of Jacob Schneider, Gdn James B Kimball. Filed 13 Jan 1888.  
    Schreiber Emma, Edward, heirs of George Schreiber, Gdn Mary Schreiber. Filed 1 Oct 1903.  
    Schulte Pauline, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 18 Jan 1921.  
    Schulte William, Gdn William P Miller. Filed 10 Oct 1957.  
    Schutt Donald C, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 5 Jan 1924.  
    Schutt Hazel L, Dallas I, heirs of Susan Starmer, Gdn James B Schutt. Filed 10 Oct 1917.  
    Schwab Catherine, Gdn Ralph A Schwab. Filed 14 Oct 1936.  
    Schwab John F, Gdn Charles W Schwab. Filed 3 Aug 1936.  
    Schwab Lucille, Marcile, heir of William D Schwab, Gdn Ruby F Schwab. Filed 15 Jan 1931.  
    Schwier Gustav, Gdn Sarah Schwier. Filed 11 Aug 1937.  
    Scovill Sarah, Gdn Jesse Dunning. Filed 15 Jun 1898.  
    Scutt Ella M, heir of Matilda Scutt, Gdn William Smith. Filed 11 Jun 1896.  
    Seaney Marilyn S, Gdn Porter D Crowell, Filed 14 Aug 1950.  
    Sebert Craig, Gdn Albert L Sebert. Filed 19 Dec 1962.  
    Secor Lincoln, Gdn Alfred R Bryant. Filed 16 Nov 1951.  
    Secrist, Mary, John, Lewis, Elizabeth, heir of David Secrist, Gdn John Hartzel. Filed 30 Sep 1863.  
    Secrist William, Samuel, Simon, John, Westly, Catherine, heir of Jacob Secrist, Gdn George Piper. Filed 7 Jun 1864.  
    Secrist Keith, Paul, heirs of Lewis F Secrist, Gdn Esther Secrist Clem. Filed 7 Mar 1916.  
    Sedgwick Jennie, heir of John Sedgwick, Gdn Eliza A Sedgwick. Filed 25 Jan 1882.  
    Seelye Ellen, Amelia, heir of George Seelye, Gdn William Richmond. Filed 2 Oct 1875.  
    Seidel Emil, Julius, Robert, heir of Charles Seidel, Gdn Henry C Schreiber. Filed 5 Feb 1908.  
    Seifert Robert, heir of Joseph Seifert, Gdn Theodore A Seifert. Filed 12 Jun 1924.  
    Sexton Marietta, Gdn Ruth M Rimmel. Filed 16 Jul 1958.  
    Seymoure Alta, Rudolph, Florence, Anna, heirs of McIntrye Seymoure, Gdn Sophia Seymoure. Filed 30 Dec 1874.  
    Seymoure Anna L, Gdn Albion National Bank. Filed 14 Feb 1962.  
    Shade Lunetta, heir of George Shade, Gdn George M Shade. Filed 24 Apr 1870.  
    Shaefer Ruth, William, heirs of Albert Shaefer, Gdn Mary Shaefer. Filed 22 Apr 1905.  
    Shalenberger Ellen, heir of John Shalenberger, Gdn Levi Keehn. Filed 21 Oct 1880.  
    Shambaugh Eva, Iona, Isaac, heirs of Isaac Shambaugh, Gdn Thomas W Hite. Filed 21 Oct 1886.  
    Shambaugh Flossie, heir of Anna Shambaugh, Gdn Rex Emerick. Filed 2 Dec 1914.  
    Shambaugh Franklin, Serena, Lucretia, Sarah, heirs of George Shambaugh. Filed 23 Jan 1866.  
    Shambaugh Shilo, heir of Franklin Shambaugh, Gdn Samuel Hoke. Filed 21 Nov 1872.  
    Shannon Mildred, Robert, heirs of Maude L Shannon, Gdn Charles Shannon. Filed 18 Apr 1911.  
    Sharp Merrice, heir of Anna Sharp, Gdn David A Wiley. Filed 22 Feb 1905.  
    Sharp Samuel, Thomas, heirs of Capitola Sharp, Gdn Missouri Brumbaugh. Filed 8 May 1913.  
    Sheadel Horace M, Gdn Herman O Gakle. Filed 29 Oct 1928.  
    Shearer Arthur, Mary, Theon, Abagail, heirs of Samuel Shearer, Gdn Alonzo D Whitford. Filed 7 Jan 1860.  
    Shearer Richard, Charles, Jean, heirs of Minnie Weingart, Gdn Donald H Shearer. Filed 4 Feb 1948.  
    Shearer Robert, Gdn Edward Shearer. Filed 29 May 1953.  
    Sheets Jacob, Gdn William H Bender. Filed 29 Jan 1921.  
    Shelpman Semantha, Emily J, Adaline, heirs of William Shelpman, Gdn Elisha Blackman. Filed 21 Apr 1859  
    Shelt Anna, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 30 Jan 1928.  
    Shew Clarence, Bertha, heirs of Melissa A Shew, Gdn Joseph M Shew. Filed 26 Mar 1881.  
    Shew George, Gdn J Eugene Shew. Filed 18 Mar 1958.  
    Shew William B, heir of Joseph M Shew, Gdn Almeda Shew. Filed 31 Oct 1914.  
    Shiley George, heir of Carrie Shiley, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 9 Feb 1916.  
    Shinn Omar, Paul, Dennis, heirs of Lenora U Shinn, Gdn William H Grimes. Filed 25 Nov 1924.  
    Shipe Nettie, Gdn Charles McCamment. Filed 5 Jan 1948.  
    Shipley George, John, Elmer, Rachel, William, heirs of Margaret Shipley, Gdn William S Thomas. Filed 12 Sep 1874.  
    Shippy Richard, Gdn Mildred A Shippy. Filed 22 Oct 1957.  
    Shobe Mary E, Gdn Clarence E Denning. Filed 17 Aug 1940.  
    Shook Sarah, Jay, John, heirs of Elizabeth A Shook, Gdn Isaiah N Shook. Filed 14 Jan 1878.  
    Shuey Frances C, Gdn Corwin F Miller. Filed 11 Jan 1900.  
    Shull Roxy, Gdn Emily J Berhalter. Filed 29 Mar 1912.  
    Shults Charles, James, heirs of Barbara Shults, Gdn Alpheus Shults. Filed 10 Mar 1892.  
    Shultz Francis M, Marion J, heirs of Frank P Shultz, Gdn Creo M Shultz. Filed 16 Feb 1916.  
    Shultz Sandra K, heir of Schuyler Shultz, Gdn Kenneth L Shultz. Filed 19 Mar 1957.  
    Shuman Julia A, Gdn Ethan A Hossinger. Filed 8 Jun 1918.  
    Silliman Merritt, Gdn Helen Silliman. Filed 4 Jun 1945.  
    Simmons Clara, Howard, Ethel, heirs of David Simmons, Gdn Jesse L Dunning. Filed 22 Mar 1892.  
    Simmons George L, heir of Margaret J Simmons, Gdn Adam Simmons. Filed 5 Mar 1868.  
    Simmons Harry, Gdn Thomas J Simmons. Filed 17 Oct 1904.  
    Simmons Jonathan, Gdn Nancy Simmons. Filed 8 Nov 1882.  
    Simmons Mabel, heir of Peter Sisterhen, Gdn Jacob Sheets. Filed 10 May 1904.  
    Simon John A, Bertha, Amy E, James N, Malissa, heirs of Jacob Simon, Gdn Sarah Simon. Filed 19 Oct 1869.  
    Simon Sharon, Neal, heirs of Nina Simon, Gdn Christopher Simon. Filed 7 Jan 1946.  
    Simon Solomon, heir of Peter Simon, Gdn Jonathan Simon. Filed 18 Feb 1861.  
    Simon Vinton C, heir of Harriet C Simon, Gdn Charles Simon. Filed 26 Mar 1877.  
    Simons Francis, Gdn David S Wible. Filed 13 Oct 1890.  
    Simons Lucy, heir of David S Simons, Gdn Fielding Prickett. Filed 13 Jun 1868.  
    Simonton Thomas D, heir of Powell Simonton, Gdn Dolores Simonton. Filed 25 Jul 1958.  
    Skeels Isaac, Gdn Frank Skeels. Filed 2 Nov 1918.  
    Skeels Gaynell A, heir of Lawrence L Skeels, Gdn Clarence E Dunning. Filed 2 Mar 1933.  
    Skeels Woodward J, Gdn Sara J Burnworth. Filed 16 Jun 1963.  
    Skidgell Mary E, Gdn Pearl M Yeiser. Filed 22 Sep 1932.  
    Skinner Frank, Roy, Ruth, Legatees of Meritt C Skinner, Gdn James Johnston. Filed 28 Jan 1904.  
    Skinner Harriet, Alvin, Lucy, heirs of James Skinner, Gdn Christianna Skinner. Filed 3 Mar 1874.  
    Skinner Madison, Thomas, Jerrard, Almira, heirs of Jehu Skinner, Gdn James Cunningham. Filed 9 Apr 1866.  
    Slabaugh Emma, heir of Elias E Slabaugh, Gdn Thomas W Hite. Filed 24 Apr 1893.  
    Slabaugh Iona, Isaac, heirs of Isaac Slabaugh, Gdn Thomas W Hite. Filed 9 May 1893.  
    Slabaugh Manias, Charles, heirs of John Braugher, Gdn William Schlabaugh. Filed 29 Mar 1886.  
    Sloan Charles, heir of John & Lydia Sloan, Gdn Eli Dice. Filed 2 Jan 1862.  
    Sloffer Leo L, Clara E, Ima E, Gladys M, heirs of William H Sloffer, Gdn Alice Sloffer. Filed 3 Oct 1902.  
    Slusser George, heir of Jacob Slusser, Gdn Mary A Slusser. Filed 14 Oct 1867.  
    Smalley Ida, Annetta, James, Charles, heirs of James Wilmouth, Gdn Lewis Smalley. Filed 15 Jun 1877.  
    Smalley Jacob, heir of David Smalley, Gdn Margaret Smalley. Filed 3 Jul 1866.  
    Smalley Lewis, Alan, Hester, Eliza, Clebor, Ella, Ida, James, Annetta, Charles, heirs of James Smalley, Gdn Joseph D Smalley. Filed 8 Jan 1866.
    Smalley Ray, Cecil, Gladys, Florence, Isbel, Floyd, Flossie, heirs of Arminda P Smalley, Gdn Lewis W Smalley. Filed 2 Mar 1895.  
    Smart Frederick E, Gdn Mildred M Smart. Filed 1 Jul 1960.  
    Smilkshen Armond, heir of Edward Cekul, Gdn Elsie Smilkshen. Filed 15 Nov 1918.  
    Smith Alvin, Charles, Emma, heirs of Job C Smith, Gdn Annie H Smith. Filed 4 Jun 1866.  
    Smith Ann, Josiah, Edwin, heirs of Josiah Smith, Gdn J W Learned. Filed 5 Feb 1861.  
    Smith Burtis, Allen, heirs of Jesse W Smith, Gdn John R Smith. Filed 10 Mar 1876.  
    Smith Charles, heir of Jabez Smith, Gdn Jacob Stultz. Filed 31 Oct 1859.  
    Smith Clarence O, heir of William Cowley late of Portage Co OH, Gdn Thomas H Smith. Filed 13 Apr 1888.  
    Smith Cynthia, heir of John Smith, Gdn George W Smith. Filed 16 Jan 1860.  
    Smith Edwin A, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 7 Mar 1921.  
    Smith Ellen, heir of Adam Smith, Gdn Harrison Norris. Filed 8 Jul 1875.  
    Smith Ellen M, heir of William M Smith, Gdn Ellen Smith. Filed 15 Aug 1927.  
    Smith Emma, heir of John Smith, Gdn Hiram Iddings. Filed 20 Apr 1887.  
    Smith George, heir of John Smith, Gdn Joseph Smith. Filed 27 Mar 1886.  
    Smith Harold S, Velma E, heirs of Clarence O Smith, Gdn Mary F Adams. Filed 24 Dec 1921.  
    Smith Jocelyln, Allyson, Gdn Annabell Smith. Filed 5 Jul 1957.  
    Smith John, Luceta, heir of George A Smith, Gdn Noah F Smith. Filed 18 Sep 1882.  
    Smith Lucinda, Gdn Elza Smith. Filed 22 Aug 1913.  
    Smith Madison R, heir of John Smith, Gdn Isaac Bartley. Filed 30 Mar 1860.  
    Smith Martha, Gdn Delbert Smith. Filed 23 Oct 1917.  
    Smith Mary A, Samuel, Amanda, Barbara, John, heirs of Mary Smith, Gdn Levi Stump. Filed 20 May 1861.  
    Smith Reeves M, heir of John Smith, Gdn Solomon C Hardenbrook. Filed 11 Feb 1860.  
    Smith Ruth, heir of Jesse Smith, Gdn Abram H Smith. Filed 19 Sep 1906.  
    Smith Ward S, Gdn George L Foote. Filed 8 Jan 1924.  
    Smith William F, Raymond K, heirs of Adam J Kimmell, Gdn John W Smith. Filed 3 Nov 1893.  
    Smith Zilpha, Melvin, heirs of Asher W Smith, Gdn Susanna Starmer. Filed 23 Feb 1906.  
    Smurr Hannah, Gdn William Jordan. Filed 26 Sep 1889.  
    Snellenberger Harvey G, Gdn Edward J Zolman. Filed 6 Jun 1936.  
    Snyder Lillie M, Gdn Augustus M Snyder. Filed 15 May 1922.  
    Snyder Doin, Gdn Ethel Snyder. Filed 11 Apr 1955.  
    Snyder Emma M, Phillip S, Clifford J, devisees of George Shearer, Gdn Milo D Snyder. Filed 20 Feb 1929.  
    Sobraski Joseph, Gdn Frank Sobraski. Filed 11 Oct 1937.  
    Sower Mary S, Gdn Ernest Schermerhorn. Filed 21 Jan 1936.  
    Sowers Harriet, Mary, William, John, heirs of Henry Sowers, Gdn Michael Sowers. Filed 21 Apr 1879.  
    Sparrow Dale C, heir of Cory C Sparrow, Gdn Joseph C Kimmell. Filed 26 May 1922.  
    Sparrow Mary, William, Albert, heir of Jacob Sparrow, Gdn David Sparrow. Filed 6 Nov 1866.  
    Spencer Eva, heir of Timothy T Spencer, Gdn Angeline D Baker. Filed 4 Oct 1869.  
    Springer Charlie, heir of Shadrach & Frances Springer, Gdn Ida J Spurgeon. Filed 30 Dec 1880.  
    Springer Jerry W, James D, heirs of Albert Schmuck, Gdn John W Springer. Filed 7 Oct 1954.  
    Sprinkle Hattie, Gdn Charles F Haase. Filed 27 Jul 1951.  
    Spurgeon Ezra, James, Carl, heirs of James Spurgeon, Gdn Ida J Spurgeon. Filed 30 Dec 1893.  
    Sroufe John A, George A, Stephen, heirs of Catharine Harris, Gdn David S Longfellow. Filed 28 Oct 1885.  
    Squires John, Frances, Mary, Edmond, Edmonda, heirs of James E Bradford, Gdn Francis Stage. Filed 4 Oct 1965.  
    Stage Aaron, heir of Elizabeth Stage, Gdn John W Rendel. Filed 9 Jan 1882.  
    Stage Brenton, heir of Benjamin Stage, Gdn Loraina Stage. Filed 5 Sep 1868.  
    Stage Nina, Nancy, heirs of Porter Green, Gdn Jasper W Green. Filed 27 Feb 1892.  
    Stahl Thomas, John, Luetta, James, heirs of Thomas Stahl, Gdn Sophia Stahl. Filed 9 Jun 1887.  
    Stair Sydney, Etha A, Willis, Minnie, Frank, Ida, heirs of Martha Stair, Gdn Daniel Stair. Filed 5 Apr 1872.  
    Staner Freeman, Gdn George R Jones. Filed 8 May 1867.  
    Stangland Bessie, Boyd, Ted, heir John R Young, Gdn James Stangland. filed 30 Jan 1913.  
    Stangland Susan, Belldora, heirs of Bela W Stangland, Gdn Tallock A Stangland. Filed 20 Nov 1868.  
    Stanley Charles, Ralph, heirs of Ralph Stanley, Gdn Martha Stanley. Filed 29 Jan 1945.  
    Stapf Agatha D, Gdn George Stapf. Filed 21 Jan 1903.  
    Stark Abraham, Samuel, David, Sarah, Lewis, Mary, Elias, Michael, heirs of Mary A Stark, Gdn William H Lafong. Filed 24 Mar 1879.  
    Stark Mary E, Gdn Stephen B Tucker. Filed 27 Jun 1945.  
    Starr Adella, heir of Angeline S Clapp, trustee Salem Bank & Trust Co. Filed 8 Jan 1907.  
    Stechcon Joseph P, Gdn June B Stechcon. Filed 25 Apr 1955.  
    Stecheon John Sr, Gdn Corinne Henn. Filed 22 Mar 1954.  
    Steckley Helen L, heir of Tillie C Steckley, Gdn Vern F Steckley. Filed 7 Jan 1935.  
    Steckley John, Virginia, heirs of Frank J Steckley, Gdn Marie S Myers. Filed 29 Nov 1929.  
    Steel James, Mary, heirs of Margaret Steel, Gdn John Steel. Filed 4 Feb 1867.  
    Steele Elizabeth, Gdn Fred Becker. Filed 31 Mar 1922.  
    Steinbarger Albert, Jane, heirs of William Steinbarger, Gdn George W Mummert. Filed 26 Oct 1874.  
    Stephens Joseph, Gdn C M Donat. Filed 25 May 1959.  
    Steward James R, Gdn Henry Rigsby. Filed 18 Jul 1963.  
    Stewart Elizabeth, Nancy A, Mary M, Margaret L, Charles P, heir of Newman S Stewart, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 8 Mar 1866.  
    Stewart Ella, Gdn Eva L Strater. Filed 7 Mar 1927.  
    Stienbarger David M, Gdn Joseph H Stienbarger. Filed 14 Jul 1960.  
    Stienbarger Fred, heir of William Stienbarger, Gdn Deborah Steinbarger. Fied 13 May 1875.  
    Stienbarger George O, Gdn Aileen Stiengbarger. Filed 28 Jan 1953.  
    Stienbarger Willis, Albert, Jane, heirs of William Stienbarger, Gdn George W Mummert. Filed 2 Mar 1875.  
    Stillinger Dale W, Ray A, heir of Jacob & Casandra Zigler, Gdn Sophia E Stillinger. Filed 10 Aug 1914.  
    Stinson Florence K, Gdn Frances E Fisher. Filed 17 Jan 1941.  
    Stockbarger Lamar, heir of Hannah Stockbarger, Gdn Reta Jackson. Filed 17 Dec 1919.  
    Stocker Charles E, heir of Joseph Stocker, Gdn Hiram P Cooper. Filed 18 Oct 1888.  
    Stoddard Marjorie, heir of Helen Adams, Gdn Charles W Stoddard. Filed 16 Dec 1902.  
    Stokes Catharine, Franklin, heirs of Frederick Stokes, Gdn Joseph M Shew. Filed 4 Apr 1876.  
    Stoltz Nancy E, Tommy L, Gdn Freda Stoltz. Filed 31 Mar 1938.  
    Stoltzfus Christian, heir of Christian Stoltzfus late of Union Co PA, Gdn Jonathan E Yoder.  
    Stone Robert, Gdn Merritt Skinner. Filed 11 Jan 1893.  
    Stoner Julia, Gdn Melvin Hines. Filed 30 Mar 1902.  
    Stout Myrtle, Nettie, Frances, Bessie, Daisy, heirs of Christopher Stout, Gdn Charles D Scott. Filed 4 Jun 1902.  
    Strauss Herman, heir of Abraham J Strauss, Gdn Abraham M Jacobs. Filed 12 Jul 1917.  
    Streby Frank, Gdn Virgil Nobles. Filed 31 Oct 1917.  
    Stroh Jay, Edith, Ernest, Abbie, Saloma, heirs of Jacob A Stroh, Gdn Dianna E Stroh. Filed 28 Feb 1894.
    Strong Oliver, Gdn Franklin P Strong. Filed 20 May 1895.  
    Strouse Elizabeth, Gdn Pluma Heinzerling. Filed 1 Nov 1918.  
    Strouse Russell J, Patty J, heirs of Emery White & Nettie Scott, Gdn Elmer E Clark. Filed 9 Aug 1938.  
    Strouse William, Gdn Lilah L Strouse. Filed 21 Feb 1924.  
    Stuckman Paul, Roger, heirs of Jay Stuckman, Gdn Drusilla Stuckman. Filed 26 Jul 1932.  
    Stuff William, Gdn Charles Heerman. Filed 2 Mar 1926.  
    Stults Amanda, Matilda, Eva, heirs of Thomas Line, Gdn George Stults. Filed 21 Jan 1882.  
    Stultz Inez, Gdn Wilmer P Weimer. Filed 1 Feb 1943.  
    Stumbaugh Susannah, Gdn State Bank of Kimmell. Filed 1 Nov 1922.  
    Stump Charles, Mary, Elma, Pearl, Bert, Orris, Margaret, heirs of Emma Stump, Gdn Daniel Stump. Filed 19 Jan 1916.  
    Stump Daniel, Joseph, heir of John Stump, Gdn Levi Stump. Filed 12 Nov 1859.  
    Stutsman Edward, Gdn Richard D Berhalter. Filed 21 Aug 1962.  
    Stutzman Sarah, Gdn William L Sipe. Filed 2 Nov 1901.  
    Summers George, Gdn Grace White. Filed 1 Jun 1956.  
    Summers George, Gdn Robert Klinkenberg. Filed 20 Mar 1959.  
    Summers Leo P, Gdn Annie Summers. Filed 27 May 1931.  
    Summers Patrick, James, heirs of Peter Summers, Gdn Edward Summers. Filed 11 Oct 1867.  
    Summers Sarah P, Gdn Van B Melvin. Filed 11 Jul 1932.  
    Sunday Alice, Willie, Curtis, heirs of Elizabeth Sunday, Gdn Wesley Sunday. Filed 17 Nov 1880.  
    Sunday William, Curtis, heirs of Levi Himes, Gdn Paul F Himes. Filed 6 Jan 1885.  
    Surfus Eventus, Gdn Stanley L Surfus. Filed 17 Jul 1919.  
    Surfus Permer, Gdn Homer P Johnston. Filed 24 Oct 1945.  
    Sutton Robert D, Evelyn D, heirs of Harley Sutton, Gdn Ralph Sutton. Filed 9 Jun 1955.  
    Swager Milton, Gdn Lloyd Moore. Filed 22 Nov 1950.  
    Swank Clarence, Charles, heir of Margaret E Swank, Gdn Calvin A Seymoure. Filed 22 May 1899.  
    Swany Isabella, Gdn James E Luckey. Filed 5 Jun 1912.  
    Swartz Violet, Gdn Esty V Herrick. Filed 1 Feb 1941.  
    Sweezy Florence, heir of Mary E Sweezy, Gdn William M Sweezy. Filed 7 Jun 1865.  
    Swigert Alfretta, Willard, Jennie, heir of Sarah J Swigert, Gdn Jacob H Swigert. Filed 25 Aug 1873.  
    Swihart Charles, heir of Jacob & Clara Swihart, Gdn Walter Swihart. Filed 29 Apr 1899.  
    Swihart Ralph, Jessie, Calvin, heirs of Frederick Huber, Gdn Walter Swihart. Filed 15 Aug 1905.  
    Swisher William E, Gdn Charles C Fraze. Filed 27 Sep 1958.  
    Swogger Mary D, Galen E, heirs of Bessie Swogger, Gdn Murton W Swogger. Filed 23 Nov 1933.  
    Symonds Laura, heir of Margaret Symonds, Gdn John F Holsinger. Filed 17 Oct 1889.  
    Summers George, Gdn Grace White. Filed 1 Jun 1956.  
    Summers George, Gdn Robert Klinkenberg. Filed 20 Mar 1959.  
    Summers Leo P, Gdn Annie Summers. Filed 27 May 1931.  
    Summers Patrick, James, heirs of Peter Summers, Gdn Edward Summers. Filed 11 Oct 1867.  
    Summers Sarah P, Gdn Van B Melvin. Filed 11 Jul 1932.  
    Sunday Alice, Willie, Curtis, heirs of Elizabeth Sunday, Gdn Wesley Sunday. Filed 17 Nov 1880.  
    Sunday William, Curtis, heirs of Levi Himes, Gdn Paul F Himes. Filed 6 Jan 1885.  
    Surfus Eventus, Gdn Stanley L Surfus. Filed 17 Jul 1919.  
    Surfus Permer, Gdn Homer P Johnston. Filed 24 Oct 1945.  
    Sutton Robert D, Evelyn D, heirs of Harley Sutton, Gdn Ralph Sutton. Filed 9 Jun 1955.  
    Swager Milton, Gdn Lloyd Moore. Filed 22 Nov 1950.  
    Swank Clarence, Charles, heir of Margaret E Swank, Gdn Calvin A Seymoure. Filed 22 May 1899.  
    Swany Isabella, Gdn James E Luckey. Filed 5 Jun 1912.  
    Swartz Violet, Gdn Esty V Herrick. Filed 1 Feb 1941.  
    Sweezy Florence, heir of Mary E Sweezy, Gdn William M Sweezy. Filed 7 Jun 1865.  
    Swigert Alfretta, Willard, Jennie, heir of Sarah J Swigert, Gdn Jacob H Swigert. Filed 25 Aug 1873.  
    Swihart Charles, heir of Jacob & Clara Swihart, Gdn Walter Swihart. Filed 29 Apr 1899.  
    Swihart Ralph, Jessie, Calvin, heirs of Frederick Huber, Gdn Walter Swihart. Filed 15 Aug 1905.  
    Swisher William E, Gdn Charles C Fraze. Filed 27 Sep 1958.  
    Swogger Mary D, Galen E, heirs of Bessie Swogger, Gdn Murton W Swogger. Filed 23 Nov 1933.  
    Symonds Laura, heir of Margaret Symonds, Gdn John F Holsinger. Filed 17 Oct 1889.  
    Taber L Orson, Susannah, Amanda, Maranda, Elna, James, heirs of Mary J Taber, Gdn Nathan Taber.  Filed 13 Dec 1864.  
    Talbert Helen, Gdn Bonford R Talbert. Filed 11 Dec 1961.  
    Talbert Laura, Gdn Thomas L Lott. Filed 12 Oct 1949.  
    Targgart Myrtie, Gdn Mildred Smith. Filed 6 Apr 1945.  
    Tawney Hannah, Elias, John, Emma, Jessie, heir of Abraham Tawney, Gdn Herman H Wheeler. Filed 6 Jun 1867.  
    Taylor Beverly J, Gdn John W Beckley. Filed 6 Oct 1952.  
    Taylor Ida, heir of John Taylor, Gdn Robert Halferty. Filed 18 Jun 1883.  
    Taylor Jamie, Gdn Jimmy K Taylor. Filed 22 Nov 1960.  
    Taylor Orpha, Orlo, Leila, heirs of Floyd H Taylor, Gdn Fillmore Price. Filed 7 Jun 1918.  
    Teaford Alice, Rosa, heirs of John C Yost, Gdn Jacob E Stage. Files 4 Jun 1883.  
    Teal Joseph S, heir of Joseph Teal. Gdn Eugene E Teal. Filed 2 Jan 1900.  
    Teal Martha, Josephine, heirs of Mary J Teal, Gdn Joseph M Teal. Filed 12 Sep 1887.  
    Teal William, heir of Anna A Teal, Gdn George B Teal. Filed 7 Nov 1865.  
    Teders Clarence, Orpha, Leo, Norbert, Charlotte, heirs of Frank H Teders, Gdn Barnard A Teders. Filed 7 May 1919.  
    Teders Linda, Gdn Louis Teders. Filed 28 Feb 1958.  
    Teegarden Phebe, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 16 Jul 1951.  
    Teeters Jay, heir of Luke Selly, Gdn Alonzo F Strong. Filed 12 May 1903.  
    Thomas Eliza M, Gdn Myron Baker. Filed 24 Apr 1925.  
    Thomas Gerald, Judith, heirs of Myra R Thomas, Gdn G Edgar Thomas. Filed 5 Dec 1949.  
    Thomas Gerald E, Anna G, heirs of Lewis E Thomas, Gdn Effa Thomas. Filed 22 Jan 1915.  
    Thomas Morton, heir of Lucinda Thomas, Gdn Adam Engle. Filed 15 Oct 1889.  
    Thomas Nelson, Roscoe, Mamie, heirs of Celia E Thomas, Gdn William S Thomas. Filed 18 Oct 1909.  
    Thomas Raymond D, heir of Henry Thomas, Gdn Susan Thomas. Filed 29 mar 1913.  
    Thomas William H, Gdn Edward E Moorhouse. Filed 28 Oct 1954.  
    Thompson Alice, heir of Joseph Thompson, Gdn Elizabeth Thompson Johnson. Filed 9 Oct 1865.  
    Thompson Elmer, Vada, heirs of Thomas & Mary Teal, Gdn Charles North. Filed 24 Jun 1912.  
    Thompson Sarah, Almeda, Hiram, Barbara, Evelyn, heirs of Sarah Thompson, Gdn Mier State Bank. Filed 27 Oct 1916.  
    Thompson Rose, Gdn Ovia Thompson Ferrell. Filed 3 Mar 1937.  
    Thompson Wilbur, heir of Esther Thompson, Gdn Edwin G Thompson. Filed 17 Nov 1893.  
    Thrapp Ruth, James, heirs of James R Thrapp, Gdn Charles E Fulghum. Filed 25 Oct 1923.  
    Tidd Eva, heir of Leonard G Tidd, Gdn William Bliss. Filed 12 Feb 1866.  
    Tilden Charles R, Gdn Charles Tilden. Filed 26 Oct 1934.  
    Tiller Goerge, Harriet, Mary, Charles, Harry, heirs of Henry Tiller, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 30 Mar 1885.  
    Tincher Dorothea J, Robert L, heirs of Alice Randall, Gdn Floyd Tincher. Filed 19 Jun 1944.  
    Tish Francis M, Gdn E Clark Dusch. Filed 14 Feb 1925.  
    Tish Mae, Gdn Martin H Spangle. Filed 8 Jan 1929.  
    Tish May, heir of Levi Glosser, Gdn Bernard Pullman. Filed 2 Apr 1901.  
    Trask Eveline, heir of Francis Trask, Gdn Carlos R Wiley. Filed 25 Apr 1867.  
    Traster Russell, Ruth, heirs of Charles Traster, Gdn Maurice Groh. Filed 28 Apr 1917.  
    Traxler, Betty J, heir of Carl D Traxler, Gdn Vera Vetter. Filed 8 Jan 1931.  
    Treaster Ann E, Charles, Lewis, Margaret, Franklin, heirs of Frederick Treaster, Gdn Gottlieb Fried. Filed 23 Feb 1875.  
    Treaster Margaret, Gdn Gottleib F Fried. Filed 6 Nov 1883.  
    Treer Robert E, heir of John H Treer, Gdn Hazel F Treer. Filed 16 May 1918.  
    Treesh Howard K, Margaret L, heirs of Chester L Treesh, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 10 Apr 1909.  
    Treuchet Mary M, Gdn Edythe Peters. Filed 10 Mar 1958.  
    Trindle Charles, Mary J, heirs of Harriet Nesbitt, Gdn John Longyear. Filed 2 Jan 1875.  
    Trindle Elizabeth, Washington, Gertrude, Jane, Henry, heir of Matthew Trindle, Gdn Nelson Prentiss.  Filed 20 Dec 1860.  
    Triplett Roscoe C, heir of George Triplett, Gdn Nancy Triplett. Filed 16 Dec 1919.  
    Trittipo Thomas, Gdn George W Kinnison. Filed 5 Jul 1886.  
    Troub Janett, Peter, Jeremiah, heirs of Michael Troub, Gdn Phoebe Troub. Filed 6 Jun 1864.  
    Troub Effie, Laselle, heirs of Susan Troub, Gdn Samuel Brumbaugh. Filed 31 May 1879.  
    Troub Emma, heir of Jacob & Susannah Troub, Gdn Andrew E Whetzel. Filed 20 Sep 1884.  
    Trowbridge Thomas M, Gdn Victor Trowbridge. Filed 13 Jun 1960.  
    Truelove Thomas, Gdn Samuel I Rimmel. Filed 24 May 1940.  
    Turnpower Millie, Gdn Manda Hall. Filed 22 Sep 1950.  
    Trussell Amelia, Wesley, Colbert, heirs of Mary J Trussell, Gdn Nelson Prentiss. Filed 26 Nov 1872.  
    Trussell David, heir of William Trussell, Gdn Jacob Trussell. Filed 13 Feb 1863.  
    Tryon Ella, heir of Violetta Tryon, Gdn Frank Tryon. Filed 29 Oct 1900.  
    Tryon Alice, heir of Erastus Haskins, Gdn Nathan Roberts. Filed 30 Oct 1883.  
    Tryon Isaac, Elizabeth, Jasper, Bruce, Franklin, Phebe, heirs of Ansel Tryon, Gdn John Childs. Filed 17 Jan 1860.  
    Tucker Mary J, Gdn John P Tucker. Filed 13 Sep 1924.  
    Tumbleson Walter, Minnie, heirs of Joseph Tumbleson, Gdn Nancy Tumbleson. Filed 16 Jan 1884.  
    Tumbleston Davis L, heir of Davis Tumbleston, Gdn John Bartley. Filed 19 Jan 1866.  
    Turner Clarence, heir of Marcus B Turner, Gdn Loretta A Smith. Filed 25 Nov 1870.  
    Turner George, Ella, heirs of Mary Turner, Gdn William Cook. Filed 12 Apr 1875.  
    Tuttle John W, heir of William Tuttle late of Clark Co OH, Gdn Elias Jones. Filed 12 Jun 1869.  
    Tuttle John, heir of Nicholas Tuttle late of Clark Co OH, Gdn Elias Jones. Filed 12 Jun 1869.  
    Turck William, Elizabeth, James, heirs of Malinda Turck, Gdn John Turck. Filed 11 Feb 1871.  
    Twining Patricia A, heir of William Twining, Gdn Margaret Twining. Filed 22 May 1944.  
    Tyler Cleo, heir of Elias Tyler, Gdn Matilda E Tyler. Filed 9 May 1911.  
    Tyler Dorene, heir of George Tyler, Gdn Ivy Tyler. Filed 30 Apr 1918.  
    Tyler John, Gdn John H Tyler. Filed 11 Aug 1914.  
    Uhden Sophia, John, Caroline, heirs of Augustus Uhden, Gdn John Leibrandt. Filed 16 Jan 1860.  
    Uhl Daniel, Gdn Walter F Tyler. Filed 12 Apr 1956.  
    Uhl John, Elizabeth, Daniel, Albert, heirs of John Ross, Gdn George Uhl. Filed 21 Jun 1893.      
    Umberhower Adrian F, Gdn Emmitt A Smith. Filed 10 Jun 1939.  
    Underwood Clara, heir of David Koons, Gdn James M Underwood. Filed 9 Oct 1900.  
    VanAman John, Mary, Nina, heirs of Frank VanAman, Gdn Mary A VanAman. Filed 5 Feb 1938.  
    VanBuskirk Franklin, heir of John & Mary Bradley, Gdn John VanBuskirk. Filed 14 May 1884.  
    VanBuskirk John, Mina, heirs of Margaret VanBuskirk, Gdn John H Guthrie. Filed 9 Jan 1890.  
    Vance Ida J, Gdn Harriett Watson. Filed 29 May 1930.  
    Vanderford Lelah, Leon, heirs of Eliza J Vanderford, Gdn Richard C Vanderford. Filed 13 Mar 1880.  
    VanDolick Evelyn, heir of William P VanDolick, Gdn Frances K Weimer. Filed 31 Mar 1960.  
    VanHalst Grace R, Gdn Lester E VanHalst. Filed 13 Apr 1956.  
    Vanover Charles J, Gdn Roy J Jorg. Filed 14 Jan 1963.  
    Varner Albert, heir of Lydia Varner, Gdn William Holsinger. Filed 14 Jan 1890.  
    Vaughn Clyde, heir of John Wolford, Gdn Mary J Pulver. Filed 24 Mar 1904.  
    Vermilyea Anna M, heir of Philip Vermilyea, Gdn Ransom F Wheeler. Filed 27 Oct 1876.  
    Viens Amelia, Gdn Richard H Targgart. Filed 10 Apr 1956.  
    Viens Dolor N, Gdn Richard H Targgart. Filed 10 Apr 1956.  
    Vorhis Maud, Amy, Garfield, Mattie, heirs of Gilman Vorhis, Gdn Leander B Eagles. Filed 19 Nov 1890.  
    Vought Carrie V, heir of Christianna Vought, Gdn John C Vought. Filed 2 Jun 1884.      
    Wadsworth Edwin, Gdn Louis G Ketcham. Filed 1 Nov 1955.  
    Wadsworth Sadie G, Gdn Edwin Wadsworth. Filed 15 Jun 1951.  
    Wagner Gloria J, Gdn Wilmer Weimer. Filed 18 Jan 1963.  
    Waits Eunice, Gdn Forest E Fields, Filed 7 Mar 1928.  
    Waits Sidney, Gdn Forrest E Fields, Filed 7 Mar 1928.  
    Walburn Edward, Gdn Martin Sherwood. Filed 12 Jun 1877.  
    Walburn Emanuel, heir of Lewis Walburn, Gdn Frederick Shoaff. Filed 24 Oct 1864.  
    Walchalk Frank, Gdn Stephen Walchalk. Filed 17 Oct 1917.  
    Walchalk Katharine, heir of John Walchalk, Gdn John Walchalk. Filed 26 Jul 1916.  
    Waldron Cora A, Gdn Hugh A Tipton. Filed 19 Mar 1935.  
    Waldron Harry, heir of Samuel Waldron, Gdn Rachel DeCoursey. Filed 27 Jun 1874.  
    Waldron Lewis, Gdn Jacob A Waldron. Filed 20 Dec 1888.  
    Waldron Marrilla, Clarena, Wilson, heirs of Wesley & Elizabeth Waldron, Gdn John Copeland. Filed 9 Sep 1872.  
    Waldorn Viola, Lilly, Sherman, heirs of Mary L Waldron, Gdn Jacob A Waldron. Filed 12 Oct 1872.  
    Walker Hattie F, heir of Caroline Dull, Gdn Joseph W Gesamann. Filed 15 Mar 1884.  
    Walker John, Charles, Laura, heirs of James S Walker, Gdn Elizabeth J Walker. Filed 6 Oct 1863.  
    Wall Randall, Lyndon, heirs of Robert D Wall, Gdn Joy J Wall. Filed 15 May 1959.  
    Wallace Elmer, Elsie, Hazel, Fred, Walter, Wilber, heirs of Harriet Miller, Gdn Joseph C Kimmell. Filed 11 May 1920.  
    Wallace Sarah E, heir of Richard M Wallace late of Wood Co OH, Gdn John S Myers. Filed 3 Jan 1861.  
    Walters Alma, heir of Ephraim Pippinger, Gdn John Friskney. Filed 13 May 1904.  
    Walters Jane, John, Shew William, heirs of Mary Walters, Gdn Ephraim Walters. Filed 11 Mar 1863.  
    Walters Marion, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 3 Feb 1947.  
    Walters Ruby, Gdn George D Foster. Filed 19 Jan 1944.  
    Walters Willis H, heir of Allen Walters late of VanWert Co OH, Gdn Erastus B Shattuck. Filed 9 Feb 1883.  
    Walterson Polita, heir of Grace Schreffler, Gdn John L McNames. Filed 2 Nov 1939.  
    Waltman Adella, Delbert, heirs of Joseph A Waltman, Gdn Lydia Waltman. Filed 18 Jul 1888. 
    Waltman Effie, Sherman, heirs of Maria Waltman, Gdn Finley C Fuller. Filed 14 Dec 1897.  
    Wanderman Hope, heir of Morris W Wanderman, Gdn Stella H Wanderman. Filed 17 May 1943.  
    Wappes Junior, Paul, heirs of Tonie E Wappes, Gdn Iva M Wappes. Filed 14 Jun 1943.  
    Wappes Ora E, Dorothy E, William P, heirs of Freda L Wappes, Gdn William I Wappes. Filed 20 Feb 1924.  
    Ward Simon T, Gdn Elizabeth Ward. Filed 9 Mar 1891.  
    Warner Dalmar, James, heirs of Alma K Warner, Gdn John Drake. Filed 30 May 1870.  
    Warner Flora, Nathan, Charles, heir of Leonard C Warner, Gdn Thomas Graham. Filed 15 Oct 1879.  
    Warner George, Ellis, Chester, Jennie, Lina, Lila, heirs of Sarah A Warner, Gdn James Warner. Filed 8 Apr 1878.  
    Warner George, Horace, heirs of German Warner, Gdn Joseph Stewart. Filed 27 Jan 1860.  
    Warner Lina B, heir of James & Sarah Warner, Gdn Bela Broughton. Filed 8 Mar 1893.  
    Warner Marion E, heir of Levi D Warner, Gdn James Graves. Filed 4 Mar 1904.  
    Warner William W, heir of William W Warner, Gdn George Parrish. Filed 29 Aug 1866.  
    Watchorn Alton, Gdn Robert Watchorn. Filed 29 mar 1898.  
    Watson Elmer, heirs of Stella M Watson, Gdn Viola E Watson. Filed 1 Mar 1901.  
    Waugh Harvey, Gdn Gertrude Waugh. Filed 5 Oct 1926.  
    Weaver Jay, Gdn Thurlow Weaver. Filed 18 May 1935.  
    Weaver Hattie, Gdn Thomas Miller. Filed 25 Aug 1952.  
    Weaver Minnie, heir of James Wright, Gdn Simon Weaver. Filed 8 Dec 1882.  
    Weaver Noah, heir of Christina Weaver, Gdn Christian Weaver. Filed 21 May 1859.  
    Weber Robert, Donna, Donald, Kenneth, Max, Mary, heirs of Clinton Weber, Gdn Viva Weber. Filed 6 Jul 1935.  
    Webster George, Ira, heirs of John D Webster, Gdn Charles Bartley. Filed 22 Nov 1886.  
    Weddle Jesse, William, Deanna, Mary, Susan, heirs of James Weddle, Gdn James Cunningham. Filed 10 Dec 1867.  
    Weddle Elma, heir of Charles G Vail, Gdn William A Weddell. Filed 20 Nov 1882.  
    Weeks Bert, Bertha, Ervin, Elmer, heirs of William Weeks, Gdn Jacob Favinger. Filed 21 Sep 1892.  
    Weeks Elmer, Emma, heirs of Thomas Weeks, Gdn Charles Campbell. Filed 21 Mar 1891.  
    Weeks Harriet, Gdn Jacob Singrey. Filed 10 Sep 1889.  
    Weeks Opal L, heir of Perry Weeks, Gdn Ethel I Cory. Filed 13 Sep 1922.  
    Wehmeyer Albert, Gdn Julia Wehmeyer. Filed 25 May 1914.  
    Wehmeyer Julia, Gdn Herbert L Weise. Filed 10 Oct 1960.  
    Weigle David, Catherine, Rebecca, heirs of Jacob Weigle, Gdn Thomas Wilson. Filed 12 Feb 1868.  
    Weimer Helen, Gdn Clarence S Weimer. Filed 13 Oct 1933.  
    Weimer Mary, heir of Philip Weimer, Gdn Peter Weimer. Filed 8 Jun 1866.  
    Weingart Elmer, Gdn Waldo Weingart. Filed 1 Nov 1938.  
    Weisenberger Daniel, Amelia, Zedeker Isaac, Ake Frank, heirs of Peter Zedeker, Gdn D S Zedeker. Filed 6 Feb 1873.  
    Welch Silva, heir of William J Welch, Gdn William Kesler. Filed 11 Feb 1867.  
    Welker Elenora, Gdn Blanche Liniger. Filed 22 May 1935.  
    Weller John, Virgil, heirs of George H Weller, Gdn Mary E Weller. Filed 11 Sep 1911.  
    Weller Russell O, heir of Harry J Weller, Gdn Frances Weller. Filed 17 Jan 1924.  
    Wells Jerry, Gdn Clarence A Wells. Filed 8 Aug 1963.  
    Wells William, Gdn Wilma M Clouse. Filed Feb 11 1953.  
    Wenger Samuel, David,  heirs of Christian Wenger late of Wayne Co OH, Gdn George Boller. Filed 29 Jan 1870.  
    Werker Charles A, Gdn Kenton Werker. Filed 10 Oct 1963.  
    West Naomi, William, George, heirs of William H West & Ann Ogden, Gdn Austin Jennings. Filed 16 Apr 1863.  
    Weston Sophonia, John A, heirs of John E Weston, Gdn Henry Willits. Filed 9 Oct 1878.  
    Wheeler Catherine L, heir of Wallace E Wheeler, Gdn Mary R Wheeler Blackman. Filed 19 Apr 1919.  
    Whitcomb Mary, Maria, Margaret, heirs of Michael Whitcomb, Gdn William C Childs. Filed 9 Jun 1865.
    White Ann E, Elizabeth, George, heir of George A White, Gdn John G Galbreath. Filed 26 May 1896.  
    White Mary, Wilson, heirs of Jane & Westly White, Gdn William M Clapp. Filed 7 Feb 1860.  
    White Laura, heir of Sophia White, Gdn Franklin Saltzgaber. Filed 2 May 1874.  
    White Winnie I, Gdn George L Rulison. Filed 7 May 1962.  
    Whitford Clara, heir of Noah H Whitford, Gdn Loretta R Holbrook. Filed 6 Jan 1870.  
    Whitford Elizabeth, Gdn Herbert Hole. Filed 10 Feb 1912.  
    Whitford Mary, Clayton, heirs of Lucy M Whitford, Gdn Dail E Seagly. Filed 1 Apr 1922.  
    Whitford Nellie, heir of Jennie Whitford, Gdn Henry L Holbrook. Filed 20 May 1887.  
    Whitman Clinton, Arabelle, Emily, Sarah, Mary, heirs of Samuel Whitman, Gdn Henry D Stewart. Filed 23 Jan 1866.  
    Wilden Henry, Ellen, Agnes, heirs of John Wilden, Gdn Katharine Wilden. Filed 4 Mar 1859.  
    Wiley Bertha, Louise, heirs of Charles Wiley, Gdn Kittie Wiley. Filed 4 Nov 1898.  
    Wiley Carrie B, heir of Andrew Wiley, Gdn Francis M Stage. Filed 23 Aug 1878.  
    Wiley David, Rosa, Elsie, Robert, Elizabeth, heirs of David A Wiley, Gdn Ellen Wiley. Filed 24 Mar 1866.  
    Wiley Donnabell, Frank, heirs of Marie P Green, Gdn Judd Wiley. Filed 12 Dec 1934.  
    Wiley Marlene, Gdn Bonny L Ramer. Filed 2 May 1963.  
    Wiley Robert, Gdn Doris Parker. Filed 24 Mar 1944.  
    Wilks Mary, Sophia, Minnie, Catherine, Henry, Albert, Emma, heirs of Christian Wilks, Gdn Lusetta Wilks. Filed 19 May 1891.  
    Wilks John, Gdn Catherine Wilks. Filed 27 Jan 1910.  
    Williams Alice H, heir of Hiram E Williams, Gdn Emma J Williams. Filed 27 Dec 1869.  
    Williams Almeda, heir of Matthew Williams, Gdn Jacob Messemore. Filed 4 Jun 1864.  
    Williams Avilla, heir of Enos R Williams, Gdn Edward B Spencer. Filed 9 Aug 1886.  
    Williams Charles, Gdn George L Foote. Filed 20 Oct 1911.  
    Williams Cuba, heir of Ezra W DePew, Gdn George L Foote. Filed 21 Jun 1911.  
    Williams Jane, heir of James L Halferty, Gdn Freeling Gaff. Filed 8 Feb 1896.  
    Williams John, Mary J, heirs of Josephine H Williams, Gdn Frank J Mills. Filed 3 Oct 1939.  
    Williams Maude, heir of Charles Williams, Gdn Ella Bickel. Filed 14 Nov 1904.  
    Williamson Claud, Alyce, heirs of Memory Williamson, Gdn Nancy E Breeden. Filed 30 Mar 1908.  
    Williamson Henry, Cornelia, Given, heirs of Benjamin F Williamson, Gdn Adam G Gibson. Filed 6 Feb 1869.  
    Williamson Melvin, heir of Daniel E Williamson, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 14 Dec 1931.  
    Willets Effie, heir of John Gragg, Gdn Allen H Willets. Filed 24 Nov 1880.  
    Wilmer Otto, Gdn Esther M Wilmer. Filed 23 Sep 1945.  
    Wilson Almira, Mary, Jane, heirs of Andrew Wilson, Gdn Lawrence P Jacquay. Filed 21 Dec 1867.  
    Wilson Clara, heir of Eliza Wilson, Gdn Willis Nodine. Filed 16 Apr 1873.  
    Wilson David, heir of Elvira Reed, Gdn Richard Frost. Filed 13 Feb 1873.  
    Wilson John A, Gdn Clara Zumbaugh. Filed 22 Jun 1940.  
    Wilson Olivia, Gdn Ernest L Calbeck. Filed 6 Jul 1948.  
    Wilson Rebecca, heir of Jesse Wilson, Gdn Joseph P Repine. Filed 12 Mar 1863.  
    Winebrenner William, Marjorie, Ilene, Vesta, heirs of Solomon Winebrenner, Gdn Vadie Winebrenner. Filed 13 Mar 1928.  
    Winger Samuel, David, heirs of Christian Winger, Gdn Mary Winger. Filed 16 Mar 1869.  
    Winget Ziba, heir of Joshua Winget, Gdn Richard Reed. Filed 20 Apr 1859.  
    Wirick Rita J, heir of Raymond G Wirick, Gdn Albion National Bank. Filed 21 Sep 1945.  
    Wisel Lewis F, Gdn Samuel A Wisel. Filed 19 May 1931.  
    Wiseman Dwight, Revah, heirs of Susan Wells, Gdn Orin O Wiseman. Filed 25 Jun 1914.  
    Witmer Hazel, heir of Samuel Witmer, Gdn Josie Witmer. Filed 1 Nov 1917.  
    Witmer William, Martin, heirs of John Witmer, Gdn William Witmer. Filed 6 Jun 1861  
    Witt Henry, Hilda, heirs of Lena Witt, Gdn Kendallville Trust & Savings Co. Filed 9 Jun 1910.  
    Wittmer Cornelia, Gdn American State Bank. Filed 31 Oct 1928.  
    Wittmer John J, Gdn Citizens Bank. Filed 7 Oct 1928.  
    Wolf Alfonso, Alta, heirs of Silas Wolf, Gdn Rebecca Wolf. Filed 5 Mar 1901.  
    Wolf Adrain C, heir of Lawrence Wolf, Gdn Walter Wolf. Filed 22 May 1943.  
    Wolf Carrie, heir of William Simpson, Gdn Henry Wolf. Filed 5 Oct 1880.  
    Wolf Harry, Gdn Trevor C Wolf. Filed 16 Jan 1917.  
    Wolf Hazel, Ethel, Earl, heirs of Henry Wolf, Gdn Sarah E Wolf. Filed 3 Nov 1905.  
    Wolf Jacob A, Gdn Eva L Wolf. Filed 14 Oct 1931.  
    Wolf Janice H, heir of Lawrence Wolf, Gdn Hazel Martin. Filed 17 May 1943.  
    Wolf Josephine R, heir of Hazel M Wolf, Gdn Fonso C Wolf. Filed 7 Oct 1913.  
    Wolf Lewis, heir of Charles Wolf, Gdn Joseph E Knappe. Filed 7 Oct 1889.  
    Wolf Milton, Gdn William H Hassinger. Filed 16 Jan 1917.  
    Wolf Robert, heir of Pearl E Wolf, Gdn Carl Wolf. Filed 31 Jan 1942.  
    Wolf Robert L, heir of Harry Wolf, Gdn Trevor C Wolf. Filed 15 Oct 1943.  
    Wolf Robert, Adrian, Janice, heirs of Lawrence Wolf, Gdn Chester Vanderford. Filed 6 Jun 1936.  
    Wolf Theron, Thomas, heirs of Leonard Wolf, Gdn Jacob Wolf. Filed 9 Feb 1870.  
    Wolff Clara, heir of Philip Wolff, Gdn Herman Krueger. Filed 17 May 1892.  
    Woodcock Arthur H, Gdn Sarah A Woodcock. Filed 17 May 1939.  
    Woods Evelyn, Ernest, Glenn, heirs of Milton Woods, Gdn Kate Woods. Filed 6 Jul 1921.  
    Worden Adilaide, heir of George E Worden, Gdn Amanda E Worden. Filed 18 Oct 1876.  
    Worden Anna, Erwin, heirs of Leonard G Worden, Gdn William E Worden. Filed 1 May 1879.  
    Worden Rosette, Jeanett, heirs of Leonard G Worden, Gdn George E Worden. Filed 7 Nov 1859.  
    Wright Clyde, Gdn Campbell & Fetter Bank. Filed 6 Sep 1961.  
    Wright Donald, Gdn Metta Wright. Filed 21 Apr 1955.  
    Wright Elta I, Gdn C Neil Wright. Filed 3 Dec 1962.  
    Wright John, heir of John B Wright, Gdn Fordis H Harlan. Filed 28 Jan 1922.  
    Wright John B, Gdn Fordis H Harlan. Filed 3 Jun 1922.  
    Wright Linda L, heir of Hollis E Wright, Gdn Fern Wright. Filed 5 Oct 1960.  
    Wright Mary E, Gdn Ira Wright. Filed 1 Dec 1952.  
    Wrigley Roy F, heir of Lutie Wrigley, Gdn Luke Wrigley. Filed 6 Sep 1889.  
    Wyland Vernie, heir of Sarah M Wyland, Gdn J C Wyland. Filed 15 Sep 1896.  
    Wysong Allen, Rebecca, Benjamin, Emma, Jennie, heirs of Matthew Wysong, Gdn Henry L Busz. Filed 10 Jun 1875.  
    Yeakey Margaret, John, Franklin, heirs of John Yeakey, Gdn David Law. Filed 3 Feb 1869.  
    Yeiser Catherine, heir of Michael Yeiser, Gdn John Yeiser. Filed 14 Feb 1868.  
    Yeomans France, Burt, Addie, Annie, heirs of Ruth Cain, Gdn Melissa L Yeomans. Filed 30 Nov 1886.  
    Yockey Phillip, heir of William Yockey, Gdn Frederick Wirth. Filed 1 Jan 1866.  
    Yoder Silva, Evaline, Lena, heirs of Levi E Yoder, Gdn Barbara E Yoder. Filed 6 May 1897.  
    Young Bert, Waldo, heirs of Elmina Young, Gdn Viva Young. Filed 19 Sep 1921.  
    Young Daisy, heir of Zachariah A Young, Gdn James McBride. Filed 30 Mar 1900.  
    Young Donald E, heir of Oliver Moore, Gdn Fred M Young. Filed 27 Sep 1930.  
    Young Dorothy E, Gdn Albert N Hutchins. Filed 12 Nov 1941.  
    Young Henrietta, Gdn Community State Bank. Filed 29 Oct 1957.  
    Young Lloyd, Mary, heirs of Fred M Young, Gdn Flossie M Young. Filed 5 Sep 1946.  
    Young Maude M, Gdn Albert N Hutchins. Filed 12 Nov 1941.  
    Young Michael, Patrick, Jeffery, Dianne, James, heirs of Carl G Young, Gdn Mary E Young. Filed 12 Jan 1959.  
    Young Minerva, John, Frederick, Lydia, Catharine, Caroline, heirs of Samuel Young, Gdn Michael Bouse. Filed 16 Mar 1874.  
    Young Sue, Jack, heirs of Edward O Young, Gdn Deloruse Young. Filed 21 Oct 1958.  
    Zaucha Ronald, heir of Edward H Zaucha, Gdn Pearl Rhodes. Filed 3 Jan 1949.  
    Zellers Elizabeth, Gdn Wilmer P Weimer. Filed 14 Aug 1941.  
    Zellers Flossie, Gdn Wilmer P Weimer. Filed 25 Sep 1950.  
    Zider Margaret E, heir of John Zider, Gdn George Bender. Filed 18 Oct 1867.  
    Zigler Eliza, Gdn Samuel M Baird. Filed 13 Mar 1907.  
    Zigler Nancy, Theodora, heirs of Henry Zigler, Gdn James C Stewart. Filed 3 Apr 1866.  
    Zimmerman Dan, heir of George Zimmerman, Gdn Vera B Zimmerman. Filed 18 Mar 1954.  
    Zimmerman Elizabeth, heir of John J Zimmerman, Gdn Nelson Prentice. Filed 24 Jul 1866.  
    Zimmerman Mary, Gdn Harry Schramm. Filed 3 Apr 1963.  
    Zink John I, Gdn Charles Fraze. Filed 20 May 1954.  
    Zirkel Mona, Gdn Margaret Miller. Filed 18 Mar 1963.
    Zollinger Latta, Alpheus, heirs of Alpheus I Zollinger. Filed 21 Sep 1901.  
    Zonker Elizabeth, Gdn Leon Hutchings. Filed 12 Nov 1954.  
    Zonker Emory, Norma, heirs of Emma Zonker, Gdn Harmon C Krieger. Filed 11 Apr 1910.  
    Zumbrum Gene, Edith, Ken, heirs of Cleta M Zumbrum, Gdn Elza J Harlan. Filed 1 Mar 194

Noble Notes: Good old days are memories with the pain forgotten.