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Waddell Elmer, 40, died at his home in Rome City Monday of typhoid pneumonia. He formerly resided in Brimfield and was a cousin of Alva and Milton Hostetter of this city. About one year ago his wife died and he is survived by 2 brothers, William, who lives on a farm, and another brother who is in the west. Obsequies were at the Free Baptist Church in Rome City this forenoon. Democrat 2-13-1908
Waddell Tighlman died at Brimfield December 21, 1889. He was the son of Andrew Waddell. Funeral was at the M. E. Church on Tuesday. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 1-8-1890
Waddell William, 82,a former resident of Kendallville, died at the county infirmary on last Saturday from apoplexy. Several weeks ago he became demented because he was compelled to make his home in the institution and attempted suicide by slashing at his throat with a small pen knife. He apparently recovered and in a few days went to Kendallville to make his daughter, Mrs. J. S. Mulholland a visit, but he remained there a short time. It is the consensus of opinion that owing to his enfeebled condition the trip from Kendallville to the infirmary hastened his death. While the daughter is in comfortable circumstances, it is said, yet she refused to provide interment for his remains in the Sweet Cemetery, as was her father’s wish, and he was given burial in the county infirmary cemetery at the expense of the county. Democrat 5-8-1913
Wade - The babe of Mrs. Wade that was taken to the orphan’s home from here sometime ago, died last Saturday. Democrat 11-22-1900
Wade George died of heart failure Saturday. Funeral was Tuesday. Burial, Ligonier cemetery. Democrat 8-3-1899
Wade Vernon Lee, the only child of John and Amanda Wade, died at the residence of his grandparents, E. Guthrie and wife, in LaOtto, August 31, 1902, aged 12 years, 6 months and 7 days. He was born in York Twp, one and one-half miles south of Albion, February 24, 1890. Funeral was at the Wesleyan Church in LaOtto September 2. Democrat 9-11-1902
Wade William Albert (Red), who was stabbed at Goshen January 2 by Peter O’Neil, died at his home in South Milford last Thursday. The wound in the abdomen did not heal properly and an operation was performed the previous Friday. He leaves a wife and children. O’Neill, who is serving an indeterminate sentence of from 2 to 14 years in the state prison at Michigan City, will in all probability be returned from Michigan City and tried on the charge of murder. Democrat 9-3-1903
Wadsworth Margaret, 80, a former resident of Kendallville, died at the home of her son, Niles, in Kalamazoo Monday. She was the widow of William F. Wadsworth, who died in 1873. He was the son of Elihu Wadsworth, a pioneer of Noble County. For the past 20 years, she had lived with her son and daughter in Kalamazoo. She is survived by the son and a daughter, Mrs. L. K. Isbell, both of Kalamazoo. The remains were brought to Kendallville where the obsequies were held Thursday. Democrat 5-27-1920
Wadsworth William, 40, died at the residence of Elihu Wadsworth near Kendallville on the 18th of consumption. He was the son of Elihu Wadsworth and brother of H. E. Wadsworth, editor of the LaPorte Argus. New Era 1-30-1873
Wagner Amelia, 67, a lifelong resident of Kendallville, died January 5 at her home in that city from complications resulting from a fall three years ago. 1-5-1938
Wagoner Amos, 60, died in the penitentiary at Michigan City one day last week. He was sentenced to the penitentiary from this county from 2 to 14 years, October 13, 1898, on the charge of forgery. He was arrested by Marshal Vondersmith of Ligonier. Democrat 8-28-1902
Wagoner Mary A, wife of Daniel Wagoner of Ligonier, died April 22, aged 73 years, 3 months and 22 days. Democrat 5-2-1901
Walburn Charles Orvis was born in Whitley County March 27, 1870 and died at Wolf Lake November 17, 1903, aged 33 years, 7 months and 20 days. He was the 9th of a family of 10 children of Robert and Harriet Walburn, the father and 7 children having passed on before. Two brothers, Frank of Montpelier, Ohio, and Alleary at Montpelier, Ind. survive. He married Mary Magdalene Miner March 16, 1897. They had 3 children, the 2 youngest and the mother preceded in him death. Little Aubrey is left. Funeral was at the Free Will Baptist Church at Wolf Lake. New Era 11-25-1903
Walburn Edward, early pioneer of Noble County, died at the home of his son in Avilla, April 12, 1902, aged 83 years, 7 months and 15 days. He was born in Virginia, October 27, 1818 and married Mary Sherwood in 1853. They had 10 children, 2 of whom with their mother are deceased. He came to Indiana in 1834 and lent his assistance in clearing up the forests. Funeral was at the Burr Oak Free Baptist Church Tuesday. Burial, Sanford Cemetery. Democrat 4-17-1902
Walburn Edward Mrs. of Green Twp - funeral was December 22. Burial at Noblesville. Democrat 12-30-1891
Walburn John Mrs. died Sunday. Funeral will be today at the Free Baptist Church. Wolf Lake Trolley 2-21-1907
Walburn Mina L was born near Burr Oak March 26, 1871, the daughter of Jesse and Melinda Busz. There were 4 children in the family, all of whom with the parents preceded her in death, except one brother, Cleve Busz of Richmond, Indiana. She married Edward H. Walburn June 15, 1891. They had 3 children, a son, Otto is deceased; 2 daughters survive, Mrs. Orville Strouse of Wolf Lake, and Mrs. Bryan Fell of near Albion. There are 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. In 1907 she became a member of the United Brethren Church at Green Center. She died September 11, 1946. Services were at Burr Oak Baptist Church September 13. Burial, Christian Chapel. American 9-19-1946
Walburn Ned of Green died at the home of his son, Ed, in Avilla last Saturday. Burial at Burr Oak Tuesday. Democrat 4-17-1902
Waldhart - School closed on the 9th on account of diphtheria. A child of Mr. Waldhart’s died from this disease and several others of the family are suffering from it. Democrat 11-18-1885
Waldron Annie (Raubert) died at the home of her brother, Jacob Raubert, in Ligonier, October 13, aged 71 years, 2 months and 14 days. She had lived in Bryan, Ohio, for a number of years but took up residence with her brother soon after the death of her husband in March. Democrat 10-24-1912
Waldron Burney, 78, of Wolcottville, died April 12 at Grace Hospital at Fort Wayne. Three sons survive, Captain Norman of the Philippine Islands, Arthur of Wolcottville, and Russell of Detroit; 3 grandchildren and a brother, William of Kendallville. Funeral will be April 14. Democrat 4-14-1938
Waldron Harrison, formerly a resident of Orange Twp for a number of years, but of late living in LaGrange County, died in Brimfield at the home of his sister, Mrs. George Hilliard on December 3. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 12-13-1900
Waldron Harry was born in Brimfield September 1874 and died July 12, 1901, aged 26 years, 9 months and 23 days. He was an employee of the section gang of the Lake Shore Railway and was at work at the time he was killed in a train accident. He apparently stepped in front of a train in attempts to rush to the scene of a fire which had broken out on the east right of way. The funeral was held in the U. B. Church Sunday. Burial, Osborne Cemetery. He leaves a father and 2 brothers. Democrat 7-18-1901
Waldron Orval Mrs., 38, Elkhart Twp, died at her home 4 miles northeast of Albion Tuesday from asthma and heart trouble. She is survived by a husband, one daughter, one son, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Marshall of Brimfield, and 2 brothers. Obsequies were at the United Brethren Church in Brimfield Thursday. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 10-24-1912
Waldron Sarah A, 63, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Misner at Wakarusa July 5 from dropsy. Funeral was in Brimfield Thursday. Five children survive. She was the mother of Orval Waldron of Brimfield. Albion Democrat 7-13-1899
Waldron Uriah was born April 19, 1843 and died at his home in Brimfield February 18, 1908, aged 64 years, 11 months and 29 days. He married Margaret Baughman, who died October 10, 1872. He married Mary Whitcomb who died in 1899. To the latter union, 3 sons were born, Harry, who was killed by a train at Wawaka July 12, 1901, Ernest and Carney who survive. He was a member of the United Brethren Church and a charter member of Brimfield lodge Knights of Pythias, No. 520. Surviving are 2 sons, one granddaughter, 4 sister and one brother. Funeral was at the United Brethren Church at Brimfield last Thursday. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 2-27-1908
Waldron William was born in Rockland County, New York, June 128, 1816; and died at his home near Cosperville January 5, 1908, aged 91 years, 6 months and 17 days. He came with his father’s family to Delaware County, Ohio in 1817, and in 1836 to Noble County and located where he continued to make his home until death. He married Leah Wendell on August 15, 1845. They had 5 daughter and 3 sons. Three died in infancy, and one, Mrs. John J. H. Johnson, in middle life. He was one of a family of 7 sons and one daughter, all of whom preceded him in death. His ancestry came from Holland in colonial days and settled at Harlem, New York and was prominent in the early history of the colony and state. In the large history of Harlem, the history of prominent members of the family covers over 80 pages. Here, his father, Jacob Waldron, was born and in early manhood served 5 years in the regular army, mostly at Stony Point, 40 miles north of the city made famous for its capture by Mad Anthony Wayne. In 1812 he again placed his life in the balance in favor of his county’s integrity. Funeral was at the home January 7. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 1-9-1908
Walker - Rev. Rendel was called to preach the funeral of the little son of Theodore Walker and wife of Burr Oak. Democrat 12-6-1900
Walker - A child of George Walker was buried last Sunday. Democrat 8-22-1883
Walker Amelia of Kendallville died Saturday. She was the mother of the late George Walker who was widely known as the heavy man of Noble County, weighting at one time over 400 pounds. New Era 7-28-1909
Walker Ella was found dead at her home by Jr. J. L. Tierney and Mrs. Harold Richard. Death was due to heart trouble. American 10-3-1946
Walker Gabriel, Morrow County, died on Wednesday of last week. He was a brother of John Walker of this city, Mrs. Elvina Hoffman of Jefferson Twp and Henry Walker of Elkhart Twp. Democrat 2-22-1900
Walker George, 81, 315 E. Vine St., a 4-year resident of Kendallville, died this morning in McCray Hospital. Born April 5, 1877 to Charles and Florence Crow Walker, he married Emma Tunk November 7, 1900. She preceded him in death. A son, Myrl, of the Vine St. address, and 3 grandchildren survive. 2-10-1959
Walker George Washington was born in Noble County February 22, 1850; died October 3, 1899, aged 49 years, 7 months and 11 days from general fatty degeneration. He married Amelia A. Guettler, March 30, 1873. they had 3 children, Lillian, deceased, Charles, and Mabel. He leaves a wife, 2 children, a father, one sister and 2 brothers. He was the largest man in Noble County. In his boyhood days his weight was not above the ordinary but about 20 years ago he began to increase in weight. He was unable to labor to any extent. His weight at death was in the neighborhood of 500 pounds and previous to his sickness exceeded that figure. Funeral was at the residence today. On account of not being able to get the casket in the house, the obsequies were held in a tent adjoining the residence. About 600 attended. He was a member of the Free Baptist Church at Cosperville. Burial, Wright Cemetery. Albion Democrat 10-5 & 12-1899
Walker Hannah, daughter of George and Pernelliper Gantz, was born in York County, Pennsylvania, November 18, 1826. When 10 years of age she moved with her parents to Richland County, Ohio. She married Israel Walker there on April 22, 1847. They had 6 children, Mrs. Mary Marshall of Brimfield, George of Ligonier, Cornelius of Albion, John of Wawaka, Charles and Mrs. Alice Rule of Albion. In the fall of 1847 she and her husband moved to this county where they settled on a farm in Elkhart Twp and resided there 35 years. He died July 6, 1882. She and her son, Cornelius and daughter Alice continued to reside on the farm. About 3 years ago, owing to the marriage of her daughter, with her son, moved to this city in the spring of 1904. She died August 28, 1909, 82 years, 9 months and 10 days. She was a member of Mount Salem Baptist Church. She leaves 4 sons, 2 daughters, one brother, John Gantz of Argos, Ind.; 2 sisters, Mrs. Caroline Humpsbaugher of this city, and Mrs. Cassie Rhinehart of Woodview, Morrow County, Ohio; 9 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Obsequies were held in the home. Burial, Wright Cemetery. Democrat 9-16-1909
Walker Ruth L, 47, wife of Myrl Walker, died yesterday at her home at Skinner Lake. She formerly lived in Fort Wayne. Surviving are the husband; her mother, Mrs. Rosella Lehman, Fort Wayne; 3 sisters, Mrs. Glenn Vaughn and Mrs. Peter Hilty, Fort Wayne, and Mrs. John Baker, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 2 brothers, Curney and Kenneth Smith, Fort Wayne; a half-sister, Mrs. Glenn Dager, Fort Wayne; and a half-brother, Melvin Lehman, in Germany with the U. S. Army. Funeral Monday in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament. Burial, Rose Hill Cemetery. 11-25-1955
Walling James Alfred, about 28, formerly of Kendallville, died at his home in Brooklyn, N.Y. last Sunday. He leaves a wife and one son. Democrat 6-6-1901
Walter Charles T, 52, a resident here 40 years, was found dead in bed in his home on State Road 3 about 1 ½ miles south of Kendallville Sunday. He had undergone surgery Feb. 1 but had recovered satisfactorily. He was distributor for the Day Oil Co. of Edgerton, O., the past 12 years and had been in the oil business here the past 30 years. Born in Stroh, he lived in South Milford as a boy. He was a member of the local Masonic Lodge. Survivors include the widow, Norma; 2 sons, Charles A., at home, and Trevor, Kendallville; a daughter, Mrs. Belva Jean Getts, Fort Wayne; a brother, Russell, Cedarville; 2 sisters, Mrs. Gratia Fluke, Big Long Lake, and Mrs. Doris Bishop, Fort Wayne; and 3 grandchildren. Funeral Tuesday at L. E. Berhalter & Son Funeral Home. Burial, South Milford Cemetery. 3-4-1956
Walter Katie, oldest daughter of M. Walter and wife of this place, died while shopping in the Fair store in Chicago. Funeral Friday at the Evangelical Church. Albion Democrat 9-14-1899
Walters Isaac and Wash. Vanator went rabbit hunting; and having holed 2 rabbits, Vanator went after a gun. When he returned he accidentally shot Walters, who died from the effect of the wounds. Democrat 12-21-1892
Walters Lucy, 40, wife of Ray Walters of Avilla, died at the Lakeside Hospital Wednesday following an operation. Surviving are the husband; a daughter, Marjorie; a son, Arnold; her mother, Mrs. Anna Rauh; 3 sisters, Mrs. Mary Berkes, Mrs. Bess Huelsenbeck and Mrs. Edith Herberger. Funeral Friday at Mount Pleasant Church. Burial, church cemetery. Democrat 4-21-1938
Waltman Joseph A was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, November 19, 1829, and died in Noble County July 29, 1887, aged 57 years, 8 months, 10 days. His parents died when he was a boy. When about 14 he moved to Ohio and remained there about 7 years. He then lived in St. Paul, Minnesota about 3 years. From there he came to Noble County where he purchased the farm where he lived until death. On September 6, 1864 he married Lyida Bushong, who with 4 children survive. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church February 13, 1883 and was treasurer of the board of trustees of Summit Society at time of death. Democrat 8-3-1887
Waltman Mariah (Mullen) was born in Licking County, Ohio, May 30, 1840; died at her home in Noble County October 21, 1890, aged 50 years, 4 months and 21 days. She came with her parents to Noble County in 1844. She married Emmet W. Waltman February 21, 1857. They had 10 children, 2 of whom preceded her in death. Funeral was at M. E. Church in Wolf Lake. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 10-29-1890
Ward John H was born in Knox County, Ohio, April 5, 1837, and died at Greensboro, Ga., July 16, 1899, aged 62 years, 3 months and 11 days. He leaves a wife and 4 children, Mrs. Merritt Sweet of Jefferson Twp, Mrs. Frank Marks of Albion, Marion Ward of Fort Wayne, and Homer Ward who is employed by Willis Foster of Jefferson Twp. His brother, S. T. Ward, left Monday for Greensboro to look after business affairs and accompany Mrs. Ward to this city. Albion Democrat 7-20-1899
Ward John H of Kimmell died February 5, 1899 of grip complications. He settled here in 1856. He was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, July 10, 1829. He married Lucinda Foster in 1851. The widow and one daughter, Mrs. John White, survive. He was the foster father of Mrs. J. H. Cook of Mentone, Ind., and Willard Swigert of Chicago. Funeral was at Sparta Church Tuesday. Albion Democrat 2-9-1899
Ward Simon T was born March 15, 1843 in Knox County, Ohio. At the outbreak of the Civil War he joined Co. G., 43rd Regiment, Ohio Volunteers Infantry, being enrolled on December 23, 1863. He became a corporal and served until his honorable discharge on July 3, 1865. He later came to Indiana where he married Elizabeth Edwards. They had one son, Alexis, who with Mrs. Ward, preceded him in death several years ago. He is survived by one grandson, Paul Ward of Fort Totten, N.Y. For many years he was an Albion shoemaker, later running a store. He was active in the G.A.R., having much to do with the procuring of pensions for soldiers and soldiers’ widows. He was a member of the Albion Lodge No. 97 F. & A.M. He died September 29, 1931, being 88 years, 6 months and 14 days. Funeral was at the home October 2. Burial, Union Cemetery. 9-29-1931
Warner Mary J of Ligonier died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. A. Parsons, in that city July 15, aged 73 years, 11 months and 16 days. She was a resident of Ligonier for about 8 years, having come there with her husband from Oneida County, N.Y. He was killed about 5 years ago in an accident in the Mier Carriage Factory. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Democrat 7-25-1901
Warner Minnie died at her home last Thursday south of Avilla. Burial Sunday at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. New Era 11-6-1946
Warner Theodore, of Swan, of whose death we made note last week, was born in Otsego County, N.Y., October 13, 1832; died at his home in Swan January 12, 1903. He leaves a wife, 4 daughters and 2 sons. Funeral January 15 in Swan M. E. Church. Burial, Swan Cemetery. Democrat 1-15-1903
Warner Winthrop died at Ligonier November 30, 1895, aged 78 years, 10 months and 25 days. Democrat 12-14-1895
Waters Edward, 32, a tenant on the W. H. Huston farm near Brimfield, died Sunday of heart trouble. He leaves a wife and 4 children. Funeral Tuesday at the Wolf Lake Advent Church. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. New Era 8-1-1931
Watson Estella May died December 19, 1899 of puerperal septicenna, aged 19 years, one month and 19 years; residence, Kendallville; single; housemaid; birthplace, Indiana; burial in Lisbon, December 19, 1899. Democrat 12-21-1899
Watson Virginia M, 33, Churubusco, died at St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne Thursday. Born in Avilla, she resided in Churubusco most of her life. She was a member of the EUB Church. Surviving are the husband, Raymond; one daughter, Kathie Jo at home; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merl Leitch; one sister, Mrs. Robert Zolman; 2 brothers, Everett and Paul; and the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Leitch, all of Churubusco. Services Monday at the church. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 6-9-1955
Watt John, 83, early pioneer of Noble County, died at his home in Green Twp Monday of the infirmities of advanced years. Obsequies were held at the Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church Wednesday. He is survived by the widow. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 11-30-1916
Watters John T, about 60, died at his room at the William Swogger home in Kendallville of heart disease, January 16. He was a member of the manufacturing company of Watters Putnam Wheel Co., which recently located there from Sturgis, Michigan. Two sons survive. Democrat 1-26-1923
Weade Woodward, son of Albert and Addie Weade, was born in Noble County, November 1, 1890; and died June 20, 1909, aged 18 years, 7 months and 10 days from typhoid fever. He graduated from the common schools at age 13 and spent 2 years in the Cromwell High School. He leaves father, mother, one sister, Golda, and one brother, Ralph, and Grandma McKee. Funeral Wednesday from the Broadway Christian Church. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 6-28-1909
Weatherwax Charles died at South Bend, where he was taken last week from Wolcottville. Remains were brought to the residence at Wolcottville for funeral Tuesday. Democrat 10-18-1928
Weaver Caroline (Engle) who resided one mile west of Brimfield in Elkhart Twp died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. J. Boate, in this city May 3, 1901 from a complication of diseases. She was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, May 26, 1827 and died aged 73 years, 11 months and 7 days. She married Samuel Weaver September 30, 1846 and they came to Noble County in 1849. They had 4 children. She joined the German Baptist Church in 1855. Obsequies were at the residence Sunday. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. She leaves a husband; one son, N. Y. of Attica; 2 daughters, Mrs. Levi Crume of Brimfield and Mrs. W. J. Boate of this city. Democrat 5-9-1901
Weaver David - funeral near Brimfield Thursday. Burial, Osborne Cemetery. Democrat 7-28-1927
Weaver Elmer Mrs. - E. Sheffler and wife attended the funeral of Mrs. Elmer Weaver near Brimfield Saturday. She was an aunt of Mrs. Sheffler. 1-18-1900
Weaver Franklin B Dr., 86, a dentist in Churubusco for 60 years before failing health forced his retirement in 1956, died Tuesday in his home. He had served on the school board and town board. He was born January 18, 1872 in Wawaka and was a school teacher in Amarillo, Tex., as a young man. He began his dental practice here in 1895 following his graduation from the Northwestern University Dental School. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Hilda Briggs; a son, Joseph H, both of Churubusco; 2 grandsons, 3 great-grandchildren; and a sister, Mrs. Grace Harper, Ligonier. His wife, Katherine, died September 15, 1952. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and several dental associations. Funeral Friday in Sonday Funeral Home. Burial, Eel River Cemetery. 7-29-1958
Weaver George Mrs. died at the home of her parents in Goshen Friday. She had only been married about 2 years and during that time was a resident of Kimmell. New Era 3-21-1906
Weaver Jennie, near Brimfield, died February 21 from complications. She was the widow of Sylvanus Weaver, deceased. Two daughters, Mrs. Teresa Gerver and Mrs. Frances Chapman, of Wawaka, survive. Funeral was at Brimfield U. B. Church. Burial, Orange Cemetery. New Era 2-23-1938
Weaver Leroy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weaver, was born in Noble County December 12, 1887 and died April 20, 1909, aged 21 years, 4 months and 8 days. He is survived by a father, mother, 3 brothers, Walter, Rollo and Faun; and one sister, Ica. Obsequies were at Cosperville Free Baptist Church April 22. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. Democrat 4-26-1909
Weaver Lydia, relict of Jacob Weaver, deceased, residing about one mile west of Brimfield, died Wednesday, aged 69 years, 3 months and 9 days from malarial fever. She leaves 3 sons and 2 daughters. Funeral at the residence Friday. Democrat 9-13-1900
Weaver Mahala, (Dowling) pioneer of Noble County, died at her home in Kendallville on Wednesday, aged 82 years, 6 months and 12 days. She was one of the oldest continuous residents of Kendallville, coming there with her parents from Ohio when a child. She is survived by one son, Eldon. Her father was the founder of the Kendallville Church of Christ. Obsequies will be at the residence Friday. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. Democrat 11-19-1914
Weaver Susannah (Towns) died at her home 2 miles northwest of Brimfield January 10 and would have been 73 years of age on her next birthday, February 11. She was born in Stark County, Ohio and removed to Indiana in 1850. She married Christian Weaver September 20, 1857. They had 5 boys and one girl. Two sons and one daughter preceded her in death. She and her husband united with the German Baptist Brethren Church in October 1854. She leaves a husband; 3 sons, Will, Sylvanus and Wesley; 8 grandchildren, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Funeral at the Dunkard Church Saturday. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 1-11 & 18-1900
Weaver William, 69, died Thursday in Simon Convalescent Hospital, Kendallville. He had been a lifelong resident of Albion until his confinement to a hospital. He is survived by a sister, Mrs. W. M. Shaffer of Kalamazoo, Mich., and several nephews, including Bert Kunkle of South Bend and Albert Kunkle, Elkhart. He was never married; worked for the railroad for several years and was an employee of the Stiefel Grain Co. for some time. Funeral Thursday at Bonham Funeral Home. American 5-23-1940
Weber Leila, 6-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Weber of near Bakertown, died Tuesday from burns received in an accident at the family home when a burning oil lamp fell against her, igniting her clothing. The parents had gone to the barn to do chores and left Leila to care of, her baby brother, Donald, age 11 months. The little girl died a heroine by giving the last bit of her strength in saving the baby, who is suffering minor injuries. It is unknown how the accident happened. Funeral was Thursday. 12-?-1922
Webster Edward Mrs. of South Whitley died July 30 from paralysis. She was a sister of the late Henry C. Stanley of this county. Albion Democrat 8-10-1899
Weddle Abiah died at her residence in Noblesville February 26, 1888, aged 78 years, 1 month and 6 days. Funeral at Christian Chapel. Democrat 2-29-1888
Weeks Charles James was born n Shelby County, Ohio, October 15, 1826, and died November 6, 1908, aged 82 years and 22 days. He came to Green Twp in 1844 and resided on the same farm at time of death. Democrat 8-9-1909
Weeks Charles Mrs., 85, of Kendallville died one week ago Wednesday of a complication of diseases. Democrat 9-26-1901
Weeks Erma Evelyn, youngest daughter of Perry Weeks and wife, died at the home of her parents in Kimmell Wednesday, aged one year and 15 days. She is survived by a father, mother, 4 sisters, Ethel, Orpha, Vest and Vita; one brother, Fred. Funeral was at Sparta Saturday. Burial nearby cemetery. New Era 3-17-1909
Weeks Sherman fell from a bee tree the distance of about 50 feet, breaking his neck and dying. He with John Russell, Simon Cramer and Thomas Storey were at a bee tree on the latter’s farm and Weeks had climbed about 50 feet to where the honey was. This is the fifth brother to meet a horrible death. An elder brother died of lockjaw in the army; Cornelius, who lived in Michigan, swallowed a penny and died from the effects; Thomas, another brother, jumped from a train at the station in this place and was killed; Charles died by taking poison; another brother moved to the west several years ago and has not been heard from since. Two cousins of the brothers were killed on the B&O Railroad at this place. Thomas Dingman was run over by a train a short distance west of this place about 11 years ago and cut to pieces. Howard Campbell, another cousin, was driving over the Orange St. crossing when he was run down and killed by a fast train. Sherman was born in Albion May 27, 1864, the youngest son of Jarrett Weeks. He always resided in Albion and vicinity. He married Emma Weeks April 25, 1869. Funeral was at the residence Tuesday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 9-7-1893
Weeks Thomas had evidently been on the eastbound train returning home and finding that it did not stop here, jumped and in some manner was drawn under the wheels. His body was horribly mangled. The remains were buried in the Albion Cemetery on Monday. He leaves a wife and several children, we believe, who are somewhere in the west. New Era 2-11-1886
Weil Leopold, Ligonier, died Sunday. Funeral Thursday under direction of the Masonic Lodge. Democrat 8-30-1900
Weimer Adam, 84, died at his home northeast of Avilla last Saturday. Funeral was in the Avilla German Lutheran Church Monday. Burial, Lutheran Cemetery. Democrat 7-30-1903
Weimer Byrdie, 29, died at the home of her father, Simon Weimer of Jefferson Twp, 3 miles northeast of Albion Thursday of throat trouble and a complication of diseases. She is survived by her father, 4 brothers, Charles, Frank, William and Thomas of Jefferson Twp; and one sister, Mrs. Lillian Freed, at home. Obsequies were at the Union Church Sunday. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 1-4-1915
Weimer Elmer, 7-year old son of Adam Weimer and wife, died at his home northeast of town last Sunday and was buried from the German Lutheran Church on Tuesday. Democrat 12-17-1903
Weimer Loretta - Funeral was Saturday from the home of Mrs. Ella Kiser in Ligonier. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. Democrat 7-17-1924
Weimer Thomas Mrs. died near Avilla October 13, 1908, aged 53 years, 4 months and 21 days. Democrat 8-9-1909
Weir Harry W was the son of ex-mayor and Mrs. John Weir of this city. He was a member of Company L, 157th Indiana Regiment of the Spanish-American War, serving until mustered out at Indianapolis. He was about 30. A brakeman, he was killed in a train accident at Elyria, Ohio, being crushed between the bumpers of two engines and cut in two just above the hips. Funeral was in the Ligonier M. E. Church Sunday, reportedly one of the largest funerals ever held in Ligonier. Democrat 2-5-1903
Weir John, Ligonier businessman, died in Chicago Friday. He had gone there for treatment. He was a member of the Noble County council. Funeral in Ligonier Tuesday. New Era 12-16-1908
Weirich Catherine H (Hosler) died at her home at 241 92nd St., South Chicago, Ill., December 12, 1908, aged 57 years, 2 months and 24 days. She is survived by a husband, Francis M. Weirich; 2 sons and 3 daughters, Mrs. R. W. Laidlaw, Ores F., Claire of Chicago, Laurel C of Indiana Harbor, and Mrs. E. R. Smith of Los Angeles; 3 brothers and 4 sisters, Levi H. of Indiana, Jacob H. of Arizona, James H. of Washington, Mrs. Jacob Rensch of Michigan, Mrs. Eli Rivir of Marion, Ind., Mrs. Oliver Green and Mrs. Nathan Summers of Green Twp. Democrat 12-21-1908
Weirick - Sarah Smith and Subina Hassinger have gone to Ashland, Ohio, to attend the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Weirick. New Era 11-25-1903
Weirick - Mrs. Henry P. Smith has gone to Londonville, Ohio, to attend the funeral of her father, Mr. Weirick.
Weirick Adam S, 69, died in Lakeside Hospital Wednesday. He came to Kendallville 9 years ago and had been employed by Flint & Walling Mfg. Co. Surviving are 2 sons, Clarence and Leroy, both of Kendallville; and one daughter, Mrs. Bernice Fatheur of Indianapolis; one brother, Jacob, of Kendallville; and one sister, Mrs. Martha E. Gardner of Helmer. Funeral Saturday in a local funeral home. Burial, Fairfield Center Cemetery. Democrat 11-17-1938
Weiscer John Mrs, 84, died at her home in Kendallville Wednesday of last week. New Era 4-11-1901
Weisell David, 70, a former resident of Avilla, died at his home in Fort Wayne on Tuesday. He is survived by a wife and 4 children. 3-16-1909
Weist James Cornelius (Nick), 87, farmer until 5 years ago when he came to Huntington, died Wednesday at the Huntington County Hospital. He was a member of the First Methodist Church. He lived with a granddaughter, Mrs. Ray Clark, Huntington. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Edna Lung, Albion; 8 grandchildren; a brother, Charles, Whitley County; and a sister, Ms. Carolyn Schoeff, Galion, O. Funeral Saturday at Bailey Mortuary. Burial, Lancaster Cemetery. 7-27-1995
Welch Anna (Whiteman), 48, died in Fort Wayne Wednesday. Her first marriage was to John Varner, who died. She then married Hugh Welch. She was very corpulent and death was due to heart failure. She was a sister of Jacob Whiteman, a former resident of Albion but now located in Kendallville. Daily Record 5-7-1903
Welker Isaac, 68, pioneer resident of Washington Twp, died of heart disease at his home March 9, 1915, aged 68 years and 1 month. He was born February 9, 1847, the oldest son of Joseph Welker. He married Mary E. Line October 12, 1893. At the time of death he was changing his clothing to attend the obsequies of a neighbor, the late Mrs. Huber. He is survived by a wife; 4 sisters, Matilda Asher of Chicago, Mrs. Aaron Burnheimer and Mrs. Charles Devine of Etna Twp, Whitley County, and Mrs. Cora Moore of Cromwell. He was a brother of the L. W. Welker of this city. He was a member of the United Brethren Church and the Hecla Lodge of Odd Fellows. Obsequies were at the Salem United Brethren Church March 11. Burial, Salem Cemetery. 3-9-1915
Wells - A son of John Wells of Cromwell died Wednesday. Democrat 3-1-1894
Wells A F Dr died today at Little Rock, Ark. He was founder and until 6 months ago head of the Kendallville Co-operative Hospital. A divorced wife lives in Toledo. 8-18-1917
Welty George, 38, barber of Elkhart, died Wednesday of last week from paralysis. He was born in Ligonier. He leaves a wife, father and 3 brothers. Democrat 3-7-1901
Werker Yangulph Mrs., 65 or 71, died at her home in town last week. She leaves the husband and 7 sons, John of Washington, Will of Iowa, Melvin of Colorado Springs, Co., Harvey of Kansas City, Mo., Charles, Orlo and Wallace of near Cromwell. Funeral was Saturday from the Cromwell Lutheran Church. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 3-24-1927
Wertheimer Abram N, 66, died at his home in Ligonier March 10. He was a senior partner in a seed merchants concern. Funeral was there Thursday. Burial, Jewish Cemetery, Oak Park. Survivors include the widow; a son, Nathan A; a daughter, Mrs. Jane Aurbach; and a grandson, all of Ligonier; a brother, Leon R. of Ligonier; and 2 sisters, Mrs. Samuel Wolf of Fort Wayne and Mrs. Milton Stern of Kalamazoo. American 3-13-1941
Wertsbaugh Samuel, 67, and Thomas W Hite of Ligonier were instantly killed by the Twentieth Century limited train on the west crossing last Monday. Mr. Hite had started to secure the services of a paper hanger to paper his house and reached the railroad crossing just as the freight train was passing. Here he met Mr. Hite and the 2 were so engrossed in chatting they failed to notice the approach of the Twentieth Century Limited. They were both veteran soldiers. He is survived by a wife and 4 children and was the brother of Mrs. Jennie Bidwell of this city. Obsequies were Wednesday. 4-5-1909
Westbay James died at the home of William Randol July 7 and was buried at Mud Corners Monday. Democrat 7-12-1900
Westphal Charles, 50, a cabinet-maker of Kendallville, died Thursday from apoplexy. Until just lately he held a good paying position with Messrs. Berhalter & Bro. Whiskey, however, was his worst enemy, and about all he earned went to the dram shop. His family, a large one, ahs been mostly maintained by the mother. Funeral today. Democrat 7-31-1899
Westler Frank M Mrs. of Wolcottville, but formerly of Kendallville, who lost her mind and was taken to Longcliff Hospital last fall, die there Wednesday. When left alone for a short time she succeeded in making a rope out of her clothing, one end of which she tied to a bar at the window and the other around her neck. She was found soon after in a partly strangled condition. She lingered until the next day. Funeral was July 8 at Wolcottville. Noble Democrat 7-14-1898
Wheeler - The 3-month old child of Charles Wheeler and wife died last Thursday. Burial, Thorn Cemetery. Democrat 4-30-1903
Wheeler - The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler was buried in the chapel cemetery Sunday. New Era 4-7-1915
Wheeler Orlando D, 79, a retired baker, died at his home in Ligonier yesterday. A native of Michigan, he had resided here since 1912. Survivors are the widow, Ertis; 2 sons, Maynard, Goshen, Clifford, Toledo, O.; 4 daughters, Mrs. Robert Garber, White Pigeon, Mich., Mrs. Don Ritter, Cromwell, Mrs. Robert Smith, Goshen, Mrs. Virgil Yoder, South Bend; 15 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; 2 sisters, Mrs. Neva Banks, Mrs. Mabel Goodfellow, both of St. Joseph, Mich. Services will be Saturday in the Christian Church. 5-29-1957
Wheeler Ralph D, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Wheeler residing near Spring Hill Church, died of lockjaw Friday, the result of an accident to his hand 2 weeks previous. He was playing with an old cider press when the accident occurred. The injury was cared for by the family and no though of the dire result was entertained. He was one of 5 children. Funeral at Spring Hill Church Sunday. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. Democrat 1-13-1919
Whittecar Nancy Addie, daughter of Newman and Jane Whittecar was born near Wolf Lake December 26, 1872 and died of pulmonary tuberculosis at Traverse City, Mich., April 25, 1909, aged 36 years, 3 months and 29 days. For several years she has been in the hospital for the insane at Traverse City. She was a member of the Wolf Lake Baptist Church. She was one of a family of 4 children, 2 of whom with the mother preceded her in death. She leaves the father, one brother, Charles of Buckley, Mich., one sister, Mrs. Lily Bates of Acme, Mich. Funeral was at the Baptist Church Friday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 4-25-1909
White Barclay Dr., 54, physician, died from heart failure at this home in Wolcottville March 22. He came to Wolcottville 6 years ago. He was born in Rush County, Ind., in 1873 and graduated from the Kentucky School of Medicine in 1902. He married Ruth Ella Jett in 1906. He is survived by the widow and 2 daughters, Esther at home, and Evelyn, a student at DePauw University. Funeral today. Democrat 3-24-1927
White James O died at Santa Monica, Cal. yesterday, according to a telegram received by his brother, E. J. A former resident of Kendallville, he was engaged in the grocery and bakery business from 1856 until 1870. He leaves a mother, aged 85, who resides in Kendallville, and a wife, 2 daughters, 3 sons and 2 brothers. Albion Democrat 2-21-1901
White Lucinda, 76, widow of George White, former resident of the Kendallville community, died at the home of her son, Harold, in River Rouge, Mich., where she spent several years. Funeral was May 16 at the Church of the Brethren at Cedar Chapel. Burial, chapel cemetery. New Era 5-22-1940
White Michael, aged inmate at the county infirmary, died there Monday from cancer of the neck. He had been there 20 years and his age is not known. It is thought to be in the neighborhood of 90 years. His remains were taken to Avilla Tuesday for interment in the Catholic cemetery. Albion Democrat 8-17-1899
White W J, proprietor of a shoe shop in Avilla, died July 30. He was superintendent of the Sunday School. He leaves a wife. We understand the stock in his shop, tools, etc., are for sale. New Era 8-19-1875
Whiteman Elizabeth (Birch), 60, of Noble Twp died at her home northeast of Ormas last Friday of consumption. She was born in Columbia Twp, Whitley County. She is survived by a husband, Lewis; one son, Stephen; one daughter, Mrs. William Bonar; one sister, Mrs. Catherine Gray, all of Noble Twp; one half-brother, Silas Brown of Etna; 2 brothers, Wilbur Birch of Noble Twp and William Birch of Columbia Twp, Whitley County. Obsequies were at the Ormas Free Baptist Church Sunday. Burial, Ormas Cemetery. Democrat 1-18-1909
Whitmer John, 84, a Civil War veteran, died last Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Buckles (his granddaughter) near Kimmell. He is survived by his wife; one daughter, Mrs. Susan DePew; and 4 grandchildren. Funeral was Saturday at the Brethren Church near Wawaka. Burial, Wright Cemetery. New Era 9-26-1928
Whitmore William, 31, son of Joseph and Harriet Whitmore, formerly of Ligonier, died at his home in Mongo February 2. Democrat 3-1-1915
Whonsetler - Simon and Daniel Whonsetler of Swan Twp last week received the new of the illness of their mother, who resided at Golden Corners, Ohio. They hastened to her bedside and arrived there about an hour before her death, which resulted from pneumonia. Democrat 3-2-1899
Wible Roy E, 73, Kendallville resident 35 years, died today in his home, 424 Pleasant St. A Noble County native, he was a retired humus producer. Born August 23, 1885, he was a son of Cyrus L. and Alvirda Wible. He married Bessie Strouse on October 2, 1906 in Albion. Surviving are the wife; a son, Robert O.; and a daughter, Mrs. Ben G. Courtney, both of this city; and 2 grandsons. He was a member of the First Methodist Church. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 12-22-1958
Wichman Albert, 38, a former resident of Kendallville, died in St. Louis, Mo. last Thursday of typhoid fever. He was a brother of Mrs. C. H. Kiel of Kendallville, and his widow was a Miss Detering, formerly of that city. Democrat 12-17-1903
Wiedman Mary died Sunday at her home in Kendallville from pneumonia. Funeral was Tuesday at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Burial, Lutheran Cemetery near Fort Wayne. She was born January 10, 1859 in Stark County, the daughter of Abraham and Fredericka Beberstein. She married Martin Wiedman on January 18, 1883. Surviving are the husband; 2 sons and 3 daughters, Miss Glendora and Theodore at home; Mrs. John Fritz of near Kendallville; Mrs. Walter Knavel of Saginaw, Mich., and Martin Jr. of Fort Wayne; one brother and one sister, George Beberstein and Mrs. John Engle of Fort Wayne; 15 grandchildren. She was preceded in death by 2 sisters and one brother. Democrat 3-18-1926
Wiel William of Kendallville - funeral Sunday. He was the brother-in-law of Mrs. Linnie Schermerhorn and an uncle of Virgil Todd. American 9-12-1946
Wiggins W F died of heart trouble in Vancouver, Wash., where he had gone to work. His wife was formerly Mary Hawk of this vicinity. 8-?-1928
Wilcox Jedidah, Wolcottville, died one week ago Saturday from consumption, aged 51 years, 6 months and 9 days. He leaves a wife, one son, a mother, one sister and 2 brothers. Democrat 6-12-1902
Wildman Levi L, 71, of Wolcottville, died July 12, 1892. A younger brother of ex-judge Stephen Wildman of Kendallville. Democrat 7-20-1892
Wiley Carlos B Mrs., about 75, died of heart failure at the home of Mayor and Mrs. E. B. Thumma in Garrett last Thursday. She had lived there about 15 years. When her husband was auditor of Noble County they lived in Wolf Lake and Albion. She is survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. E. B. Thumma and Mrs. Nan Grimes. Funeral was at the Methodist Church Sunday. Burial, Stringtown Cemetery beside her husband. New Era 3-30-1909
Wiley David A, last Friday while loading hay upon his farm 4 miles east of Kendallville, fell from a wagon, alighting upon his head and shoulders. He received injuries from which he died on Sunday. Funeral at the resident Tuesday. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. He was a member of the 129th Regiment Indiana Volunteers. Democrat 7-18-1895
Wiley Nora B Newman died at her home in Wolcottville Saturday from complications. Surviving is one son, L. L. Newman of Fort Wayne, and one grandchild. Funeral Monday. Democrat 8-12-1926
Wilk - Mr. and Mrs. William Wilk buried their infant child Friday. Democrat 1-28-1897
Wilk Henry, 85, Wayne Twp, died Saturday at his home northeast of Kendallville. Democrat 3-21-1901
Wilk Lucy, 75, died at her home 5 miles northeast of Kendallville this morning. She was the mother of William and John Wilk of Kendallville. Funeral Thursday in the Lutheran Church. Democrat 2-21-1895
Wilkins John Francis, son of John and Minervia Wilkins, was born in Athens County, Ohio, August 27,1 842; died October 5, 1903, aged 61 years, 1 month and 8 days. Early in his life his parents moved to Washington County, Ohio. In 1862 he enlisted in the service of his country and became a member of Co. B, 66th Regiment, Indiana Infantry and received an honorable discharge at the close of the war in 1865. He then settled at Dunkirk, Ohio and was married to Minervia Blough of Hancock County, Ohio. They moved to Union City, Ind., then to Convoy and to Delphos, Ohio, at which place he and his wife separated. They had 2 children, Marion and Grace. On June 23, 1879 he married Lucy Ann Rathbun of Seamerville, VanWert County, Ohio. They had 4 children, Fannie E., Charles M., Alena Hazel and Daisy Ethel, all of whom with their mother and half-brothers survive. He joined the Disciple Church about 26 years ago. He was a member of G.A.R. Funeral was at Christian Chapel October 7. Burial in nearby cemetery. New Era 10-14-1903
Wilkins John Frederick, son of Maurice and Jennie Wilkins, was born May 6, 1906; died June 15, 1906, aged 1 month and 10 days. He leaves a father and a mother. New Era 6-20-1906
Wilks - Mrs. on Garden St., 76, died Monday of Pneumonia. Democrat 5-10-1900
Willett O D of Bryan, Ohio, while dressing himself Sunday, dropped dead. He formerly lived in Kendallville. Democrat 3-6-1902
Willett O D Mrs. of Bryan, Ohio, a former resident of Kendallville, died in Bryan last Friday of heart trouble. Her husband died about one year ago, since which time she has lived at a hotel. Upon her return from a social event Friday, she died. Noble Democrat 1-22-1903
Willett Willie - Two boys were drowned in a pond in the north part of Kendallville last Friday by breaking through the ice whilst skating. One was Willie H. Willett, aged 8 years and 10 days. The other Charles Witt. New Era 3-16-1876
Williams - The 4-day old baby boy of Mr. and clipping illegible died Sunday last at the home of its grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Williams. He is a B & O conductor and formerly resided in Albion where he was owner of the city dray line. Democrat 1-26-1923
Williams - Mrs., 65, died of inflammatory rheumatism on the 13th. She had been living with her son-in-law, Mrs. George Barlor, for many years. Funeral was at Fogel’s school house on the 15th. New Era 3-22-1879
Williams Belle Dora died at her home in Kendallville on June 9, 1925, aged 69 years, 9 months and 15 days. She was born in Wolf Lake, August 24, 1857, the second daughter of Bella W. and Caroline Richmond Stangland. Her entire life prior to the last 10 years was spent in Wolf Lake. Here she was married on June 1, 1884 to George H. Williams, who died October 27, 1913. They had 2 children, Judd, who lived with his mother in Kendallville, and Mrs. Callie Brown of Jackson, Mich. Also surviving are 2 sisters, Mrs. Isaac Redenbo of Wolf Lake and Mrs. W. L. Gunder of Decatur; and 2 grandsons. Funeral was at Free Will Baptist Church in Wolf Lake. Burial, beside her husband in Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 6-18-1925
Williams Burl, child of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Williams of Wolf Lake, died last Friday. His twin sister, Pearl, survives. Obsequies were in Wolf Lake Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday. Democrat 11-29-1909
Williams Flora Adella (DePew) was born December 6,1 863 at Pleasant Lake, Steuben County, Indiana, and died at her home in Albion October 29, 1909, aged 45 years, 10 months and 23 days. Since infancy she resided at Wolf Lake. Three and ½ years ago she removed to Albion. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church, the Pythian Sisters and the Eastern Star. She was a teacher in the schools of Noble County. She married Albert F. Williams on July 1, 1883. They had 3 boys and 3 girls, 2 dying in infancy. Surviving are the husband, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Zora, the eldest, is married and has 2 children. The others are John, Charles and Cuba. She was the eldest of 10 children, of which family there remain the father and mother, Ezra W. and Hattie DePew; 2 sisters, Lenora and Hutoka; and 3 brothers, Clarence, Evarts and Heber. Two brothers and 2 sisters are dead. Obsequies were held in the M. E. Church of Wolf Lake. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. New Era 11-3-1909
Williams H died at his home 3 miles east and one mile north of Brimfield Tuesday of heart trouble. About 2 weeks ago his wife left him with 2 little children and in destitute circumstances. Funeral was Thursday. Democrat 5-29-1902
Williams Humphrey died. For years he lived as a hermit, having built a small hut in which he lived a solitary life. He took sick when no one knew it. One day one of his neighbors was passing his lonely cabin and heard a deep groaning. He found the aged man in a critical condition and without food. Soon food was brought and as soon as he gained sufficient strength, he was taken to Mr. Rerick’s where he died on the 5th. He buried in the chapel graveyard on the 8th. Disease, diabetes. New Era 12-19-1878
Williams Lou, Kendallville, died last Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Freidline, where he was boarding and rooming, by shooting himself in the abdomen with a 12-gauge shotgun. He was unmarried and is survived by a number of relatives. He had been employed at a number of the meat markets but recently had been working on the sewer. He came to the Freidline home in the afternoon in an intoxicated condition and requested something to eat. He shortly retired to his room and shot himself. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and once before had made an unsuccessful attempt at suicide with poison. He was of a melancholy disposition. Democrat 4-29-1909
Williams Marvel (Henry), 57, wife of J. C. Williams, died Tuesday in McCray Hospital. A resident of Kendallville 56 years, was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, American Legion Auxiliary, OES and Ben Hur Lodge. Surviving are the husband; a son, Duane, Indianapolis; her father, Isaac Henry, Kendallville; 2 grandchildren; 3 brothers, Glen of Kendallville, John of Ligonier, and Floyd of New Albany; and 2 sisters, Miss Vesta of Kendallville, and Mrs. Helen Palmer, Crown Point. Services Thursday in Berhalter-Hutchins Funeral Home. Burial, Greenwood Cemetery, LaGrange. 6-2-1959
Williams Mellie D (Clouse) was born in Albion January 5, 1880 and died at the home of her father in Albion May 9, 1911 from peritonitis, aged 31 years, 3 months and 4 days. She was the daughter of David and Louisa Clouse, one of 4 girls and one boy. One sister, Sylvia, died February 12, 1910, leaving her parents and Walter J., Mrs. Mae Summers and Mrs. Goldie Herron. She married Charles R. Williams February 28, 1897 and they had 3 children, Zenah Ruth, 12, Edith Mae, 10, and Charles Russell, 4. Obsequies Thursday at Christian Chapel. Burial, chapel cemetery. Democrat 5-11-1911
Williams Pearl, former Albion resident, died May 1 at her home in Garrett. Funeral was May 4 at the Garrett Methodist Church. Burial, Union Cemetery there. Surviving are 2 sons, James and Clinton at Garrett; 3 brothers, William and Albert Cramer at Garrett and S. J. Cramer at Jackson, Mich.; 2 sisters, Mrs. Ida Brewster and Mrs. Romeo Walter of Albion. She was born and raised at Albion. Her late husband, James C. Williams, was also a former Albionite. New Era 3-11-1949
Williams Wesley died Saturday. Funeral was at the M. E. Church Tuesday. Burial at Ligonier. Democrat 10-8-1920
Williamson General Mrs., 61, of York Twp died at her home near Eagle Lake last Saturday from cancer of the face. She leaves a husband, 5 children, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. She was a member of the Pleasant Hill Christian Church. Obsequies were at Sparta Christian Church Tuesday. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 12-24-1908
Wilson Alma, daughter of James and Clara Wilson, died at the home of her parents in this city April 10, 1902, aged 8 years, 11 months and one day from whooping cough and pneumonia. She was born in Clay County, Indiana, May 9, 1893. Obsequies were Friday at the residence. Burial, Albion Cemetery. She leaves father, mother, 2 brothers and one sister. Democrat 4-17-1902
Wilson Edith, daughter of John Wilson, living 2 miles north of here, died on Wednesday of last week from cancer of the stomach. Democrat 7-12-1900
Wilson James Robert was born in Stark County, Ohio, June 27, 1852; and died at the home of his brother, William K., at Albion, March 18, 1915, aged 62 years, 8 months and 21 days. He was a member of the United Brethren Church and was for many years a resident of Kosciusko County. Since the death of his companion 7 years ago he has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Floyd Gross of Nappanee. He is survived by the following children, Mrs. Emma Barnes of Packerton, Ind., and Mrs. Floyd Gross of Nappanee, Ind.; also a brother, William K. Funeral was at the United Brethren Church at Claypool, Ind. March 20. Democrat 3-25-1915
Wilson John Mrs. died at her home in Green Twp Sunday from kidney and heart trouble, aged 57 years, 3 months and 19 days. In January 1879 she married John Wilson. They had 2 daughters, Ms. Blanche Geiger and Mrs. Ida Decker of Columbia City. She is also survived by the husband ; one brother, Charles Hickman of Larwill; 4 sisters, Mrs. Anna Gaylord of Dunfee, Mrs. Ellen Rose of Elkhart, Mrs. Serena Benhour and Mrs. Almina Grabill of Michigan. Obsequies were at Merriam Christian Chapel Tuesday. Democrat 10-18-1917
Wilson Mary Jane, 77, R. 3, Albion, died yesterday in Norman Beatty Hospital at Westville where she had been a patient for 4 years. Survivors are 2 sons, Dewey Copeland, Albion, James L. Copeland, Fort Wayne; 7 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Minnie Wilson, Memphis; and one brother, R. W. Gammons, Orlando, Fla. Funeral Friday in Miser Funeral Home. Burial, IOOF Cemetery, New Haven. 3-6-1956
Wilson Samuel - Green Center, Ind., June 8, 1875. Editor Era: I thought I would write a few lines in honor of one of our departed veterans of the Ware of 1812. I allude to Samuel Wilson, who died May 7, 1875 near Webster, Kosciusko County. He was born May 4, 1775, I think a native of Pennsylvania. He lived to the remarkable age of 100 years and 3 days. He told me that he was one of a birth of triplets. He was a pensioner during the latter days of his life, having been a soldier in the marine service of the United States in 1812. He was on board the old ship, Constitution, during her engagement with the British war ship, Guerriere, in which he received a wound in the head from a British cutlass, when boarding the British vessel. He also accompanied the famous expedition of Lewis and Clark across the Rocky Mountains. He could perform more feats of activity at the age of 80 than many of the young men of 25. He was a resident of Green Twp for many years. His wife is still living with her son, John M. Wilson, at Port Mitchell. She has reached the age of 85. Funeral will be on the 3rd Sabbath of the present month at the Dunkard Church south of Noblesville. He was a member of that church. Richard Williams. New Era 6-17-1875
Wilson William G Col. died at his home I Rome City June 20, 1908. 6-20-1908
Winebrenner - S. Winebrenner’s baby was buried last Wednesday. Democrat 11-2-1893
Winebrenner Artie was born April 3, 1878 and died from consumption February 13, 1899, aged 20 years, 10 months and 10 days. She leaves her parents, 4 brothers and one sister. Burial at the chapel yesterday. Albion Democrat 2-23-1899
Winebrenner Cleota, daughter of Doc Winebrenner, a former resident of Wolf Lake and Albion, and for the past few years has resided in Minnesota, died 2 weeks ago Monday. Wolf Lake Trolley 3-14-1907
Winebrenner Henry died at his home in Churubusco September 15, 1901, aged 84 years, 2 months and 11 days from old age. He was born in Blair County, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1817. He married Lucy Edsall of Dark County, Ohio, May 14, 1837. She preceded him in death. He was the father of 7 boys and 2 girls, 4 of whom preceded him in death. The other 5 children, with 29 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren survive. Funeral was in the Merriam Christian Church Tuesday. Burial, chapel cemetery. Democrat 9-19-1901
Winebrenner Ida N, about 87, died August 11, 1959 in the Farris Nursing Home in Columbia City. She resided just south of Burr Oak, 5 miles south of Albion, and was a member of the Christian Chapel at Merriam. Surviving are 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild and one brother. Funeral today in Bonham & Miser Funeral Home. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 4-11-1959
Winebrenner Isaac, one of the pioneers of Whitley County, died at his home in Churubusco on Monday of last week from cancer. Burial, Eel River Cemetery. Democrat 2-8-1900
Winebrenner Luther, little son of Mr. and Mrs. William Winebrenner of near Merriam, died Sunday of cholera infantum. Funeral was Tuesday. Wolf Lake Trolley 10-22-1908
Winebrenner Mandy Jane, 64, was born in Pennsylvania February 13, 1844, and died at her home in Noble Twp July 18, 1907. 7-18-1907
Winebrenner Martin Mrs. - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Winebrenner attended the funeral of Mrs. Martin Winebenner at Wolf Lake last week. Democrat 5-18-1893
Winebrenner Rachel Jane was born in Somerset County, Pa., August 3, 1834. In 1843, she with her parents and 2 brothers, Elick and Frank, moved to Noble County. On January 15, 1852 she married Horace Scarlett, who died August 26, 1 56. They had one child, Greeley. She married Jacob Winebrenner on January 1, 1857. They had 6 children, 2 preceding her in death, Frank M., dying April 16, 1862, and Charles J., February 12, 1896. Surviving are her husband; 5 children, Greeley Scarlett, Hicksville, Ohio, Henry Winebrenner, Mrs. Dora Ott, Mrs. Ella Ott, all of Noble County, and Mrs. Eliza Mills, Shelby, Mich., besides 18 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. She was a member of the F. B. Church at Burr Oak. She died September 14, 1906, at the age of 72 years, 1 month and 11 days. Funeral Monday. New Era 9-19-1906 Wolf Lake Trolley 9-20-1906
Winebrenner Peter Mrs., wife of Rev. Peter Winebrenner, died in the asylum at Logansport. Funeral today at Noblesville. Democrat 9-24-1890
Winebrenner Ruth died Wednesday in a hospital in Toledo, Ohio, where she had undergone an operation. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Zach Baker of Noble Twp and married Ford Winebrenner December 23, 1905. The remains arrived at Brimfield over the Lake Shore Railroad this afternoon and were taken to the home of her parents. Obsequies will be at Burr Oak Sunday. Democrat 1-11-1906
Winebrenner Susan, died, aged 30 years and 14 days, at her home in Albion on November 7, 1887. She was born in Ohio, October 23, 1857 and was married to Daniel Winebrenner April 15, 1875. She was a daughter of Hiram Smith of Noble Twp. She leaves a young son, Ted, the only child. Funeral at the Advent Church at Wolf Lake Wednesday. Burial in the cemetery there. Democrat 11-9-1887
Winegart Gertrude, infant daughter of Sylvester Winegart and wife died Saturday. Cause of death unknown. Democrat 11-22-1900
Wineland Richard Mrs. - Mrs. G. C. Seymoure, E. H. Buckles and wife attended the funeral near Wilmot Thursday. Democrat 7-29-1909
Winstead - Mr. died at his home north of town Sunday. Burial Tuesday at Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 3-1-1900
Wipperman Elfrieda D, 88, died January 5, 1955 at the home of her daughter, Elfrieda Hannah, 4 miles east of Albion. She was a former resident of Chicago and had lived here about 12 years. She is survived by 2 other daughters, Mrs. Valeska Pippenger and Mrs. Hildegarde Slamin, both of Albion; and one brother, Alfred Rollman of Rhineland, Wisconsin. Funeral will be at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Albion Saturday. Burial, Rose Hill Cemetery. 1-5-1955
Wirick Martha L who died at the McCray Hospital was buried at Mount Pleasant one day last week. New Era 10-30-1946
Wischmeier Sadie, wife of Rev. C. C. Wischmeier, Methodist minister, died Monday at her home in New Albany, Ind. where her husband is pastor of the Methodist Church. She leaves the husband; a daughter, Gwendolyn, a member of the class to be graduated at Methodist Hospital next Monday; and a son, Donald, student at DePauw University. Funeral will be Thursday at the Methodist Church in Ligonier. Burial at Ligonier. 5-18-1942
Wise Emma, daughter of Robert Dykes and wife, formerly of Kendallville, died Tuesday in Hawaii. Funeral was from the Foreign Church Wednesday. Burial, Hilo Cemetery. She leaves her husband, a mother and 3 children. She was a member of the Hawaii Chapter OES. Democrat 6-26-1902
Wise Nellie, 18, died from typhoid fever in Hilo, Hawaii on May 4. She was a teacher in the Japanese Sabbath School. She was the daughter of attorney and Mrs. W. S. Wise of Hilo. Mrs. Wise was Emma Dykes, who with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dykes formerly resided in Kendallville. Albion Democrat 6-8-1899
Wise O B Dr., dentist of Ligonier, died last Friday in the Knapp Grocery Store, following a stroke of apoplexy. He is survived by a wife and 3 daughters. New Era 11-4-1914
Wiseman Orrin O Mrs., 44, died at her home 6 miles southwest of Kendallville Sunday from cancer of the breast. She is survived by a husband and 2 children. Short services were held at the home Monday and the remains were taken to Fostoria, Ohio for interment. Democrat 4-26-1909
Witmer Clayton Mrs., about 25, residing 3 ½ miles southeast of Millersburg, died last Thursday of consumption. She was the daughter of Isaac Phillips and wife of Wawaka and leaves a husband and 3 children. Burial, Richville Cemetery. Democrat 7-24-1902
Witt Charles - Two boys were drowned in a pond in the north part of Kendallville last Friday by breaking through the ice whilst skating. One was Charles Witt, aged 12 years and 6 months. The other Willie H. Willett. New Era 3-16-1876
Witt F C Mrs., 49, died at her home in Kendallville last Monday of Bright’s disease and other complications. She had been a resident of Kendallville for the past 20 years. She is survived by the husband; 7 children, Mrs. E. A. Brandeberry of Elkhart, Mrs. John Wright of Allen Twp, Mrs. Charles Whitney of Kendallville, Mrs. C. A. Court, South Euclid, Okla., Pauline, Clifton and Russell at home; a mother, Mrs. Angeline Harding of Corunna; 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Obsequies were at the Evangelical Church last Thursday. 3-15-1915
Wittenbrook F L, 55, formerly of this county, died at his home in South Bend Wednesday from gall stones. He leaves a wife; a son, Elmer; and a daughter, Mrs. C. D. Oviatt. He and his family resided on the J. S. Conlogue farm east of Lisbon several years ago, later residing near Albion and then moving to South Bend. Funeral will be Saturday in South Bend. New Era 2-17-1904
Wolf - Mrs., mother of John, living northwest of town, died last Monday. Funeral at German Lutheran Church Wednesday. Democrat 4-11-1888
Wolf - Mrs. Hannah McEwen received a telegram last week announcing the death of her sister, Mrs. Wolf of Mansfield, Ohio, last week. Democrat 12-7-1893
Wolf Amelia was born in Washington County, Maryland in 1826. She came to Ohio in the fourth year of her age. In 1856 she came to Noble County where she has since lived and where she died February 21, 1904 at the age of 77 years, 11 months and 29 days. She married John L. Wolf in March 1851. They had 6 sons, 3 having died in infancy. She leaves a husband; 3 sons, and 2 sisters. She joined the Christian Church in 1857. New Era 2-24-1904
Wolf Frank Mrs., 26, died from complications at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dull, 2 miles west of here Thursday. She leaves a husband, parents, 2 daughters and a baby boy. Funeral will be held Saturday from the home of the parents. Burial, Ligonier cemetery. New Era 10-3-1928
Wolf Hazel (Carmien), 27, wife of A. C. Wolf of Ligonier, died at her home in that city last Friday after a short illness of lockjaw. Two weeks previous she stepped on a rusty nail and a week after became afflicted with blood poison. She is survived by a husband and a little daughter. Obsequies were last Sunday. Democrat 10-24-1912
Wolf J W Mrs. died at Hart, Mich. Her son, Fletcher, of Cleveland, arrived Saturday to make funeral arrangements. It was held Monday at Richville. Burial in Hire Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Wolf removed from Ligonier to Zion City some years ago and later removed to Hart, where their daughter, Nellie, resides. The two sons reside in Cleveland and Nellie resides in Iowa. All are married. New Era 3-17-1909
Wolf John L, nearly 83, died at the residence of his son, Charles A. in Ligonier, November 7. The obsequies were at the Sparta Christian Church Friday. Democrat 11-13-1911
Wolf Lester, 42, former resident of Kendallville and Albion, was killed when he and William Draper jumped from a truck at a railroad crossing which they feared would be struck by a rapidly approaching Pennsylvania freight train 4 miles northwest of Richmond. Both men were inmates at the Richmond State Hospital. Draper suffered the loss of his left leg. Three other men on the truck were uninjured. Wolf had been at the hospital several years. Prior to that time he had engaged in farming in Jefferson Twp. Surviving are 4 children, Mrs. Joan Cogan, Kendallville, Caroline, Richard and Mary Lou; his wife, Mrs. Kenneth Brandt of Albion; the mother, Mrs. Lucita Wolf, Wolcottville; 5 brothers, Arthur and Russell of Wolcottville, Paul of Minneapolis, Minn., Claude in Ohio and Ross in Richmond; and 4 sisters, Mrs. Hester Meyers, Wolcottville, Mrs. Mary Hammeral, Elkhart, Mrs. Inez Nickerson, Kendallville, and Mrs. Hilda Burkey, LaGrange. Funeral was Saturday at the Wolcottville Evangelical Church. Burial, Wolcottville Cemetery. New Era 1-23-1946
Wolf Silas, 61, Noble County farmer residing near Diamond Lake, died in St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne Saturday of cancer of the stomach. The remains were taken to his late home for burial. Albion Democrat 2-21-1901
Wolf Viola, wife of Samuel Wolf, a former resident of this city, died at Spokane Falls, Washington of heart disease on Monday. She was the daughter of William Hills, a former resident of Ligonier. Democrat 10-30-1902
Wolf Washington Mrs. died at her home September 20, 1901. Funeral was at the home last Sunday. Burial, Orange Cemetery. Democrat 9-26-1901
Wolfe Clarence Mrs. died of tuberculosis, aged 17 years and 4 months, leaving husband and a baby boy, aged one year. Funeral was at the Methodist Episcopal Church last Sunday. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 6-17-1909
Wolfe Lenora died at her home in Noble Twp Monday from uremic poisoning at the age of 36 years, 11 months and 16 days. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pressler of Thorncreek Twp, Whitley County, and the niece of H. C. Pressler of this city. She married John William Wolf March 16, 1889. They had 3 sons, who survive, Ray, 16, Lesco, 14, and Hobart, 11. She is also survived by 4 brothers, Cameron of Etna, Arthur and Korah of Thorncreek Twp and Guy G of South Haven, Mich. Obsequies were at the Ormas Free Baptist Church Wednesday. Burial, Thorn Cemetery. New Era 2-19-1908
Wolfe Will, a brother of Mrs. Joseph Kramer of S. Main St., is dead at Denver of tuberculosis. He went west 3 weeks ago in the hope of regaining his health. For many years he was employed at Ligonier in the clothing store of M. Jacobs. His father went to Denver last week to accompany the remains to Goshen for interment. Democrat 3-8-1915
Wolford - Mrs. died Saturday from typhoid fever and was buried Monday in Swan Cemetery. Democrat 9-13-1900
Wolford Agnes, 26, died last Wednesday at the St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne of brain trouble. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Storey, formerly of this city. She is survived by her parents, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Democrat 6-19-1905
Wones W R Rev., retired minister of the North Indiana conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, died at his home in Warsaw Sunday. Mrs. Wones was Miss Dora Tate, formerly of Rome City. Democrat 12-14-1914
Wood Mary died at the home of her daughter in Louisburg, Kansas, November 11, 1901, aged 79 years, 6 months and 23 days. She leaves a daughter and 2 sons. She was the sister of Mrs. Hannah McEwen of near Brimfield. Democrat 12-12-1901
Wood Wilbur W, Ligonier business man, died at a Battle Creek sanitarium last Wednesday. Democrat 10-13-1927
Woodruff George S Dr., 59, of Ligonier died on Wednesday of last week of typhoid pneumonia. Funeral was at the Methodist Church in Ligonier Friday. Mrs. Woodruff is a daughter of the late Rev. J. W. Smith of this city. Democrat 10-25-1900
Woodruff Inez died April 17, 1873 of hemoplagia, aged 7 months and 23 days, the daughter of Samuel N. and Sarah Woodruff. New Era 4-24-1873
Woodruff John S died May 18, 1880 in Ligonier of diphtheria, son of George S. and Eleanor Woodruff, aged 6 years, 6 months and 17 days. Funeral on the 20th. He was the grandchild of Rev. J. W. Smith of Albion. New Era 5-27-1880
Woodruff Orson L was born in Sunbury, Delaware County, Ohio, October 3, 1839; and died at his home in Avilla, July 1, 1899, aged 59 years, 8 months and 28 days. He settled in Noble County in 1853 with his parents. He was elected to the lower house of the state legislature by the Republicans in 1894 and re-elected in 1896. He leaves a wife, son, daughter and 3 brothers. Funeral was at the M. E. Church Tuesday. Burial at Ligonier. Albion Democrat 7-6-1899
Woodruff Samuel died October 30, 1877 at the age of 91 years, lacking 12 days of being 92. He was born in Litchfield, Conn. He moved to Brown County, New York in his 18th year; emigrated to Richland County, Ohio, in his 32nd year and immigrated to Indiana in his 76th year, since which time he has lived in Albion. He died of old age. His mind, caused by old age, was somewhat impaired towards the last of his life. He was a member of the United Brethren Church. His wife died about 6 years ago. He leaves 2 children, Samuel N. Woodruff and Mrs. George Black. Funeral was at the M. E. Church on November 1, 1877. Burial, Albion Cemetery. New Era 11-8-1877
Woodruff Samuel N, nearly 82, died at his home in Oswego, Kansas Saturday. He was one of the pioneers of this community and for many years owned and lived on the farm north of town now owned by O. P. Barnum. His daughter, Mrs. C. M. Clapp, wished the burial to be here, but owing to the illness of members of the family he was buried there. Mrs. Clapp was too ill to attend her father’s funeral, but her son and daughter, Fred and Berniece, left for Oswego Sunday. New Era 2-10-1904
Woodruff Sarah C, wife of Samuel N. Woodruff, died at her residence half a mile north of Albion August 23, 1873 of consumption, aged 36 years, 9 months and 7 days. New Era 8-28-1873
Woods Byron A Rev., 46, died at Hamilton, New York September 3, 1897. He was married in 1874 to Ella Tousley of this city, who with 2 daughters survive. He was pastor of the Gethsemane Baptist Church of Philadelphia, which had 1000 members and was one of the leading Baptist churches of that city, at the time of death. Democrat 9-23-1897
Woods Byron A Mrs. was born in Albion October 27, 1851 and died April2 5, 1909, aged 57 years, 5 months and 28 days. Her husband was the late pastor of the Gethsemane Baptist Church of Philadelphia. Her father was the late Judge H. S. Tousley and her mother is living at Johnson City, Tenn. She was the mother of Mrs. John W Finch of Denver and of Signora Ollveino Rivi of Bologna, Italy. Funeral was at Gethsemane Church. New Era 5-19-1909
Woodsworth George, an old resident of Ligonier, died Monday. Funeral today. New Era 1-27-1904
Worden Della, wife of E. G. Worden, was born in Wells County, Indiana, March 22, 1869, and died in Albion A 13, 1897 at the age of 28 years, 4 months and 21 days. She was the youngest daughter of Rev. D. F. Kain and wife and leaves a husband, daughter, father, mother and 2 sisters. Funeral was at the Presbyterian Church Sunday. The funeral cortege was led by the Albion military band, of which the husband is the director. Burial, Albion Cemetery. 8-13-1897
Worden Catherine Adelaide, daughter of David and Henrietta Matthews, was born at Perepoint, Ohio, March 10, 1854 and died at her home in Albion May 8, 1903, aged 49 years, one month and 28 days. She married William E. Worden, county treasurer, on January 5, 1873. He and her children, Leonard D., Vernon W., Edwin F., and Grace A., survive. She was a member of the Christian Science organization. Obsequies were at the residence Sunday. Daily Record 5-14-1903
Workman - One of the twin children of Mrs. Workman, daughter of Jacob Kutcher of Jefferson Twp, was drowned in a cistern on Saturday last. New Era 7-9-1874
Workman Ransom, 67, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. Conner in Garrett, one week ago Sunday of Bright’s disease. He was a native of Knox County, Ohio, and came with his parents to Noble County at the age of 10. When the Civil War commenced he enlisted in the 5th Indiana Cavalry where he served until the close of the war. Two years after returning home he married Anna Geiger of Noble County and continued to reside here until 1873 when he moved to Garrett. He is survived by 4 children, 3 grandchildren, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Obsequies were at the residence Tuesday. Burial, Calvary Cemetery. Democrat 10-25-1909
Worman Eli, together with several young men from Swan, had been on a fishing excursion to Rome City. He attempted to board the southern bound train at Kendallville while it was in motion. He fell beneath the cars when the trucks of the passenger coach passed over his body. Funeral was on Sabbath. He was 24 years and 8 days old. His parents reside in Swan. New Era 5-25-1876
Wright - The 2-months old son of John Wright and wife of Brimfield was found dead in bed last Friday. Coroner held that death was caused by undeveloped heart action. Democrat 8-14-1902
Wright Alexander, 51, died at his home on Broadway Thursday of a complication of diseases. He leaves a wife and a number of grown children. Democrat 4-4-1895
Wright Bessie Helen, daughter of J. F. Wright and wife, died last Thursday, aged 26 days, from whooping cough. Funeral was at the home Friday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 7-24-1902
Wright Edwin was killed by his brother-in-law, O. B. Guiley, during a family altercation at Rome City last Monday. The Wright family lived on a 14-acre tract of land at Rome City on the banks of Sylvan Lake near the Barr cottage. A few weeks ago Wright made arrangements to go on the road to sell groceries and as it was a lonely place during the winter time, the mother and brother of Mrs. Wright came to live with her during Wright’s absence. Wright was not very successful in selling groceries and he returned home a few days ago. Monday evening he began abusing his wife in the dining room, which was in the basement of the house, in the presence of his wife’s mother. He struck his wife and her mother screamed for assistance, which was responded to by Guiley, who was in the second story. When he entered the room, Wright made for him with a stick of wood, but Guiley took the stick away from him and struck Wright over the head with it and he fell to the cement floor, which he struck with terrible force. Guiley immediately notified the Triplett House that he had killed Wright. Coroner Black ‘s verdict was that death was due to a concussion of the brain, due to a fractured skull, "manslaughter in self defense". Post mortem examination showed that Wright’s heart was in a bad shape as 2 of the valves were practically useless and heart disease might have been a factor in the death. Obsequies were at the residence Wednesday. Burial, Osborn, Cemetery. Democrat 2-4-1909
Wright Elizabeth, 79, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Osborne, in Nagle, Missouri, July 20. For a number of years she resided in the vicinity of Wolcottville, bur formerly lived at Brimfield. Two weeks ago she went to Missouri. Democrat 8-1-1901
Wright Mary J was born May 19, 1852 and moved with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harkless, from Adams County to Noble County in 1869. She married Isaac Wright March 28, 1872 and died November 7, 1888, aged 36 years, 5 months and 18 days. She leaves her husband, 3 sons and 3 brothers. Funeral was in Albion Presbyterian Church November 9. Noble Co Democrat 11-14-1888
Wright Matthew, Sparta Twp, died October 3, aged 83 years, one month and 16 days. He had been a resident of Sparta Twp since 1884. Democrat 11-8-1900
Wright Sam Mrs., 79, a resident of Noble County for over 50 years, and the oldest Pythian sister in Indiana, died at her home in Brimfield, Thursday. New Era 11-4-1914
Wright Silas J was born in Noble County July 14, 1842; and died March 23, 1915, aged 72 years, 8 months and 9 days, at his home near Fellsburg, Edwards County, Kansas. In August 1862 he enlisted in Company B, 12th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry and served to the end of the war. He married Ellen Andrews March 17, 1866. They had 5 children, Forrest L. of Kendallville, William H., who died June 23, 1907 at Griswold, Iowa, Judson S. at home, Mrs. Jennie E. McGrath of Okemah, Okla., and Mrs. Amy E. Derley of Fellsburg, Kansas. He leaves his wife and children; 4 sisters, 2 brothers and 15 grandchildren. He came to Edwards County, Kansas in 1884 He was a charter member of the U. B. Church where funeral was held March 24. Burial, Fellsburg Cemetery. New Era 3-31-1915
Wright William, 74, was found dead in bed in his room at Rome City Friday. He had lived at Rome City for about 10 years but never mentioned having any relatives. Some papers found in his belongings indicated that he had been divorced from his wife at Bryan, O., 30 years ago. The coroner got in touch with Ohio officials. A daughter was found, Mrs. L. C. deVlin of Detroit, Mich. She arrived at Kendallville Sunday and stated she had not seen nor heard from her father for 19 years and thought him dead. Funeral was at the Rome City M. E. Church Monday. Burial, Osborne Cemetery. Democrat 8-20-1925
Wurtsbaugh - David Wurtsbaugh and wife buried their little boy, aged 2, in Salem Cemetery last Tuesday. Democrat 1-9-1902
Wyatt - The wife of Isaiah Wyatt died on the 3rd. Funeral at Sugar Grove Church. Burial, Eel River Cemetery. Democrat 6-13-1888
Wyatt William A, 27, of LaOtto, formerly of Rome City, died last week. New Era 2-4-1886
Wygant Mary, pioneer resident of this community, died at her home 3 miles west of Rome City this morning from cancer. She is survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. Bessie Nesbitt and Mrs. Marion Stienbarger, both of Wawaka, and 2 sons, William Buchanan of Oklahoma and George Buchanan, near Rome City. Democrat 2-4-1926
Wyland Charles Mrs. of Ligonier died in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she had gone in hope of a restoration of health. Burial last Sunday in Christian Chapel Cemetery near Ohlwine’s in Sparta Twp. New Era 8-12-1875
Wyland Jerry S, Ligonier, died at his home there last Tuesday, aged 74 years, 3 months and 29 days. Democrat 6-15-1905
Wyrick - The one-year old son of Peter Wyrick and wife of Brimfield died Monday. Funeral was Tuesday. Democrat 10-7-1897
Wysong Amanda died at her home northwest of Ligonier on Tuesday of last week, aged 65 years and 24 days. Funeral was at the United Brethren Church in Ligonier last Thursday. Democrat 7-24-1902
Yeager E E, Wolcottville contractor, builder and lumber dealer, died last Saturday from the effects of an operation for rupture. He was buried at Wolcottville Tuesday under the auspices of the F. and A.M., of which he was a member. Democrat 9-17-1903
Yeager Joel, a former Noble County resident, died at the state soldier’s home at Lafayette October 2, 1915, aged 71 years, one month and one day. He was a veteran of the Civil War and for a number of years lived in Ligonier. He served as street commissioner and held other positions. A few years ago in company with his wife he took up residence in the soldiers’ home. He is survived by his wife and 2 daughters, Mrs. Charles Davidson and Mrs. Don DeVoe of Lafayette. Obsequies were at the Adventist Church Monday. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. Democrat 10-11-1915
Yeager John H, 75, died at his home in Wolcottville April 16. Funeral was at the home Thursday. Burial, Woodland Cemetery. He was Republican county chairman LaGrange County for 28 years and Fourth District chairman for 5 years. New Era 4-24-1940
Yeager Joseph H, 80, a retired farmer and lifelong resident of Noble County, died Tuesday in Goshen Hospital. He is survived by a son, Herman, R. R., Wawaka: 2 daughters, Mrs. Paul Lecount, R. R., Wawaka, and Mrs. Ralph McCloughan, Elkhart; 10 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren; a brother, Arthur in Florida; and 2 sisters, Mrs. Lloyd Fell and Mrs. James Fell, both of Topeka. Funeral this afternoon in Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Eden Cemetery. 3-10-1959
Yeager Mary M, sister of S. P. Haines, died here April 11. Born in Pennsylvania November 12, 1798. New Era 4-18-1888
Yeiser - Harvey Yeiser buried an infant last Saturday. Democrat 2-15-1894
Yoder - The infant child of Eli Yoder died of diphtheria and was buried Saturday. Albion Democrat 12-14-1899
Yoder Barbara (Neufer), 46, died at her home near Leesburg December 2. She leaves a husband and 5 children. She was the sister of Joseph and Samuel Neufer of York Twp. Burial, Leesburg Cemetery. Democrat 12-12-1901
Yoder Ira J, 77, died today in the Marker Nursing Home. He was a lifetime resident of Noble County. Surviving are the widow, Cora; a son, Harley, Gurnee, Ill.; a daughter, Mrs. Lee Wellman, Ligonier; 14 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren; a brother, Harvey, Milford; and 3 sisters, Mrs. Viola Sheadel, Richfield, Wash., Mrs. Cora Archer, Portland, Ore., and Mrs. Mary Boyd, Lewiston, Mont. Funeral Sunday in Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 12-2-1955
Yonker Abner died at the home of his son, George, in Ligonier February 16, aged 92 years, 3 months and 16 days. Democrat 2-25-1904
York Oliver H died in Lisbon on September 24, 1876, aged 44 years, 6 months and 2 days. New Era 10-5-1876
Yorkey Frederick - funeral was at the M. E. Church Friday. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. Democrat 3-29-1900
Young - The 12-year old daughter of Arthur Young of Jefferson Twp died last Monday from diphtheria. She was buried Tuesday. Democrat 10-11-1894
Young A B Mrs. died at her home in Kendallville Monday. She was a former resident of Albion. Democrat 4-4-1895
Young Belva E was found dead in her home Saturday. She had been under care for a heart ailment. Surviving are 2 nephews and a niece. Services Monday in Berhalter-Hutchins Funeral Home. 8-22-1959
Young Catharine died at the home of her grandson, Carlton Baum, in Avilla August 19 from the infirmities of advances age. She was a native of Smithfield, Pa., born October 25, 1822. She came to Indiana in 1849. She was the widow of I. N. Young, who died in 1903. She is survived by 3 daughters, Mrs. Frances Baum, Mrs. Orpha Rehrer, Mrs. Augusta VanArnum, and one son, Harry H. Obsequies were at the residence last Sunday. Burial, Avilla Cemetery. Democrat 8-26-1909
Young Clyde, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young of Jefferson Twp, died last Thursday from cholera infantum, aged about one year. Obsequies were at Mount Pleasant Church Friday. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 7-24-1905
Young Harvey Johnson was born in Dark County, Ohio, November 18, 1855, the son of Christopher and Mary Ann Young. He was one of a family of 4 boys and 3 girls, only one of whom, Manuel, with the parents have preceded him in death. When 3 years of age he came with his family to Whitley County. In 1881 he married Emerillis Davis and their married life was spent in Green and Noble Twps. They had 2 sons, Marshall W., and Arlow E., who with the widow and 4 grandchildren survive. He died of cancer of the stomach October 3, being 59 years, 10 months and 15 days of age. He has been a member of the Burr Oak Free Baptist Church since 1891. Obsequies there Tuesday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 10-4 & 7-1915
Young I N, 80, of Ligonier, died yesterday of dropsy. Daily Record 4-9-1903
Young Israel, who was killed on the railroad by a train on the Wabash Road at Toledo on the morning of the fourth, was a former resident of Lisbon. New Era 7-17-1879
Young Jacob Rev., about 80, died from facial paralysis and neuralgia at South Bend one week ago Monday. He was the uncle of Mrs. Jonathan Seymoure, Mrs. J. D. Black and Miss Lydia Young of this city and Judge H. H. Young, Thomas J. and John R. Young of Noble Twp. Democrat 7-18-1901
Young John, formerly of Noble County, was killed in a brawl in Aurora, Ill. some time last Wednesday night or Thursday morning. It is maintained the police of that city have several men under arrest, who were his companions the previous evening. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Young, reside east of Kendallville. He is also survived by a brother, Roy (Peck) Young, now of Niles, Mich. and who formerly lived in Albion. Funeral was in Kendallville last Monday. Democrat 4-25-1929
Young John R, son of Samuel and Barbara (Rhine) Young, was born in Northumberland County, Penn., December 3, 1849; and died April 15, 1909, aged 59 years, 4 months and 17 days. He was one of a family of 4 boys and 7 girls. One brother and 4 sisters survive. When 5 years old he came with his parents to Albion. In 1871 he married Elmina Ott. They had 6 children, Gertrude, now Mrs. R. J. Seymoure, Leroy, who died at the age of nine months, Mable, wife of Frank Stangland who died 4 years ago, Elma, now Mrs. O. W. Lindsey, John R. Jr., and Owen. They have 6 grandchildren. He joined the Christian Church at Merriam January 20, 1867. Funeral was held here Monday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 4-22-1909
Young Mabel, daughter of Edward E. Young and wife of Noble Twp, was born April 5, 1902 and died of cholera infantum September 27, 1903, aged 1 year, 5 months and 22 days. Funeral was at the Christian Chapel. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 9-27-1903
Young Otis, 4-month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young, suffocated in his baby crib tonight as the parents were in the downtown
section of Kendallville shopping for Easter baskets. When the parents returned home at 10:45 p.m. they started to hide the Easter eggs and it was then discovered the baby dead. The family physician said the child had been suffering from an asthma condition. The couple’s other children had been left in care of a babysitter during their absence. 4-20-1957
Young Rollie, 78, died November 12, 1964 at McCray Hospital. Born February 6, 1886 in Shelby County, Ohio, he was a near lifetime resident of Noble County and a retired farmer. He and his wife, the former Eva Slabaugh, observed their golden wedding anniversary in March of this year. Surviving are the wife; 2 brothers, James L. of Glenview, Ill., and Homer L. of Kendallville. Funeral Saturday at Wawaka Church of the Brethren. Burial, Orange Cemetery. 11-12-1964
Young Thomas, about 48, died at his residence in Leroy, Minnesota, July 9, 1873 of consumption. He was for many years a citizen of Noble County. He was a nephew of Ransom F. Wheeler of this place. New Era 7-17-1873
Young Viola, 75, died Monday in an Alhambra, Calif. hospital. She was the widow of Edward Young and a former resident of this community. The body will arrive here Saturday for services Sunday at Sonday Funeral Home. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. She leaves 2 daughters, Mrs. Lester Rogers, San Gabriel, Calif., and Mrs. Vernon Wells, Priest River, Idaho. 3-28-1955
Young William S was born in Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pa., October 15, 1810 and died at the residence of his son near Albion, October 10, 1888, aged nearly 78. He was married in 1831 to a lady long since dead. There are 3 sons and 3 daughters living and 2 sons and 5 daughters dead. At one time he was a member of the Baptist Church. Funeral was at the house where he died October 15. Burial, Orange Cemetery. Noble Co Democrat 10-24-1888
Yunkin Jerome Dr, 74, while seated on his porch at his home in Wolcottville last Friday died from heart failure. Trolley 9-26-1907
Zehendner James, 85, a former resident of Avilla, died in Fort Wayne last Thursday from senility. He is survived by a widow and 11 children, 5 having preceded him in death. Surviving are George of Ege, Emanuel, Fort Wayne, Edward, Churubusco, Lawrence, Oregon, Mrs. P. J. Leahy, Ege, Mrs. C. T. Allen, Fort Wayne, Mrs. H. Fox, Montgomery, Ala., Mrs. Eugene Schadle, Oregon, Mrs. Jacob Erinback, Fort Wayne, Mrs. John Eichman, Avilla, and Mrs. A. S. Middleton, Argos. Democrat 10-14-1915
Zeigler - A child of William and Mary Zeigler in Noble Twp fell into a swill tub and was drowned Tuesday of last week. Mrs. Zeigler is a niece of J. C. Stewart and their residence is near the Stewart school house south of Wolf Lake. Democrat 7-17-1889
Zeigler - Mrs., who a year or more ago became insane and was taken to the asylum, but was returned sometime afterward, cured, as was supposed, recently became insane again and has been an inmate at the county infirmary for a few weeks, died on Tuesday. New Era 7-17-1879
Zeigler Daniel, of Rochester, died. Funeral will occur Friday. Brothers, Jessie and Jonas and brother--in-law, W. A. Geiger are among the survivors. Democrat 5-15-1895
Zeigler Elizabeth, daughter of Abram and Sophia Huff, was born in Cumberland County, Ohio. February 22, 1844 and died at her home in Green Twp August 22, 1909, aged 65 years and 6 months. She married Jesse Zeigler April 2, 1865. They had 7 children, 3 of whom preceded her in death. Her husband died September 2, 1908. She was a member of the German Baptist Church. She is survived by her mother; 3 sisters, Mrs. Eliza Huffman, Mrs. Lavina Shanower and Mrs. Etta Elson; 3 brothers, Jonas, Amos and Omer Huff; one son, Amos; 3 daughters Miss Della at home, Mrs. Arena Bitting, Mrs. Etta Bitting; 3 grandchildren. Obsequies were held at the Dunkard Church Tuesday. Burial, Round Lake Cemetery. Democrat 8-26-1909
Zeigler Mary Ann, daughter of Newman and Mary Ann Stewart, was born November 24, 1855 near Albion. She married William Zeigler in 1876. He died 15 years ago. They had 5 children, 3 of whom survive, Mrs. Arthur Kimmell of West Lafayette, Clarence C. of Maplewood, New Jersey, and Fred S. of Auburn. There are 3 grandsons, and a sister, Mrs. Margaret Gandy. She was a member of the Wolf Lake Lodge No. 107, Pythian Sisters and the Ladies Aid of the Wolf Lake M. E. Church. She died October 23. Funeral was at the home in Wolf Lake Monday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 10-29-1931
Zeigler Philip Mrs., formerly of Noble Twp, died recently at their home in Pennsylvania. The remains were brought to the burial ground of the Christian Chapel near Noblesville for interment, accompanied by the husband. New Era 6-5-1873
Zellers Robert, 47, suffered a fatal heart attack Saturday in the yard of his home, R. 3, Kendallville. Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Zellers, with whom he resided; a brother, Otis, Fort Wayne; and a sister, Mrs. Evelyn Wood, Toledo. Services Tuesday in A. J. Berhalter Co. Funeral Home. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. 5-3-1958
Zentmeyer Paulena, 80, of Ligonier, died of a cerebral hemorrhage Friday in the Goshen Hospital. She had resided in Ligonier 57 years and was a member of the Ligonier Christian Church. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Charles Witt, Kendallville; and a half-brother, Ernest Westphal, Kendallville. Services Saturday in Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 3-21-1958
Zern Clyde E, lifelong Kendallville resident and a Flint & Walling Mfg. Co. draftsman 35 years, died from a heart attack Friday in his home. New Era 6-4-1947
Ziebell Edward G II, about 75, died in Kendallville one week ago Tuesday. He left one son and 2 daughters. He lived on a farm in DeKalb County until recently. Democrat 5-1-1901
Ziebell Friedericke Mrs. - Funeral took place on Monday last. New Era 3-7-1906
Ziglear Sade (Faux) died at her home in Rome City July 13, 1924, aged 66 years, 11 months and 23 days from a complication of diseases. She was born July 20,1857 in Morrow County, Ohio, the daughter of Charles and Maria Faux and was the 4th child in a family of 14 children; and lived in the house in which she died 42 years. She married Jessiah Ziglear in 1879. She leaves her husband, 2 sons and one daughter, including Clayton Ziglear and Mrs. Melvin Bloom of Rome City, and Bernard Ziglear of Sturgis, Mich. Several brothers and sisters also survive. Funeral was Tuesday from the home. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 7-17 & 24-1924
Zigler Gideon died at his home in Jefferson Twp September 23, 1890, aged 64 years, 9 months and 2 days. He was found dead lying in his barnyard. He had evidently suffered a sudden attack of apoplexy. A widow, 2 daughters and 4 sons survive. Funeral and interment at Rehoboth Church and cemetery. He was born in Morrow County, Ohio, December 21, 1825. Moved to Jefferson Twp October 12, 1857 and resided there ever since. In 1868 he became member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Democrat 10-1-1890
Zigler Hiram died of consumption at his residence in Jefferson Twp December 24, 1893, aged 36 years, 3 months and 10 days. He was born in Richland County, Ohio. His parents came to Jefferson Twp the same year. He married Ella S. Andrews March 12, 1884. He leaves a wife, one child, a mother, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Funeral was Tuesday at Rehoboth Church. Democrat 12-28-1893
Zigler Jeremiah was born in Ohio February 4, 1828 and died July 17, 1901, aged 73 years, 5 months and 13 days. He married Rebecca Russell, who died July 15, 1897. They had 2 children, Samantha Walker, and Mathias Zigler, who survive. He married Maria Guthrie in 1882. She died August 23, 1896. He was an old soldier, having been severely wounded in the attack on Fort Fisher. Funeral was in the Free Baptist Church in Rome City. Burial, Wright Cemetery. He leaves a son and daughter and their companions and children, one brother and 2 sisters. Democrat 7-25-1901
Zigler Johanna, about 69, died at the residence of her niece, Mrs. Samuel Oliver, in Green Twp, Monday with paralysis. Funeral was at Rehoboth Tuesday. Burial Rehoboth Cemetery. She was a sister of Mrs. John Favinger of Green Twp. Noble Democrat 3-17-1898
Zimmer Adam, 24, died at Wawaka last week and was buried Monday. He had been a cripple for years and some kind of fever hastened his death. Democrat 5-25-1893
Zimmerman - Rev. T. J. Mawhorter preached the funeral of the little Zimmerman child south of town Sunday. Wolf Lake Trolley 10-22-1908
Zimmerman - Mr. and Mrs. J. Frick and Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Marshall were at Wawaka Sunday attending the funeral of the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zimmerman. Democrat 10-2-1902
Zimmerman Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Zimmerman of near Brimfield, died Saturday and was buried Monday. Democrat 11-26-1914
Zimmerman Benjamin F of Clay Twp, LaGrange County, died March 23 of a complication of diseased, aged 70 years and 14 days. He leaves a wife, 2 daughters and 3 sons. He was a brother of attorney H. G. Zimmerman of this city. Democrat 4-4-1901
Zimmerman Cleo Narine died October 4 from congestion of brain, aged 8 months and 17 days; place of death, Elkhart Twp. Burial, Cosperville. Albion Democrat 12-7-1899
Zimmerman Delbert, little son of Jacob Zimmerman, died at Silver Lake where they had moved several months ago. Democrat 1-24-1901
Zimmerman Fred, 96, died Thursday in the Kondas Nursing Home near Albion where he had been taken 3 days ago from his home a mile south of Wawaka where he had resided 53 years. Surviving the retired farmer are 4 daughters, Mrs. Vern Duesler of Elkhart, Mrs. Claude Magnuson of Ligonier, Mrs. Ralph Moore, Delta, O., and Mrs. Dorothy Lawson, south of Kimmell; a son, Walter of South Bend; and 20 grandchildren. His wife, Mary, died in 1953. Services Sunday in Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 3-20-1958
Zimmerman George, 46, of Kendallville, died of tuberculosis one week ago Sunday. Democrat 11-8-1909
Zimmerman Jacob C was born in Berne, Switzerland, October 25, 1827. In 1832 his parents came to America with their 6 children. Three children were added to the family after coming, but of the nine children of Daniel and Anna Zimmerman, 4 survive. In 1849 he settled in this county, working as a carpenter until 1851 when he entered the mercantile house of Judge Clapp at Albion as a clerk. In 1853 he married Sarah J. Brown and in 1857 moved to this city. They had 3 children, Greely M., Frank W., and Verona J. In 1876 his wife died. He married Callie Young. In 1890 she died. He served as trustee of the township and as county representative and a member of the county council until 1900. He was a member of the Masons and Knights Templar. He had extensive farming interests that embrace over 11 hundred acres of land. A little over a year ago he had a severe fall at the depot at Cromwell and since then there was gradual lessening in his vitality. Funeral at the residence Sunday. He was the grandfather of Mrs. Harry D. Stone of this city.
Zimmerman John Mrs., formerly of Wawaka, died in Ill. She was buried in Cosperville Cemetery last Monday. Democrat 7-1-1897
Zimmerman Mary A died at here residence of flux October 5, 1902, aged 74 years, 5 months and 14 days. She was born Mary Ann Miller in Butler County, Pennsylvania, April 20, 1828 and with her parents came to Morrow County, Ohio in 1834. She married John Jacob Zimmerman February 3, 1848. They came to Noble County in 1849 and settled on the farm which she owned at the time of her death. He died September 1, 1865. For the past year she has lived in Albion. She was the mother of 7 children, one son having died in infancy. Remaining are Mrs. B. R. Sheffer of Kendallville, Mrs. Mary Wagner of Ohio, Mrs. Jane Brackney of Albion, Mesdames Samuel Tiley and E. O. Castator, and W. R. Zimmerman of Jefferson Twp. Obsequies were at the Lutheran Church Tuesday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 10-9-1902
Zimmerman Nell, 54, died at Flushing Michigan. Funeral was Tuesday. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. William Reed of Flushing. She was a daughter of the late Mrs. Etta Maloney. American 5-14-1942
Zimmerman Roy, a former Kendallville business man, was buried in Chicago by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zimmerman, Thursday. Democrat 4-11-1929
Zinn Anna died at her home near Ari last Monday of paralysis. She is survived by 4 sons and 3 daughters. The husband died in 1905. Democrat 3-25-1909
Zollinger Latta Milton, son of John Zollinger, was born on the Butler homestead one mile northwest of Wolf Lake on April 20, 1884, and died April 1, 1907, aged 22 years 11 months and 11 days. An operation was performed last Friday but it seemed to do no good. On November 21, 1906 he married Beryl Clear of Albion. He leaves his father at Goshen; one sister, Mrs. Madge Calbeck; and one brother, Alpheus I; one half-brother, Otis R., and one half-sister, Bessie. He was a member of the Wolf Lake Band. Funeral was in the M. E. Church at Wolf Lake. He was kind to dumb animals and little children and so they loved him. Wolf Lake Trolley 4-4-1907
Zolman Nora E, wife of Clem Zolman of Smith Twp, Whitley County, and daughter of John H. Zumbrun, deceased, died at her home last Tuesday, aged 35 years, 5 months and 4 days. She is survived by a husband and 10 children. Obsequies were held from the Eel River Dunkard Church Thursday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 7-19-1909
Zonker - Mr., about 80, died Sunday morning. Democrat 3-14-1895
Zook Bessie L died January 5, 1900 of congestion of the lungs, aged 11 years and 5 days. Burial, Maple Grove Cemetery January 7. Democrat 1-11-1900
Zumbrun Alice V, 75, died this morning in the home of a sister, Mrs. Charles Shively, south of Churubusco. She was a member of the Blue River Church of the Brethren. Also surviving are 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary Esterline, Tri-Lakes, and Mrs. Ora Gandy, Kendallville. Services Thursday in Sonday Funeral Home. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 5-6-1957
Zumbrun Daniel, 72, pioneer resident of Whitley County, died at his home near Round Lake last Friday of dropsy and heart trouble. In 1866 he married Sarah Ott, who survives him with 6 children, Mrs. Anna McCoy of Fort Wayne, Mrs. Nettie Shively, Mrs. Martha Claxton, Mrs. Caroline Brumbaugh and Harvey Zumbrun. There are 19 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Democrat 10-4-1915
Zumbrun Delbert, 18-months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zumbrun lived only 3 hours after being burned. The mother had gone out to hang up a washing and left the child in the kitchen adjoining the store in which the father was at work. The child’s clothing is supposed to have caught fire from a hot stove and when discovered was burned from the body. New Era 3-3-1915
Zumbrun John H died at his home in Thorncreek Twp, Whitley County, last Friday from a complication of diseases, aged 56 years, 9 months and 23 days. He is survived by a wife and 12 children, Mrs. Cora Yoder at home, Mrs. Dora Smith of this county, Mrs. Nora Sullivan, Daniel and Edward Zumbrun of Thorncreek Twp, Mrs. Sarah Trowbridge of this county, Ms. Evan Coulter of Smith Twp, Henry, Victor and Wyland at home, Mrs. Roe Miller of Smith Twp, Mrs. Grace Sevits of Columbia City; 3 brothers, Levi and C. K. of this county, Daniel of Smith Twp; 4 sisters, Mrs. Frank Smith of this county, Mrs. Catherine Bowers of Thorncreek Twp, Mrs. Mary Brown of Smith Twp, and Mrs. Elizabeth Miller of Starke County, Indiana. He was a member of the German Baptist Church. Obsequies were at Thorncreek Twp German Baptist Church Sunday. Burial, Merriam Cemetery. Democrat 1-16-1908
Zumbrun Martha Elizabeth, 49, R. 3, Fort Wayne, died Friday at Parkview Hospital. She was a native of Convoy, O., and had lived in Fort Wayne the last 3 years. Surviving are her husband, Omar; her mother, Mrs. Pearl Stogdill, New Haven; a daughter, Mrs. Betty Carnes, Grabill; 3 stepdaughters, Mrs. Leo Stewart, Waynedale, Mrs. Edward Yaney, Fort Wayne, and Mrs. William Brown, Philadelphia; a stepson, Gene Zumbrun, Fort Wayne; a brother, Ralph Stogdill, Columbus, O.; a sister, Mrs. Herbert Ort, New Haven; and 2 grandchildren. Funeral Monday at Blue River Church of the Brethren. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 9-23-1956