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Jackson John R, 59, died at the county infirmary Monday morning. He had been an inmate there for about 3 weeks, formerly residing at Wolf Lake. Burial, County Infirmary Cemetery. Democrat 4-26-1909 Tom Skinner and wife of Columbia City attended the funeral of John Jackson Tuesday, he being the former’s half brother. Funeral was held at the Chapel Tuesday and remains were laid to rest in the cemetery nearby. Wolf Lake Trolley 5-6-1909
Jackson Myron Mrs. died last Thursday at her home west of LaOtto. She leaves a husband, 4 children and several grandchildren. Democrat 6-19-1902
Jackson W Roscoe, 65, died Sunday at his home 7 miles northwest of Ligonier from a heart ailment. He was a farmer and a member of the Burr Oak EUB Church and Ligonier Masonic Lodge. Born in Paris, Ill., he had resided in this area 50 years. Surviving are the widow, Freda; 2 daughters, Mrs. Robert Dodd, South Bend, and Mrs. Dean Carmichael, Ligonier; and 2 grandchildren. Services will be Wednesday in Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 12-28-1958
Jacoby Stanley E, 57, died Saturday at his home in Brimfield from carcinoma. He was born November 9, 1889 in Richland County, Wisconsin. He came to Brimfield in his youth and had been employed as a machinist many years at Flint & Walling Co. at Kendallville. Survivors include the wife, Jessie; 3 sons, Sanford E of Kendallville, Harold M of Richmond, Shirley K at home; 3 brothers, Charles and Lauren of Wisconsin, and Herbert of Battle Creek, Mich.; 3 sisters, Mrs. Laura Monroe, Mrs. Frank Waldron, Big Rapids, Mich., Mrs. George Endicott, Winona Lake. Services were at Brimfield EUB Church Tuesday. Burial, Orange Cemetery. New Era 1-15-1947
James Amelia A died at her home in Avilla September 1, 1888. She was born in Juniata County, Pa. on April 10, 1825, being 63 years, 4 months and 22 days old. She married Jonathan James November 2, 1843. They moved to Noble County November 5, 1860. She was the mother of 3 boys and one daughter. Funeral was at the M. E. Church September 3. Burial, Avilla Cemetery. She leaves a husband, 2 sons and a daughter. Noble Co Democrat 9-5-1888
James John was born in Lack Twp, Mifflin County, Pa., Feb. 21, 1803; died at his home in York Twp, May 13, 1887, aged 84 years, 2 months and 22 days. From Pennsylvania he went with his parents to Jefferson County, Ohio, where he married on October 28, 1828, Margaret Stone, who survives. There were 6 children, 2 of whom are now living, Mrs. G. W. Smith, and Leander. In 1841 he moved with his family to Indiana and settled on Perry’s Prairie where he lived 2 years, moving from there to York Twp. He settled on the farm known as the old Mullen place. He lived there until 1850, when he bought the farm on which he lived till death. At the time of death he was the oldest man in York Twp. He leaves a wife, 2 children, 11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral was at the Sparta Chapel May 15. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 5-18-1887
James Margaret (Stone) died at her home in York Twp, September 22, 1890, aged 80 years, 6 months and 29 days. She was born in Pennsylvania, February 23, 1810. She married John James in 1828. He died in May 1887. Six children were born to them, of whom 2 survived, Leander, and Sarah A., wife of George W. Smith. Funeral was at Sparta Chapel September 24. Democrat 10-1-1890
James Willard B was born in York Twp February 13, 1876, and died April 23, 1892. He leaves a father, mother, sister and brother. Funeral was at Sparta Church April 26. Democrat 4-27-1892
Jamison Elizabeth, wife of J. A. Jamison, died March 26 following a long illness. Surviving are the husband, 2 sons, 4 daughters and 3 sisters. Funeral at Henney Funeral Home Saturday. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. 3-26-1942
Jaquay Gertrude E (Field) was born on September 13, 1877, in Ontario, Indiana. Her father died when she was 5 which compelled her to live with relatives and friends until 13 when she made her permanent home with Mrs. Gertrude E. Pristage in Jefferson Twp. On March 3, 1893 she married Herby Jaquay. They had 6 children, Elvia, Darl, Walter, Lucile, Ellen, and one child died in infancy. She is survived by her husband and family, all living in Noble County; her mother, Mrs. E. L. Richard; and one brother, Timothy Field, who resides in Muskegon, Mich. She had several strokes before death came on April 22. Funeral was at Rehoboth Church Wednesday. Noble County Democrat 4-26-1928
Jaquay Sylvia Hadley, 88, died yesterday in the home of a son, Braden Hadley, in Cromwell after suffering a stroke last Saturday. She was born at Wolf Lake and had resided at Cromwell approximately 50 years. She was a member of Calvary Lutheran Church. Surviving are the son; a grandchild; 2 great-grandchildren; and a brother, Lee Braden, Wolf Lake. Services Saturday in L. H. Moore Funeral Home. 7-11-1957
Jaquays Elza, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jaquays, was born August 28, 1891 and died September 11, 1893, aged 2 years and 14 days. Funeral at the house. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 9-21-1893
Jaquays G W Mrs. of Jefferson died from dropsy. She was found about noon Saturday. Funeral was at Rehoboth Church. Burial, Rehoboth Cemetery. Democrat 6-17-1897
Jaquays George W was born in Ohio in 1829; settled 1846; died May 19, 1897. Democrat 7-1-1897
Jaquays Levi of Jefferson twp was killed by the cars on the B&O Railway east of town. He had been in Albion during Saturday and had been noticed at the depot as late as 2 o’clock Sunday morning. He was in an intoxicated condition while in the city and at the depot. The supposition is that he was killed by an eastbound freight about 4 o’clock. He had probably fallen to a stupor and was sitting upon the track. Last rites were at Rehoboth Church Monday. Burial, Rehoboth Cemetery. He was born December 25, 1858 and died September 4, 1898, aged 39 years, 8 months and 9 days. He leaves 2 brothers and 4 sisters. His aged parents died a few years ago. He had devoted much of his life in running a threshing machine. Previous to the death of his parents he had always furnished them with a home. Noble Democrat 9-8-1898
Jaques David On Saturday evening he went home from his place of business as usual and went into his woodhouse to split some wood, but soon after, his wife heard a noise similar to a person falling, and going in, found him lying on his face and breathing hard as if badly hurt. She immediately called in help. It was found that he had received a bruise on his face, caused no doubt by the fall and also a heavy contusion on the back of his head near the base of his brain, as if done with an ax. He lingered until Sunday morning. The inquest found his ailment to be apoplexy and hemorrhage of the brain. The strange part of the case is that during the day previous to his death, he and another citizen of Albion were together in one of our saloons and both imbibed somewhat freely. One made the proposition to the other that they throw dice to see which would die first and agreeing that the last should die within 5 days of the first. The dice were thrown and it became Jaques’s lot to die first. He went home and was a corpse before the next sunrise. The other party now declares that his turn will come next Thursday. Democrat 11-7-1886
Jaques Ida, about 50, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alex Winebrenner Tuesday of cancer. She was the widow of David Jaques, who died in this city several years ago. Funeral at the M. E. Church Friday. Democrat 5-10-1900
Jarrett Bertha, 62, (Cramer) died April 26 at the home of a daughter in Jackson, Mich. The body was returned to Avilla for interment. Surviving are 3 brothers, Tom Cramer of Avilla, Archie Cramer of LaOtto and Claude Cramer of Millersburg. 4-26-1938
Jarrett Frank, 47, Swan Twp, died at his home on Thursday of last week from Bright’s disease. Obsequies were held at the Bethlehem Church last Saturday. Burial, Cedar Chapel. Democrat 12-24-1914
Jeanneret Charles A, 31, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jeanneret of Ligonier, died at the home of his parents Sunday from rheumatism. Obsequies were held Tuesday. Democrat 7-1-1909 New Era 6-30-1909
Jefferds Oliver W, 88, pioneer of Fort Wayne, father of Mrs. Frank Beazel of Ligonier, died last Thursday. He had resided in Fort Wayne since 1834. Democrat 10-18-1900
Jeffers Julia Louise, 33, wife of E. W. Jeffers of Fort Wayne, died at the Hope Hospital in that city Friday of childbirth. She was born in Noble County and had only been married a year. Burial at Merriam. Democrat 5-23-1901
Jenkison Jane, a daughter of Daniel Ragan, died at Daniel Fulk’s and her body was shipped to Iowa last week. Democrat 7-23-1903
Jennings Austin - John Jennings of this place left for Eureka, Kansas last Wednesday, summoned thither by a telegram announcing the dangerous illness of his father, Austin Jennings, who was for many years a resident of this place. His death occurred shortly after his son’s arrival. Democrat 1-25-1894
Jennings J W Mrs. died suddenly at her home in Millersburg last Saturday. She was the mother of Mrs. O. D. Scalf of Brimfield and had long been a sufferer from asthma. Democrat 11-15-1900
Jennings L J, 75, a pioneer of Rome City, died at his home in that town last Monday. New Era 3-3-1909
Jensen Paul Mrs., 65, died Saturday at her home in Ft. Dodge, Ia. She was the mother of Mrs. Ted Pelikan of Kendallville and another daughter near Ft. Dodge. 2-1-1941
Jessup Nancy, 58, died in Momence, Illinois, August 17, 1875 of inflammatory rheumatism. She was the mother of George O and William G Kinney of Albion. New Era 8-26-1875
Jetmore - Elmer Pfaff was called to Noblesville, this county, Monday to attend he funeral of his cousin, a little girl of Levi Jetmore, whose death occurred Sunday. Democrat 8-12-1897
John - A son of Andy John was buried Sunday at the Catholic graveyard. Democrat 11-9-1893
John Fred, 22, was buried at Ege last Sabbath. Democrat 11-9-1893
John Harriet Ann, 89, a former Ligonier resident, died last night in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mishawaka. Surviving are a son, Thomas, with whom she made her home in Mishawaka; 3 daughters, Ms. Winifred Rader, Warsaw, Mrs. Carrie Sparrow, South Bend, and Mrs. Leo Jansen, Osceola; 7 grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren; 5 great-great-grandchildren; and 3 sisters. Services Friday in Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 1-26-1949
John Peter, the son of Anthony and Katie John, was born at Ege November 15, 1882. For 6 weeks prior to his death he was visiting with his sister, Mrs. Frank Miller at Pulaski. On July 27 his father brought him back to the parental roof and on July 29 he was found sleeping in the chair, the sleep that knows no waking. Immediate cause of death was heart failure. Funeral was Tuesday in The Catholic Church. 7-29-1902
Johnson - Sister Johnson, aged 19 years, 5 months and 2 days, died at Cold Springs, Noble County, April 13, 1875. She leaves a husband, child, father, mother, brothers and sisters. New Era 4-15-1875
Johnson - The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson of Cromwell died one week ago Sunday. Obsequies were at Sparta Christian Church Monday. Democrat 11-13-1911
Johnson - A Mrs. Johnson who lived about one and a half miles of this place, died on Friday. New Era 2-11-1886
Johnson Adam C, 80, Washington Twp, was found dead in bed last Wednesday by his son, Arthur, with whom he lived. Cause of death is supposedly a stroke of paralysis. He was a native of the Buckeye state and came with his parents to Indiana when he was small. He lived in Whitley County, but of recent years had resided in Noble County. His wife preceded him in death 12 years ago. He is survived by 4 children, Arthur and Agnes at home, Charles of Florida, and Mrs. Alice Sherwin of Marion. Democrat 4-5-1915
Johnson Alfred, Jefferson Twp farmer, died Tuesday from pneumonia. New Era 3-2-1932
Johnson Catharine, 35, died at the home of her father, Adam Johnson, in Washington Twp last Thursday. New Era 9-15-1909
Johnson Eddie, the 11-year old son of Thomas Johnson, died March 9 and was buried at Ege the 12th. This is Mr. Johnson’s third loss by death within a short time. Democrat 3-15-1900
Johnson Edith died Friday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ab Elliott. New Era 8-5-1931
Johnson Elijah, 68, who resided about 3 ½ miles southeast of Albion, died of paralysis on Thursday last and was buried on Friday. He lived in this county for about 25 years. New Era 8-9-1877
Johnson Eliza (Prentiss) was born in Genesee County, New York, May 28, 1816 and died at her home in Sparta Twp January 21, 1898, aged 81 years, 7 months and 23 days. She was the sister of the late Nelson Prentiss and with the family came to this county in September 1837. In 1839 she married John C. Johnson, whom she survived some 13 months, and was the mother of 8 children, 4 of whom are living. She was the last surviving child of the Revolutionary soldier, Nathaniel Prentiss, and was the last child of a Revolutionary soldier in Indiana. She had joined the society of the Daughters of the Revolution and was presented with a silver spoon which she prized highly. Funeral was at the Christian Church in Ligonier Sunday. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Noble Democrat 1-27-1898
Johnson Emily C died at the home of her son, Alpheus, July 12, 1891. She was born in Summit County, Ohio, May 15, 1822. She came to Medina County, Ohio, and on July 3, 1836 married Elijah Johnson. They had 8 children, 4 of whom are living. The came to Indiana in 1851 and settled in Jefferson Twp. He died in 1877 at the age of 68. She died at the age of 69 years, 1 month and 27 days. July 12, 1891
Johnson Firman, a former resident of this vicinity, was brought here from Michigan last Saturday and was buried Sunday. He had been a sufferer from cancer for a good many years. Democrat 2-21-1895
Johnson Inez 39, died this morning at her home at 1941 S. Calhoun St. from diabetes. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George O. Russell of this city and was born at Wellsville, N.Y. About 23 years ago the family located at Albion and 10 or 12 years later removed to this city. She was prominent as a fashionable dressmaker. Surviving are a son and daughter, Paul and Vera; the parents; 2 brothers, V. E. of the R. G. Dun Agency in this city, and G. O. Jr. of Albion; 2 sisters, Miss Agnes of this city, and Mrs. Glen Ayres of Montpelier. She was a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church. Funeral probably Thursday. Burial Lindenwood. Fort Wayne Sentinel, Tuesday. Democrat 2-25-1904
Johnson James H, 78, pioneer resident of Noble County, died at his home 6 miles north of this city Saturday from cancer. He is survived by a wife; one daughter, Mrs. Wilson Beall of Elkhart Twp. Obsequies were at the residence Monday. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 2-5-1917
Johnson John died from tuberculosis Thursday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alf Elliott in Troy Twp. He was born to Perry and Kate Johnson, both deceased, February 23, 1872 in Ligonier. November 17, 1915, he married Eliza Long of Troy Twp, who with a 2-year old daughter, Mary Louise, survives. A brother, Jay of Harvey, Ill.; 2 sisters, Mrs. Alf Elliott and Miss Edith of Troy Twp; and a half-brother, Will Hoskins of Benzolia , Mich., survive. He was a member of the Odd Fellow Lodge at Etna. Funeral was Saturday at the Ormas Church. Burial, Thorn Cemetery. Columbia City Post. 1-7-1918
Johnson John Mrs. - The remains of the wife of John Johnson was taken through Bremen on the B&O train last Friday from Benton Harbor, Mich. to Avilla for burial. He was employed as section foreman at Bremen on the B&O for a number of years and moved to Benton Harbor with his family last spring. Mrs. Johnson was taken suddenly sick on Thursday and only lived a few hours which was the result of drinking ice water. Democrat 7-27-1893
Johnson Maggie of Churubusco, formerly of this place, died last Saturday of consumption and was buried from the Ege Catholic Church Monday. She leaves a husband, 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter, a brother and 2 sisters. Thirty-five carriages were at the funeral. Among the relatives present were William Goodfellow and wife, John Madden and wife, Mary, Ellen and Hannah Wilkinson of Fort Wayne. Democrat 12-21-1899
Johnson Mary E, 72, relict of the late Mason Johnson, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Loraine Duglay in Churubusco Sunday of dropsy. She is survived by 4 children. Democrat 5-6-1909
Johnson Nora E, 86, was found dead in her Union Twp home today by her son, Merle. She was a native of Noble County and had lived in the Waynedale community for 14 years. In 1925, she and her husband, John, moved to Washington Twp, Allen County. Since 1937 her home had been in Union Twp, Whitley County. Surviving are 7 sons, Frank, Merle and Roscoe of Union Twp, Nall, Manatee, Fla., Fred, Arcola, Joe, LaPorte, and Archie, Fort Wayne; 2 daughters, Mrs. Elsie Polley and Mrs. Laura Fromm, Fort Wayne, 25 grandchildren; 34 great-grandchildren; one brother, Oliver Gaff, Garrett; and 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary Mason, Columbia City, and Mrs. Minnie Stroh, Merriam. Services at Sonday Funeral Home Friday. Burial, Eel River Cemetery. 7-20-1956
Johnson Roy O died Thursday at his home in Des Moines, Iowa. Mrs. Johnson was formerly Inez Kitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kitt. 12-3-1931
Johnson Velary died at the home of her half-brother, B. F. Jones in Avilla, last Friday from dropsy, aged 77 years, 7 months, and 6 days. She was born near Zanesville, Ohio. She was thrice married. Her first husband was Abram Spurgeon, who died a number of years ago. After his death she married Alex Haines in 1883, who died in 1900. She married William Johnson in 1903. He died in 1905. She was a member of the Baptist Church in Garrett and has resided in Garrett and Avilla. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Elvira Richards of Green Twp and 5 grandchildren. A son died several years ago. Obsequies were at the ME Church in Avilla last Sunday. Burial in Avilla Cemetery. 3-12-1909
Johnson W G, son of L E Johnson of Kendallville, died at Santa Maria, Cal. of throat trouble. The deceased left with his family for that country last March. Democrat 8-24-1893
Johnson W W of 950 W. Webster St., died in the Memphis Railroad Hospital at Kansas yesterday. He was an employee in the Gulf shops in this city. Funeral is this afternoon. He was formerly a citizen of Albion. His widow is the sister of Mrs. S. M. Foster of this city. Democrat 3-4-1897
Johnson Wayne Mrs. died at her home near Diamond Lake last Saturday of cancer, aged 5 months and 7 days. She is survived by a husband and a married daughter. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Democrat 3-4-1915
Johnson William, 84, said to be the oldest member of the 44th Indiana Regiment, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ada Davies of Avilla last, Thursday. New Era 3-2-1904
Johnston Beryl N, 74, died today in her home in Ligonier of a coronary occlusion. She was born June 11, 1883 near Wawaka and was a lifelong resident of the Ligonier and Wawaka communities. She was a member of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. Surviving are the husband, Fred; 2 daughters, Mrs. Owen Fought, Ligonier, and Mrs. Roy Targgart, Wawaka; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Ida Gouker, Elkhart; 2 sons, Howard Nelson, Ligonier, and William Nelson, Phoenix, Ariz.; 17 grandchildren; a brother, Clarence Gill, Wawaka; and 4 sisters, Mrs. Leo Stigner of Blackduck, Minn., Mrs. Hazel Weaver and Mrs. Elmer Thompson, Wawaka, and Mrs. Etta Shell, Ligonier. Services Friday in the EUB Church. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 2-18-1958
Johnston Inez - G. O. Russell Jr. and wife went to Fort Wayne Tuesday to attend the funeral of the former’s sister, Mrs. Inez R. Johnston. Democrat 2-25-1904
Johnston Mary, 79, died at her home in Jefferson Twp Tuesday. She was the wife of Alpheus Johnston. Funeral at the residence Friday. She was a member of the Albion Lutheran Church. She is survived by the husband; one son, Albert at home; and one brother, Frank Schauweker; and one sister, Mrs. Anna Earle, both of Albion. Democrat 9-1-1927
Jones Ada, widow of the late Milo Jones, lifelong resident of Noble County, died at her home in Kendallville Tuesday from heart trouble from which she suffered for about an hour. She was born April 1, 1858 near Rome City, the daughter of Samuel and Hester Wolf. She was first married to Albert Kesler who died 23 years ago. Mr. Jones died 2 years ago. She is survived by 2 children, Miss Edith Kesler, county nurse of LaGrange County, and one son, Grover Kesler of Jefferson Twp; 5 nephews and 5 grandchildren. One daughter preceded her in death. Democrat 10-9-1924
Jones Charlie, son of Irving and Dora Jones, died on Christmas day, aged 8 months and 17 days. New Era 1-8-1880
Jones David, 63, of Ligonier, died at his home in that city last Friday from appendicitis. He leaves a wife and one brother. Democrat 7-3-1902
Jones David Winston, long a resident of this city, founder of the old Fort Wayne Gazette and one of the very oldest printers in Indiana, died Tuesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. T. Green in Albion. He would have been 89 in July. Death was due to a fracture of the skull and other injuries sustained in a fall from a second story window at the Green residence soon after midnight Sunday. He suffered from Bright’s disease and dementia and during the night arose from bed and managed to unfasten the screen at the window and toppled over, falling to the ground 11 feet below. He was of Welsh descent and was born on a farm near Dayton, July 11, 1821. He was an Indiana publisher 66 years ago. He was married to Jane Atkinson in Grant County. She died 28 years ago. Later he again married, but the second wife also preceded him in death. Five children survive. They are Charles J., now residing on a ranch in Arizona, Harvey P. and Fremont L., Jones and Mrs. Ogden Pierce of Fort Wayne, and Mrs. W. T. Green of Albion. Funeral was at the home today. Burial, Lindenwood Thursday. Fort Wayne Sentinel June 22 New Era 7-6-1910
Jones Dianna, 21 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jones of this city died Saturday. The parents, one brother and grandparents survive. New Era 5-23-1940
Jones Fremont L Mrs., 43, died in Hope Hospital in Fort Wayne one week ago Monday from peritonitis, following an operation performed about a week previous. She leaves a husband, 6 children, a mother, 2 brothers and 4 sisters. She was the sister-in-law of Mrs. W. T. Green of this city. Democrat 10-30-1902
Jones Jenevieve Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Jones died on the 11th and was buried on the following day. New Era 8-24-1876
Jones John M Mrs., 70, of Orange Twp died Monday of heart disease and dropsy. Democrat 11-13-1902
Jones M H of Ligonier died on Thursday of last week at that place. New Era 12-28-1876
Jones Melissa, 79, a native of Noble County, died at the home of her son, Verle, east of Albion Friday from uremic poisoning and complications. She was born at the old Myers homestead in Jefferson Twp June 16, 1849 and married John Jones, also of Jefferson Twp in 1875. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Myers, were pioneers of this county. For a number of years the Jones family lived near Cosperville. Mr. Jones died in 1905 and since that time his widow resided with her only child, Verle, at his country home. Also surviving are a brother, Peter of Kendallville; and a sister, Mrs. Anna Foreman of near that city. 7-20-1928
Jones Sadie died at her home in Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday. She was the daughter of John and Caroline Humpsbaugher, deceased. She is survived by the husband; one brother, Calvin of this city, and on sister, Mrs. O. M. Waldron of Elkhart Twp. Democrat 1-4-1915
Jones Susannah, about 70, mother of Neal Jones of near Merriam, died at her home in Roann last Thursday of a complication of diseases. Obsequies were Saturday in Roann. 3-25-1909
Jones Verlie, 63, former resident of Jefferson Twp 5 miles northeast of Albion, died September 19 at the Noble County Home. He has no relatives. Services Saturday at Bonham & Miser Funeral Home. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. New Era 9-23-1946
Joray Charles T, 68, died February 10 at his home in Ligonier. Funeral Sunday. Democrat 2-17-1938
Jourdan Charles, 62, died at his home in Kendallville Saturday of a heart attack. Funeral was Tuesday. Burial in Wawaka cemetery. Survivors are the widow, Maude, 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. New Era 5-23-1940
Jourdan Dorothy, 85, died Monday at the home of Solomon Klitz, 3 miles east of Kendallville. Funeral was at the Klitz residence Thursday. If we mistake not, Mrs. Jourdan was the mother of Samuel Jourdan of Elkhart Twp. Democrat 11-14-1901
Jourdan Mell, about 89, a lifelong resident of the Cosperville community, died December 25, 1951 at her winter home in Ligonier from a heart ailment. She was the widow of the late William Jourdan. She was a charter member of the Cosperville Baptist Church. Surviving are 2 sisters, Mrs. Della Reed of Anderson, and Mrs. Mabel Cass of Fort Wayne. Funeral was Friday at the Cosperville Baptist Church. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. 12-25-1951
Jourdan Mary Melissa was born in Wayne County, Ohio, June 13, 1851, and died at her home in Cosperville December 18, 1903, aged 52 years, 6 months and 5 days. She was the daughter of Jacob and Sarah A. Young. In 1854 her parents came with their family to Indiana. She united with the Free Baptist Church as soon as she came to Springfield. She taught in the public schools for a number of years. She married George W. Jourdan June 12, 1881. They had 3 children, Clyde, Mont and Frankie. Funeral was December 21 in Cosperville Free Baptist Church. Burial, Kendallville cemetery. She leaves a mother, husband, 2 sons, one daughter and 2 sisters. 12-18-1903
Jourdan Waldo, 70, died in Richmond Saturday. Surviving are the widow, Amanda; and a sister, Mrs. Charles Leavitt in Sheridan, Ark. Funeral was Monday at Cosperville Baptist Church. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. 4-11-1942
Juday - Mrs. N. Calbeck attended the funeral of her cousin, Mrs. Juday, at Goshen, Saturday. Wolf Lake Trolley 10-22-1908
Juday - The 4-year old son of John Juday of Millersburg was smothered in an elevator one week ago Tuesday. He was playing near the bins above the freight house and fell in the wheat. Cars were being loaded and the body was carried down the funnel. When recovered ten minutes later the boy was dead. Democrat 5-1-1902
Juday Etta, 68, of Ligonier, died Sunday at the home of her niece, Mrs. Faye Frye, there. Services were held Wednesday. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Mathilda Tyler, and a nephew, Ray Tyler of Ligonier. 1-30-1938
Judd Worthington Mrs. of Englewood, Ill., died last Sunday at her home under the faithless faith cure of the Dowleites. She was born and raised in this community, her maiden name being Emma Law, and our people are considerably wrought up over the affair. Tuesday’s Chicago dailies gave a full account of the matter. Democrat 5-23-1901
Judkin O H, 71, a former resident of Ligonier and Wawasee for a number of years, died at his home in Indianapolis one week ago Sunday of heart trouble. He conducted a hotel at Wawasee and was also landlord of a hotel on the site of the Presbyterian Church in Ligonier. He was representative of the Nordyke & Marmom Milling Co. at Indianapolis and is survived by a wife, son and daughter. Democrat 1-6-1913
Kabrich Forest E, about 36, died in the Epworth Hospital in South Bend November 15, 1902, where he had been taken, suffering from lockjaw. His parents reside at Wawaka; a brother, Harry, is at LaPorte; and a married sister at Lima, LaGrange County. He was a son of J. Z. Kabrich of Wawaka and a nephew of Peter Kabrich of LaGrange and made his home with the latter most of his life. One news clipping gives burial site as Pretty Prairie Cemetery. The other states the body was taken to the home of his sister at Lima for burial. Democrat 11-27-1902
Kain David F, pastor of St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, died at his home this morning from paralysis, aged 66 years, 9 months and 18 days. He is survived by a wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Obsequies will be in the Lutheran Church Wednesday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 2-3-1908
Kaiser Carl, the 10-year old son of John Kaiser and wife of Kendallville, died Friday from pneumonia. Democrat 8-8-1901
Kalb Charles E died at his home in Washington Twp May 3, 1899 from consumption. He was born March 31, 1872 and was aged 27 years, one month and 2 days. On October 5, 1894, he married Hattie Gilbert. They had one child. Funeral was at Salem Church. Burial, Salem Cemetery. Albion Democrat 5-18-1899
Kalb Peter Mrs. died at her home March 2, 1907. She had been sick a short time. The funeral was at Broadway Tuesday. Kimmell Enterprise 3-2-1907
Kameron - A Miss Kameron, living 3 ½ miles east of this city died last Wednesday. She was in usual health, ate her dinner and stepped out of the house. A few minutes afterward her mother found her lying in the yard. She died in 5 minutes after being carried in the house. Cause of her death unknown. Age, 18 years. New Era 10-11-1877
Kammerer George, 78, died at the home of his nephew, Otto Kammerer of Wayne Twp, Sunday morning from cancer. Born in Stark County, Ohio, he came to Noble County with his parents in 1869. His wife died 7 years ago. Surviving are one brother, Lewis, Like Oak, Fla.; one sister, Mrs. George Beight of Kendallville. Funeral was Tuesday at the Otto Kammerer home. Burial, Kammerer Cemetery. Democrat 4-3-1924
Kane Dennis, about 85, died at Delphos, Ohio. He was the father of Mrs. Abram Scott and for a number of years made this place his home. Democrat 9-17-1903
Kane Mary was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1816 and married Dennis Kane in 1840. She immigrated to America in 1841; was the mother of 11 children, 8 of whom and a husband survive her. She was confined to her bed and chair for 22 years with rheumatism. Quick consumption eventually caused her death. Democrat 5-18-1893
Kane Naomi Leone, 17, died Thursday at the Elkhart General Hospital from deep burns suffered October 29 last when her dress caught fire from a small gas heater. Private funeral services were held at Stephens Chapel Friday. The body was placed in a receiving vault at Rice Cemetery. She was born in Albion, March 3, 1908, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Teeters. When 3 years old she came to Elkhart with the family. She married Donald Kane in May 1924. She was a member of the Trinity Methodist Church. He is an attendant at the Shell Filling Station on Freight St. She is survived by a daughter, Lolita, aged 8 months; her husband, parents, and 2 brothers, Michael at home, and Kenneth of 321 E. Lexington Ave. Democrat 1-14-1926
Karr Nathan, a former Wolf Lake citizen, died at the home of his daughter at Berrien Springs, Michigan, last week. His body was brought to Ligonier last Saturday and buried at Ligonier cemetery. Democrat 3-10-1915
Kauffman Paul E died January 3, 1900 of hemorrhage of the bowels; aged 9 months; residence, Kendallville; birthplace, Indiana; burial, Lake View Cemetery. 1-3-1900
Kaufman Joseph died of pneumonia at the residence of his nephew, A. M. Jacobs in Kendallville on Wednesday of last week. The remains were taken to his home in New York City where they were laid at rest. He came to Noble County in 1856 and located in Ligonier where he formed a partnership with Straus Brothers, which continued until late in 1864 when he moved to New York. In 1880 he returned to Noble County and located on a farm near Kendallville and remained until 1882 when he again took up residence in New York City. Noble Democrat 11-3-1898
Kaufman Milton, a young Hebrew of Ligonier, hung himself Monday in elevator of Jacobs’ Clothing Store. He was of Jewish descent, about 22 years of age, unmarried and a nephews of E. and M. Jacobs of Ligonier. He had been in this country about 5 years. He worked for the firm of M. Jacobs & Co. The coroner’s report included: "He was the butt of many jokes and was given to brooding upon his troubles, real and fancied. He had suffered much mental distress recently on account of losing money at cards. The cause of death was suicide by hanging. Expenses incident to conducting inquest: Eight witnesses at eighty cents, $6.40; post mortem, $15, coroner’s per diem, four days, $12.50; mileage, $1.50; clerk, $2.; constable, $4.95; total $42.35." He had his life insured for $1,000 and had $1,000 deposited in the bank.
Keck Elizabeth M, 64, wife of Benjamin Keck of Avilla, died in the Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, last Thursday. She is survived by the husband; 3 sons, George, William H. and Albert M. She was a member of the Lutheran Church at Avilla. Democrat 3-29-1915
Keefer Irene, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Keefer of Avilla, died Monday, aged 14 months. Obsequies were at the Methodist Episcopal Church Thursday. Democrat 2-16-1911
Keefer Samuel committed suicide on January 23 at Los Angeles, Calif. He was the proprietor of the Grand View Hotel in that city and no rational cause can be assigned to the deed. We are informed by Mr. C. V. Inks that years ago a brother of the suicide was murdered in his mill at Ormas by an employee who afterwards served a term in the penitentiary for his crime. Democrat 2-9-1887
Keehn Dora, 16, and Herbert Stansbury, 37, both of Ligonier, drowned at Lake Wawasee Tuesday. In the morning they went out in a boat to fish. The boat was of the clinker kind and not a suitable boat for a fishing craft. It is not definitely known how the accident occurred. It happened at the Sheepwash on the east side of the lake where nearly all of the Ligonier people are located. No one saw the accident but 2 persons heard their cries but they sank before assistance could reach them. It is believed Miss Keehn must have gotten the fish hook caught in her hair and the boat was overturned when Stansbury stepped toward her to release the hook. She was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Keehn, a dentist of Ligonier. She is survived by her parents and a sister. Democrat 7-8-1909
Keehn George Finley, 40, was born in Stark County, Ohio, June 11, 1854; died of consumption at Portland, Texas, January 6, 1900, aged 45 years, 6 months and 15 days. When he was 2 years old his parents moved to Indiana. In the early eighties he married Ellen Schlabach, a daughter of Henry Schlabach of Sparta Twp. For several years he was a tenant on one of the farms belonging to the estate of Judge Wood south of Ligonier. He had gone to Texas in an attempt to improve his health. He left for Pearland, Texas, on December 6, 1899, arriving at the home of his brother, Wesley, on the 9th. Four weeks later he died. Funeral was January 11 at the Christian Church in Ligonier. He leaves a wife and adopted daughter. Ligonier Democrat 1-11-1900
Keehn James Dr. and his wife were killed in crossing the B&O Railroad tracks near Syracuse Tuesday evening. They had been at Ligonier visiting relatives and friends and were on their way home in a carriage when struck by an eastbound fast passenger train. He was a brother of the late George Keehn, ex-treasurer of Noble County who died a few years ago on his farm in Perry Twp. Dr. Keehn served in Co. D 99th Indiana Regiment and lost a leg. He was postmaster for several years at Milford. Democrat 12-14-1895
Keehn Wesley - A. J. Keehn of Chicago was visiting relatives in this community last week. His brother, Wesley, of near Galveston, Texas, died July 28 of consumption. Democrat 8-20-1903
Keifer Mary N, Orange Twp, died at her home east of Brimfield Tuesday, aged 89 years and 11 months. She was the widow of the late George Keifer and had resided on the same farm for 55 years. She is survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. D. I. Sower and Mrs. L. A. Rawson; 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Obsequies were at Center Chapel Thursday. Democrat 12-24-1908
Keister - A distressing accident happened last Thursday near Big Lake in Whitley County. During the absence of Andrew Keister and wife from home, their 6-year old son went to a bureau drawer and secured a revolver which was supposed to have been in safekeeping, and fired the weapon. The ball entered the head of the boy’s 2-year old sister and is supposed to have caused instant death. When the mother returned home she was met at the door by the boy who had dragged the lifeless body of his sister with him. Noble Democrat 12-29-1898
Keister James died at his home Saturday from typhoid fever, aged 17 years, 3 months and 17 days. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 12-6-1900
Keister Laura, 49, died September 29, 1943. She is survived by her husband, Elba; 5 children, Edith, Ruth, Velma, George and Dorothy, all at home; and one brother, Wesley Sutton of Long Beach, Calif. She served overseas during WW I with the nursing corps and was a member of the Albion American Legion. She was a native of New York. Funeral was Saturday at the home near Merriam. 9-29-1943
Keller Anna R died at her home in Green Center September 6, 1890. Democrat 9-17-1890
Keller Daniel died at his home in Salem, Iowa, of paralysis one week ago Saturday. Mrs. Thomas McGuire of Green Twp was a sister. Democrat 2-6-1908
Keller Jacob Mrs., wife of the Jacob Keller of the firm of Keller & Kahn of Kendallville committed suicide on Sunday last. She is said to have been afflicted for some time with extreme melancholia. New Era 6-25-1874 Kendallville, Ind., June 29, 1874, S. E. Alvord: Dear Sir: Please rectify the error you made in your last issue in saying Mrs. Keller of this place committed suicide. She died of convulsions, as the physician’s certificate testifies. By correcting your report you will confer a great favor on the bereaved husband and their innocent children. Yours respectfully, Jacob Kann New Era 7-2-1874
Keller John Calvin of Green Twp, died at his home January 31, 1906 from typhoid fever, aged 57 years, 9 months and 14 days. He was the son of Washington and Ann Keller, born in Richland County, Ohio, April 17, 1848. He married Mary E. Storey January 9, 1871 and they had 4 boys and 6 girls. His wife and 7 children survive. Funeral was at the Rehoboth Church Saturday. Burial, Rehoboth Cemetery. Democrat 1-31-1906
Keller Mertie, daughter of Frank Keller, died on the 21st of scarlet fever, aged 8 years, 7 months and 15 days. Funeral at Rehoboth Church. Democrat 3-28-1888
Keller Washington Mrs., about 65, died last Monday at her home in Green Twp from lung fever. Funeral was yesterday at Rehoboth Church. Democrat 3-15-1894
Keller William died of consumption at the home of his parents in Green Twp November 10, 1898. He was born June 2, 1879, the son of John C. and Mary Keller and at the time of demise was aged 19 years, 5 months and 8 days. He leaves a father, mother, 5 sisters, 2 brothers. Funeral was at Rehoboth Church Saturday. Burial, Rehoboth Cemetery. Noble Democrat 11-17-1898
Kelly John, the Kendallville hotel and saloon man, died Tuesday. New Era 9-12-1906
Kelly Nancy R died December 31, 1899 of meningitis; aged one year and 6 months; residence, Kendallville; birthplace, Indiana; burial, Lake View Cemetery January 2, 1900. Democrat 1-4-1900
Kelsey Charles Leroy, son of I. H. Kelsey living west of Ligonier, died one week ago Tuesday, aged 17 years, 6 months and 7 days. Funeral was at the Ligonier Methodist Church Thursday. Democrat 6-12-1902
Kershner Elizabeth, daughter of Michael and Catherine (Lindermoot) Fry, was born near Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia, April 11, 1825; and died at her home near Kimmell, February 12, 1915, aged 89 years, 10 months and one day. She came with her parents in 1839 when she was 14 years of age to Green County, Ohio, where they located near Xenia and her parents spent the remainder of their lives. She married Daniel Kershner near Xenia on April 1, 1849. They had 3 children, Upton Courtney, who died in infancy, Mary J., born in Ohio, and Nary Theodore, born in Noble County, Ind. In October 1863 they moved to Noble County and purchased the farm north of Kimmell. He died January 7, 1867. She was a member of the Sparta Church. Surviving are the daughter, Mrs. George Gale; 2 grandchildren, Orla Gale and Mrs. Samuel Earnhart and husband; and one great-granddaughter, Fay Earnhart; a brother, Reiley Fry; and sister, Mrs. Hannah Wolf, both living near Xenia, Ohio. Funeral was at the residence February 14. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. Democrat 2-22-1915
Kesling Cyrus, Jefferson Twp, died at his home Saturday. The youngest child and only son of Samuel and Elizabeth Kesling, he was born in Miami County, Indiana, August 9, 1846; and died June 26, 1915, aged 68 years, 10 months and 17 days. He had 2 sisters, both of whom with the parents have preceded him in death. In 1860 he came with his parents to Kosciusko County and while here he married Virginia Guy. They had 2 boys and 4 girls, all of whom except one daughter and the widow survive him, Mrs. Iona McCoy died February 21, 1915. Living are William S., Clyde, Rosa E. Herendeen, Alta E. Wells and Cassie Herendeen. There are 16 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. In 1882 he and his family moved to Noble County. Obsequies were at Jefferson Union Church this afternoon. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. 6-26-1915
Kettleborough Charles, unmarried, 50, brother of William Kettleborough of Albion and John Kettleborough of Ligonier, died in a hospital in that city March 28 from injuries suffered March 13 when he was struck by an automobile during a blinding rainstorm. He was director of the State Legislative Reference Bureau for the last years. Funeral was Thursday in Topeka Mennonite Church. Burial in Maple Grove Cemetery, near where he was reared. 3-28-1938
Kettleborough Thelma, oldest daughter of Will Kettleborough and wife, died Friday, aged about 15 months, from cholera infantum. Funeral was at the residence Sunday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 7-31-1902
Kiblinger Ira was born in Elkhart County, March 23, 1839, and died February 19, 1908, aged 68 years, 10 months and 26 days. He married Sarah Jane Price October 3, 1867. She died August 19, 1904. He is survived by 2 daughters, Miss Maud of this city and Mrs. R. D. Gants of Cromwell; one brother, Frank P. of this city; 2 sisters, Mrs. Julia Denny of this city, and Miss Fannie Kiblinger of Elkhart; and one grandson, Winston Gants of Cromwell. He enlisted in the 131st Ohio Volunteer Regiment and was mustered out in August 1864. He loved to attend the meetings of the GAR post in this city until it surrendered the charter. He had long been a cigar manufacturer in Albion. Obsequies were at the Methodist Episcopal Church last Friday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 2-27-1908
Kiblinger Jeremiah was born June 13, 1830, and died at the home of his son, J. F. Kiblinger, in Ash Grove, Mo., February 21, 1906, aged 76 years, 7 months and 21 days. Funeral was at Coates M. E. Church February 22. Burial, Ash Grove Cemetery. He was at one time a resident of this vicinity, having lived east of Albion. He leaves 2 brothers, Fran P. and Ira; and 3 sisters, Mrs. J. M. Denny of Albion, and Mrs. Mary Hutchison and Miss Fannie Kiblinger of Elkhart. New Era 3-7-1906
Kichler Bertha Gladys, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kichler, died at their home in Noble Twp last Thursday of pneumonia, aged 6 days. Obsequies were at the home Saturday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. New Era 4-14-1909
Kichler Chari Beth, 7-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kichler, Merriam, died today in the Whitley County Hospital. Death may have resulted from encephalitis. She was born June 5, 1950 in Kendallville. Her mother is the former Gertrude McCabe. She was in the second grade in Wolf Lake School and a member of Wolf Lake Brownies and Christian Chapel Sunday School. Surviving are the parents; a brother, William Jacob at home; the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William R. McCabe, Dagsboro, Del.; and a great-grandmother, Mrs. John A. Timmons, Dagsboro. Services Saturday at Christian Chapel. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 2-12-1958
Kief - Short services were held at Bonham Funeral Home Monday for the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kief. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. 1-17-1938
Kiel Maria, widow of Frederick A. Kiel, was buried at Lake View Cemetery. New Era 8-18-1909 She died at the home of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth Kiel of Fort Wayne, aged 72 years. She was born in Adams County, Indiana and became a resident of Kendallville 45 years ago. Democrat 8-16-1909
Kiester Cloe, the 10-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kiester of Washington Twp, was killed by the windmill weight falling on him. He was walking past the windmill when the weight, which had become broken, fell and struck the boy on the head. His death occurred about 7 hours later. Obsequies were at Stringtown Church Monday. New Era 4-14-1909
Kiester Harlen Earl, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kiester, died at their home on E. Orange St., April 26, 1901, aged 20 months and 2 days. The disease which caused his death was a complicated trouble of the throat. Funeral from the Lutheran Church. Burial, Buckles Cemetery. Democrat 5-2-1901
Kiester Perry Mrs. died at the home of her daughter near Etna. Her home was in Alabama. 9-16-1926
Kiester Rose L, 77, of 6425 Gardenview Dr., a member of First Missionary Church, died Saturday in Lutheran Hospital. Born in Arkansas, she resided in Fort Wayne 53 years. Surviving are her husband, DeWitt; 2 sons, Everett of Wolcottville, and Ken of Arlington, Texas; 2 daughters, Evelyn Troutman and Bonnie Funk, both of Fort Wayne; a sister, Lillian Doron of Bakersfield, Calif.; and 2 brothers, Harry Holloway of Carlsbad, N.M., and Drew Holloway of Arvin, Calif. Services are Tuesday in Elzey-Dickey-Haggard Home for Funerals in Waynedale. Burial, Kiester Cemetery, Whitley County. No date
Kilgore Leah J, 61 years, one month and 3 days, died at her home in Washington Twp last Friday. Funeral was at Stringtown Christian Church last Sunday. Burial in church cemetery. Democrat 7-3-1924
Kimble Bessie, daughter of Fred and Amanda Kimble, was born April 11, 1906, and died September 14, 1906 at the age of 5 months and 3 days. She leaves her father, mother, 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. 9-14-1906
Kimble Fred, 67, who had rented a portion of the Mattie (Crow) Frick farm at Wawasee Lake, committed suicide Monday by hanging himself in a barn near the Crow’s Nest Hotel. It is thought that he was despondent because of the failing crops which he had planted 3 times, each time to be destroyed, first by freezing, then by drowning, and last by rains and cold weather. He was a former resident of near Wolf Lake and Kimmell and is survived by seven sons, 6 of whom reside in Fort Wayne. Democrat 6-16-1924
Kime - the daughter of A. S. Kime and wife of Wawaka died Wednesday, aged one month, and was buried in Ligonier cemetery Thursday. Mrs. Kime, who is a daughter of Philip Palmer and wife of this city, is critically ill and there is but little prospects of her recovery. Democrat 10-11-1900
Kime Delilah, pioneer resident of Noble County, died at her Kendallville home last Sunday of a complication of diseases, aged 62 years, 11 months and 28 days. She was born in Wawaka, March 9, 1852, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerman, pioneer citizens of Elkhart Twp. She married Daniel H. Kime in 1871 and he died a few years ago. She had been a resident of Kendallville since 1872 and was a member of the Presbyterian Church. She is survived by one son, Charles C. of Detroit, Mich.; 3 sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Phillip of Hutchinson, Kan., Mrs. Sarah Blair of LaPorte, Ind., Miss Nellie of Kenosha, Wis.; 3 brothers, Daniel T. of Wawaka, Jacob L. of Silver Lake, and William of Akron, Ohio. Obsequies were at the home Tuesday. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. Democrat 3-11-1915
Kimmell - a little child of a Mr. N. Kimmell of this vicinity was buried on Monday. New Era 2-6-1879
Kimmell Ann, wife of Adam J. Kimmell of Albion, died May 11, 191, aged 61 years and 9 months. Funeral and interment in Albion Cemetery on May 13. Democrat 5-13-1891
Kimmell Arthur, 17, son of Dr. A J Kimmell of Hudson, while in bathing at Hog Back Lake in Steuben County Monday, became exhausted and sank to rise no more. Albion Democrat 6-15-1899
Kimmell Cora, 77, died February 4 at the home of her sister, Mrs. Irene Hoffman in Albion, with whom she had resided many years. She was the daughter of former commissioner, M. H. Kimmell, deceased. The sister is the only survivor. Funeral was Saturday at the home. Burial, Albion Cemetery. 2-4-1938
Kimmell Cyrus was born in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, August 13, 1826, the eldest son of Joseph and Catherine (Amich) Kimmell. He married Nancy Griffith in November 1848 and she died in March 1864. He came to Indiana in 1851 and located on what is now known as the old Bender place. He remained on this farm for 16 years when he moved to Brimfield and went into the hardware business with Caleb McMeans, remaining there one year. In 1869 he purchased a farm in Orange Twp and in 1872 he moved to Sparta Twp and settled on the Stone’s Hill farm, where he has since resided. On August 30, 1866 he married Ellen (Lane) Earnhart. To this union, one son, Joseph C., was born. In 1860 he became a charter member of the Church of God in York Twp. He died August 25, 1903, aged 77 years and 12 days. Funeral was at Sparta Christian Church Thursday with burial in adjacent cemetery. He leaves a wife, one son, one stepson and 6 grandchildren. He was a brother of O. Kimmell of York Twp and a cousin of Joseph and M. H. Kimmell of this city. New Era 9-2-1903
Kimmell Edith, 16, daughter of John H. Kimmell and wife, died at her home Monday from consumption. Funeral was Wednesday. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 8-18-1898
Kimmell Ella was born in LaGrange County, November 30, 1859; and died in St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis where she had undergone an operation for hernia, August 9, 1899, aged 39 years, 8 months and 2 days. She was the daughter of George T. Ulmer and wife, old pioneers of Noble County. She married Frank Kimmell November 25, 1878 and they had 3 sons and one daughter. The daughter and one son preceded her in death. She leaves a husband; 2 sons, Don and Dale; and a mother of Whittier, Cal. Obsequies were held at the home of Mr. Kimmell’s uncle, M. H. Kimmell, Saturday. Burial was beside her son and daughter in Albion Cemetery. Frank Kimmell and son, Don, who accompanied the remains to this city for interment last Friday, returned to their home near Fredericktown, Mo., Sunday. He intends to devote his time to the stock business. Albion Democrat 8-10-1899
Kimmell Gladys, the 14-months old daughter of Albert A. Kimmell and wife of Jefferson Twp, died last Saturday of pneumonia. Funeral was at the residence Monday. Burial, Union Cemetery. Democrat 2-23-1899
Kimmell Grant, 67, a former resident of Albion, died at his home in Gainesville, Ga., June 1 of pernicious anemia. Interment was at Chattanooga, Tenn. 6-1-1932
Kimmell Joseph C, 83, one of the pioneers of Noble County, died at his home in Jefferson Twp last Thursday. Wolf Lake Trolley 11-28-1907
Kimmell Kate, daughter of Frank and Ella Kimmell, was born in Albion October 15, 1884 and died April 25, 1888, aged 3 years, 6 months and 10 days. Funeral was April 27. Noble Democrat 5-2-1888
Kimmell Maud M, 81, mother of Miss Geneva Kimmell, a teacher in Kendallville schools, died Sunday in their home of a heart ailment. She was born October 11, 1877 in Jefferson Twp and was a former resident of Wolf Lake. She came here in 1943 to live with her daughter. A member of the Baptist Church at Wolf Lake, she was the widow of Henry Irving Kimmell, who died in December 1936. Also surviving are another daughter, Mrs. Fred Geiger, Ligonier; a son, Thomas H., Goshen; a grandchild; a sister, Mrs. A. J. Kimmell, West Lafayette; and 2 brothers, Paul Thomas, Kimmell, and Cecil Thomas, Fort Wayne. Services Wednesday in Berhalter-Hutchins Funeral Home. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. 1-4-1959
Kimmell Minnie D was born in Jefferson Twp, November 4, 1874; died December 9, 1894; aged 20 years, one month, 5 days. Funeral was at Union Church. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 12-20-1894
Kimmell Rebecca, 71, - Mrs. Julia Harkins received by telegram on Saturday last the intelligence of the death of her sister, Mrs. Rebecca Kimmell, of Pella, Iowa. She was the widow of Cyrus Kimmell, who was many years ago, a resident of Noble County, owning and residing upon the place now owned by William Huston. He was an uncle of A. J. and M. H. Kimmell. His death occurred long ago. Democrat 6-10-1891
Kimmell Rhoda B, 78, lifelong resident of Wolf Lake, died Friday in her home. She was a member of the Baptist Church where last rites will be held Sunday. Surviving are the husband, Samuel C.; a brother, J. W. Galloway, Columbia City; Mrs. Vera Wilkins, Wolf Lake and Mrs. Edna Thomas, Syracuse. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. 10-23-1956
Kimmell Wilber, 21, was instantly killed at St. Paul, Minn., while on duty as brakeman on the St. Paul & Omaha Railroad last Sunday. The remains arrived on train No. 16 and were taken to the home of the uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Baldwin of Green Twp. He is survived by a father, Albert A., of Fort Wayne; a mother, Mrs. Emily J. Kimmell of Kendallville; a brother, Elza of Toledo, Ohio, who is employed as fireman on the Lake Shore Railroad. Obsequies were at Rehoboth Church Thursday. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 10-17-1912
Kimmell William Mrs. - Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Foote returned from Nebraska last week where they had been to attend the funeral of Mrs. Foote’s sister, Mrs. William Kimmell. They brought back 2 of her children, one only about 2 months old. Democrat 12-14-1887
King - Al King and wife of near Ligonier buried their infant daughter in the Cosperville Cemetery Wednesday. Democrat 5-27-1909
King Christian W died at his home in Ligonier one week ago Sunday. He was an old soldier, being a member of the 30th Indiana Regiment and served 3 years in the War of the Rebellion. Funeral was in Ligonier United Brethren Church on Wednesday of last week. Democrat 3-12-1903
King Daniel, 37, died at his home at Wolcottville one week ago Saturday from ulcers of the bladder. He is survived by a wife and 2 daughters, Ethel, 13, and Felma, 11; a father, Emanuel of Cosperville; 3 brothers, Albert of Ligonier, Benjamin of Cosperville, William of near Rome City; and a sister, Mrs. Edward Frick of Elkhart Twp. Obsequies were at the Baptist Church in Wolcottville last Tuesday. Burial, Woodland Cemetery. Democrat 9-27-1909
King Ellen, daughter of George and Mary Ott, was born July 25, 1848 about 2 miles east of Merriam, and died July 2, 1925, aged 76 years; 11 months and 7 days.  She was one of 10 children, all of whom except 2 sisters and one brother having preceded her in death.  They are Daniel Ott of Ligonier, Mrs. Elmeda Lamon of Merriam and Mrs. Hettie Locke of Churubusco.  On October 11, 1833 she married David King.  He died May 27, 1924.  They had no children, but adopted Carl King when he was 18 months old.  She is survived by 3 grandchildren of Carl King.    She was a member of the church at Merriam, where funeral was held Saturday.  Democrat 7-9-1925
King Elton J, 32, for 4 years foreman of the meter department at the Fort Wayne Electric Works, in company with his wife and baby went west in December in hopes that the climate would be of benefit to his lungs. He died at Tucson, Arizona, according to a telegram received yesterday morning. He was born at Avilla, where his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. King, and one sister, Miss Lillie, and a brother, Alfred, still reside. He graduated from Purdue University and came to Fort Wayne in 1894 and accepted a position at the electric works under Mr. Thomas Duncan. When Mr. Duncan resigned, King succeeded him. He was married in 1899 to Maud Poyser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Poyser of Broadway. Two other brothers survive, Lloyd, an instructor at Purdue; and Frank, roadmaster for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad at Mason City, Iowa. Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Sunday. Democrat 2-5-1903
King Isaac Mrs., 84, was found dead in bed Saturday at Ligonier. She is supposed to have suffered a heart attack. Surviving is one son, Volnie of near Ligonier; and a daughter residing in Ohio. The husband died a few months ago and since then she has been living alone. Democrat 12-31-1925
King J Stanley Mrs., 21, of Three Rivers, Mich., died in a Kalamazoo hospital after an operation. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Michaels. Funeral took place here on Tuesday afternoon. Democrat 4-17-1913
King Jonathan, 43, of Orange Twp died at his home near Rome City Tuesday from inflammatory rheumatism. He was a Noble County teacher for a number of years. Funeral and interment at Cosperville today. 1-5-1904
King Lydia, 81, resident of the Hawpatch, died one week ago Monday. She came with her family to Noble County in 1852 and had resided in the immediate vicinity where she died for 47 years. Albion Democrat 5-11-1899
King Richard, 62, Ligonier resident, died Wednesday evening of last week from paralysis. Democrat 2-15-1900
King Robert Mrs. died Thursday of consumption and was buried at Union Cemetery last Sabbath. Democrat 12-5-1883
King Robert Rev. was born in Ashland County, Ohio, August 16, 1824 and died at his home near Albion, November 20, 1888, aged 64 years, 3 months and 4 days. He married Anna Price near Findlay, Ohio, February 26, 1846. He had been a member of the M. E. Church for more than 43 years. Three sons and one daughter are left to mourn. His wife and 2 children preceded him in death. Funeral at Rehoboth Thursday., Burial, Union (Sweet) Cemetery. Democrat 11-28-1888
King Wallace Mrs. of Fort Wayne died after a serious operation in a Fort Wayne hospital. She formerly resided in Kimmell. Democrat 51-81-1911
Kingdon John, 78, early settler, came here in early times from England and died Friday morning. He was the owner of between 2 and 3 hundred acres of land; was pronounced insane about 6 months ago and has been failing gradually until his death. Funeral October 8 at Churubusco U. B. Church. Burial, Gray Cemetery. Democrat 9-28-1893
Kingsbury Irma, formerly of Ligonier, died at the home of her parents at Lajuinta, Col., April 13, of rheumatism of the heart. Mr. Kingsbury was proprietor of Hotel Mier in Ligonier a few years ago. Daily Record 4-30-1903
Kingston A E, eldest son of G. K. and A. K. Kingston, died in York Twp, September 5, 1877, aged 21 years, 6 months and 22 days from consumption. New Era 9-20-1877
Kinney Arthur M, 40, of Canajoharie, N. Y., died of typhoid and pneumonia on December 6, 1898. He was a son-in-law of Eugene A. Landon and wife of Momence, Ill, but former resident of Albion. His wife was Miss Mary Landon, the granddaughter of the late Nelson Prentiss. He was a liveryman and horse buyer. He leaves a wife, father, mother and one brother. His remains were taken to Momence, Ill., for interment. Noble Democrat 12-15-1898
Kinnison Charlotte of whose death mention was made in The Democrat last week, was one of the pioneers of northern Indiana and had lived in Perry Twp for 67 years. She left 4 sons, George W. of Goshen, James of Ligonier, Ed W. of Goshen, and Hon. W. M. of Garden City, Kansas. Democrat 9-17-1903
Kinzie Henry C died at his home one and one-half miles west of South Whitley on Monday of last week from dropsy and heart trouble, aged 63 years and 3 months. He is survived by a wife. In his younger days he was a telegraph operator and was the first agent of the Vandalia and Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroads at LaOtto. He opened the depot there 35 years ago and was in charge for 19 years when he resigned to move to a farm near Sidney. He moved on a farm near South Whitley about one year ago. Obsequies were at the Eel River Church near Sidney last Wednesday. Burial, Sidney Cemetery. Democrat 11-13-1991
Kirk - Mr., of Butler, Ind., committed suicide on April 29 east of Swan. He was married about 15 years ago and lived with his wife several years and then parted. About a year ago she married Mr. Emery and lived east of Swan. Last week her former husband came and wanted to see her. She refused to admit him and on Saturday he, with his son, came with the intentions of shooting her and then killing himself. She again refused to see him and he went to the buggy , placed the muzzle of the gun in his mouth and shot himself. New Era 5-11-1893
Kirkpatrick - The infant child of Elbert Kirkpatrick died Sunday of pneumonia, aged 9 months. Funeral was Tuesday. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. 2-12-1899
Kirkpatrick Alonzo was born May 12, 1833 and died in Albion June 12, 1907, aged 74 years and one month. 6-12-1907
Kiser - A child of John Kiser, age 1 year, was buried last Sunday. New Era 8-30-1877
Kiser Jane died at the home of her son, Moses in Sparta Twp, November 15, 1898. She was born in Chestertown, Penn., January 3, 1813; and at the time of her demise was aged 85 years, 9 months and 14 days. When a child she was taken to Wayne County, Ohio, and was united in marriage to Jacob Kiser in 1834. They removed to Noble County in 1843. He died in 1891. She was the mother of 12 children, 3 survive - Moses, William S., and Mrs. Isabella Hursey. Funeral was at the son’s residence November 17. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Noble Democrat 11-24-1898
Kiser Leroy Jackson, 8-months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Kiser, died at his parents home in this city last Friday from cholera infantum. Funeral was at the U. B. Church last Sabbath. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 10-19-1893
Kiser Raymond died in Albion on October 14, 1875 of convulsions arising from whooping cough. He was the youngest child of William S. and Ella J. Kiser, aged 11 months and 26 days. New Era 10-21-1875
Kister Amanda was born October 26,1 823 in York County, Pennsylvania and emigrated with her parents to Wayne County, Ohio in 1834. She came to Noble County in 1844, where she died February 18, 1909, aged 85 years, 3 months and 22 days. Funeral was at Christian Chapel. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Noble County Democrat 2-22-1909
Kister Jacob, son of David A. and Ann Kister, was born in Pennsylvania, July 15, 1833 and died in Noble County, November 16, 1909, aged 76 years, 4 months and one day. When one year of age he emigrated to Wayne County, Ohio with his parents. When he was 11 he came with his parents to Noble County. In 1859 he married Phebe Herman, and to this union were born 2 sons and 5 daughters. One son and one daughter preceded him in death. Those living are Sarah Gaff, Cynthia Ann Winebrenner, Ida Emma Gaff, William Sherman Kister and Missouri Cloverdale. Also surviving is a sister, Mrs. Jefferson Mohn of Noble Twp. A careful farmer, in the fifties he was a member of the Regulators and took an interest in the suppression of crime in the state. Obsequies were at Christian Chapel Thursday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 11-25-1909
Kister Mary, wife of David A. Kister, died August 11, 1877, aged 70 years, 9 months and one day. Her remains were taken to the Christian Chapel on the 13th, and after a funeral discourse, were interred in the cemetery nearby. New Era 8-23-1877
Kister Solomon, of Noble Twp, a Noble County pioneer, died February 7. Funeral was Tuesday at Merriam. Democrat 2-17-1897
Kitson Pearl, 78, died today in the Luckey Hospital. She had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage November 18. She was born in Ligonier December 27,1877 and was a lifelong resident of this community. she was the widow of Judson Kitson, who died in 1929. She was a member of the Methodist Church. Surviving are 2 daughters, Mrs. Melvin Schlotterback, Ligonier, and Mrs. Edna Carney, San Pedro, Calif.; 5 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; 3 sisters, Mrs. Len Harper and Mrs. Roy Blue, west of Ligonier, and Mrs. Hazel Martin, Elkhart; and 3 brothers, Carl, Earl and Harry Wolf, Ligonier. Services will be Monday in Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 11-3-1956
Kitt Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Hively, was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, May 3, 1830, and died at her home one mile northwest of Noblesville, January 11, 1913 at the age of 82 years, 8 months and 8 days. When about 9 years of age, with her mother and stepfather she removed to Indiana and on January 6, 1853, married John P Kitt. They had 10 children. They settled on the old Kitt farm in Noble Twp and resided on the same farm until their demise, with the exception of about one year which they spent in Wolf Lake. Her husband died February 2, 1903. Two daughters and one son died in infancy. She is survived by 5 sons, George M., J Harvey, D Truman, all of Noble Twp, John Miles of Albion, and Charles W of Santa Maria, Calif.; 2 daughters, Della May and Ida, both of Noble Twp; 7 grandchildren; and 2 great-grandchildren. Besides working for her own large family, she cared for Grandfather Kitt, her mother and stepfather and a half-sister in their last days. At different times she took into her home orphan children (at least 5 known to the surviving family) and kept them until a desirable home should be found for them. Funeral was in Christian Chapel January 14, 1913. Burial beside her husband in Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 1-23-1913
Kitt George died near Merriam on February 27, 1875, aged 85 years and a few days. He leaves 4 children. He was buried on the 27th. Funeral to be in the future. New Era 3-11-1875 Funeral will be at Christian Chapel on June 13. New Era 6-10-1875
Kitt John P, Noble Twp, died at his home Monday morning, aged 77 years, 5 months and 18 years, death being due mostly to old age and a gradual breaking down of his system. He was born in Clark County, Ohio, August 14, 1825, and spent his boyhood days on the farm until age 18. He spent 3 years apprenticeship at the blacksmith trade in Springfield, Ohio, after which he resumed farming. He taught school one term in Ohio and one term in Noble Twp here. He arrived at Wolf Lake with his father’s family in October 1846. He married Elizabeth Hively, January 6, 1853. They had 10 children. He leaves a wife and 7 children, George M of Noble Twp, John M of this city, David Freeman of Noble Twp, Harvey of Wolf Lake, Charles W of Chicago, and May and Ida, at home. He was a member of Christian Chapel where obsequies were held Wednesday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 2-5-1903
Kitt John Y, 75, died Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Elva Koher, where he had lived for the past several months. He leaves one daughter, Mrs. W. O. Harlan of near Indian Village, and several grandchildren. Funeral was Tuesday. Burial, Merriam Cemetery. Democrat 2-23-1928
Kitt John Y Mrs., 36, died last Saturday at her home near Noblesville of consumption. She leaves a husband, 2 daughters and a mother. Funeral by K of P at Christian Chapel May 22. Democrat 5-25-1893
Kitt Mary M died at her home near Merriam July 29, 1891, aged 21 years and 3 days. She was a daughter of Jacob and Sarah Kitt, born, reared and died under the same roof. She was a member of Merriam Christian Church. She leaves a mother, 3 brothers and one sister. Funeral at Christian Chapel. Democrat 8-5-1891
Kitt Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of John and Hannah Young, was born February 20, 1834; and died March 4, 1915, aged 81 years and 12 days. She came with her parents to this country in 1840 from Pennsylvania. She was a member of Merriam Christian Church. She married Jacob L. Kitt, October 18, 1851. They had 11 children, 7 preceding her in death. She leaves 4 children, John Y., Omar, Edward and Maggie; 7 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren; one brother, one half-brother, 2 half-sisters. Obsequies were at Christian Chapel Sunday. Burial, Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 3-8-1915
Klick Henry was born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, December 3, 1813; died June 11, 1898, aged 84 years, 6 months and 8 days. Settler of second class. 6-15-1899
Klick Mary Barbara (Hoover) was born in Bavaria, Germany, March 15, 1817. She came to America in 1832 and settled in Pennsylvania where she married Nicholas Klick, April 19, 1835. They settled in Stark County, Ohio, and afterwards removed to Indiana and in October 1863 settled upon the farm in Washington Twp where she resided to the time of death, December 17, 1899, aged 82 years, 9 months and 2 days. She was the mother of 6 boys and 7 girls, one girl and 2 boys dying in childhood. Surviving are 3 sons, 4 daughters, 27 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. She was a member of the New Lutheran Church. Funeral was in Sparta Church December 19, 1899. Albion Democrat 12-21-1899
Kline - Mrs. Kline died suddenly Monday morning. Funeral was preached in Avilla Evangelical Church Thursday. Democrat 4-24-1902
Kline Eliza Bolina, nearly 71, was born in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, May 24, 1832. With her parents she moved to Canton, Ohio in 1832, and in 1844 to this county where she died May 11, 1893 at the residence of her brother-in-law, Thomas Miller, in Albion. After a few remarks by Elder George A. Bretz, she was laid to rest in Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 5-18-1893
Kline Hazel Leone, infant twin daughter of Samuel Kline and wife of Jefferson Twp residing near Rehoboth Church, died Saturday of cholera infantum, aged 11 months and 28 days. Funeral was in the Union Church Monday. Burial in cemetery nearby. Democrat 9-27-1900
Kline Henry, a milk dealer of South Bend, died suddenly one week ago Sunday of black smallpox after being ill but 2 days. He had been driving about the city among his customers as late as the Thursday previous to his death. The mayor of South Bend has issued a proclamation asking all to be very careful to prevent the spread of the disease and advised all persons having Kline’s milk tickets to burn them. Democrat 6-11-1905
Kline Henry - Ed Kline was called to Warsaw Monday morning on account of the death of his brother, Henry Kline. Democrat 1-19-1928
Kline J Frank, of Angola died of heart disease. He was a printer by trade and for a number of years was foreman of the Steuben Republican. Mrs. Kline was Miss Florence Pipes, a sister of Mrs. Marion Spencer of this city. Democrat 12-?-1903
Kline Nellie M (Carter), a former Wolf Lake girl, died at her home in DeLong, Ind., Tuesday. Wolf Lake Trolley 4-4-1907
Kline S M, of Avilla, who has been employed on the railroad for some time but who was recently discharged, was run over and killed by the cars while alighting from a train on the Lake Shoe & Michigan Southern Road at Englewood near Chicago on Friday of last week. His remains were brought home to Avilla for interment. He had an insurance of $1,500 on his life in the B&OL employees’ insurance company. New Era 9-2-1880
Kline Susan, 70, died at the county infirmary Sunday from paralysis. Her home was formerly at Kendallville. Burial, County Infirmary Cemetery. Democrat 9-11-1902
Klink Mrs., mother of Mrs. Adam Schlotterback, died at the home of her daughter last Sunday morning at an advanced age. She was buried at Garrett on Tuesday. Noble Democrat 10-26-1899
Klitz Solomon, 78, pioneer resident of the county, died Monday at the home of his nephew, Charles Jourdan, near Wawaka, with whom he had resided most of the past 16 years. He came to Indiana when a young man and married Louisa Jourdan, who died 16 years ago. Surviving are 3 brothers in Ohio 2 sisters, one in California and one in Ohio; a niece, Mrs. Kent near South Milford, and the nephew. Funeral was Wednesday at the Evangelical Church, Kendallville. Burial, Ackerman Cemetery. Democrat 6-19-1924
Klotz Jacob of Cosperville died Tuesday morning at the home of Mrs. Joseph Klotz of Elkhart Twp. Burial will take place Thursday. He was a brother of Mrs. Harrison Lafong of Kimmell. Kimmell Enterprise 2-15 & 22-1907
Klotz Joseph B died at Cosperville, May 10, aged 66 years, 6 months and 4 days. He leaves a wife, 3 sons and 4 daughters. He was a member of the 30th Indiana Regiment during the Civil War. New Era 5-17-1905 He died of tuberculosis. Obsequies were at Cosperville Free Baptist Church Friday. Democrat 5-10-1905
Klotz Mary A died at her home near Cosperville, April 3, 1909 from bronchial affection. She was born September 29, 1846 and at the time of death was 62 years, 7 months and 4 days. Her childhood home was in Richland County, Ohio, her maiden name being Marks. She was a member of a large family of children. June 28, 1864 she married Joseph B. Klotz, he being a soldier in the Union Army. When the war was over they settled on the farm in Elkhart Twp and lived there till death. They had 3 sons and 5 daughters, all of whom survive, except Olive Irene. Her husband died May 10, 1905. They were connected with the Hawpatch Evangelical Church. She leaves 7 children, Mrs. Flora B. Perry of Coldwater, Mich., Elmer E of Ligonier, Henry at home, Mrs. Bertha Mae Maxwell of Chandler, Oklahoma, Mrs. Pearl A Zook at home, Bert L of Swanton, Ohio, Mrs. Mabel Minier, near the old home; 11 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; 2 brothers, William in Albion and one in Montana. Funeral was at the Cosperville Church Monday. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. 4-3-1909
Knappenberger Fay, 17, formerly of Ligonier, died at Parkersburg, West Virginia, March 27, of quick consumption. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Daily Record 4-2-1903
Knappenberger Wilson, 84, one of the old residents of Ligonier, died on Tuesday of last week. He fell off a load of hay a few days previous to his death which weakened him and hastened his demise. Democrat 1-2-1902
Knauer Emanuel, 70, Corunna merchant, died at his home in that place one week ago Thursday. He was formerly in the dry goods business in Kendallville for several years. Democrat 4-24-1902
Knepper - The infant daughter of John Knepper and wife was buried in Thursday of last week. Democrat 3-18-1897
Knepper Albert, a son of he late H. C. Knepper of Ligonier, was killed at Bakers City, Oregon, last week, but the manner of death is not known by his relatives in Ligonier. He had not been home for 12 years and for the past 5 years has been engaged in mining at Mazamma, Washington. The family think he was enroute home when he was killed. Democrat 7-23-1903
Knepper Albro Mrs, about 40, a former resident of Ligonier, died in Toledo, Ohio, Wednesday from tuberculosis. Democrat 6-25-1903
Knepper Elmer E, employed as a tinner by Weir & Cowley of Ligonier, sustained a sunstroke Monday afternoon while putting on a tin roof at the residence of Walter Wolf near Kimmell. He died Wednesday. He was married to Mrs. Mary Lantz formerly of this city less than one year ago and they had moved in their new residence on the day he became afflicted. Democrat 8-26-1909
Knepper Jerry Mrs., a former resident of Ligonier, died at her home in Bryan, Ohio, one week ago Saturday, aged 66 years, one month and 25 days. She left 2 sons, her husband having died in 1896. Her remains were taken to Ligonier for interment one week ago Monday. Democrat 5-15-1902
Knepper Otis Owen of Sarasota, Fla. died at Bay Pines Veterans Hospital in Florida on March 15. A former resident of Ligonier and graduate of Ligonier High School, he was a Spanish American War veteran, serving with the 157th Indiana Regiment. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Rosella Green Knepper; 2 sons; 2 daughters; and a number of grandchildren. 3-15-1956
Knepper William died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Katie Knepper, Saturday. Funeral was Monday. Democrat 3-7-1901
Knight Frank E Mrs. - A special from Omaha, Neb. to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette of Wednesday gives the following: Omaha police believe that Mrs. Frank E. Knight who mysteriously disappeared from her home a week ago, was murdered. Her husband and Miss Jennie Dusenberry, a young woman, have dropped out of sight since the disappearance of Mrs. Knight and the police are straining every nerve to find them. She was born and reared in Noble County. Police say they have strong evidence that Mrs. Knight was poisoned and that her body was taken in a wagon to a spot north of the city and buried. A letter in possession of the police written by Knight to Mrs. Stites, mother of Miss Dusenberry, contains the following: "I took your advice and I think I eluded the police all right. It was Mell’s (Melvin Dusenberry) giving me away by saying that I was going to store the trunk that did the business. I sent you a letter to put in the box for me to keep the authorities thinking I am still in Omaha. Mrs. Knight intended the dose for me but I caught on and changed the cups, and you know the rest. Mrs. Stites, it is said, called on Knight at his work after an investigation was begun by the police and it is said advised him to leave at once. In his haste he did not stop to secure his salary. The Kendallville Sun adds the following: The Mrs. Knight referred to was formerly Rose Lydella Snyder of this county, who married Knight about 5 years ago. Postmaster DeCamp of Avilla received a telegraph from the chief of police of Omaha requesting him to ascertain from Mrs. Harvey Preston, a sister of Mrs. Knight, when she last heard from her sister. Mrs. Preston has received no tidings of her sister since March 23. Daily Record 4-23-1903
Knight John E of Lorimor, Iowa, died February 20. He was born in Noble County, February 8, 1855, removing to Missouri at the age of 7 and later to Kansas, and then to Iowa. He was an attorney. He leaves a wife and 3 children. New Era 3-4-1903
Knight William of Ligonier, was instantly killed by the fast train at the crossing east of the depot as he was going home. The accident happened at the east crossing near the stockyards at about 6:25, the train being about an hour and 30 minutes late. Mr. D. M. Rench and wife saw him hurrying along as if endeavoring to get across the track ahead of the train when they were coming towards town and they supposed he succeeded until they heard of the accident. He served the Union in the late war, a member of the 6th Illinois light artillery and was a member of Stansbury Post GAR of this city and a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge, a very ardent Republican. He was a good mechanic. He leaves a wife and one son and one daughter in this city, and one daughter in Cleveland, Ohio. It has been estimated that Mr. Knight had crossed the railroad in this city perhaps 50,000 times. 1-26-1898
Knisely Ronald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knisely of Avilla, died lat Thursday of membranous croup, aged 2 years and 6 months. 2-18-1909
Kniss Martha, 71, of Ligonier died on Wednesday of last week of heart trouble and its complications. She leaves 3 sons and 3 daughters, among them being Mrs. Pat Summers of Ligonier. Democrat 8-27-1903
Knop Kenneth Paul, son of John and Irene Knop, was born September 10, 1925; died July 19, 1926, aged 10 months and 9 days. He leaves his parents; grandfather, Wesley Mellon; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Manford Knop of Huntertown; one great-grandmother, Mrs. Gordon. Funeral was at the home southeast of Wolf Lake on July 21. Burial, Huntertown Cemetery. 7-19-1926
Knott Calvin, 73, Wayne Twp farmer and a native of this state, died at his home near Cree Lake last Thursday. He was born July 29, 1855 near Wolf Lake, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Knott. Surviving are the widow, Eliza; and 4 children, Charles, Sim and Edward Knott, and Ms. Daisy Dillon, all of Wayne Twp. Funeral was Monday at the home. Burial, South Milford Cemetery. 11-1-1928
Knox Carl Cranston, son of Leander E. and Emma R. Knox, was born in Russiaville, Indiana, May 27, 1890; and died January 26, 1917, aged 26 years, 7 months and 26 days. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is survived by his parents; 2 sisters, Ethel Blanche Ray of Albion, and Inez Marie Knox; and one brother, Dean Franklin of South Bend, one brother, Oliver Warren, having preceded him in death in infancy 32 years ago. Interment at Converse, Ind. Democrat 2-5-1917
Knox Curt Mrs., 35, died at her home near town last week. She leaves the husband and 3 children. Funeral was held at the Lutheran Church in Cromwell Friday. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Democrat 3-24-1927
Knox Ernest N, adopted son of John Q. and Mary E. Knox, aged 6 years 2 months 29 days, died March 11, 1896 of congestion of the lungs. He was adopted when only 2 weeks old. Democrat 3-17-1886
Knox James J died at his home on E. Main St. April 21, 1901, aged 77 years, 2 months and 5 days. He was a native of Richland County, Ohio, where he was born February 16, 1824, the son of John and Mary Knox, who were the parents of 15 children, all of whom lived to adulthood, the youngest being 17 when dying. The deceased remained with his parents until he was 22. He was a soldier in the Mexican War 13 months, after which he returned to Ohio. He came to Noble County in 1848 and purchased 184 acres of timber land in Elkhart Twp. He returned to Buckeyedom, where he remained until 1849 when he went to El Dorado, California where he engaged in gold mining until 1852, in which pursuit he was quite successful and laid the nucleus of the comfortable estate which he reared. In July 1852 he returned to Ohio where he resided until 1853 when he again came to Hoosierdom and built a steam saw mill in Allen Twp which he operated for 2 years. He married on September 5, 1854, Naomi A. Black, daughter of Peter and Martha Black of Jefferson Twp. They settled on their farm in Elkhart Twp, where they lived until about 20 years ago when they removed to Ligonier, where they lived until the death of Mrs. Knox. He was the father of 5 daughters, all of whom have passed over to the other shore, except Miss Gertrude, with whom he lived. Obsequies were at the residence this afternoon. Burial, Albion Cemetery. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He leaves one daughter, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. Democrat 4-25-1901
Knox Mary E, daughter of William and Eunice Cook, was born May 9, 1839 in Amity, Washington County, Pennsylvania, and died of apoplexy at the Otterbein Home, Lebanon, Ohio, March 13, 1915, aged 75 years, 10 months and 4 days. She was the youngest and last surviving member of a family of 13 children. On October 24, 1865 she married John Q. Knox of Morrow County, at Mansfield, Ohio, and the greater part of their life was spent in Brimfield and Albion. He died May 2, 1907. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church, where funeral was conducted March 15. They had no children, but adopted a boy, Ernest, who died in the seventies at the age of 6. Burial in the family plot at Albion Cemetery. Democrat 3-15-1915
Knox W R (Ritchie) - A telegram to Mr. George Woodruff from Kokomo, Ind. Sunday night announced the death of W. R. (Ritchie) Knox. He was a prominent citizen of Albion. Democrat 1-27-1892
Koch Ida, 39, daughter of Joseph Koch and wife of near St. Joe, DeKalb County, died at the New Hope Hospital December 24, 1903. She was sister of Mrs. J. W. Morr of this city. Obsequies were at the home Sunday. 12-24-1903
Koher - Mrs., 79, grandmother of Mrs. John Gatwood, died Sunday near Cromwell. Funeral Tuesday. Democrat 7-19-1900
Kollman - The son of Fred Kollman was laid to rest Sunday. Democrat 6-19-1902
Koon Leonard L, 69, Ligonier mayor, died last night in the LaGrange County Hospital. Funeral Tuesday in Ulrey-Sedgick Funeral Home. Burial, Woodruff Cemetery. Local real estate dealer, he was serving his first term as mayor. He was born near Wolcottville and had lived in Ligonier 38 years, coming from LaGrange. He was a member of the Masonic, Elks and Eagles Lodges. Surviving are the widow, the former Eva Eshelman, to whom he was married June 24, 1905; a daughter, Mrs. Milded E. Peck, Ligonier; and 4 grandchildren. 5-21-1955
Koons Jacob, living west of Avilla, died Monday after having a stroke of paralysis last Sunday. Funeral at Mt. Pleasant this afternoon. Democrat 5-24-1894
Koon Jacob Mrs. - Her remains were interred at Mount Pleasant Monday afternoon. Democrat 4-12-1900
Koons John, 85, lifelong resident of Noble County, died Saturday at his home 3 miles west of Avilla from cerebral hemorrhage. Surviving is an invalid widow and one son, Frank, who resided at the old home place and did the farming. Two brothers and 2 sisters preceded him in death. Funeral was Monday in the late home. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 10-5-1931
Koons Mary, widow of the late Jacob Koons of Jefferson Twp, died at her home April 7, 1900, aged 83 years, 9 months and 2 days. Sunday previous to her death she suffered a light stroke of paralysis. She was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1816. Her maiden name was Stoudenhour. She married Jacob Koons December 2, 1840. They removed to Richland County, Ohio in 1844, and in 1846 they came to Noble County. They were the parents of 6 children, of whom 2 daughters, Mrs. Samuel Yeiser and Miss Sadie Koons; and 2 sons, William and John, survive. She also leaves one sister, Sarah Stoudenhour. Funeral was at the Mount Pleasant Church Monday. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 4-7-1900
Koons Matilda (Black), 85, native of the Kendallville community and resident there many years, died March 10 at her home in Mishawaka. She was a member of Kendallville Pythian Sisters Lodge. 3-10-1942
Koontz Clara Minnie, 62, died today at her home in Goshen. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Schmidt, she was born in Fort Wayne November 29, 1890. In 1913 she was married in Fort Wayne to John Louis Koontz. He survives, along with a sister, Mrs. Ralph Root, Fort Wayne; 2 brothers, William of Plymouth and George of Fort Wayne. Funeral Saturday at Culp Funeral Home, Goshen. Burial, Lindenwood Cemetery. 2-21-1956
Koontz John L (Lou), 73, died last Thursday in Parkview Hospital. His wife died in September 1953. He was the son of Aaron and Emma (Schlotterback) Koontz and grandson of Gideon Schlotterback of Noble County. He was born and reared in Ligonier. Entering military service in 1904, he served 8 years in the 26th Infantry Regiment, Brownsville, Texas. He was preceded in death by his parents and 2 brothers, Leroy and Walter. He worked 35 years as a railway mail clerk for the NYC Railroad, retiring in 1947. Survivors include one brother, Arthur, St. Petersburg, Fla.; several nieces and nephew; and several cousins in the Ligonier community, including Mrs. Ina Bowen, Syracuse, Thomas Schlotterback, Albion, and Leon and Willis Schlotterback, Ligonier. Funeral Monday in D. O. McComb and Son Funeral Home. Burial, Lindenwood Cemetery. 12-4-1958
Koontz Walter, retired carpenter and resident of this community most of his life, died Thursday in the LaGrange County Hospital. Surviving are an adopted daughter in Iowa, and a brother, John L. Koontz, Fort Wayne. Funeral was Saturday at Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 5-29-1958
Kopczynski Leon was born in Poland, May 15, 1861. He was a graduate of Holtzminden and of Stuttgart Polytechnic, Germany, majoring in architecture and engineering. After a tour of Europe he came to America at the age of 24. After 17 years with Bartlett and Hayward in Baltimore, Maryland, he was sent to supervise work on buildings in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. He went to Boston in 1904 where he remained until the time of his death. During the war he was chief designer of the concrete ships that were built for the government. In 1918 he married Edna Hays of Albion, daughter of the late Dr. J W and Laura E Hays, and sister of the late Olive and Dr. Woodward Hays. He died at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital January 10, from bronchial pneumonia. Funeral was at J. B. Cole Funeral Home, January 12, 1938, followed by a commitment service at Forest Hills Crematory. He is survived by his wife. Noble County Democrat 1-20-1938
Kostielney Mary, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kostielney of Noble County, died last Friday of consumption, aged 21 years, 8 months and 27 days. She was born in Noble County and leaves her parents, brothers and sisters. She was a member of the Young Ladies’ Society in the Catholic Church. Democrat 12-18-1903
Kostielney Mary Catherine, wife of Andrew Kostielney, died at her home in Green Twp last Thursday of apoplexy, aged 56 years, 3 months and 9 days. She was a native of Poland, where she was born November 25, 1858, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hollis of Swan Twp. She came with her parents to Noble County when she was 6 years of age. She married Andrew Kostielney November 1, 1873. They had 16 children. She is survived by the husband; 11 children, Joseph, Stephen and Jacob of Detroit, Mich.; Andrew, Martin, Regina, Geneva, Bernard, Margaret and Peter, at home; 2 brothers, Jacob and Andrew Hollis of Garrett; 2 sisters, Agnes Hollis of Swan Twp, and Anna Hollis of Mishawaka; father and mother. Obsequies were at the Ege Catholic Church, where she was a member, Monday. Burial, church cemetery. 3-4-1915
Kraner Anna, 74, of Kendallville, widow of Jacob Kraner, died at her home there Sunday. Born at Sunbury, Pa., she spent her girlhood here and later moved to Allen County, where she was married to Jacob Kraner in 1870. He died 17 years ago. Six daughters and one son were born to them. Surviving are Mrs. Harriet Austin, Mrs. Cora Herb, Mrs. Beulah Stutsman and Mrs. Katherine Kimmell of Kendallville, and Mrs. Edith Virgil of Elkhart, also 12 grandchildren. Funeral was Wednesday at the Presbyterian Church. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. Democrat 7-22-1926
Kraus - Joseph Kraus buried a child Monday. Avilla Democrat 5-29-1902
Kreager Henry, 69, died at the home of his son in Middlebury, Thursday from typhoid fever. He leaves 2 children, his son Tony, and daughter, Grace in California. Funeral was Saturday from Brown Undertaking Parlors in Ligonier. Burial, Ligonier cemetery. Democrat 8-20-1925
Kreager Jacob, one of the wealthiest farmers in Noble County, died at his home near Cromwell September 10, aged 75 years and 18 days (coroner’s record states 28 days). Funeral was at the Universalist Church Tuesday. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. He was born in Licking County, Ohio, August 12, 1823. Settled in 1853 Noble Democrat 9-15-1898
Kreager Will of Toledo, who was killed in the yards at that place, was brought to this place for burial Saturday. He was the son of Mrs. Rudolph Frost. He leaves a wife and 3 children. Services were in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Democrat 1-23-1908
Kreienbrink Mary, 76, died at her home last Wednesday. Funeral was in St. Mary’s Church where she a member. She was early left an orphan and was raised by an aunt at Covington, Ky., where she met and married Frederick Kreienbrink, who passed away 10 years ago. They came to the home farm northeast of town where they spent 50 years. They had 10 children, 2 dying in infancy. Ten survive. Burial, Catholic Cemetery. Democrat 7-29-1909
Kreiger Russell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kreiger, formerly of this place, now of Garrett, died Sunday. Funeral Tuesday. He leaves his parents, wife and a 15-months old baby daughter. Democrat 9-11-1924
Krenning Michael, 21, of Kendallville died in Chicago on Tuesday of last week from typhoid fever. The remains were brought to Kendallville for interment. Funeral was Thursday. Democrat 7-17-1902
Kresse Charles, Allen Twp, died November 17, aged 80 years, 7 months and 11 days. He leaves to a wife and 8 children a comfortable property, good example and honored memory. 11-17-1888
Kriegbaum - George Kriegbaum, our blacksmith, left for Ohio last week to attend the bedside of his father, who died shortly after his arrival. Democrat 12-14-1895
Kriegbaum - George Kriegbaum received word of the death of his brother, John, at Pleasant Hill, Ohio, Wednesday, and left to attend the funeral. His daughter, Mrs. Glenn Gaff and son, Sidney and wife of South Bend, accompanied him. Democrat 3-20-1924
Krippner - The infant son of Charles Krippner and wife died Friday, aged 6 days. A short prayer service was held at the house Saturday afternoon after which the child was buried in the cemetery here. Democrat 2-28-1901
Krotzer Mary Etta, 63, died unexpectedly Thursday in her home, R. 1, Rome City. She was born in Oakwood, O., and had resided here 27 years. She was a member of the Rome City Methodist Church. Surviving are the husband, Louis; 7 daughters, Mrs. Helen Sobel, Mrs. Doris Fordeck, Mrs. Eva Chaffee, Mrs. May Dumalski, Mrs. Mary Heltzel, Mrs. Marie Faulkner, and Mrs. Alice Kring; and 2 sons, John and Louis E. Services Saturday in the Methodist Church. Burial, Orange Cemetery. 9-17-1959
Krueger Herman, 80, councilman-at-large, died at his home in Kendallville Saturday. He was a native of Germany where he was born in 1835. He located in Kendallville in 1853. He worked on the construction of the Lake Shore Railroad and in 1856 engaged in the grocery business. He served as water works trustee, was a member of the city council in 1881, and in 1913 was elected councilman-at-large. Funeral was Monday. Democrat 4-26-1915
Krueger William, a former Wawaka boy, was killed in the Wheeling railroad yards in Toledo, Ohio, last Thursday while at work as a railroad trainsman. The remains were taken to Wawaka last Saturday where obsequies were held. He was a member of the Wawaka Lodge, Knight of Pythias. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. Democrat 1-20-1908
Kruse George Louis, 75, R. 2, Albion, a native of Fort Wayne and retired Pennsylvania Railroad passenger engineer, died in Whitley County Hospital Friday. He had lived in Albion the past 20 years. He worked for the railroad 47 years, retiring in 1950. He was a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Surviving are the wife, Vernele; 2 daughters, Mrs. Harvey Woodring and Mrs. Joseph Ort of Fort Wayne; 2 sons, Major Jack, Fort Lee, Va., and David at home; a brother, Louis, Fort Wayne. 6-1-1959
Kugler Anthony, 81, pioneer of Noble County, died at his home in Swan Twp last Friday from old age and dropsy. He is survived by a widow and several children. Obsequies were at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Burial in the church cemetery. Democrat 8-12-1909
Kugler Anthony, 85, Swan Twp, died at the Meyer Convalescent Home in Garret Sunday. Funeral was Wednesday at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in LaOtto. Surviving are 5 brothers, Isadore, Joseph, George and John, all of Noble County. 7-21-1946
Kuhlman M A Mrs. died at her home in this city Sunday from consumption. Surviving is a daughter, Mrs. J. S. Green. Remains were conveyed to Auburn for burial. Democrat 11-15-1894
Kuhn Clarence died from accidental shooting. He had just cleaned a twenty-two caliber repeating rifle and laid it down on the stand while he stepped into the bedroom for a moment. On returning to pick up the gun and put it away, the little brother, who had picked up the gun, discharged it, the bullet striking Clarence near the heart. Surviving are the parents, 3 brothers, Louis, Amos and Charles; and 3 sisters, Mrs. F. M. Fought and Mrs. J. T. Ragan of this city, and Miss Elsie at home. Funeral Tuesday at Mount Pleasant Church. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 8-10-1919
Kuhn Effe Jane was born May 13, 1831, and died November 24, 1900, aged 69 years, 6 months and 11 days. She married George W. Kuhn September 30, 1852 and removed to Noble County in 1855. They had 7 children, 3 of whom have died. She leaves a husband, 2 brothers, one sister and 4 children. Funeral was at Mount Pleasant Church Monday. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 11-27-1900
Kuhns Catherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Targgart, was born in Noble County, December 25, 1864; died March 18, 1928, 63 years, 2 months and 23 days of age. She married David B. Kuhns December 25, 1882. They settled on a farm near Wolf Lake where they lived until death. They had 5 children, Mrs. Doris Cole of Wolf Lake, Samuel and Glen of South Bend, Dale, deceased. Her husband died 4 years ago. She attend the Wolf Lake Methodist Church, where funeral was held Thursday. She was a member of the Pythian Sister Lodge at Wolf Lake and the Eastern Star at Albion. She is survived by one daughter, 2 sons, 6 brothers, 4 sisters, and one grandchild, J. D. Gandy. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. 3-18-1928
Kuhns Dale, 24, resident southwest of Albion, died at the Garrett Hospital last Thursday from self-inflicted wounds by a .32 caliber revolver. He had spent the morning plowing in the fields. At noon he ate sparingly and went to the telephone, calling Elmer Biddle, tenant on the other Kuhns farm a mile away. Dale asked for Mr. Biddle to come immediately to the Kuhns home. Upon arrival, Mr. Biddle found Dale on the floor near the telephone in a pool of blood. In his right hand he grasped the revolver. A note was addressed to his brother and another in a sealed envelope to his mother. The latter contained the message, "I am sorry to do this, but life does not seem to hold anything for me." He was rushed to the Sacred Heart Hospital at Garrett, but he died 6 hours later. He was a graduate of the Wolf Lake High School and had completed a 5-year course in Notre Dame law school and had been admitted to the bar. He had been married and divorced. It is said that his father and an uncle had committed suicide some time ago. 4-28-1927
Kuhns James Monroe was born in Noble Twp September 22, 1851; died of consumption July 22, 1883, aged 36 years and 10 months. Funeral was at Sparta Chapel after which the body was interred in the adjoining cemetery. He leaves a wife, brother, a sister, and father. Democrat 7-25-1888
Kuhns Peter Mrs. of Green died last week of typhoid fever. Democrat 11-2-1887
Kuhns Samuel was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, July 12, 1818; and died at the home of his son, D. B. Kuhns of Noble Twp, May 12, 1900, aged 81 years and 10 months. In the fall of 1818 his parents moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, where he passed his boyhood. In 1839 he moved to Whitley County and settled in Thorncreek Twp where he started a blacksmith shop, having learned the trade in Ohio. In 1847 he moved to Noble County and settled on the farm where he was living when he died. He married October 6, 1850, Martha Ann James, daughter of John and Margaret James of York Twp. They had 4 children, John, who died August 6, 1859 at the age of 2, Monroe, who died July 22, 1887 at the age of 37, Phoebe, wife of Thomas Collier of Pierceton, and D. B. of Noble Twp. His wife died on the last day of March 1876. Funeral was on Monday at Wolf Lake M. E. Church. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 5-17-1900
Krumroy Ella (Munger), 56, died at her home at Avilla, May 27. Surviving are the husband, William, and her mother, Mrs. Tryphene Munger of Avilla. Funeral was at the McKee & Clark Funeral Home. Burial, Avilla, Cemetery. New Era 6-3-1942
Kunce Nellie died at her home last Friday. Funeral was at the Salem Church near Wilmot Sunday. Wolf Lake Trolley 4-25-1907 Kimmell Enterprise 4-26-1907
Kunce Susie died at her home December 18. Funeral will be at the village December 21. Democrat 12-23-1909
Kunderd Henry, 77, who had lived in Kendallville for over half a century, died at his home in that city Saturday from a complication of diseases. He is survived by a wife and 7 children. Democrat 3-4-1915
Kunkle Elizabeth, 53, died from cancer at the home of Daniel Brumbaugh last Friday. Funeral was at Rehoboth Church. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 2-18-1891
Kunkle Isaac, 83, former resident of Albion, died at his home in Bryan, Ohio, December 25, 1914. He left Albion in 1892 and has since lived at Bryan. He is survived by a widow, 4 sons and 3 daughters of which 2 sons and 2 daughters were from his first marriage, and 2 sons and one daughter were of the second. He was the father of E. A. Kunkle of this city. He was the father of one great-grandchild, the child of B. E. Kunkle of Howe. Democrat 1-4-1915
Kurrle Roberta was stillborn at Parkview Hospital to Eldon and Marjorie Kurrle. Funeral at Bonham & Miser with burial at Sweet Cemetery. Maternal grandparent are Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gundrum, Sturgis, Mi.; paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Murphy; great-grandmothers, Cloe Murphy, Myrtle Bowen. 4-30-1955
Kurtz Adam, 74, died at his home 4 miles northwest of Kendallville one week ago Sunday. He had previously undergone an operation on account of kidney trouble. He is survived by 2 sons. Democrat 12-6-1909
Kurtz Doris, 57, suffered a fatal heart attack Friday at Newnam Foundry where he was employed as a truck driver. A son, Linn, with the Navy at Jacksonville, Fla., has reached home, and another son, Terry, with the Air Force on Guam, is due home before the services which will be Tuesday in Berhalter-Hutchins Funeral Home. Burial Lake View Cemetery. 10-10-1958
Kurtz Estella (Sherman) 57, a secretary in the offices of Flint & Walling Mfg. Co., died Wednesday in McCray Hospital. She was a member of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and Sigma Beta Sorority. Born in LaGrange County, she was a resident here for 55 years. Surviving are the mother, Mrs. Grace Sherman; one sister, Miss Nellie, with whom she had made her home; and a brother, Herald, Kendallville. Services will be Friday in Berhalter-Hutchins Funeral Home. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. 7-16-1958
Kutcher Catherine died at her home on March 29, 1909, aged 84 years, 4 months and 4 days. She was born in Philadelphia, Pa., November 23, 1824, the elder of 12 children born to Abraham and Hannah Favinger. She moved with her parents to Columbiana County, Ohio. Here she married Jacob Kutcher on April 22, 1845, and in 1850 moved to Noble County. They had 2 sons and 4 daughters. She was preceded in death by her husband and one daughter. She was a member of the Lutheran Church. She is survived by 2 sons, John of Albion and Henry of Jefferson Twp; 3 daughters, Mrs. Simmons of Kansas, Mrs. Walburn of Green Twp, and Mrs. Workman of Auburn; 3 brothers and 3 sisters, 21 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren. Obsequies were at Rehoboth Church Monday. Burial, Rehoboth Cemetery. 3-29-1909
Kutcher Jacob died at his residence in Jefferson Twp of lung fever January 22, 1877, aged 54 years, 3 months and 15 days. He had been a resident of Noble County for about 21 years. His remains were buried on Tuesday. New Era 1-25-1877
Kutcher Lovina (Simmons) died from cancer January 18, 1898. She was born in Jefferson Twp and at the time of her death was aged 45 years, 3 months and 29 days. She married John Kutcher March 22, 1877. She was a member of Rehoboth Lutheran Church. She leaves a husband; 4 sisters, Mrs. William Bushong of Jefferson Twp, Mrs. J. M. Randall of South Chicago, Mrs. Samantha Hoover of Rice County, Kansas, and Mrs. Etta Harrison who resides in the west; 2 brothers, George W. Simmons of this city, and Al of Kansas. Funeral was at the Lutheran Church in this city today. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Noble Democrat 1-20-1898
Kyle William, 63, who lived 3 miles south of here, died Thursday of Bright’s disease. He was an old pioneer, having died on the farm where he settled in the forties. He chopped out his farm from the big woods. He was an old soldier and was buried in Salem Cemetery. Democrat 3-6-1902