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Abel Louisa J, formerly a resident of Kendallville, died in the Richmond asylum last Thursday morning and the remains were removed to Kendallville Friday. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. Democrat 9-19-1901
Abrams Sylvester, 59, died of pneumonia Feb. 22 at his home in Sparta Twp. During the Civil War he served with the 54th Ind. Regiment. New Era 3-7-1906
Acker Wilma, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Acker of Kendallville, died of pneumonia, Sunday morning. 3-28-1909
Ackerman - Infant died November 19, 1899 of exhaustion, aged ten hours; residence, Ligonier. Burial in Ligonier. 11-19-1899
Ackerman Blanche - Mrs. Simon Schloss went to Ligonier Monday afternoon, having been summoned there by the serious illness of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ferd Ackerman, who died Tuesday. Albion Democrat 2-7-1901
Ackerman Elizabeth - Simon Schloss and wife and Abe Ackerman attended the obsequies of Mrs. Elizabeth Ackerman of Chicago, at Ligonier Tuesday. She was about seventy-two years of age and her death was very sudden, occurring while she was engaged in washing dishes. Democrat 9-27-1900
Ackerman John W, 88, ill five months, died at 12:10 a.m. Thursday In McCray Hospital, Kendallville. The wife, Bessie; one son, one daughter, one grandchild, four great-grandchildren, one sister survive. Services at Berhalter & Son Funeral Home, Kendallville Saturday. 4-17-1969
Ackerman Myra, 69, wife of Sol H. Ackerman, of Kendallville, died at the family home on Sunday afternoon, death being superinduced by a stroke of paralysis seven weeks ago. Surviving are the husband and two sons. Democrat 1-26-1923
Acton George, 2, son of Arthur Acton and wife, was buried from the Church of Christ on Monday. Remains were brought from Garrett. Democrat 8-26-1897
Acton Mary C died at her home northeast of Kendallville at 11 o'clock, Friday, aged 86 years, 8 months and 12 days. She was a sister of John Walter and the grandmother of W. A. Acton and Mrs. Gustav Rauser of this city. Funeral was at the Christian Church in Kendallville Monday. Democrat 12-26-1901 Mary Magdalene Walker was born April 8, 1815, in the state of Pennsylvania, and died December 20, 1901. She, with her parents, moved to Morrow County, Ohio, in 1820. She married William C. Acton in 1835 and moved to Noble County, Indiana in 1848, where she resided until her death. In 1843 she, with her husband, joined the Regular Baptist Church. Her companion departed this life May 31, 1887. She was the mother of eleven children, four of whom are dead, and leaves three daughters, four sons, 29 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren. Funeral was in the First Church of Christ at Kendallville December 23. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. Democrat 1-2-1902
Acton Norman - W. A. Acton and Mrs. Gustav Rauser received the sad news Saturday evening of the death of their only brother, Norman, who lost his life in the Park Ave. hotel fire in New York City last Friday morning. His home is in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he is interested in mining property and investments. He has been in New York City since May 1901, negotiating with English capitalists from London. He spent his boyhood days in Noble County. For a few years he was one of the successful teachers of the county. He married Mertie Crofoot of Kendallville 12 years ago last fall. In 1894 he went to Colorado Springs. He was 34 years of age December 25, 1901. Although the press dispatches give his wealth at $5,000,000, his brother, Arthur, is of the opinion that his possessions do not reach that amount but stated that he thought that he was worth at least $1,000,000. He leaves a wife, one girl ten years old, one son six years old, one brother and one sister. The remains will be shipped to Colorado Springs and it is probably that interment will be made in that city. Democrat 2-27-1902
Acton William Henry died at the family home north of Kendallville, Monday morning. His home was in Benton Harbor, Mich., where he was a motorman. He had come to Kendallville a few weeks ago to be at this mother’s bedside, and after her death and burial was taken sick but his illness was not considered serious. He had been afflicted with stomach trouble for some time but Monday morning he was suddenly taken worse and died without a moment’s warning, the disease attacking his heart. He was past 51 years of age and leaves a wife and one son. The remains were taken to Benton Harbor for interment. He was an uncle of W. A. Acton of this city and about 13 years ago lived a few miles north of Albion, near the residence of J. P. Becker. Democrat 1-19-1902
Acus Anna died at her home in Albion, November 22, 1903, Mrs. Fred Acus, aged 73 years, 6 months and 22 days. Anna Morris was born in Ohio April 30, 1830. She removed to Indiana with her parents when but a girl. There was in her girlhood home beside herself, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. She married Fred Acus in 1850. They had 3 children, Mary A., and Jessie, now Mrs. William Baird, who with the father are left to mourn. The second child preceded the mother to the better world in infancy. She had been in failing health and for the past few years rarely left her home. One week ago last Saturday she was stricken with paralysis. She joined the M. E. Church when quite young and retained her membership to the time of her death. Funeral will be Wednesday afternoon from the residence on N. York St. New Era 11-25-1903
Acus Frederick died about 12:15 Tuesday morning, August 11, 1908 at his home on N. York St. of Bright’s disease, aged 80 years, 2 months and 9 days. He first saw the light of day at Madstone, England, a small village about 20 miles from London, in 1828. When 6 years of age, he with his parents came to America, settling in Ohio near Bellville, where he lived until his parents moved to Indiana in 1841 and settled in Jefferson Twp. In later years he bought a farm known as the Croft farm. He married Anna Morris in 1850 and to this union were born 2 daughters and one son. He commenced housekeeping in a small log cabin, which had been built on the above named farm, which farm he at once commenced to clear and prepare for farming. After a few years he moved to Albion where he lived until his death. He served as deputy sheriff of this county for a number of years and had always taken considerable interest in political affairs. He leaves to mourn 2 daughters, Miss Mary A. Acus and Mrs. W. E. Baird, and a son-in-law, W. E. Baird. His companion preceded him in death November 23, 1903. A son also preceded him. Obsequies were held at the late residence Wednesday. Burial, Albion Cemetery 8-11-1908
Acus Mary Ann, 73 years and 6 months, daughter of Fred Acus, deceased, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. William Beard of Albion, Friday afternoon of hardening of the arteries. She was a member of the Methodist Church. Funeral was at the home of the sister July 20. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 7-24-1924
Adair Arthur, a young man of this place, went west one year ago last March to seek employment. Later he found employment in a lumber camp in Minnesota and was rafting logs on Willow River, where he met his death by drowning April 20, 1901. His parents, William and Ellen Adair of this place, were at once informed by letter which they received April 24, when the body had already been laid at rest there near the camp. On account of the extremely bad roads and a quarantine for small pox in that region, they found it impossible to ship the body home. He was about 21 years of age. We extend condolence to the bereaved parents, brothers and sisters. Democrat 5-2-1901
Adair Harvey died at his home in Cold Springs, Noble County, September 27, 1889, aged 70 years, 3 months and 9 days. He was born in Madison County, Ohio, and came to Noble County 49 years ago and settled on the farm where he died. He married Maryett Trumbull in 1841. She died in 1864 and he left surviving him 2 daughters and one son, Mrs. Hattie Wade, Jessie Simon and Charles Adair. He was a member of the Free Will Baptist Church of Noble County for more than 40 years. Democrat 10-6-1889
Adair Jessie was born in Ormas, Ind., June 4, 1878, and died December 23, 1899, aged 21 years, 6 months and 19 days. She leaves to mourn a father and mother, 3 sisters and 4 brothers. Funeral was at the church in Ormas December 25. Burial, in the cemetery near the church. Democrat 1-4-1900
Adair Parmelia, wife of Thomas Adair, died at her home in York Twp, September 7, 1902, aged 44 years, 11 months and 6 days. She has been afflicted with typhoid fever since August 2 but the immediate cause of her death was pulmonary abscess accompanied by hemorrhage. Funeral was at Sparta Church Tuesday. She leaves a husband, 4 sons, 5 daughters, a mother and 2 sisters. Burial, Cold Springs Cemetery. Democrat 9-11-1902
Adair William N, son of William C. Adair of Ormas, committed suicide Thursday night by shooting himself. He had been despondent for some time and disappeared Thursday night from the home of Herbert Thorne near Ormas where he had been staying. He was found Friday afternoon lying dead by the graves of his wife and son in the Scott Cemetery a mile southwest of Ormas. Funeral was at the Ormas Church Sunday afternoon. Burial, Scott Cemetery. 12-2-1931
Adam Andrew, 73, Allen Township citizen, died at 8 o’clock last Thursday morning, January 11, 1900, of disease of kidney and brain of 4 weeks’ duration. Married; farmer. Burial Auckerman Cemetery January 13. Democrat 1-18-1900
Adams - 21 months, child of Louis Adams and wife of Elkhart, died last Friday. A number of months ago the child’s mother was shelling corn and a kernel flew through the air and lodged in the child’s throat. All efforts to remove it were unsuccessful. It suffered terrible agony. Democrat 6-20-1901
Adams Ambrose, 59, who died in the Elkhart County Infirmary last Saturday, was able to predict his death with almost mathematical certainty. The fact that he died only one month earlier than he had calculated in 1905 is thought to be due to a slight mistake in figuring. At the time the calculation was made, nearly 2 years ago, he said he would die on April 22, 1907, but in fact he died of paralysis on March 22. He asserted that his father and all his father’s brothers had died on the 4th stroke of paralysis, and the strokes had recurred with such remarkable regularity that each victim was able definitely to fix the date of the fourth and fatal stroke. In 1905 after Mr. Adams had suffered 2 strokes he made his calculation in writing and then accounted he would died April 22, 1907. His relatives think he missed the time by a month simply through a slip in figuring. He was an old resident of the county and is survived by a widow and 3 sons. Kimmell Enterprise 3-29-1907
Adams Israel died Monday afternoon at the home of his son in Kendallville after a few days illness of paralysis. For a number of years he resided in Jefferson Twp before removing to Kendallville. He was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion and was the father of J. Q. Adams of this city. Funeral was at the Union Church in Jefferson Twp. Democrat 4-19-1900
Addis Ida Martin was born in Noble County June 13, 1863, and died February 6, 1895, aged 31 years, 7 months and 23 days. She married J. E. Addis November 25, 1880. She was the mother of 4 children, 2 of whom preceded her in death, as has her mother. Funeral was at the Merriam Christian Chapel of which she was a member. Democrat 2-14-1895
Addis Jefferson, an old resident of this county and postmaster at Noblesville, died. Some time ago he took a large amount of saltpetre. He was probably 60 years old. Democrat 6-1-1893 He was born in Center, Monroe County, Ohio, December 5, 1840, and died July 8, 1893, aged 52 years, 7 months and 3 days. He came with his parents from Ohio when 10 years of age and with them lived on a farm ½ mile west of Noblesville 18 years, when he moved to Noblesville where he has since lived. He married Mary Wilkins, also of Noble County, November 13, 1862, to which union were born 10 children, 4 of whom preceded him in death. His wife, 6 children, 2 grandchildren, 4 brothers and one sister are left to mourn. He served as justice of the peace for many years and only resigned when appointed postmaster at Merriam. About 800 people gathered at the Chapel Sunday afternoon to pay respects to the remains of Postmaster Addis. The largest concourse of people ever gathered there at one time, it is said. Democrat 7-13-1893
Addis John B died at his home February 11, aged 78 years, 10 months and 15 days. He has been a citizen of this community for a great many years. Burial, Merriam Cemetery. Democrat 3-2-1886
Addis Laura - A distressing and fatal accident occurred on Thursday last on the old Benjamin Skeels farm in Green Twp, on the premises of Milton Addis. While Mr. Addis was cleaning a loaded revolver his 4-year old child, in a playful manner, ran up to him where he sat on a chair, in the house, and took hold of part of the revolver, when one of the cartridges exploded. The bullet pierced the child’s eye, killing it almost instantly. Milton Addis is the son of Washington Addis, and his wife - the mother of the unfortunate child - is the daughter of the late Benjamin Skeels. Democrat 12-28-1887
Addis Milton Mrs. died of cancer at her home southeast of this place last Saturday. Funeral was held at the Chapel last Monday. 4-4-1901
Addis Washington, pioneer resident of Green Twp and the son of John B and Eveline Addis, was born in Ohio July 11, 1833 and departed this life March 14, 1915, age 81 years, 8 months and 3 days. He died from a complication of diseases. He married Susan Gray in January 1856 and to this union were born 9 children, 2 of whom preceded him in death. His wife died in Mary 1902, leaving 7 sons. Democrat 3-18-1915 Funeral was Tuesday afternoon from the Christian Chapel Church. Burial, Church Cemetery New Era 3-17-1915
Adolph Liddie E died December 26, 1899 of abscess uterus of long standing, aged 34 years, 2 months and 28 days; housekeeper; residence, Kendallville. Burial, Nesbit Cemetery. December 28, 1899
Agler George W, 66, veteran mail carrier on rural route No. 1 out of Ligonier, was stricken with apoplexy one hour after returning from his route on Monday, and died. He was the first rural carrier from the Ligonier office. He was survived by the widow. Democrat 2-22-1915
Ahrens Emma, the 4-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Ahrens, died last Thursday evening at their residence 3 miles east of Kendallville of flux. Funeral was Sunday at Hartman Chapel in Fairfield Twp. Democrat 10-12-1893
Aichele - Another little son of Charles Aichele died last week. New Era 2-13-1873
Aichele - A little son of Mr. Charles Aichele died on the 24th and was buried last Sabbath. New Era 1-30-1873
Akens David died and was buried at Nappanee where he had been on a visit. He had been afflicted for years with stomach trouble and was an old pioneer, an old soldier. Democrat 10-10-1901
Akers R F died here on Thursday afternoon of heart failure, leaving 6 children to the mercies of a charitable people. His wife died less than a year ago. Noble Co Democrat 6-25-1890
Albert John died at his home near Merriam in Noble Twp August 5, 1907, aged 92 years and 5 days. 8-5-1907
Albertson E F Mrs., wife of Rev. E. F. Albertson, died at her home in Ligonier Monday after a few weeks’ illness. She leaves a husband and 5 children. Democrat 5-2-1901
Albrecht Edward Mrs, 30, passed away at her home in Wooster, Ohio, last Friday of tuberculosis. She is survived by a husband, 3 sons, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. All of her brothers and sister reside in Fort Wayne, with the exception of one sister, Mrs. H. H. Lawrence of Columbia City. The family resided in Albion a few years ago, Mr. Albrecht being employed in the Atwood Buggy Factory. The remains were taken to Fort Wayne to the home of a brother, C . F. Keim. Burial, Lindenwood Cemetery.  Democrat 7-19-1909
Albright Delta C, 27, of Kendallville died in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Fort Wayne last Tuesday. Death was caused by peritonitis following appendicitis for which an operation was performed a week previous. He is survived by a father, Rev. John Albright of Jonesboro, a mother, a wife, two small children, two brothers, Prof. Albright of Purdue University, and one residing near Kendallville. The remains were taken to Kendallville to the home of his father-in-law, Rev. F. M. Hussey. Obsequies were held at the Methodist Protestant Church Friday. Democrat 12-27-1909
Alburn Guy, 38, driver of a school hack, was instantly killed when his machine was struck by the second section of the Twentieth Century Limited of the N.Y.C. Railroad at the Pigeon St. crossing here at 7:13 Saturday a.m. Although witnesses say the danger signals at the crossing were burning and the engineer sounded warnings, Alburn is said to have driven directly in front of the train. The body was badly mutilated and the hack reduced to splinters. The wreckage was strewn along the tracks for 800 feet. Alburn was the only occupant of the bus. He was enroute to the stock yards to work. During the week he was employed to carry children to the Perry Twp consolidated school. He resided on a farm 3 miles north of Ligonier. He is survived by a wife and one child. Democrat 12-24-1925
Alexander Elizabeth died at the residence of her son-in-law, James Craven, this morning at half past twelve. Her age was 80 years, 8 months and 24 days. Funeral will be in Christian Chapel Friday. New Era 10-16-1879
Allen Alfred C of Wawaka, died Sunday of walking typhoid fever. For several years he had been principal of the Brimfield Schools. He leaves a wife and little daughter. Funeral was Wednesday afternoon. Noble Democrat 9-29-1898
Allen Alpheus Ira Butler was born April 26, 1869 and died November 20, 1901, aged 32 years, 6 months and 24 days. He attended school in Wolf Lake and the normal schools of Valparaiso and Albion. He was successful as a teacher. About the year 1891 he engaged in the drug business in Larwill. While there he married Lizzie Halderman January 27, 1892. Two children were born to them, a son Robert, who died at the age of 4 months; and Theo Eugene, the son who survives him. In 1895 he disposed of his drug business and moved on the home farm at Wolf Lake where he lived until his death. Here a daughter, Josephine, who also survives him, was born May 26, 1900. Besides his immediate family 3 brothers and a sister survive. Funeral was Friday at the Wolf Lake M.E. Church. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 11-28-1901
Allen Charles, 16, stepson of George Yeager, a contractor of Ligonier, accidentally shot himself and died in a few minutes. He was returning to Ligonier from a hunting expedition with a companion and about half a mile east of the city he leaned his gun against the fence for the purpose of getting over into the highway, when in some manner the gun discharged and he received the full contents into his breast, piercing his heart. He was a brother of Jesse Allen, the small man of Ligonier. Noble Democrat 10-6-1898
Allen Felton, 59, Wolf Lake, was attacked with neuralgia of the heart and succumbed to death in less than 30 minutes soon after finishing breakfast. He was a member of the M. E. Church where his funeral was held in Wolf Lake. He leaves a widow, 4 sons and one daughter, namely Warren O., Will, and Lon of Fostoria, A. I B. of Wolf Lake, and Mrs. H. A. Shambaugh of Plymouth. 10-28-1897
Allen Franklin, 83, father of Mrs. T. A. Huston of this city, died at his home in Philadelphia January 21. Noble Democrat 2-12-1903
Allen Frederick of Elkhart Twp, hung himself "by the neck until he was dead" on Saturday last, about 2 miles from Wawaka. It seems he was terribly determined to end his life; for it is said that prior to the consummation of the tragedy, on the same day, he was discovered hanging to a tree by some railroad employees, who cut him down before life was extinct. He then was able to converse and declared his intention to hang himself. The men took his rope from him and apparently supposed there was no danger of his renewing the attempt; but he procured another rope, went to a different and more secluded spot, fastened the rope to a limb nearly ten feet from the ground, climbed upon the limb, fastened the rope securely round his neck and jumped off. His neck was broken and when next found, he was dead. We have heard no special cause assigned though it is rumored that he drank to excess, and had some domestic difficulties. New Era 11-4-1872
Allen Samuel died in Brimfield May 10, 1879 after a short illness of one week and one day, with lung fever, aged 44 years, 9 months and 10 days. He was born in the state of Ohio, Wayne County in 1834. He removed with his father’s family to Indiana, Adams County, when quite young. He was married in 1860. He removed to Noble County, Indiana, in 1869 when he became connected with the Presbyterian Church of Albion. He resided in and near Albion for a period of 5 years, when he removed to Brimfield where he died. He leaves a wife, 2 daughters, one son. New Era 5-29-1879
Alshouse Andrew, 81, pioneer resident of Noble County, died at his home in Kendallville, Wednesday evening of the infirmities of advanced years. He came to this county from Crawford County, Ohio over 50 years ago. He became a prosperous farmer and on account of ill health retired and moved to Kendallville 11 years ago. He is survived by a wife, one son and one daughter. Democrat 9-23-1909
Altimus Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Altimus died on the 11th and was buried on the following day. New Era 8-24-1876
Alvord Herbert died at Auburn, Ind., May 9, 1894 of gastric inflammation, infant son of Nathan and Mamie Alvord, aged 7 days. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 5-17-1894
Aman Frank - Harry Palmater and Frank Aman, while sitting on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad tracks near Whiting on Tuesday night of last week were struck by a passenger train and were killed. The noise made by a heavy freight passing on an opposite track prevented the men from hearing the approach of the passenger train. The bodies were terribly mangled. Democrat 7-24-1902
Aman Joe died Sunday morning . Funeral Tuesday. Burial, Catholic Cemetery. New Era 8-12-1908
Aman Mrs. died at the residence of her son, John and was interred in the Catholic Cemetery Saturday. 12-12-1888
Amick Harriet of Green Twp, Noble County, an aged pioneer, died at 4 p.m. Friday from uraemia and complications, aged 75 years and 1 day. She was ill for over a year and was confined to her bed for 2 weeks before her death. She was born in Pennsylvania and leaves her aged husband and 4 sons. Funeral was Sunday at Charter Oak Church. Burial, Gray Cemetery Wolf Lake Trolley 4-25-1907
Amos Infant died November 5, 1899; stillborn; residence Kendallville. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. 11-5-1899
Amos William died on the 10th. New Era 9-21-1876
Amsbaugh Levi was born in Morrow County, Ohio, November 20, 1836 and died at the home of his daughter, December 14, 1907, aged 71 years and 24 days. 12-14-1907
Amstrutz John, 77, died at the county infirmary near Albion Monday morning from an attack of cerebral apoplexy and the body was brought to the Bonham morgue here and later taken to Auburn by undertaker Dilgarde for burial. Democrat 4-3-1924
Anderson Florence, daughter of Lon and Emma Anderson, (colored) about 6 years of age and of unusual intelligence, died last Sunday morning after an illness of 24 hours. She was a member of the Baptist and M. E. Sunday Schools. Mrs. L. E. Goodwin, her teacher in the seminary, closed her school this morning for the day. Funeral this afternoon at the M. E. Church. Pall bearers will be four young lads, viz: Homer McCray, Charles Baker, Frank Berhalter and William Miller. New Era 3-29-1877
Anderson Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson died one hour after birth, Christmas. Democrat 12-31-1925
Anderson Robert - As a fast freight was passing through Milford last Thursday morning it ran into a wagon and team driven by Robert Anderson. The wagon was wrecked and Anderson fatally injured. He was in the employ of Banker Miles as hostler, and died Saturday. Democrat 2-8-1900
Anderson Thomas, 64, a former resident of Cromwell, died at the county infirmary last evening after an illness of several weeks. He has been an inmate of the institution for about 4 months. Under the new burial law passed by the last legislature, his remains would have been shipped to a medical college if they had not been claimed by some friend. Some of the citizens of that town, of whom J. G. Thomas, Williard McKinney and M. L. Hussey were the prime movers, raised enough money to give him a decent burial. The remains were taken to Cromwell for interment. Democrat 6-25-1903
Anderson Zimri of Kendallville was killed while attempting to get on a moving train at Kalamazoo, Mich. Last Monday night. He had been visiting the State Fair at Grand Rapids and was on his way home. We have not learned the particulars. New Era 9-25-1873
Angel Edna (McPherson), 35, of Fort Wayne, formerly of Kendallville, died in a Fort Wayne hospital Saturday forenoon after a 3-years illness of tuberculosis. She is survived by the husband, W. T., 3 children, a mother, a sister, Jean McPherson, 2 brothers, C. D. McPherson of Kendallville, and J. C. McPherson of LaPorte. The mother and sister are at Loveland, Col., where the latter is taking treatment for lung trouble. Remains were taken to Kendallville where the obsequies were held Tuesday afternoon. Democrat 3-25-1915
Anspaugh Absalom, 77, resident of Jefferson Twp, residing about one mile southeast of this city, died Saturday morning after a long illness. Obsequies were held at the Rehoboth Church. Burial, Rehoboth Cemetery. Democrat June 17, 1905
Anspaugh David, 68, brother of Emanuel Anspaugh, late of this city, died at his home in Quincy, Ill., last week. New Era 9-2-1908
Anspaugh Hiram, an inmate of the county asylum, died last week. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 10-26-1892
Anspaugh Leo was born in Ionia County, Michigan, September 15, 1880, and died at Ann Arbor, Mich., July 28, 1909, aged 28 years, 10 months and 13 days. His death was the result of an operation to remove a cystic growth, he not having the vitality to survive the shock. The remains were taken to Lake Odessa, Mich. Funeral was held at Tamarack Church. He leaves an aged father and mother, a wife, five brothers, Darwin, Milo, Hiram, Absalom and Odem. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Anspaugh, living southwest of Kendallville. He was married June 21, 1909 to Frances Knowles of Carlon. New Era 9-15-1909
Appel Mrs., 80, mother of Mrs. John Ortstadt, died Wednesday morning. Funeral Friday. New Era 7-5-1894.
Applegate - The child of Harrison Applegate that has been sick for some time died last Thursday, the 7th. Noble Co Democrat 6-13-1888
Applegate Cora, daughter of Joseph and Susan Gaff, was born in Green Twp, Noble County, March 24, 1875, and died near Kimmell, February 26, 1907, aged 31 years, 11 months and 3 days. On January 20, 1894 she was married to Firmer Applegate. To this union were given 3 children, Ethel, Madison and Mildred. In 1903 she united with the Methodist Episcopal Church at Charter Oak. She suffered long from tuberculosis. Besides her husband and children, she leaves 3 brothers, Henry, Warren and Oliver; and 5 sisters, Maty Wilson, Harriet Deardorff, Nora Johnson, Minnie Kister and Lena Rose. Funeral was at the Christian Church at Merriam. Burial, Merriam Cemetery. Kimmell Enterprise 3-2-1907
Applegate Isaac died at the home of his mother at Merriam last week. Democrat 6-8-1892
Applegate Nellie Allura, daughter of Isaac and Samantha Applegate, died March 1, aged 4 months and 25 days. New Era 3-11-1875.
Applegate Perry - The citizens of this place were called upon last Wednesday to follow to their last resting place the remains of Perry Applegate, an old resident of this place. On the way from the house to the place of burial, as Malcolm Leitch was crossing a small bridge, one of the stringers of the bridge broke, over-turning the wagon and precipitating Mr. Leitch and family and several friends who were riding with him, into the water and mud below, a distance of some 8 or 10 feet, severely, though we believe not dangerously, injuring several of them. New Era 4-27-1876
Applegate Sophronia, daughter of Samuel and Ruth Gray, was born in Knox County, Ohio, February 17, 1831; died January 6, 1909, aged 77 years, 10 months and 19 days. She came with her parents to Noble County in her fourth year. She was a resident of this county from that time excepting 1860 to 1865. She married James M. Applegate in 1851. To this union were born 7 children, of whom 2 passed on in infancy, and her husband in 1880. There remains 2 sons, 3 daughters, 16 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. She became a Christian at the age of 17. Democrat 1-14-1909
Archer - A sad accident occurred last Friday at the house of Ellison Archer, south of this village. While Mr. and Mrs. Archer were absent from home for a short time, the children being left alone, the clothing of the oldest daughter, aged 7 years, caught fire and she was so severely burned that she died in about 2 hours. The father had gone but a short distance to haul some water, and on his return found his little daughter in the yard with clothing all burned off and literally roasted. The little girl’s statement was that she was trying to make a fire to keep the baby warm. The citizens of this place are still in destitute circumstances so far as water is concerned. New Era 2-11-1875
Arehart John, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Arehart, died from typhoid fever on July 27, 1887. His age was 16 years, 7 months and 10 days. Funeral was at the U. B. Church. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 8-3-1887
Arehart W H, of this city, died Saturday at the county infirmary and was buried at Anderson yesterday. He was taken to the institution form Elwood about 6 weeks ago. He was a citizen of Elwood for a number of years and was lately employed at the Calloway rooming house. It was said by those who knew that there was an estrangement between the deceased and his son, Frank, dating back a few weeks and that the conduct of the young man during the illness and after the death of his father was anything but commendable. He resided in Albion for a number of years with his family but several years ago removed to Elwood. Democrat 8-15-1901
Arehart William died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Catherine Schlabach, in Cromwell Sunday, December 13, 1914, aged 37 years, 11 months and 17 days. Funeral was at the Sparta Christian Church December 16. Noble Democrat 12-17-1914
Armstrong Frank W, 55, state agent of the Merchants’ Fire Insurance Company, died at Indianapolis last Friday night. Funeral was at Kendallville Sunday afternoon. He leaves a widow. He was a member of the G.A.R. and the Scottish Rite Masons. Noble Co Democrat 9-2-1897
Armstrong George, who has been afflicted with a complication of lung troubles for several months, departed this life Monday evening. He was a member of I.O.O.F. Democrat 1-24-1895
Arnold Edward, 46, was here on a visit and died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Fred Bachelor. The body was taken to Goshen Wednesday. Democrat 12-17-1925
Arnold William H died at his home here February 25, 1903. He was born in Knox County, Ohio September 23, 1843 and was aged 55 years, 5 months and 2 days. He came with his parents to Noble County when he was 11 years of age and was married to Clara Dosch June 20, 1861. To them was born 11 children, 6 of whom preceded him in death. He leaves a wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters. His first sickness was grippe which resulted in lung fever. Funeral was in the Catholic Church. He was interred in the cemetery west of town. Democrat 3-5-1903
Arthur Hattie, about 23, wife of George Arthur of Green Center, departed this life last Sunday morning after a lingering illness, leaving a bereaved husband and 2 children, the younger being but a few months old and not expected to survive. She was a daughter of Nathan Carr of Wolf Lake and niece of Mrs. E. W. Matthews of Green Center. Her husband is a son of William C Arthur. Since writing the above notice we have learned that the child, a little girl aged 18 months, died on Monday. Democrat 2-9-1887
Arthur William C, for many years a citizen of Green Twp, died at his home in Churubusco Sunday night of consumption after an illness of several months. He was born in Huron County, Ohio, March 25, 1828 and at the time of his demise was 69 years 6 months and 7 days. He was left an orphan at the age of 8 but lived with his brothers and sisters on the home farm until he reached his majority when he went to California in search of the yellow metal. He remained in California 26 months, after which he returned to New York via the Isthmus of Panama, from which place he returned to Huron County, Ohio. He removed to Green Twp in 1855 and married Rachael Skeels July 4 of the same year. To this union 3 children were born, Fannie, wife of William Shambaugh, George and Leslie, who with his wife are left to mourn. He was a Democrat and a member of the Masonic Lodge. Funeral was at his late residence in Churubusco Tuesday. Burial, Merriam Chapel Cemetery. Noble Democrat 10-6-1898
Askew Robert was born at Thornby, Northamptonshire, England, June 5, 1838. He came to America in 1862 at the age of 25. Late in the same year he came to Albion where he was married to Margaret A. Gerkin on July 16, 1865 and resided here until fall when they removed to Goshen, Ind. In June 1867 they removed to Rochester, this county, where their two sons, Harry L and Frank I, were born. In November 1874 they returned to Albion where they have since resided. His wife and sons with several brothers and sisters survive him. Funeral was at the Lutheran Church Monday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 3-25-1891
Asman Rebecca, 80, died at her home in Sparta Twp last Friday after a prolonged illness. Funeral was at the Sparta Church on Sunday. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Noble Democrat 11-3-1898
Auer Sophia - Coroner Fred R. Clapp of Ligonier and B. F. Bowman drove to the residence of Henry Bauman of Allen Twp between Albion and Avilla Sunday afternoon to hold an inquest on Mrs. Sophia Auer of Whitley County, who died suddenly of apoplexy. Mrs. Auer, with her son-in-law, daughter and granddaughter, had been visiting in the neighborhood for a few days and had come to the residence of Mr. Bauman, which the family were at church at Avilla. Complaining of illness, she was made as comfortable as possible upon a couch and when Mr. Bauman and family returned from church was not disturbed until the noonday meal had been prepared. When they went to her couch she was found dead. She was the mother of Mrs. Bauman. Democrat 6-18-1905
Aul Myrtle, 70, former resident of the Kendallville area, died in the Kondas Nursing Home near Albion. Services were held today. Her husband, Rudolph, died in 1951. There are no immediate survivors.  5-10-1958
Aumsbaugh Burryle, the little son of William Aumsbaugh and wife of Wolcottville, died August 30 of inflammation of the bowels, aged 2 years 9 months and 9 days. Albion Democrat 9-14-1899
Aungst Frank, 74, for many years a resident of Noble County, died Saturday at Coldwater, Mich. The body was brought to the home of his son, Grover, west of Kendallville. 3-10-1928
Aungst Frank Mrs. of Jefferson Twp died at her home Tuesday morning from consumption. She was the daughter of James W Sweet. Funeral was at the Sweet or Union Church. 7-4-1901
Aurand Daniel, 73, died at his home in Monroeville January 4. He was a brother of Mrs. R. B. Clear of this city. Democrat 1-16-1908
Axel Andrew Mrs., 75, died at her home near Rome City last Tuesday evening of a complication of diseases. She was a pioneer of Noble County, having settled here from Ohio with her parents. She is survived by the husband, 2 sons, Phil of Toledo, Ohio, and Emory of Orange Twp, and one daughter, Mrs. C. S. Raber of Wolcottville. Obsequies were held at the late home Thursday. Burial, LaGrange Cemetery. Democrat 11-16-1914
Axel Emory H, 83, of near Rome City died today in LaGrange County Hospital. A native of Noble County, he spent his entire life in the Rome City community. He was a retired farmer and the son of Andrew and Mary Martin Axel. He was a member of the Oak Grove EUB Church. Surviving are a son Thurlow of 106 S. Summit St.; a daughter, Mrs. Sylvan Shull, Rome City; 5 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Services will be Friday in the Williams Funeral Home in Wolcottville. Burial, Lake View Cemetery.  2-20-1959
Axel F S Mrs., formerly Sinah Ogle residing in Jefferson Twp died. Her funeral was held Thursday at Deep River, Iowa. (Avilla News) Democrat 10-7-1915
Axel Philip Mrs., 56, died at her home in Wolcottville one week ago last Sunday after 6 months illness of dropsy and complications. She is survived by a husband and other relatives. Obsequies were held at the Evangelical Church in Wolcottville. Burial, Woodland Cemetery. Democrat 8-30-1909
Axtell Elvirda died at her home in Jefferson Twp Tuesday. Funeral was at the Mount Pleasant Church. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 10-31-1882
Axtell Mary was born in New York in 1809; settled in Indiana in 1836; died in Jefferson Twp April 3, 1888, aged 69 years. Democrat 6-6-1888
Ayers Enoch died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Sarah Munger in Steuben County Saturday. He was born in New Jersey and at the time of his death was aged 84 years and 4 days. He was well-known in this city, having made his home with his daughters, Mesdames J. E. Hoffman and Washington Weaver, at various times. Funeral was at Flint, Ind. Monday and interment in the cemetery nearby. Owing to the fact that they could not get a train to reach Steuben County in time for the funeral, his daughters of this city did not attend the funeral. Albion Democrat 8-24-1899
Ayres Margaret was born at Bluffton, Ohio, June 23, 1840. In November 1858 she came to Indiana where shortly after she was married to W. M. Guy. To this union 2 children were born, Albert R., and Milton W. About 1870 she married James Mason Ayres. To this union one child was born, T. Byron. She died February 9, 1909, aged 68 years, 5 months and 16 days. She leaves to mourn 2 sons, 2 sisters and one brother. Funeral was at her home February 11. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. 2-9-1909
Baad Mary, 69, wife of Chris Baad of Kendallville, died last Saturday morning of a complication of diseases. She had lived in Kendallville for 32 years and is survived by a husband, 4 daughters and 4 sons. 8-28-1915
Babb Pearl Bell - Last Sunday at the M. E. Church the funeral for the child of William Babb and wife of Northport was held. The child was 3 years, 6 months and 10 days old. Democrat 12-20-1900
Baber Kary, who has been working at Fort Wayne for the past 2 years, died Thursday of neuralgia of the heart. He was brought to the home of his mother, Mrs. Sarah Baber on Friday. He leaves a mother, sister, 2 brothers. Burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 6-4-1903
Baber Kary Allen, 24, whose home was at LaOtto, died in Fort Wayne Thursday from stomach trouble. He was a railroad man and leaves a mother, Mrs. Sarah Baber of LaOtto, 2 brothers and a sister. The remains were taken to LaOtto for interment. Democrat 6-4-1903
Bachelor Marion, 65, died at his home south of Wolf Lake one week ago Friday of Bright’s disease. He is survived by a widow and one son. Democrat 12-13-1909
Bachelor Marion of Goshen died at his home in that city Friday from Bright’s disease. Mr. and Mrs. Bachelor were former residents of Noble Twp. Democrat 3-22-1915
Bachelor William M, an old veteran, committed suicide at the home of his daughter, Jessie at Topeka on Wednesday of last week. He had been an invalid for years and was total blind and nearly helpless. He took a part of the sheet of his bed and making a rope of it, put it around his neck and tied it to the bed post. His body was still warm and limp when found by his daughter the next morning. He was about 63 years of age and a brother of Marion Bachelor of Wolf Lake. Noble Democrat 2-12-1903
Badger Hamilton Mrs. was born in Kelley Twp, Canada, April 15, 1832 and died at her home in Swan Twp December 12, 1907, aged 75 years, 7 months and 27 days. 12-12-1907
Bailey Albert, who has been residing several miles west of Albion in York Twp for a few years, died at Longcliff Hospital for the Insane near Logansport on Wednesday of last week. His remains were brought to this county for burial. Democrat 12-13-1900
Bailey Albert Mrs., a former resident of Kimmell, died at her home at Wawasee Decoration Day. Funeral was at the home Tuesday and Wednesday at Elsie, Mich., where a sister resides. 5-30-1943
Bailey Idella A, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of LaOtto, was born November 17, 1870 and died June 15, 1900 aged 29 years, 6 months and 28 days. She went to Lincoln, Nebraska October 1890 and was married to H. R. Bailey of that place in March 1891. They moved from there to Omaha, Neb., and in 1896 to St. Louis, Mo., her husband dying there on November 1, 1899. Her remains were brought back to LaOtto for burial. She leaves a father and mother, 3 sisters and one brother. Democrat 6-21-1900
Bailey Joseph, 74, was born in Ohio April 1, 1834, died in Ligonier July 6, 1908. He came to Indiana when a small boy. 7-6-1908
Bailey Joseph Mrs. of near Brimfield died at her late home Monday of acute asthma and inflammation of the lungs. Aunt "Becca"; as she was familiarly called, was born in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, April 15, 1826 and at the time of her death was 74 years, 4 months and 23 days. She was the daughter of John Gibson, one of the early settlers of Noble County. She was twice married, her first in 1851, the husband being Abraham Collett. They had one daughter. She was married to Joseph Bailey on April 30, 1865. Their two children preceded her in death. She leaves a husband, a daughter, Mrs. John Imes. Obsequies were at the Brimfield M. E. Church Wednesday. Burial, Osborne Cemetery. Democrat 10-11-1900
Baird Thomas, 68, died Thursday at the home of a brother where he had gone a short time before for a brief visit, being stricken with apoplexy. He was a brother of Will Baird of Albion. Democrat 3-27-1924
Baker - The little child of Orrison Baker and wife of Burr Oak died one day last week and was buried Thursday. Democrat 5-19-1898.
Baker - The infant son of O. J. and Minnie Baker departed this life Saturday night. Funeral was at the house Monday. Burial, Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 2-22-1900
Baker - Funeral services of U. S. Baker’s child was Sunday afternoon at the house. Kimmell Enterprise 1-25-1907
Baker Abigail of this place died of measles on the 185h. Her maiden name was Abigail Bloomer and she was born July 1, 1815 at Washington, Fayette County, Ohio. At an early age she married a Mr. Smith. Of the children of this union is Mr. T. S. Smith. After the death of her husband she again married and moved to Kosciusko County and from there to this county. She was a member of the M. E. Church over 40 years. New Era 5-29-1879
Baker Ann - John Stevenson received word last Saturday that his grandmother, Mrs. Ann Baker of VanWert County, Ohio, was dead. She was 84 years and her death was caused by the infirmities of old age. Democrat 9-17-1903
Baker Ellen Jane was born in Noble County near Merriam February 18, 184; daughter of Jacob and Polly Stoner and was one of a family of 5 children, all of who with the parents have preceded her in death except one brother, Christopher of California. On January 12, 1873 she married Zachariah Baker. They were given 8 children. Ruth, Bertie and Earle have preceded her in death. Those left are Willis of Elkhart, Mrs. Norlie Hile of Elkhart, Samuel, Guy and Alvin of near Albion. She is also survived by 5 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. On July 12, 1923 the husband and father passed away. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hile on October 1, 1924, aged 70 years 7 months and 13 days. She became a Christian at age 18 and was a member of the Burr Oak Church. Democrat 10-9-1924
Baker Fred C drowned at Newport, Virginia last Friday evening. He had joined the Marines in March 1931 and had just been stationed at the Norfolk Navy Yards. He leaves a half-sister, Zelma Baker; 3 brothers, Vernon, Russell and Gerald, all of near here; his father Clare V of this city; and his mother, Mrs. Blanch Owens of Loomis, Wash.; and 3 grandparents, Mrs. A. L. Hasty of Columbia City and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adair of Loomis, Wash. The body was brought back to Whitley County for burial. Funeral was at Sand Bank Church near Columbia City. 7-17-1931
Baker George died the 14th at the residence of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. George Baker Jr. at Bakertown, Jefferson Twp, at the advanced age of 82 year, 5 months and 2 days. Democrat 2-17-1886
Baker George B McClellan was born in Jefferson Twp, Noble County, January 8, 1862 and died at his home near Fruitvale, Cal., March 11, 1909, aged 47 years, 2 months and 3 days. He moved to California 7 years ago where he was employed by various construction companies as engineer. He is survived by a wife, the former Bertie Warren of Laketon, Ind.; an aged mother, Mrs. G. W. Keller; 2 brothers, Barney and William H; one half-brother, Luman L. Funeral was Saturday. Burial, Oakland Cemetery. 3-11-1909
Baker Hiram P - About 15 years ago Hiram P. Baker of Jefferson Twp, a half brother of Clell, Barney and Will Baker of this city, removed with his family to Kansas and after a residence for a few years, removed to East Jordan, Mich., where he has since resided. October 7, 1896 he left his home in Mich. For Petoskey with the intention of being baptized in the Adventist faith, which rite was performed on October 8. He left Petoskey about noon on that day and that was the last seen of him alive although everything was done to discover his whereabouts. His family came to the conclusion that he had been murdered. On July 23, a skeleton was found in a booth that had been built near a road leading to a saw mill about 5 miles south of Petoskey. A watch, bible and diary were found with the skeleton which afforded means of identification. He had built this booth, as he called it, in his diary while in an insane state and for 13 days had kept a diary. The last memorandum he made was dated October 22, 1896. This booth had been noticed by workmen as they passed along the road but they never investigated it until the day the skeleton was found. The remains were interred temporarily near the spot where they were discovered. He leaves a wife and 2 children. Democrat 8-11-1898
Baker Jacob, 82, a pioneer of Whitley County, died of a complication of diseases one week ago Sunday at his home in Hecla. Albion Democrat 1-3-1901
Baker Katie, mother of Brittie Baker, Noble County nurse, died Sunday in Patoka. Also surviving are a daughter in California and a son near Indianapolis. Services are scheduled for tomorrow in the Colvins Funeral Home in Princeton. 9-13-1959
Baker Luman L, 69, died Thursday morning as the result of a stroke of apoplexy at his home in Kendallville. He was born October 26, 1855 in Jefferson Twp, the son of the late George and Mary Baker, who were among the early pioneers of Noble County and the earliest settlers of the community of Bakertown. When a boy he took up farming which he followed until retiring several years ago. Surviving are his widow, two sons and one daughter, Ray residing on the old homestead; Doss of Chicago; Mrs. Orpha Leighty of Kendallville; and one brother, N. B. Baker of San Diego, Cal. Democrat 10-9-1924
Baker Mary Alberta, daughter of Zachariah and Ella Baker, died on August 8 in this city. She was 20 years, 5 months and 3 days of age. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 8-16-1894
Baker Mary Ann (Daywalt), widow of George Baker, died in Jefferson Twp, at the home of her stepdaughter, Mrs. G. W. Keller, February 22, 1904, aged 73 years and 5 days. She was born in Pennsylvania but the exact date of her birth is unknown. Her parents moved to this state at an early date, making their home near LaOtto. On October 5, 1862 she married George Baker, who departed this life Feb. 14, 1886. Funeral was held at her late home in Jefferson Twp. Burial Sweet Cemetery. New Era 3-2-1904
Baker Milo E, infant son of Orrison and Minnie Baker living near Burr Oak, died March 2, 1899 at the age of 20 days. Funeral was March 3. Albion Democrat 3-9-1899
Baker Samuel B died at his home in Noble Twp March 12, 1886 of disease of the kidneys and dropsy of the heart, aged 59 years, 4 months and 13 days. He has been a resident of Green and Noble Twps for many years. He leaves a wife and 4 children. Democrat 3-17-1886
Baker Sophia Christiana, 75, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Menno Yoder, 5 miles southeast of Ligonier Sunday following 2 and one-half years of illness. A native of Noble County, she resided in York Twp all her life. Survivors besides the daughter include the husband David; 2 sons, Malvern, Fort Wayne, and Russell F., Ligonier; 4 grandchildren; and 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral at Sparta Christian Church at Kimmell Tuesday. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. 10-21-1956
Baker William Henry, 39, son of George and Sarah Baker, was born in Jefferson Twp, Noble County September 7, 1870, and died September 7, 1909. Obsequies were held at the home of his mother in Jefferson Twp Sept. 10. He was a member of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, Modern Woodmen of American and the Masonic Lodge. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. G. W. Keller of Jefferson Twp, one brother, N. B. Baker of Des Moines, Iowa; one half-brother, L. L. Baker of Jefferson Twp. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 9-16-1909
Baldwin Anna was born near Dayton, Ohio, October 24, 1853, and departed this life near Albion, Ind., on Nov. 1, 1926, aged 73 years and 7 days. Her parents were Charles and Mary Henderson and she was one of a family of 10 children, all of whom except 3 with the parents have preceded her in death. Surviving are 2 sisters, Mrs. Emma Kimmell of Toledo, and Mrs. Mattie Feightner of Albion; and 1 brother, E. C. Henderson of Red Cloud, Nebraska. On November 9, 1880 she married Benjamin Baldwin and they were given 2 boys, Clinton who is now in California; and Clarence of near Albion. She was a member of the United Brethren Church at Green Center. 11-1-1926
Banks Hazel, 64, died Saturday in Parkview Hospital. Funeral will be Tuesday in Sonday Funeral Home, Churubusco. She had been ill 8 weeks and lived at 2509 Clara St. She had been an employee of Magnavox Co. 14 years and was a member of Curdes Ave. Missionary Church. Survivors are the husband, Dorsie M; one son, Howard, Fort Wayne; and one sister, Mrs. Mildred Horsewood, Albion. 7-27-1957
Banks Herschell Leroy, son of Dorsie and Hazel Banks, was born in Green Twp, Noble County, May 19, 1917, and passed on May 27, 1925 at Fort Wayne, aged 8 years and 8 days. He leaves a father, mother, and a brother, Howard. One brother preceded him in death, dying in infancy. Also the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Forker of Jefferson Twp; Mr. and Mrs. James Banks of Wabash; one great-grandmother, Mrs. Abshire also of Wabash. Funeral was at Jefferson Union Church. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 6-4-1925
Banks John M died on September 23, 1888 after an illness of about 8 months from consumption at the home of his parents 3 miles north of Kenton, Ohio. He was a member of the Baptist Church for 8 years. He was married Oct. 31, 1886 to Ollie Smith of Noble County and resided near Wolf Lake until April 1888. Remains were laid to rest in Grove Cemetery. Noble Co Democrat 10-17-1888
Banning - The infant son of George Banning and wife of Elkhart died Sunday, aged about 5 months. Funeral was Monday afternoon. Mrs. Banning will be remembered as Miss Clara Franks, a daughter of Orrin Franks of this city. Democrat 6-12-1902
Banta James A, resident of Kendallville more than 50 years, died Thursday at the Simon Convalescent Home where he had been confined 4 years. Formerly of Ligonier, he had engaged in real estate business here many years. Survivors are a half-brother, Bruce Banta of Ligonier; and a nephew, Riley Banta of Sidney, Montana. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. 2-12-1942
Banta Peter, 70, an old resident of Noble County, died at Ligonier on Wednesday of last week. He resided in Ligonier for 40 years. Funeral was Friday forenoon. Democrat 9-2-1897
Barber Adaline, daughter of John A. and Mary Lamon, was born Feb. 12, 1865 in Allen County, Ohio, and died at her home in Noble County, Feb. 27, 1906, aged 41 years and 15 days. She married James Barber Feb. 1, 1885 in Allen County, Ohio. To this union 2 children were born, William aged 20, and Nettie aged 11, whom with the husband remain together with her aged father, mother, 3 sisters and 4 brothers. Mr. Barber moved Indiana in Oct. 1893. In 1899 he moved back to Ohio where he lived 7 years and now has moved to Indiana where he intends to remain. Funeral was at Merriam. New Era 3-14-1906
Barber James Mrs., 50, of Noble Twp, died last week. A husband, son and daughter mourn her departure. New Era 3-7-1906
Barcus Harry, 20, son of Rufus Barcus living south of town, died with consumption on Wednesday of last week. His remains were taken to Cromwell, his former home where funeral was held Thursday. Democrat 12-31-1903
Barcus Isaac Monroe, son of Isaac and May Ann Peters Barcus, was born in Licking County, Ohio, September 15, 1850, and died at his home near Churubusco, January 17, 1915, aged 64 years, 4 months and 2 days. Cause of death was cancer of the liver and stomach, with which he became afflicted since April 1912. He was the third son in a family of 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls, all of whom preceded him in death, with the exception of 2 brothers, Rufus O. of Landlaid County, Wisconsin; and Noah Mark of Albion; one sister, Mrs. Laura L. Pratt of Bellefontaine, Ohio; one half-sister, Lucy May Lang of Columbia City, Indiana. He married Sarah Margaret Conklin, only daughter of John Conkling, May 28, 1873, and to this union were born 4 boys and one girl, all of whom have preceded him in death except the youngest child, Adam S., who lives in Green Twp. On March 1, 1914 he joined the Church of God at Blue River Bethel, Whitley County. Politically, he was a Democrat. Obsequies were held at Christian Chapel near Merriam. Burial, Byer’s Cemetery, 4 miles west of Cromwell. Democrat 1-28-1915
Barcus Silvia Belle, about 20, daughter of Rufus Barcus, died at her home in Albion Sunday, June 4, 1893, from consumption. No funeral was held. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 6-8-1893
Barcus Sylvester died February 15, 1904 at his sister’s, Mrs. George Heck, in Jefferson Twp, at the age of 62 years, 11 months and 23 days. At the age of 20 he married Mary Johnston of Pataskala, Licking County, Ohio. To this union were born 5 sons, 2 of whom died in infancy. His wife preceded him to the spirit world by 11 months. Early in life he became a member of the U. B. Church, being licensed and ordained to preach the gospel by that denomination, and so continued for about 9 years. Since then he has been a minister in the M. E. Church. He leaves 3 sons, Cary, Willis and Dale, all of Columbus, Ohio; and 3 brothers, Rufus, Monroe and Noah of Noble County, Indiana; and 3 sisters, Sarah A. Lewis of Newark, Ohio, Flora Heck of Albion, Indiana, and Laura Pratt of Johnstown, Ohio. Burial, Pataskala Cemetery. New Era 2-17-1904
Bare Cora, 17 died of consumption at Big Rapids, Michigan Sunday night. She was a member of the Class of 1898 of Albion High School. Funeral was held at Big Rapids Wednesday. Interment at that place. Mrs. Sarah Bare returned from Big Rapids last Wednesday where she has been since the sickness and death of her daughter. Herself and former husband, who were divorced last winter, have remarried and will reside in this city. Mr. Bare will come later.  Democrat 9-2-1897
Barhan Lovina was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, June 10, 1809 and died February 17, 1899, aged 89 years, 6 months and 7 days. Early in youth, with her father and sisters, she removed to Morrow County, Ohio, where she married John Barhan in 1830. In the fall of 1848 she and her husband moved to Noble County, Indiana, locating in Jefferson Twp, where she resided until her death. Her husband died October 29, 1869. To them were born 2 daughters and one son. She united with the Methodist Church in Morrow County, Ohio in 1836. She leaves one daughter and 5 grandchildren. Funeral was Sunday at the Union Church and remains were laid away in the cemetery nearby. Albion Democrat 3-2-1899
Barhan Sarah Ann (Guise) was born in ??kersville, Coshocton County, Ohio February 26, 1844. March 15, 1868 she married Stephen Barhan of Albion, Indiana. Leaving Ohio with her husband she moved onto his farm in Jefferson Twp, Noble County, Indiana. To this union was born one daughter, Hattie. January 2, 1887 her husband died. She died January 29, 1906, aged 61 years 11 months and 3 days. She leaves a daughter, 3 grandchildren, one sister and 8 brothers. New Era 2-7-1906
Barhydt - The infant daughter of Mrs. Ida Barhydt of Kendallville was found dead in the vault of an outbuilding there last Saturday evening. Coroner Black pronounced the death a case of accidental asphyxiation. Democrat 9-23-1909
Barhydt G W, 62, died at his home in Kendallville on Wednesday afternoon of last week from paralysis. Democrat 1-29-1903
Barney Samuel E, 68, of Elkhart died in his office in that city last Thursday of rheumatism of the heart. He became a citizen of Kendallville in 1860 where he remained 3 years, and in 1863 in partnership with his brothers, William and George, opened a general store in Ligonier. In 1866 he went to Elkhart where he was in the mercantile business for a short time, but soon abandoned it for the insurance business in which he has been engaged for 20 years. He leaves a wife, 4 sons and 2 brothers. Democrat 6-6-1901
Barnhart George W died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Todd F. Wilden of Goshen, Saturday, aged 86 years and 23 days, from a complication of diseases. He was the last of a family of 9 children born to Samuel and Nancy Vinson Barnhart, who resided near Goshen, Ind. He was a member of the 74th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and served 3 years in the Civil War. On March 16, 1875 he married Martha Dent who preceded him in death 14 years. To this union was born 5 children, Goldie and Edna Vic dying in infancy. Those surviving are Mrs. Todd F. Wilden of Goshen, Mrs. W. M. Cole of Cromwell, and Louis Dale Barnhart of Ligonier. He resided here in Cromwell until last May when he went to Goshen to be with his daughter. He was a member of the Cromwell Methodist Church for over 35 years. He also leaves 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral was Monday at the Cromwell Methodist Church. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 1-26-1928
Barnum - A little child of Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Barnum, about a year old, died on Wednesday of last week and was buried on Thursday. New Era 11-23-1876 O P Barnum returned from the centennial to find his youngest child dead. New Era 11-30-1876
Barnum Ben Mrs. passed away Friday in a Los Angeles, California hospital after an operation for appendicitis. Funeral was held at Los Angeles Monday. 1-28-1938
Barr Alice passed away suddenly Friday evening. Funeral was held Monday. Democrat 12-24-1925
Barr Anna (Kast), who would have observed her 97th birthday anniversary Wednesday, died Tuesday in the Philbrick Nursing Home here where she had been since July. She was born in Williams County, Ohio, and had resided in Jefferson Twp, Noble County most of her life. Her husband, a Civil War veteran, died in 1920. She is survived by 3 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Services will be conducted Thursday. 9-16-1958
Barrett Mahala Margaret, bout 89, died at the Wawaka home of her son, Elmer, Wednesday, January 2, 1952. She was a member of the Wawaka Methodist Church and a resident of that community for 45 years. Also surviving is another son, William of Mishawaka; one daughter, Mrs. Carleton Poppy of near Wawaka; 11 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Funeral was at the Wawaka Methodist Church. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. 1-2-1952
Barroff Minnie (Munger) died at her home in Fredrick, Okla., last Wednesday. She spent her girlhood days with her uncle and aunt, Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Hays. Democrat 7-30-1925
Barter Arsina died at her home in Indianapolis. She was a former resident of this place and a sister of Mrs. George Hilliard. Democrat 4-8-1915
Bartlett - A daughter of J. Bartlett died last Thursday and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery Saturday. 6-1-1887
Bartlett G S, 58, a lifelong resident of Noble County, died Tuesday night at his home in Kendallville. Funeral and burial was at Avilla Thursday. Democrat 10-8-1920
Bartley Amanda, about 60, met with an accident on Monday evening which resulted in her death a few hours after. Her daughter, Mrs. John Crandall, had driven a team of horses to her home and after stopping to converse with her mother went to turn around, when the team became unmanageable, upsetting the wagon. It is supposed that her mother, who was a few feet away, went to assist her in stopping the team, when she was knocked down, for she was found under the wagon. Funeral will occur today at Wolf Lake. Her only son, Hays Bartley, was away in Fort Wayne. She was the widow of Charles Bartley. New Era 10-13-1897 Democrat 10-14-1897
Bartley Charles, a York Twp farmer, died of typhoid fever on December 4. 12-4-1887
Bartley Sophia (Richmond) was born in Richland County, Ohio, October 10, 1839. She died of consumption at the home of her daughter, Mrs. P. A. Reed, November 23, 1901, aged 62 years, 1 month, and 13 days. She married John S. Bartley August 9, 1863. To this union was born 3 children, one dying in infancy. Those left to mourn are Frank M. Bartley and Mrs. Reed; and 5 grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Joseph Flory; and one brother, William Richmond. In about 1880 she united with the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Wolf Lake where funeral was held Monday. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 11-28-1901
Barton L F Mrs., daughter of Samuel Fairbanks of Allen Twp, died Thursday, May 17, at her home in New Albany, Ind. Democrat 5-31-1900
Barton Sidney G S, about 67, died suddenly and without warning Wednesday evening at the home of his son-in-law, George H. Kriegbaum. He has been a resident of Albion for about 2 years, making his home with Mr. Kriegbaum. For a portion of that time he held the position of shoemaker in the shoe store of G. Schwab. He was contemplating returning to his former home at Pleasant Hill, Ohio, in a few days. Cause of death was doubtless due to heart trouble although he had not complained of that disease. It is probable that the exertion of walking through the deep snow effected his heart. His remains were taken to Pleasant Hill today on the 10:23 train for burial and was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Kriegbaum. He was a member of the Odd Fellows. Democrat 3-1-1900
Bashford Mrs. of Cold Springs died not long ago, leaving a husband and stepchildren to mourn. She was an aunt to the children also. New Era 2-4-1875
Bassett Harvey, 70, died at the county infirmary Sunday of heart disease. He had been an inmate of the institution for 4 years. He was a native of New York and one of the pioneers of this county, having settled here in 1838. One daughter and one son survive. Burial, Ligonier. Democrat 5-24-1900
Bassett Mary A (Bucher) was born in Canton, Ohio, December 18, 1837 and died in Albion, Indiana February 12, 1917, aged 79 years, one month and 24 days. When 10 years of age she came to Noble County with her parents, where she has lived since that time. In January 1856 she united with the Presbyterian Church. On April 24, 1856 she married Platt B. Bassett, who preceded her in death. To this union was born one child, a daughter, Mrs. Florence Casey, who survives. Obsequies were held at the Presbyterian Church. Burial in the Bassett vault in Albion Cemetery. Democrat 2-19-1917
Bates Marion J, 83, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Thompson in Kendallville, Christmas morning. She leaves 2 daughters. She was one of the pioneers of the city and for many years a milliner of Kendallville. Democrat 1-1-1903
Baughman Bert Mrs. died Friday forenoon from consumption and was buried Sunday. Democrat 8-30-1900
Baughman D C died July 30, 1883, aged 50 years, 3 months and 18 days. He was born near Tiffin, Ohio, where he lived until 1875 when he moved to Albion. Here he formed a partnership in the foundry business with Messrs. Derr & Hyter. In 1879 he bought out his partners and erected the present foundry building. He was the inventor and manufacturer of our city‘s self-extinguishing lamps which light our streets. He was a member of the Methodist Protestant Church at Tiffin, Ohio and a Mason and an Odd Fellow. His remains were sent by the eastbound train to be interred by the side of his wife at Tiffin, Ohio. He leaves 2 sons and 2 daughters. Democrat 8-1-1883
Baughman Jacob Mrs. died at her home in Kendallville August 4, 1908, aged 66 years, 5 months and 28 days. 8-4-1908
Baughman Simon was born in Richland County, Ohio, February 15, 1826 and died in Rome City, Ind., June 7, 1900, aged 74 years, 3 months and 22 days. He married Susan Mercer in 1852 and moved to Rome City in 1864 where he has since resided. In 1866 he joined the Free Baptist Church. He was the father of 9 children, only 2 of whom are living, John and Thomas. He was a charter member of Rome City Lodge F. and A.M., No. 451. Funeral was at the Baptist Church. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 6-14-1900
Bauhaus John Mrs. died unexpectedly at her country home north of this place Saturday morning. Funeral from the Catholic Church Monday morning. Democrat 3-8-1900
Baum Meyer, about 58, one of the prominent merchants of Ligonier, was killed in Cleveland Tuesday night be being struck by a street car, his skull being crushed. Albion Democrat 9-21-1899
Baum Meyer, about 34, died in Ligonier on Wednesday evening of last week. One week ago he was operated on for appendicitis. Peritonitis apparently set in. He was born in Osinn, Germany, Rhine, Prussia and was a member of the firm of A. Baum & Sons of Ligonier. Funeral was at the late residence Friday. Democrat 1-16-1902
Bauman Michael, living about a mile north of Avilla, hung himself in his barn. Cause is not known. Burial, Lisbon Cemetery. New Era 6-5-1899
Bauman Peter died at his home here last Friday in his 81st year. Funeral was at the German Lutheran Church Monday. Democrat 5-22-1902
Baumgardner Mrs, 80, died at the home of Josiah Baumgardner in Avilla July 20. Democrat 7-29-1891
Bause Julia, wife of Simon Bause of Ligonier, was buried in the Salem Cemetery Thursday. Democrat 10-10-1901
Beal Lucenda of Brimfield died one week ago Monday, aged 69 years, 6 months and 20 days from cancer. Obsequies were held in the M. E. Church at that place Wednesday. Burial, Osborne Cemetery. Democrat 12-20-1900
Beal Wilson S, 87, died in his home 6 miles north of her Sunday. A native of Ohio, he had resided north of here since a young man. Survivors include 2 daughters, Miss Norma at home, and Mrs. Claude Stienbarger, Wawaka; a son, Wilmer, Ligonier; and a grandchild. Services Tuesday. 4-7-1957
Beall Drusilla was born in Licking County, Ohio, January 2, 1822. She came to Ormas, Noble County with her parents, Jonah and Elizabeth Evans in 1836 and has resided in Noble Twp 70 years. She was married November 18, 1849 and to this union was born 5 girls and 3 boys, of whom 6 are still living, Mrs. George Dolph of Garrett, Mrs. Sybilla Winebrenner of Hecla, Mrs. Arrilla Pinchon of Ormas, E. S. Beall of Chicago Junction, M. K. Beall of New Carlisle and J. W. Beall of Manistee, Mich. Twenty-one grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren remain. She united with the Baptist Church in 1859. She died December 13, 1906, aged 84 years, 11 months and 11 days. Wolf Lake Trolley 12-20-1906
Beall Phoebe, one of the first residents of Kimmell, died at her home Saturday, January 25, 1902, aged 78 years, 4 months and 16 days. Funeral was Monday at the Christian Church. Burial in the nearby cemetery. Democrat 1-30-1902
Beall Samuel, one of the pioneers of Noble County, was found dead in bed at his home last Saturday morning, his demise being caused by heart disease. He lived alone and the last time he was noticed by his friends was about 4 o’clock Friday evening. He was 80 years and 6 days. A native of Licking County, Ohio, he was born February 23, 1827. He came to Noble County in 1833 and was the oldest settler present at the last meeting of the pioneers of Noble County. At the time he came to Noble County there were only 33 people in Noble and LaGrange Counties, which at that time formed but one county. He married Drusilla Evans November 19, 1847. She died several years ago. He is survived by 3 sons, 3 daughters and one sister. Obsequies were held at the Sparta Christian Church. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 3-2-1908
Beall William died at his home in Sparta November 4, 1889 at the age of over 71 years. He was born in Franklin County, Ohio April 15, 1818 and came with his parents to Noble County in the fall of 1834, where he continued to live until his death. He married Phoebe Randall on January 7, 1849. By this marriage he was the father of 10 children, of whom 6, as well as his widow, are left. Democrat 6-11-1890
Beam William Orman of Cromwell was instantly killed by a falling tree last Saturday while cutting a tree for saw logs in company with his brother. He was born in Illinois October 5, 1863 and died at Cromwell March 16, 1901, aged 35 years, 5 months and 11 days. He was a member of Cromwell Lodge No. 408, K. of P., and affiliated with the Lutheran Church where funeral was held Friday. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 3-21-1901
Bear Solomon of Green Twp, who received a life sentence to the penitentiary last January for the murder of his son, Isaiah, died at the prison at Michigan City last Thursday, the cause of his death being paralysis. Burial, Eel River Cemetery Democrat 1-9-1902
Beard Christopher - Jacob Beard, York Twp, received the news Friday morning that his half-brother, Christopher of Mahoning County, had died the previous day. He was about 85 years of age. Mr. Beard left for Ohio Friday evening to attend the funeral and will be absent about a week. Albion Democrat 9-28-1899
Beard Lafayette - Timothy Rallihan received word Wednesday of the death of his brother-in-law, Lafayette Beard of Jonesboro. Mr. Beard formerly resided in Albion. Democrat 2-20-1902
Beard William, 71, an inmate of the county infirmary, died in that institution December 30 from consumption. He was widower and a farmer, born in Ohio. Burial, Merriam Chapel. Democrat 1-4-1900
Beard William R died at Nappanee on Sunday, May 1, 1887. His skill as a first-class brick mason is seen in many of the best structures in the town. His remains were brought to Albion and interred in the cemetery here on Tuesday. Democrat 5-4-1887
Beazel Frank W, 47, an old Ligonier boy and a son of the late Finley Beazel died at his home "Woodcrest" in Los Angeles, California, on February 19, 1915. Funeral was February 22 at Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles. Remains were cremated and sent to Michigan for interment. Democrat 3-8-1915
Beazel James, the junior member of the firm of Beazel Bros., harness dealers of Ligonier, died last Saturday. Funeral was held from the Presbyterian Church Tuesday under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity. Kimmell Enterprise 4-26-1907
Beazel Neil, son of Mrs. L. R. Beazel of this place, while visiting at Hudson, Mich., a few weeks ago was run over and killed by a train which he attempted to board. Democrat 1-7-1891
Bechberger Barbara, 82, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Edward Sebert in Kendallville Thursday night of complications due to senility. She was a native of Germany and in 1954 located in DeKalb with her parents. She lived there until 11 years ago winch which time she resided with her daughter in Kendallville. She is survived by 3 daughters and 3 sons. Obsequies were held at the St. John Lutheran Church in Kendallville Sunday. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. Democrat 2-19-1917
Beck Samuel, residing north of Columbia City, died on Wednesday of last week. He weighed about 400 pounds and in order to get the casket in the house it was necessary to take out a section of the dwelling at the side of the door. He had not slept in bed nor had not even lain in one but little in the past 12 years. He slept sitting in a large chair and was in that posture when he died. Albion Democrat 2-14-1901
Becker Leona, infant daughter of Henry and Delila Becker, died at the home of her parents in Sturgis, Mich., October 22, 1897, aged one year, 9 months and 17 days from diphtheria. Burial, Wright Cemetery. Democrat 10-28-1897
Beckley Jacob was born in Bedford County, Pa. February 16, 1805 and died July 15, 1887. Funeral was at the Evangelical Church last Sunday. Democrat 7-20-1887
Beckley Wilson died in this place Wednesday, April 7, 1886. Funeral was in the Evangelical Church Friday. Democrat 4-14-1886
Beers - Born to Walter Beers and wife of Ormas on August 8, twin girls, combined weight 6 ¾ pounds. They only lived a day. Wolf Lake Trolley 8-16-1906
Beers James, 80, died at the home of his, Delbert, in Washington Twp last Sunday. He had lived in Noble County practically all his life. He is survived by 2 sisters, Mrs. James Connett and Mrs. Baugher; one brother, Frank; and one son, Delbert. 4-14-1929
Beers Mandy, mother of Mrs. Archie Scott, passed away last Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Scott. Funeral was at Ormas Sunday. Burial, Ormas Cemetery. 2-10-1933
Beers Mary S, daughter of Cary W. and Sarah E. Treer, was born May 25, 1877 and died July 12, 1909, aged 32 years, 1 month and 17 days. She lived all her life in Noble County. On December 6, 1899 she married John W. Beers. To this union were born twins who died in infancy. She leaves to mourn her husband and mother; 4 brothers, Fred, John, Chester and Ross; a grandmother, Mrs. Seymoure. New Era 7-28-1909
Beers Thomas H, 77, Etna-Troy Twp, Whitley County, farmer, died today in Luckey Hospital at Wolf Lake. In ill health since a team of horses trampled him in a farming accident 2 years ago, he was taken to the hospital following an apoplectic stroke. Surviving are the widow, Sylvia; 2 daughters, Mrs. Herber Boggs, Etna and Mrs. Orval E Harrold, Churubusco; 8 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren; and a sister, Mrs. Ruth Scott, Kimmell. Services will be Thursday in the Smith Funeral Home. 6-8-1957
Beers Walter - William Beers of Billings, Montana, a one time school teacher of this place, arrived here to attend the funeral of his brother, Walter Beers. Funeral was last Friday at Ormas. American 1-29-1942
Beers Walter Mrs., 32, died at her home in Washington Twp Monday afternoon of tuberculosis. Democrat 7-15-1909
Beezley Mayte, daughter of Isaac Beezley, ex-trustee of Washington Twp, died Saturday in a hospital at Chicago after an illness of 4 weeks. Remains were taken to the home of a sister, Mrs. Fred Hunt of Whitley County. Services at Salem Church near Wilmot Wednesday. New Era 4-25-1906
Belknap Mrs. - Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Kreager left for Frankfort, Indiana last Thursday morning where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Kreager’s mother, who died at the advanced age of 94. She was a resident of Sparta Twp about 40 years ago but has resided at Frankfort for 36 years. She was well preserved for one so aged and was in comparatively good health until a few months ago. Democrat 3-13-1902
Bell - The infant child of Owen Bell and wife of Garrett was buried in the Albion Cemetery Wednesday. Mrs. Bell will be remembered as Miss Etta Walton. Democrat 12-20-1900
Bell Charles was born in Richland County, Ohio December 16, 1853 and departed this life April 15, 1903, aged 49 years and 4 months. He came to this state with his parents in 1855. He married Cassie Palmer March 1, 1882 and to this union was born one son and 2 daughters, both daughters preceding him in death. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church September 2, 1888. Obsequies were held at the Mount Pleasant Church Saturday. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Daily Record 4-15-1903
Bell Jonathan, 76, a pioneer of Noble County, died at LaOtto Sunday. He was a veteran of the Civil War. Democrat 5-30-1901
Bell Myrtle, daughter of Charles Bell and wife, died August 24, 1900 form flux. She was born in Noble County September 30, 1989 and was one year, 10 months and 24 days at death. Funeral was in Mount Pleasant Church August 26. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 8-30-1900
Belt Henrietta, 76, - E A Belt of Jefferson Twp received the news Tuesday of the death of his mother, which occurred that afternoon at the home of her son, Gilbert, in Newark Ohio, after a few weeks illness of heart disease. Mr. Belt left on Wednesday for Newark to attend the funeral. Democrat 12-17-1903
Belts George W died at his home in Ligonier one week ago Saturday, aged 69 years, 5 months and 28 days. He left a wife and 4 children. Democrat 1-30-1902
Beltz - The infant child of Philip Beltz died in Fort Wayne and was brought to Salem and buried in the Huntertown Cemetery. 1-11-1900
Beltz Adam, 33, who lost his life in the flood at Peru, was a former resident of this county, having lived a number of years in the vicinity of LaOtto. Obsequies were held in LaOtto. He is survive by 4 children, a mother, one sister and 3 brothers. He was a brakeman of the C. & OL. Railroad out of Peru. Burial, Swan Cemetery. Democrat 4-17-1913
Bender - A son of Sam Bender died on last Friday and was buried on Monday from the Catholic Church. New Era 11-18-1903
Bender Fannie, 80, relict of the late Monroe Bender, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Will Vanderbosch southeast of Avilla, Tuesday after a long illness of a complication of diseases. Democrat 1-18-1915
Bender Frank, 58, a farmer residing west of Avilla, died New Year’s Eve from pneumonia, following a week’s illness. He was a lifelong resident of the county. A widow; 3 sons, Morris and John at home and Albert of near Corunna; and a daughter, Mary at home, survive. Funeral was held Monday at the Avilla Catholic Church. Burial, church cemetery. Democrat 1-17-1926
Bender George W, one of the old pioneers of Noble County, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Elias Heltzel in this city, Sunday after a long illness, nearly 90 years. His wife departed this life in 1882. He leaves 5 children, 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He was born in Coventry, Chester County, Pennsylvania, June 10, 1810. Funeral was held in the U. B. Church Tuesday. Interment at Ligonier. 3-25-1900
Bender Irvin died at his home in Blue Island, Illinois last week and the remains were brought to Syracuse for burial. He was a brother of Mrs. L. A. Robbins of this place and formerly resided here. Democrat 12-22-1927
Bender John A, 68, died last Sunday morning at his home 2 miles south of Solomon’s Creek. He was born in Noble County and had been a lifelong resident of the community where he died. His wife, Zora; one daughter, Mrs. Victory Niles of Syracuse; and one brother, William of Albion; and a sister, Mrs. Frank Howard of Columbia City, survive. Funeral was held Tuesday at the Solomon’s Creek U. B. Church. Burial, Solomon’s Creek Cemetery 6-17-1928
Benfer Frank, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Benfer of Wolf Lake and a former Noble Twp young man, died at his home in Chicago on Monday after a short illness of typhoid fever. He is survived by a wife; one son, Richard aged 4; one daughter Jeanette, aged 3; parents, brothers and sisters. The remains arrived in Albion from Chicago on train No. 8 Tuesday. Obsequies were held at the residence of the parents in Wolf Lake this afternoon. Democrat 10-17-1912
Benfield Mary - Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Brothwell went to LaGrange Tuesday to attend the funeral of the later Mrs. Mary Benfield who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jennie Allen in Chicago Sunday. The deceased was about 80 years of age and a former resident of Rome City. Democrat 7-10-1902
Benhower Rosanna - Last Friday the funeral of Mr. Hiram Fisher and his sister, Mrs. Rosanna Benhower, were held in the Christian Chapel at the same hour. She died January 29, 1901, 56 years, 6 months and 18 days of age. She had been a sufferer from a broken ankle which aided by other things hastened the end. Albion Democrat 2-7-1901
Benner - The infant daughter of Harry Benner and wife died September 3, aged 4 months and 13 days. Burial, Buckles Cemetery. Democrat 9-11-1902
Bennett Alexander - The body of Alexander Bennett was taken from the Elkhart River at a point 3 miles south of Ligonier last Saturday. The body was found by some fishermen and had been in the water about 3 weeks. He had been visiting a relative, Mrs. Henry Burkett of Elkhart Twp and about 3 weeks ago left with the intention of returning to his Ohio home. After he left nothing was heard from him, but it was supposed that he had reached home safely. His death was doubtless caused by accidental drowning. Democrat 5-11-191
Bennett David C, 79, resident of Kendallville for more than half a century, died Friday at his home in that city where he had been ill 17 weeks following a paralytic stroke. 2-14-1947
Bennett Millie, 44, died yesterday in the Whitley County Hospital after an illness of 4 months. Survivors are the husband, Dale; 4 brothers, Merritt Hursey, Etna, Oras Hursey, Hicksville, Ohio, Homer and Dale Hursey, Columbia City; and a half-sister, Mrs. O. L. Goodrick, Fort Wayne. Burial, Stringtown Cemetery. 2-19-1957
Benton - One of the unfortunates at the poor house, an old man named Benton, we believe, aged about 60 or 65 years, died at that institution on Friday last and was buried on Saturday. New Era 7-1-1880
Benton Dave Jr, who has been in the hospital for the insane at Logansport, died there last Thursday. He resided here several years ago. Democrat 12-12-1901
Benward Ida died May 7 after a long illness. Democrat 5-14-1884
Benward Mortimer died at his home in Jefferson Twp February 14, 1897. He was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, March 11, 1831. He came with his parents to Allen County, Indiana about 1836. He married Nancy Watts in 1850 and moved to Jefferson Twp in 1854. Eight children were born to them, 6 having preceded him in death. He leaves a wife and 2 children. Democrat 3-4-1897
Benward Mortimer Mrs., about 68, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. George Mahnesmith in Jefferson Twp where she was visiting. She was taken sick Friday night and died about 1 o’clock Monday morning. Cause of death was inflammation of the bowels. She was the sister of Mrs. Jacob Favinger of this city and the mother of Samuel Benward and Mrs. Mahnesmith. Her husband died one year ago last month. Funeral was as the Mahnesmith residence. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Noble Democrat 3-24-1898
Berberich Marion, 68, departed this life last week after a short illness of pneumonia. He leaves the widow and one daughter. Funeral was at the Lutheran Church. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Democrat 3-29-1928
Berger Frank of Lima, Ohio died. His brothers, Charles and Herman of Kendallville, went to Lima to look after the body. New Era 6-8-1910
Berhalter - John Berhalter’s little boy was climbing up in a cherry tree and losing his footing, fell. He got up and went home and they did not think he was hurt. Two days later he died. This should be a warning to boys. 4-?-1888
Berhalter Albert, native of Kendallville, died from paralysis April 13 at his home in Danville, Ill. Surviving are 2 daughters. New Era 4-24-1940
Berhalter Emily, 74, widow of Arthur J. Berhalter, died in the Cincinnati Sanitarium Saturday following a one-year illness. She resided in Kendallville 63 years. Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Myron Hutchins, Kendallville, and 2 grandchildren. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. 1-14-1956
Berhalter Louie E, 77, founder of the L. E. Berhalter & Son Funeral Home here died in his home after a brief illness from pneumonia and complications. A veteran of more than 50 years in the funeral directing business, he was a lifetime resident of Kendallville. In 1899 he received his embalming degree from the Chicago College of Embalming. A Rotarian, he was a 50-year member of the Masons and for more than 50 years a member of the First Presbyterian Church in which he served as an elder. Surviving are the widow, Elsie; one son, Richard, who operated the business with his father; 2 daughters, Margaret Tyler, Kendallville, and Mrs. Eleanor White, Noblesville; and 8 grandchildren. Services Monday in the L. E. Berhalter & Son Funeral Home. Burial Lake View Cemetery. 3-16-1956
Berry Charles Mrs. died Sunday, June 24 of consumption. Burial, Orange Cemetery. Democrat 6-27-1883
Berry George W died September 24, 1884 in Michigan. He lived in this county 43 years. He was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, February 1, 1809. On March 8, 1838, he married Magdalena Bixler. Mr. H. B. Berry of Kendallville is one of his sons. In 1838 he settled in Noble County near Lisbon and continued to live in Noble County until 1881when he moved to Michigan. He was a consistent member of the Disciple Church and past 75 at the time of death after being stricken with paralysis. Democrat 6-16-1886
Besecker Noah, veteran of Green Twp, died at his home Saturday after an illness of pneumonia several days at the age of 69 years and 7 months. Funeral was at the Christian Chapel Sunday. He leaves a widow, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Noble Democrat 5-19-1898
Besecker Wilbur Leroy, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Besecker, was born September 10, 1889 and departed this life February 1919, aged 29 years and 5 months. He left home for a short visit with friends in Ohio in seemingly good health but was taken ill with influenza and 2 days closed his stay among men. He leaves a father, mother, and 2 sisters. Obsequies were held at the Christian Chapel. Burial, Chapel Cemetery. 2-10-1919
Besecker William, 73, died at his home in Wolf Lake Sunday after suffering a stroke of apoplexy. 12-6-1931
Bethel Lorin, 72, a Civil War veteran, died at his home in Wolf Lake last Thursday. Funeral was held from the Wolf Lake Baptist Church of which he was a member. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 11-30-1916
Bidwell - The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Bidwell died on Thursday and was buried on Friday in the Albion Cemetery. New Era 7-8-1880
Bidwell Abbie, died of consumption at her residence in Roscoe January 10, 1880, aged 42 years, 3 months and 26 days. She was born in Vermillion, Illinois on November 14, 1837 where she remained with per parents until they removed to Union County, Ohio, where she was married to David Palmer, with whom she lived 7 or 8 years. During his term of service in the army she moved to Kendallville, where his parents resided and remained till his death. About 7 years afterward she married Mr. D. Bidwell. In 1871 they emigrated to Leroy, Minn., where they remained 2 years, after which they went to Chester, Howard County, Iowa, remaining there till June 1878, when they came to Roscoe. She leaves a husband and sister, Mrs. R. N. Smith. Roscoe (Dakota) Express 1-?-1880
Bidwell Murl died after an illness of several months at his home in this city January 4, 1903, aged 19 years, 2 months and 13 days. Cause of death was a tumor or growth on the brain. For several months previous to death he was blind. He was born at Albion, November 24, 1883, the son of Nathan H. and Eliza Jane Bidwell. He leaves a widowed mother; 2 brothers, Corbin and Charles; one sister, Mrs. Grace Kettleborough. Funeral was held at the residence. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 1-4-1903
Bidwell Nathan died at his residence in the southwest part of the city Saturday. He was born in Fulton County, Indiana February 4, 1848 and at the time of his demise was aged 50 years, one month and 15 days. He resided in Fulton County until 1868 when he removed to Albion. He married Jane Wertsbaugh December 31, 1874 and to this union 5 children were born, one of whom preceded him in death. He leaves a wife, 4 children, 7 brothers. Funeral was held at the residence Monday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. 3-19-1898
Bidwell Susannah Elizabeth (Raber) was born in Orange Twp, Noble County, July 12, 1862 and departed this life at her home near Rome City July 21, 1908, aged 46 years and 9 days. In 1885 she married Daniel Bidwell. This union was blessed with 5 children, Ezra, Jay, Esther, Rosa and Alva. Death was caused by Bright’s disease. She is survived by her husband, 3 sons, 2 daughters, 3 brothers and one sister. Funeral was at the Evangelical Church last Thursday. Democrat 7-30-1908
Biederman Esther died December 31, 1899 of scarlet fever, aged 2 years, 5 months and 4 days. Residence, Kendallville. Birthplace, Indiana. Burial, Lake View Cemetery Democrat 6-14-1900
Bigler John of North Manchester died last Thursday of tubercular bronchitis. He was a veteran hotel proprietor and hat dealer and at one time conducted a hotel in Kendallville. Democrat 12-20-1900
Bilger - The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bilger died Friday morning and was buried at Swan Sunday. Democrat 8-28-1902
Bilger Viola R, child of Andrew Bilger and wife, was born February 2, 1899 and died 28 August 1899, aged 6 months and 26 days. 8-31-1899
Billings Henry, a former resident of Ligonier, died suddenly in Washington, D.C. one day last week, where he held a responsible government position. Democrat 2-15-1900
Billings Matt died Tuesday morning of heart trouble. Democrat 12-25-1902
Billman Charles Mrs, 53, died at her home in the eastern part of the county last Thursday. Noble Democrat 2-5-1903
Billman Mary Lucretia, with Miss Blanche Gill and Mrs. Christ Peters was struck by a westbound train on September 3. The two latter were killed immediately. She died a short time later. She was born March 29, 1849, the daughter of William and Eliza Rose. She married Wilson S. Billman May 21, 1868. They had one son, John; and 3 daughters, Ollie, Ida and Nellie. She united with the Methodist Episcopal Church at Wawaka. She leaves a husband, a son, 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The Wilson Billmans live about one mile west of Wawaka, the Lake Shore Railway running past their farm, the Billman residence being located north of the railroad track. Mrs. Billman and Mrs. Peters were escorting Miss Gill to her home after all had been to town for groceries when they failed to see the coming train. Mrs. Billman was the mother of Mrs. Peters and the aunt of Miss Gill who was the daughter of David Gill. She was the sister of Mesdames John Renahan, Jacob Reidenbach and David Gill of Elkhart Twp and D. W. Rose of Kimmell. Democrat 9-10-1902
Billman Richard - The body of Richard Billman was found lying at the entrance of a lane on his own farm in Elkhart Twp on September 24, 1873. An inquest was held and the verdict of the jury was: "Come to his death by shotgun wound, which was accidental, he throwing the gun back for support in getting over a bar." New Era 10-9-1873
Birch Elizabeth died Sunday night from consumption. She was born in Noble County September 15, 1872 and died September 10, 1899, aged 26 years 11 months and two days. She was the second daughter of Emanuel and Rebecca Harroff. She was the mother of 5 children, the youngest being about a year and a half old, who are left to mourn along with her husband, Stephen, her father and mother, 3 sisters and 5 brothers. Two brothers preceded her in death. Funeral was held at the Ormas F. B. Church. Burial, Ormas Cemetery. Albion Democrat 9-14-1899
Bishop Joseph W, 84, died at his home in Rome City Tuesday following a 3-weeks illness from influenza. He was a native of New York and one of 4 sons. He came to Indiana with his parents when a boy. In early manhood he was a traveling salesman and in later years was a building contractor. He was active in Democratic politics and served as postmaster at Rome City under the late Woodrow Wilson. He had served 2 terms as township trustee of Orange Twp at the time of his death and was a candidate for re-election. He was married 3 times, first to Martha Altimus, who died many years ago. Fifty-four years ago he married Frances Holden of Rome City, and she passed away 7 years ago. Some years ago he and his second wife made 2 trips to Little Rock, Ark., making the journey with a team of ponies and carriage. Six years ago he married Mrs. Sarah Leininger of Rome City, who together with 2 stepdaughters and 4 step-grandchildren survive. For a time he resided at Ligonier and Wolcottville. Funeral was Thursday at Kendallville. Burial, Orange Cemetery. 4-12-1938
Bitler Rebecca - The remains of Mrs. Rebecca Bitler were brought to this place Wednesday from Wawaka to be shipped to Arcanum, Ohio, for burial. She was 76 years old. Democrat 3-8-1894
Bitting Fred H and his wife of Noble Twp perished by drowning in a violent storm on Lake Michigan at Grand Haven on Monday night or early Tuesday morning. He was the proprietor of the steam mills at Noblesville. National bonds to the amount of $1,700 were found on the person of Mrs. Bitting and $1,000 worth of jewelry on both. This jewelry had been purchased by the parents for their daughters and they were on their way home, coming by way of Grand Rapids, where the State Fair was in progress. New Era 9-18 & 23-1873
Bitting Henry died near Merriam in Noble Twp February 13, 1875, aged 74 years, 8 months and 3 days. He leaves a wife, one child and quite a number of grandchildren. He was the father of the Bitting who, with his wife, was drowned in Lake Michigan. New Era 3-11-1875
Bitting Katherine, who lives south of Albion in Noble Twp, died Saturday after a long illness at an advanced age. Democrat 1-13-1919
Bixler - Frank Bixler buried a child last Thursday, age 4 months. New Era 10-11-1877
Bixler - An infant child of John Bixler, aged about 3 weeks, died last Saturday and was buried on Sunday in Albion Cemetery. Democrat 4-13-1892
Bixler - A child of John Bixler died last week and was buried in the Albion Cemetery on Thursday. It had not been sick but was found dead in bed. Democrat 9-21-1893
Bixler - The little babe of John Bixler and wife died last Wednesday morning. Funeral was held Thursday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 10-7-1897
Bixler Hazel, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. L. Bixler died and was interred here Sunday. Aged about 3 years and 10 months. Albion Democrat 1-10-1901
Bixler John of Kendallville, has been subject to epileptic fits for some time although of late these attacks have not been frequent. He was an ex-soldier. On Monday of last week he was picking cherries from a tree in that city when he had an attack and fell to the ground, a distance of about 10 feet, and died from the injuries received. He leaves a wife and one child. Funeral at the residence Wednesday. New Era 7-5-1894
Bixler Noah, 75, one of the pioneers of Noble County, died suddenly at his home in Kendallville Sunday. He came with his father, David Bixler, from Seneca County, Ohio, about the year 1835 and purchased land in the vicinity of Kendallville. He was a member of Company A, l42nd Indiana Regiment in the Civil War. He was a member of Browand Post, G.A.R. of Kendallville. He is survived by 3 sons, David in the west, William of Chicago and Albert of Kendallville. Obsequies were held at the late home Tuesday. Democrat 7-30-1908
Black Albert, 86, a native son and lifelong resident of Albion and former co-owner of a dry good store here, died August 23, 1958 at the Kondas Nursing Home near here. Captain Black during WW I served as an instructor in the use of small arms. During WW II he came out of semi-retirement and served as a draftsman. He was a graduate of Purdue University and a member of the American Legion since its organization. Surviving are a brother, Harry of Albion and several nieces and nephews. Funeral was Tuesday at the Bonham & Miser Funeral Home. Burial, Rose Hill Cemetery 8-23-1958
Black Benjamin, son of Peter and Martha (Amos) Black, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, March 4, 1828 and died at his home in Jefferson Twp December 2, 1914 at the age of 86 years, 8 months and 28 days. He was one of a family of 7 sons and 2 daughters and the last one to die. He was an excellent carpenter. He moved with his parents from Pennsylvania to Richland County, Ohio in 1832. Here the family resided until 1853 when they came to Jefferson Twp. He married Ruth Foster, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Foster, who were pioneers of Jefferson Twp, on September 15, 1859 and to this union were born 2 daughters, Naomi J, wife of Melvin Hines of Jefferson Twp; and Eva E., wife of Wilbert T. Hines of Albion. The wife and mother died October 20, 1888. She was born April 24, 1836. He is survived by the daughters; 4 grandchildren, Mrs. J. H. Cory of Ligonier, Mrs. Charles D. Lemmon of Albion, Mrs. Clarence Graves of Roundup, Montana, and Glenn B. Hines of Albion; 2 great-grandchildren, Ralph Cory of Ligonier, and Ruth Lemmon of Albion. One grandson, Dorn J., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hines, preceded him in death. Obsequies were held at Mount Pleasant Church Saturday. Burial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Democrat 12-2 & 7-1914
Black Bessie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson D. Black, died of typhoid fever in Albion January 31, 1886, aged 12 years and 6 months. Funeral was at the Presbyterian Church on Wednesday. The schools of Albion attended in a body, marching in advance of the hearse from the church to the cemetery. Burial, Albion Cemetery . Democrat 2-10 & 11-1886
Black Dorothy was born in Albion, Indiana December 11, 1890. Two years ago the family moved to Rupert, Idaho and Dorothy entered the Lewiston Normal School as a junior last September. Her death last Sunday evening was due to heart failure following an abscess of the throat. The funeral was held at Vassar Chapel. Burial, a Lewiston Cemetery. From the Morning Tribune of Lewiston, Idaho of March 2. Democrat 3-13-1911
Black Elizabeth, 65, formerly of Albion, now of Kendallville, died June 22 from a heart attack at her home in Auburn. She had been in good health and had been visiting in Garrett shortly before the attack. Surviving are the husband, Fred O. Black; one brother, J. H. Rosen; and 2 sisters, Mrs. Margaret Cramer, Akron, Ohio, and Mrs. C. H. Bishop, East St. Louis, Ill. Funeral was Monday in Auburn. Burial, Rose Hill Cemetery. 6-22-1945
Black Elizabeth (Goss), died at her home in Albion March 14, 1888. She was married to Owen Black in Ohio November 1, 1838. The family, then consisting of the parents and 3 children removed to Noble County about 1853. In 1856 they became residents of Albion. In 1862 the eldest son, George W., died aged 23 years; and in 1872 the only daughter and second child, Mary J., passed away at the age of 29 years, 8 months and 27 days. Owen Black died on October 31, 1886, leaving the mother and 2 surviving sons, Jackson D., and Owen J., who constitute the firm of Black Bros., general merchants. Funeral was at the Presbyterian Church on March 17. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 3-21-1888
Black Emma passed away at her home on S. Liberty St. last Thursday after a long illness. She was the widow of George Black, an aunt of Mrs. C. M. Clapp of this city, and a cousin of George Woodruff residing east of this city. She was a pioneer resident and had she lived until July 1 would have rounded 80 years of life. She was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church where obsequies were held Sunday. Burial, Topeka Cemetery. Democrat 1-20-1908
Black Grace A, 81, died May 3 at Bremen Community Hospital. She was born August 25, 1877 in Ligonier to Oliver B. and Mary E. Wise and had lived here until moving to Bremen. Her husband, Dr. F. W. Black whom she married on December 6, 1900, died August 16, 1937. A member of the First Christian Church here, she is survived by a foster daughter, Mrs. Faye Longcor of South Bend, and a niece, Mrs. Robert Widmar of Bremen. Funeral was this afternoon. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 5-3-1959
Black Hannah Minerva, daughter of Samuel and Barbara Young, was born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania on April 21, 1848 and died at her home in Albion on July 23, 1925, aged 77 years, 3 months and 2 days. She was one of a family of 11 children, 7 of whom preceded her in death. In 1854, when 6 years of age, she moved with her parents to Noble County. She married Jackson D. Black on September 20, 1870. He died May 9, 1916. To this union 3 children were born; one of whom, the daughter Bessie, died at the age of 12. She leaves 2 sons, Albert and Harry; 4 grandchildren, Davis, Marian, John and Alice Black (one grandchild, Elizabeth Black, having died in 1913 at the age of 7); 2 sisters, Eva Seymoure of Albion, and Nina Young of Weston, O.; one brother, Fred Young of Noble Twp. She assisted in organizing the Albion Literary and Historical Club and was the first president of the Historical Club. She was a member of the first library board and had the Albion Library in her own home for some time. She was at one time affiliated with the W.C.T.U. Funeral was at the Presbyterian Church Saturday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. 7-23-1925
Black James M died at his home in Albion Thursday morning (July 20, 1899) after an illness of several months. He was born in Richland County, Ohio, January 16, 1840 and at the time of his demise was aged 59 years, 6 months and 4 days. He came with his parents to Jefferson Twp in 1853 and has resided in this county ever since. He was married February 21, 1872 to Mary L. Halferty and to this union 2 children were born, John Oliver and Lulu. He leaves his wife and children to mourn. Funeral at Mount Pleasant Saturday. Albion Democrat 7-20-1899
Black John Mrs. died April 27 at her home in York Twp. Funeral was at Sparta Chapel April 29 after which the body was interred in the adjoining cemetery. Democrat 5-6-1891
Black Mary Olive, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Hines, was born in Richland County, Ohio October 27, 1855, and passed away in Albion December 10, 1945, aged 90 years, 1 month and 13 days. She was of a family of seven children and spent most of her life in Noble County, the family having moved from Ohio in 1861 when she was 6. On March 13, 1877 she married George C. Black to which union 7 children were born: Fred Black of Auburn, Ind., Mrs. O. D. Harper of Duluth, Minnesota, Mrs. W. H. Stoops of Albion, Ind., Elza Black of Chicago, Ill., Bert Black, deceased, Elmer Black of Garrett, Ind., Homer Black of Chicago, Ill. In 1888 she united with the Evangelical Church. She leaves 6 children 8 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral was at the W. H. Stoops home Thursday. Burial, Rose Hill Cemetery. 12-10-1945
Black Oliver Mrs died in a hospital in Toledo, Ohio November 5, 1900, aged 30 years, 2 months and 4 days. Blood poison resulted from the operation for removal of 2 tumors which caused her death. She married Oliver Black June 7, 1897 and to this union one son was born, who with the husband, a mother, 2 sisters and 1 brother remain. Interment took place in Elkhart. Democrat 11-22-1900
Black Owen J died at the home of his brother, Jackson D. Black in Albion June 4 after an illness of several months. Funeral was at the Presbyterian Church. Burial, Albion Cemetery. 6-4-1910
Black Pearl - The Ligonier Plain Dealer gives the following death account. Miss Pearl Black, youngest daughter of W. H. and Mrs. Black, living 2 miles south of Topeka, on Thursday morning while on her way to school, stopped at the telephone exchange and called up her mother, asking if she could bring her classmates to her home that evening, also requesting a sister to make some candy for the party. She then proceeded to the school house and entered the cloak room to remove her wraps but was seen to fall by Prof. Harry Miller, who at once went to her assistance. She was lifted up and an effort made to arouse her, but all to no avail. She was a granddaughter of the late George Black of Albion. Funeral was held at Salem Church Sunday. Burial, Salem Cemetery. Albion Democrat 2-28-1901
Blackwell Martha A (Crostwate) was born in the state of Virginia August 24, 1824 and died at North Manchester, Ind. March 11, 1899, aged 74 years, 6 months and 14 days. She married Sanford Elliott in 1841 in the state of Missouri after which they removed to Kentucky. To this union 7 children was born. Her husband and 3 children preceded her in death. In 1859 she married Harrison Blackwell and they removed to Indiana. He died January 16, 1893. She leaves 3 daughters, one of whom, Mrs. E. S. Baker in this city, one in Kansas and another in Missouri; and one son, Rev. L. P. Elliott of Chattanooga, Tenn. Funeral was in Albion Presbyterian Church. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Albion Democrat 3-16-1899
Blaine Mary E, wife of Wilson Blaine of Hecla, died. Funeral was held at Salem Church last Saturday. Albion Democrat 3-9-1899
Blair Ben - This article was published in the Whitley County News last week. "This eccentric old man was born in Madison County, Ohio in 1812. He came to Indiana in 1836 and entered 40 acres of land a mile southeast of Cold Springs. He partly cleared the farm and grubbed it and built a cabin. In 1838 he went up to the Hawpatch above Ligonier to harvest. He was an excellent wheat cradler and could make good big wages for several weeks. He remained in that locality most of the time for a couple years. In 1840 he married Nancy Hunt and brought her back to Whitley County and lived about 2 years in his own cabin. He then sold and they went back to Elkhart County. Mrs. Blair died in 1846, leaving 2 daughters. During their last residence in the Hawpatch he was converted in a powerful Wesleyan revival, after which he showed first signs of being mentally unbalanced. He was a man of good character, memory and natural abilities but with very little education. He soon felt himself called to preach, but his church would not license him and this gave him much disturbance. The death of his wife soon after, in addition to his already unbalanced condition made him insane for life. He neglected his children and became a roving insane man. One daughter lived with Blair’s mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. John Scott of Etna until 14 when she went to her mother’s people in Elkhart County and died. The other grew to womanhood, married and her whereabouts are unknown. He was never dangerous but his insanity took form in preaching. He would approach the house of a friend or anyone else preaching at the top of his voice and would scare children all out of sight. He would preach to a stump, a goose, pig, cow or stone as quick as to a human being. He found a welcome in many homes as a wanderer and would sometimes talk intelligently for 15 or 20 minutes, when he would break out again preaching, and if interfered with, leave. His most favorite salutation on seeing a person was yelling, ‘By the Grace of God.’ He never begged but people furnished him clothing and sustenance. He had several canes loaded full of coins of small denomination and made the late E. L. McLallen custodian of them. He died in the early winter of 1873 in the Noble County poor house, his mind never having cleared. He always requested to be buried beside his mother and kind friends laid him there in the Scott Cemetery in Troy Twp." We have since learned that when Blair arrived at the asylum his clothing was frozen to the bottom of the sled in which he was conveyed and that no adequate covering had been furnished to protect him from the cold. It is also said that after he was taken to Ligonier on Friday last he was left lying in a sleigh in the street for more than an hour and was then taken into a harness shop where he remained without medical attention until the vehicle was got ready to take him, sick and helpless, more than 10 miles over unbroken roads and snowdrifts to the asylum where he died the next day. A post mortem examination showed the lungs badly inflamed and discolored and the heart clogged - the effect of acute pneumonia. No examination of the brain was made - an omission which is to be regretted in view of the long continued insanity of the deceased.  March 1935
Bliss Frank Timothy was born at Chagrin Falls, Ohio, September 22, 1844, the eldest child of 4 children born to William and Fannie Bliss. At the age of 12 he came with his parents to Indiana, where he lived for 2 years. He spent 3 years in school in Brimfield, Mass., his father’s old home. He was for 2 years a government post trader at Fort Stanton, New Mexico, since which time he has been a resident of Chicago and for 37 years an active member of the Chicago Board of Trade. He died at his home in Chicago March 22, 1915. He is survived by his wife, Maude Estelle; and one son, William O; one brother, Charles W. of Brimfield, Ind.; 2 sisters, Mrs. L. C. Madison of East Jordan, Mich., and Mrs. W. A. McCarty of Brimfield. Obsequies were held at the home of his brother, C. W. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. 3-22-1915
Bliss Margaret was born in New York December 14, 1830, the 9th in order of their birth of 11 children of James and Delilah Roy. In childhood she came with the family to LaGrange County, Indiana. She married Limerick Parks on December 29, 1853, by whom she had 3 children, only one of whom, Andrew Parks of Albion, survives. Several years after the death of Limerick Parks, the widow married the late John H. Bliss on September 25, 1867 and became a resident of Albion. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church where funeral discourse was preached. She died April 9. 4-9-1893
Bly - Grandma Bly died at the home of her son, Thomas, in Cromwell, February 21, aged 78 years and 20 days. Democrat 3-1-1900
Bly Eliza died at her home in Cromwell last week. She leaves the husband and 2 sons, Albert at home and Claud in California. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 6-27-1919
Bly Nora, a former resident of Cromwell, died at Reading, Mich. on the 20th. Funeral was at the M. E. Church. New Era 2-11-1875
Bly Robert E, 34, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bly of Kendallville, a barber who had been working at Toledo, Ohio, was killed at Kendallville Tuesday. He had been sick and was coming home on a freight on the Lake Shore Railroad and when reaching Kendallville, the freight did not stop but Bly jumped. Night operator Mecklenburg found Bly’s body. The head was crushed, the right arm and leg broken and the body bruised. He was twice married, his first wife dying at Muncie. He is separated from his second wife. He has a son in the state school at Plainfield. Obsequies were held Wednesday. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. Democrat 8-6-1908
Bo Thomas, formerly of this place, died at the home of his son John of Wolcottville, Saturday. Burial, Osborn Cemetery. Democrat 11-1-1894
Boardman Clara, a former resident of Noble County, died at a Chicago hospital January 30 after a long illness. She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Beal and was reared near Wolf Lake. She was a sister of Mrs. Arrilla Pinchon of Columbia City. Obsequies were held at her Chicago home last Friday. Burial, Oakwood Cemetery. Democrat 2-5-1917
Boardman Morris, about 65, died at his home in Henderson, Ky., August 8 of heart trouble. His wife was the former Nettie Worden. Democrat 8-16-1900
Boate Frank Ernest, second son of William J. and Sarah Weaver Boate, died of tuberculosis at the home of his parents in Brimfield on January 24, 1915, aged 42 years, one month and 23 days. He was a native of Edgerton, Ohio, where he was born December 1, 1872. He spent his boyhood at Brimfield and in Albion. In Albion he obtained his education and learned to be a carriage painter. He married Mary Vondersmith of Ligonier on July 17, 1902. He is survived by father, mother, 2 brothers, J. O. and Glenn of St. Louis, Mo., and his widow. Obsequies were held in the Brimfield Methodist Church. Burial, Osborne Cemetery Democrat 1-28-1915
Bodenhafer Frederick came to Noble County in April 1835; settled in Wayne Twp where he lived 53 years on the same farm. He died January 28, 1888, aged 77 years and 5 years. Democrat 6-6-1888
Boetcher Charles Walter, son of Charles and Elmina Boetcher, died January 22, 1884, aged 3 years, 9 months and 10 days. Democrat 1-30-1884
Boggs - One of Lewis Boggs’ twins died Sunday morning, aged 16 days. Thomas Boggs was absent from school Monday to attend the funeral of his infant brother. Wolf Lake Trolley 12-12-1907
Boggs Gertrude, 40, wife of Forrest Boggs near Churubusco, died from carcinoma on April 15. New Era 4-24-1940
Boggs Ozias of Green Twp died Wednesday night. He was one of the old pioneers of Noble County, being about 80 years of age. Wolf Lake Trolley 4-25-1907
Bogner Dorothy I, 85, died Wednesday in Shepherd of the Hill Nursing Home in Kendallville. She was born July 12, 1913 in Noble County to Frank and Minnie (Miller) Bogner. She was a member of Zion Lutheran Church in Corunna. There are no immediate survivors. One brother, Walter, died in 1969. Funeral will be Friday. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. 10-14-1998
Bolinger Frank of Rome City, who was employed at the gravel pit as a laborer, left his work last evening to return home. Two of his companions wanted him to walk along with them, but having a pair of skates he said he would go home quicker by skating. He started down the lake taking with him an empty oil barrel on his back. When passing through the Narrows near the ice houses east of Island Park, he broke through and was drowned. Mr. Boling and his companions had planned to attend a meeting of the Masons. Bolinger intended to meet them at Miller’s store but he failed to appear as agreed. The companions went to his home and found that he had not arrived there. A party at once was organized and they discovered the empty oil barrel floating in the hole where Boling broke through. They have located the body but cannot recover it as yet as the water is about 50 feet deep at that point. Arrangements are being made to grapple for the body. He was about 30 years of age. He married Miss Sapp, daughter of John Sapp, residing a mile south of Rome City about two years ago. They had one child. The body was rescued, but not where it was at first supposed to be. It had drifted close to shore and was found in about 11 feet of water. Democrat 12-17-1890
Bolitho Mabel L, 75, died Thursday in the Fairfield Nursing Home. She was a native of New York and had lived in Fort Wayne for 28 years. Her husband, William J., died in June 1957. She was a member of the Simpson Methodist Church, the Book and Needle Club and OES in Ligonier. Surviving are 2 daughters, Miss Kathryn, R. 2, Syracuse, and Mrs. K. L. Heaton, Germantown, Pa.; a son, Lester M., Chicago; 5 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral will be Saturday in Chalfant-Perry Funeral Home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 11-19-1959
Bolitho William J died Saturday at Lutheran Hospital. A native of Cornwell, England, he came to this county when he was 9. He was an accountant with Strauss Brothers Land Co., Chicago from 1910 to 1931, at which time he came to Fort Wayne and worked for Allied Mills until his retirement in 1947. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge at Ligonier, Knights Templar at Kendallville, Mizpah Shrine here and Elks Lodge at Ligonier. Funeral will be Tuesday at Chalfant-Perry Funeral Home. Burial Oak Park Cemetery. 6-15-1957
Bolman Vita McNair, 70, widow of Dr. R. Morton Bolman, died Thursday in St. Joseph Hospital. Born in Ligonier, she attended school in Albion. She completed nurse’s training at what is now Chicago Memorial Hospital. Her husband died in 1935. Survivors are a son, Dr. R. Morton Bolman Jr., Fort Wayne; and 3 grandchildren, R. Morton III, Barbara and Mary Ann Bolman, all at home. Funeral will be at Eikenberry Funeral Home Monday. Burial Lindenwood Cemetery. 10-13-1955
Bolton - The infant child of Marshall Bolton died Friday. Burial, Indian Village Cemetery. Democrat 2-14-1901
Bolton George died last week at Imlay, Mich. He formerly resided near Avilla. New Era 3-7-1906
Bolton Marshall Mrs., about 53, died at her home east of town last Tuesday. She leaves the husband; one daughter, Margaret Linn of Cromwell; one son Floyd of Elkhart. Funeral was at the Village Church. Burial, Village Cemetery. 1-19-1928
Bonar Jane A (Salladay) was born in Kentucky January 29, 1811; died at the home of son, Dr. S. S. Bonar in Hamlet, Indiana June 12, 1902, aged 91 years, 4 months and 13 days. Shortly after her birth her parents moved to Virginia and when she was a small child they removed to Scioto County, Ohio. Her father enlisted in the army during the War of 1812 and on account of sickness was discharged and sent home, where he soon succumbed to consumption. Soon after his death the family removed farther north in the state, settling in Knox County, Ohio, where she was married at the age of 19 to William Bonar of Fredericktown. They resided in Knox and Richland Counties, Ohio until 1855 when they removed to Albion. Came to Knox, Indiana in 1878 where her husband died in 1881 at the age of 81. Her remains were interred by the side of her husband in the cemetery at Knox, Ind. She was the mother of 10 children, 5 of whom are living: Dr. Samuel S. of Hamlet, Ind., Dr. Matthew C., of South Bend, Ind., George M. of Traverse City, Mich., David B. of Marion, Ind., and Mrs. N. E. Tinkham of Terre Haute, Ind. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Democrat 6-26-1902
Bonar Louisa J (Portner) was born near Mansfield, Ohio March 27, 1844, and died at the home of her daughter, Isabelle Roberson on February 5, 1917 at the age of 72 years, 10 months and 8 days. She moved to Indiana with her parents at an early age, locating at Brimfield, and was there united in marriage to her late husband, Dr. M. C. Bonar, more than 50 years ago. They came to Knox about 50 years ago. Seven children were born to them, 4 of whom are left to mourn. They are Mrs. Cora Edinger of Benton Harbor, Mich., Mrs. Isabelle Roberson and Mrs. Philip A. Clarke of Knox and William J. Bonar of Detroit Mich. She was a sister of D. D. Portner and Samuel Portner of near Wawaka. Funeral was held at the home. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. Democrat 2-19-1917
Bonar Matthew C was born in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio, and died at Knox, Starke County, Ind., March 12, 1902,aged 65 years, 9 months and 25 days. At the age of 18 he came with his parents to Albion where he resided, attending schools and teaching until 1865. He read medicine and began practicing at Wolf Lake and Cold Springs, afterwards at Larwill and for a few years in Kosciusko County, coming to Knox, where for 25 years he enjoyed a large and successful practice. Daily Record 4-2-1902
Bonar Melissa E, wife of Joseph D. Bonar and daughter of Rev. J. P. Moore of Swan, died in York Twp March 19. Democrat 3-21-1883
Bonar Robert Mrs., 72, former Noble County resident, died recently at the home of her daughter, Kate, in Memphis, Tenn. Death resulted from a fall of several days ago. She was a sister of D. G. and James Matthews of this city. The body was taken to Lawrence, Kansas for burial. 4-?-1929
Bonar William, a retired minister of the Presbyterian Church, died at his home 2 miles north of Albion on September 10, 1890, aged 75 years, 8 months and 29 days. He was born December 11, 1814 in Donegal Twp, Washington County, Pennsylvania on the farm where his grandfather, William Bonar, settled at the commencement of the Revolutionary War, and where his father, Barnet Bonar was born, lived until 1870 and died at the age of 92 years and 17 days. He graduated in 1837 from Washington College and engaged in teaching at Lexington, Kentucky for one year. In November 1838 he entered the Western Theological Seminary. He was ordained to the gospel ministry on April 19, 1843 and in November of the same year married Catharine Munn of Sistersville. They came to Albion in 1851 and he continued his work as pastor of the Presbyterian Church. In 1853 they removed to the farm where he died. His wife died May 25, 1882. Three children were born to them, of whom 2 survive, Robert, living on the home farm, and Joseph in Missouri. Services were held at the residence. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 9-17-1890
Bonar William, 75, Noble County pioneer, died May 13 at his home at Wolf Lake from heart disease. Surviving are the widow, 3 sons, 5 daughters, 2 sisters and a brother. Funeral was Friday at the home. Burial, Thorn Cemetery. 5-13-1942
Boomershine - The wife of Dan Boomershine of Millersburg was buried here in the Salem Cemetery Saturday. Democrat 10-10-1901
Boone Joseph was born in Steuben County June 6, 1854 and came here with his parents when a boy. In 1876 he married Jane Story of Steuben County and resided there for some time, after which he moved to Lisbon with his family. They had 4 children, 2 of whom, Ben and Delbert, survive. Mrs. Boone died in 1912. He was 69 years, 7 months and 12 days old. Funeral was held at the home of his son, Delbert, Saturday. Burial, Lisbon Cemetery. Democrat 1-26-1923
Bootz - The bodies of Mr. Bootz and child were brought to Avilla for interment on Friday night of last week from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mrs. Bootz was a daughter of William Schmenk, who lives about one mile east of Avilla and whose wife was buried a short time since. New Era 8-10-1876
Borck Frederick J, 66, was born in Allen Twp and died October 15, 1908. Democrat 8-9-1909
Borden Arthur J was born in Hillsdale County, Mich., March 4, 1878; died at the Jackson, Mich. hospital of typhoid fever, aged 26 years, 26 days. He married Lottie M. Weaver of Kendallville on April, 1902. He was formerly employed by the Flint & Walling Mfg Co. at Kendallville and the past 3 years was employed at the Granger, Haden Carriage Co. at Jackson. He was a member of the IOOF Lodge of Kendallville and the KOTM of Parma, Mich. He leaves a wife, father, mother, one brother and ones sister. Funeral was at Jackson. Burial, Moscow Plains Cemetery. 3-30-1904
Bordner Charles Wesley was born February 28, 1865 and died April 9, 1906, aged 41 years, 1 month and 11 days. He leaves a father, one sister and 4 brothers. A barber, he worked almost continually at the trade for 12 years. He worked in Toledo, O., and at Albion, Ligonier, Elkhart and Bristol. Funeral was at the Free Baptist Church in Cosperville April 11. Burial in cemetery nearby. 4-9-1906
Bordner C W Mrs. of Sparta Twp died Sunday, August 26, 1900, aged 59 years from cancer. She was born and reared in Elkhart Twp. She leaves a husband, 3 daughters and 5 sons to mourn. Funeral was held at Cosperville Free Baptist Church Tuesday. Democrat 8-30-1900
Bortner Albert - Alta Peffer attended the funeral of her brother, Albert Bortner of Ligonier last Tuesday. Democrat 1-19-1928.
Bortner Care L, the son of Allen C. and Luski J. Bortner of Green Twp, died April 4, 1899 of brain fever, aged 13 years, 6 months and 20 days. He was born October 24, 1885 and was preceded in death by his mother, 2 sisters and one brother. Funeral was April 6 in Sweet Church in Jefferson Twp. Burial in cemetery nearby. Democrat 4-6-1899
Bortner Chloe A, infant daughter of Allen and Luski Bortner, died September 11, 1877, aged 3 months and 8 days. New Era 9-20-1877
Bortner Luski J, wife of Allen Bortner, died at her home in Green Twp July 31, 1889 of consumption, aged 35 years, 8 months and 29 days. She was a daughter of Dr. William Clark, long a resident of Albion. She was the mother of 4 children, 2 of whom survive her. Funeral was at Union Church. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 8-7-1889
Bortner Nancy Jane, widow of the late Frank Bortner, passed away Saturday, aged 75 years, 2 months and 19 days. Funeral was at Sweet Church Monday. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. 6-20-1925
Bosler Albertus Henry, 73, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Verna Hatch, new Churubusco last Sunday night. He is survived by his wife, Sarah (Sloffer) Bosler and 13 children. The other children are Mrs. Carey Courtney, Mrs. Zeno Spitler, Mrs. Erma Rhodes, Miss Edna Bosler and Gloyd Bosler, all of California, Dr. Howard Bosler, a medical missionary in Africa, and Mrs. Nellie Pepple, Mrs. Sylvia Pepple and Mrs. Alice Bollinger of Allen County, Mrs. Eva Smith and Mrs. Elva Fulk of Whitley County, and Horace Bosler who teaches in the Huntertown schools. There are 47 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren; one sister, Florence in Los Angeles and a brother, Cassius in Riverdale, Cal. 11-20-1932
Bosler Joseph, 75, former resident of Orange Twp, died near Pierceton October 10. Democrat 8-9-1909
Boszor Howard Wallace, the youngest son of Wallace Boszor and wife, died at their home Wednesday evening. Funeral was Friday. Burial, Lisbon Cemetery. Democrat 10-28-1909
Boughey Freddie, the 9-year old son of Elmer E Boughey of Jefferson Twp met a terrible death last Thursday afternoon. He was in the act of climbing upon a horse at the Gretzinger residence but in some way his foot became entangled in the harness, and being unable to extricate himself, fell, and the horse dragged him to his home, a distance of about a quarter of a mile. He was badly bruised and mangled and was dead when his relatives found him. Funeral was last Saturday at the Zion Church. Democrat 10-25-1900
Bourie Karl W, 54, for many years a mail carrier out of Ligonier, died January 18 at Waco, Texas, where the family had gone to spend the winter. Because of heart trouble he resigned as mail carrier and died from a sudden attack of that disease. Mrs. Bruce Schutt of Ligonier is a sister. The body was returned to Ligonier. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 1-18-1933
Bouse Ida Jane, relict of Simon Bouse, died at her home in Ligonier one week ago Wednesday, aged 43 years, 6 months and 27 days. Obsequies were held at the late residence Friday. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Democrat 10-10-1901
Bowen - A little daughter was born to Hanson Bowen and wife of Kendallville Wednesday but died soon after birth. The remains were brought to this city Friday and interred in the Albion Cemetery. Daily Record 5-14-1903
Bowen Frank, 54, died at the home of his daughter in Fort Wayne. 9-15-1907
Bowen Frank Mrs. of Fort Wayne died. The Bowens were residents of Green Twp until several years ago when they removed to Fort Wayne. She leaves a husband and a large family of children. 11-15-1894
Bower Alfred - A stroke of lightning killed Alfred Bower and badly injured a Mr. Deter near Emma in LaGrange County last Friday. Bower was a citizen of Noble County (Haw Patch). Democrat 8-8-1888
Bower Benjamin Mrs. , for 35 years a resident of Wayne Twp, died at the home of her son, J. B. Bower in Fairfield Twp, DeKalb County on Wednesday of last week from heart disease, aged 79 years, 8 months and 16 days. Democrat 6-26-1902
Bower Daniel Mrs. was born in Stark County, Ohio 75 years ago. Funeral was held at the M. E. Church Monday, January 2. Democrat 1-5-1899
Bowers Sophronia died at the home of her sister in Kendallville Saturday. She was a sister of Mrs. Agard and Abner Rice of this place. Burial, Lisbon Cemetery. Democrat 3-29-1900
Bowling Eddie Roy, 2-months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Bowling of Cromwell, died Wednesday at the Lakeside Hospital, Kendallville from pneumonia. 4-13-1938
Bowman - George Bowman’s youngest child was buried August 31. Democrat 9-5-1888
Bowman - daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bowman died December 31 of quick consumption. Democrat 1-8-1903
Bowman Emanuel, only son of Peter Bowman, died at the residence of the father in Green Twp March 6, 1897. Death was caused by measles which terminated in brain fever. He was nearly 22 years of age. He leaves a father, mother and 4 sisters. Funeral was Monday from the German Lutheran Church of this place. Democrat 3-11-1897
Bowman J Melancthon
died at his residence in York Twp May 19, 1883, aged 31 years, 5 months and 9 days. He leaves a wife and 3 children. Funeral took place from his residence May 20. Democrat 5-23-1883
Bowman Neva M was born in Sparta Twp December 31, 1889 and moved with her parents to Albion in 1894 where she died June 19, 1909 as the result of an acute attack of peritonitis, aged 19 years, 5 months and 18 days. She was the daughter of Benjamin F. and Lydia M Bowman and the sister of Bessie of this city and Howard who recently moved his family to Milford Junction. She was a graduate of the Albion High School of the Class of 1908. Obsequies at the late home Tuesday. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. New Era 6-23-1909
Bowman Rachel M (Foote) died March 19, 1888, aged 56 years, 9 months and 26 days. She leaves a husband, Jonas, 4 children, a mother, one brother and 2 sisters. She was the daughter of John C. Foote, one of the old pioneers of this township. Democrat 3-21-1888
Bowman Sarah, who lived near Avilla, was buried last Sunday. A father, mother, 3 sons who had grown to manhood and daughter have followed each other to the grave in a comparatively short period, all of that fatal disease, consumption. New Era 9-30-1880.
Bowsher Boston was born in Piqua County, Ohio in the winter of 1800. He died last Sunday evening after partaking of a hearty supper and without any premonitory symptoms. He was one of the oldest pioneers in this part of the country. The old homestead where he had lived for over half a century is located about 4 and half miles a little west of north of town. He moved upon it when it was almost a virgin forest and by hard and sturdy work brought it up to its present high state of cultivation. In 1836 in company with his father and a large family, he came to this part of Noble County, settling on the farm that now comprises the homestead. He was the oldest of 14 children. His father was Daniel Bowsher. In 1839 Boston was married to Sophia Koontz and 14 children were born to them. Burial occurred at Salem Church on the Hawpatch yesterday. Albion Democrat 4-18-1901
Boyd Emily (Landis) was born in LaGrange County July 3, 1838 and died in Elkhart Twp June 24, 1907, aged 67 years, 9 months and 5 days. 6-24-1907
Boyer - An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Boyer of Albion died on Saturday and was laid away in the cemetery on Sunday. New Era 8-23-1883
Boyer Cloyce V, little son of William and Iva Boyer, was born January 12, 1898; died January 3, 1904, lacking only 9 days of being 6 years of age. Funeral was at the Adventist Church in Wolf Lake Tuesday. Burial, Merriam Chapel Cemetery New Era 1-13-1904
Boyer Frederick Mrs. was born in New Jersey and died at the age of 59 years, 9 months and 11 days. She leaves a husband and 5 children. Funeral was at the Christian Chapel Monday. She was a member of the Methodist Church from youth. Democrat 5-9-1901
Boyer Samuel, 70, died suddenly of heart disease at his home 12 miles north of Kendallville on Wednesday of last week and was buried last Friday. Democrat 12-16-1909
Boyle James died at Ligonier recently at the age of 93. He resided in this city at one time. Democrat 9-30-1897
Brace Howard D Mrs., 35, died at her home in Kendallville last Friday. She left a husband and a daughter 8 years old. Democrat 9-18-1902
Brackney Anna departed this life at the home of her nephew, M. D. Brackney in Jefferson Twp on September 14, 1900. She was born in Butler County, Pennsylvania April 15, 1818 and removed to Noble County in 1856 along with the family of her brother, the late John M. Brackney, and settled with them in Jefferson Twp. Funeral was held from the home. Burial, Union Cemetery. Democrat 9-20-1900
Brackney Gladys, the little daughter of George and Emma Brackney, of Green Twp, died September 13, 1902 after a few day of cholera infantum, aged one year, 9 months and 21 days. She was born December 23, 1900. Funeral was held in the Lutheran Church in this city. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 9-18-1902
Brackney John M died at his home in Jefferson, Noble County on October 9, 1890, aged 73 years, 4 months and 6 days. He was a native of Pennsylvania, born in Butler County June 3, 1817, one of 12 children born to John and Margaret (Edwards) Brackney, the father being Dutch and the mother, Welch ancestry. They were farmers and members of the M. E. Church. At the age of little over 24 he married Martha A. McCormick, July 4, 1841. In 1855 he came with his family to Albion. His next move was to a farm in Jefferson Twp, where about 30 years ago he entered upon the work of clearing the heavy timber and developing a farm home from a dense forest. He leaves a wife, an only sister, Miss Anna, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Funeral at Union Church and interment in the cemetery there on October 11, 1890. Democrat 10-29-1890
Brackney Mosheim Denny, 67, a resident of Long Beach 6 years, died Friday night at his home. Before coming to Long Beach he operated a prune ranch in the Santa Clara Valley and he had lived in California 26 years. Surviving are his widow, Alta; one sister, Mrs. A. M. Cutler, Wilmore, Ky.; and one brother, A. L. Brackney of Springville, Calif. Final rites will be at Peek & Son Chapel tomorrow. (Reprinted from a Long Beach, Cal., newspaper) 1-13-19??
Brackney Violet E (King) was born near Findlay, Ohio, June 14, 1854. She united with the M. E. Church when 10 years of age at Harlan, Ind. She married A. L. Brackney March 25, 1892. She died in her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Burial, Felton Cemetery. Democrat 6-?-1897
Braden - The wife of Captain J. E. Braden died at Kendallville recently. 11-16-1893
Braden - A Mrs. Braden who resides in Green Twp died on Wednesday at the age of 66. Funeral took place on Thursday. Democrat 8-14-1889
Braden - Mr. Isaac Braden of this place received the sad intelligence a few days ago that his father had died very suddenly at his home in Illinois. He had gone to bed in his usual health in the evening and had been up once or twice during the night to replenish the fire but when called in the morning was found to be dead. New Era 2-19-1880
Braden Bert, about 40, who was seriously injured about one month ago while hauling coal from Kimmell to Wolf Lake, in a runaway accident, died at his home in Wolf Lake Sunday afternoon. Tetanus set in and caused his demise. He is survived by a wife and 3 children. Obsequies will be at the Wolf Lake Baptist Church Tuesday. Democrat 11-16-1914
Braden Leroy, a former Ligonier boy and stepson of Samuel Wurtsbaugh of that city, was accidentally killed at Vanderbilt, Mich., one week ago Tuesday. He was a brakeman on one of the railroads there. He was brought here for burial Friday. Democrat 11-28-1901
Braden Louisa (Richmond), born at Harrisburg, Penn., December 6, 1822, died at Wolf Lake, Ind. Nov. 13, 1903, aged 80 years, 11 months and 7 days. She was married to Samuel Braden November 3, 1853. Removed from Ohio to Wolf Lake in 1854. Without children of her own, she entered a family of 6 small children, 3 of whom survive. She assisted in rearing the children of Mr. Braden and was the foster mother to Mrs. Overly, Mrs. Tumlenson and Wallace Braden. Funeral was at the F. W. B. Church on November 15. New Era 11-25-1903
Braden Samuel, former sheriff of Noble County, who has been living with David Nulf of near Kimmell for the past year, died last Friday of pneumonia, aged 72 years, 9 months and 10 days. He lived in the country all his life. In 1882 he was elected sheriff of Noble County and was re-elected in 1884. He was a veteran of the Civil War and participated in many battles. He is survived by a wife and 5 children. Obsequies were held at the Free Baptist Church in Wolf Lake Sunday. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 1-6-1913
Braden Samuel died at his home in Wolf Lake June 4, 1900 after a year and a half of sickness. He was born in Pennsylvania December 25, 1812 and was aged 87 years, 5 months and 9 days. From Pennsylvania he went to Ashland County, Ohio and on December 10, 1835 was married to Susan Biddinger. To this union was born 7 children, George, Samuel, Sarah, William, Joseph, Richard and Newton. The family moved to Richland County where Mrs. Braden died in Jul 1852. The following year he married Louisa Richmond, who survives. In 1854 they moved to Noble County and located at Wolf Lake. He was a charter member of the Free Baptist Church of Wolf Lake. The only daughter died in her 14th year. The five boys were all married. Joseph and Richard have since died at Wolf Lake. George moved to the west and William resides in Ohio. Samuel has continued his residence here. Funeral was in the Free Baptist Church June 6. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. Democrat 6-21-1900
Braden Samuel M died at his home in Ligonier on January 2, aged 79 years, 4 months and 7 days. He was a native of Fostoria, Ohio and located in Ligonier in 1869 where he was engaged in the milling business for many years. Mrs. Braden died in March 1917. Obsequies were held at the Ligonier Methodist Episcopal Church January 5. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. Democrat 1-13-1919
Bradley - A child of Mr. Bradley east of this place died last Monday. Funeral was held in the Adventist Church last Tuesday. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. 10-12-1893
Bradley Charles Mrs. - Mrs. M. Callahan attended the funeral of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Charles Bradley of Wolf Lake, last week. Democrat 6-18-1903
Bradley Joseph of Salem, Missouri, son of the late John Bradley of near Brimfield, died a short time since. He leaves a large family. New Era 5-29-1897
Bradley Robert, an old resident of this county who resided near Port Mitchell was found dead in his bed on Wednesday of last week. He was a son of "Erin’s Green Isle" and was well advanced in years. New Era 10-9-1879
Brady Daniel A, 65, died at his home in Ligonier of heart disease last Tuesday. For many years he was a section foreman on the Lake Shore Railroad. He is survived by a wife and 3 sons, Alford and Charles of Ligonier, and Marion of Mishawaka. The obsequies were held last Friday. Burial, Union Cemetery near Syracuse. Democrat 4-9-1917
Brady Thomas Jefferson, a resident of Rome City 29 years, died at Tarpon Springs, Fla., Wednesday after a heart attack. An operator of a fishing camp on Sylvan Lake, he and his wife left for a winter vacation in Florida 5 weeks ago. He was a native of Warsaw and a former resident of Fort Wayne and Mishawaka. He served with the Cyclone Division in WW I and was a member of Voiture 642 of the 40 & 8 and the Robert W. Schermerhorn American Legion Post No. 110. Surviving are the widow, Helen; one daughter Mrs. Dorothy Mossman, Rome City; one son, Hudson, Rome City; 7 grandchildren; and a brother, Harry, Mishawaka. Funeral at Williams Funeral Home, Wolcottville. Burial Orange Cemetery. 3-7-1956
Braginton John died at his home one mile south of Green Center Sunday morning, aged about 32 years. He leaves a wife and 2 children. He was a son-in-law of Alva McGuire of York Twp, and one year ago this summer assisted Leslie Moore on the carpenter work of the Baughman brick block and the two Voris residences. Obsequies were held at Charter Oak Tuesday. Burial, Shambaugh Cemetery. 6-29-1902
Brand - The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Brand of Ligonier died last week of scarlet fever. Democrat 5-17-1894
Brandeberry Lewis C, son of John Brandeberry and wife of Shipshewana but former citizens of this county, died one week ago Sunday of pneumonia, aged 18 years, four months and 19 days. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. Democrat 2-6-1902
Brandeberry William was born in Wood County, Ohio January 1, 1854 and at death was aged 45 years, one month and 8 days. With his parents he removed to Wawaka in 1866. At an early age he obtained a position with the Lake Shore Railway. He married Alice M. Bowman of Albion November 18, 1880 and to this union 4 children were born, one having preceded him in death. He was killed on duty as section foreman of the Lake Shore Railroad near 12th St. He was a brother of Jerry Brandeberry of Wawaka. His wife is a daughter of Mrs. Mary Bowman and a sister of Mrs. M. E. McEwen of this city. He leaves a wife, 2 sons, one daughter, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Funeral was at the M. E. Church. Burial, Cosperville Cemetery. Albion Democrat 2-9 &16-1899
Brandenburg Blanche F, 44, formerly of Avilla, died May 11 at her home in Denver, Col. Surviving are the husband; one daughter, Peggy Greenwood; her father, George Kugler of Avilla; her mother, Mrs. Lorena Maloney of Fort Wayne; and one brother, David D. Kugler of near Albion, who has been at his sister’s bedside. Funeral was held in Denver. 5-11-1941
Brennan Robert R, 60, died Thursday afternoon in McCray Hospital of a heart attack. He was a cattle breeder and farmer and resided west of here on the Drake Road. Funeral today at L. E. Berhalter & Son Funeral Home. Burial, Lake View Cemetery. 11-13-1958
Brew Nicholas, 75, died last week in Swan Twp. At the age of 17 he came from England to America and settled in Noble County where he married Catherine Bricker in 1858, afterwards removing to Fort Wayne, thence to his home where he died. He was a member of the Avilla Blue Lodge Eastern Star and the G.A.R. New Era 5-17-1905
Brew Nicholas Mrs. - In the loss of Mrs. Nicholas Brew, Avilla Chapter No. 155 OES has lost one of its best members. Democrat 11-14-1901
Bricker Henry died at his home in LaOtto Sunday morning. Funeral Wednesday. Samuel Bricker of Crofton, Mich., came Monday to attend the funeral of his father, Henry Bricker. Democrat 6-18-1903
Bricker Jehu of Cromwell died June 24, aged 68 years, 11 months and 4 days. He had conducted a general store at Swan for about 20 years and moved to Cromwell last November. He leaves a wife, 5 sons and one daughter. His remains were taken to Swan where he was laid at rest with Masonic honors. Democrat 7-2-1903
Bricker Mary (Beymer) was born in Noble County May 8, 1852 and died at her home in Antrim County, Michigan September 20, 1909, aged 52 years, 4 months and 12 days. She married Samuel Bricker of DeKalb County and to this union were born 8 children, of whom 6 sons and one daughter with their father remain. She united with the Wesleyan Methodist Church at LaOtto when 16 years of age. Obsequies were held at the home on September 21 after which her remains were brought to her old home in LaOtto where funeral services were conducted on September 22. Burial, Huntertown. Democrat 9-27-1909
Bridegan Anice Nevada, aged about 80, died September 20 at her Columbia City home. She is survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. Pyrl Jacquay, Fort Wayne, and Mrs. William Ragan, Grabill; 3 sons, Charles, Pleasant Lake, Carl, Thorncreek Twp, and Elvin, Albion; 29 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. She was a member of the Blue Creek Church of the Brethren. Burial, Eel River Cemetery. 9-20-1947
Brillhart George A, 63, died at his home in Kendallville on Wednesday of last week. Kidney disease with which he had been afflicted from some time developed into Bright’s disease, causing his death. He leaves a wife and one daughter, Mrs. J. U. Miller of Indianapolis. Funeral was his residence Saturday. Albion Democrat 2-16-1899
Brinkerhoff John Calvin was born near Harrisburg, Penn., March 12, 1840 and died at Albion March 10, 1892 at the age of 51 years, 11 months and 28 days. The county surveyor, he died of consumption at home in south Albion. Democrat 3-16-1892
Brosman - The infant child of Charles Brosman and wife died Friday night. On account of the illness of Mrs. Brosman the funeral was preached at the house. Burial, Salem Cemetery. Democrat 1-31-1901
Broughton - Infant died October 22; stillborn; residence, place of birth and burial, Swan. Albion Democrat 12-7-1899
Broughton - A son of Nathan Broughton was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Avilla last Tuesday. New Era 3-11-1880
Broughton Almira died December 7, 1899 of lagrippe of several months’ duration, aged 79 years 9 months and 9 days; residence, Ligonier; housewife; married; birthplace, Ohio. Burial, Swan Cemetery December 9, 1899.
Broughton Del Mrs. died at her home in Kendallville Sunday after an illness of several weeks, aged 54. Obsequies were held Tuesday. Democrat 3-26-1903
Broughton Nathan died on Monday the 6th, aged 40 years, 4 months and 18 days of diabetes, from which he had suffered for nearly 2 years. He was born in Jasper County, New York. At an early age he moved to Urbana, O., from thence to Swan Twp, where he resided until last spring when he removed to Swan Twp. A wife and 4 children survive him, one daughter having preceded him in death. Funeral took place the 7th from the Lutheran Church. New Era 8-16-1877
Brouse Frank, 36, who died of consumption, was buried by the Order of Knights of Pythias on last Wednesday in the Salem Cemetery. He leaves a wife and 2 children but they are well provided for. Democrat 8-30-1900
Browand David C died in Fort Wayne April 8, 1908, aged 65 years. 4-8-1908
Brown - The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Brown was buried at Ormas in Thorn Cemetery Saturday. Democrat 8-19-1909
Brown - W. R. Brown of Middlebury, Ohio, brought their one-month old child here Tuesday and buried it in the Salem Cemetery. Democrat 8-30-1900
Brown Claud - Mr. and Mrs. Ed Reidenbach were called to Fort Wayne Tuesday by the death of their brother-in-law, Claud Brown, killed while crossing the street, by an automobile. They will attend the funeral at Auburn. His widow was Vernie Russell of Brimfield. They were married a year ago. Democrat 1-26-1928
Brown Deb, 85, died at South Whitley while living with her son, Silas, Tuesday. Burial, Thorn Cemetery. Kimmell Enterprise 3-2-1907
Brown Duncan The funeral and interment of Duncan Brown, son of Mrs. William Brown and brother of Mrs. Charles Pepple, took place Tuesday from the Lutheran Church. He died in Chicago on Sunday. Democrat 11-23-1892
Brown Elias - Mrs. Hattie McCague and daughter of Norwalk, Ohio, who have been visiting the Brown families south of the city for the past week, received the news of the death of the former’s father, Elias Brown, Wednesday evening. He was a brother of the late Henry L. Brown and each purchased 80 acres of land one mile south of Albion 53 years ago. Elias afterwards sold his farm and located in Green Twp and eventually became a resident of Huron County, Ohio; where he continued to reside until his demise. Democrat 8-31-1908
Brown Eliza Anna Maloney, former resident of this community, died March 31 at Monroe, Ind. The body was taken to Muncie for burial. Surviving are 2 brothers, Willard of Cloud County, Kan., and Willis of Albion. New Era 4-6-1930
Brown Ella died Saturday following an operation for removal of limb above the knee at hospital in Elkhart. Funeral will be Tuesday from the Reformed Church in Millersburg. She was the sister of Mrs. Albert Copeland, whose funeral was held here Sunday afternoon. Democrat 12-6-1928
Brown Henry L was born in Hartford, Conn., September 25, 1830 and died at his home in York Twp December 21, 1907, aged 77 years, 2 months and 26 days. 12-21-1907
Brown Hollabert H died Sunday evening at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. H. W. Franks. He was born in Cayuga County, New York, December 1, 1878, and died August 1, 1897, aged 78 years and 8 months. He removed to Wisconsin. About 1839 he married Sarah J. Oltz. Two daughters were born to this union: Mrs. O. G. Perry of Jamestown, New York, and Mrs. Elizabeth Evans of St. Louis, Mo. In 1860 he removed to Indiana. His companion died in 1879 and he has lived with Mrs. Franks since that time. In 1846 he united with the IOOF and was a charter member of North Star Lodge No. 380 of this city. He was a member of the M. E. Church. He leaves 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral was at the late residence Wednesday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Democrat 8-5-1897
Brown Isaac N, a pioneer veterinary surgeon of Michigan City, died last Friday at the home of John Keiser from an attack of neuralgia of the heart, aged 59 years, 7 months and 15 days. After his marriage to Magdalene Judd in Kosciusko County in November 1873, he moved near Big Lake in this county, where he resided for 22 years, after which they moved to Columbia City. He is survived by a wife; one son, Stephen A. of this county; 3 daughters, Mrs. Elzora Coplen of Greenville, Texas, Mrs. Julia Morsches and Miss Inez of Columbia City; one brother, Dr. Stephen Brown of Great Bend, Kansas; 3 sisters, Mrs. Jasper Rarick of this county, Mrs. Mary Click of Cromwell, and Mrs. John Ackley of Michigan; and 5 grandchildren. 3-26-1909
Brown James of near Hecla was buried last Saturday. Burial, Salem Cemetery. New Era 2-10-1904
Brown James F, 69, residing 2 miles north of Ligonier, died one week ago Tuesday from heart disease. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Democrat 2-20-1902
Brown Lizzie R, daughter of Levi and Catharine Diller, wife of John Brown, died at her home in Euphemia, Preble County, Ohio, December 14, 1890 at the age of 37 years and 19 days. Funeral was Tuesday from the Reformed Church in Lewisburg. Husband and daughter, Goldie, survive. Democrat 12-24-1890
Brown Minnie E, 85, died of carcinoma Saturday in her home. She was the widow of O. E. Brown, former Campbell & Fetter Bank cashier, who died February 26, and a member of the First Presbyterian Church. She had resided here 55 years. Surviving are a brother, Walter E. Kegg, Ligonier; a niece and a nephew. Services at A. J. Berhalter Co. Funeral Home Tuesday. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 4-19-1958
Brown Reno of Chicago, formerly of Albion, died January 20. He is the brother of Mrs. Emma W. Munson of Montagle. New Era 3-14-1945
Brown Sarah C died January 23 at the home of her daughter in Allegan, Michigan. She was about 77 years of age and is survived by 4 brothers, D. E. A. and Luther Spencer of Albion, Fred Spencer of Wolf Lake, and E. B. Spencer of Kendallville. It is supposed the cause of death was lung trouble, with which she had been afflicted for several years ago. She left Albion about 30 years ago. She leaves one daughter. Democrat 1-30-1902
Brown William Mrs. died at her home in Sandusky, Ohio, last Thursday after a long illness with cancer. She was the daughter of Alex Winebrenner resident south of this city, known as "Pet". She is survived by the husband, father, stepbrothers, 2 brothers, 2 half-sisters and one half-brother. Her brothers, Rely and Logan, left on Wednesday for Sandusky. Obsequies were held Monday. Democrat 11-11-1909
Bruce Abaline died at her home in Jefferson Twp on March 18, 1890 at the age of 65 years, 7 months and 24 days. She was born in Luzerne County, Penn. July 24, 1824, the daughter of Jeremiah Smith. She married John A. Bruce April 24, 1848 and began housekeeping in Woodburn, Ohio, and remained there until the fall of 1853 when they moved to Noble County, Ind. She was the mother of a large family, all of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. Three sons and 4 daughters survive. Her remains were interred in the cemetery at the Union Church. Democrat 3-26-1890
Bruce Charles F died in the city hospital in St. Louis, Mo. Friday evening. He was unmarried and his death was cause by a complication of diseases. He leaves four sisters and one brother, one of which is Miss Lou Bruce of Jefferson Twp. Interment in St. Louis. 2-22-1901
Bruce Edward died last Saturday after about 3 weeks illness. He leaves a wife and 2 little children. Funeral was Tuesday at the home. Services were conducted by the Freemasons, as he was a member of that society. Democrat 9-6-1894
Bruce James J, son of John A. and Abaline Bruce, was born December 30, 1860; died October 8, 1888, age 27 years, 9 months and 3 days. He was one of a large family of children. Funeral and burial took place at the Union Church and cemetery. Among those who dropped many tears about his grave were 4 sisters, 3 brother, a mother and a betrothed one. Noble Democrat 10-24-1888
Bruce Sarah A of Kendallville died at the home of her son, C. H. Bruce of Ashley, Saturday. The remains were taken to Swan where she formerly resided, where the obsequies were held in the afternoon. Interment was made in a cemetery near that place. Daily Record 4-16-1903
Bruce William Browning of Jefferson Twp died Monday, October 22, 1900. He was born near Dunkirk, Harding County, October 4, 1854, the son of John A. and Abaline Bruce. Age at the time of death was 46 years and 18 days. He leaves 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Funeral was held at the late residence. Burial, Sweet Cemetery. Democrat 10-25-1900
Brumbaugh Charles E, 86, died today in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Walter Biddle, after a long illness. He was a retired real estate dealer. Surviving are the daughter; the widow, Fern; 2 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren; and a brother, Lester of Columbia City. Services Tuesday in Bonham & Miser Funeral Home. Burial, Blue River Cemetery, Whitley County. 11-25-1956
Brumbaugh Fern Alura, 69, of Churubusco, died today in Richmond State Hospital. A blind person, she and her husband, the late Clarence Brumbaugh, also blind, operated a popcorn stand in Churubusco for many years. She was a member of the Methodist Church. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Don Christman, R. 3, Columbia City; a son, Wayne, Churubusco; a sister, Mrs. Perry Macon, R. 4, Bluffton; a brother, Fred Jenks, Huntington; and 4 grandchildren. 10-16-1956
Brumbaugh Gustave H, 52, died of chronic heart ailment at his home in Columbia City on March 3. He was a toolmaker at the Whitley Products Inc. plant and was a member of the Eagles Lodge. Surviving are his wife, Sarah Elizabeth; 3 children, Mrs. Marshall Shinbeckler, Columbia City, and Phyllis and Sally Ann at home; 3 brothers, Charles and William of Albion, Lester of Fort Wayne; and a sister, Mrs. Merril Magley, Columbia City. Funeral was Monday at DeMoney Funeral Home. 3-3-1945
Brumbaugh Lester (Wag), 70, operator of a bait house at the east city limits on U. S. 30, died Saturday in the Veterans Hospital, Fort Wayne. He was born in Smith Twp, Whitley County, and during WW I served in the Army, returning to Churubusco to work as a telephone and electric lineman until 1921, when he went to Salina, Kan. During WW II he enlisted in the Navy. He came to Columbia City in 1944, operating the bait house since then. He was a member of the Blue River Church of the Brethren and American Legion Post 157, Churubusco. Surviving are a son, Harry, Salem, N.J.; a daughter, Norma Jean who is in the west; and a granddaughter. Services Tuesday at Smith Funeral Home. Burial, Round Lake Cemetery. 5-16-1959
Brumbaugh Maude A, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Brumbaugh of Green Twp, died from pneumonia last Saturday, aged 8 years, 6 months and 29 days. Her illness was of short duration, having been kept out of the Charter Oak School, where she was a pupil, on Friday, and died the following morning. Surviving are the parents, one sister and 2 brothers. Obsequies were held at Charter Oak Methodist Episcopal Church Monday. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 2-10-1911
Brumbaugh Samuel, 78, east of Avilla, died at his home Monday. Burial, Cedar Chapel Cemetery. Democrat 12-25-1902
Brumbaugh Virgil, 49, of Churubusco, who was killed instantly in an airplane crash in Columbia City on Tuesday, is a brother of Charles Brumbaugh of this city. The deceased is survived by his wife and 7 children, all at home. 10-8-1931
Brundige Ezekiel died at his residence in this city last evening. He had a stroke of paralysis about a year ago and has been almost helpless ever since. He was formerly a resident of LaGrange County and one of our farmers. New Era 8-3-1876
Bruner Harry, 60, died from a heart attack last week at Kendallville. He had been employed in the offices of the McCray Refrigerator Co. at Kendallville many years. 4-?-1938
Bruner Jacob J was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, December 2, 1818; died in Ligonier, Ind., May 11, 1899, aged 80 years, 5 months and 9 days. He married Catherine Lance in 1845. They had 5 children, 3 of whom are living. He came to Albion in 1848 and was engaged in the furniture trade. He resided there until 1870 when he moved to Ligonier. His wife died about this time. In 1874 he married Mrs. Sarah Morrell. He worked at the carpenter trade in Ligonier until within the past few years. He was a member of the Adventist Church. Funeral was held at his late residence Saturday. Burial, Ligonier Cemetery. Albion Democrat 5-25-1899
Bryant Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bryant, Kendallville, died at birth yesterday in McCray Hospital. Burial, Rose Hill Cemetery. 2-4-1958
Bryie John, 73, a lifelong resident of Eel River Twp, died yesterday at the Easthaven Sanitarium, Richmond. He was a member of the Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren. Survivors include his wife, Alma; 2 sons, Jesse W., Kendallville, and Merl E., R. 1, Huntertown; 2 daughters, Mrs. George Davis, Ellicot City, Md., and Mrs. Carl Petrie, R. 2, Kendallville; 3 brothers, Joseph and Fred of Fort Wayne, and Charles, R. 2, Churubusco: one sister, Mrs. Clara Keiser, Lansing, Mich.; and 7 grandchildren. Funeral Wednesday in Sonday Funeral Home. Burial, Christian Chapel Cemetery. 11-9-1959
Buchan John Leslie was born in Clear Twp, Ashland County, Ohio, May 18, 1840; died at his home in Baxter Springs, Kansas, November 26, 1903; aged 63 years, 6 months and 18 days. He was the eldest son and second child of William and Ellen Leslie, both natives of Scotland. His sisters, Mrs. A. D. C. Harvey of Baxter Springs and Mrs. C. E. Skinner of Columbus; and his brother, William are residents of this county. Also a brother, George living in New London, Ohio, and a sister, Mrs. Margaret Buchan living in Asmon, Ill. Mr. Buchan came to Kansas in 1882 and located in this city. On January 23, 1884 he married Lizzie Shive, Williams County, Ohio. She survives. He formerly lived in Jefferson Twp, Noble County. 11-26-1903
Buchan Katie Bell daughter of William and Emma Buchan, died on August 28 of cholera infantum, aged 9 months and 23 days. New Era 9-6-1877
Buchan William Mrs., about 84, a former resident of Albion, died at Columbus, Kansas last Saturday. She was the mother of Mrs. A. D. C. Harvey. Remains were taken to Savannah, Ohio for interment. Albion Democrat 8-31-1899
Buchanan George, 54, of near Rome City, was found dead at his home last Wednesday by Wilson Hines, a neighbor. His wife died several years ago and since then he had lived alone. Death according to the verdict of the coroner, resulted from a heart attack. He is survived by 2 sons, Lloyd and Ralph of near LaGrange; a sister, Mrs. Sadie Stienbarger, and a half-sister, Mrs. Bessie Nesbitt, both of near Cosperville. 7-24-1929
Buchanan John E died at the home of his parents in Owosso, Mich. Tuesday night from consumption. He was the son-in-law of Isaiah Herron and wife of this city. He resided in this city for several years and was an employee of the Atwood Buggy Company. He leaves a wife and little son. Democrat 4-10-1902
Buchanan T C was born in 1847 and died February 13, 1901. He has been a railroad man nearly all his life and first came to Rome City when the Lake Shore pit opened up a few years ago. He leaves a widow. He was a member of the Knight Templars at Kendallville. Funeral was at the M. E. Church. Burial, Orange Cemetery. 2-13-1901
Buchtel Charles C, 84, pioneer of Noble County and citizen of Ligonier, died at the home of his sister in that city Tuesday morning. Democrat 12-17-1914
Buchtel Charles Mrs. died at her home in Ligonier. Democrat 10-28-1909
Buchtel Henry, 71, died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Mary Saunders in Ligonier last Tuesday. He was an old soldier, having marched with Sherman from Atlanta to the sea. 12-?-1897
Buckles - The infant son of William Buckles died last Wednesday morning. Funeral was Thursday with interment in the Buckles Cemetery beside the mother who was laid there not 2 weeks before. Noble Democrat 1-22-1903
Buckles Iva Maude, youngest daughter of Basil S. and Elizabeth A. Fuller, was born December 15, 1882, died of tuberculosis on April 26, 1909, aged 26 years, 5 months and 11 days. She graduated from the Wolf Lake High School in 1901. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, where funeral was held. On December 14, 1904, she married Carlos E. Buckles, who with her father, 3 brothers and 2 sisters are left to mourn. Burial, Stringtown Cemetery. Democrat 5-10-1909
Buckles Jennie J. died at her home 3 miles north of Ormas, January 1, 1903, aged 29 years, 5 months and 20 days, of pulmonary disease. She was born July 11, 1873, a daughter of Wayne and Amanda Scott. Her father died when she was 6 years old. She had one sister and 3 brothers, one brother having preceded her in death. Her foster father was Homer Irwin and she was a member of the Free Baptist Church. On April 25, 1891 she married William I. Buckles. To them were born 2 boys and 2 girls. She leaves a husband; 2 sons, one an infant; 2 daughters; mother; foster father; 2 brothers, A. C. Scott of Chicago and Fay Irwin at home, Mrs. Nellie M. Knepper of Toledo, Ohio. Funeral was held at the late home. Burial, Buckles Cemetery. Noble Democrat 1-8-1903
Buckles Mabel Clare was born May 5, 1885; died of typhoid fever October 12, 1903, aged 18 years, 5 months and 7 days. She was a member of the Christian class at Stringtown. New Era 10-21-1903
Buckles Nina, 71, died Saturday in the Whitley County Hospital. She is survived by a son, Edgar; one daughter, Mrs. Robert Strombeck; 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Services will be Monday in Troxel Funeral Home. Burial, Stringtown Cemetery. 10-31-1959
Buckles Rachel died at her home in Washington Twp August 25, 1900, aged 33 years, 10 months and 8 days. She married George Buckles December 27, 1885. She was a member of the Free Baptist Church. She leaves 6 dependent children. Funeral was at the residence Sunday. Burial, Buckles Cemetery. Democrat 8-30-1900
Buckles Robert, a farmer living just west of Wolf Lake, died suddenly Tuesday. He was feeling a little sick and went to Wolf Lake to get some medicine from Dr. Luckey and after returning home lived only a few hours. New Era 10-14-1903
Bukavich Adam, 70, Polish resident of Swan Twp, dropped dead at the Schenher cider mill near Ege last Wednesday. He had been in his usual health and had taken a load of apples to the cider mill. Heart trouble was the probably cause of his demise, as he fell unconscious from the seat of the wagon and died in a few minutes. He is survived by a widow; 2 daughters, Mrs. Hollis of Garrett and Mrs. Bloom of Ege. He was a member of the Catholic Church. Obsequies were held at the Ege Church last Saturday. Burial, nearby cemetery. Democrat 10-11-1915
Bunyan William, 69, pioneer merchant of Kendallville, died in that city Sunday from cholera morbus. Funeral was held from the late residence. Democrat 9-4-1902
Bunyan William Mrs., 67, died at her home in Kendallville Monday. Her husband is a druggist and politician of Kendallville. No children survive, the only child having died in infancy. Funeral was at the late residence Wednesday. Albion Democrat 1-10-1901
Burke John W was born in East Liberty, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1833 and came west in 1866. For the past 2 years he had made his home with relatives in Chicago and DeKalb, residing with the Barker family on Garden St. when in DeKalb. He was a private in Company B, Regiment 193 in Pennsylvania. He was married in 1855 in Chicora, Penn. to Mary McCullough, who died about 10 years ago. They had 4 children, one survives. The deceased are Mrs. Mary Minicus, Mrs. Katherine Prickett and John. Surviving are Mrs. C. Barker, this city and an adopted son, Paul Troy of Chicago. Three grandchildren in this city survive. He formerly lived near Wawaka. Burial, Rensselaer, Ind. Democrat 5-24-1909
Burkett Hannah Peters moved to Ligonier last year with the family of William Stuff. Her funeral was at this place Saturday. Democrat 5-9-1901
Burmell Grace, 41, former resident of Kendallville, died at the county infirmary last Friday from pneumonia. Democrat 2-16-1928
Burnett - Grandma Burnett died at her home in this place last Friday of paralysis at the age of 76 years, 7 months and 18 days. She was the mother of James and Josephus Burnett and a leading member of the Free Baptist Church. Funeral was at the Baptist Church Sunday. The remains were taken to Corunna and laid to rest beside her husband and daughter. Albion Democrat 10-5-1899
Burnett Herman, 25, died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Burnett, Monday of pneumonia. He was a marine fireman and came home about one week ago to assist in the care of his father who is seriously ill. He is survived by his parents and one sister, Mrs. C. E. Shoemaker of Kendallville. The remains were taken to Arcanum, Ohio, for interment. Democrat 6-10-1909
Burnheimer - DeWitt Burnheimer and wife buried their week-old baby boy Sunday afternoon. The funeral was held from the house. Wolf Lake Trolley 10-22-1908
Burnheimer Aaron, a Civil War veteran living one and one-half miles north of Etna, Whitley County, died at his home February 12 from pneumonia, aged 75 years, 8 months and 22 days. He was born in Stark County, Ohio May 22, 1841. During the Civil War he served in Company D, 117th Ohio Regiment and at the close of the war became a resident of Whitley County. He married Julia Walker and they had 9 children: Mrs. Sherman Baker, Mrs. Edward Knapp and A. J. Burnheimer of Noble County, Isaac H. and Miss Anna of Fort Wayne, Mrs. Stella Welker and DeWitt of Etna Twp, Whitley County, Miss Hazel at home, and Mrs. Will Miller of Ligonier; 2 sisters, Mrs. Maggie Kisler of Aborville, Neb., and Mrs. Mary Bowlby of Grand Island, Neb.; 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Obsequies were held at the Salem United Brethren Church Friday and interment was made in the church cemetery. Democrat 2-19-1917
Burnworth Michael, of Noble Twp, was about 27 years of age and subject to apoplectic fits. He was in a boat on Tippecanoe Lake Saturday getting water and as the water was riley at the edge, he pushed the boat out into deep water and it is supposed took a fit and fell into the lake; and as no one saw him he was drowned when found. Democrat 11-10-1886
Burrell - A small child of George Burrell was buried Sunday. Democrat 10-7-1897
Burrell Mary, who lived southeast of LaOtto, died August 14 after a long illness. Funeral was August 24. Burial, Huntertown Cemetery. Noble Democrat 9-2-1897
Burwell J G Mrs., an invalid for many years, died on Friday last. She was a daughter of Solomon Crosley, who was sheriff of this county a number of years ago. Democrat 8-10-1893
Burwell Ruth, 29, wife of James Burwell formerly of Cromwell, died Wednesday at her home in Whitley County of chronic nephritis. She was the daughter of Grant Chapman and a native of Churubusco. She is survived by the husband; a son, James 3 months old; and 3 sisters. Obsequies were held in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Churubusco. Burial, Eel River Cemetery. Democrat 5-27-1920
Busch Christina, 71, for a number of years a resident of Kendallville, and widow of the late Albert Busch, died at the home of her daughter, Miss Minnie of Fort Wayne last Friday. She is survived by 8 children, George, Augustus and Enoch Busch of Kendallville, Bert, Edward and Miss Minnie of Fort Wayne, Will of Henry, Ill., and Mrs. C. L. Stults of Wolf Lake. Democrat12-10-1914
Busch Eddie, 20, the son of Edward Busch and wife, was seriously injured on Wednesday of last week by a gravel pit caving in on him on the Boszor farm north of Lisbon. He died that night. Democrat 10-25-1900
Busche Oscar H Jr, 11, was crushed to death Tuesday when a farm tractor overturned 5 miles west of Albion. He was driving into a field on the farm when he apparently braked the vehicle while turning sharply to the left and was killed instantly as the tractor rolled over. A brother, 8-year old Dwight, was riding on a fender and was pinned by the machine but worked himself free and telephoned for help. Trooper Stout said Mrs. Busche had told the boys they could help in chores by loading manure for a spreader the tractor was pulling but ordered them not to drive the tractor. The boys’ father was in Chicago at the time. Also surviving is a sister at home. Services will be conducted Friday. 8-4-1959
Bushong Margaret J (Moffatt) was born in Ashland County, Ohio, April 10, 1841, and died at her home in Rome City November 21, 1901, aged 60 years, 7 months and 11 days, from Bright’s disease. She married Levi Miller in 1860 and he died in the War of the Rebellion. From this union 2 daughters are living, Mrs. Edward Lambright of West Bridgewater, Pa., and Mrs. Elmer Haney of Albion, Ind. She married Joseph Bushong of Noble County March 18, 1866; and to this union 6 children were born, 2 of whom are living, Mrs. William H. Marks of LaGrange County, Ind., and John C. Bushong. Funeral was at the Free Baptist Church at Rome City. Burial, Osborne Cemetery. Democrat 11-28-1901
Busz Jacob, the little son of Frank Busz and wife, died at the home of his parents in Kendallville yesterday of whooping cough and measles, aged 17 months. Burial, Albion Cemetery. Albion Daily Record 4-9-1903
Busz Mary was born in Huron County, Ohio, August 6, 1838, and died September 14, 1894, aged 56 years, 1 month and 8 days. She was the daughter of William and Susanna Skeels with whom she came to Noble County in 1843. She married John N. Busz March 24, 1855. She was the mother of 10 living children. All are married but the 2 youngest. She was a member of the U. B. Church, where the funeral took place at Albion. Democrat 9-20-1894
Busz Vera Marie, daughter of Frank and Elzina Busz, was born July 12, 1905 and departed this life December 5, 1905, aged 4 months and 28 days. Funeral was held from the United Brethren Church Thursday. Burial, Albion Cemetery. 12-5-1905
Butler Albert of Tampa, Fla., died 12 hours after he was stricken with a stroke of apoplexy Tuesday of last week. He was the son of Rev. George Butler, former minister of the local U. B. Church. Besides his wife of Tampa and daughter, Mrs. Ruth McGuire of Toledo, O., he leaves 2 sisters, Mrs. O. W. Ballou of Chica, Mrs. C. M. Eagles of Albion; and 2 brothers, Burl and Fletcher of this place. Democrat 10-9-1924
Butler Austin D, about 45, brother of Rev. G. T. Butler of this city lost his life by drowning June 22. He, with 3 companions, were at work on a dredge on the Missouri River about 15 miles from Helena when a squall capsized the dredge and all were thrown into the water. The body of Mr. Butler has never been found. At the outbreak of the late Spanish War, he enlisted in the Second Montana Regiment and was sent to Manila where he remained for a year, traveling over thousands of miles of water; and was drowned in sight of land. He leaves a wife and 3 children. Noble Democrat 7-6-1899
Butler Florence D died at a Toledo hospital from the result of an operation for appendicitis on March 6, 1906. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Easterday, residents now of Toledo. She was born, reared and married in Albion. She is survived by an 8-year old daughter and her parents. Obsequies were held at the parents’ home Thursday. Burial, Westlawn Cemetery. New Era 3-14-1906
Butler Ida died at her home near Wolf Lake one week ago Tuesday. Democrat 9-5-1901
Butler Laura Jane, daughter of George and Elizabeth Childs, was born in Sidney, Ohio, March 5, 1834. She moved with her parents to Wolf Lake, Ind. in 1848. She married Alpheus Ira Butler and they moved to Benton, Ind., where she resided until 1872. Then she moved back to her old home near Wolf Lake. She was the mother of 3 children, all of whom with her husband have preceded her in death. She died August 27, 1901, age 67 years, 5 months and 22 days. She leaves one sister, one brother and 3 grandchildren. Funeral was at the M. E. Church August 29. Burial, Wolf Lake Cemetery. 9-12-1901
Butler Lizzie died near Wolf Lake on Friday September 10, 1880, youngest daughter of A. I. And L. J. Butler, aged 17 years, 4 months and 9 days. New Era 9-30-1880
Butler Lowell N, 22, drowned when he fell from a dock at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 13. He is survived by his wife, Linda Pauline, Ligonier. A lifetime resident of this area, he was an employee of the Weatherhead Corp. at Syracuse before entering the Navy Dec. 9, 1955. Officials said he toppled from the dock while waiting for a launch to take him to the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. Services will be at Ulrey-Sedgwick Funeral Home Sunday. Burial, Oak Park Cemetery. 12-13-1956
Butler Thomas Mrs., 86, of Goodland, Indiana, died at the home of her son, Wesley, in Green Twp of a complication of diseases incident to old age Friday morning. The husband died also at the son’s home last fall while on a visit. The remains were taken to Goodland Sunday where the obsequies were held. Democrat 5-27-1920
Buttermore Sidney A Mrs. died at Rockford, Mich., Monday. She was a sister of J. B. Franks, Mrs. Jane McFarland and Uriah Franks of Wawaka. Democrat 4-8-1915
Butts - A little child of Mr. and Mrs. John Butts died last week. Democrat 9-24-1884
Butts Thomas died February 8, 1804 at his residence in York Twp. Funeral was at the Sparta Church Sunday. Burial, Sparta Cemetery. Democrat 2-15-1894
Butz Louise, 26, the daughter of Christian Butz of York Twp, died August 3, 1901, in a private sanitarium at Oxford, Ohio, where she had been taken for treatment a few weeks ago. She was a teacher of the county and had attended the state normal at Terre Haute. Her sister, Miss Minnie left for Oxford Saturday. Funeral was in the German Lutheran Church in Wawaka. Burial, Wright’s Cemetery. Democrat 8-8-1901