Old Settlers Reported in Albion New Era 6-12-1873
To Noble Co  Settlers

At the meeting of Old Settlers on June 1, 1872 a committee was appointed to make and forward to the secretary of the association lists of the old settlers in their respective townships who settled in northern Indiana prior to 1840 with time and place of birth, date of settlement, place of first settlement and present place of residence.  The townships of Wayne, Jefferson and Green have never been reported but when lists are received they will be published.  The following reports have been received by James M. Denny, secretary.

Albion Township
N. Prentiss, F. Acus and wife, F. Spencer and wife, O. Morris, J. McMeans and wife, William and Mary J. McMeans, J. M. and Julia A. Denny, Frances, Kiblinger, Frank Kiblinger, Ira Kiblinger, D. E. A. Spencer and wife, Mary A. Clapp, Aurelia Love, Merritt Skinner, Rosannah Clark, James Greenman, Hiram Bassett and wife, Fielding Pricket and wife, Caroline Cook, Jarett Weeks and wife, Sol Hardenbrook, Mrs. J. Niles, Frank Bidwell, William Bidwell, James C. Stewart, Samuel M. Foster, Mrs. C. Foot.

Allen Township reported by Edwin Randall
Name, Where Born, Settled, Age:
Alpheus Baker, Vermont, 1836, 78; Mercy Baker, Vermont, 1836, 70; A. D. Whitford, Ohio, 1837, --; Samuel Barkwell, England, 1834, --; Ryland Reed, Vermont, 1836, --; Eliza Reed, Vermont, 1836, --; E. B. Spencer, Ohio, 1837, --; Evan Jones, Exeter, England, 1836, --; Hiram L. King, --, 1837, --; William Broughton, New York, 1838, --; Henry Iddings, Penn., 1836, 83; Hiram Iddings, Penn., 1836, --; Lewis Iddings, 1836, --; Warren Iddings, --, 1836, --; Edward Adams, Ohio, 1838, --; Albert Wilson, --, 1837, --; George Berry, --, 1837, --; Edwin Randall, New York, 1836, --; Mary A. Randall, New York, 1837, --.

Elkhart Township reported by John Zimmerman
Name, Where Born, Settled, Age:
Isaac Tibbott, Ohio, 1820, 63; Barbara Tibbott, Virginia, 1829, 54; Mary Brown, Virginia, 1836, 64; F. F. Brown, Ohio, 1836, 52; James Brown, Ohio, 1836, 58; Elizabeth Stigner, Ohio, 1826, 61; William Stienbarger, Ohio, 1836, 56; Charles Stienbarger, Ohio, 1836, 44; William Waldron, New York, 1836, 57; Lydia Waldron, Henry Waldron, Ohio, 1836, 55; Johile Waldron, Ohio, 1836, 41; Charlotte Trowel, Ohio, 1836, 41, James Gibson, Virginia, 1836, 41, George Gibson, Virginia, 1836, 38; George Stienbarger, Ohio, 1836, 45; Robert Stienbarger, Ohio, 1839, 38; Hiram Waldron, Ohio, 1836, 53; Elizabeth Stewart, Virginia, 1839, 56; Elizabeth Grady, Ohio, 1838, --; Jacob Conrad, Virginia, --, 61; Sarah Conrad, Ohio, 1836, 58; Milo Jones, Mass., 1836, 63; Catherine Jones, Ohio, 1836, 62; George Jones, New York, 1836, 42; W. L. Wells, New York, 1836, --; George Swank, Virginia, 1834, 82; Mrs. G. Swank Jr., Ohio, 1836, 48; A. E. Mawhorter, Noble, Ind., 1838, 35: Jacob Stage, Ohio, 1834, 44; F. M. Stage, Ohio, 1834, 42; Daniel Lower, Germany, 1839, 58; Ms. W. L. Wells, --, 1837, --; Joseph H. Miller, New York, 1833, 57; Mrs. E. J. Miller, Ohio, 1834, 48; John R. Copeland, Vermont, 1838, 50; Mrs. Copeland, Ohio, 1838, 49; H. H. Hughes, Ohio, 1838, 37; George Nelson, Ohio, 1836, 65; Emily Stump, Noble, Ind., 1839, 34; Joseph Griesamore, Penn., 1836, 80; Emma Griesamore, Penn., 1836, 80; Mrs. Alexander, Ohio, 1834, 53.

Noble Township reported by Peter Winebrenner
Name, Where Born, Age:
Robert Gray and wife, Ohio, 55; Stedman Gray, Ohio, 62; Sophronia Gray, New York, 62; Jonah Mayfield, Indiana, 34; William W Noteman, Ohio, 50; Alex Reese and wife, New York, --; Samuel Jones, Ohio, 45; Hannah Jones, Ohio, 40; Mrs. Seymoure, --, 65; David Kuhns, --, --; Mary Kuhns, --, --; Elizabeth Kitt, --, --; Samuel Kuhns, --, 40; Martin Kuhns, --, 40; Ephraim Skinner and wife, --, 50; John Young, Pennsylvania, 72; Mrs. Young, --, --; Jonah Evans, --, --; Robert Evans, --, --; John Mayfield --, --; Mrs. Mayfield --, --; David Rockey --, --; Mrs. Rockey --, --; Henry Busz, Noble Co Ind., --; Simon Busz, Noble Co Ind., --; Jacob Winebrenner, Ohio, 42; Peter Winebrenner, Ohio, 47; David Winebrenner, Ohio, 39; Barbara Winebrenner, Penn., 67; S. J. Winebrenner, Noble Co Ind., 30; Juliann Winebrenner, Noble Co Ind., 34; Abraham Ott, Ohio, 52; Sarah Ott, Ohio, 50.

Orange Township
E. F. Moore, Charlotte Graves, William B. Dunn, Irenus R. Taylor, Robert D. Rhea, Nancy Rhea, David Law, Samuel P. Smith, Catherine Smith, Julia A. Pierce, Mrs. A. Shearer, David Bidlack, Abigail Bidlack, John Bidlack, Daniel Rice, D. H. Rice, James Madison, Stella Madison, J. A. McQueen, S. McQueen, Clark Pierce, J. F. Brothwell, Magdaline Gallop, Jacob Waldron, W. H. Waldron, Hiram Waldron, T. M. Watkins, B. A. Watkins, C. C. Watkins, Electa S. Griffith.

Perry Township
Thomas Crawford and wife, Albert Banta Sr, David T Ulmer, J Wyland and wife, A. Pancake and wife, Jacob Vance and wife, D. V. C. Denny, Isaac Weimer and wife, Sol Miller, Benjamin Hostetter and wife, Mrs. Loraine Stage, Isaac Cavin and wife, E Slaybaugh and wife, William Bowser and wife, David Loy and wife, C. G. Vail, William Simpson and wife, Reuben McDevitt, H. Harsh and wife, A. Engle and wife, Henry Miller and wife, Theron Teal, C. Heltzell and wife, D. P. Bourie and wife, P. Carmine and wife, Henry Engle, D. W. C. Teal, George T. Ulmer, Henry Ulmer, Abram Hire, Sarah Harsh, Mrs. J. C. Zimmerman, Matthias Marker, U. Francisco and wife, Hiram Cooper and wife, Harrison Vance born here, Jacob Price born here, Sarah Moses, M. D. King, William Latta born in Haw Patch, Mrs. S. Ramsby, B. Bowser and wife, James McConnell, T. G. Vail and wife, William Pearman and wife, Joseph Teal and wife, H. Kline and wife, Henry Shobe and wife, Gid Schlotterback, John Squires, Henry May, John Pearson, Peter Schlotterback, R. L. Curl and wife, John Popejoy, Mrs. Billman, Allen Bailey, Silas Harper born here, John Banta born here, Mrs. Drumheller, M. M. Meriam and wife, George K. Royser, Thomas Ruple, J. Hostetter born here, John Weir, Rachel Braden, Mrs. George Marker born here, Lewis Covell, Aaron Ogden, A. Humphreys and wife, A. G. Teal, Corney McConnell, Mrs. Popejoy, John Strine and wife, children of Edward Bayless, Mrs. James Christy, George Koons and wife, Mrs. Batcheler, Mrs. S. L. Smith and daughter, I. Cavin's daughter, Mrs. Harlan Parks, Yancy Ramsby, Mrs. Mercer, Eliza Summers, Elizabeth Andrews, Adam Conrad, A. McConnell and wife, Samuel Latta, Caleb Skeels, Joseph Long and wife, William Buchanan, E. A. Keasley, George Miller born here, J. Hamilton and wife, H. Schlotterback born here, William Cavin, I. Hostetter born here, Jacob Baker, Edward Bailey, Silas Shobe and wife, Albert Banta Jr., Harlin Parks, Adam Moses, Mrs. Vance.

Sparta Township reported by John E. Johnson
Name, Where Born, Settled, Age:
Lydia Bray, Maryland, 68; Huldah Bassett, Maryland, 41; William H. Bassett, Ill., 40; Jesse Baker, Indiana, 38; Jacob Baker, Ohio, 48; Zillah A Bothel, New York, 47; John Conklin, Ohio, 55; James Conklin, Ohio, 50; John Davis, Ohio, 66; Eliza Davis, Ohio, 43; Lucy Eagles, New York, 69; Leander B. Eagles, New York, 50; Rebecca Eagles, Ohio, 45; N. P. Eagles, New York, 49; Harriet Eagles, New York, 44; Harrison Galloway, Indiana, 36; Perry Galloway, Indiana, 35; Susan Johnson Maryland, 38; J. G. Johnson, New York, 56; Eliza Johnson, New York, 57; John Moore, Delaware, 58; Joseph Moore, Ohio, 51; A. J. Morris, Ohio, 48; Lovina Morris, Indiana, 36; Mary McMann, Virginia, 70; Spalding McMann, --, 39; Eliza Lacount, Ohio, 50; William Lacount, Ohio, 48; H. Lacount, New York, 45; D. Ohlwine, Delaware, 63; Mrs. Weade, Delaware, 65; William Weade, Ohio, 63; Eliza Weade, Ohio, 53; John A. Wilson, Ohio, 40; John Weade, Indiana, 34, H. Kern, Ohio, 57; Rebecca Hathaway, Ohio 59; Nathaniel Prentice, New York, 65; Mrs. Smalley, Ohio, 58; Mrs. A. Upson, New York, 83; Mary Pollock, New York, 56; John Morrow, Ohio, 43; Elizabeth Archer, Ohio, --; Mrs. J. Beaker, Ohio, --; William Beall, Ohio, --; Mr. Gloyd, Ohio, --.

Swan Township
Adam Fulk, George Fulk, Solomon Fulk, Sarah Fulk, Mrs. J. Richards, Mrs. A. Fulk, Mrs. S. Huff, Orville Broughton, Almira Broughton, Isaac Claxton, Aaron Wood, Martha Preston, Nancy Cummings, Conrad Cramer, Lydia Cramer, Ephraim Cramer, Daniel Cramer, Henry  Cramer, Catharine Bradley, Cordelia A. Cramer, Godfrey Cramer, Margaret Cramer, Moses Cramer, Ira M. King, Jane Hooper, David Tousley, Fidema Tousley, Alvira Bricker, Sylvester Shelner, Charlotte Jennings, Martha Klotts, S. Broughton, Mrs. J. Whan, James Whan, Coradon Warner, Christopher Fulk, Samuel Huff, Joseph Richards, Joseph Mitchell, John Strouse, Rebecca Strouse, Nancy Strouse, Jonas Strouse, Mary J. Wood, P. Rodenbaugh, Mrs. W. Whan, Mrs. J. Strouse, Mary Perry, George Perry, J. Mitchell, Jane Hooper, Theo Warner, Mrs. H. Gragg, Mrs. C. Embry, Simon Strouse, Robert Strouse, H. Badger, George Fulk.

Washington Township reported by Thomas H. Wilson
Name, Where Born, Settled, Age:
John Dillen, Maryland, 1834, 59; Noah Myers, Kentucky, 1837, 74; Mrs. W. Buckles, Virginia, 1836, 69; Mrs. F. Galloway, Vermont, 1836, 59; Elizabeth Shields, Penn., 1829, 67; Eliza Wood, --, 1836, --; Thomas H. Wilson, Penn., --, 76; Mary Wilson, Virginia, --, 70.

Noble Notes: Children need roots....and wings.