An Early Settler - Daniel Bixler
To Noble Co  Settlers

"An early settler of this city, James S. Bixler, of Otia, Newaygo County, Michigan, is visiting relatives and friends in this vicinity.  He is a son of the late Daniel Bixler who came from Ohio to this place in 1836 and bought of the government a tract of land in this township, a part of which is now located in the city limits.

Mr. Bixler built a log cabin on is farm near the present site of Henry Moyer's residence on East Street.  Later he built a frame residence.  After residing on this farm for a dozen years or more Mr. Bixler sold the farm to the late Samuel Minot, a prominent business man in the early history of this community, and then moved to Lisbon, then the leading town in this part of the country, where he continued to live until his death in March 1869.  When Mr. Bixler came to Kendallville his family consisted of wife and seven children, four of whom are still living, Mrs. Elizabeth Rodgers, aged 72, now residing in Wisconsin, Mrs. Mahala McManigal, aged 70, Grand Rapids, Mich., James Bixler, aged 68, of Otia, Mich., now visiting here, and Mrs. Julia Homsher of Fort Wayne, aged 60.

Andrew Bixler, now deceased, who for many years resided three and a half miles south of this city, and Daniel D. Bixler, who died in Lisbon many years ago, were members of this family.

Mr. Bixler left this place about 24 years ago and located on the farm he now owns in Newaygo County.  He has two sons and a daughter there.  His wife died about a year ago.

Mr. Bixler observes many improvements here made during his absence.  His recollections of the early history of this place are quite complete and very interesting."

Kendallville Standard May 1902

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