Frank Baker Letter - Aunt Lucy Brown
To Noble Co  Settlers

Mr. Frank A. Baker of this city is in receipt of a letter from his nephew, Mr. Miles A. Brown of Brooklyn, N.Y.  Mr. Brown is a native of Allen Township and a son of the late Asa Brown who built and for many years operated "Brown's Tavern" in Lisbon, and who was for many years one of the most prominent and best known citizens of northern Indiana.  This was at a time when Lisbon was the metropolis of the county.

 Mr. Brown, the writer, informs his uncle that his mother, Mrs. Lucy Brown, who is Mr. Baker's sister, is residing with him in Brooklyn and is in very good health for a lady of her age, seventy-eight years.  The early settlers of this county, and in fact many of the old farmers and residents of LaGrange County who were in the habit of driving overland to Fort Wayne to market their produce and who found "Brown's Tavern" a half-way house and a very convenient place to spend a night when going and returning, will remember her and will be glad to know that she is spending her last days so pleasantly and happily with her son.

It will be remembered that in those days of "tavern keeping" the landlady was the principal person about the premises to look after the comforts of the traveling public.  It was principally through and by her efforts that a "tavern" was made popular and profitable.  A poor landlady, a poor tavern, and vice versa.  Mrs. Brown, by the way, was one of the most agreeable and popular landladies in northern Indiana and took high rank with the traveling public.

Mr. Brown writes that the Brooklyn thermometers registered 108 in the shade on Friday.

Kendallville Standard September 2, 1898

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