Avilla History
To Noble Co  Settlers

Kendallville Standard December 21, 1883
In regard to the early history of Avilla, we wish to put the News correspondent right.  In 1844 there was an election held at the house of N. J. Hill, in the now town of Avilla, at that time a wilderness.  The house stood across the street about opposite the residence of Sam Whetsel.  The voters were Edwin Randall, N. J. Hill, S. P. Haines, F. J. Borck, Evan Jones, and perhaps others.  It was proposed that a post office be established at the place and each voter was to suggest a name.  Evan Jones proposed the name of Mary, that being the name of his wife.  S. P. Haines proposed the name of Dove.  Edwin Randall, Avilla.  A vote was taken and Randall's proposition was sustained.  Hence the name of Avilla.

Hosea Hunter was not in the county at that time.  N. J. Hill was appointed first postmaster.  He afterwards built the old hotel now the Dolan House and rented it to S. M. Kline and resigned the office in favor of Kline, who was removed from office for cause, and Henry Baum was appointed third postmaster, and A. J. Hudson, fourth.  Eliza Swarthout was fifth and S. P. Stewart, sixth, who now holds the office.  Hill was also Justice of the Peace.  Randall was also Justice and Associate Judge many years.  Randall, Hill and Jones were residents of Avilla till their deaths.  Borck is a resident of Ohio, the last we knew of him, and Samuel P. Haines can be seen on our streets any day, a hale old man.

Noble Notes:  Show up, stick it out, never sit on the bench if you can be in the game.