Our Aged Friends
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Copied from a clipping in the Poppy Scrapbook on file in Noble County Library at Albion and rearranged in alphabetical order. (appears to have been published ca 1894.)

In response to our request for the names, ages, etc., of aged people in our city and county, we have received the following. We hope to receive many more.Kindly send us the name, dates, etc.;

Alexander William, Rome City, 88y, widower.
Anglemyer Isaac, Kendallville, 81y11m.
Baker Mercy, widow of Alpheus, Avilla, 91y, b. in Pittsford, Addison Co, Vt., settled in Allen Twp Aug. 16, 1836.
Baughman Samuel Mrs., Kendallville, 88y9m, she and deceased husband celebrated 65th wedding anniversary in 1892.
Bidlack Abigail, Rome City, 83y,widow.
Bogner Christian, Kendallville, 80y6m, b. in Germany, came to Indiana in 1850.
Boil James, Kendallville, 88y8m, b. in Ireland.
Boszor Jacob, Allen Twp, 84y.
Bozer Thomas, Kendallville, 86y11m, b. in France.
Cox W H, nearly 78, b. in Ohio, came to Indiana in 1843.
Curry Andrew Curry, Jefferson Twp, 91y5m, a widower.
Demmon Leonard, 80y, b. in Mass.
Demmon Nancy, 73y, b. in Ohio, m. 53y.
Ellenwood Sophia, Kendallville, 78y, widow.
Fish S W, Kendallville, 78y.
Fisk Frederick, Swan Twp, 93y9m, has been blind for the past 5 years.
Foster Christian, Jefferson Twp, 93y6m, widower.
Gerken Maria, Albion, b. in England Sept. 3, 1801, aged 92y5m.
Glosser Levi P, Kendallville, 79y10m, widower, b. in Md.
Haas Catherine, Kendallville, 89y, b. in France.
Hall Michael Mrs., 87y3m, m. Aug. 18, 1835
Hall Michael, Kendallville, 83y4m.
Hall William J, Wayne Twp, 84y.
Hitchcock Roxana, Rome City, 77y, widow.
Hull John, b. in York County Pa., will be 84y next Sept. lived with first wife over 50 years.
Kammerer Henry, Wayne Twp, 82y, b. in Pa.
Koons David, Kendallville, widower, nearly 78y, settled in Allen Twp Aug. 24, 1844, b. in Pa.
Kunderd R, city, 77y., b. in Switzerland.
Lash Andrew, near Avilla, 82y.
Lovett Rodman, Rome City, 84y.
Madison James, Rome City, will be 84y Feb. 14, 1894.
Madison Stella (w/o James) 78y8m, first white woman to cross Grand River, Michigan at the present city of Grand Rapids, she being engaged in missionary work. They    settled in Rome City in 1836.
McQueen James, Orange Twp, 90y.
Peters Israel, Kendallville, 81y, b. in Pa.
Poulson John, resides near Avilla, 86y, b. in Wales.
Rimmel Samuel, Orange Twp, 78y.
Rogers O F, Kendallville, 83y5m, b. in Vermont.
Shaeffer Abraham, Orange Twp, 88y1m.
Smith Samuel P Mrs, widow, 80y1m, b. in Md.
Southworth Lorenzo, Kendallville, 82y4m.
Straus Jonas, Swan Twp, 93y3m, b. in Pa.
Sturgis Jacob, b. Aug. 20, 1810, will be 84y old the 20th day of next August, m. 51 years, widower.
Teal Joseph, Perry Twp, 90y6m, b. in Franklin County, Va. He now resides on a part of the section which he and his brother, George (father of  Norman and J. M. Teal) bought in 1835.
Thompson L A Mrs., Kendallville, 82y3m, m. Feb. 25, 1832.
Thompson Lewis A, Kendallville, 84y10m.
Waits Reuben, Allen Twp, 85y.
Waldron Lewis, Orange Twp, 79y.  Came to Noble County in 1836.
Whitford A D Mrs, Kendallville, 81y6m, widow, b. in Vt.
Whitford Stutely, Kendallville, 78y.
Wildman Stephen, Kendallville, will be 79y March 6, 1894, b. in Conn.
Wilson Albert, Allen Twp, 82y, b. in Vermont. Came to Noble County in 1837.

Noble Notes: He who hesitates is not only lost, but miles from the next exit.