Washington Center School
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Goodspeed's 1882 History of Noble County records the first schoolhouse in Washington Twp as being built in 1840 in Section 23.  All of the one-room schools in Washington Twp consolidated into one in 1925, with the erection of a 2-story brick building in Section 9 at the corner of 925W & 175S.  This housed all 8 elementary grades, with high school students being bussed to Wolf Lake, until 1967 when further consolidation created the West Noble School Corporation.

Washington Center Consolidated School Eighth Grade Graduates 1947-1956

Paul Braden, Phyllis Campbell, Helen Cunningham, Charles Grimm, Joy Stump, Norma Weimer, Woodward Weade, David Wiley.
John Clingerman, Lynn Goodrich, Calvin Knapp, Joan Kunce, Bessie Murphy.
James Beezley, Herbert Lee Byer Jr., John Hiner, Phil Lemon, James Marschand, Lorena Marschand, Roy Dean Murphy, Robert Scott, Warren Sloan, Billy Stump, Lois Walters.
Nancy Fetters, Roger Fetters, Dawn Hickman, Eddie Pollock, Hal Stump, John Weimer, Mary Knott.
Janice  Beezley, Joan DeBolt, Rex Denney, Paul Grim, Lola Ann Hickman, Anna May Murphy.
Philip Bair, Judy Beezley, Roger Engle, Thames Hickman, Karen Sherwin, Arnold Weimer.
Darlene Beard, Sandra Denney, Mary Ella Earnhart, Janet Kiester, Larry Rensberger, Mary Ann Pollock.
Brenda Kay Gaerte, Eloise Grimes, Mary Lou Hickman, George Marschand, Rosellyn Murphy, Becky Pollock, Sharlene Rider, Norman Stump.
Ross Allen Grimes, Martha Heddington, Claire Hontz, Nora Marschand, Barbara Murphy, Dixie Scott, Gene Sherwin, Steven Tracey.
Ken Coverstone, Mary Ann Grimm, Bill Guyas, Carolyn Hickman, Jerry Hill, Danny Ivangnilio, Eddie Kuhn, Judy Kiester, Jonny Sroufe, Eugene Grimes.

Noble Notes: The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.