Noble County Teachers - 1888-89

The Albion New Era
January 24, 1923, page 1

Following is a list of the teachers employed in the schools of the county in 1888-89 as taken from the Manual of Public schools of Noble County established by W. B. Van Gorder then county superintendent and now superintendent of our schools.  Also number of school houses, etc., as reported by trustees in 1888

Nellie Buckles                                District 1
Bert Himes                                      District 2
Emerson A. Prickett                        District 3
Nettie Myers                                   District 4
O. L. Prentiss                                  District 5
James Luckey                                  District 6
Alpha Allen                                    District 7

Laura Benzel                                  District 1
Alice Harsh                                   District 2
Ella Noe                                        District 3
Luella Prentiss                              District 4
Charles L. Blunt                            District 5
Della Robbins                              
District 6
S. B. Tucker                                  District 7
H. E. Bause                                   District 8
Hattie Pollock                               District 9

Principal—W. E. Harsh               District 10
Primary—Mollie V. Tucker

Frank E. Poyser                              District 1
H. H. Decker                                  District 2
Alice L. Valance                            District 3
Daisy Cain                                     District 4
Jesse B. Smith                                District 5
Vada Cole                                      District 6
Jennie Laubsher                             District 7
Charles Keehm                              District 8
Alice Cass                                     District 9
J. E. King                                       District 10

Nellie Norris                                  District 1
Cora Marshall                                District 2
Electa Cass                                     District 3
Carl W. Smith                                 District 4
Della Swank                                   District 5
Mary Cass                                       District 6
Lena Butz                                        District 7  

Principal—Willis Fox                   District 8
Intermediate—Rena Lane
Intermediate—Florence Franks
Primary—Katie Schwab
Hannah Ebey                                 District 9
Nettie Probst                                 District 10  

John Cooper                                  District 1
George Smith                                District 2
W. H. McEwen                             District 3
Wallace Harsh                              District 4
Leomia Foote                                District 5

William(?) Earle                          District 6
Louisa Clark                                 District 7
Charles Baker                               District 8

Wolf Lake
Principal—Hattie Eagles              District 1
Primary—Della Himes    

Maude Brown                               District 2
E. L. Adair                                    District 3
Alice Earle                                    District 4
Lillie Kilgore                                District 5
Curtis Thorp                                  District 6
Stella Norris                                 District 7
Amanda Thomas                            District 8
Eva Ebey                                       District 9
O. S. Kimmell                               District 10

Frank Engle                                   District 1
May Halferty                                 District 2
Frank Hanion                                 District 3
John Miller                                    District 4
Sadie Snyder                                 District 5
William Veazey                             District 6
William Favinger                          District 7
Freeling Gaff                                 District 8
Silas Cook                                     District 9  

F. B. Bowers                                District 1
Mary Schmuck                              District 2
William Griffin                             District 3
(No district 4 listed)
Minnie Rumbaugh                         District 5
James Niswander                          District 6
Chas. Blackman                            District 7
Della Engle                                   District 8
Ina Edwards                                  District 9
Frank Niswander                          District 10  

A.L. Smith                                      District 1
Ruth Rhea                                       District 2

Gertie Mosley                                District 3

Rome City
Principal—J. P. Bonnell                District 4
Intermediate—Elton Broughton
Intermediate—Anna Griffin
Primary—Melissa Waldron
Mattie Bowman                             District 5

(No district 6 & 7 listed)  

Principal—T. M. Reed                  District 8
Intermediate—May Griffin
Primary—Nettie Rumbaugh
Dollie Bufink                                 District 9

(No district 10, 11 & 12 listed)
Lizzie Shannon                               District 13

Principal—H. G. Strawn
Primary—Mary Hague  

A.W. Hovarter                              District 1
Rena Tuttle                                    District 2
Belle Chaffee                                District 3
Sabie Hoverter                              District 4
Dora Poppy                                   District 5
Emma Winegart                            District 6
Sadie Dockendorff                        District 7
Mrs. Nellie Waldron                    District 8

S. C. Spero                                   District 9
F. S. Webber                                District 10
L. T. Neer                                     District 11
L. J. McConnell                            District 12  

Clara Leighty                                 District 1
Belle Henry                                   District 2
Eunice Waits                                 District 3
Frank Hersh                                   District 4
Birdie Ramsten                              District 5
Seigel Crawford                            District 6
Pattie D. McKenzie                       District 7
(No district 8 listed)
Libbie Stewart                               District 9

(No district 10 & 11 listed)
Belle Bolton                                  District 12

(No district 13 & 14 listed)
R. J. Stewart                                  District 15

Principal—Maggie Easly
Intermediate—Ray Merkling
Primary—Carrie Stone  

Lola Ramsten                                 District 1
Eva Daniels                                   District 2
Julia C. Wilkenson                         District 3
Clara Rupert                                  District 4
J. S. Miller                                     District 5  

Principal—F. B. Moore                District 6
Primary—Jennie Bolton

Principal—James Stage               District 7
Primary—Mrs. J. Stage                District 8
May Briggs                                   District 8
Ida Rhoads                                   District 9
Ellen Wilkenson                           District 10
Clarence Houston                         District 11  

W. J. Davis                                   Superintendent
Walter Maloney                            Principal
William Earle                               Intermediate
Jennie Sedgwick                           Intermediate
Ada Freeman                                 Intermediate
Emma W. Brown                           Intermediate
Emma L. Smith                               Primary

Ambrose Blunt                              Superintendent
Ida L. Cuplin                                 Principal of High School
Nettie E. Smith                              A & B Grammar
Stella Niles                                   C Grammar
Jennie M. Rerick                           D Grammar
Florence E. Rush                           A Primary
Olive M. Treash                            B Primary
Gertrude Cole                               C Primary
Lillie Parks                                   D Primary  

North Side
Belle Champer                              Principal A & B Primary
Dora Milner                                  C & D Primary  

Perry D. Creager                           Superintendent

High School Department
Oliver H. Carson                           Principal
Guldo H. Stempel                         German & Ass’t.  

Grammar Department
Mrs. Jennie Goodwin                   Fourth Grade
Effie Smith                                   Third Grade
Minnie Pepple                              Second Grade
Mrs. Lottie iddings                       First Grade

Primary Department
May Wildman                                Fourth Grade
Ella Byrnes                                   Third Grade
Manie Lepper                                Second Grade
Sarah Hayward—first Primary “B” Division
Florence Owen—first Primary “A” Division

Number of School Houses in County

Washington:  brick 3; frame 4; value of school houses $3,500
Sparta:  brick 10; value of school houses $9,900
Perry:  brick 10; value of school houses $10,000
Elkhart:  brick 7; frame 3; value of school houses $10,000
York:  brick 7; frame 1; value of school houses $11,000
Noble:  brick 8; frame 2; value of school houses $12,000
Green:  brick 8; frame 1; value of school houses $8,000
Jefferson:  brick 9; value of school houses $9,000
Orange:  brick 3; frame 8; value of school houses $15,000
Wayne:  brick 12; value of school houses $9,000
Allen:  brick 10; value of school houses $13,000
Swan:  brick 11; value of school houses $11,300
Total in townships:  brick 98; frame 10; value of school houses $128,300
Incorporated Towns

Albion:  brick 1; value of school house $20,000
Avilla:  brick 1; value of school house $4,300
Ligonier:  brick 2; value of school houses $25,000

Kendallville:  brick 1; value of school house $30,000  

Total in county:  brick 103; frame 10; value of school houses $207,600