Deaths recorded in Simon Journal 1900-1943
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Name, Date, Comments
Adair Alice, 4-8-1922, wife of E. L., cancer
Adams Susan, 3-4-1910, father Iler’s sister
Amos Lavina, 1-19-1910, age 63y4m-d, sister of Sarah & Simon Miller
Amos Wesley, 12-10-1916
Amstutz Fern (Mrs Harvey), 3-28-1941, age 54, anemia, mother of Lucille Guthrie, bu at Leo
Armstrong James Mrs, 6-22-1938, age 57, dropsy, bu at Cedar Chapel
Arthur George, 8-18-1928, horse buyer at Churubusco
Baber Karie, 5-28-1903
Baber Sarah (Zinn), 1-27-1906, sister of David Zinn, age 57
Badger George, 6-3-1921, husband of Mabel Bilger Badger, age 55
Badger Tuck Mrs, 3-23-1918, sister of Frank Smith
Badger Ulysses, 11-27-1940, age 74, probably a stroke after a fall at his home, bu Swan
Bailey Della Miller, 6-14-1900
Bailey Hilda, 1-23-1939, age 27, operation, daughter of Elmer Pepple
Baker Emma, 6-23-1937, age 80, mother of Mrs. Herbert Whetzel, died at Ithaca, N.Y.
Baker Leita Bradley, 4-16-1939, age 19, caesarian operation, daughter of Floyd Bradley
Ballentine Samuel Mrs, 10-14-1942, age 58, near St Johns, bu at Cedar Chapel
Ballentine William, 12-18-1940, age 65, apoplexy, home Altona, bu Embry
Ballentine William Mrs, 1-21-1925, pneumonia, very fleshy
Balliet Aaron, 6-1-1936, age 84, Lila’s grandfather
Balliet Aaron Mrs, 3-12-1932, b. 5-8-1856, Lila’s grandmother
Balliet Jack, 5-3-1924, uncle of Lila’s, killed at Butler Center by interurban
Balliet Thelma, 9-30-1933, age 27, wife of Russell, died at Kendallville
Balliet William, 10-27-1929, age 19, killed in auto accident, son of William
Ballou Mary, 12-22-1931, age 82, sister of George and Jacob Rhodes
Barnes Arthur, 8-27-1903, husband of Jennie, consumption
Barnes Harve, 2-19-1922, pneumonia, Harold’s uncle
Barnes Susanna, 1-28-1925, Jennie Barnes’ mother-in-law
Barrett Elizabeth, 10-26-1933, mother of Hazel Rhodes, paralysis
Beard Ela, 9-12-1905, father of Mrs. Don Simon
Becher Lavon, 8-27-1932, age 18y8m13d, appendicitis and T.B. of bowels
Bell Albert, 8-28 or 29-1937, lived west of Lisbon
Bell Della (Bricker), 5-10-1920, daughter of Samuel
Bell Ervin 10-?-1941, died at Fort Wayne
Bell Frank Mrs, 2-7-1937, age 55, cancer, lived near Lila’s folks
Bell Jane, 12-23-1923, cancer, sister of Mrs. Samuel Dudley
Bell John Mrs, 2-14-1907, mother of Mrs. Sam Dudley
Bell Jonathan, 5-26-1901
Beltz Adam, 3-26-1913, drowned at Peru, Ind., age 32y10m
Beltz Harry, 8-4-1907, son of Adam
Beltz Mary, 11-14-1938, age 85, funeral at Lutheran Church by Rev. Wallace, bu Swan Cemetery
Bender Albert, 12-2-1906, cripple
Bilger Christina, 4-11-1929, cancer, wife of Andrew Bilger
Bilger George, 1-24-1916, fell from a tree and broke his neck
Bilger Infant daughter of Ralph, 3-22-1942, Greenlawn Cemetery
Bilger Infant of Andrew, 8-22-1902
Bilger Jesse, 12-12-1935, age 75
Bilger Jessie Mrs, 1-23-1930
Bilger Martin, 2-5-1910, age 82y2m-d, married father’s sister
Bilger Martin Mrs, 12-19-1906, second wife of Martin
Bixler Len, 12-17-1938, age 77, impediment in his speech, Avilla
Bloom Fred Mrs, 8-3-1926, cancer
Bohnenberger George, 2-27-1939, age 63
Bolinger Albert, 2-?-1926
Bolinger Albert Mrs, 4-25-1924
Bolinger Charles, 10-9-1925
Bolton James, 11-3-1922, of Swan, Carl’s father, Civil War veteran
Bolton Robert, 7-16-1942, age 66, paralysis, hospital at Kendallville, bu Lake View
Bolton Rosetta (first cousin), 2-11-1916, lived in Chicago
Bonar Donabelle, 6-18-1924, 2y old, drowned in a jar of water, child of Elza
Bonar Margaret Ann, 1-31-1939, age 71, mother of Mrs. Tony Wappes
Bonar Seth, 9-27-1934, age 74, died very sudden
Bosler Albertus, 11-13-1932, age 75
Bosler Sarah Jane, 4-20-1943, age 79, died at Elmer Pepple’s, bu Fairview
Botts Anetta, 6-2-1942, age 80, complications, mother of Lincoln Botts, Huntertown Cemetery
Botts Infant of Minor, 12-27-1924, pneumonia
Bowen O W Rev, 12-16-1934, age 87, buried at Albion
Bowker Arbella, 6-4-1936, age 82, wife of Dr. J. J. Bowker
Bowker J J Dr, 6-10-1910
Bowker Wallace, 7-27-1929, shot himself at Fort Wayne
Bowman Clark, 9-21-1935, age 72y11m24d at Fort Wayne
Bowman Clark Mrs, 1-11-1933, died at Fort Wayne, age 69, heart failure
Bowman Lycurgus, 5-28-1928, father of Clark
Bowman Mary Ann, 2-4-1922, age 81y11m-d, mother of Clark
Bradley Austin, 6-15-1938, age 80, heart disease, funeral at Wesleyan Church, bu Hopewell
Bradley George, 4-6-1909, helpless cripple
Bradley Grace Williams, 8-14-1928, caesarian operation, age 33, wife of Floyd Bradley
Bradley Henry, 10-17-1907, Mrs. Frank Drake’s father
Bradley Henry Mrs, 7-2-1903, mother of Mrs. Frank Drake
Bradley Manda, 4-6-1914, daughter of Coradon Warner, died in Kansas
Bradley Millie (Mrs Austin), 8-6-1936, age 74, burst gall bladder, mother of Mrs. John Moore
Brandenberg Blanche Kugler, 5-11-1941, age 44, daughter of George Kugler, died and buried at Denver
Brew Nicholas, 4-29-1905
Brew Nicholas Mrs, 11-5-1901
Bricker Clair J, 5-6-1938, age 65, died at Ray Foster’s
Bricker Eva, 6-11-1918, age 71y7m28d, fleeced by Lutheran Home, Tippecanoe, Miami County
Bricker George Mrs, 11-25-1914, mother of Laura Holman, lived near Bethlehem
Bricker George Mrs, 5-23-1913, mother of May Bolton, lived at Swan
Bricker Henry, 6-14-1903, father of Eva
Bricker Howard, 1-15-1919, killed by an interurban car, age 43
Bricker Peter Mrs, 2-7-1904, mother of George at Bethlehem
Bricker Samuel, 12-4-1923, died at Crofton, Mich., father of Leslie
Bricker Samuel Mrs, 9-20-1909, mother of Leslie, died at Crofton, Mich.
Bridenstine Ellen, 1-24-1940, age 86, paralysis, funeral at Lutheran Church, bu at Swan
Brindle George, 4-14-1938, age 60, bu at Uniontown Cemetery
Broughton Bela, 6-12-1937, age 93y6m18d, father of Mrs. Bert Martin
Broughton Emilie Elizabeth Preston, 11-21-1935, age 91, infirmities of old age, mother of Mrs. Bert Martin
Broughton Lamont, 3-21-1942, brother of Mrs H W Martin
Broughton Mort, 12-7-1937, age 71, died suddenly at Columbus, uncle of Mrs. W. H. Martin
Broughton Nora Elson, 1-26-1927, killed by auto at Grand Rapids
Broughton Samuel, 9-14-1901
Broughton Walter, 12-24-1941, age 55, heart attack at Cicero, Ill, cousin of Mrs. H. Martin
Brown Donald, 4-3-1933, age 8, killed by an auto, son of Don
Brown Lloyd Mrs, 10-29-1921, formerly Miss Letta Krumlauf
Brown Stanley, 9-11-1919, father of Don
Brown Stanley Mrs, 8-8-1913, mother of Don
Brown Valerous, 1-20-1912, at Churubusco
Bruce Elbrige, 10-22-1910
Bruce Elbrige Mrs, 1-7-1912
Bruce Sarah, 1-14-1917, mother of Jennie Bruce Whan southwest of Garrett
Brundige Mary, 2-17-1907
Buchanan Betty Jean, 8-7-1941, age 18, appendicitis, funeral at Wesleyan Church, bu Swan
Buchanan Mary, 7-17-1938, age 54, killed in auto accident, bu Swan Cemetery
Buchanan Thomas, 71-5-1933, of Swan, age 51, father of Histy Buchanan
Bunting Asbury, 3-18-1940, age 60, shot by bandit at filling station in Fort Wayne
Bunting Elijah, 6-17-1920, age 77y6m4d, father of Elmer
Bunting Elijah Mrs, 11-6-1929, Mrs. William Brown’s father
Bunting Elmer, 3-18-1932, age 48y
Bunting Freeman, 6-14-1928, killed by falling telephone pole near Rome City
Bunting Infant of Madison, 3-25-1919
Bunting Nettie (Pepple) 6-11-1943, age 60, heart disease and goiter, bu Huntertown Cemetery
Burtzner Lovina, 3-6-1940, died in Idaho, wife of Wash Burtzner
Burtzner Wash Mrs, 7-2-1935, age 78, of Butler Center
Butler May, 2-4-1934, age 69, took care of Jennie’s mother
Campbell Burnell, 4-11-1937, explosion of light plant at Lawton, lived near Ed Smith’s
Campbell George, 8-24-1936, auto accident, lived near Lila’s folks
Campbell George Mrs, 7-22-1900, first wife
Campbell Infant of Arch, 4-22-1904
Campbell Infant of George, 8-27-1907
Campbell Infant of George, 9-27-1908
Campbell John, 7-1-1935, age 74, of Ari, brother of George
Campbell Pearl (Brown), 4-1-1915, second wife of George, 31y old, Don Brown’s sister
Carnahan James, 11-27-1939, age 67, cancer, funeral and bu at Cedar Chapel
Carson Frank, 12-9-1917
Carver W F Dr, 5-11-1943, age 76, of Albion, died at Kendallville, bu Swan
Carver W F Mrs Dr, 10-19-1925, suicide, age 57, at Albion
Cekel Edward Dr, 10-23-1918, influenza, buried at Fort Wayne
Charleswood Salina, 12-28-1943, age 81, grandmother of Lucille Guthrie, bu Woodlawn Cemetery
Chisholm Helen (Mrs Everett), 5-12-1941, age 34, tuberculoses at Irene Byron, bu at Sparta Cemetery
Chisholm Jacob, 5-27-1937, age 72, heart attack, lived ½ miles west of Butler Center
Chorpenning Richard, 5-19-1940, age 39, congestion of lungs, 2nd husband of Frona Wappes Wood
Christensen Anna Marie, 1-5-1936, age 63
Christensen Chris, 7-15-1932,
Christlieb Dallas Mrs, 1-5-1932, age 31y2m25d
Christlieb Etta Mae, 8-26-1942, age 69, apoplexy, sister of Clark Smith, bu Huntertown
Christlieb Ocie, 5-3-1938, age 61
Clark George Mrs, 1-10-1935, age 57, pneumonia, near New Era
Claxton John Jr, 3-29-1923, son of John (auctioneer)
Clay Della Elizabeth, 12-29-1943, age 71, wife of Ollie Clay, died from the effects of broken hip
Clay Oliver E, 10-8-1942, age 58, died at his home Columbus, O., bu Greenlawn
Clingerman Virgil, 5-27-1943, age 45, died at Churubusco, school teacher at LaOtto
Cobbs Bertha, 2-5-1930, age 7y7m13d, daughter of Ethel Cramer Cobbs
Cobbs Marcella, 12-5,1936, age 14, daughter of Vanga Cramer Cobbs, gasoline explosion
Cobbs Myrtle, 12-5-1936, second wife of Marion Cobbs, gasoline explosion
Cobbs Rosetta, 6-19-1933, Frank’s mother, lived at Zanesville, Ind.
Cobbs Sarah Vangi Cramer, 10-22-1925, diphtheria, age 53y4m28d, daughter of Frank Cramer
Cohlman Birdie Simon, 4-18-1922, buried at Denver, Colorado, sister of V C
Coil Infant daughter of Arch, 3-22-1913
Coil John C, 2-5-1934, age 81, father of jesse
Coil John Mrs, 1-25-1934, age 72, mother of Jesse
Collet Harry, 5-1-1942, age 68, died suddenly at Swan, husband of Cora, Union Cemetery
Collet Mrs, 8-17-1905, Harry’s mother at Garrett
Cooley Ada (Graber) 9-21-1941, age 44, killed in auto accident near Defiance, Ohio
Cooley Frank, 8-16-1942, age 83, amputation of his foot and gangrene
Cooley Frank Mrs, 10-2-1942, age 73, heart attack at Avilla, bu Hopewell
Cornell Mamie Ervin, 6-9-1932
Crabill Donald, 3-5-1922, Reuel’s roommate at Purdue
Cramer Addie, 4-10-1933, sister of Joe, age 53
Cramer Arthur, 12-31-1925, heart trouble, age 68
Cramer Charles, 1-30-1921, Jesse’s father
Cramer Charles Mrs, 1-3-1913, mother of Jesse
Cramer Clara, 6-8-1942, age 79, cancer, at Swan, bu Swan Cemetery
Cramer Cora Worman, 4-19-1923, first wife of Joe Cramer, age 44
Cramer Frank, 11-11-1931, age 73y19d, heart trouble, Ethel Cobbs’ father
Cramer Frank Mrs, 4-28-1931, age 69y9m1d, Ethel Cobbs’ mother
Cramer Harrison, 3-6-1921, father of Mrs. Ed Gump
Cramer Harrison Mrs, 4-11-1925, Joe’s mother
Cramer John, 5-16-1924, brother of Mrs. Ed Gump, Amy Gorrell’s uncle
Cramer Mrs John (Isabell), 1-15-1940, age 73, apoplexy, funeral at Union Church, bu at Embry
Cramer Mrs, 1-26-1905
Cramer Stephen Mrs, 7-9-1936, age 90, mother of Morra Cramer
Cramer Tom, 8-10-1942, age 52, paralysis, Avilla, brother of Jesse
Crone Dora Whonsetler, 5-10-1932, heart trouble, Clyde’s sister
Crow Allie Miller Growcock, 2-18-1943, age 66, died of heart attack
Crow Joseph, 10-4-1937, age 52, complications, husband of Allie Miller
Croy Charley, 4-1-1938, age 69, kidney and bladder trouble
Croy Enoch Mrs, 2-8-1917, second wife
Cuney Joseph, 12-16-1936, age 82
Cuney Lewis, 4-11-1943, age 81, bu Swan
Cuney Lewis Mrs, 2-22-1917
Cuney Sadie (Mrs Albert) 7-13-1942, age 51, T.B. of bowels, west of LaOtto, bu at Riverview
Curry Naomi, 9-20-1931, Jennie’s mother’s sister
Custer William, 11-25-1939, funeral at Cedar Chapel, age 78, kidney trouble
Damand Bertha (Mrs Louis) 11-19-1942, age 61, paralysis, died at their home in Kville, bu Lake View
Dancer David Mrs, 10-18-1939, age 76, heart attack
Dancer George W, 4-25-1939, age 89, heart trouble, bu at Eel River
Dancer Hezekiah, 2-3-1907
Dancer Hezekiah Mrs, 5-27-1901
Darby Marian, 4-?-1910, daughter of Martin Bilger
Darby William, about 6-15-1936, husband of Marian Darby
Dawson Frank, 12-2-1942, age 85, near Richland Center, paralysis, bu Union Cemetery
Dawson Frank Mrs, 12-22-1943, age 84, bu in Union Cemetery
DeHoff Elizabeth, 2-24-1901
DeHoff Ocie, 11-2-1933, of Avilla, mother of Mrs. Chester Whonsetler, age 67
DePew Charles, 1-28-1939, age 74, heart trouble, southeast of Cedar Chapel, father of Isaiah
DePew Margaret, 12-9-1939, age 67, mother of Isaiah, bu at Cedar Chapel
Deveny Frank, 2-19-1938, age 69, hit by an automobile west of Auburn
Devoe Emma Alice Simon, 12-1-1935, age 21, uremic poisoning, daughter of Lesta Simon
Dickes Ann (Con), 5-15-1938, age 65, found dead in bed
Dickes Henry, 10-2-1931, age 61, died from dynamite explosion
Dilts Glenna Mae (Wappes), 8-29-1941, age 43, daughter of Jesse Wappes, bu Stough Cemetery
Ditmars Edward, 3-20-1932, b. 12-10-1850, near Salem Church
Ditmars Edward Mrs, 2-23-1920, cancer, mother of Treat
Ditmars Elmer, 3-31-1940, age 79, paralysis, bu in Cedar Chapel
Ditmars James, 9-22-1941, age 56, died at Treat Ditmars, brother, bu Eel River
Ditmars Jessie (Mrs Elmer), 11-25-1943, age 88, died at her old home, bu Cedar Chapel
Ditmars Pearl (Haswell), 11-10-1910, wife of Silas, half-sister of Frank Kniss
Ditmars, Blanche, 12-17-1918, 5y old, flu, daughter of Elmer
Dolan Peter Mrs, 11-6-1936, heart trouble, wife of Avilla merchant
Donaldson Lillian Catharine, 1-31-1943, age 54, wife of Rev. Donaldson, died at state hospital for insane
Douglas A J Mrs, 4-9-1939, age 91, wife of Rev. A J Douglas, died at Monroeville
Douglas John Elmer Dr, 9-23-1939, age 53, heart attack, associated with Garrett Clinic
Downend Walter, 9-30-1936, age 49, dropsy
Downing Don B VanFleit, 5-26-1939, age 77, manager of Garrett Telephone Co
Drake Frank, 5-2-1942, age 17, auto accident near Spencerville, son of Hugh
Drake Frank, 7-1-1929, age 76y7m11d, from blood clot on brain
Drake Geneva Lochner, 5-31-1942, wife of Hugh Drake, died at their home near St. Joe
Drake John Mrs, 4-16-1924, stepmother of Frank Drake
Drake Margaret, 4-1-1933, age 78y7m14d, Frank’s wife
Dressler Joanne Lucille, 4-28-1942, age 12, blood clot, daughter of Raymond Dressler west of Avilla
Dudley Charles, 2-27-1943, age 79, died at his home in Henderson, Ky
Dudley Gracia, 3-6-1904, daughter of John
Dudley Mary, 11-22-1940, age 85, died at Frank Elson’s, bu Evergreen Cemetery
Dudley Milton Mrs, 7-5-1901, Richard and Sam’s mother
Dudley Ray, 6-9-1906, son of John
Dudley Richard, 3-9-1928, died suddenly of heart failure, age 79y10m16d
Dudley Samuel, 10-?-1927, father of Mrs William Balliet
Dudley Samuel Mrs, 5-21-1929, diabetes, mother of Mrs. William Balliet
Dudley Vivian, 2-11-1923, pneumonia, daughter of John
Charles Mrs, 5-7-1940, age 48, heart trouble, second wife of Charles, bu Eel River
Esther, 3-10-1923, age 67, Oliver Simon’s sister
Duglay Fletcher, 8-15-1921, married to Esther Simon
Dumbaugh Charles, 5-20-1943, age 56, died of heart trouble, bu. Barnes Chapel Cemetery
Earhart Mollie (Scheff), 9-29-1941, age 53, suicide by hanging at Markle, bu at Markle
Hannah, 3-2-1905, died of burns at LaOtto
Elson Ethel Fair, 7-2-1935, age 45y, heart trouble, sister of Cleon Fair
Elson Martha Ellen, 7-29-1935, age 75, mother of Frank Elson
Embody Charles Mrs, 10-13-1905
Eminger --, 12-14-1922, consumption, husband of Fern Holman
Eminger Josh Mrs, 5-19-1919
Emrick Frank, 5-9-1939, age 63, blood poisoning, east of Huntertown
Englert A J, 6-11-1908, suicide by hanging at Swan
Englert Hazel Whan, 5-23-1939, age 49, wife of Spurgeon Englert, bu at Swan
Erickson Alice (Mrs Frank), 12-9-1918, aunt of Mrs. Arch Kugler
Erickson Infant of Kenneth, 7-4-1921
Erickson Thelma McCurdy, 3-11-1924, sister of Floyd McCurdy
Ervin Earl Mrs, 8-6-1921, formerly Echo Warner
Ervin Harry, 3-6-1901
Ervin James, 3-28-1913, father of Perry, age 83y2d
Ervin James Mrs, 10-14-1905, Perry’s mother
Ervin Perry, 4-30-1936, age 68y2m2d, thrown from a horse and killed
Ervin Walter, 12-23-1918, flu, son of Perry
Ervin William, 10-22-1905, Harry’s father
Ervin William Mrs, 9-24-1905
Fair Carl Mrs, 3-8-1901
Fair Cleon, 12-14-1932, paralysis, age 44
Fair Jonathan, 10-12-1909, father of Cleon
Fair Royas Mrs, 8-1-1909, sister-in-law of Mrs Ben Hawver
Fair William Mrs, 6-13-1912
Farmer John, 6-17-1921, Oll’s father
Farmer Sarah, 9-2-1937, age 84, of LaOtto, mother of Bert Farmer
Fensler Jacob, 12-13-1913, father of Frank (Buzz)
Finley Clarence, 6-7-1942, age 60, died suddenly at his home in Kendallville
Fischer Gertrude, 5-2-1940, age 37, apoplexy, wife of Ray Fischer, bu Catholic Cemetery Avilla
Fitch Amos, 11-2-1935, age 86, pneumonia
Fitzsimmons Amy Bolton, 1-23-1933
Fletter Wilbur Mrs, 8-16-1940, age 28, childbirth, twin girls, lived east of Claud Gorrell’s
Fogel Delno, 12-16-1928, father of Mrs. George Iler
Fogel Donald, 10-8-1936, age 4, killed by truck, son of Dexter
Fogel Gerry E (Ged), 10-4-1941, age 66, heart disease, died at Auburn, bu Fairview
Fogel Marriet, 2-15-1928, pneumonia, age 84y, mother of Grace Iler
Fogel Wint, 12-4-1917, killed by a train at Avilla
Fogle Frank, 2-4-1926, of Churubusco Monument business
Foster Grace Ervin (Mrs Ray) 10-14-1942, age 47, operation at Garrett Hospital, bu Swan
Fountain Sarah A, 10-8-1932
Frankenberg Pearl, 11-8 or 9-1936, died from gallstone operation, daughter of Laura Holman
Frankenberg Thomas, 4-27-1924, of Swan Center, stepfather of Mrs. John Cuney
Freeman Anna Gause (Mrs Clarence), 5-14-1943, age 56, a goiter operation, bu Fairview Cemetery
Freeman Clarence, 9-13-1934, age 47, accidentally shot with shotgun
Freeman Fran Mrs, 6-24-1902
Freeman Infant of Ray, 3-22-1931
Freeman Mary Catharine, 5-1-1940, age 79, mother of Murvin Freeman
Freeman Murvin, 1-2-1943, age 59, heart disease and goiter, Fairview Cemetery
Freeman William, 4-5-1928, heart failure, age 70y7m, Murvin Freeman’s father
Friberger A Z Rev, 7-17-1931, at Silver Lake
Fulks Nina, 2-6-1908, age 3y10m, burned to death, daughter of Milton
Gaff A E Rev, 5-15-1919
Gangler Peter A, 2-17-1937, age 67, heart trouble, justice of peace at Garrett
Garman A B Rev, 11-8-1924, at Kalamazoo, Mich.
Garstke Peter, 10-24-1921, father of Theodore
Gartske Antonia, 1-21-1941, age 88, mother of Theodore, bu at Ege
Gartske Frank, 11-21-1939, age 60, heart trouble, bu at Ege Cemetery
Gause George, 3-1-1911, of Roan, Ind., brother of Phillip
Gause John, 3-18-1922, age 30y10d, son of Philip
Gause John C, 5-27-1902, Philip’s father
Gause Philip, 10-1-1937, age 78, died from a fall in barn at Ellen Bridenstine’s
Gause Philip Mrs, 3-6-1930, age 68y6m20d, Floyd’s mother
Gause Purl, 10-21-1942, age 47, appendicitis, brother of Floyd, bu Fairview
Gehringer Ollie Brown, 4-20-1932, cancer, age 33y2m29d, sister of Don Brown
Geiger Lydia Worman, 2-17-1936, age 84, paralysis, mother of Terry Worman
Geller Harry, 6-15-1921, husband of Ida Nettenhiser, suicide
Gillette Emma, 12-3-1935, age 61
Gingery Ira A, 1-11-1937, age 80, formerly had a department store in Garrett
Glaw Elmer, 12-13-1918, son of Frank, flu
Glaw Nancy Fogel, 5-26-1932, age 59, wife of Frank Glaw
Glaw William, 6-26-1901, Took paris screen
Gorrell Earl, 8-24-1921, consumption, died in California
Gorrell Edna Zinn, 1-27-1926, wife of Claud Gorrell, age 32
Gorrell Hiram, 3-3-1927, brother of Winfield
Gorrell J B Mrs, 12-7-1906, mother of Edna and Maud
Gorrell John C, 9-16-1922, brother of Winfield
Gorrell Margaret Jane, 6-1-1933, mother of Harry and Claud, age 74y7m19d
Gorrell Rose, 1-11-1910, mother of Winfield, age 81
Gorrell Winfield, 11-7-1943, age 86, died after 2 ½ years of sickness, bu Cedar Chapel
Greenwalt Lettie, 12-16-1934, age 57y, flu, sister of Mrs. William Bryan
Greenwell Fannie, 5-28-1937, age 86, pneumonia, mother of Frank Greenwell
Grey small son of Mart, 12-30-1925, diphtheria
Griffen William, 6-17-1937, of Fort Wayne, former school teacher
Grim Metta Cone, 6-28-1939, wife of William Grim at Huntertown
Grim William A, 10-28-1942, age 80, heart attack at Huntertown
Grimm J P (Bond), 2-2-1943, age 74, fell from a ladder in Cedar, bu Cedar Chapel
Grimm Paul, 3-22-1941, age 38, drowned at Rome City through ice, brother of Mrs Charles Wappes
Grogg Jacob Mrs, 11-8-1921, mother of Alda Pepple
Grogg Perry, 10-29-1924, struck by an automobile near Huntertown
Grubb Albert, 1-14-1939, age 74, heart failure, lived at Cedar
Grube Alice, 6-14-1921, sister of Rich and Sam Dudley
Grube Henry, 6-15-1939, age 77, brother of Mrs Richard Dudley
Grube Savilla, 9-7-1933, age 82, sister of Richard and Samuel Dudley
Guiff Agnes Garstke, 6-13-1942, sister of Theo Garstke, died in Chicago, bu Ege
Guilford Laura Ann, 1-8-1936, age 78, senility
Guilford Myrtle, 3-12-1923, age 49y1m13d, T.B., wife of Neuman
Guilford Russell, 8-11-1924, ½ mile west of Cedar
Guilford Russell Mrs, 8-17-1942
Gump Art, 2-14-1916
Gump David Mrs, 6-2-1923, at Cedar, mother of Gerry
Gump Edwin, 3-31-1933, age 64, Amy Gorrell’s father
Gump Jeremiah, 11-18-1911, Dunkard preacher
Gump Jerry Mrs, 10-?0-1924, wife of Dunkard preacher
Gump Orpha (Mrs Ed), 6-5-1942, age 70, died at their home northwest of Swan, bu Hooper Cemetery
Guthrie Amy, 9-14-1921, Harvey’s mother, age 82y6m29d
Guthrie Charles, 9-26-1915, consumption of the glands, son of John
Guthrie Ebenezer, 12-30-1907, Harvey’s father
Guthrie Elmer, 6-12-1923, suicide by hanging, age 47, son of John
Guthrie Emma Ziegler (Mrs George) 11-8-1942, heart attack, Jefferson twp, bu Rehoboth
Guthrie George, 11-29-1907, brother of Ebenezer
Guthrie Ira Mrs, 11-16-1943, age 64, wife of Charles Guthrie
Guthrie John Mrs, 6-25-1901
Haag Dale, 4-26-1919, age 3, membranous croup, son of Lloyd
Haag Edina, 9-13-1941, age 65, hit by auto near Garrett, aunt of Lloyd, bu Cedar Chapel
Haag Eli, 12-14-1939, age 75, paralysis, near Sugar Grove, bu at Eel River
Haag Joel, 3-5-1907
Haag Mary (Schneider), 1-5-1937, age 68, stepsister of George Keyser
Haiflich Maurice, 6-25-1936, killed in auto accident meat truck driver 3 miles south of LaOtto
Hall Guy R, 1-7-1943, age 61, died near LaGrange, LaOtto school teacher
Hall Howard Mrs, 3-3-1923, age 40
Hall Lola (Carson), 6-7-1909
Hallet Lucius F, 6-3-1940, husband of Marie Hawver, at Chicago, cremated, buried at Denver, Col.
Haney Sophia (Jacobs) 11-21-1910, mother of Bernice Snyder, Jennie’s aunt
Hanson Clark, 3-6-1921, sleeping sickness
Hanson Elisha, 12-1-1905, age 88y5m, father of Meritt
Hanson Elisha Mrs, 11-29-1912, age 71y8m28d
Hanson Homer, 12-26-1937, age 67, sugar diabetes, at Traverse City, Mich.
Hanson Merritt, 1-22-1938, age 79, heart trouble, bu at Swan Cemetery
Hanson Merrit Mrs, 8-7-1907, first wife
Harp Oliver, 12-26-1933, age 74, brother of Mrs. John Farmer, burned to death
Harrod Newton, 6-30-1932, age 77, Lawrence’s father
Harrod Newton Mrs, 12-28-1932, age 66, Lawrence’s mother
Harrold Jacob, 9-4-1902, brother of Grandmother Yarian
Hart Guy Mrs, 10-14-1942, age 50, 2nd wife of Guy Hart, died at their home in Fort Wayne, bu Lake View
Hart Zora (Yarian) 6-6-1919, sister of Mrs. Charles Whonsetler
Harter Hester Ann, 12-12-1937, age 70, paralysis, buried at Cedar Chapel, mother of Virgil Harter
Harter James, 8-15-1933, father of Virgil, age 82
Hatch Herman, 7-6-1943, age 62, bu Huntertown
Hathaway Austin, 7-8-1918, son of Mrs. Ora Kohlman
Haverstick Daniel, 7-26-1903
Haverstick Jacob, 5-14-1910
Hawizen Jacob, 8-10-1936, age 62, northwest of Huntertown
Hawver Don, 3-22-1924, appendicitis, son of Benjamin
Hawver Eliza (Mrs Samuel), 9-21-1910, mother of Benjamin, age 77
Hawver Samuel, 1-22-1911, father of Ben and Sam, suicide, age 83y10m18d
Heckman Tony, 1-15-1940, age 47, poisoning, funeral and bu at Ege
Heffelfinger Chauncey, 11-6-1932
Heffelfinger Jacob, 4-4-1932, age 88y10m2d, paralysis, Jennie’s stepfather
Heffelfinger Mary Ann Iler, 9-11-1928, died at Busco, age 79y9m7d
Heitz David, 2-11-1924, died of heart failure at Garrett Elevator
Heitz David Mrs, 8-24-1932, age 74y
Heitz J Perry, 3-23-1940, age 69, paralysis, funeral at Butler Center, bu Cedar Chapel
Heitz Joseph, 1-16-1937, age 80y, paralysis
Heitz Joseph Mrs, 1-5-1926, ½ mile west of Butler Center
Herney Dorthy, 5-14-1900
Hiatt Cliff, 8-23-1934, age 51y, cripple
Hilkert Charles, 9-13-1933, age 62y, of Swan
Hilkert Curtis, 12-18-1934, age 49y, bronchial pneumonia, brother of Charles
Hilkert Edward S, 1-6-1936, age 58y, injuries from R.R. accident, uncle of Lila’s
Hinkley Helen Janette, 11-4-1935, age 75y, paralysis, mother of Bert Hinkley
Hixon Bennet Mrs, 5-16-1924, mother of Forest Hixon
Hobaugh --, 9-30-1915
Hobaugh Marian, 3-10-1922
Hogue Albert, 11-23-1934, age 85, heart trouble
Hogue Francis Mrs, 3-27-1923, consumption, age 30y5m19d, died in Arizona
Hogue Hannah Kugler, 7-31-1933, wife of Albert Hogue, age 72y7m
Hogue James, 7-17-1931, age 79, father of Arthur
Hogue Lodema Smith, 5-28-1929, second wife of John Hogue at Cedar, mother of Frank Smith
Hogue Pearl, 2-16-1920, age 5, pneumonia, daughter of Francis
Holbrook Carroll, 9-2-1940, age 63, bad heart and bad liquor in Calif., bu in Cedar Chapel
Holbrook Clara, 8-19-1937, age 38, miscarriage, wife of Ports Holbrook
Holbrook Elsworth, 12-28-1929, died from having a tooth pulled, age 11y9m, son of Ports
Holbrook Henry, 1-10-1940, age 88, uremic poisoning, bu at Cedar Chapel
Holbrook Lee, 9-23-1922, Ports’ father
Holbrook Lee Mrs, 11-21-1912, age 50y4m
Holbrook Lyman, 2-3-1919, son of Lee
Holbrook Lyman Mrs, 1-24-1904, mother of Henry and Lee
Holbrook Maggie (Stonestreet), 5-7-1917, wife of Sanford
Holbrook Paul, 7-15-1937, age 21, hurt in auto accident, son of Osie Kelham Holbrook
Holbrook Sanford, 4-1-1924, brother of Henry L
Holbrook Sarah Della Kenton, 8-19-1941, age 46, second wife of Ports Holbrook, bu Cedar Chapel
Hollis Joseph, 5-23-1942, age 55, at Garrett Hospital from a fall in a gravel pit hopper
Holman James, 10-3-1925, husband of Laura Ervin Holman at Bethlehem
Holman Laura, 2-7-1938, age 66, died at Ray Foster’s, funeral and bu at Bethlehem
Holman Philip, 10-21-1933, of Auburn, pneumonia, age 58
Holmes George Mrs (Ellen), 3-24-1935, age 73
Holmes George W, 12-3-1917
Holmes Milton Mrs, 6-2-1907
Hooper John, 1-12-1926, at Avilla
Hoot James, 2-11-1920
Hoover David, 4-2-1917, at Garrett
Hoover Lina, 10-4-1937, age 79, lived in Swan
Hosler Catharine, 3-26-1933, age 82y5d, mother of Charles
Hosler Charles, 9-22-1943, age 66, heart trouble, Huntertown Cemetery
Hosler Pierce, 5-18-1912, father of Charles
Hosler William, 9-1-1938, age 64, heart trouble, streets of Busco, bu Huntertown
Houser Adam Mrs, 1-31-1904
Houser David, 1-29-1915, grandfather of Frank Weller
Houser Gideon, 2-6-1903
Houser Henry L, 1-11-1932, age 79, Clarence’s father
Houser Katie Ann, 1-4-1939, age 76, mother of Mrs. Dan Pepple
Houser Olive (Mrs Henry), 1-31-1943, age 87, pneumonia, bu Cedar Chapel
Huffman Martin Mrs, 3-21-1932, heart asthma, age 74, sister of Mrs. Richard Dudley
Hunt Jennie, 3-15-1923, age 80y, mother of Mrs. George Rhodes
Hurni Margaret, 1-?-1926, sister of John Smith
Iler Oliver P, 5-26-1912, age 68y1m15d
Iler Samuel (uncle) 12-20-1916, age 74y9m10d, buried at Zanesville Ind.
Ish Mary Sidwell, 11-22-1943, age 60, heart ailment, bu Waterloo Cemetery
Jackson Catharine, 5-22-1913
Jackson Elizabeth, 6-11-1902, first marriage to Uncle Sam Yarian
Jackson Eva Harvey Treesh, 1-22-1941, age 67, sister of Mrs Chris Miller, bu Union Cemetery
Jackson Gill, 1-17-1941, age 75, bu Cedar Chapel
Jackson Gill Mrs, 1-17-1919, mother of Andrew
Jackson Laura Cuney, 11-9-1931, died from childbirth, sister of Agnes Rich
Jackson Myron, 2-5-1916, father of David
Jackson Rebecca, 7-20-1933, mother of Mrs. Chris Miller, age 84y2m11d
Jacobs Carl, 9-18-1943, age 41, died of injuries accident Mayflower Mills
Jacobs Elijah, 1-20-1915, Jennie’s grandfather
Jacobs Frank, 1-9-1933, age 79y4m26d, Jennie’s uncle at Zanesville
Jacobs Irene, 11-12-1939, age 82, heart disease, wife of Frank Jacobs, bu at Zanesville
Jacobs Simon Peter, 3-6-1921, foreign missionary, Jennie’s great-uncle
Jarrett Arthur, 2-19-1907, brother of Mrs. V C Simon
Jarrett Bertha Cramer, 4-26-1938, age 61, bu at Cedar Chapel
Jarrett Infant of Lonnie, 3-1-1931, age 13m
Jellison F B, 3-25-1915, father of Harry
Johnson Denny Mrs, 7-25-1940
Jordan Benjamin, 3-2-1939, age 37, husband of Eva Sible Jordan
Jordan Milia, 12-19-1940, age 68, 3 miles south of Avilla, funeral and bu at Swan
Jordan William, 5-3-1939, age 66, paralysis, bu at Swan, father of Leslie
Kain Calvin C, 5-29-1939, age 50, heart trouble, bu at Woodlawn
Kain J S, 1-11-1936, age 81, father of Calvin Kain
Kain J S Mrs, 6-19-1925, mother of Calvin
Kelham George, 5-18-1938, age 76, apoplexy
Kelham Joseph, 6-8-1936, age 79, uremic poisoning, father of Ed
Kemery Jacob, 3-31-1939, age 66, suicide by shooting at St John
Kemery Marion, 9-7-1941, age 32, auto accident near St. Johns
Kemery Mrs, 1-18-1910
Kenton Eva, 11-15-1942, age 70, mother-in-law of Ports Holbrook 2nd wife
Keplinger Frank, 2-23-1904, Jennie’s uncle
Kerrick David, 2-1-1935, age 80, died in Florida
Kidd Kenneth, 9-16-1900
King Ira, 11-8-1904
King Ira Mrs, 6-7-1907,
King Sarah Elizabeth, 3-16-1937, age 82, at Garrett, mother of Albert King
Kinsey Henry, 11-6-1911, husband of Martha
Kinzie Martha, 6-3-1923, sister of Oliver Simon
Kisler Ruth, 3-26-1934, age 21y15d, twin
Kistler Adam, 5-24-1936, age 75, kidney trouble
Kistler Bonnie Lou, 10-23-1940, age 10, killed when auto was struck by train at Decatur, daughter
Kistler Carole June, 10-23-1940, age prob. 2, daughter of Earnest, killed by train at Decatur, granddaughter
Kistler Harley, 10-23-1940, age 58, killed when auto was struck by train at Decatur
Kistler Marvilla, 10-23-1940, age 46, killed when auto was struck by train at Decatur, wife
Kleckner H C Rev, 9-22-1931, was found dead at South Whitley, age 53
Kleckner Jessie, 8-18-1933, of Constantine, Mich., wife of Rev. H. C. Kleckner
Klemm Otto and son, 5-24-1911, burned in house at Swan
Klinger Levi, 3-25-1928,
Klingler M E Dr, 6-19-1943, age 67, heart attack, bu Union Cemetery
Klingler M E Mrs Dr, 6-18-1923, cancer
Knepper Mable Simon, 12-29-1933, age just 43, daughter of Silas Simon
Knight James, 12-24-1900
Knisely Ronald, 2-17-1909, son of Joe
Knisely William Mrs, 4-14-1925, mother of Joe
Knisley James, 8-29-1934, age 84, father of Mrs. George Sloffer
Knisley John, 4-3-1924, first husband of Vada McCurdy Knisley
Knisley William, 2-3-1918, father of Joseph
Kniss Donald, 1-9-1909, son of Samuel, age 13y
Kniss Emma, 1-11-1916, mother of Frank, age 76y3m4d
Kniss Harvey, 12-10-1917, father of Mrs Ira Young, age 78
Kniss Samuel, 11-5-1943, brother of Mrs Dessie Young, died suddenly, lived in Oklahoma
Kniss Sophia (Provines), 7-5-1933, mother of Mrs. Ira Young, age 81y9m22d, infirmities of old age
Knott Fred Mrs, 11-26-1922
Koenig Frederick, 6-28-1939, age 82, father of Fred
Koons Mary, 5-5-1938, age 92, sister of Albert Hogue
Koons Mary, 6-5-1937, age 87, heart trouble
Kostielney John, 3-6-1938, age 49, hung himself, near Ege
Krouse Dr, 5-?-1935, age 60, heart trouble and dropsy, father-in-law of Reuel Guthrie
Krumlauf Cyrus, 1-8-1904, father of Schuyler
Krumlauf Cyrus Mrs, 10-5-1909, mother of Schuyler
Kugler Anthony, 8-6-1909, Hannah Hogue’s father, 81y11m-d
Kugler Anthony Mrs (Sonner), 3-19-1923, paralysis, LaOtto
Anthony Mrs, 3-5-1918, mother of Joseph
Kugler August, 3-22-1933, age 56, bachelor
Kugler Bertha Rhodes, 5-18-1939, age 60, wife of Sam Kugler, bu at Eel River
Kugler Joseph Mrs, 11-12-1922, mother of Archie
Kuhlman Ora, 1-21-1938, age 75, died from the effects of burns, Churubusco
Kuhlman Ora Mrs, 8-19-1933, mother of Ray
Kuhns William, 11-30-1905
LaFevor Cora Ann, 12-28-1943, age 73, mother of Mrs Ollie Farmer, bu Eel River
LaFevor Edna Heitz, 4-19-1922, consumption, daughter of David Heitz
LaKeever Leslie and 3 children, 12-27-1940, died from gasoline explosion at Huntertown
Landis Cora, 2-26-1910, Jennie’s aunt
Landis Stephen, 6-7-1910, shot himself, married to Jennie’s Aunt Cora
Lanigor Hosie, 12-19-1942, age 70, heart trouble, Don Brown brother-in-law, bu Eel River
Leiter Abraham Mrs, 1-22-1915, mother of Clarence
Leiter Roy Mrs, 4-13-1924
Leiter Sarah (Kugler), 7-26-1943, age 78, asthma, bu in Huntertown Cemetery
Lemish Joseph Mrs, 3-10-1936, age 56
Lige Ida Grube, 11-23-1939, age 61, suicide by hanging, south of Auburn, Thanksgiving
Lobdell John, 12-23-1921
Lobdell John Mrs, 6-17-1921
Lobdell Wallace (Fat), 7-17-1939, age 36, anemia, died at Garrett Hospital, bu at Cem
Lockhart Ray Mrs, 5-27-1924, killed by a train at Avilla depot
Long John E, 8-24-1919, age 68y2m23d, heart trouble
Long Sarah (Plank) 9-20-1911, killed at Butler Center by interurban car
Lothner Ray, 11-8-1922, unsound mind
Loutzenhiser Amos, 8-14-1943, age 71, paralysis, bu in Union Cemetery
Loutzenhiser William Frank, 11-26-1938, age 68, found dead in bed, northwest of Garrett
Lumm Mike Mrs, 9-7-1915, sister of Mrs. Jesse Bilger
Lung Albert, 12-14-1941, age 59, died at Walter Lung’s, bu Cedar Chapel
Lung Albert Mrs, 7-12-1907
Lung Catharine (Mrs Albert), 1-26-1943, age 66, mother of Walter Lung, bu Cedar Chapel
Lung Francis Mrs, 6-21-1937, age 84, sister of Mrs. Albert Thrush
Lung Tom Mrs, 5-9-1940, age 72, lived on DeKalb-Allen Co Line, bu Cedar Chapel
Lyons Alfred, 7-26-1933, of Swan
Madden Bobby, 9-7-1941, killed in same accident with Marion Kemery, baby
Mallon Frona Fulk, 6-2-1928, killed from effects of auto accident
Mallon Infant twin of Frank, 11-10-1941, age 8 days
Maloney Lorenia Kugler Fulk, 1-23-1942, age 76, d/o David Yarian near Huntertown, bu. Eel River
Markle Sarah (Roller), 4-29-1935, age 78y
Marsh Dolphia Hogue, 3-10-1939, age 53, dropsy, bu at Cedar Chapel
Marsh Infant son of James, 11-28-1923
Marsh Jule Mrs, 5-9-1918, mother of Francis Hogue’s first wife
Martin Charles P, 2-10-1938, age 62, heart trouble, bu at Union Cemetery
Martin Clifford, 1-23-1936, age 73, diabetes, of Garrett
Martin Cyril, 9-2-1931, died from burns from gas explosion at Midway Inn
Mathew Charley, 4-16-1925, brother of Edward, suicide by shooting
Mathews Edward, 8-6-1930, age 50y, barber, probably bad liquor
Mathews Samuel, 6-18-1937, age 81, suicide by shooting at Churubusco
Mathews Samuel Mrs, 1-8-1935, died at Churubusco
McBride Marion and family, 1-24-1936, auto hit by train, father, mother and 9 children killed
McCloe A F Mrs, 1-9 or 10, 1919, wife of Rev. McCloe
McCloe A F Rev, 7-4-1941, age 87, died near Fort Wayne, bu at Eel River
McCombs Morton, 4-19-1942, age 80, heart attack, father of Vern
McCurdy Miles Curtis, 3-29-1933, age 71y11m30d, heart disease
McCurdy Nora, 5-5-1928, kidney trouble, age 64, wife of M. C. McCurdy
McDermit Walter, 12-?-1928, second husband of Ila Heffelfinger
McDuffee Clara, 11-8-1936, age 77, mother of Joe McDuffee
McGuire Ira, 10-23-1943, age 75, father of Elizabeth Yarian, bu Eel River
McGuire Ira Mrs, 9-21-1937, asthma, mother of Mrs. Willard Yarian
Mendenhall Cora, 12-24-1931, cancer, mother of Argyl Mendenhall, 58
Mendenhall Dexter, 6-11-1929, at Huntertown, Grace Iler’s uncle
Mendenhall Vietta, 3-13-1904, Grace Iler’s grandmother
Mengus Frank, 6-15-1940, age 66, heart attack near Cedar Chapel, buried Cedar Chapel
Merica William, 9-8-1915
Miller Albert T, 10-30-1917, husband of Mary (Reehling) Miller
Miller Emma Jackson, 3-1-1930, cancer, age 52y3m23d, wife of Christ Miller
Miller Grace E, 10-23-1939, age 46, diabetes, wife of Claude Miller, bu at Cedar Chapel
Miller Jacob, 4-17-1925, Claud’s father, near New Era, age 88y5m12d
Miller James, 3-28-1940, age 72, heart trouble, bu Avilla
Miller John, 5-16-1919, husband of Cora Beard Miller
Miller John, 8-23-1908, Effie Hawver’s father, age 82y3m-d
Miller John Mrs (Polly), 1-12-1906, first wife of John
Miller Joshua, 10-2-1934, age 82, father of Christopher Miller
Miller Sarah Amos Warner, 8-1-1921, first married Uncle Jacob Simon, second wife of John Miller
Miller Sarah Elizabeth, 6-23-1935, age 61, sister of Mrs. Francis Truelove
Miller William Mrs, 1-31-1906, mother of Andrew
Minnick Mrs Dr, 9-14-1924, formerly Mrs. John Stonestreet, David’s mother
Montooth Alex, 4-30-1935, age 68, at Auburn
Montooth Ella, 10-26-1935, age 64, cancer, Mrs. Elex Yarian
Montooth J B Mrs, 1-4-1907
Montooth Stella Sloffer, 3-26-1905, wife of Evert, consumption
Moore Fanny, 4-25-1907, sister of Lily Hosler
Moore Howard, 9-16-1934, age 81, father of Lillie Hosler, neuralgia of the heart, buried at Hopewell
Moree Frank Mrs, 6-13-1919, struck by lightning
Morland Flora, 1-31-1928, New Lisbon, O., daughter of David Yarian
Morland Horace, 5-5-1931, at New Lisbon, O., husband of Flora Yarian Morland
Moudy Ellen J, 3-?-1936, age 82, mother of Walter Moudy
Moudy John, 12-7-1936, age 63, found dead in yard, brother of Walter
Muhn Minnesota, 1-16-1939, age 67, diabetes, wife of George Muhn, Auburn
Muhn Rolland Mrs, 1-22-1936, age 47, burned at Silver Moon Dance Hall
Myers Dan Mrs, 7-20-1942, died at Garrett Hospital
Myers Kay Ellen, 12-31-1936, age 1, granddaughter of Myers on the George Perry farm
Myers Morris, 5-23-1935, age 19, ran over by tractor, son of Dan
Namara Nellie Beard, 3-25-1943, age 50, abscess on brain, bu Fairview Cemetery
Neal Neva, 2-10-1942, age 51, daughter of Mrs. Christ Simon, auto accident at Fairbanks Corner
Nelson Aaron, 5-10-1931, age 80, at Notoway, Mich.
Niman Gertie, 10-19-1935, age 21, pneumonia, wife of Earl Niman
Niman Wesley, 4-16-1929, heart failure, died at County Farm
Nobert Arthur, 5-4-1933, special friend of Ethel Cobbs, age 42y
Noel John C, 12-12-1943, age 75, heart ailment
Noel Perry, 2-14-1937, age 81, north of Butler Center 1 mile
Noel Perry Mrs, 1-17-1935, age 69y3m7d, goiter, 2 miles south of Garrett
Noel Philip Mrs, 12-14-1903, mother of Perry
Ober David, 8-10-1931, age 67, heart failure at Cedar, brother of Perry
Ober Levi Mrs, 5-6-1904, mother of Perry
Ober Sadie, 5-3-1941, age 65, heart disease, Cedar, bu at Cedar Chapel
Offord Basil, 12-2-1935, pneumonia, husband of Fay Truelove
Parish Joseph Mrs, 10-13-1907
Parish Stephen E, 8-24-1938, age 86, Fort Wayne, bu Huntertown
Parrish George, 11-26-1904
Pence Kary E, 11-21-1937, age 71, blood clot, bu in Cedar Chapel
Pepple Albert, 1-17-1917, age 70
Pepple Albert Mrs, 10-10-1925
Pepple Forrest, 2-7-1908, son of James - was smothered
Pepple Joseph, 4-21-195
Pepple Joseph Mrs, 1-19-1902
Pepple Lydia, 3-25-1924, paralysis, mother of Jim and William, 67y
Pepple Mary Whan, 5-19-1935, age 47, wife of James Pepple
Pequignot James, 3-22-1928, age 64y10m14d, first husband of Lenna Bilger
Perkins Mrs, 11-9-1932, Ellis’s mother-in-law, 85
Perlich Anna, 8-3-1939, age 32, wife of Lloyd Perlich, after effects of flu, bu at Eel River
Perry Amy Dice, 5-16-1935, age 74, bronchial pneumonia, wife of J F Perry
Perry J French, 4-22-1933
Perry Rose, 1-15-1928, at Churubusco, age 91
Peters Infant of Thomas, 12-20-1918, flu
Peters Raymond, 10-16-1931, age 24y8m4d, killed in auto accident
Pettit Heber, 11-24-1934, age 85, Butler Center
Pfleidner Amanda, 12-12-1937, age 73, mother of Art Pfleidner, buried at Mt. Pleasant
Pomeroy James, 10-28-1922, attorney, Auburn
Port Wiley, 8-15-1935, plane crash in Alaska
Post Josephine, 1-30-1930, at Fenville, Mich., Winfield Gorrell’s sister
Potter Arthur Mrs, 9-16-1934, of Ari, operation
Potter Charles, 9-10-1900
Pound Aaron, 10-4-1934, age 48, died of T.B., husband of Artie Weller
Powers Roger Paul, 10-2-1943, age 42, kidney trouble, husband of Izola Simon, lived at Albion, Mich.
Preston Harvey, 6-9-1923, north of Swan
Preston James Mrs, 1-14-1921
Preston Sadie, 8-3-1939, age 71, wife of Harvey Preston, Swan Cemetery, lived northwest of Swan
Pulver Gibson, 10-18-1916
Pulver John Mrs, 6-26-1934, age 77, in LaOtto
Pulver Lily (Harrod), 5-11-1910, wife of Jud
Ramsten Henry, 4-26-1911
Randall Sumner, 1-17-1926, at Kendallville, old merchant at Avilla
Rappold Martin, 10-3-1940, died in Fort Wayne, buried at Duluth, Minn.
Ray Grant, 11-7-1938, age 71, Avilla, brother-in-law of Bert Farmer
Redden Alfred Mrs, 10-17-1932, Jennie’s aunt
Redding Angeline, 1-2-1921, Jennie’s aunt
Rediger B E Rev, 11-22-1931, pastor of Gospel Temple, Fort Wayne, appendicitis
Reehling Mary, 11-21-1924, cancer, age 80, mother of William Reehling
Reehling William, 8-19-1943, age 75, died suddenly, bu Lindenwood
Reever Catharine (Kate), 1-6-1937, age 48, paralysis, sister of Murvin Freeman
Rehling Lena, 11-7-1904, Mary Miller’s sister
Reinoehl Frank, 2-15-1943, age 61, died at his home in Lisbon, bu Fairfield Cemetery
Renkenbeger Horace, 4-13-1933
Renkenberger Benjamin Mrs, 9-20-1903
Renkenberger Horace Mrs, 1-11-1940, lived south of Hopewell
Repine Homer Mrs, 11-10-1934, died very suddenly, west of Swan
Reyher Christopher, 4-22-1922, Garrett (merchant)
Reyher Christopher Dr, 2-12-1936, age 55, killed by train at Gary, formerly of Garrett
Reyher John, 12-28-1941, a dry goods and clothing merchant at Garrett
Rhodes Bertha Yarian, 10-6-1943, age 68, wife of John Rhodes, bu Avilla Cemetery
Rhodes Daniel, 3-6-1920, pneumonia, father of Jesse and Henry
Rhodes George, 2-26-1932, age 76, father of Fred
Rhodes George Mrs, 12-23-1905, first wife of George, mother of Charles and Theodore
Rhodes George Mrs, 6-14-1934, age 56, second wife of George Rhodes, mother of Fred Rhodes
Rhodes Henry Mrs, 6-28-1914, mother of Dalton and Frank
Rhodes Infant son of Dalton, 9-30-1940, age 7 days at Garrett Hospital, born without a rectum
Rhodes Jacob, 10-3-1925, father of Louis
Rhodes Jacob (Jesse), 10-12-1939, age 72, bachelor, funeral at Lutheran Church, bu Huntertown
Rhodes John, 1-15-1912, brother of Dan and Jacob
Rhodes John, 5-21-1919, struck by a train at Kendallville, Willis’ father, Henry’s brother
Rhodes Josephine, 5-24-1938, age 81, cancer, mother of Louis Rhodes, bu Huntertown
Rich Frank, 4-30-1938, brother of Aunt Anna Yarian, bu at Eel River
Rich Ida, 9-28-1943, age 75, pneumonia, bu Huntertown Cemetery
Rich Olive, 6-5-1935, age 85, sister of Frank Whan
Rich Waldo, 5-25-1934, age 41, gored by an angry bull
Rinard William, 3-16-1919
Ringwalt Charles, 5-28-1938, age 77, paralysis, second husband of Mina Fair
Ringwalt Wilhelmina Fair, 4-7-1939, age 74, paralysis, bu at Huntertown
Rodebush Thomas, 8-24-1931, in LaOtto
Rodebush Thomas Mrs, 5-14-1930, age 79, in LaOtto
Rogers Clarence, 6-27-1918, husband of Nora (Hogue) Rogers
Rogers William, 8-15-1935, plane crash in Alaska
Roos John, 2-24-1936, age 68, died from effects of burns, former Avilla undertaker
Rosenberger Arthur, 6-29-1934
Rosenberger Frank, 1-1-1937, age 81, father of Mrs. William Bryan
Rosenberger Frank Mrs (Emma), 5-10-1934, age 77y4d, paralysis, mother of Mrs. William Bryan
Rosenberger Mary, 7-8-1939, age 75, cancer, bu at Huntertown, wife of Albert Rosenberger
Rosenberger May, 10-31-1903, daughter of Albert
Rosenberger Samuel, 7-22-1923, brother of Albert
Ross George, 5-16-1906
Ross Harvey, 12-15-1909, 67y3m15d
Ross Harvey Mrs, 6-23-1900
Rowe Blanche, 12-11-1916, age 20, killed when auto was struck by interurban south of Butler Center
Rowe Ellen, 12-11-1916, age 16, killed when auto was struck by interurban south of Butler Center
Rowe Golda, 3-31-1936, age 49, goiter operation, wife of Bert Rowe
Rowe John Mrs, 12-11-1916, age 50, killed when auto was struck by interurban south of Butler Center
Rowe Warren, 12-11-1916, age 36, killed when auto was struck by interurban south of Butler Center
Rumbaugh Fanny, 8-11-1934, age 62
Rumbaugh Harry, 2-22-1939, age 50, pneumonia, bu at Albion
Runion Noah, 2-12-1940, age 63, heart attack
Sands Mary, 2-15-1918, mother of Mrs. George Bilger, age 92
Sceff Bell, 6-29-1934, Jennie’s aunt at Markle
Schenher Frank, 12-2-1920, killed by a train at Ari
Scheurich Samuel, 7-9-1933, lived near Ed Smith’s, age 61, paralysis
Scheurich Stella Cramer, 8-8-1930, near Hopewell, sister of Ethel Cobbs
Schopf Boston, 1-29-1934, lived south of Garrett
Schug Eber, 8-20-1940, age 61, cancer, died at Marcellus, Mich., husband of Gorrell
Schwartz John G, 3-31-1939, age 64, husband of Eunice Guthrie
Schwink William, 5-6-1942, auto accident with John Garstke near Huntertown
Settlemeyer James, 1-6-1928, paralysis, age 82y6d, at Zanesville, Jennie’s uncle
Settlemyer Ellen (aunt), 10-15-1930, age 79y2m5d, uraemic poisoning
Shaffer Harman, 11-4-1939, age 67
Shank Thomas David, 4-18-1943, age 11m, son of Cecil Shank, Swan Cemetery
Sharpless W W, 3-4-1942, age 75, attorney at Garrett, paralysis
Sheets All Mrs, 4-20-1925
Sheets Benjamin Mrs, 3-14-1907, mother of John
Sheets Elizabeth (aunt) 4-14-1922, high blood pressure, age 64y8m
Sheets John (uncle by marriage), 3-15-1931, paralysis, age 75y10m27d
Sheets William, 2-24-1939, age 78, brother of Aunt Lucy Sheets
Sheff Mike, 8-15-1929, suicide by shooting, husband of Aunt Belle Sheff
Shenk Flora, 2-27-1914, son of Henry, suicide by shooting
Shenk Grace Ditmars, 12-15-1940, age 44, cancer, funeral at Wesleyan Church, bu Cedar Chapel
Shenk Henry, 2-16-1942, age 86, home in Cedar, bu in Cedar Chapel
Shenk Rebecca, 7-27-1926, wife of Uriah, dropsy
Shenk Urias, 11-27-1938, age 75, funeral at Butler Center, bu at Cedar Chapel
Shive Rebecca, 11-29-1903, mother of Daniel
Shoaff Charles, 8-28-1918, cancer, father of Henry and Manda
Shoaff Charles Mrs, 12-19-1906
Shoaff Henry, 9-7-1939, died at County Farm, Albion, bu Swan Cemetery
Shoaff John, 11-26-1916, brother of Henry
Shoaff Manda, 1-20-1941, age 70, died at Frank Fogel’s, bu at Swan
Shoemaker Frank, 1-12-1914, husband of Mary (Barnes) Shoemaker
Shoemaker Mary Barnes, 2-28-1935, age 63y6m21d, cancer, sister-in-law of Jennie Barnes
Shontz Charles, 12-16-135, age 75, died in Alberta, Canada
Shontz Charles Mrs, 10-29-1901
Shontz Jacob, 1-24-1900
Shontz Jacob Mrs, 11-25-1905, Mrs. Joseph Dudley’s mother
Shoup Charley, 9-1-1941, died near Zanesville
Simon Abbie (Mrs Charles) 11-18-1943, age 87, bu in Woodlawn Cemetery
Simon Abigail (Mrs Moses), 8-28-1911, aunt
Simon Abraham Mrs, 12-22-1913
Simon Ann, 11-16-1912, mother of Lydia Kelham
Simon Baby of Lesta, 2-15-1908, 18m old
Simon Benjamin, 10-31-1933, of near Huntertown, broken back, age 58
Simon Carl, 12-6-1936, age 52, heart trouble, half-brother of Clair Simon
Simon Charles, 5-23-1931, father of Gay and Cleon
Simon Charles (uncle), 7-6-1915, paralysis, age 76y1m11d
Simon Christ Mrs, 2-10-1942, age 34, daughter-in-law of C C Simon, auto accident at Fairbanks Corner
Simon Clarence (Corb), 5-22-1940, age 67, died at Kendallville
Simon Cleo, 6-17-1936, age 30, killed in auto accident 3 miles north of Fort Wayne
Simon Cornelia, 8-25-1930, age 69
Simon Dale Rev, 7-21-1943, son of Guy, Nazarene preacher, bu Fort Wayne
Simon David, 11-21-1918, died in the state of Washington
Simon Elizabeth Cooley (Mrs Oliver), 5-18-1942, age 85, died at Calvin Cooley’s, bu Hopewell
Simon Ellis, 10-16-1933, died at Bloomingdale, Mich., age 58y10m9d
Simon Hugh, 12-18-1903, brother of Lesta
Simon J J Dr, 10-18-1916, age 70
Simon Jonas, 2-16-1907
Simon Joseph, 2-14-1908, cancer, age 63y4m5d
Simon Joseph H, 2-24-1927, age 73y5m-d, father of Lodie
Simon Josephine (Adair) 12-19-1913, second wife of Charles
Simon Keith Allen, 11-3-1930, obstruction of bowels, age 7m
Simon Lew Mrs, 2-8-1906, sister-in-law of Ben and Burl Simon
Simon Lois, 5-3-1933, ½ mile south of Huntertown, James’ wife
Simon Lottie, 10-3-1900
Simon Mary Ann, 9-23-1924, age 78y10m13d, paralysis
Simon May, 1-6-1911, daughter of Charles, age 30y11m12d
Simon Moses (uncle) 9-11-1915, age 92y8m29d
Simon Oliver, 2-9-1937, age 85, died at Avilla
Simon Ora Potter, 2-7-1905, wife of Arthur
Simon Rachel, 6-1-1904, wife of Jonathan
Simon Ray, 1-21-1917, age 24y6m, son of V C
Simon Silas, 4-1-1921, father of Mrs. Enid Deibele
Simon Susie, 8-17-1942, mother of Lodie and Ina
Simon Tyle Mrs, 1-13-1909
Singrey Frank, 6-7-1937, age 81, of Fort Wayne, brother-in-law of Sam and Ben Hawver
Sites Ocea May, 1-8-1942, age 67, died at Fort Wayne, bu at Cedar Chapel
Sites William, 1-12-1937, age 75, husband of Oca Holbrook Sites
Sithen Ella, 9-8-1919, age 55y6m1d
Sithen Ethel, 8-2-1907
Sithen Herman, 10-27-1931, age 77
Sithen Raymond, 1-20-1913,
Skiles George, 11-17-1942, age 79, died at his home in Fort Wayne, bu Lindenwood
Slater S E Rev, 4-6-1930, age 70, died near Columbia City, died suddenly
Sloffer Charles, 12-26-1939, age 77, bu at Huntertown
Sloffer Henry, 9-9-1901, Lucille Gause’s father, typhoid fever
Sloffer John, 7-31-1940, age 25, infantile paralysis, son of Milo
Sloffer John, 9-25-1919, father of Carroll
Sloffer Margaret (Mrs George), 7-26-1939, age 50, tumor operation at Columbia City, bu at Eel River
Sloffer Rebecca, 2-24-1932, age 82, mother of Carl
Sloffer Rebecca, 4-12-1923, mother of Benjamin
Smith Bert, 1-7-1937, 2 miles east of LaOtto
Smith Emma (Wells), 6-11-1936, age 64, heart attack, wife of Charles Smith
Smith Ethel, 10-30-1904, daughter of Charles, unsound mind, invalid
Smith Florence, 12-11-1932, wife of (Buck) Florence Smith
Smith Florence (Buck), 1-6-1935, age 73, heart trouble
Smith Fred, 12-19-1910, southwest of Garrett
Smith Guy Mrs, 9-21-1910, killed in an interurban wreck
Smith Henry Mrs, 3-5-1911, mother of John Smith and Mrs Hurni
Smith Henry T, 12-27-1912, age 63, father of Frank
Smith Homer, 1-30-1936, age 54, brother of Webster
Smith Infant of John, 9-30-1904, smothered coming home from Kendallville Fair
Smith Jennie, 3-4-1914, daughter of Henry Worman
Smith John, 4-8-1924, of Busco, died in Maysville Cemetery
Smith Marian, 9-10-1921, son of Charles, age 25
Smith Ralph, 6-16-1921, drowned, son of Tony and Blanch Renkenberger Smith
Smith Samuel, 10-25-1929, Lilas’ grandfather
Smith Samuel Mrs, 2-21-1924, Lila’s grandmother
Smith Thomas, 7-13-1936, age 91, father of Mrs. Bert Smith
Smith Thomas Mrs, 8-30-1925, mother of Mrs. Ellen Smith
Smith Velma, 10-9-1913
Snyder Bernice, 2-19-1928, paralysis, Jennie’s first cousin
Snyder Peter, 12-15-1909, 77y10m12d
Snyder Peter, 5-19-1936, age 85, mother of George Keyser
Snyder William, 5-6-1928, father of Maggie Snyder
Soellinger Joseph, 7-19-1935, age 68, uremic poisoning
Sollenberger Curtis Mrs, 6-28-1912
Starmer Malachi, 4-1-1932, age 88, died at the County Farm
Steffen Frank Mrs, 4-12-1940, age 58, cancer of liver, bu Roselawn Cemetery Auburn
Stewart Addison, 8-24-1934, age 80, Garrett merchant
Stewart Blanche Drake, 4-15-1938, age 50, diabetes, funeral at Avilla, bu at Swan Cemetery
Stewart Harry, 2-8-1937, age 68y, from blood clot, brother-in-law of Charles Whonsetler
Stewart James Mrs, 3-30-1932, gangrene, age 76y, Alice Harter’s mother
Stewart John, 2-20-1933, age 88y, father of Ralph
Stewart Mertie, 12-2-1934, age 58y, displacement of heart
Stonestreet David Mrs, 10-17-1902, grandfather of David and Wilbur Stonestreet
Stonestreet George, 4-12-1904, unsound mind, fits
Stonestreet John, 3-5-1912, father of Wilbur and Dave
Strause Rolando, 6-16-1941, age 78, cancer, bu Cedar Chapel
Stroup Simon Mrs, 9-4-1900
Strouse Emma, 8-25-1937, age 55, paralysis, sister of David Stonestreet
Strouse Landa Mrs, 6-17-1931, formerly Libbie Whan
Surfus Custer, 8-15-1936, age 44, cancer of stomach, south of Cedar Chapel
Surfus Franklin A, 9-7-1936, age 2, son of John
Surfus Lydia Krumlauf, 12-18-1933, age 57y10m24d, of Auburn, sister of Schuyler Krumlauf
Swanders John, 4-7/8- 1929, died at Swan
Swanders Mary Ann, 3-3-1941, age 95, wife of John
Swartz Harold, 8-15-1941, age 18, son of Harold, infantile paralysis, died at Fort Wayne
Symon William Dr, 2-28-1940, age 54, heart attack, son-in-law of Dr. Klingler
Thain Charles, 3-8-1931, age 73, stroke of apoplexy, Harold Barnes’ father-in-law
Thomas Byron, 3-4-1935, age 75, paralysis, brother-in-law of Claud Miller
Thompson Mrs Dr, 11-30-1922, of Garrett
Thrush Albert Mrs, 12-6-1925, Walter’s mother
Thrush Albert N, 9-4-1942, age 83, paralysis, at Garrett Hospital, bu Cedar Chapel
Timmerman John, about 4-25-1935, former section foreman in LaOtto
Townly Clara, 3-27-1935, age 62
Treesh Arthur, 6-?-1929
Treesh Edward, 2-27-1936, age 70, complications, father of Ray
Treesh Ora (McBride) 3-20-1940, age 61, apoplexy, bu at Fairview Cemetery
Troyer Keith, 7-26-1915, drowned, 12y old
Truelove Albert, 7-7-1937, age 58
Truelove Clara, 11-5-1936, age 70, mother-in-law of Wylie Simon
Trussel Blanche Holbrook, 4-8-1928, age 41, died in California, Ports Holbrook’s sister
Tryon Ella Bruce, 11-19-1941, age 78, died at Arch Coil’s, funeral and bu at Swan
Tryon Ella Bruce’s twin sister, 4-13-1906
Tryon Isaac, 5-8-1921, second husband of Ella Bruce Tryon
Valentine James, 5-26-1942, age 58, cancer, husband of Agnes Rich, bu Eel River
Vallance Catharine, 11-9-1908, sister of George
Vallance William, 4-9-1915, father of George
VanAman Frank, 7-10-1934, died at Mongo
VanAman Frank Mrs, 11-5-1934, age 70, heart attack
VanWye Raymond, 12-12-1933, age 21, killed by an angry boar at Samuel Downend’s place
Wade John, 3-8-1936, age 70, Bright’s disease, brother-in-law of Harvey’s
Wade Verna, 8-31-1902, Bright’s disease
Wademan George, 6-3-1923
Wagel Martha, 4-7-1904
Wallen Fred, 5-5-1931, died at the asylum
Walters Paul, 4-18-1910
Wappes Freda Preston, 9-28-1923, first wife of Billy Wappes, on the Drake farm, death from childbirth
Wappes George, 10-30-1902
Wappes George, 6-28-1935, brother of Jesse
Wappes George, 9-1-1924
Wappes Henry, 10-19-1931, age 51y2m7d, ruptured artery
Wappes Jennie Drake, 10-12-1937, age 61, diabetes, funeral at Dilgard’s, bu at Fairview
Wappes Joe, 1-8-1942, age 55, brother of Tony, bu at Cedar Chapel
Wappes John, 10-29-1938, age 54, heart trouble, died in Dr. Barnhills’ office
Wappes John Mrs, 11-13-1932
Wappes Tony, 4-13-1940, age 47, pneumonia
Warcup William, 7-19-1901, shot himself
Warner Benjamin, 6-1-1933, northeast of Swan, age 82
Warner Benjamin Mrs, 4-?-1927, pneumonia, age 62, 1 mile north and 1 mile west of Hogue school house
Warner Grant, 10-21-1914, found dead in bed near Bethlehem
Warner Grant Mrs, 10-18-1906, near Bethlehem
Warner Jesse, 1-5-1931, age 72, first cousin
Warner Sarah, 1-?-1933, mother of Odeyne, wife of Jesse
Warner Thaddeus, 8-5-1910, son of Ernest, killed by a cow
Warner Theodore, 1-12-1903, father of Ernest
Warner Willard, 1-29-1937, age 42, heart trouble, lived 2 miles north
Waters Oll, 3-25-1904
Weaver Carl, 1-28-1943, age 56, heart attack, died at Ports Holbrook, bu Lindenwood
Weaver Elijah W, 3-15-1936, age 76, apoplexy, father of Carl
Weaver Florence, 4-10-1901
Weaver Infant of Carl, 1-2-1912
Weaver Katie, 1-2-1940, age 72, died in Huntington, bu at Zanesville
Weaver Mary, 3-15-1931, died from burns when her stove exploded west of Swan
Welch Patrick, 2-16-1901
Weller Charles, 8-16-1907, married to Rebecca Miller, sister of Effie Hawver
Weller Joseph, 1-24-1928, bachelor, age 73, southwest of Garrett
Weller Joseph, 8-30-1912, father of Miles
Weller Joseph Mrs, 6-6-1912, mother of Miles, age 80
Weller Oliver, 1-14-1926, found dead in bed
Weller Polly, 2-19-1913, wife of Samuel, age 85
Weller Samuel, 1-9-1903, father of Charles
Wells husband of Clara, 1-19-1919
Wells James, 7-?-1919, father of Lew
Wells James Mrs, 2-24-1932, age 87y9m24d, mother of Lew
Werning Anna Hogue, 2-14-1928, age 45y2m19d, daughter of Albert Hogue
Whan Cap Mrs, 1-14-1932
Whan Frank, 6-20-1924, father of Mrs. James Pepple
Whan Frank Mrs, 1-17-1917, age 67, mother of Mary Pepple
Whan George Mrs, 8-18-1901
Whan John, 4-11-1903, father of Frank
Whan John Mrs, 3-8-1902, mother of Frank
Whan Mary, 2-2-1918, daughter of Ed
Whan William, 1-4-1913, father of Ed
Wheeler Wallace, 9-9-1907
Whetzel Joseph, 10-14-1937, age 87, died at Ithaca, N.Y., father of Herbert Whetzel
Whetzel Lucy (Baker), 6-19-1912, wife of Herbert
Whittington Effie Alice, 1-21-1936, age 20, daughter of Roy Whittington and wife
Whonsetler Daniel, 3-16-1905, Clyde’s uncle
Whonsetler Louisa, 7-28-1923, mother of Charles
Whonsetler Melinda, 12-20-1935, age 86, aunt of Clyde Whonsetler, wife of Daniel
Whonsetler Simon, 8-27-1907, father of Clyde
Whonsetler Simon Mrs, 12-17-1932, Clyde’s mother, age 85y6m
Whonsetler Solomon Mrs, 12-14-1922, heart trouble, Charles’ father
Wiggans William, 5-27-1914, at Bloomingdale, Mich.
Wilbur Sarah Elizabeth, 6-20-1934, age 65, died at Hamilton Lake, mother of Bruce Wilbur
Wilcox Herbert, 1-10-1942, age 73, heart attack, bu at Union at Garrett
Williams John D, 3-30-1936, age 79, uremic poisoning, of Cedar Chapel
Williams Noah Mrs, 12-15-1934, of St. Johns, mother-in-law of Floyd Bradley
Wilson Duane, 4-10-1942, age 13, son of Sam and Violet Wilson, appendicitis, Wolcottville Cemetery
Wilson R S Dr, 8-14-1938, age 82, brother-in-law of John Becker, Wilshire, O.
Wilson Tip (Jennie’s uncle), 11-23-1917, John Wilson’s father, married Jennie’s father’s sister
Wilson Woodrow, 2-3-1924, president of U. S.
Wirt Glendale, 8-15-1923, son of Daisy Young Wirt
Wirt Lessie (Gause), 9-2-1940, at Roan
Witt Albert T, 1-21-1936, age 71y6m3d, strangulated hernia
Witt Sarah A, 6-3-1939, age 83, wife of Albert T Witt, bu at Eel River
Wolf Emilee, 12-10-1933, baby of Ervin Wolf of Avilla, flu
Wolford Charley, 11-18-1913, son of Ira, typhoid fever
Wolford Frank, 10-23-1913, son of Ira, typhoid fever
Wolford Henry, 3-7-1904, father of Jerry Wolford and Mrs. John Pulver
Wolford Henry Mrs, 9-8-1900
Wolford Ira, 2-24-1918, killed by a train at LaOtto
Wolford Jerry, 11-21-1920, unsound mind
Wood Jane, 6-1-1929, age 101y3m28d, mother of Martin Wood at Swan
Wood Martin, 9-21-1934, age 75, of near Swan
Wood Mary Rodenbaugh, 5-27-1938, age 73, mother of Mrs. Clarence Leiter
Woodruff Ida, 4-11-1916
Woodruff Mrs, 3-7-1935, mother-in-law of Verda Shoemaker Woodruff
Worgum Russel, 10-14-1937, age 34, killed in auto accident at Auburn
Worman Arthur, 9-10-1943, age 73, married Rena Croy
Worman David, 5-18-1935
Worth Aaron Rev, 1-16-1923, at Fountain City, age 87, Wesleyan preacher
Wyatt James L, 4-12-1943, age 84, bu Huntertown - new
Wyatt James L Mrs, 3-18-1923, pneumonia, age 66y6m10d, mother of Robert Wyatt, Indianapolis
Yarde Alice, 2-4-1939, age 71, cancer, wife of Frank Yarde
Yarde Frank, 11-4-1922, fell in his barn
Yarian Alvin, 7-12-1914, son of Moses, age 27y10m28d
Yarian Anna (Mrs Reuben) 9-26-1942, age 78, heart trouble and dropsy, at Brushy Prairie, bu, Eel River
Yarian Carrie Grover, 2-20-1904, second wife of Reuben
Yarian Cornelia, 9-?-1916, wife of Elijah, age 46y2d
Yarian David (uncle), 9-1-1919, mother’s brother
Yarian David Mrs (aunt) 6-24-1923, died from effects of a fall, age 92, father’s sister
Yarian Elijah, 7-10-1908, uncle
Yarian Etta Simon, 9-24-1921, wife of Isaac Yarian
Yarian Francis Mrs, 9-12-1923, first wife of Francis
Yarian Infant of H O, 3-25-1915
Yarian Isaac (uncle) 11-26-1916
Yarian John (uncle), 9-10-1939, age 88, paralysis, funeral and bu at Bethlehem
Yarian Lawrence, 6-5-1918, consumption
Yarian Lucy (aunt), 11-21-1939, age 82, died at home of Wallace Yarian, bu at Bethlehem Cemetery
Yarian Margaret, 6-29-1903, daughter of Reuben
Yarian Mary, 1-16-1902, Lizzie Rehling’s mother
Yarian Moses (uncle), 10-22-1924, age 76
Yarian Nettie Ormsby, 3-17-1929, wife of Zachariah Yarian, died at Oakland, Cal.
Yarian Reuben, 5-14-1943, age 83, died at LaGrange, bu Eel River
Yarian Reuben Mrs, 10-28-1910, first wife
Yarian Susanna (aunt), 5-6-1917, cancer, age 64, wife of John
Yarian Zachariah (uncle), 9-1-1921, suicide by shooting
Yocum Melvin G Dr, 7-7-1936, age 70, gangrene, uncle of Maurice Dudley
Young Infant of Ira, 4-21-1906
Young Ira E, 2-15-1939, age 60, heart trouble, died suddenly in a Fort Wayne bank
Young Sarah, 9-17-1910, age 64y2m6d, Ira’s mother
Zern Henry, 5-2-1922, Cedar
Zern Henry Mrs, 2-21-1942, age 85, formerly of Cedar, died at Garrett, bu at Cedar Chapel
Zimmerman Clyde, 10-16-1939, died near Albion
Zimmerman Fred, 2-7-1903
Zimmerman Marshal, 6-13-1931, killed in auto accident, age 21y4m12d, son of Frank
Zimmerman William, age 71y10m28d, father of Henry
Zimmerman William Mrs, 5-20-1909, mother of Henry
Zinn Charles, 1-15-1926, age 69y, found dead in bed, Claud Gorrell’s father-in-law
Zinn David, 1-21-1925, cancer, age 71y9m26d, Zelma Coil’s father
Zinn George, 10-10-1905, Marie’s father
Zinn George Mrs, 3-22-1909, mother of Marie
Zinn James L, 4-14-1935, age 43y, pneumonia, son of George
Zinn John N, 3-1-1938, age 86, heart disease, Fort Wayne, Lindenwood
Zinn Lena (Mrs David), 9-28-1941, age 87, funeral at Avilla, bu Huntertown
Zinn Levi, 7-27-1915, age 93y6d, Ida Rich’s father
Zolman Dick, 7-28-1941, age 10, ran over by truck by Jim Pepple, bu at Eel River
Zurbrick Elizabeth Ann, 3-25-1942, age 24, daughter of Clyde Burton at Fort Wayne

Noble Notes:  Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.