Noble County Birth Records C-E
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Name, Date, Father, Mother, Book-Page Number
Cadieux Carmen B, 11-11-1913, Isaac, Knight Cora, A9-52
Cadieux Charles L, 6-10-1901, Isaac, Knight --, A4-5
Cadieux Female, 3-22-1906, Isaac, Knight Cora N, A5-53
Cadieux Valda, 1-3-1900, Isaac, Knight --, A3-30 & A7-10
Cago Albert Jr, 9-7-1929, Albert, Raming Maranda, A12-70
Cain Female, 8-1-1884, Harvy, Egart Mary, A1-138
Cain John A, 4-12-1924, Nevin J, Rothermel Mildred I, K3-42
Cain Nevin J, 6-8-1902, John, Conley Hattie, K1-8 & A4-26
Cain Robert H, 10-5-1933, Nevin J, Rothermel Mildred I, K4-17
Calbeck Barbara J, 3-1-1926, Ernest, Clayton Lewella, C-8
Calbeck Catherine E, 8-1-1924, Ernest, Clayton Lewella, C-8
Calbeck Dorothy E, 9-19-1920, Ernest, Clayton Lewella M, A11-11
Calbeck Ella B, 1-23-1919, Ernest L, Clayton Lewella M, A10-83
Calbeck Everett T, 9-13-1926, Guy, Tucker Mildred, L-49
Calbeck Female, 11-27-1882, Lewis, Williamson Mary, A1-54
Calbeck Female, 2-18-1903, Milo, Frye Rena, A4-41
Calbeck Female, 12-24-1903, Newton, Zollinger --, A5-4
Calbeck Laura O, 6-13-1915, Guy H, Tucker Mildred, L-22
Calbeck Linval, 6-13-1900, Milo, Fry Rena, A3-39
Calbeck Male, 3-28-1888, Louis, -- Mary, A1-256 & Old-11
Calbeck Male, 12-3-1894, Milo, Fry Rena, A2-28
Calbeck Male, 4-9-1907, Newton, Zollinger --, A6-17
Calbeck Marion J, 6-23-1920, Guy, Tucker Mildred, A11-5
Calbeck Marjorie H, 11-22-1913, Guy, Tucker Mildred, L-19
Calbeck Robert D, 3-20-1918, Guy, -- Mildred, A10-63
Calbeck Victor H, 4-9-1906, Newt, Zollinger --, A6-6
Caldwell Charles L, 11-27-1913, Charles, McDaniel Jennie, A9-52
Caldwell Dale K, 12-9-1911, Oscar, Newman Golda, A9-3
Caldwell Female, 2-1-1888, Joseph, Rentfrow Mary M, A1-260
Caldwell Female, 3-23-1882, Joseph, Rentfrow Mary, A1-10
Caldwell Female, 10-29-1930, Gerald A, Lane Fay, K3-97
Caldwell Grace, 10-10-1891, Joseph, Rentfrow Mary, A2-10 
Caldwell Harriett E, 11-7-1909, Edward R, Reynolds Edith L, L-7
Caldwell Helen E, 1-28-1906, Charley, McDaniel Jennie, A5-50
Caldwell Helen L, 8-23-1935, Stewart, Draper Rosa, A13-66
Caldwell Herman C, 1-20-1933, Albert W, Yoder Grace, A13-18
Caldwell Joy L, 12-28-1912, O B, Newman Golda B, A9-32
Caldwell Lloyd L, 8-19-1907, Edward, Rodman Eva, A6-25
Caldwell Male, 4-29-1885, Joseph, Rentfrow Mary, A1-164
Caldwell Nelta L, 8-21-1925, Oscar B, Newman Golda B, A11-103
Caldwell Neva M, 8-22-1901, Edward, Rodman Eva, A4-9
Caldwell Pauline M, 5-12-1915, Oscar B, Newman Golda B, A9-91
Caldwell Vernal, 2-27-1908, Harry W, Sowel Maggie, L-2
Caldwell Winford, 12-1-1910, Oscar, Newman Golda, A8-80
Calendine Howard, 12-13-1908, Leroy, Clucas Mary, A8-37
Calendine Pauline, 11-12-1903, Leroy, Clucas Mary, A5-3
Calhoon Bessie A, 7-23-1918, Luther E, Barber Nettie M, A10-70
Calhoon male, 6-22-1934, Luther E, Barber Nettie M, A13-43
Calkins Genevieve M, 4-22-1917, Archie, Hawk Wilma, K2-83
Calkins Gerald C, 1-17-1920, Archie, Hawk Wilma, K3-7
Callahan Vera, 10-18-1903, Charles, Rogers Mabel, A5-1 & A7-10
Callahan Walter N, 4-12-1906, Charles, Rogers Mabel, A6-3 & A7-10
Callender Carolyn J, 3-15-1937, Ralph L, Fisher Faye K, A13-87
Cambell Ruth, 9-12-1908, Albert, Stover Ageness, K2-8
Camblin Mary F, 4-20-1920, Glenn, Beck Ruth, A11-2
Cameron Female, 3-9-1888, Webster M, Hintz Ellie, A1-258
Camp Beatrice A, 9-27-1902, Archie B, Kimmel Maude L, A4-32 & K1-9
Camp Clyde H, 1-22-1907, Archibald B, Kimmel Maude, K1-21
Campbell Arthur, 8-25-1917, Fred E, Johnston Mary E, A10-50
Campbell Bernard, 2-12-1921, George A, Peters Hazel F, A11-18
Campbell Boyd, 7-30-1932, Charles I, Smith Gertrude L, A13-10
Campbell Bula M, 11-11-1917, Burnell, Kuhns Ruth M, A10-55
Campbell Burnell, 8-12-1894, George E, Fuller Rachel, A2-25
Campbell Catherine, 2-7-1915, Fred E, Johnston Ellen, A9-83
Campbell Charles A, 6-22-1916, Richard C, Winebrenner Hazel P, A12a-6
Campbell Charles W, 3-14-1921, Clarence A, Coats Lutie E, A11-20
Campbell Chester C, 12-3-1930, Clayton W, Lindel Goldie M, A12-90
Campbell Claude, 6-25-1906, Fred, Johnson Mary, A6-3
Campbell Donald E, 4-25-1932, Lewis, Leamon Thelma, A13-5
Campbell Donald J, 2-13-1882, Archy, Mitchell Katie, A1-2
Campbell Donald W, 6-18-1921, Charles R, Wert Katherine S, K3-19
Campbell Dora J, 10-6-1928, Edward E, Savoie Georgianna E, A12a-25
Campbell Dorothy A, 4-21-1910, George E, Fuller Rachel, A9-21
Campbell Edward E, 3-9-1891, Charles I, Johnson Lura, A2-7
Campbell Edward R, 12-31-1937, Walter E, Hanlon Mary E, A13-99
Campbell Elis, 7-1-1912, George, Brown Pearl, A9-22
Campbell Eula L, 3-3-1930, Harvey, Kline Gladys E, A1a2-27
Campbell Evelyn M, 10-30-1914, Edward E, Savoie Georgianna E, A9-76
Campbell Female, 6-23-1891, Elmer, Bruce --, A2-8
Campbell Female, 1-26-1901, John G, Sherwood Sarah, A3-49
Campbell Female, 9-19-1902, George, Brown Pearl, A4-32
Campbell Female, 2-9-1920, Burnell, Kuhns Ruth M, A12a-14
Campbell Female, 3-30-1921, Frederick E, Johnston Mary L, A11-21
Campbell Forest S, 7-15-1908, George S, Brown Pearl E, A8-24
Campbell Frances J, 4-17-1930, Forrest L, McPherson Ruth C, A12a-27
Campbell Frank L, 11-25-1889, Elmer E, Bruce Livona L, A1-308
Campbell Fredrick L, 5-23-1928, George W, Roe Erma W, A12-45
Campbell Gaylordł1-9-1938, George A, Peters Hazel F, A113-100
Campbell Geraldine R, 4-19-1926, Harry, Kline Gladys E, A12a-22
Campbell Gertrude P, 4-15-1918, Richard C, Winebrenner Hazel P, A12a-11
Campbell Gladys V, 2-10-1923, F E, Johnston Mary L, A11-61
Campbell Goldie O, 7-4-1905, George, Brown Pearl, A5-38
Campbell Grace M, 9-4-1886, Charles I, Johnson Lura, Old-9
Campbell Harold I, 10-9-1930, Charles I, Smith Gertrude L, A12-87
Campbell Harold L, 10-5-1929, George W, Roe Erma, A12-71
Campbell Hazel M, 8-15-1909, George S, Brown Pearl E, A8-47
Campbell Helen L, 6-16-1930, Lewis F, Leaman Thelma A, A12-82
Campbell Howard A, 4-25-1912, Albert E, Haslet Vada, K2-37
Campbell Ida M, 2-24-1915, George, Fuller Rachel, A9-84
Campbell Jack E, 5-20-1927, Orrin D, Eddy Marvel, K3-69
Campbell James E, 7-16-1935, Milo, Baer Margaret, A13-62
Campbell James L, 11-14-1931, George, Roe Irma, A12-105
Campbell Jane M, 7-31-1922, Clarence, Coats Lutie, A11-48
Campbell Jimmie L, 10-8-1934, Charles, Smith Gertrude L, A13-48
Campbell Joden E, 1-20-1937, Charles, Smith Gertrude, K4-47
Campbell Joseph G, 10-2-1915, Burnell, Kuhns Ruth, A10-4
Campbell Laurence, 10-13-1912, George E, Fuller Rachel, A9-28
Campbell Laverne R, 7-27-1934, Lewis F, Leaman Therma A, A13-44
Campbell Leroy E, 9-13-1936, Lewis, Leaman Thelma, A13-80
Campbell Loretta M, 3-24-1916, Edward, Savoie Georgianna, A12a-6
Campbell Male, 11-15-1882, Michael, Harper Elisabeth, A1-52
Campbell Male, 7-12-1883, David H, Brown Lulu, A1-84
Campbell Male, 8-10-1885, Archy, Mitchell Katie, A1-172
Campbell Male, 8-22-1900, Charles, Jones --, A3-41
Campbell Male, 4-22-1902, E E, Bruce --, A4-24
Campbell Male, 2-26-1903, Fred E, Johnston Mary, A4-42
Campbell Male, 10-21-1914, Frank, Kress Emma, A9-76
Campbell Male, 2-25-1916, Tony, Gordon Alta, A10-14
Campbell Male Stillborn, 2-17-1925, Orrin, Eddy Marvel, K3-50
Campbell Margurite V, 12-1-1917, George E, Fuller Rachel E, A10-57
Campbell Marie, 10-28-1903, George, Brown Pearl, A5-1
Campbell Mary E, 5-1-1938, Charles I, Smith Gertrude L, A13-106
Campbell Maynard, 8-21-1931, George A, Peters Hazel F, A12-101
Campbell Myrtle I, 7-12-1916, Fred, Johnston Ella, A10-23
Campbell Phyllis J, 10-10-1933, George W, Roe Erma W, A13-31
Campbell Rachel E, 6-27-1928, Burnell, Kuhns Ruth M, A12-47
Campbell Ray D, 10-4-1934, Harry, Kline Gladys M, A12a-34
Campbell Richard L, 8-14-1938, Lawrence L, Murphy Mildred L, A13-112
Campbell Robert, 2-21-1918, Clarence, Herendeen Loretta, A10-61
Campbell Robert E, 4-5-1920, Richard, Winebrenner Hazel P, A12a-14
Campbell Robert W, 10-17-1923, Harry, Kline Gladys E, A12a-18
Campbell Ruth M, 8-23-1922, Burnell, Kuhns Ruth M, A11-50
Campbell Sarah R, 7-23-1931, Forrest L, McPherson Ruth, A12-99
Campbell Sherryl Y, 4-5-1938, Harry, Cline Gladys E, A13-104
Campbell Shirley A, 8-2-1935, George W, Roe Erma W, A13-62
Campbell Walter E, 6-30-1918, Edward E, Savoie Georgianna E, A10-69
Campbell William E, 7-7-1913, Fred E, Johnston Mary E, A9-45
Campbell William L, 9-24-1937, George W, Roe Irma W, A13-95
Campbell Yvonna M, 8-30-1934, George A, Peters Hazel F, A13-47
Canzier Irene, 11-8-1921, Cleanthus, Hatzy Sophia, K3-22
Caple Leann E, 9-22-1934, Charles A, Fitch Grace, C9
Carmer Josephine M, 1-16-1925, William M, Altimus Mabel M, A11-95
Carnes Dewan W, 9-7-1926, Ingram W, Walker Blanche P, A12-17
Carney Beatrice C, 12-30-1901, Pat, Watchorn Mae, A4-17
Carney Helen M, 3-26-1899, Pat, Watchorn Mae, A3-18
Carney James, 1-15-1912, P J, Watchorn Mae, L-14
Carney Male, 11-5-1904, Patrick, Watchorn Mae, A5-25
Carney Patrick J, 8-14-1926, Stewart P, Kitson Edna E, L-49
Carney Stewart P, 11-5-1927, Stewart, Kitson Edna, L-51
Carney Stuart P, 12-28-1896, Patrick H, Watchorn Mae, A2-38
Carothers Dorothy M, 11-1-1904, E A, Weatherwax Ruth, K1-15 & A5-25
Carothers Male, 12-30-1882, Cyrus, McCoy Mary, A1-56
Carothers Male, 5-2-1888, Cyrus, McCoy Mary, A1-268
Carothers Ruth M, 7-25-1922, Arthur, Singrey Blanche, K3-28
Carothers Thelma J, 6-13-1929, Arthur, Singrey Blanche, K3-88
Carpenter Robert C, 4-8-1902, Joe, Showalter --, A4-24 & K1-8
Carpenter Ruth, 3-14-1925, Horace C, Hartsock Leora, A11-97
Carper Georgia I, 3-12-1917, John D, Rinehart Inez A, A10-39
Carper Grace E, 6-28-1914, Eugene G, Speers Maude, A9-69
Carper Lillian, 5-1-1907, John R, Aston Marguerite, K1-22 & A6-19
Carper Nancy L, 5-12-1936, Wesley, Kurtz Berniece, A13-75
Carper Phyllis J, 3-6-1926, John D, Rhinehart Inez A, A12-7
Carper Rolin, 6-18-1910, John R, Aston May, K2-22
Carr Female, 9-18-1886, Philip A, Graves Angeline, A1-204
Carr Ray, 3-3-1882, Philip A, Graves Angeline, A1-4
Carrick Betty L, 8-3-1933, Walter, Galloway Eva, A13-28
Carrick Bonnie L, 8-3-1933, Walter, Galloway Eva, A13-28
Carrick Edna T, 6-21-1900, Martin, Deuitch Laney, Av1-26 & A3-39
Carrick Female, 7-18-1901, Ed, --, A4-8 & K1-6
Carrick Female, 12-12-1902, Martin, Deuitch Lena, Av1-27
Carrick Joseph H, 9-3-1903, Martin, Deuitch Lany, Av1-28 & A4-52
Carrick Leo M, 4-14-1899, Martin, Deuitch Laney, Av1-26 & A3-20
Carrick Male, 2-25-1905, Martin, Deuitch Lena, K1-15 & A5-32
Carrick Male, 11-25-1906, Ed, Mann --, K1-21
Carrick Marvel M, 1-28-1910, Edward, Mann Grace, K2-18
Carrick Walter, 12-13-1903, Ed, Mann Grace, K1-13 & A5-4
Carrigan Deloris E, 7-12-1928, Clifford J, Eamick Audrey, A12-48
Carroll Dona R, 9-7-1928, Edward L, Harding Minnie, K3-81
Carroll Garther F, 12-21-1929, Edward L, Harding Minnie E, A12-74
Carroll John D, 4-2-1925, Edward L, Harding Minnie E, A11-98
Carroll Junior L, 3-19-1924, Edward, Harding Minnie, A11-80
Carteaux Beverly J, 4-21-1927, William, Schmenk Alice, A12-29
Carteaux Jeanne P, 12-25-1924, Eugene V, Weber Agnes C, K3-49
Carteaux Lavon V, 10-21-1924, William, Schmenk Alice, A11-90
Carteaux Margaret E, 1-29-1929, Eugene V, Weber Agnes C, K3-85
Carteaux Mary J, 9-1-1932, Eugene V, Weber Agnes, K4-8
Carteaux Robert W, 12-10-1925, William L, Schmenk Alice, A12-3
Carteaux Russell J, 3-13-1923, William, Schmenk Alice, A11-62
Carteaux Teresa A, 1-2-1932, William, Schmenk Alice, A13-1
Carteaux Thomas A, 9-28-1929, William, Schmenk Alice, A12-70
Carteaux Virginia L, 2-15-1937, Eugene V, Weber Agnes C, K4-48
Carter David S, 9-3-1938, David O, Crego Dona M, K4-68
Carter Della G, 7-3-1883, W N, McNair Martha, A1-86
Carter Female, 11-4-1887, Frank, Moses --, A1-252
Carter Inez L, 9-16-1886, William N, -- Martha, A1-202
Carter Jackie J, 7-25-1934, Charles F, Harp Frances, K4-23
Carter Kenneth P, 6-22-1901, Frank, Long Elizabeth, A4-6
Carter Male, 3-5-1883, Archer M, Moses Sarah C, A1-64
Carter Male, 3-15-1883, C H, Moses Millie, A1-60
Carter Male, 4-24-1885, Charles, Moses Mariah, A1-164
Carter Male, 9-7-1887, Charles H, Moses Millie, A1-240
Carter Martha J, 12-27-1935, Thomas H, Cole Helen E, A13-69
Carter Ruth A, 2-23-1922, Sheridan C, Riehm Rachel E, K3-26
Carver Female, 5-10-1904, W H, VanPelt Lottie, A5-13 & K1-14
Carver Male, 4-22-1902, Ray, Henry Carrie, Av1-28
Carver Ruth E, 8-3-1902, W H, VanPelt Lottie M, A4-30 & K1-9
Cary Harold F, 8-19-1933, John R, Riehm Ruby, A13-29
Cary James M, 7-21-1928, John R, Riehm Ruby, A12-48
Cary John L, 11-1-1935, Clifford, Heiman Freida L, K4-35
Cary John R, 8-3-1931, John R, Riehm Ruby, A12-100
Cary Marjorie E, 7-4-1924, John R, Riehm Ruby, K3-44
Cary Mary R, 5-15-1927, John R, Riehm Ruby, K3-69
Cary Myra A, 11-20-1929, J Russell, Riehm Ruby, A12-72
Cary Scott R, 4-11-1923, John R, Riehm Ruby, K3-35
Case Charles V, 4-7-1923, Charles C, Elsey Bernice, K3-35
Case Eleanora M, 8-16-1914, Ellery P, Schlecht Johanna, A9-72
Case Female, 7-22-1903, E P, Schlecht Jenie, A4-49
Case Female, 12-19-1905, Charles, Claxton --, A5-47
Case Frances M, 8-19-1918, Peter E, Schlecht Johanna, A10-74
Case Laura K, 9-3-1921, Charles C, Elsey Bernice, A11-29
Casebere Carolyn S, 12-28-1933, Raymond, Poper Genevieve, K4-19
Casebere Grover G, 8-16-1931, Raymond, Poper Genevieve, K3-104
Casey Florence L, 6-13-1910, S H, Buckle or Brickle Fern, A8-70
Casey Harriet L, 5-7-1898, J D, Foster Jennie, A3-9
Casey Male, 10-30-1899, T Q, Whitehead Delia, A3-27
Cash William, 8-24-1900, William, Yankey T, A3-41
Caskey Carolyn R, 8-14-1934, Charles H, Long Kathryn A, A13-46
Caskey Charles H, 2-27-1914, William, Flinn Sarah, A9-59
Caskey Donald A, 2-10-1938, Charles H, Long Kathryn A, A13-102
Caskey Female, 7-23-1904, William, Flinn Sarah, A5-17
Caskey Georgia P, 9-26-1936, Donald, Trumbull Pauline, A13-81
Caskey Male, 3-12-1912, Robert H, Flinn Rosa P, A9-14
Caskey Norma J, 9-23-1935, Charles H, Long Catherine A, K12-35
Caskey Olive E, 5-7-1909, Charles W, Flinn Sarah E, A8-43
Caskey Sharon L, 8-1-1936, Charles, Long Kathryn, A13-80
Cass Donald C, 7-25-1925, John W, Umbenhower Belva L, L-46
Cass Female, 2-22-1905, M C, Gerver Mabel, A5-31
Cass Harriett A, 8-6-1915, Thomas, Smith Elizabeth, A9-98
Cass Herbert A, 4-3-1908, John W, Umbenhower Belva L, A8-16
Cass Janice, 11-21-1912, Thomas, Smith Lizzy, A9-30
Cass Leland J, 8-21-1922, John W, Umbenhower Belva, A11-50
Cass Male, 11-28-1883, Pat J, Casey Hannah, A1-100
Cass Male, 12-11-1916, John W, Umbenhower Belva L, A10-34
Cass Maureen E, 2-2-1911, Thom L, Smith Elizabeth L, A8-84
Cass Maurice P, 9-11-1911, John W, Umbenhower Belva L, A8-97
Cass Nellie M, 1-28-1891, Patrick, Casey Hannah, A2-6
Cass Rose J, 9-10-1924, Thomas L, Smith Elizabeth, L-44
Casselman Jerry L, 8-9-1935, Walter H, Vian Re ba W, K4-32
Casselman Rex A, 7-14-1931, Walter, Viann Rebah, K3-103
Casselman Richard W, 8-31-1929, Walter, Vian Reba, K3-89
Cassidy Phyllis J, 7-3-1934, William N, Hamilton Mary, A13-43
Cassidy Raymond L, 3-29-1927, Kit C, Miller Flossie B, A12-28
Castator Basso L, 6-21-1913, Loyal B, Sturgis Ocie, A9-41
Castator Frances R, 5-27-1921, Walter J, Wogoman Ethel M, A11-24
Castator Georgianna, 12-9-1915, Kennel C, Cramar Lura A, K2-70
Castator Male, 8-10-1890, Oscar, Zimmerman --, A2-3
Castator Niles R, 3-17-1902, Wesley, Cashmeyer Hannah, A7-10 & A4-22
Castator Robert W, 3-30-1927, Walter J, Wogoman Ethel, K3-68
Castator Sharon R, 2-14-1938, Basil L, Bloomfield Bessie W, K4-61
Castator Ullie R, 11-19-1892, Oscar, Zimmerman --, A2-17
Castator Walter, 3-1-1900, Oscar, Zimmerman Rose, A3-34
Castetter Charles R, 10-30-1907, Charles, Growcock Iva, A8-2
Castetter George D, 2-18-1912, Charles, Growcock Iva, A9-9
Caston Louis, 11-25-1900, Louis, Smurr Sarah, A3-46
Cattue Female, 10-25-1883, Sage, --, A1-102
Cawles Jerry L, 11-18-1934, Edward G, Walda Elenor D, A13-50
Cazier Clyde R, 6-12-1915, Curtis C, Lucas Nornnie V, A9-94
Cazier John M, 5-12-1938, Thurlow, Weimer Lucille, K4-64
Cazier Male, 1-4-1883, Murray, Rhinehart Sarah A, A1-64
Cazier Male, 3-21-1884, Murray, Rhinehart --, A1-120
Cazier Richard, 8-9-1918, Curtis C, Lucas Nornnie V, A10-71
Celiloos Male, 4-25-1884, Lipman, Mier Eva, A1-124
Chaffee Donabell J, 9-9-1925, Gerald, Baker Florence, A12-1
Chaffee Elza L, 7-23-1916, Charles, Ehgge Emma, A10-23
Chaffee Geraldine A, 5-27-1931, Gerald, Baker Florence, K3-102
Chaffee Jesse F, 12-15-1922, Charlie, Egli Emma, A11-57
Chaffee Laroy D, 9-22-1893, Ezra M, Stienbarger Mary A, A2-21
Chaffee Lavina L, 12-5-1901, Jacob, Melcher Engle, A4-16
Chaffee Male Stillborn, 8-8-1926, Gerald T, Baker Florence, A12-15
Chaffee Male, 7-23-1892, Ezra M, Stienbarger Mary A, A2-15
Chaffee Male, 8-29-1902, I R, Flowers Lillie D, A4-30
Chaffee Male, 12-12-1904, E M, Stienbarger Mary A, A5-27
Chaffee Mary E, 9-27-1927, Sherman, Carpenter Retha, A12-37
Chaffee Phylis J, 5-15-1937, Gerald, Baker Florence A13-91
Chaffee Robert W, 8-29-1919, William S, Carpenter Retha E, A10-94
Chaffee William S, 6-13-1897, Ezra M, Stienbarger Mary, A3-1
Chambers Female, 5-19-1888, John, Moore Anna, A1-268
Chamblin Male, 2-20-1892, Charles, Eaton Alie, A2-12
Chandler Marilyn, 1-15-1931, Oliver J, Ryder Francis, K3-99
Chaney David E, 10-2-1934, George E, Moore Beulah M, K4-25
Chaney Ruth A, 9-24-1935,George E, Moore Beulah, K4-34
Chapman Bernard R, 10-15-1911, Raymond, Weaver Francis, K2-32
Chapman Bernard W, 2-5-1932, Bernard R, Sexton Beulah D, K4-3
Chapman Clarence, 12-26-1901, Fred, Nichols Dora, A4-16
Chapman Dorothy E, 5-14-1908, Henry C, Read Evaline, A8-21
Chapman Gary E, 10-9-1933, Willard G, Flint Wilma B, K4-17
Chapman J S, 12-26-1917, Arthur S, Crandall Gladys L, A10-57
Chapman Jennie L, 4-24-1917, Raymond J, Weaver Frances E, A10-41
Chapman John A, 1-10-1932, Clarence, Frick Helen, A13-1
Chapman Kerwin F, 5-26-1935, Clarence W, Frick Helen M, A13-59
Chapman Madona J, 9-26-1932, Willard L, Flint Wilma B, K4-9
Chapman Male, 7-6-1889, Orlan, --, A1-300
Chapman Male, 10-20-1903, Fred, Nichols Dora L, A5-2
Chapman Richard H, 4-26-1923, Raymond J, Weaver Frances E, A11-64
Chapman Sheila M, 4-16-1934, Bernard R, Sexton Beulah D, K4-21
Chapman Thelma N, 10-17-1920, Ray J, Weaver Frances E, A11-12
Chapman Willard G, 2-18-1913, Ray, Weaver Frances, A9-35
Chappell Doris N, 10-1-1915, Adrian, Snell Della, A10-5
Chappell Jean, 9-9-1917, James M, Hiatt Alta P, K2-87
Charles Female, 7-26-1882, Fred, Myers Lillie, Old-3
Charter Female Stillborn, 8-10-1913, William E, Rogers Arwilda, K2-48
Charter Female, 10-12-1914, William E, Rogers Arwilda, A9-76
Charter Thomas R, 8-8-1901, Perry, Rogers Ruth A, A4-10 & K1-6
Chiddister Adin A, 10-3-1904, --, Fisher --, A5-23
Chiddister Arthur W, 9-24-1902, Wilson, Bobeck Alma, A4-32
Chiddister Betty J, 9-22-1926, Merle, Boggs Edna, L-49
Chiddister Catharine, 7-11-1907, W E, Bobeck Alma, A6-23
Chiddister Dellos, 10-22-1912, William R, Ott Mary A, A9-28
Chiddister Dorothy, 4-4-1913, Augustus, Fisher Iva, L-17
Chiddister Edna F, 4-27-1908, Nolan, Ferm Hilda A, A8-16
Chiddister Elwood O, 2-13-1919, Orlo, Emmert Mary, A10-85
Chiddister Esther L, 9-3-1924, Arthur A, Magnuson Laura M, L-44
Chiddister Everett E, 4-18-1920, Orlo, Emmert Mary, A11-2
Chiddister Female, 9-26-1883, T H, Lantz Mary J, A1-92
Chiddister Francis E, 1-9-1925, Elmer, Roach Marie, A11-95
Chiddister Harriet L, 6-3-1911, Augustus, Fisher Pearl, L-12 & A8-90
Chiddister Harry E, 5-24-1901, Price, Nichols Maggie, A4-3
Chiddister Howard, 3-3-1903, Price, Nichols Maggie, A4-43
Chiddister Male, 7-3-1882, Thomas H, Lantz Mary J, A1-26
Chiddister Male, 6-6-1902, A, Fisher Iva, A4-26
Chiddister Male, 12-26-1904, Wilson E, Bobeck Alma, A5-27
Chiddister Mary A, 10-21-1918, Raleigh, Hite Vera, A10-78
Chiddister Merle O, 3-22-1907, Price, Nichols Maggie, A6-15
Chiddister Nedra, 10-25-1917, Price E, Nichols Maggie, L-28
Chiddister Paul F, 9-3-1900, A A, Fisher Iva, A3-43
Chiddister Paul R, 7-11-1921, Raleigh E, Hire Alta J, A11-27
Chiddister Raymond L, 7-20-1928, Elmer, Roach Marie, A12-48
Chidister Jack T, 7-4-1928, Treverton, Stack Edith, L-52
Chilcote Female, 12-31-1896, James M, Heck Frances, A2-38
Chilcote Female, 2-11-1906, James M, Heck Frances, A5-51 & A7-12
Childs Female, 2-24-1883, John F, Miller Ella, A1-60
Childs James W, 5-3-1889, John, Miller --, A1-292
Childs Richard W, 11-9-1937, Herbert K, Wright Lucille, K4-56
Chrisman Donald R, 3-13-1933, Harley, Dickinson Dorothy, L-61
Chrisman Dorothy F, 5-10-1905, Logan, Rink Myrtle, A5-36
Chrisman Female, 9-26-1907, Logan, Rink Myrtle, A6-27
Chrisman Barbara A, 12-26-1930, Harley, Dickinson Dorothy, L-56
Chrisman Claude L, 12-17-1934, Harley L, Dickinson Dorothy, L2-64
Chrisman Keith L, 10-13, 1938, Harley, Dickinson Dorothy, L-73
Chrisman Nancy J, 9-10-1936, Harley, Dickinson Dorothy, L-68
Chrisman Ray J, 3-8-1932, Harley, Dickinson Dorothy, L-59
Christensen Ann J, 9-21-1934, Walter, Bolton Hilda, A13-48
Christensen Carl W, 10-22-1932, Walter, Bolton Hilda, A13-14
Christensen Max A, 4-15-1937, Walter B, Bolton Hilda, A13-90
Christie Cecil M, 9-6-1894, O W, Benner Theora, A2-28
Christie Male, 6-13-1913, Chris, Schlotterback Stella, A9-42
Christlieb Adelbert, 11-25-1924, William F, Burke Florence E, A11-93
Christlieb Archie, 12-31-1911, Archie, Stienbarger Allie, A9-3
Christlieb Bernard A, 3-18-1934, Charles E, Snoke Gertrude E, A13-38
Christlieb Bulah I, 6-13-1921, Oscar, Wood Marie, A11-26
Christlieb Burl L Twin, 9-12-1908, Arthur S, Wappes Ethel E, A8-28
Christlieb Curtis, 11-29-1895, Jay, Smith Etta M, A2-33
Christlieb Delbert G, 5-5-1919, Oscar, Wood Maria, A10-90
Christlieb Dortha E, 1-3-1922, Frank, Addis Bessie M, A11-37
Christlieb Evelyn M, 10-14-1924, Franklin W, Addis Bessie M, A11-90
Christlieb Female, 1-23-1888, William, Huff --, A1-260
Christlieb Female, 9-1-1901, George, Christlieb --, A4-11
Christlieb Franklin R, 6-17-1919, Frank, Addis Bessie, A10-92
Christlieb Gatha S, 5-26-1910, Ephriam E, Bolinger Anna E, K2-21
Christlieb Georgia M, 7-8-1929, Charles E, Snoke Gertrude, A12-65
Christlieb Howard R, 5-26-1915, William, Burke Florence, A9-92
Christlieb James K, 7-10-1927, Charles E, Snoke Elnora G, A12-32
Christlieb Leonard R, 2-24-1931, Charles, Snoke Elenore G, A12-92
Christlieb Lois J, 4-27-1920, Curtis, Frankenberg Gladys, A11-2
Christlieb Male, 11-15-1922, Robert, Harkey Anga M, A11-55
Christlieb Martha E, 4-12-1929, Oscar, Wood Marie, A12-61
Christlieb Martin E, 10-5-1917, Oscar, Wood Marie, A10-55
Christlieb Mary D, 7-18-1912, William J, Burke Florence, A9-23
Christlieb Mary J, 3-23-1925, Oscar, Wood Marie, A11-100
Christlieb Milton W, 3-16-1915, Franklin W, Addis Bessie M, A9-87
Christlieb Oscar C, 10-22-1926, Oscar, Wood Marie, A12-20
Christlieb Paul A, 3-30-1930, Frank, Addis Bessie, A12-78
Christlieb Reuben, 6-25-1904 --, Christlieb --, A5-16
Christlieb Richard L, 9-138-1935, Frank, Addis Bessie, A13-64
Christlieb Ruby M, 3-25-1923, Oscar, Wood Marie, A11-62
Christlieb Vivien M, 6-9-1933, Milton, Anderson Marie, A13-26 
Christlieb Wyvona A, 3-17-1924, Emanuel, Stienbarger Alta, L-43
Christman Pauleen, 12-27-1910, Louis, Smith Pearle, A8-80
Cissell Earl C, 10-24-1883, C C, Paschall Mary L, A1-96
Clapp Female, 2-25-1882, W F, Smith Alice, Old-3
Clapp Helen, 3-16-1900, W Frank, Smith Alice, A3-34 & A7-10
Clapp Katherine, 5-14-1905, Fred R, McDonald Mamie, A5-36
Clapp Male, 1-26-1886, Frank, Smith Allie, A1-182 - 1-29-1886 on Old-9
Clapp Male, 8-6-1887, William F, Smith Alice, A1-236
Clark Catherine D, 5-30-1929, George, Welch Iznes, A12-64
Clark Chester, 4-29-1889, Charles, Dull Cora, A1-290
Clark Earl, 12-31-1907, John M, Hart Laura, A8-7
Clark Elizabeth A, 1-30-1926, Frank C, Warner Elizabeth, Av2-6
Clark Ellen B, 8-28-1903, Charles C, Wiley --, A4-51
Clark Female, 10-19-1897, Will J, Talbert Berne, A3-4
Clark Female, 3-24-1904, William, Tyler Mary, A5-7
Clark Female, 7-14-1906, Charles W, Couts Foy, A6-5
Clark Grace, 11-28-1913, John W, Robertson Rilla, A9-53
Clark Herbert R, 3-21-1917, John W, Robertson Rilla, A10-39
Clark James L, 7-25-1932,  Frank, Warner Elizabeth, Av2-10
Clark John K, 12-9-1923, John, Krieger Welcom, Av2-4
Clark Levi B, 9-3-1890, Jacob, Bowser Emma, A2-3
Clark Loyde W, 5-1-1937, Edgar, McClure Ruth, A13-90
Clark Male, 1-25-1883, Charles, Martin Sarah E, A1-64
Clark Male, 3-7-1883, Jonathan, Crothers Rebecca, A1-60
Clark Male, 8-7-1886, M D, Randall Adelia, A1-200
Clark Male, 7-19-1892, Harrison V, Nickerson Mollie, A2-15
Clark Marilyn, 3-20-1923, Ralph W, Shook Metha I, K3-34
Clark Orland E, 8-23-1918, Raymond, Weigle Carrie, A10-73
Clark Raymond W, 6-18-1914, Edgar L, --, A9-68
Clary Roberta A, 7-21-1937, Virgil, Blanton Rosalie, K4-53
Clawson Albert D, 11-7-1901, Perry, Falk Nina, A4-14
Clawson Beulah, 1-9-1888, John, Francisco Delcina, A1-260
Clawson David W, 7-12-1899, David, Renner Carrie M, A3-24
Clawson Forrest G Jr, 7-9-1925, Forrest G, Billman Donnabelle M, L-46
Clawson James C, 9-7-1924, Samuel J, Sheley Faye, L-44
Clawson Lula, 3-6-1890, John, Francisco Delcina, A1-316
Clawson Male, 3-6-1902, Samuel, Hardesty Blanche, A4-22
Clawson Marilyn J, 12-7-1930, Forrest G, Billman Donnabelle M, L-56
Clawson Willodine L, 9-14-1913, George, Wertsbaugh Emma, L-18
Claxton Arthur, 8-5-1900, William, Miller Jennie, A3-41
Claxton Avery H, 3-14-1934, Alva H, Evans Mary L, A13-38
Claxton Barbara, 12-24-1937, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A13-99
Claxton Betty J, 3-8-1924, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A11-79
Claxton Bobby, 12-24-1937, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A13-99
Claxton Cecil A, 11-21-1912, Lloyd, Gordon Rosanna, A9-30
Claxton Donald J, 4-19-1934, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A13-39
Claxton Donna M, 4-19-1934, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A13-39
Claxton Edna M, 8-18-1908, George E, Rice Myrtle, A8-25
Claxton Ellen, 7-20-1910, George, Rice Myrtle, A8-70
Claxton Ernest L, 8-31-1926, Lloyd W, Gordon Rose A, A2-17
Claxton Female, 5-11-1902, --, Miller --, A4-25
Claxton Female, 3-9-1907, George, Rice Myrtle, A6-15
Claxton Garold L, 6-28-1937, Alva H, Evans Mary L, A13-93
Claxton Georgia A, 12-11-1931, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A12-107
Claxton Harold E, 11-18-1913, Fred, Nott Bessie, A9-53
Claxton Harold L, 6-28-1937, Alva H, Evans Mary L, A13-93
Claxton James Jr, 1-7-1926, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A12-5
Claxton Leo R, 10-26-1910, Fred, Nott Bessie, A8-76
Claxton Male, 7-30-1899, George, Eley Rose, A3-24
Claxton Male, 1-26-1901, George, Eley Rose, A4-18
Claxton Male Stillborn, 8-13-1926, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A12-16
Claxton Margaret V, 4-17-1920, George, Zimmer Bertha M, A11-2
Claxton Marie, 10-22-1917, Lloyd, Gordon Rosanna, A10-55
Claxton Mary L, 10-23-1927, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A12-36
Claxton Paul L, 10-28-1935, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A13-67
Claxton Rosemary M, 8-1-1936, Alva H, Evans Mary L, A13-78
Claxton William H, 2-18-1930, James, Diffendarfer Lura, A12-77
Clay Richard M, 4-28-1919, Milo H, Helmuth Celia, K3-2
Clayton Athene L, 7-24-1903, Quimby, Homsher Bertha, A4-49
Clayton Female, 6-13-1897, --, Clayton Madge, A3-1
Clayton Male, 5-2-1886, William, Wright Mary E, A1-192
Clayton Not Listed, 10-14-1883, William, Whitryhl --, A1-96
Clear Charles V, 11-3-1910, Valorous L, Cockley Hattie, A9-8
Clear Clinton B, 2-27-1907, Harry C, Ray Edna L, A6-14
Clear Edward D, 6-15-1899, Robert, Myers Mary, A3-23 & Av1-26
Clear Female, 9-12-1906, V Lloyd, Cockley Hattie, A6-9 & A7-10
Clear Lois V, 5-24-1909, Harry C, Roy Edna L, A9-8
Clear Ralph W, 2-9-1908, Valorous L, Cockley Hattie, A9-8
Clear Ray M, 7-18-1901, Robert, Myers Mary, Av1-27 & A4-7
Clear Robert C, 2-5-1904, Robert, Myers Mary, A5-9 & A7-10
Clear Ruah B, 3-17-1897, Robert B, Myers Mary C, A2-39
Clear Valorous, 1-31-1915, Harry C, Ray Edna L, K2-62
Cleland Female, 6-6-1882, Nathan, Busz Susan, A1-26
Cleland Female, 8-6-1901, John, Busz Julia, A4-9
Cleland Female, 10-29-1903, John C, Busz Julia E, A5-1
Cleland Inez, 2-14-1919, Allie, Neill Alice, A10-84
Cleland Jeanne H, 10-31-1930, Arthur E, Sparks Cloe M, A12-88
Cleland Leila V, 5-1-1914, Will, Rendel Ota, A9-65
Cleland Male, 9-22-1887, Nate, Busz Susie, A1-244
Cleland Margaret A, 10-13-1935, Joseph H, Dafforn Mildred J, A13-65
Cleland Neill, 9-19-1920, Allie, Neill Alice, A11-10
Cleland Ralph E, 7-1-1916, Elmer, Turnbull Chloe M, A10-22
Cleland Robert N, 6-2-1916, Allie, Neill Alice, A10-20
Cleland Thelma L, 1-9-1915, Willard J, Elser Mary E, A9-82
Cleland Treadie A, 9-4-1901, William J, Rendel Ota, A4-11
Cleland Viola M, 5-19-1918, Elmer, Turnbull Chloe M, A12a-11
Clemens Female, 11-1-1882, James, --, A1-54
Cleveland Female Stillborn, 4-15-1908, A C, Graves Anna, K2-5
Cleveland Female, 8-15-1902, A C, Graves Anna, A4-30 & K1-9
Cleveland L G, 7-24-1921, Elgie L, Hoxworth Helen L, A11-27
Cleveland Ruth, 5-30-1915, Jay, Flech Lavina, A9-92
Clevenger Donald W, 6-18-1914, James M, Warble Dora E, A9-68
Clevenger Ester E, 1-17-1927, Lester R, Loney Myrtle M, A12-24
Clevenger Fred A, 5-19-1934, Lester R, Loney Myrtle M, A13-42
Clevenger Jack G, 3-5-1930, Lester R, Loney Myrtle M, A12-77
Clevenger John D, 5-14-1932, Lester R, Loney Myrtle M, A13-6
Clevenger Marylin S, 3-22-1937, Lester R, Loney Myrtle M, K4-50
Click Elzie, 12-28-1902, Emanuel, McClintock Josephine, A4-38
Click Glenn W, 7-22-1916, Isaac E, McClintic Josephine, A10-24
Cliff Ray V, 2-17-1889, Samuel, Kirkpatrick Cassie, A1-288
Cline George W, 5-5-1901, William, Ramer Jane, A4-3
Cline Gertrude, 5-6-1905, C N, Hutchinson Edna, K1-16 & A5-7
Cline Harry W, 10-15-1924, Ensley E, McDonald Phyllis, K3-47
Cline Hugh A, 10-18-1911, C N, Hutchinson Edna, K2-32
Cline John F, 10-20-1902, E E, Hunt Minnie, A4-34
Cline Lucile, 11-7-1910, C N, Hutchinson Edna, K2-24 & A8-77
Cline Male, 7-2-1905, Samuel, Ferguson Pearl, A5-39
Cline Mary J, 6-25-1926, Ensley E, McDonald Phyllis, A12-12
Cline May, 1-6-1888, Charles C, Cooper Elizabeth, A1-260
Clingerman Bennie F, 5-28-1935, William F, Heintzelman Irene, A13-59
Clingerman Billie Jr, 8-22-1928, William, Heintzelman Irene E, A12-50
Clingerman Donald E, 8-21-1930, William, Heintzelman Irene, A12-85
Clingerman Edgar A, 12-27-1934, Virgil W, Miller Jessie P, A13-52
Clingerman Female, 3-5-1882, A J, Pollock M L, A1-10
Clingerman Female, 10-13-1891, William, Kister Jane, A2-10
Clingerman Female, 2-13-1892, Frank, Secrist Ada, A2-12
Clingerman John W, 2-5-1933, Ray, Snavley Helen, A13-19
Clingerman Kathleen K, 2-16-1926, Virgil, Miller Pauline, C-8
Clingerman Male, 11-9-1897, West, McConnell --, A3-5
Clingerman Male, 3-01-1884, John W, Kister Manda J, A1-116
Clingerman Male, 4-3-1887, William, Kister Jane, A1-224
Clingerman Virginia M, 2-6-1922, William R, Snavely Helen, A11-40
Clingerman Wilbur L, 10-18-1926, Wilbur, Price Edna, A12-19
Clouse Alice L, 2-17-1912, Hershel, Budd Mary E, A9-13
Clouse Bernard E, 4-5-1924, John, Coats May, A11-80
Clouse Bert, 8-27-1905, Hershel, Budd Elizabeth, A5-40
Clouse Bette J, 6-8-1934, Fred L, Becker Jessie A, A13-42
Clouse Betty L, 1-25-1928, John B, Coats May, A12-40
Clouse Daisy E, 2-25-1913, Joseph, Hanlon Goldie, A9-35
Clouse Dale E, 9-10-1926, Marion, Summers Lauris M, A12-17
Clouse Donald H, 4-10-1923, Harmon, Riddle Martha E, A11-63
Clouse Donna R, 1-5-1900, Willard, Green Missouri, A3-30
Clouse Edith M, 7-11-1922, John, Coats May, A11-47
Clouse Emma L, 4-23-1922, Thomas C, Edsall Daisy D, A11-44
Clouse Female, 1-20-1903, W M, Green Missouri, A4-39
Clouse Franklin, 12-30-1914, Thomas C, Edsall Daisy D, A9-81
Clouse Fred L, 1-15-1910, Hershel, Budd Mary E, A8-59
Clouse Georgia P, 12-25-1910, Tom C, Edsall Daisy D, A8-81
Clouse Glenford W, 9-11-1910, Willard, Green Missouri, A8-73
Clouse Goldie, 3-21-1887, David E, Lock Lusina, A1-222
Clouse Harry A, 8-28-1917, John B, Coats Iva M, A10-50
Clouse Harry B, 9-12-1916, Joseph, Hanlon Goldie, Av1-34
Clouse Helen M, 2-19-1929, Marion, Summers Lauris, A12-59
Clouse Jacob R, 10-3-1907, Willard, Green Missouri, A8-1
Clouse James E, 4-7-1925, John, Coats Iva M, A11-99
Clouse John J, 7-15-1929, John, Coats May, A12-65
Clouse Karen D, 6-15-1936, Franklin E, Williamson Elizabeth C, A-36
Clouse Katherine J, 6-29-1926, Norman U, Wells Wilma, A12-13
Clouse Kenneth S, 7-3-1908, Thomas C, Edsall Daisy D, A8-23
Clouse Lemmon E, 10-14-1907, Hershel, Budd Elizabeth, A8-1
Clouse Male, 6-23-1887, Jacob S, Cole Margaret, A1-232
Clouse Male, 2-20-1895, Harry, Wright --, A2-29
Clouse Male, 1-3-1901, Harry D, Wright Nancy E, A3-49
Clouse Male, 2-15-1907, Walter, Knight Nannie, A6-16
Clouse Male, 11-30-1920, John B, Coats May, A11-14
Clouse Margaret A, 11-11-1922, Joseph, Hanlon Goldie, A11-55
Clouse Margaret M, 7-17-1899, Harry, Wright Nancy E, A3-24
Clouse Martha J, 4-19-1926, John, Coats Iva M, A12-9
Clouse Maxine J, 7-18-1925, Tom C, Edsall Daisy, A11-102
Clouse Mildred A, 5-13-1916, Hershel, Budd Mary E, A10-19
Clouse Neva, 2-1-1902, J Walter, Knight Nancy A, A4-20
Clouse Norman W, 3-1-1904, J Walter, Knight Nancy A, A5-11
Clouse Russell J, 3-10-1916, John B, Coats Iva M, A12a-6
Clouse Ruth M, 4-2-1919 Joseph S, Hanlon Goldie, A10-87
Clouse Sharron L, 7-5-1938, Wilbert R, Kitson Bernice E, A13-109
Clouse Thomas B, 8-26-1903, Hershel, Budd Libbie, A4-50
Clouse Thomas L, 9-11-1937, Franklin E, Williamson Elizabeth C, A12-37
Clouse Tony S, 9-11-1937, Franklin E, Williamson Elizabeth C, A12-37
Clouse Virginia D, 10-15-1928, Norman W, Wells Velma M, A12a-25
Clouse Walter R, 6-22-1932, Fred L, Becker Jessie A, A13-8
Clouse William G, 11-20-1918, Thomas C, Edsall Daisy D, A10-80
Clouse William M, 3-8-1919, John B, Coats May, A10-86
Clouse William R, 9-4-1914, Joseph S, Hanlon Goldie, A9-74
Clucas Elza, 12-19-1887, William, Ott Amanda, A1-250
Cluff Male, 10-31-1902, Ed, McMillan Pearl, K1-9
Clutter Geneva E, 10-1-1918, George E, Bennett Blanche E, A10-77
Clyburn Billie R, 8-19-1927, Luther F, Bryant Dorothy B, A12-34
Clyburn Walter, 9-20-1932, Luther F, Bryant Dorothy B, A13-12
Coates Female, 3-23-1884, Thomas, Simms Mary A, A1-120 mother listed as Simons on Old-7
Coats Bertha, 3-27-1894, Anson, Sweet Eva, A2-24
Coats Dorothy, 10-17-1908, Anson, -- Eva, A8-30
Coats Edith, 12-28-1900, Anson C, Sweet Eva A, A3-48 & A7-10
Coats Female, 3-2-1903, Anson, Sweet --, A4-43
Coats Female, 1-28-1907, James, Kramer Sophia, A6-13
Coats Frederick A, 11-21-1913, Anson, Sweet Eva, A9-52
Coats Male, 6-13-1903, Reason, Harrison Olive, A4-48
Coats Wilhelmina R, 4-13-1909, James H, Kooner Sophia E, A9-8
Cobbs Arthur, 3-14-1924, Harley A, DeBruyn Emma, A11-79
Cobbs Augusta L, 7-25-1917, Frank F, Cramer Edith M, A10-48
Cobbs Beatrice G, 1-25-1911, Harrison, Fry Ruby, A8-81
Cobbs Betha L, 10-24-1924, Frank, Cramer Ethel, K3-47
Cobbs Cleo D, 7-1-1921, Harley A, DeBruyn Emma, A11-26
Cobbs Ester R, 3-2-1923, Harley A, DeBruyn Emma, A11-61
Cobbs Female, 1-4-1907, I P, Bell Leona, A6-13 & K1-21
Cobbs Harold V, 5-4-1915, Marion E, Cramer Sarah V, A9-91
Cobbs Harriett E, 12-5-1916, Carl R, Shanower Bessie M, A20-34
Cobbs Helen F, 8-21-1914, Harrison, Fry Ruby, A9-72
Cobbs Jeanette L, 10-6-1912, C M, Jennings Clara B, A9-28
Cobbs Lillian J, 6-3-1927, Franklin F, Cramer Ethel M, A12-31
Cobbs Male, 1-22-1903, Gideon W, Swanders Rosetta, A4-39
Cobbs Male, 1-18-1904, Gideon W, Swanders Rosetta, A5-6
Cobbs Male, 3-7-1907, Charles, Jennings Clara, A6-15
Cobbs Marion E, 9-12-1892, Gideon W, Swanders Rosetta, A2-16
Cobbs Mary A, 12-15-1900, Gideon, Swanders Rosetta A, A3-48
Cobbs Rosaline C, 3-23-1910, Charles M, Jennings Clara B, A8-60
Cobbs Violet J, 7-31-1917, Marion E, Cramer Vangie S, A10-47
Coburn Male, 7-2-1907, Glenn, Rawson --, A6-23 & K1-23
Cochran Female, 11-16-1883, William, Keys Ella, A1-104
Cochran George A, 6-17-1913, Carl C, Reed Imo J, K2-48
Cochran Helen L, 8-2-1911, Chester D, Lantz Eva, A8-96
Cochran Helen M, 5-3-1911, Carl, Reed Imo J, K2-28
Cochran William D, 5-22-1905, Dean, Lantz Eva, A5-36
Cockley Charles, 4-22-1887, John, Pepple Delile, A1-226
Cockley Female, 2-27-1882, John, Pepple Delile, Old-3
Cockley Hattie, 2-20-1884, John, Pepple Delile, A1-118 & A1-112
Cockley John H, 5-27-1885, John, Pepple Delile, A1-166
Cockley John R, 5-25-1915, John R, Hays Ruth E, A12a-4
Cockley Walber B, 7-8-1888, John, Pepple Delile, A1-272
Cockrell Female, 7-16-1900, Charles, Flowers Etta, A3-40
Cockrell Male, 4-8-1897, Charles, Flowers Etta, A3-1
Coe Bonnie, 12-16-194, Perry W, Nicodemus Orilla, A12a-2
Coe Carey L, 4-21-1937, Chester L, Cary Dorothy M, A13-90
Coe Chester L, 7-1-1904, H L, Wells Ida M, A5-16
Coe Donald E, 1-12-1932, Orval N, Heltzel Mabel L, A12-30
Coe Duane A, 11-5-1936, Orval N, Heltzel Mabel L, A-36
Coe Ethel, 10-3-1918, James C, Lawson Emma, A19-76
Coe Eva, 2-8-1901, Perry W, Nicodemus Orilla, A3-50 & A7-10
Coe Glenice, 10-27-1908, Henry H, McGuire Laura, A8-31
Coe Harold H, 1-18-1905, Perry W, Nicodemus Orilla, A7-10
Coe Helen L, 12-11-1924, William H, Brown Marybelle, K3-49
Coe Male & Female, 6-19-1882, C P, Tice Mary A, A1-26
Coe Male, 2-16-1903, Perry, -- Orilla, A4-41
Coe Russell L, 2-28-1935, Orval N, Heltzel Mabel, K12-34
Coe Sharon E, 2-4-1935, Chester L, Cory Dorothy M, K4-27
Coffel Robert W, 8-2-1916, William F, Hemer Clara E, K2-77
Coffelt Betty R, 2-10-1923, William R, Gustin Edna A, K3-33
Coffelt Delphos R, 3-23-1919, William R, Gustin Edna, K3-1
Coffelt Eugene T, 1-2-1936, Perry E, Brendel Florence M, A13-69
Coffelt Florence, 6-2-1917, Ray W, Gustin Edna A, K2-85
Coffelt Herman R, 2-10-1921, William R, Gustin Edna A, K3-17
Coffelt June, 8-24-1928, William R, Gustin Edna, A12-50
Coffelt Phyllis M, 6-18-1937, Perry E, Brendel Florence M, A13-92
Coffelt Robert L, 3-9-1926, Ray, Gustin Edna, K3-59
Coffman Carol N, 9-24-1926, John, Prough Maggie, A12-18
Cogan Elton B, 7-14-1921, Edward L, Culver Martha F, K3-20
Cogan Eugene, 12-7-1922, Edward L, Culver Martha F, K3-31
Cogan Harry R, 9-10-1915, Edward L, Culver Martha F, A10-3
Cogan Jack E, 6-28-1938, Harry, Pickard Pauline, K4-66
Cogan Juanita, 4-29-1926, Edward, Culver Martha, K3-60
Cogan Male, 4-24-1913, Edward, Culver Martha, A9-62
Cogan Mary A, 10-25-1924, Edward R, Culver Martha, A11-91
Cogan Ruth L, 3-24-1919, Edward L, Culver Martha, K3-1
Cohen Charles E, 5-15-1910, Deetie, Blumenthal Minnie, K2-21
Cohen Irving H, 7-1-1905, Deet, Blumenthal Minnie, K1-17 & A5-38
Coil Archie b, 7-14-1914, Archie C, Bruce Anna, A9-70
Coil Jesse E, 11-21-1936, Albert, Warner Fern, A13-83
Coil John A, 4-8-1929, Albert A, Warner Fern, A12-61
Coil Katheryn M, 10-8-1913, Rollie A, Erickson Donna, A9-49
Coil Mable M, 3-23-1913, Archie, Bruce Anna, A9-37
Coil Richard B, 11-6-1937, Archie B, Richards Edith E, A13-97
Coil Warner A, 9-14-1921, Albert A, Warner Fern W, A11-31
Colby Charles J, 7-16-1898, Albert, Cummins Hattie, A3-10
Colby Female, 10-1-1900, Albert, Cummins --, A3-45
Colby Female, 8-25-1902, A J, Cummins --, A4-30
Cole Anna H, 11-13-1911, Odley, Crouch Grace L, A8-99
Cole Bonald E, 10-20-1933, Orval, Hively Joy, A13-31
Cole Charles H, 2-16-1908, Charles, Lozier Mary E, A8-12
Cole Esther, 7-26-1923, Floyd, Squier Ina, A11-69
Cole Female, 6-2-1887, James R, Ray Martha J, A1-230
Cole Female, 7-6-1902, Elmer, Fuller Cora, A4-28
Cole Franklin P, 5-10-1909, Odley, Crouch Grace L, A8-43
Cole Gilbert L, 3-24-1918, Charles, Lozier Etta M, A10-63
Cole H, 3-22-1898, Curtis, Smith Emma, A3-8
Cole Harold, 4-17-1903, William R, Gray Dora B, A4-45
Cole Jack W, 12-13-1931, Lloyd, Lewis Lillie, A12-107
Cole James B, 9-6-1916, Elmer E, Fuller Cora E, A10-28
Cole James R, 12-21-1916, Floyd R, Squier Ina S, A10-34
Cole James S, 10-8-1909, Curtis, Smith Emma, A8-53
Cole John C, 3-14-1924, Lloyd, Lewis Lillie M, A11-79
Cole Joyce E, 4-15-1918, Floyd R, Squier Ina S, A10-64
Cole Mable M, 8-17-1905, William R, Cole Dora, A5-41
Cole Male, 7-11-1882, George S, Green Angeline, A1-32
Cole Male, 1-27-1884, H G, Harkins Cornelia, A1-108
Cole Male, 12-1-1901, Curtis, Smith Emma, A4-16
Cole Martha E, 8-14-1912, Elmer E, Fuller Cora E, A9-24
Cole Mary J, 7-4-1909, Elmer E, Fuller Cora E, A8-49
Cole Mary, 6-8-1882, James, Ray Martha J, A1-26
Cole Orval E, 3-6-1916, Verner L, Adair Grace M, A10-14
Cole Ray C, 8-8-1905, Elmer E, Fuller Cora S, A5-40
Cole Richard, 6-17-1938, Lloyd, Lewis Lillie, K4-65
Cole Richard C, 11-4-1938, Ray C, Fueling Esther L, K4-70
Cole Robert D, 3-28-1920, Hugh S, Chiddister Fern, A11-1
Cole Ross L, 6-17-1921, Lloyd, Lewis Lillie M, A11-25
Cole Ruth B, 1-30-1901, Elmer E, Fuller Cora E, A3-49
Coleman Evelyn M, 11-9-1931, Carl L, Good Gladys, K4-1
Coleman Gerald E, 1-7-1934, Carl L, Good Gladys, K4-19
Coleman Mary, 9-20-1883, Michael, --, A1-94
Collier Charles B Jr, 8-28-1937, Charles B, Nobles Velda, K4-54
Collier Male, 4-16-1882, Thomas, Kuhns Pheby, A1-18
Collings Elizabeth S, 3-27-1913, Richard C, Porter Lelia E, A9-39
Collings Ella M, 1-25-1912, Richard C, Porter Leila E, L-14
Collings Leila E, 10-27-1910, Richard C, Porter Leila E, L-10
Collings Violet C, 3-26-1913, Richard C, Porter Leila E, L-17
Collins James L, 12-31-1915, John, Cramer Minnie, A10-10
Collins John H, 5-19-1913, John P, Conner Martha L, A9-40
Collins Katherine F, 1-5-1900, Alvin, Taylor Emma, A3-30
Collins Male, 6-2-1915, --, Collins Cathern, K2-65
Collins Martha J, 11-5-1917, John P, Conner Lina, A10-55
Collins Michael A, 2-23-1938, Albertus, Herberger Gladys H, K4-61
Compton Bernice, 2-1-1901, Edward, Maggart Rosa, A3-50
Compton Margaret E, 12-3-1916, Charles E, Maggart Clara R, L-25
Conard Marjorie B, 9-22-1912, C E, Williams Wilberetta, K2-42
Coney Janet C, 9-30-1934, Luther, Forbes Eula C, K4-25
Coney Leeann, 6-1-1938, Oren E, Shook Mildred D, K4-65
Coney Otho D, 7-19-1912, William, Kunce Savilla, A9-23
Conklin Bettie M, 11-17-1929, Ray D, Snook Daisy L, K3-90
Conklin Dorothy M, 4-12-1913, George, Eley Mary, A9-39 & A9-43
Conklin Everitt L, 12-28-1920, George W, Eley Mary M, K3-16
Conklin Inez E, 11-1-1910, George W, Eley Mary M, K2-24 & A8-77
Conklin Male, 7-20-1889, John, Aumock Bell, A1-296
Conklin Male, 7-22-1892, John, Amon Bell, A2-15
Conklin Male, 1-18-1903, George, Eley Mary, A4-39
Conklin Male, 8-12-1906, George, Eley --, A6-6
Conklin Vera B, 1-21-1925, David R, Snook Daisy L, K3-50
Conkling Kenneth E, 12-23-1926, Grey, Canney Grace, A12-22
Conkling Lyle W, 6-21-1925, Grey S, Canney Mary G, A11-101
Conley Male Twins, 1-5-1906, Lewis, Oliver Jennie, A5-49
Conley Mervyn J, 10-17-1928, Thomas J, Story Margaret L, A12-52
Conley Robert J, 9-11-1930, Thomas J, Storey Margaret L, A12-86
Conley Thomas J, 6-26-1902, Lewis, Oliver Jennie, A4-26
Conn Male, 10-6-1903, John, Shaffer --, A5-2 & Av1-29
Conner Ada M, 7-13-1903, Charles S, James Lula H, A4-49
Conner Albert L, 4-5-1909, Calvin L, Maggert Ina, A8-42
Conner Aletha M, 5-30-1901, Charles, James Lula, A4-3
Conner Amos K, 3-15-1907, Leroy, Maggart Ina, A6-15
Conner Annie, 12-31-1907, Charles, James Lula, C-2
Conner Arnold L, 4-12-1935, Riley, Green Fredonna, A13-57
Conner Bonnie L, 11-21-1932, Riley E, Green Fredonna, A13-15
Conner Fannie, 12-31-1907, Charles, James Lula, C-2
Conner Female, 4-27-1883, Albert J, Morgan Sarah M, A1-68
Conner Freda M, 9-6-1924, Riley, Green Fredonna, A11-88
Conner Herald E, 3-22-1906, Charles, James --, A6-2
Conner Jean P, 7-13-1909, Charles, James Lula, C-3
Conner Lois J, 9-30-1935, David M, Crook Bessie M, A13-65
Conner Male, 1-24-1899, Charles, James Lula, A3-16
Conner Mary E, 8-26-1922, Riley E, Green Fredona, A11-50
Conner P, 10-9-1900, Edward P, Cowdon --, A3-45
Conner Stanley C, 1-14-1912, Charles, James Lula, C-4
Conrad Berland, 12-3-1913, Howard, Sheley Mable, A9-54
Conrad Bonnie J, 7-28-1920, John H, Burke Mary A, A11-7
Conrad Charles E, 6-6-1919, Shirley W, Baker Flossie M, A12a-13
Conrad Delbert E, 11-11-1916, Shirley W, Baker Flossie M, A12a-8
Conrad Donald H, 11-1-1908, John H, Burke Mary A, A8-32
Conrad Dorotha I, 3-13-1913, Fern, Hawk Etta, A9-37
Conrad Esther M, 6-2-1927, Howard, Sheley Mabel, A12-31
Conrad Everett S, 1-16-1912, Howard, Sheley Mable, A9-7
Conrad Female, 2-5-1883, John A, Lysher Harriet, A1-62
Conrad Female, 7-7-1885, John A, Lysher Harriet A, A1-170
Conrad Female, 7-25-1889, John A, Lysher Harriet, A1-298
Conrad Female, 1-17-1890, Edson, Chiddister Olive, A1-314
Conrad Female, 3-15-1895, --, Conrad Bella, A2-34
Conrad Female, 1-19-1899, Alonzo, Sparrow Lola, A3-16
Conrad Glema I, 12-5-1937, Delbert E, Hicks Izola M, A13-98
Conrad Harold C, 4-9-1937, Everett L, Wallace Marion L, A13-89
Conrad Harold L, 9-25-1916, Howard, Sheley Mable, A10-29
Conrad Heden B, 3-6-1914, John, Burke Mary, A9-60
Conrad Jack A, 11-30-1937, Wilburn, Hoffman Donna, K4-57
Conrad James, 5-23-1918, Shirley W, Baker Flossie M, A12a-11
Conrad Jeanetta V, 1-26-1916, Ralph, Lynn Nora, L-24
Conrad Jennie M, 1-7-1936, Berland, Danner Luella P, A13-69
Conrad Joan M, 11-4-19037, Berland, Danner Luella , A13-97
Conrad Kenneth M, 8-26-1918, John H, Burke Mary A, A10-73
Conrad Larry K, 4-12-1938, Ronald E, Mahnesmith Sarah J, A13-104
Conrad Lavaun, 5-19-1910, Fay, Ott Ethel P, A8-64
Conrad Lethan H, 5-31-1901, Alonzo, Sparrow Lola, A4-3
Conrad Lilah W, 8-6-1915, Fern, Hawk Etta R, A9-98
Conrad Lucile, 1-1-1914, Fay, Ott Ethel, A9-55
Conrad Male, 6-6-1882, Andrew, Grimes Sarah, A1-22
Conrad Male Twins, 5-21-1884, John A, Lysher Harriet A, A1-128
Conrad Male, 7-13-1886, George W, Miller Lovina, A1-198
Conrad Male, 10-25-1887, John A, Lysher Harriet A, A1-246
Conrad Male, 9-18-1893, John A, Lysher Harriet A, A2-21
Conrad Male, 7-13-1903, Alonzo, Sparrow Lola, A4-49
Conrad Male, 8-25-1908, Fern, Hawk Etta R, A8-28
Conrad Martha L, 4-11-1921, Howard, Sheley Mabel, A11-22
Conrad Mavis I, 4-23-1937, Shirley W, Baker Flossie M, A12-37
Conrad Maxine M, 11-26-1923, Claude, Elijah Tillie, A11-75
Conrad Norma L, 9-26-1935, Shirley W, Baker Flossie M, K12-35
Conrad Paul E, 5-21-1920, Shirley, Baker Flossie M, A12a-14
Conrad Robert H, 9-13-1922, Fern, Hawk Etta R, A11-51
Conrad Ronald D, 5-12-1934, Shirley W, Baxer Flossie M, A12a-33
Conrad Ronald E, 1-17-1918, Fay, Ott Ethel P, A10-59
Conrad Rose E, 4-23-1930, Benjamin, Nowels Dorothy, L-55
Conrad Russel D, 5-19-1922, Virgil, Kinnison Estella, A11-45
Conrad Wilber J, 3-10-1911, Fern, Hawk Etta R, A8-84
Conrad Wilodean E, 4-24-1917, Claude, Elijah Tillie O, A10-41
Conrad Woodward C, 9-30-1914, Ralph, Linn Nora, A12a-2
Cook Ann E, 12-21-1928, Lloyd W, Windle Dorothy P, K3-83
Cook Betty J, 6-20-1924, Earl, Linn Pearl, L-43
Cook Caraline J, 2-8-1837, Emanuel C, Brown Wanetta, A13-86
Cook Cora S, 8-4-1891, John, Dull Sarah C, A2-9
Cook Donald, 5-18-1903, Bert D, Cummings Leone, A4-46
Cook Ed, 7-19-1889, Ed, --, A1-296
Cook Elsie H, 2-12-1893, Silas, Garber Emma, A2-19
Cook Emogene, 8-15-1926, Harlow C, Rogers Margaret, A12-15
Cook Eva M, 6-26-1894, Zachariah, Golden Rebecca, A2-28
Cook Female, 8-2-1882, Isaiah, Asher Mary, A1-38
Cook Female, 2-7-1888, Isaiah, Asher Mary E, A1-262
Cook Female, 8-6-1893, Sylvester, Thompson Mahala, A2-21
Cook Female, 5-10-1900, --, Cook Mina, A3-38,
Cook Female, 9-25-1901, S, Garber --, A4-12
Cook Female, 2-23-1902, Sylvester, Thompson Mahala, A4-21
Cook Female, 4-4-1906, Bert, Cummings Leona, A6-1
Cook Franklin E, 12-15-1928, Earl, Linn Pearl M, L-53
Cook Martha R, 2-15-1929, Paul, Henney Gladys, K3-85
Cook Gladys M, 10-19-1926, Earle, Linn Pearl, L-49
Cook Grace, 3-31-1892, Sylvester, Thompson Mahala, A2-12
Cook Helen M, 4-7-1909, Ed, Smith Lucinda, A9-8
Cook Henry E, 10-11-1937, John, Usser Francis, L-70
Cook Inez M, 10-27-1931, Emanuel C, Brown Juanita, A12-104
Cook James L, 9-5-1916, Earl, Gerkin Pearl M, L-25
Cook John, 2-14-1914, Earl, Linn Pearl, A9-58
Cook John C Jr, 11-18-1935, John C, Musser Francis, L-67
Cook Lloyd J, 3-6-1933, Lloyd W, Windle Dorothy P, K4-12
Cook Male, 3-28-1884, Jeremiah H, Pollock Harriet, A1-120
Cook Male Stillborn 1-28-1900, --, Cook Minnie, A3-31
Cook Maxine L, 3-11-1931, Earl, Lynn Pearl M, L-57
Cook Mildred, 9-8-1897, Silas C, Garber Emma, A3-3
Cook Nancy J, 1-8-1934, Earl, Linn Pearl, L2-63
Cook Pansy M, 6-12-1908, Andrew, Ream Bessie, K2-6
Cook Patsy E, 1-27-1934, Emanuel C, Brown Juanita, A13-36
Cook Robert B, 6-4-1914, Charles W, Ogden Jessie, L-20
Cook Roger D, 5-14-1928, Donald E, Reno Retha M, A12-47
Cooley Bessie M, 3-25-1925, Marion, Jarrett Charlotte, A11-98
Cooley Donna B, 1-13-1927, Marion, Jarrett Charlotte, A12-23
Cooley Francis, 11-12-1901, Frank, McCoy Margaret A, A4-14
Cooley Lois J, 7-6-1929, Robert, Graber Ada, A12-64
Cooley Marion, 11-12-1901, Frank, McCoy Margaret A, A4-14
Cooley Paul E, 7-6-1923, Marion, Jarrett Charlotte, A11-68
Cooley Vivian L, 4-9-1928, Marion, Jarrett Charlotte, A12-44
Cooley Wayne V, 2-28-1922, Marion, Jarrett Charlotte, A11-41
Cooper Barbara L, 4-17-1938, Leonard T, Keister Nelda V, A13-106
Cooper Leonard T, 4-4-1915, Chester, Weber Hazel, A9-89
Cooper Male, 4-13-1887, George, Stillwell E M, A1-226
Cooper Marian, 9-21-1888, John L, Neufer Mary A, A1-278
Cooper Mary E, 6-6-1905, Schuyler, Eaton Clara, K1-16
Copeland Female, 11-4-1901, Albert, Price Elma, A4-14
Coplin Female, 4-12-1882, Spencer O, Goucher --, A1-14
Copper Joseph S, 10-25-1883, Frank P, Ferris Italia, Old-5
Corbin Mary E, 1-26-1908, Jessie C, Wood Edna, A8-10
Cording Female, 3-13-1883, W C, Baron Lillian, A1-66
Cornelius Edith & Ethel, 1-29 & 30, 1884, John, -- Catherine, A1-114
Cornelius Female, 2-12-1903, Frank, Longenecker Ada, A4-41
Cornelius Gladys E, 11-1-1897, Charles, Francisco Belle, A3-5
Cornelius Harry E, 10-18-1901, Charles, Francisco Belle, A4-13
Cornelius Helen R, 8-17-1912, Claude, Wilson Bertha, A9-24
Cornelius Martha L, 2-14-1914, Claude, Wilson Bertha, A9-59
Cornelius Mildred R, 7-19-1911, Claude, Wilson Bertha, A8-91
Corns Female, 11-7-1882, --, Corns Rose, A1-54
Correll Charles E, 3-2-1913, Oscar, Priest Catherine, A9o-36
Cory Ano M, 10-10-1912, Harvey E, Weeks Ethel I, A9-28
Cory Larry R, 7-19-1935, Ralph L, Brumbaugh Irene G, L-66
Costator Harry G, 11-5-1909, Clayton, Cramer Laura, K2-16
Cotherman Sharon L, 4-19-1933, Donald, Sedgwick Janice, L-62
Cotner Robert A, 11-10-1935, Blain, Hunter Annabelle, A13-67
Cotter Ruth A, 3-17-1938, William T, Schwalm Ruth, K4-62
Cotter William T Jr, 4-19-1935, William T, Schwalm Ruth, K4-29
Cotter William T Jr, 4-19-1936, William T, Schwalm Ruth, K4-39
Coulter Paul E, 4-23-1934, Herschel, Myers Melva, A13-40
Counterman Billie F, 8-3-1926, Clarence, Meyer Lesta, A12-15
Cousino Edward S, 4-23-1925, Leo, Bauhaus Lizzie, Av2-5
Cousino Joseph L, 11-7-1921, Leo, Bauhaus Lizzie, A11-34
Cousino Theresa M, 11-6-1928, Leo, Bauhaus Elizabeth, A12-53
Couts Alma P, 12-28-1908, Jesse C, Lint Anna, C-2
Couts Dale A, 1-17-1928, Ora H, Repine Mildred, K3-75
Couts Female, 7-9-1884, Joshua, Devenbaugh Emma, A1-146
Couts Female, 11-18-1903, Cash, Green Mona, A5-3
Couts Female, 12-15-1905, James B, Tucker Osie, K1-18 & A5-47
Couts Female, 5-2-1906, Fred, Sturgis Minnie, A6-2
Couts Fred A, 11-25-1901, Jesse, Lint Anna, A4-14
Couts Fredie J, 1-4-1931, Ora, Repine Mildred, K3-99
Couts Hellen L, 1-31-1916, James, Tucker Osie, K2-71
Couts Ira C, 5-22-1899, Fred, Sturgis Minnie, A3-21
Couts Male, 5-3-1883, Samuel, Yant Margaret, A1-80
Couts Male, 12-23-1899, --, --, A3-29
Couts Male, 7-10-1901, Fred, Sturgis Minnie, A4-8
Couts Male, 1-14-1902, Cash, Green Mona, A4-18
Couts Marjorie M, 10-5-1914, Cash A, Green Mona L, L-21
Couts May, 2-17-1908, Fred, Sturgis --, A8-12
Couts Ora, 6-4-1905, Fred, Sturgis Minnie, A5-37
Couts Paul F, 1-18-1917, Fred, Sturgis Minnie, A10-36
Couts Ralph W, 2-6-1914, James, Tucker Osie, K1-24 & K2-53
Couts Thelma M, 5-2-1911, James B, Tucker Osie E, K2-28
Couts Thurlow R, 5-2-1911, James B, Tucker Osie E, K2-28
Couts Wilbur E, 11-17-1903, Jesse, Lint Anna, A5-3 & A5-3
Couture Cathrine, 12-3-1936, Eugene, Fisher Hilda, A13-84
Couture Eugene W, 2-18-1933, Eugene, Fischer Hilda, A13-20
Couture Lavonne M, 3-5-1927, Homer, Weaver Geraldine, A12-27
Couture Margaret L, 4-15-1931, Eugene, Fischer Hilda, A12-95
Couture Margaret M, 12-1-1934, Eugene, Fischer Hilda, A13-51
Couture Patricia J, 3-20-1929, Eugene, Fischer Hilda, A12-60
Couture Retha M, 6-15-1908, Moses, Boudreau Agnes, A8-21
Couture Rosa R, 6-15-1908, Moses, Boudreau Agnes, A8-21
Coverstone Betty A, 9-6-1923, Samuel, Boggs Reuah, A11-71
Coverstone Eugene, 12-26-1927, Earl C, Fry Vesta B, A12-39
Coverstone Female, 9-15-1900, --, Kiester --, A3-43
Coverstone Mary E, 7-7-1911, Clarence, Strawsburg Ethel, K2-29
Cowan Alice V, 4-8-1912, Walter L, Clapp Zoe C, A9-18
Cowan Robert C, 12-7-1915, Walter L, Clapp Zoe, A12a-5
Cowles Beverly C, 10-17-1931, Edward, Walda Elnor, A12-104
Cowley Marian A, 7-2-1931, William J, Head Ethel, A12-99
Cox Female 4-14, 1882, William J, Cerother Nettie, A1-14
Cox Male, 11-21-1884, Thomas J, Smith --, A1-152
Cox Robert C, 9-5-1926, Charles R, Smith Bertha M, A12-17
Coy Armellia, 2-17-1918, Joe, Anderson Orpha, A10-60
Coy Charlotte D, 9-6-1925, Earnest, Caskey Mabel, A11-104
Coy Chester A, 11-26-1929, Ernest, Caskey Mabel, A12-72
Coy Cyntha E, 12-4-1921, Earnest, Caskey Mabel L, A11-36
Coy Delbert J, 4-7-1918, Roy, Stump Viola, A10-64
Coy Eris N, 10-20-1923, Earnest, Caskey  Mabel, A11-73
Coy Ernest J, 5-8-1923, Joseph L, Anderson Orpha L, A11-64
Coy Eugene C, 6-8-1914, Sherman, Goble Hazel L, A9-68
Coy James L, 5-5-1921, Roy, Stump Viola F, A11-23
Coy Leone, 1-29-1923, Roy, Stump Ola, A11-60
Coy Marguerite E, 4-14-1911, Sherman, Goble Hazel, A8-90
Coy Mary A, 8-21-1927, Ernest, Caskey Mable, A12-34
Coy Max I, 8-1-1916, Roy, Stump Ola, A10-25
Coy Paul T, 3-3-1932, Ernest, Caskey Mable, A13-3
Coy Wathena I, 11-26-1926, Joseph L, Anderson Orpha L, A12-20
Coy Wilma M, 5-8-1916, Joseph, Anderson Orpha, A10-19
Crago Helen A, 9-1-1913, Frank, Priest Nettie, A9-48
Craig Female, 11-5-1889, Ira N, Squires Alversa, A1-306
Craig Homer L, 2-25-1887, Ira, Squires Laura A, A1-220
Cramer Agnes, 9-11-1912, Francis E, Balliet Nettie M, K2-41
Cramer Bertha L, 8-9-1887, Simon, Mulholland Mary, A1-238
Cramer Catherine M, 6-13-1908, Frank, Welch Katie, A8-20
Cramer Dean F, 9-29-1923, James F, Weimer Ella, A11-72
Cramer Ernest E, 8-30-1927, Ernest, Richards May, A12-35
Cramer Esther M, 8-2-1919, James, Weimer Ella, A10-95
Cramer Female, 9-13-1884, Ephraim, Myers --, A1-144
Cramer Female, 2-12-1885, Simon, Mulholland Mary, Old-7
Cramer Female, 8-1-1900, Franklin, Simon Ella B, A3-42
Cramer Female, 5-30-1903, Francis, Balliet Nettie, A4-47
Cramer Female, 7-30-1903, John, Haag --, A4-49
Cramer Female, 6-28-1911, W L, Owen Ethel, A8-91
Cramer Franklin H, 4-26-1905, John, Haag --, A5-35
Cramer Freeman E, 3-26-1935, Ernest E, Richards Nora M, A13-56
Cramer Harold E, 1-31-1932, Ernest E, Richards May N, A12-30
Cramer Harriet J, 8-24-1916, John F, Myers Evelyn, K2-77
Cramer Helen L, 8-19-1925, Obert A, Huff Tressa V, K3-54
Cramer Hilda I, 6-12-1914, Thomas, Owen Ethel, A9-67
Cramer Jennie, 9-25-1885, Miles, McCartney Jane, A1-174
Cramer John E, 5-29-1899, Frank, Welch Katherine, A3-21 & Av1-26
Cramer Julia, 10-2-1902, Frank, Welch Mary C, Av1-28
Cramer June L, 6-20-1914, Francis E, Balliet Nettie M, K2-57
Cramer Kenneth P, 5-2-1937, Perry, Balser Edith K4-51
Cramer Lilah W, 7-27-1910, Charles A, Owen Alma E, A8-71
Cramer Lola L, 8-26-1916, Vinton C, Strong Ambia A, A10-27
Cramer Male, 1-28-1887, Lew, Bowen Jennie, A1-212
Cramer Male, 1-1-1888, Eph, Myers --, A1-262
Cramer Male, 11-15-1904, Frank, Welch --, A5-26 & Av1-29
Cramer Male, 12-5-1905, Frank, Welch --, A5-47 & Av1-30
Cramer Male, 12-21-1905, Morrell, Terrell --, A5-47
Cramer Margaret A, 1-14-1921, Frank A, Thomas Edith M, C-7
Cramer Martha L, 6-22-1930, Ernest E, Richards Mae N, A12-83
Cramer Mary A, 8-16-1926, Obert, Huff Tressa, K3-62
Cramer Orville F, 9-22-1912, Claude C, Christlieb Savilla, A9-27
Cramer Phyllis J, 6-12-1933, Ernest E, Richards Nora M, A7-32
Cramer Phyllis M, 9-8-1920, Vincent C, Strong Ambia, A11-11
Cramer Richard A, 4-26-1920, Lawrence, Becker Lutie, K3-10
Cramer Robert D, 2-2-1929, Ernest, Richards Mae, A12-58
Cramer Robert L, 3-10-1918, Lawrence, Becker Lutie, K2-92
Cramer Roger C, 7-8-1910, Morrell B, Terrell Daisy A, A8-69
Cramer Ruth, 4-29-1914, James, Weimer Ella, A9-64
Cramer Thelma J, 7-4-1909, Roy, Owen Ethel, A8-46
Cramer Vera L, 7-31-1909, Claud, Christleib Sibilla, A8-47
Cramer Wilbur L, 6-13-1916, Thomas, Owen Ethel, A10-22
Cramer Williard J, 10-12-1907, Morrell, Terrell Daisy, A8-1
Crampton James R, 11-10-1935, H J, Russell Pauline M, K4-35
Crandall Female, 5-12-1900, Charles, Dolan Ida, A3-38
Crandall Female, 5-14-1900, Charles, Dolan Della, A3-38
Crandell Bartley S, 3-17-1894, John, Bartley Effie, A2-24
Crandell Destie O, 12-9-1888, John, Bartley Effie, A1-286
Crandell Female, 11-18-1891, John H, Bartley --, A2-11
Crandell Female, 9-17-1900, John H, Bartley Effie, A3-43
Crandell J C, 2-6-1905, John H, Bartley Effie J, A5-31
Crandell Peggy L, 11-9-1933, Forrest J, McCamment Lenora I, A13-32
Crank Male, 8-7-1886, N J, Freeman Ella, A1-200
Craven Bina M, 2-18-1885, Albert, -- Liza, A1-160
Craven Earl H, 11-30-1912, Howard, Keller Myrtle, K2-43
Craven Female, 2-17-1883, William, Deam Catherine, A1-58
Craven Female, 8-9-1888, Charles, --, A1-276
Craven Gertrude L, 11-29-1920, William A, Leas Mabel B, K3-15
Craven John W, 12-28-1927, Charles F, Koehne Delilah, A12-39
Craven Marjorie E, 12-31-1921, William A, Lear Mabel B, K3-24
Craven Pauline B, 9-14-1917, James H. Keller Myrtle F, K2-88
Craven Richard H, 4-13-1919, James H, Keller Myrtle, K3-1
Craven Ruth L, 9-23-1914, James H, Keller Myrtle F, K2-59
Cravens F L, 12-28-1901, Edward, Smith Bertha, A4-17
Crawford Beverly J, 6-10-1924, M Sherman, Dice Mary, K3-43
Crawford Dorothy L, 3-15-1914, Isaac G, Reynolds Harriet, K2-54
Crawford Female, 4-14-1884, George L, French Matilda, A1-124
Crawford Female, 8-6-1892, William, --, A2-15 & K1-1
Crawford Helen A, 5-10-1921, Sherman, Dice Mary L, K3-19
Crawford Robert I, 10-4-1919, Sherman P, Dice Mary L, K3-4
Creager Kathlein R, 12-16-193, Walter D, Mollenhous Exie F, K2-52
Cress Beatrice L, 1-15-1907, Forrest, Gale Caroline, A6-13
Cress Howard D, 10-15-1914, Charles D, McDowell Fannie E, L-21
Cress Male, 3-24-1884, Sylvester, Kern Ida A, A1-136
Cress Male, 7-18-1887, Daniel, Conner Theresa, A1-236
Cress Oras H, 6-7-1917, Otto N, Johnson Ethel M, L-27
Cress Ralph V, 9-26-1904, Charles, McDowell Fannie, A5-22
Creviston Helen L, 7-9-1933, Auldo D, Smith Mary C, A13-27
Crevits Male, 2-21-1884, Fred, --, A1-122
Crew Female, 10-17-1899, W C, Dicus Della E, A3-27
Crew Male, 8-18-1904, William, Dicus Della, A5-19
Cripe Betty R, 2-22-1920, Vern C, Deiebele Mildred L, K3-8
Cripe Clair A, 7-5-1932, Otis C, Hutchins Leila, K4-6
Cripe Donald V, 11-9-1917, Vern C, Deibele Mildred L, K2-89
Cripe Edith M, 10-20-1925, Otis C, Hutchins Leila, K3-56
Cripe Female, 2-12-1884, Simon, Jarret Catharine, A1-114
Cripe Jack C, 11-28-1918, Raydo C, Simmons Dorothy G, K2-98
Cripe Luella J, 2-7-1916, Jason, Stabler Mary, A20-13
Cripe Newell H, 2-26-1921, Ben, Hall Bearl, A11-20
Cripe Virginia M, 1-22-1915, Benjamin, Hall Bearl, A9-99
Crise Geneva E, 7-13-1912, Albert C, Bowman Esta M, K2-39
Crist Edward W, 11-1-1938, Edward, Hart Margaret, L-73
Criswell Arthur D, 11-14-1926, Allen O, Ackerman Vera, A12-20
Criswell Barbara A, 5-29-1935, Allen O, Ackerman Vera B, A13-59
Criswell Bonnie A, 5-16-1929, Allen, Ackerman Vera, A12-62
Criswell Donald D, 4-21-1933, Allen O, Ackerman Vera, A13-23
Criswell Edward J, 8-11-1931, Allen D, Ackerman Vera, A12-101
Criswell Fred E, 5-5-1937, Allen E, Ackerman Vera, A13-91
Criswell Hazel M, 5-29-1922, Allen, Ackerman Vera, A11-45
Criswell Louis K, 1-28-1924, Allen, Ackerman Vera, A11-77
Criswell Paul A, 2-23-1928, Allen O, Ackerman Vera, A12-43
Criswell Richard C, 1-28-1925, Allen O, Ackerman Vera, K3-50
Criswell Thomas O, 12-26-1938, Allen, Ackerman Vera, A14-4
Crockett Charles T, 8-13-1900, Charles, Hines Laverna, A3-42
Crockett Dean B, 4-13-1905, Homer, Cox Florence, A5-35
Crockett Donald H, 3-24-1903, Charles, Hines Laverna, A4-43
Crockett Gerald D, 11-6-1931, Dean B, Sandal Hulda V, L-58
Crockett Garold D, 3-12-1921, Thurlow, McDowell Eva, L-36
Crockett Male, 1-14-1887, --, Crockett Dema, A1-212
Crockett Mariane, 8-24-1930, Dean, Sandahl Hulda V, L-56
Crockett Nyell, 3-29-1917, Rex Forrest, Crockett Beulah, L-26
Crofoot Betty J, 5-10-1922, Nelson D, Bennett Ruth, K3-27
Crofoot Ella, 5-19-1908, Archie, Fried Ella, A8-19
Crofoot George N, 7-7-1904, Archie, Fried Ella, A5-17 - 7-6-1904 on K1-14
Crofoot Julia M, 4-11-1902, John, Lepper Pearl, A4-24
Crofoot Mable, 10-30-1912, John, Lepper Pearl, A9-31
Crofoot Male, 12-22-1890, John, Adams Cora, A2-5
Crofoot Mary C, 3-20-2937, Earl M, Bower Edna M, K4-49
Crofoot Nelson D, 10-27-1900, Archie, Fried Ella, A3-45 & K1-5
Crofoot Ruth E, 12-25-1920, Nelson D, Bennett Olive R, K3-16
Crofoot Virginia M, 8-8-1918, Archibald S, Neff Anna M, K2-95
Crofoot Warren R, 4-20-1926, Nelson D, Bennett Ruth, K3-60
Croft Esther J, 7-6-1918, Peter J, Surhart Bertha H, A12a-11
Croninger Eileen Naomi, 2-11-1918, Charles L, Wilks Emma C, K2-91
Croninger Fredrick C, 7-29-1914, Charles L, Wilks Emma C, K2-58
Cropper John B, 9-13-1908, Bernard, Smurr May B, A8-27
Cropper Lillian R, 7-6-1914, Bernard A, Smurr May B, A12a-1
Crosbie Marilyn E, 12-31-1931, Noble, Warble Rachel, L-59
Cross Florence E, 7-11-1910, Ernest, Sprague Ida, A8-69
Cross Male, 7-12-1914, Ernest E, Sprague Dala B, A9-70
Cross Norman W, 8-4-1913, Ernest, Sprague Dela B, A9-46
Cross Thelma G, 9-9-1911, Ernest E, Sprague Ida B, A8-95 & A9-7
Crossley Richard W, 12-18-1912, Theodore V, Ransburg Laura V, K2-43
Crothers Audrey J, 1-2-1922, Ward H, Purvis Mary J, K3-25
Crothers Betty A, 9-14-1935, Lafayette, Vanderford Pearl, A13-64
Crothers Betty M, 5-20-1921, Ralph, Pfleightner Veda, Av2-2
Crothers Cleo J, 6-16-1924, Fred, Graber Hazel, A11-83
Crothers Clifford F, 1-13-1921, Fred, Graber Hazel, A11-17
Crothers Donald W, 5-27-1905, George, Ramsby Nona, A5-7
Crothers Evelyn M, 9-3-1910, Ike, Damy Minnie, A8-74
Crothers Female, 2-11-1902, Isaac, Damy Minnie, A4-20
Crothers Female, 8-6-1903, John, Heltzel --, A4-50
Crothers Female, 6-18-1908, Isaac, Damy Minnie, L-3
Crothers Florence B, 12-11-1910, James, Cripe Louise, A8-80
Crothers Floyd, 12-19-1905, John, Heltzel Mina, K1-18
Crothers George J, 6-10-1924, George, Warner Myrtle, A11-84
Crothers Gladys L, 10-16-1906, James, Cripe Lou, A6-10
Crothers Harry D, 4-11-1916, Lafayette, Vanderford Pearl, A10-17
Crothers James G, 9-16-1882, William, Long Ellen, A1-40
Crothers Kathyron, 10-10-1921, George, Warner Myrtle, A11-34
Crothers Kenneth, 11-24-1913, John L, Heltzel Mina, A9-53
Crothers Laverne M, 6-4-1913, Lafayette, Vanderford Pearl, A9-43
Crothers Mable, 2-29-1908, John, Heltzel Mina, A8-13
Crothers Male, 10-15-1903, Isaac, Damy Minnie, A5-1
Crothers Male, 11-19-1905, John, Heltzel Maud, A5-46
Crothers Margaret E, 7-16-1920, James, Routsong Maud, A11-8
Crothers Martha, 11-7-1911, John, Heltzel Mina, A9-2
Crothers Martha A, 5-16-1926, Fred, Graber Hazel, A12-7
Crothers Martha E, 5-10-1918, George, Warner Myrtle, A10-68
Crothers Mary J, 6-27-1922, Fred, Graber Hazel, A11-47
Crothers Maynard, 1-71-1929, George, Warner Myrtle, A12-58
Crothers Patricia D, 8-9-1930, Fred, Graber Hazel, A12-85
Crothers Pauline, 8-20-1935, John, Wolf Ruth, A13-66
Crothers Peter G, 9-16-1882, William, Long Ellen, A1-40
Crow Burl O, 8-20-1905, Perry J, Miller Emma, A5-40
Crow Cleota M, 12-1-1909, J Perry, Miller Emma J, A8-57
Crow Female, 9-12-1898, Perry, -- Emma, A3-12
Crow Female, 11-14-1900, William Jr, Wright Rosella, A3-47
Crow James M, 4-16-1893, Michael, Ney Hattie, K1-2
Crow Lauren, 4-22-1903, James P, Miller Emma, A4-45
Crow Male, 6-3-1907, William N, Wright Rosella, A6-21 & C-1
Crow Otis H, 1-20-1901, J Perry, Miller Emma J, A3-49 & A7-10
Crowe Harold H, 9-5-1922, Otis H, Hartley Nettie M, K3-30
Crowell Martha J, 5-16-1938, Porter D, King Muriel, K4-64
Croxton Male, 6-27-1882, Samuel H, Wade Anne E, A1-30
Croxton Male, 1-25-1885, Samuel, Wade Elizabeth, A1-158
Croy Albert O, 6-20-1917, John, Deck Grace O, Av1-34
Croy Donald J, 9-30-1924, Charles L, Kirchner Marie, A11-89
Croy Lawrence, 9-21-1921, Charles L, Kirchner Marie, A11-31
Croy Mable M, 10-5-1918, John, -- Grace A, Av1-34
Croy Robert, 3-31-1919, Charles, Hinsdale Flossie, A10-87
Croy Wilbert C, 6-11-1921, John A, Deck Grace, A11-25
Crume Female, 10-13-1885, John H, Mawhorter Sarah, A1-178
Crume Female, 4-6-1888, Levi, Weaver Mary, A1-266
Crume Female, 3-7-1894, John H, Mawhorter Sarah E, A2-24
Crume Hazel A, 9-24-1922, Wilber, Fulford Mary A, A11-52
Crume Inez, 1-22-1883, Levi, Weaver Mary, A1-64
Crume Lillian, 3-27-1892, John H, Mawhorter Sarah E, A2-12
Crume Male, 6-7-1883, John H, Mawhorter Sarah E, A1-78
Culbertson Barbara L, 8-5-1932, Robert, Ryen Elsie, K4-7
Culbertson Katherine J, 7-19-1929, Harry E, Calkins Rosa M, K3-88
Culbertson Rosemary, 11-6-1930, Harry E, Calkins Rosa M, K3-97
Culbertson Suzanne M, 12-19-1927, Harry E, Calkins Rosa M, K3-74
Cullison Charles, 8-23-1892, William I, Kline Cora, A2-16 & K1-1
Cullum Artley D, 4-14-1907, Albert, Pierce Dorothy, A6-17
Culver Everett O, 10-7-1911, Earl, Price Leona, A9-2
Culver Female, 5-10-1895, J H, Hathaway Martha C, A2-31
Culver George E, 5-6-1915, Edward G, Hubler Beulah H, L-22
Culver Kennith F, 11-8-1914, Earl, Price Leona, A9-78
Culver Male & Female, 10-9-1882, Charles E, Juday Nancy J, A1-62
Culver Willard, 11-3-1900, J H, Hathaway Martha C, A3-47
Cumbo Eugene, 3-10-1926, Eli S, Minix Lona, A12-7
Cummings Walter E, 3-4-1886, William J, Felton Emma A, A1-186
Cummings William F, 6-7-1890, William J, Felton Emma, A2-2
Cummings William H, 11-1-1910, Charles F, Lahman Dessa, K2-24 & A8-77
Cummins Lulu B, 12-27-1906, F E, Worley Kathryn, A6-12
Cuney Female, 11-25-1901, Joseph, Harrold --, A4-14
Cuney Kathryn E, 4-2-1890, Louis, Huff Sarah, A2-1
Cunningham Allen R, 11-9-1920, John, Dickinson Elsie M, K3-14
Cunningham Asenith A, 7-13-1922, John H, Dickinson Marie E, K3-28
Cunningham David J, 9-2-1909, Joseph R, Rose Sarah, A8-53
Cunningham Delois J, 5-19-1933, Burtis H, Johnson Ina M, A13-24
Cunningham Donald D, 2-5-1933, Ellis C, Kimmell Mary A, A13-19 
Cunningham Elsie J, 4-6-1921, Frank, Rasinson Lena, A11-21
Cunningham Female, 8-19-1898, George, Martin --, A3-11
Cunningham Fredrick R, 5-8-1914, Joseph R, Rose Sarah J, A9-65
Cunningham George E, 12-10-1928, Frank, Rosmusson Lena, A12-54
Cunningham George H, 3-6-1918, John H, Dickinson Marie, K2-92
Cunningham Helen L, 5-18-1932, Franklin, Rassmussen Lena, A13-7 
Cunningham Jacob R, 11-7-1935, Robert D, Neufer Mary, K4-35
Cunningham Jacqueline P, 7-23-1930, Paul A, Treesh Bernalda M, K3-95
Cunningham Jerry L, 8-23-1937, Robert D, Neufer Mary, L-70
Cunningham Kyle F, 8-26-1938, Schrock Rose V, A13-112
Cunningham Male, 1-29-1901, George, Martin --, A3-49
Cunningham Marguerite A, 1-13-1915, George A, Martin Magaret M, K2-62
Cunningham Marjorie A, 5-30-1912, George A, Martin Margaret, K2-38
Cunningham Paul A, 3-6-1918, John H, Dickinson Marie, K2-92
Cunningham Paul A, 8-13-1907, George, Martin Minnie, K1-23 & A6-25
Cunningham Robert D, 2-9-1911, J R, Rose Sara, A8-86
Cunningham Robert H, 7-28-1931, Burtis H, Johnson Ina M, A12-100
Cunningham Rosalie A, 2-17-1919, John H, Dickinson Marie E, K2-99
Cunningham Ulysses E, 2-20-1928, John, Dickinson Marie, K3-76
Cunningham William L, 1-13-1931, G I, Egolf Clara, K3-99
Curren Female, 9-12-1906, Michael, Curren Nora, A6-7
Curtis Eleanor V, 10-16-1936, Clifford, Weaver Adaline, A13-82
Curtis Henry C, 11-5-1905, L E, Ridenour Lina, A5-45 & A7-10
Curtis Irene P, 9-12-1935, Clifford, Weaver Adaline E, A13-63  
Curtis James H, 4-10-1925, Harold V, Palmer Pansy, A12a-21
Curtis John E, 3-14-1925, Harley E, Winebrenner Gertrude P, A12a-21
Curtis Mary J, 7-7-1927, Henry C, Eagles Alice J, A12a-24
Curtis Mildred J, 7-10-1929, Harley E, Winebrenner Pauline, A12-26
Curtis Nancy G, 10-25-1938, Clifford J, Reid Leota G, K4-69
Cutler Robert H, 8-29-1910, Robert, Baumgardner Myrtle, A8-72
Cutshall Male, 5-10-1907, H Cliffton, Geddis Nellie, A6-19
Cutshaw Female, 1-12-1888, Alfred, Malone Mary E, A1-258
Cutshaw Female, 3-10-1899, Louis, Sunday Lula, A3-18
Cutshaw Male, 7-4-1887, Pet, Heffner Mattie, A1-234
Cutshaw Male, 2-25-1900, Charles, Stigner Emma, A3-33
Cutshaw Mina, 11-14-1883, Alfred, Malone Mary E, A1-108
Dafforn Clarence Jr, 12-7-1934, Clarence, Gross Nola C, A13-51
Dafforn Harry E, 4-30-1923, Clarence, Gross Nola, A11-64
Dailey Male, 1-2-1906, Frank, Newell Francis, A5-49
Dale Female, 9-8-1884, William, Ward Mary, A1-142
Dall, 6-13-1887, --, White Ada, A1-230
Dallas Donna J, 10-29-1933, Donald R, Snyder Dorothy, A13-32
Dallas Female, 9-10-1885, John A, Chaplin Addie, A1-174
Damand Female, 10-26-1906, Lewis B, Sheets Bertha, K1-21
Dammann Elizabeth E, 11-27-1933, Ludolph E, Roberts Madeline M, A13-33
Damon JoAnne G, 8-29-1935, Ludolf, Roberts Madaline, A13-63
Dancer Elsie, 1-4-1906, John, Spain --, A5-49
Dancer Ethel B, 11-20-1920, Ray, Christlieb Pearl, A11-14
Dancer Male, 12-14-1903, J W, Spain --, A5-5
Dancer Triplets Female & 2 Males, 8-20-1900, J Frank, Squires Belva, A3-41
Dangler Paul A, 10-4-1929, Joe, Whitby Emma, A12-70
Daniel Donald L, 7-3-1924, Walter L, Moore Mildred, K3-43
Daniel Male, 9-30-1884, John M, Keene --, A1-140
Daniels Laurence S, 7-31-1931, Emmett, Hobbs Lulu, A12-100
Danner Dorothy L, 2-26-1930, Lewis, McKee Goldie, A12-77
Danner Elizabeth, 11-1-1918, Fredrick, Young Jennie M, A10-79
Danner Female, 4-5-1903, Hiram, Tilberry Martha, A4-45 - 4-6-1903 on K1-11
Danner Female, 12-16-1903, Frederick, Young Jennie M, A5-4
Danner Female, 4-21-1906, Fred, Young Jennie, A6-1
Danner Luella P, 3-20-1915, Fredrick, Young Jennie, A9-88
Danner Male, 6-21-1911, Fred, Young Jennie M, A8-90
Danner Mary L, 1-26-1930, William F, Gangwer Dorothy M, A12-75
Dante Male, 12-1-1900, Valantine L, Niebel Mary N, A3-48
Darcy John Jr, 9-8-1918, John, Haggaman Minnie, A10-76
Darcy Mary, 2-2-1920, John, Dweyer Mary, A10-103
Darling Clara, 8-12-1893, Fredrick, Hauger Capitola, A2-21
Darling Walter A, 10-26-1894, Frank, Hauger Capitola A, A2-26
Darr Alice J, 3-15-1922, Jess, Sheley Jessie, A11-42
Darrow Edward E, 12-6-1935, Frank E, Williams Elizabeth, K4-36
Darrow Jane A, 1-20-1938, Frank J, Williams Elizabeth, K4-59
Daugherty Joan P, 12-30-1920, Earl W, Johnson Veronia A, K3-16
Daum Oliva I, 5-18-1922, George, Weimer Gertrude, A11-45
Davault David T, 1-27-1921, Melvin, Kring Minnie, A11-17
Davault Melvin, 8-13-1882, Jahue, Lecount Naomi, A1-38
Davault Terry M, 9-26-1917, Melvin, Kring Minnie, A10-53
Davey William J, 9-17-1920, William L, Miller Maud C, K3-13
Davidson Beverly M, 7-18-1914, Arthur L, Runge Alma F, K2-57
Davidson Evelyn L, 11-15-1915, Arthur L, Runge Alma F, K2-69
Davidson Harold L, 12-19-1910, Harry L, Truit Minnie, K2-25 & A8-80
Davies Claud H, 3-3-1919, Jack, Grobis Clara, Av2-1
Davies Harry l, 2-11-1915, Emery, Grobis Clara, Av1-33
Davies Rose E, 3-15-1913, Emery, Grobis Clara, Av1-33
Davis Bessie E, 4-23-1883, J M, Good Mary, A1-68
Davis Buel H, 11-25-1885, Owen, Hart Lucinda, A1-180
Davis Charlotte E, 10-12-1917, Charles, Beckner Vada, L-28
Davis Chester A Jr, 12-13-1921, Chester A, Longnecker Esther, L-38
Davis Darwin, 2-15-1908, Aden O, Barfell Laota F, A8-13
Davis Della, 8-4-1932, Henry B, Tonley Lola D, A13-10
Davis Don E, 11-3-1921, Cary A, Mazur Anna A, A11-34
Davis Ernest H, 3-29-1931, Boyd, Conley Lola, A12-95
Davis Evelyn M, 10-28-1917, Andrew C, Mazur Anna A, K2-89
Davis Female, 10-5-1882, W H, Linsey --, A1-48
Davis Female, 3-4-1884, John, Russell Sadie, A1-122
Davis Female, 7-20-1888, Neal, Biddle Minnie, A1-272
Davis Female, 2-20-1901, Richard, Neal Sarah, K1-6 & A3-53
Davis Harold A, 2-8-1927, Arthur, Leitch Bertha, A12-24
Davis Isaac C, 4-22-1917, Frank, Hawk Zulu, A10-42
Davis James W, 12-8-1928, Boyd, Conley Lola D, A12-54
Davis Jay K, 3-19-1926, Cary A, Mazur Anna A, A12-8
Davis Jennie M, 11-19-1930, Thomas T, Whitman Sylvia M, A12-89
Davis Josephine R, 1-24-1931, Jesse, Musselman Hazel, A12-92
Davis Levi, 4-18-1882, W T, Maggart Mary, A1-18
Davis Lowell A, 1-13-1910, Ray E, Weingart Bessie B, K2-18
Davis Lula M, 3-26-1935, William A, Leitch Bertha E, K4-28
Davis Male, 11-21-1884, Henry, Young Emma, A1-152
Davis Male, 9-12-1886, Ruben, Maggart Jesse, A1-202
Davis Male, 4-20-1890, Edward, --, A1-318 & A2-1
Davis Mary J, 1-29-1926, Charles W, Whiteman Silva M, A12-6
Davis Mildred H, 2-20-1925, Deray, Riebhoff Verna, K3-50
Davis Peggy A, 32-22-1932, Cary A, Mazure Anna A, A12-30
Davis R, 3-26-1900, Richie, --, A3-34
Davis Richard L, 11-24-1928, William A, Leitch Bertha, K3-83
Davis Rosalee J, 6-18-1931, William A, Leitch Bertha, K3-102
Davis Shirley A, 1-4-1933, Jesse H, Musselman Hazel L, A13-18 
Davis Stella, 8-4-1932, Henry B, Tonley Lola D, A13-10
Davis Wilbur J, 11-17-1902, Neal, Biddle Minnie, A4-35
Davis William, 1-13-1924, Cary A, Mazur Anna A, A11-77
Davis Wilma, 10-18-1919, Cary A, Mazur Anna A, A10-97
Davison Female, 6-27-1887, John, Kitt May, A1-232
Dawson Female, 3-25-1918, Charles E, Clucas Lucy E, A10-63
Dawson Helen B, 6-17-1915, Charles E, Clucas Lucy E, A9-94
Dawson Paul, 4-14-1923, Isaac, White Fay S, A12a-17
Dayhoff Karl, 1-11-1929, Loren J, Thomas Margaret E, L-53
Dayhoff Lorna J, 2-18-1930, Lorn J, Thomas Margaret E, L-55
Dazey Dorthy, 3-7-1910, C F, Curtis Ida V, A8-63
Dazey Eldred I, 12-28-1918, James A, Fuller Bertha M, A10-83
Deardorff Elvin T, 6-22-1906, Albert, Deardorff Lelia, A6-4
Deardorff Female, 1-26-1909, O C, Seaburg Grace M, A8-36
Deardorff Glenn, 1-19-1924, Alva M, Phebus Blanche, A11-77
Deardorff Howard, 2-24-1915, Alva, Phebus Blanch, A9-84
Deardorff Lafern C, 1-28-1909, Roscoe, Kiser Vietta, A8-37
Deardorff Male, 2-26-1904, Grant, Hall Zora, A5-9
Deardorff Nadine A, 8-1-1909, Albert L, Schlotterback Mary E, A8-47
Deardorff Pearl, 3-18-1902, O C, Seaburg Grace, A4-22
Deardorff Velma, 4-20-1904, O C, Seaburg Grace, A5-12
Debelius Barbara A, 1-12-1928, John, Bragg Helen, K3-75
Debelius Helen E, 9-17-1901, Henry, Carrick Kathryn, A4-11 - 9-10-1901 on K1-6
Debelius Helen E, 3-22-1932, John, Bragg Helen, K4-4
Debes Janett E, 2-27-1931, Walter F, Walt Mary J, Av-10
Debes Robert F, 3-31-1929, Walter F, Walt Mary J, A12-60
Debolt Donna J, 6-5-1938, Francis H, Grace Alice B, A13-108
Debrular Don C, 3-31-1913, Ellsworth, Sparrow Nellie, C-4
Debrular Dorothy M, 3-9-1902, William L, Arehart Ella M, A4-24
Debrular Edward P, 3-30-1923, Ellsworth, Sparrow Nellie, C-7
Debrular Female, 2-24-1882, Joseph, Weckerly Mary, A1-6
Debrular Female, 11-9-1899, George, Lee Dora, A3-28
Debrular Goldie I, 1-25-1900, William, Arehart Ella, A3-31
Debrular Irena L, 8-14-1904, William, Arehart Ella, A5-19
Debrular James E, 8-10-1915, Ellsworth L, Sparrow Nellie M, C-5
Debrular John T, 7-21-1924, Ellsworth, Sparrow Nellie, C-8
Debrular Joseph H, 11-7-1909, Ellsworth, Sparrow Nellie M, C-3
Debrular Male, 1-30-1903, John, Ludington Lorina, A4-40
Debrular Mary E, 5-4-1910, Edward C, Shaffer Clara E, C-3
Debruler Female, 12-6-1901, Charles F, Ray Gertrude, A4-16
Debruler Gordon R, 2-17-1908, Charles, Ray Gertrude, C-2
Debruler Jack A, 6-5-1934, Joseph, Gable Lavonne, L2-63
Decamp Ervin L Jr, 9-24-1922, Ervin L, Addis Artie L, A11-52
Decamp Female, 8-26-1891, Melancthon, Campell Mary A, A2-9
Decamp James S, 11-25-1917, William I, Herron Freda A, A10-56
Decamp John R, 2-11-1921, Arthur J, Randall Ednah A, K3-17
Decamp Male, 11-20-1897, William, Shambaugh Ellen, A3-5
Decamp Male, 4-2-1900, M O, Campbell Mary, A3-36
Decamp Muriel, 9-15-1894, Melancthon O, Campbell Mary, A2-26
Decamp Ray E, 4-24-1929, Bernard L, Scheurich Veulah, A12-61
Decamp Richard R, 12-1-1927, Arthur, Randall Ednah, K3-73
Decamp Russell L, 12-11-1935, Bernard L, Scheurich Veulah L, A13-68
Decamp William, 4-15-1885, William, Shambaugh Sarah, A1-164
Deck Clarence, 2-19-1909, George, Gross Clara, A8-38
Deck Female, 11-3-1901, George, Gross Clara, A4-14
Deck Female, 7-19-1905, George, Gross --, A5-39
Deck Glen F, 3-31-1903, George F, Gross Clara O, A4-44
Deck Glen J, 12-20-1923, Glen F, Willard Bessie I, K3-39
Deck Grace E, 7-29-1900, George, Gross Clara, A3-40
Deck Helen L, 12-9-1921, Glen F, Willard Bessie, K3-23
Deck Roy, 8-31-1911, George, Gross Clara, A8-94
Deck Shirly M, 9-12-1927, Mack, Welch Mary A, A12-35
Decker Gladys F, 7-1-1900, Orval, Stage Lottie, A3-40
Decker Helen E, 6-12-1899, W D, Scobel Martha, A3-23
Decker Male, 10-24-1884, H H, Taylor Sadie, A1-148
Decker Male, 11-18-1887, Hannibal, Taylor --, A1-252
Decker Male, 5-5-1906, H H, Parker Lois, A6-2
Decker Pearl L, 1-25-1914, Irvin, Wilson Ida, A9-55
Decker Ralph J, 2-11-1891, William D, Scoles Martha, A2-6
Decker Sharon K, 11-14-1937, Richard G, Eichelbaugh Mary J, K4-57
Deems Aline V, 12-6-1916, Ralph, Hawk Mable, K2-79
Deems Ethel, 7-31-1906, Charles, Gravatt Susie, K1-20 & A6-6
Deems Female, 4-22-1905, Charles, Gravatt Susan, K1-16
Deems Galen D, 8-25-1923, Ralph, Hawk Mable, K3-37
Deems Male, 12-27-1891, Sam, Good Isabelle L, K1-1
Deems Male, 3-11-1902, Louis, Howe --, A4-22 & K1-8
Deeter Marion C, 9-3-1901, Daniel, Coy Parmalina, A4-12
Deetz Marilyn S, 8-26-1931, Willis K, Shultz Mildred I, A12-102
Deetz Nancy J, 3-6-1933, Willis, Shultz Mildred I, A13-21
Deetz Peggy A, 10-1-1935, Willis, Shultz Mildred I, A13-65
DeGroff Arthur L, 5-24-1913, Willis, Steckley Maude, K2-47
DeGroff Dorris A, 6-11-1909, Willis, Steckley Maude, K2-13
DeGroff Francis M, 1-8-1917, Willis A, Steckley Maude, K2-81
DeGroff Judy L, 5-12-1936, Ralph, Oberlin Willobelle M, A-36
DeGroff Rosaland J, 6-25-1911, Willis, Steckley Maude, K2-29
DeGroff Sandra L, 8-20-1936, Arthur, Walburn Leonore E, A13-79
DeHoff Donna L, 6-8-1927, Forrest, McCoy Welcome, A12-31
DeHoff Fay V, 9-23-1917, Gerry, Shook  Bernice, K2-88
DeHoff Forest P, 2-12-1934, Forest, McCoy Welcome, A13-37
DeHoff Gerry B, 1-3-1919, Gerry, Shook Bernice, K2-98
DeHoff Juanita M, 7-29-1924, Forrest, McCoy Welcome, A11-48
DeHoff Male, 2-27-1900, Burnie, Whan Ocie, A3-33
DeHoff Max H, 6-19-1923, Harry, Flanding Elsie, Av2-3
DeHoff William F, 10-19-1924, Gerry, Shook Bernice, K3-47
Deibele Donald S, 6-1-1927, Donald S, Wessel Alitha L, K3-70
Deibele Female, 4-4-1883, John, Parr Mary, A1-68
Deibele Male, 2-14-1887, John, Parr --, A1-218
Deisch Female Twins, 8-1-1896, Clark, Harter Kate, K1-3
Deisch Female, 8-19-1897, Clark, --, A3-4
Deisch Female, 12-15-1899, Clark, --, A3-29
Deitch Esther M, 1-14-1904, Joseph, Dapp Caroline, A5-7
Deitch Male, 1-18-1906, Joseph, Daeph Carlin, A5-49
DeKay Franklin H, 8-10-1923, Frank J, Kurtz Maude S, K3-37
DeKay Gerald L, 8-31-1927, Frank, Law Mabel, K3-71
DeKay Leland F, 9-29-1918, Frank, Kurtz Marguerite, K2-96
DeKay Pansy B, 1-11-1930, Frank, Law Mable, K3-91
Delanoy Allen L, 5-23-1932, Olin, Glawe Orpha, A13-7
Delanoy Dona J, 8-11-1934, Lowell O, Stanger Ethel S, A13-45
Delcamp Female, 5-19-1883, John, --, A1-74
DeLong Betty L, 6-8-1933, Claude, Byrd Mary,  A13-25 
DeLong Charles R, 3-4-1932, Claude, Byrd Mary, A13-4
DeLong Imo J, 7-18-1930, Claude E, Byrd Mary M, A12-84
Delucenay Herbert E, 6-24-1926, George N, May Anna E, K3-61
Dempsey Betty J, 12-10-1927, Francis M, Wilkins Ruth, A12-38
Dempsey Female, 12-13-1903, Frank, Rarrick Elizabeth, A5-4
Dempsey Francis M, 10-20-1902, Frank, Rerrick Libbie, A4-34
Dempsey Male, 11-19-1898, Frank, Smith Jane, A3-14
Dempsey Male, 3-9-1901, Frank, Coon Elizabeth, A3-51
Demske Agnes V, 11-22-1906, Joseph, Schlosser Mary, A6-11
Demske Albert, 9-12-1900, Martin, Christ Balbina, A3-43
Demske Clara, 10-21-1904, Joseph, Schlosser Mary, A5-24
Demske Evelyn J, 4-24-1937, Peter, Froehley Mary, K4-51
Demske Female, 4-9-1900, August, Lennard --, A3-36
Demske Female, 12-25-1905, Martin, Christ --, A5-47
Demske H, 4-7-1901, August, Drueske Lydia, A4-1
Demske Leonard F, 5-2-1926, Fredrick J, Lock Viola M, A12-10
Demske Male, 1-13-1898, Martin, --, A3-6
Demske Male, 7-7-1898, August, --, A3-10
Demske Male, 11-6-1902, Martin, -- Balbina, A4-35
Demske Male, 6-16-1905, August, Lennard Lizzy, A5-37
Demske Mary E, 3-30-1913, Joseph W, Schlosser Mary E, A9-37
Demske Mary R, 8-28-1934, Peter, Froehly Mary, K4-24
Demske Otho J, 12-2-1915, Joseph, Schlosser Mary, A10-10
Demske Paul J, 7-26-1938, Peter, Froehly Mary, K4-67
Demske Trassy M, 9-26-1909, Joseph W, Schlosser Mary E, A8-53
Demske Virginia M, 4-11-1928, Fred J, Lock Villa M, A12-44
Denbeau Joseph H, 7-30-1917, Jess F, Steele Bernice, A10-48
Denbo Francis M, 10-23-1914, Jesse, Steele Bernice, A9-77
Denney Everett R, 5-26-1937, Arvil, Deardorff Ruth, A13-91
Denny Harry L, 12-25-1915, Ralph, Bender Cecil, A10-10
Denny Helen J, 6-14-1917, Ralph, Bender Cecil, A10-46
Dent Clara, 12-25-1903, William, Galloway Ella, A5-5
Dent Female, 9-30-1899, William, Galloway Ella, A3-26
DePew Alfred H, 11-5-1902, Isaiah, Hansen Ola, A4-35
DePew Amber, 5-12-1915, Isaiah, Hansen Ola, A9-91
DePew Bonnie J, 12-2-1919, Greeley, Whitcomb Ada, A10-100
DePew Constance C, 10-16-1931, Herman, Carteaux Helen, Av-10
DePew Dolores H, 4-14-1927, Herman, Carteaux Helen M, Av2-7
DePew Doris M, 6-23-1931, Leon, Smart Elva, A12-98
DePew Emil C, 1-29-1905, Isaiah, Hansen Ola, A5-29
Depew Erma A, 1-6-1910, Isaiah, Hansen Ola V, A8-62
DePew Fay I, 7-29-1900, Isaiah, Hansen Ola, A3-40
DePew Female, 1-28-1892, Edward G, Wittmer Susie, A2-11
DePew Female, 6-17-1897, Alison, --, A3-1
DePew Female, 6-22-1905, Sam, Bender --, A5-37
DePew Female, 3-19-1937, Leon, Smart Elva, A13-88
DePew Francis L, 8-17-1916, Greeley C, Whitcomb Ada L, A10-27
DePew Francis, 1-28-1918, John, Conner Edna, A10-59
DePew Helen L, 4-8-1918, Greeley, Whitcomb Ada, A10-64
DePew Irene M, 1-26-1927, Alfred H, Coe Glenna, A12-24
DePew John H, 3-8-1928, Ralph L, Smart Elva A, A12-42
DePew Josephine R, 2-5-1934, Herman, Carteaux Helen, A13-37
DePew Katherine S, 11-20-1925, Greeley, Whitcomb Ada, A12-3
DePew Kathleen, 8-8-1930, Alfred H, Coe Glennice, K3-96
DePew Leon R, 8-4-1902, Samuel, Bender Almira, A4-30
DePew Male, 3-21-1886, David, Cook Ollie, A1-186
DePew Male, 2-24-1894, Edward G, Wittmer Susie, A2-23
DePew Male, 1-16-1896, D A, Butts Mary C, A2-34
DePew Male, 9-8-1900, Samuel, Bender --, A3-43
DePew Marilyn E, 12-24-1934, Alfred, Coe Glenneice, K4-26
DePew Max D, 1-3-1932, Vaughn D, Hoffman Violet M, A13-2
DePew Myrtle V, 4-23-1907, Isaiah, Hansen Ola Z, A6-17
DePew Naomi A, 9-8-1929, Herman, Carteaux Helen, Av2-9
DePew Olive M, 1-4-1920, John E, Golden Cornelia M, A10-102
DePew Pauline E, 12-4-1921, John, Golden Cornelia, L-38
DePew Richard A, 8-31-1932, Alfred, Coe Glenneice, L-60
DePew Robert L, 12-20-1934, Leon R, Smith Elva, A13-52
DePew Roy D, 12-10-1912, Isaiah, Hansen Ola, A9-32
DePew Shirley A, 4-17-1937, Vaughn D, Hoffman Vila N, A13-89
DePew Tresa, 8-29-1898, Isaiah, Hansen Ola, A3-11
DePew Virginia L, 8-10-1918, John, Golden Cornelia M, A10-71
Depore Esther K, 1-19-1910, George W, Clark Maud, C-3
Depore Female, 2-28-1907, George, Clark Maud, A6-14
Depore Joseph R, 3-3-1918, George, Clark Maud, L-28
Depore Lois J, 3-13-1922, George W, Clark Maud, L-38
Depore Male, 4-28-1883, Joseph, Conrad Mary, A1-68
Dester Female, 2-28-1884, George H, Sleesman Hannah E, A1-110
Detamore William L, 10-1-1928, Milford, Harrell Effie, C-9
Detering Male, 1-18-1899, Henry, --, A3-16
Detlefsen Lois E, 6-2-1925, Carl, Senna Mina, K3-53
Detrick Rebecca E, 4-18-1914, William C, Wiatt Goldie M, K2-55
Detrow Mae, 3-20-1909, Manius, Laird Elisabeth J, L-6
Detrow Maud A, 3-20-1911, M R, Laird Lizzie, A8-85
Detweiler Frances L, 9-25-1924, Reuben R, Cart Georga C, K3-45
Deuerling Caroline E, 1-9-1887, Joseph J, Reyher Emma, A1-214
Deuitch Carl W, 8-13-1909, Henry, Long Loretta, Av1-31
Deuitch Walter J, 3-7-1911, Henry, Long Loretta, Av1-32
Deuschle Male, 7-2-1889 G, --, --, A1-298
Devoe Byron L, 8-26-1926, Maynard R, Troyer Esther, K3-62
Devoe Doyle T, 9-4-1916, Claud, Merkling Gladys, A10-29
Devoe Elmer P, 8-28-1892, William, Joray Josephine, A2-16 & K1-1
Devoe Glades I, 2-23-1915, Claud, Merkling Gladys, A9-84
Devoe Kenneth R, 12-18-1924, Maynard R, Troyer Esther L, K3-49
Devoe Lewis J, 11-29-1908, Claud, Merkling Gladys, A8-33
Devoe Male, 9-4-1902, William, Joray --, A4-32
Devoe Retha E, 3-21-1909, Seymour M, Lang Elvira, K2-11
Dewater Irene, 8-5-1904, David, Griffing Mazie, A5-19
Dewey Janis M, 3-22-1919, Jesse, Hardesty Eva M, L-31
Dewey Martha A, 10-27-1923, Jesse, Hardesty Eva, L-42
Dewey Robert B, 5-6-1926, Jesse, Hardesty Eva, L-48
DeWitt Abraham I, 11-8-1909, John, Leiter Bessie A, A8-55
DeWitt Dwight L, 1-14-1935, Abe, Freeman Margaret, A13-53
DeWitt James R, 4-6-1911, James R, Teal Nancy, K2-27
DeWitt Lawrence B, 12-17-1913, Gillis Burton J, DeWitt Hazel, K2-52
DeWitt Margaret M, 6-16-1917, Frank E, Carpenter Atta E, K2-85
DeWitt Norman T, 4-6-1911, James R, Teal Nancy, K2-27
DeYoung Mary E, 1-31-1906, Charles, Horn Mabel, K1-19 & A5-50
Dickel Male, 10-5-1904, John, Smollet --, A5-23
Dicken Male, 3-24-1884, Silas S, Coe Mary R, A1-122
Dickey Bonnie L, 2-10-1916, Emanuel, Murbaugh Bertha, A10-14
Dickinson Charles F, 4-8-1917, Charles F, Eddy Roberta, K2-83
Dickinson Charles R, 8-9-1908, Charles, Eddy Roberta, K2-7
Dickinson Clela P, 4-15-1891, H W, Pointer Francis, A2-7
Dickinson Donald V, 4-21-1901, Herbert, Pointer Elizabeth, A4-2
Dickinson Edna B, 12-7-1909, Willis, Hufty Lena, A8-58
Dickinson Ester F, 7-23-1912, John W, Hufty Lena B, A9-23
Dickinson Female, 11-7-1900, Charles, --, A3-46 & K1-5
Dickinson Female, 2-3-1905, Charles, Eddy Roberta, A5-31 & K1-15
Dickinson Female, 9-15-1906, Charles, Eddy Roberta, A6-8 & K1-20
Dickinson Floyd E, 8-27-1927, Harry, Wilkinson Rosalie, L-51
Dickinson Frank A, 11-28-1918, Harry, Wilkinson Rosalie, L-31
Dickinson Male, 2-21-1899, Clyde, --, A3-17
Dickinson Male, 9-9-1907, John W, Hufty Lena, A6-28
Dickinson Mary E, 11-20-1920, Harry A, Wilkinson Rosalie, L-35
Dickinson Walter E, 8-4-1913, Charles F, Eddy Roberta J, K2-49
Dickman Elsie M, 1-8-1899, Charles F, --, A3-16
Diegal Male, 5-1-1886, Edward, Randall --, A1-192
Diehm Bernice L, 9-3-1921, Albert, Wolf Emma, A11-30
Diehm Carl F, 9-30-1925, Albert J, Wolf Emma, A11-105
Diehm Carl F, 9-28-1935,Earl, Weimer Ella, A13-64
Diehm Clara, 8-17-1911, Albert, Wolf Emma, A8-94
Diehm Dorthy E, 8-6-1929, Earl, Weimer Ella, A12-66
Diehm Eldon E, 3-27-1919, Albert, Wolf Emma, A10-87
Diehm Elfrieda A, 7-12-1929, Wilmer F, Krudop Frieda, A12-65
Diehm Female, 6-29-1882, Christian, Dosch Katharina, A1-18
Diehm Female, 1-8-1905, Fred, Squires --, A5-29
Diehm Female, 6-8-1921, Elmer, Wolf Edna, A11-25
Diehm George F, 2-17-1933, Earl, Weimer Ella, A13-20
Diehm Harold E, 6-5-1915, Roy H, Welch Etta M, A9-94
Diehm Howard W, 11-23-1931, Wilmer F, Krudop Frieda, A12-105
Diehm Male, 7-22-1884, Christian, Dosch Katharina, A1-134
Diehm Male, 7-27-1902, John, Gienger --, A4-28
Diehm Male, 3-10-1906, Chris, Gienger --, A5-53
Diehm Margaret L, 9-10-1926, Wilmer F, Krudop Frieda, A12-18
Diehm Mildred M, 12-26-1919, Elmer, Wolf Edna, A10-101
Diehm Norman W, 8-17-1914, Albert, Wolf Emma, A9-71
Diehm Robert A, 8-22-1903, Christopher, Gienger --, A4-50
Diehm Ruby B, 4-11-1900, Frederick, Squires Lillian, A3-36
Diehm Ruth I, 6-9-1918, Elmer, Wolf Edna, A10-69
Diehm Vera P, 2-8-1923, Clinton, Krudop Maria, A11-60
Diehm Wanda M, 10-25-1916, Roy, Welch Etta M, A10-30
Diehm Wayne E, 6-26-1931, Earl, Weimer Ella, A12-98
Dieterle Donald C, 11-8-1924, Marcus L, Freyberg Mary R, K3-48
Dieterle Marcus W, 12-11-1922, Marcus L, Freyberg Mary R, K3-31
Dieterle Ruth P, 4-29-1917, Marcus L, Freyberg Mary R, K2-84
Diffendarfer Betty J, 9-26-1932, William F, Haney Ruth, A13-13
Diffendarfer Bonnie L, 3-23-1925, Lawrence, Claxton Ella, A11-98
Diffendarfer Female, 6-8-1882, Homer, McCoy Sarah, A1-36
Diffendarfer Female, 4-7-1904, Homer E, Owen Blanche, A5-12
Diffendarfer Female, 4-7-1906, Homer, Owen Blanche, A6-1
Diffendarfer Female, 5-22-1906, Isaac, Claxton Sarah C, A6-3
Diffendarfer Homer A, 3-16-1922, Emanuel, Goldwood Bessie, A11-42
Diffendarfer Jesse H, 5-19-1909, Isaac, Claxton Sadie, A8-43
Diffendarfer Kenneth, 7-19-1909, Emanuel, Owen Blanche, A8-50
Diffendarfer Leona M, 7-18-1916, Lawrence, Claxton Ella, A10-24
Diffendarfer Lura, 10-23-1903, Homer, McCoy Sarah M, A5-2
Diffendarfer Male, 1-13-1884, Madison, Neal Lillie, A1-112
Diffendarfer Phyllis E, 10-17-396, William F, Haney Ruth, A13-81
Diffendarfer Rex A, 12-29-1938, Floyd, Haney Ruth, A14-4
Diffendarfer Robert E, 12-7-1919, Owen Floyd, Diffendarfer Lola, A10-10
Diffendarfer Ronald E, 11-14-1918, Lawrence, Claxton Ella, A10-81
Diffendarfer William F, 12-16-1912, Isaac, Claxton Sadie, A9-31
Diggins Female, 5-27-1903, George, Pierce --, A4-47 & K1-12
Diggins Harriet, 2-4-1911, George, Pierce Flora, K2-26
Diggins Josephine, 6-17-1908, George F, Pierce Flora B, K2-6
Diggins Kenneth W, 7-23-1916, Marshall E, Sheets Vera E, K2-76
Diggins Male, 9-4-1892, William, --, K1-1 & A2-16
Diggins Male, 5-25-1900, Elmer, --, A3-38
Diggins Male, 5-20-1902, Linford, Finley --, A4-25 & K1-9
Diggins Male, 8-24-1904, George, --, A5-20 & K1-14
Diggins Merritt, 12-29-1913, Frank, Black Inez, A9-53
Diggins Robert, 1-1-1918, Harold H, Needham Ruth M, A10-59
Diley Female, 9-11-1887, Wallace, Niles Hattie, A1-242
Dillion Barbara, 2-15-1925, Arthur J, Cooper Mildred, L-45
Dillman Male, 5-22-1882, Harman, Shipe Ida, A1-20
Dillon Dallas B, 7-29-1895, Ira, Bruce Mary L, A2-32
Dillon Don, 5-18-1895, William B, Hines Gertie M, A2-31
Dillon Donna J, 12-12-1928, Roger D, Latta Glada A, K3-83
Dillon Duane A, 12-2-1927, Roger D, Latta Glada A, K3-73
Dillon Howard E, 9-5-1923, Pleney E, Ecker Charlotte L, A12a-18
Dilts Genellia L, 1-24-1930, Lewis E, Sontchi Anna G, A12-75
Dilts Gladys R, 10-15-1922, Lewis E, Sontchi Goldie, A11-53
Dilts Howard C, 7-26-1925, Lewis E, Sontchi Goldie A, A11-102
Dilts Russell L, 7-25-1919, Lewis E, Sontchi Annie G, A10-93
Dilts Woodward L, 4-9-1921, Lewis E, Sontchi Goldie A, A11-21
Dipert James C, 3-18-1927, Beecher A, Todd Claudia M, A12a-23
Disler Ralph R, 8-3-1917, Ralph R, McEwen Irene E, L-27
Ditman Marilyn G, 6-4-1923, Vernon, Eldridge Bernice, A11-66
Ditmars Harlan A, 9-28-1916, James T, LaFever Stella, A10-30
Ditmars Lawrence S, 11-15-1909, James T, LaFever Stella V, A8-55
Ditmars Male, 12-15-1884, Edward, Simon Sophia, A1-154
Dixon Female, 12-6-1898, Arch A, Vealt Fanny, A3-15
Dobbins Charles A Jr, 12-11-1923, Huber, -- Dessie M, A11-76
Dobbins Evelyn M, 1-12-1926, Evans H, Gaff Dessie, L-47
Dobbins Everett L, 5-20-1933, Huber, Gaff Dessie, L-62
Dodge Female, 7-1-1882, Fern L, Niles Mary E, A1-32
Dodson Ruth E, 5-10-1934, Kenneth, Caldwell Mildred, K4-21
Dolan Elizabeth I, 5-30-1916, Albert J, Hoxie Ellen C, A10-20
Dolan Female, 9-4-1890, Charles, Mullen Mary, A2-4
Dolan James E, 5-12-1915, Albert J, Hoxie Ellen C, A12a-4
Dolan Jane M, 5-2-1883, Alva A, Bear Flora, A1-78
Dolan Lutie A, 10-20-1913, Albert, Hoxie Ellen, A9-49
Dolan Male, 2-4-1899, John, Smith --, A3-17
Dolan May J, 6-5-1919, P Henry, Mohn Ella F, A12a-13
Dolan Richard F, 9-16-1909, Frank, Allman Lena, Av1-31
Doll Denslow W, 4-6-1925, Harry, Visser Caroline, A11-99
Doll Harry, 11-29-1899, Willard, Campbell Alice, A3-28
Doll Lois A, 10-3-1904, Willard, Campbell --, A5-23
Domer George S, 10-13-1907, Fred, Young Jessie, A8-2
Domer Harold, 1-4-1922, Fred, Young Jessie, A11-39
Domer Herman D, 1-14-1910, Fred, Young Jessie, A8-59
Domer Leona B, 2-26-1903, Elmer, Boyd Wilma E, A4-42
Domer Margaret, 9-4-1918, Fred, Young Jessie, A10-74
Donaldson Thelma S, 10-9-1899, Mark, -- Arvilla, A3-27
Donat Blanch B, 10-23-1918, Jesse, Stienbarger Nettie, A10-78
Donat Clair W, 11-22-1919, Riley, Bates Ella M, A10-99
Donat Female, 6-19-1904, W J, Gibson E, A5-15
Donat Harrold W, 9-4-1916, Jesse, Stienbarger Nettie B, A10-28
Donat Hazel V, 9-14-1917, Marion, Wilson Dessie L, A10-52
Donat Jessa A, 5-19-1913, Jesse, Stienbarger Nettie B, A9-40
Donat Leroy, 12-31-1900, William J, Gibson Ettie, A3-48
Donat Lorena B, 1-24-1907, Jessie, Stienbarger Nettie, A6-13
Donat Male, 5-12-1903, Jessie, Coffle Ella, A4-46
Donat Marion D, 11-23-1934, Norbert J, Peterson Jenevieve, A13-50
Donat Ray E, 10-9-1905, Jesse, Stienbarger Nettie, A5-44
Donat Robert E, 9-1-1931, Ray E, Springman Lucille, A12-102
Donat Velda V, 8-24-1918, Riley, Bates Ella M, A10-73
Donat Velma M, 6-8-1913, Riley, Bates Ella M, A9-41
Donat Vera E, 12-4-1910, Riley, Bates Ella M, A8-79
Donat Vera L, 3-23-1912, Riley, Bates Ella, A9-26
Donat Verona A, 8-13-1915, Riley, Bates Ella M, A9-99
Donat Vina V, 8-22-1914, Riley, Bates Ella M, A9-73
Donat Walter E, 3-24-1926, Cleo M, Thomas Anna T, K3-59
Donley Alvin L, 5-5-1938, Ralph, Zinn Ruth, A13-106
Donley Ella J, 12-2-1934, Charles E, Schwab Jessie C, A13-51
Donley Male, 4-30-1882, Samuel, Altdeneffer Mary E, A1-16
Doris Dan R, 8-12-1926, Deray, Reibohff Verna, A12-16
Dorrier Female, 11-18-1904, Charles, Mortimer Almeda, A5-25
Dorrier Irene M, 2-5-1909, William H, -- Edna E, K2-11
Dorrier Mabel L, 9-14-1914, William H, Worth Edna E, K2-59
Dorrier Minnie, 10-16-1909, Charles, Mortimer Almeda, A8-52
Dorrier Theodore R, 12-15-1906, Charles, Mortimer Allie, A6-12
Dory Ralph E, 10-31-1909, Harry E, Parker Nellie E, K2-16
Dosch Female, 1-16-1888, George, --, A1-262
Dosch George E, 9-17-1914, Walter, Jones Edith, K2-59
Dosch Helen L, 11-17-1917, Elmer A, Mitchell Minnie, A10-56
Dosch Male, 11-7-1883, George, Shelton Leona, A1-104
Dougherty Male, 2-12-1884, John, Jones Emma, A1-116
Dove Eleen E, 1-3-1927, Benjamin H, Cain Jennie E, A12-22
Dove Harry A, 8-15-1930, Benjamin H, Cain Jennie, A12-85
Dove Joana D, 2-23-1938, Walter, Blessman Opal, A13-102
Dove Larry L, 1-31-1938, Paul D, Pfafman Alice I, A13-101
Dowell Male, 9-14-1882, Hamlin, Clawson Laura R, A1-40
Downend Male, 11-24-1892, John E, Roberts Lottie B, A2-17
Downing Harriet L, 6-11-1912, Harry, Clark Ella, Av1-32
Downing Jack H, 8-2-1916, Harry, Clark Ella, K2-76
Downing Richard A, 7-31-1931, Floyd, Gard Mary E, L-57
Downs Male, 6-17-1905, Charles E, Howard --, K1-16
Drain Joseh E, 9-10-1887, Joseph, Cochran --, A1-242
Drain Lea E, 6-7-1909, Melvin, Thomas Pearl, A8-45
Drain Male, 2-6-1905, Melvin, Thomas Pearl, A5-31
Drake Alvin R, 12-31-1919, Abraham N, Christlieb Clara E, L-33
Drake Bonnia J, 10-5-1930, Francis L, Greenwalt Wava, L-56
Drake Ellen A, 9-26-1923, Abraham N, Christlieb Clara E, L-42
Drake Female, 10-30-1887, Frank, --, A1-246
Drake Female, 4-1-1891, Joe, --, A2-7
Drake Francis E, 7-3-1919, John H, West Viola M, K3-3
Drake Francis E, 6-5-1932, Francis G, Greenawalt Wava, L-59 
Drake Francis G, 9-21-1908, Abraham N, Christlieb Clara E, K2-8
Drake Frank Jr, 9-12-1925, Hugh L, Lochner Geneva R, A11-104
Drake Male, 9-3-1898, F, Bradley --, A3-12
Drake Orville E, 7-4-1926, Abraham, Christlieb Clara E, L-48
Drane Male, 1-8-1906, Charles, Schumacher Martha, A5-49
Draper Jack D, 12-23-1908, John W, Dunning Harriet B, L-5
Draper Jo A, 10-24-1934, Jack D, Daniels Mary, A13-49
Dreher Sharon L, 11-18-1937, Charles, Blake Agnes, A13-98
Dreibelbis Dale E, 5-20-1907, Thurlow, Leitch Luella, A6-19
Dreibelbis Female, 1-4-1883, Peter, Baughman Susan, A1-100
Dreibelbis Female, 5-7-1886, --, --, A1-192
Dreibelbis Glade V, 7-12-1919, Orian O, Strong Jessie M, A10-92
Drenning Charles M, 10-13-1909, Frank M, Cushing Cora, K2-15
Drenning Horace M, 4-27-1912, Frank M, Cushing Cora E, K2-37
Drenning Kathlyn, 7-16-1914, Frank M, Cushing Cora E, K2-57
Drerup Audrey M, 6-30-1909, Gerhard, Lindsey Bessie, K2-13
Drerup Edward H Jr, 6-28-1918, Edward, Collins Mabelle, K2-95
Drerup Evalyn M, 2-2-1920, Frank, Ley Rosa, K3-8
Drerup Joan E, 8-14-1922, Frank F, Ley Rosa E, K3-29
Drerup Josephine H, 11-15-1917, Anthony, Krzyzanowski Mary, K2-89
Drerup Laurine E, 10-5-1914, Francis, Ley Rosa, K2-59
Drerup Lenore M, 9-10-1901, Joseph, Wellens Lena, A4-11
Drerup Male, 12-24-1902, Joseph, Wallens Lena, A4-38 & K1-10
Drerup Maxine J, 4-3-1914, Edward H, Collins Mabel, K2-55
Drerup Nancy J, 9-23-1938, Francis, Coffelt Helen L, K4-68
Drerup Urban F, 4-26-1912, Francis, Ley Rosa E, K2-37
Drerup Victor C, 3-28-1917, Francis, Ley Rosa, K2-83
Drerup William F, 7-10-1936, Urban F, Coffelt Helen L, K4-42
Dressel Mary M, 4-29-1919, Charles, Pellet Vera O, Av2-1
Dressler Donald R, 12-23-1934, Raymond D, Lemish Mary J, A13-52
Dressler Elmer, 8-21-1908, Anton, Bohnenbarger Edith, A8-26
Dressler Elnora M, 8-18-1933, Raymond D, Lemish Mary J, A13-29
Dressler Martha M, 10-23-1936, Raymond D, Lemish Mary J, A13-82
Dressler Maynard A, 11-20-1937, Elmer W, Weeks Evelyn M, A13-98
Dressler Norma J, 9-23-1938, Raymond D, Lemish Mary J, A13-113
Dressler Raymond, 9-9-1904, Anton, Bohnenberger Edith, A5-22
Drew George T, 9-13-1910, Herbert, Cooper Hazel, K2-23
Droud Female, 5-19-1885, Dallas, Hoke Mary A, A1-168
Droud Male, 5-10-1887, Dallas, Hoke Sarah E, A1-228
Drumheller Elizabeth A, 11-26-1929, Morris, Gohn Mary, K3-91
Drumheller Lewis, 8-29-1883, Lewis, Kimball Katharine, A1-90
Dubois Curtis, 2-3-1888, Franklin, Halferty Caroline, A1-256
Duckworth June H, 8-6-1934, Russell, Matteson Jessie, A12a-33
Dudley Male, 11-11-1886, Richard, Grube Mary, A1-206
Dudley Male, 2-4-1896, Richard, Grube --, A2-34
Dudley Male, 3-12-1906, John, Bennett Arie, K1-19
Duehmig Barbara A, 5-21-1934, Raymond, Juif Mary, K4-22
Duehmig Donald J, 9-17-1928, Raymond V, Juif Mary, A12-51
Duehmig Dorthy M, 11-4-1926, Henry F, Kreienbrink Rose, A12-20
Duehmig Edward W, 9-6-1936, Henry F, Kreienbrink Rosa, A13-80
Duehmig Eugene, 6-23-1899, Gustave A, Meyer Rosa, A3-23 & Av1-26
Duehmig Evelyn Y, 10-23-1935, Raymond L, Juif Mary, K4-34
Duehmig James H, 10-23-1928, Henry F, Kreienbrink Rose, A12-52
Duehmig Joseph A, 6-29-1897, Gustave, Meyer Rosa, A3-1
Duehmig Joseph W, 3-3-1933, Henry F, Kreienbrink Rose, A13-20
Duehmig Male, 7-16-1901, August, Meyer --, Av1-27 & Av1-7
Duehmig Marion E, 5-29-1931, Raymond V, Juif Mary, A12-97
Duehmig Mary A, 3-11-1907, Gustave A, Meyer Rosa F, A6-5
Duehmig Mary T, 1-4-1931, Henry, Kreienbrink Rose, A12-91
Duehmig Raymond V, 9-10-1903, August, Meyer Rosa, A4-52 & Av1-28
Duerr Female, 10-2-1882, Theodore, --, A1-42
Duesler Arthur E, 6-23-1922, Fred S, Growcock Louisa C, A11-46
Duesler Bernard E, 1-20-1925, William H, Wilson Flossie J, A11-95
Duesler Charles J, 4-1X-1922, William H, Wilson Flossie J, A11-43
Duesler Female, 6-11-1888, Charles, Moore Nancy, A1-270
Duesler Female, 1-1-1907, Charles, Moore Nan, A6-13
Duesler Freda A, 7-28-1925, Clifford E, Carper Francis R, L-46
Duesler Helen R, 8-20-1927, Fred, Growcock Louisa, A12-34
Duesler Herbert S, 5-18-1917, F S, Growcock Louisa C, A10-43
Duesler Male, 5-17-1890, Charles, Moore Nancy, A2-1
Duesler Male, 8-16-1900, Charles, Moore --, A3-41
Duesler Marlene E, 5-10-1935, Robert, Heffner Helen, L-65
Duesler Nellie, 9-X-1886, Charles S, Moore Nancy, A1-202
Duesler Norma G, 3-16-1924, Alfred, Carper Mary, A11-79
Duesler Norman W, 6-7-1927, Clifford E, Carper Ruth, A12-31
Duesler Robert, 4-13-1914, Fred, Growcock Louisa, A9-63
Duesler Velma K, 10-18-1925, Fred S, Growcock Louisa, A12-1
Duff Duane H, 5-11-1919, Grover L, Reiff Helen B, A10-89
Duff Male, 11-31-1902, Huff Edward, Culnise Pearl M, A4-35
Duffield Beverlymay, 7-29-1918, Cloyce D, Applegate Lena M, K2-95
Duguid Crampton J, 5-18-1918, Howard, Crampton Nellie M, A10-66
Duguid Kathryn, 4-14-1916, Howard, Crampton Nellie M, A10-17
Duke Alice M, 4-18-1920, Reginald K, Wood Thelma L, L-33
Duke Amie L, 3-17-1938, Reginald K, Wood Thelma L, L-71
Duke Franklin K, 2-7-1923, Reginald, Wood Thelma, L-40
Duke Graydon E, 8-8-1929, Reginald K, Wood Thelma L, L-54
Duke Marrie R, 6-28-1921, John, Boyd Louise, A11-28
Duke Reginald K, 1-10-1934, Reginald K, Wood Thelma L, L2-63
Duke Walter N, 5-11-1925, Reginald K, Wood Thelma L, L-46
Dukes Ada O, 6-12-1924, Roy E, Runnion Dollie M, A11-83
Dukes Alma M, 10-15-1910, William R, Inks Della V, A8-74
Dukes Chester, 5-4-1909, Worthy D, Miller Margaret, A8-44
Dukes Cleo J, 12-3-1931, Chester, Budd Zelma, K4-2
Dukes Donald C, 7-28-1928, Chester, Budd Zelma, K3-80
Dukes Dora L, 3-23-1911, Bert, Smith Cora, A8-86
Dukes Everett L, 3-13-1915, William R, Inks Della V, A9-86
Dukes Female, 2-28-1905, James A, Smith Cora B, A5-32
Dukes Female, 4-4-1883, Thomas, Barker Ruth, A1-70
Dukes Ganet M, 6-27-1916, Ward, Boyd Laura, A10-22
Dukes Harry L, 5-21-1903, James A, Smith Cora B, A4-46
Dukes John W, 7-6-1895, Thomas, Barker Ruth E, A2-32
Dukes Male, 8-24-1883, --, Mawhorter Lucinda, A1-88
Dukes Ora, 3-23-1911, Bert, Smith Cora, A8-86
Dukes Ralph T, 8-20-1916, Albert, Smith Cora B, A10-27
Dukes Ray E, 10-24-1901, W Riley, Inks Della V, A4-15
Dukes Ward, 6-1-1887, Thomas, Barker Ruth E, A1-228
Dull Arnold, 1-10-1906, John, Bentz Alta, A5-49
Dull Bessie, 5-6-1883, Daniel, Wells Alice R, A1-74
Dull Catherine P, 1-22-1913, Charles O, Bunger Opal C, C-4
Dull Clifton O, 8-15-1918, Charles O, Bunger Opal C, A10-73
Dull Erma M, 4-7-1900, John, Bentz Alta, A3-36
Dull Female, 12-2-1882, S P, Moore Mary, A1-46
Dull Female, 4-25-1903, Archie, Ott Effie, A4-45
Dull Female, 10-26-1914, Archie, Ott Effie, A9-76
Dull Howard C, 1-12-1916, Charles O, Bunger Opal C, A10-11
Dull Katherine, 8-17-1914, Harold, Lung Vera, A9-72
Dull Lecter C, 6-29-1921, Jetta, Baker Fern P, C-7
Dull Lorna O, 10-9-1914, Charles, Bunger Opal C, A9-76
Dull Male, 11-18-1887, Willard, Campbell --, A1-252
Dull Male, 12-8-1887, Frank, Jerraid Susan, A1-250
Dull Male, 1-26-1890, J Frank, Jerraid Susanna, A1-312
Dull Male, 4-4-1904, Perry, Rapp Amanda, A5-53
Dull Male, 9-27-1904, John, Bentz Alta, A5-22
Dull Male, 4-4-1906, Perry, Rapp Amanda, A6-1
Dull Male, 2-20-1907, Perry, Rapp Amanda, A6-14
Dull Mary K, 5-10-1931, Arnold, Lindsey Noline, C-9
Dull Orval L, 12-4-1912, Leo H, Lung Vera, A9-31
Dull Pauline R, 7-21-1913, John, Butz Alta, A9-44
Dull Raymond O, 6-7-1921, Charles O, Bunger Opal C, A11-25
Dull Richard A, 7-13-1933, Albert I, Gose Ethel M, A13-27
Dull Rosalind M, 7-7-1929, Arnold, Lindsey Nolene, C-9
Dull Roseceal F, 3-10-1905, O, Bush --, A5-33
Dummick Barbara J, 11-16-1927, Fred, Jones Golden, L-51
Duncan Claude, 7-23-1906, Ed, Higgs Angie, K1-20
Duncan Dorothy I, 12-31-1913, Edward, Higgs Angie, K2-52
Duncan Harry, 6-30-1910, Edward, Higgs Angie, K2-22
Dundon Barbara J, 3-21-1928, Harry J, Gridley Velma F, A12-42
Dunlap Donald R, 4-11-1928, Jess, McClugan Elsie, A12-44
Dunlap Female, 11-17-1890, Isaac B, Fry Mary E, A2-5
Dunlap Female, 7-5-1905, Edward H, Doolittle Alice A, A7-21 & A5-39
Dunlap Frederick L, 5-31-1905, Isaac, Droud Avada, A5-36
Dunlap Helen, 8-23-1908, Isaac B, Droud Avada, C-2
Dunlap John, 12-9-1931, Jess, McCloughan Eloise, A12-106
Dunlap John C, 5-5-1892, Charles, Cass Electa, A2-13
Dunlap Richard J, 4-4-1927, David W, Speckeen Ellen M, L-50
Dunn Female, 3-29-1882, William, Gage Emma C, A1-10
Dunn Nondus M, 7-9-1931, Roy F, Tend Ruth, A12-101
Dunn Shirley M, 8-5-1937, Roy F, Terrel Ruth M, K4-53
Dunten Clara, 1-30-1894, Edward B, Bowsher Lina, A2-28
Dupler Lucile, 12-22-1906, Archie L, Haddox Mary, A6-12
Durbin Frances Jr, 2-1-1936, Frances, Hicks Bernice, A13-71
Dury Robert J, 8-6-1921, John, Henry Martha, K3-20
Duve Female, 12-17-1927, Walter M, Hendricks Maud, K3-74
Duve George H, 12-15-1918, Walter M, Hendricks Maud E, K2-98
Duve Jack C, 12-17-1927, Walter, Hendricks Maud, K3-74
Duve Marjorie L, 9-13-1911, Walter M, Hendricks Maud E, K2-31
Duve Vaughn L, 6-1-1937, George H, Graham Glendys L, K4-52
Duwan Catherine, 11-23-1909, Charles F, Young Marie, K2-16
Dye Male, 5-7-1891, William C, Brackney Jennie, A2-8
Dye Male, 5-7-1903, J W, Dorsey Mollie, A4-46
Dyer Emanuel G, 8-28-1900, Clifton, Geiger Lettie A, A3-42
Dyer Male, 11-28-1903, C, Geiger --, A5-5
Dygert Boyd J, 1-1-1922, Ralph, McCuley Helen, L-38
Dygert John P, 8-15-1933, Paul, Garn Mildred, K4-15
Dyk Angelo M, 7-7-1914, Otto F, Bapst Anna T, K2-57
Dyk Female, 8-16-1906, Otto, Bapst Anna, A6-6 & K1-20
Dyk John W, 5-22-1911, Otto, Bapst Anna, K2-28
Eagles Alice J, 3-1-1918, Chester M, Butler Crinnie, A12a-12
Eagles Female, 2-27-1884, Charles, Roush Ella, A1-114
Eagles Female Premature, 12-7-1921, Herbert, Frazure Marie, A12a-16
Eagles Male, 12-19-1903, Edward, Kimmell M, A5-4 & A7-16
Eagles Marion, 5-16-1909, Chester M, Butler Corinne, A9-20
Eagles Ray D, 6-15-1920, Herbert V, Eagles Elsie M, A12a-14
Eagleson Donovan E, 10-21-1922, Everett, Mehl Audrey, A11-54
Eagleson Doris E, 12-19-1925, Rollo, Conolly Gladys I, A12-3
Eagleson Robert L, 1-30-1919, Ira L, Smith Susie, A10-84
Eagleson Simon E, 4-26-1904, Peter, Newcomb Bell, A5-12
Eagly Vera L, 8-20-1908, Erwin, Cobbs Nina P, A8-26
Eamick Arlo L, 4-29-1891, George, Marker Dica, A2-7
Eamick Female, 5-31-1889, George, Marker Dica, A1-294
Eamick Male, 1-2-1897, --, Marker --, A2-39
Earll Anna K, 11-24-1912, Bert, Stocker Myrtle, L-16
Earll Female, 4-30-1906, John, Tarney Fronie, A6-1
Earll Female, 9-22-1904, John D, Taney Frona, A5-21
Earll Frances L, 4-26-1908, John D, Tarney Fronia, A8-17
Earll Freda C, 4-24-1908, Bert E, Stocker Myrtle O, A8-17
Earll Harriet J, 1-22-1915, Bert, Stocker Myrtle, A9-83
Earll Helen L, 5-30-1906, Bert E, Stocker Myrtle O, A6-4
Early Female, 8-14-1887, Nelson, Schroll Sarah, A1-238
Earnhart Ardith, 12-19-1925, Glenn L, Davault Ilah, A12-3
Earnhart Arthur, 4-15-1912, Carl J, Kitson Cleo, A9-14
Earnhart Aurel A, 12-13-1909, Carl J, Kitson Lucey C, A8-57
Earnhart Beatrice M, 11-27-1900, John, Magnuson Hilda, A3-46
Earnhart Beulah A, 10-11-1906, Orpheus, Fuller Bessie, A6-9
Earnhart Corwin, 10-27-1908, Robert J, Foster Gladys, A8-31
Earnhart Edgar A, 7-7-1932, Glenn L, Davault Ilah, A13-9
Earnhart Ernest L, 1-29-1903, Nelson L, Beam Minnie F, A4-40
Earnhart Evelyn F, 2-24-1905, Robert, Foster Gladys, A5-31
Earnhart Female, 11-29-1889, Edward H, Beard Alice E, A1-308
Earnhart Female, 12-17-1901, Robert J, Foster Gladys, A4-16
Earnhart Gerald F, 1-22-1909, Orpheus, Fuller Bessie B, A8-36
Earnhart Helen E, 9-4-1894, John M, Magnuson Hilda, A2-26
Earnhart Holla F, 12-15-1914, Carl J, Kitson Lacy C, A9-81
Earnhart Hollis V, 6-4-1901, Orpheus, Fuller Bessie, A4-5
Earnhart Joel W, 8-21-1916, Robert J, Foster Gladys M, A10-26
Earnhart Joyce I, 10-20-1903, Robert, Foster Gladys, A5-1
Earnhart Keith, 8-18-1911, Robert J, Foster Gladys M, A8-94
Earnhart Keith J, 11-29-1932, Delbert, Adair Helen, A13-16
Earnhart Leonore, 11-22-1900, Nelson L, Beem Minnie F, A3-47
Earnhart Male, 5-29-1896, John M, Magnuson Hilda, A2-35
Earnhart Margaret L, 3-12-1911, Carl, Kitson Cleo, A8-85
Earnhart Nelson J, 3-14-1927, Glenn, Davault Ilah, A12-26
Earnhart Owen C, 8-27-1920, Glenn, Davault Ilah, A11-9
Earnhart Pearl, 11-25-1882, Nelson, Heffner Loretta, A1-52
Earnhart Roslyn, 9-5-1930, Glenn, Davault Ilah, A12-86
Eash Kathlen G, 8-1-1933, Tobe, Bontrager Sylvia, A13-28
Eash Merril L, 8-23-1936, Tobe, Bontrager Sylvia, A13-79
Eash Patricia F, 3-15-1935,Tobias, Bontrager Sylvia, A13-56
Easly Clem D, 12-26-1896, Benjamin, Decamp Kate F, A2-38
Easly Eva M, 5-21-1887, Benjamin F, Decamp Kate, A1-228
Easter Female, 2-7-1902, Justin H, Kirkpatrick Anna, A4-20
Easter Gertrude B, 6-24-1888, Justin, Kirkpatrick Anna, A1-270
Easter Gweneth M, 5-22-1886, Justin, Kirkpatrick Anna, A1-192
Easter Kathaleen, 7-7-1920, Carna W, Myers Ruth, A11-8
Easter Male, 2-17-1894, Justin H, Kirkpatrick Anna, A2-23
Easter Phyllis A, 11-28-1918, Carna W, Myers Ruth, A10-81
Easterday Ada M, 10-3-1893, Morton, Nickols Minnie, A2-22
Easterday Athena J, 12-2-1920, George S, Bitting Vera N, A11-14
Easterday Beatrice W, 5-14-1918, George S, Bitting Vera N, A10-66
Easterday Betty J, 11-24-1920, Laurel, Kline Berniece, K3-15
Easterday Clarence P, 6-4-1915, Orlen G, Addis Goldie, A9-94
Easterday Claud M, 5-12-1892, Otho, Franks Rachel, A2-14
Easterday Dallas A, 3-9-1920, Orlen G, Addis Goldie, A10-105
Easterday Donnabelle, 4-9-1926, Laurel J, Kline Berniece, A12-9
Easterday Edna K, 3-13-1924, George S, Bitting Vera N, A11-79
Easterday Elena M, 3-21-1919, Laurel, Kline Berniece, K3-1
Easterday Fannie, 3-7-1898, Otho, Franks Flora, A3-7
Easterday Female, 6-20-1900, Otho, Franks Flora, A3-39
Easterday George Jr, 2-8-1926, George S, Bitting Vera M, A12-6
Easterday Georgia A, 3-6-1922, Laurel, Kline Berniece, K3-26
Easterday Glen E, 1-23-1917, Orlen G, Addis Goldie, A10-37
Easterday Iona B, 1-10-1909, Orlen G, Addis Goldie, A8-36
Easterday James A, 12-23-1923, Laurel, Kline Berniece, K3-39
Easterday Keith S, 4-1-1928, George S, Bitting Vera N, A12-43
Easterday Kenneth R, 8-4-1911, Orlen, Addis Goldie, A8-94
Easterday Laurel J, 11-13-1891, A Morton, Thumma Minnie, A2-10
Easterday Laurel Jr, 8-23-1928, Laurel, Kline Berniece, A12-50
Easterday Male, 12-23-1884, Otho, Franks Flora, A1-156
Easterday Male, 9-5-1890, Jeremiah, Young --, A2-3
Easterday Nancy E, 9-1-1920, William D, Lock Flossie V, A11-10
Easterday Ralph, 10-20-1889, Otho, Franks Flora, A1-306
Easterday Robert E, 1-14-1923, William D, Lock Flossie V, A11-59
Easterday Virginia L, 6-12-1913, Laurel, Kline Berniece, K2-48
Eastlick Russell M, 11-22-1902, William, Muter Millie, A4-36 & K1-11
Eaton Male, 3-15-1883, Frank K, Galloway Francis, A1-60
Eaton Melvin A, 9-25-1920, John M, Tarlton Myrtle, A11-9
Eaton Ralph W, 2-9-1917, Lawrence E, Swihart Ethel M, A10-38
Eberhard Dorothy L, 10-16-1914, Dan, Hites Rachael, K2-59 - See Eberhart
Eberhard Edward, 3-26-1915, William R, Percell Daisy, K2-64
Eberhart Carl E, 6-8-1912, Daniel, Hites Rachel Y, K2-38 - See Eberhard
Eberly Gloria A, 2-24-1936, Sam, Bailey Nora, A13-71
Eberly James O, 8-21-1937, Samuel C, Bailey Norah N, A13-94
Eberly Mary J, 5-24-1934, Samuel C, Bailey Norah N, A13-42
Eberly Patricia A, 10-13-1932, Glenn E, Mock Bonnie J, A13-13
Eberly, Sandra J, 1-6-1935, Joseph, Boyd Beatrice M, A13-53
Ebert Anna, 1-24-1908, Julius, Vanvoormer Libbie, K2-4
Ebert Elnore M, 5-27-1921, Charles, Harper Hazel, A11-24
Ebert Evelyn L, 7-15-1923, Carl, Fritz Lena, K3-36
Ebert Female, 3-23-1931, Carl M, Fritz Lena K, K3-100
Ebert Helen F, 7-14-1911, Carl W, Fritz Lena K, K2-30
Ebert Richard L, 6-17-1935, Edward T, Nott Theola, K4-31
Ebert Robert D, 12-21-1936, Edward T, Nott Theola M, K4-47
Ebert Theodore E, 6-9-1915, Carl W, Fritz Hellen C, K2-66
Ebey Female, 2-5-1900, Lemon A, Foot Irena, A3-32
Ebey Harold J, 4-3-1908, Levi O, Brown Carrie, A8-16
Ebey Male, 8-17-1887, Cornelius, Huff Susan, A1-238
Ebey Male, 8-29-1883, Cornelius, Huff Susan A, A1-88
Ebey Marjorie L, 8-17-1927, Oscar E, Stewart Gladys M, A12-34
Ebey Oscar Jr, 2-21-1924, Oscar, Stewart Gladys, A11-78
Ebey Ottnel S, 9-2-1936, Oscar, Stewart Gladys, A13-80
Ebey Phillip, 9-5-1932, Oscar E, Stewart Gladys M, A13-12
Ebey Victor E, 9-30-1898, Lemon A, Foot Ina, A3-12
Eby Alton C, 11-29-1917, Aron J, Conrad Grace, A10-56
Eby Female, 5-23-1885, T R, Tyler Julia, A1-166
Eby John R, 1-29-1896, T Richard, Tyler Julia A, A2-34
Eby Male, 1-4-1887, T R, Tyler Julia A, A1-212
Eby Male, 5-1-1882, Thomas R, McClelland Martha R, A1-22
Eby Male, 9-8-1884, J W, Wees Ella, A1-140
Eckels Lillian L, 9-15-1917, Cloise V, Rose Edna, A10-53
Eckels Male Stillborn, 4-10-1912, Cloise, Rose Edna, A9-18
Eckels Vera A, 3-27-1914, Cloise, Rose Edna, A9-61
Eckels Walter C, 11-14-1910, Cloise, Rose Edna, A9-24
Eckhart Betty L, 9-9-1922, Earl, McDonald Vera, L-39
Eckhart Male, 1-19-1900, E, Hanes --, A3-30
Eckhart Male, 9-6-1907, Salem, Winegart --, A6-27
Eckhart Vida G, 1-15-1903, Ervin, Hanes Kate, A4-39
Eddy Bruce, 7-4-1905, Bert, Bruce Bessie, K1-17 & A5-38
Eddy Elizabeth, 7-9-1911, Albert, Bruce Bessie, K2-30
Eddy Lois V, 4-2-1914, Albert, Bruce Bessie E, K2-55
Eddy Male, 3-12-1887, Hite, Bozer --, A1-222
Eddy Mildred M, 5-9-1901, Bert, Bruce Bessie, A4-3 & K1-6
Eddy Ora, 7-18-1899, Ora, McClelland Hanna, A3-24
Eddy Robert S, 3-30-1917, Albert, Bruce Bessie, K2-83
Edgell Guy F, 4-30-1928, Earl, Allread Katherine H, K3-77
Edgell Robert J, 9-3-1930, Earl, Allread Katherine, A12-87
Edgell Stanley L, 5-14-1938, Earl M, Wortinger Hazel, K4-64
Edington James A, 4-19-1921, Clark C, Logan Rose, A12a-15
Edington John C, 1-4-1917, Curtis C, Logan Rose, A12a-8
Edmonds Arleen M, 12-30-1917, Cleland J, Reidenbach Bertha V, A10-57
Edmonds Forest Eloise, 8-11-1911, Forrest, Rimmel Mary E, A8-95
Edmonds Helen K, 2-9-1920, Forrest, Rimmel Mary E, A10-104
Edmonds Male, 10-29-1894, Henry, Grossman Kate, A2-26
Edsall Benjamin L, 4-4-1932, Elza, Wakeman Ella, A13-4
Edsall Betty E, 1-10-1922, James M, Kirkpatrick Ruth E, A12a-16
Edsall Betty J, 11-3-1936, Elza B, Wakeman Ellen, A13-82
Edsall Buddy F, 9-12-1934, Elza, Wakeman Ella, A13-47
Edsall Female, 9-22-1888, Benjamin, Wallace Emma, A1-278
Edsall Ina C, 12-24-1914, Wallace S, Huntsman Flossie F, A9-79
Edsall James B, 7-9-1920, Merle J, Kirkpatrick Ruth E, A12a-14
Edsall Male, 2-23-1912, Wallace S, Huntsman Flossie, A9-9
Edsall Norman L, 7-22-1938, James W, Wakeman Ella, A13-111
Edsall Pierre J, 2-24-1925, James M, Kirkpatrick Ruth E, A12a-21
Edsall Ruby L, 9-12-1903, William, McKeever Alta, A4-52
Edsall Russell E, 9-11-1933, James, Gates Beulah, K4-16
Edsall William C, 6-13-1923, James M, Kirkpatrick Ruth E, A12a-18
Edwards Anita B, 8-16-1926, Fred, Brackney Elsie, A12-17
Edwards Arnold A, 7-22-1937, Everett E, Herendeen O Ruth, A13-94
Edwards Don C, 5-28-1910, Ervin, Glass Della E, A8-64
Edwards Edward L, 5-23-1937, Fred L, Brackney Elsie F, A13-91
Edwards Evalyn M, 8-7-1916, Victor S, McLallin Clara H, A10-25
Edwards Everitt E, 9-15-1912, Louie, Smith Martha, A9-26
Edwards Female, 12-31-1884, Ephraim, Hines Filinda, A1-156
Edwards Gean D, 3-31-1937, Burl, Wiedman Glendora, K4-50
Edwards Harold M, 8-1-1903, L L, Smith Martha, A4-50
Edwards Harry, 4-17-1918, Victor S, McLallin Clara H, A10-64
Edwards James C, 1-1-1935, Burl, Wiedman Glendora, K4-27
Edwards John B, 3-10-1931, Burl, Wiedman Glendora, A12-94
Edwards Larry B, 11-11-1937, Don E, Gray Erma B, A13-97
Edwards Lavengie, 6-20-1883, James H, Loughry Alene, A1-82
Edwards Lester, 7-17-1912, Everett, Judd Lillian, L-15
Edwards Luella J, 4-20-1918, Charles, Banks Trula J, A12a-11
Edwards Male, 3-14-1883, Ephriam, Hines Filinda, A1-60
Edwards Male, 8-29-1886, Eph, Hines Filinda, Old-9
Edwards Male, 2-15-1907, Ervin, Glass Della, A6-14
Edwards Mary L, 3-19-1933, Everett E, Herendeen Olive R, K4-12 
Edwards Mergorie, 6-15-1910, Everett, Judd Lillian, L-9
Edwards Naoma R, 6-5-1920, George W, Ott Mary E, A11-5
Edwards Philip M, 6-24-1925, Fred L, Brackney Elsie F, A11-101
Edwards Richard K, 12-28-1935, Donald C, Gray Irma B, A13-69
Edwards Robert H, 10-16-1927, Burl, Wiedman Glendora, K3-72
Edwards Roy E, 5-27-1918, Fred L, Keefe Thelma B, A10-67
Edwards Vada F, 7-15-1932, Burl, Wiedman Glendora, K4-7
Edwards W E, 2-3-1906, George, Ott Mary C, A5-51
Egolf Female, 7-13-1884, Henry, Heintzelman Angeline, A1-134
Egolf Female, 9-19-1891, Hank E, Heintzelman Angeline, A2-9
Egolf Female, 9-24-1899, --, Egolf --, A3-26
Egolf Geneva, 9-9-1919, Samuel J, Smith Olive, A10-96
Egolf Joyce J, 6-6-1936, Frank, Reece Pearl, A13-76
Egolf Nile W, 8-23-1917, S J, Smith Olive, A10-49
Egolf Ross A, 9-11-1899, William, Bowen Effie, A3-26
Egolf Walter M, 1-14-1919, Charles, McDonald Pearl E, A10-84
Eichelbaugh Lois J, 10-26-1921, Chester G, Cooklery Zura R, K3-22
Eichelbaugh Male Stillborn, 8-17-1915, Charles G, Cookerly Rosella, K2-68
Eichelbaugh Mary J, 12-25-1916, Charles G, Cookerly Zura R, K2-80
Eichelbaugh William A, 12-19-1919, Charles G, Cookerley Zura R, K3-6
Eichelberg Male, 12-18-1882, F, Lieberenz Wilhelmina, A1-44
Eichelberg Pauline, 9-8-1884, Fred, Lieberenz Wilhelmina, A1-140
Eichenberger Elizabeth, 11-11-1927, Fay, Touozzie Louise, K3-73
Eichman Female, 2-26-1904, John, Zehendner Celeste, A5-9
Eichman Female, 6-27-1911, John J, Zehendner Celeste, A8-92
Eichman Frances T, 11-4-1924, John, Zehendner Celeste, Av2-5
Eichman Harry W, 1-4-1908, John, Zehendner Celeste, A8-9
Eichman James V, 12-6-1909, John, Zehendner Celeste, A8-57
Eichman John H, 3-17-1906, John, Zehendner Celeste, A5-53
Eichman Joseph B, 9-26-1916, John, Zehendner Celesta, Av1-34
Eichman Lorance A, 4-29-1914, John, Zehendner Celeste, Av1-33
Eiler Donald M, 10-9-1938, Calvin E, Rohrer, Lena M, K4-69
Eiman Meredith S, 4-12-1910, Joseph, Broom - Brown ? Pearl, C-3
Eisenhart Mary A, 10-5-1936, Martin, Gooss Mary, L-68
Eisenman Dorothy M, 2-2-1913, William, Schrieber Emma, A9-35
Eisenman Raymond R, 7-21-1920, William, Schrieber Emma, A11-7
Ekeberg Forrest A, 9-17-1916, John D, Smith Rosetta B, A10-29
Elam Margaret A, 11-14-1900, Eugene, Pask Clara M, Av1-27 & A3-46
Elderkin Elva H, 8-17-1930, Frank D, Price Kathryn, K3-96
Eldridge Eva, 9-12-1882, Daniel B, Lonsberry Ada, A1-30
Eley Clara M, 8-1-1909, Andrew, Mack Lulu, A8-48
Eley Clarence L, 4-15-1919, Andrew J, Mack Lulu, A10-89
Eley Florence O, 3-1-1912, Andrew J, Mack Lulu A, A9-17
Eley Laura B, 6-18-1926, Andrew J, Mack Lula A, A12-12
Eley Laura J, 6-17-19131, Mower Lester, Eley Florence O, A12-29
Eley Lillie B, 4-22-1922, Andrew J, Mack Lulu, A11-44
Eley Male, 11-2-1904, M C, Most --, A5-26 & Av1-29
Elhenie Ronald D, 3-13-1936, Hilton, Hart Evaline, K4-38
Eliff Male, 2-17-1889, Samuel, Kirkpatrick Cassie, Old-13
Elijah Clyde E, 12-24-1920, William D, Portner Addie, A11-16
Elijah Everett J, 6-1-1915, Roy E, Growcock Osa M, A9-94
Elijah Herbert, 12-15-1916, Roy E, Growcock Osa M, A10-35
Elijah Pauline L, 4-17-1917, William D, Portner Addie M, A10-41
Elijah Richard W, 6-16-1934, Bob, Portner Addie, A13-43
Elijah Robert E, 3-14-1919, William D, Portner Addie, A10-87
Elin Diane J, 10-8-1932, Seymour S, Walton Josephine E, A13-13
Elion Charles K, 1-6-1932, Charles C, Merriman Evelyn, A12-29
Eller Karen A, 10-12-1937, L Wayne, Yohey Elfreda, K4-55
Elliot Daniel R, 4-30-1937, Frederick C Jr, Hatfield Esther, K4-51
Elliot Female, 10-15-1882, George W, Kent May A, A1-46
Ellis Betty J, 9-12-1924, Loren, Stahl Fay M, K3-45
Ellis Male, 8-22-1887, C F, Cornish Marie, A1-238
Ellison David H, 5-28-1936, Clarence, Howard Georgia, K4-40
Elser Charles W, 11-19-1928, Charles M, Reidenbach Cleone, A12-53
Elser Elizabeth J, 3-16-1935, Charley M, Reidenbach Cleone, A13-55
Elser Gerald B, 1-10-1909, Charley M, Hile Hattie M, A8-36
Elser Helen M, 6-26-1937, Charles M, Reidenbach Cleone, A13-92
Elser Male & Female, 7-22-1882, Wilson, Fuller Melvina, A1-32
Elser Male, 10-7-1919, Charles, Busz Emma, A10-97
Elser Raymond M, 8-16-1932, Charles, Reidenbach Cleone, A13-11
Elser Richard B, 8-28-1930, Charles, Reidenbach Cleone, A12-85
Elser Voneta G, 3-19-1910, Charles M, Hile Hattie M, A8-63
Emahiser Bertha L, 11-6-1904, John, Yoder Minnie, A5-25 & K1-15
Emahiser Evelyn L, 4-23-1922, Charles L, Tyler Mabel C, A12a-16
Emahiser Female, 11-4-1882, Clifton, Russell Mary, A1-50
Emahiser Flossie M, 7-13-1902, John, Yoder Minnie, A4-28
Emahiser Freda, 5-22-1913, Charles L, Tyler Mabel C, A9-40
Emahiser Jay R, 4-6-1887, Clifton, Russell Mary A, A1-226
Emahiser Mary M, 9-16-1918, Charley, Tyler Mabel C, A12a-12
Emerick Ariela, 7-31-1916, George W, Getts Dorothy, A10-25
Emerick Avis L, 2-15-1908, Cecil, Tucker Hattie, A8-12
Emerick Donald L, 2-26-1931, Virgil, Myers Berdena, A12-93
Emerick Female, 4-17-1884, George W, --, A1-126
Emerick Female, 1-5-1887, George W, --, A1-214
Emerick Female, 6-26-1910, Cecil, Tucker Hattie, A8-68
Emerick George D, 10-8-1928, Charles W, Wallace Hazel I, K3-82
Emerick Janis A, 1-13-1928, Kenneth, Eulitt Mabel, K3-75
Emerick Jimmy D, 9-4-1931, Kenneth, Eulitt Mable E, K3-105
Emerick Kathlyn J, 12-21-1914, Cecil, Tucker Hattie, A9-80
Emerick Male, 6-28-1916, Rex S, Lemmon Clara H, A12a-7
Emerick Nadine H, 8-9-1931, Charles W, Wallace Hazel, K3-104
Emrick Patricia A, 7-17-1938, Arlen C, Freeman Catherine M, A13-110
Emerick Rex S, 6-26-1921, Rex S, Lemmon Clara H, K3-19
Emerick Robert L, 10-24-1934, Virgil L, Myers Birdena, A13-49
Emerick Treva J, 3-6-1933, Dale E, Pant Frances S, A13-20
Emerick Winaford I, 6-26-1910, Cecil, Tucker Hattie, A8-67
Emerson Alice J, 1-14-1928, John D, Price Irene, L-51
Emerson Female, 5-16-1884, William W, Northam Addie, A1-128
Emerson Karen M, 8-3-1936, Donell J, Hawkins Susan C, K4-43
Emerson Martha J, 8-15-1931, John D, Price Irene, L-57
Emery Maxwell, 6-2-1894, O P, Maxwell Eleanor, A2-25
Emge Agnes, 1-17-1908, John, Miller Mary, A8-10
Emge George J, 7-31-1910, John, Miller May, A8-70
Emge Mildred, 3-10-1905, John, Miller Mary, A5-33
Emick Male, 1-26-1898, Charles, -- Rena S, A3-6
Eminger Female, 10-7-1882, Ab, Smith --, A1-48
Eminger Gaynell B, 5-5-1921, William, Stewart Lillian, A11-23
Eminger Kathlyn D, 8-31-1917, Hyrom, Wentworth Lura B, K2-87
Eminger Male, 8-9-1892, Joshua, Myers --, A2-15 & K1-1
Eminger Russell L, 8-1-1918, William, Stewart Lillian, A10-72
Eminger William, 9-16-1919, Sheldon C, Holman Fern D, K3-4
Emmen Eileen W, 7-8-1924, Andrew, Knafel Lottie L, A11-84
Emmert Fancheon, 12-12-1937, Arthur, Fulford Minnie, K4-58
Emmert John P, 6-9-1921, John, Plank Grace L, A11-26
Emmert Patricia R, 7-19-1935, Arthur, Fulford Minnie, A13-61
Emmet Rollin, 8-29-1915, Harley, Welimhjofer Elma, A10-1
Emmitt Dorothy E, 10-30-1905, Charles, Prough Viola, A5-45
Emmitt Evelyn J, 10-10-1924, Roy, Hostetter Fern, A11-91
Emmitt Helen L, 3-26-1901, Charles, Prough Viola, A3-52
Emmitt Phyllis J, 2-12-1923, Roy, Hostetter Fern, A11-61
Emmitt Ruby I, 12-34-1907, Charles D, Prough Viola, A8-8
Emmons Richard E, 3-29-1915, P C, Foster Adda B, K2-64
Emrick Dale E, 4-6-1906, Isaiah, Bowman Della, A8-30
Emrick Louise R, 11-14-1925, George W, Glasgow Mary E, K3-56
Emrick Male, 5-X-1883, J, Seidel Mary, A1-82
Emrick Virgil L, 10-9-1908, Isaiah, Bowman Della, A8-30
Engelbrecht Bruno J, 10-14-1899, Henry, Brunser Matilda/ Bannon Anne, A3-27 & K1-2
Engerman Donald A, 11-23-1922, William, Blotkamp Anna, A11-56
Engerman Dorothy G, 9-28-1920, William, Blotkamp Anna, A11-11
Engerman Edward J, 3-10-1915, William, Blotkamp Anna, A9-88
Engerman Francis B, 8-14-1910, William J, Blotkamp Anna, K2-22
Engerman Lucille M, 2-6-1906, William J, Blotkamp Anna, A5-51 - 2-3-1906 on K1-19
Engerman Ralph H, 3-1-1915, Charles, Truelove Anna, A9-87
Engerman Rosamond I, 11-8-1907, William, Blotkamp Anna, K2-1
Engerman Urban, 10-16-1912, William, Blotkamp Anna, A9-26
Engle Barbara L, 12-8-1932, Haskle, Piper Esther, A13-16
Engle Beverly J, 1-22-1925, Harvey M, Smith Vera, K3-50
Engle Dallas D, 11-5-1908, Carle, Smith Fannie, A8-32
Engle Female, 11-11-1885, Werten, Umbenhower Mary, A1-180
Engle Glen E, 1-3-1914, Carl C, Smith Fannie, A9-56
Engle Jack A, 4-20-1932, Clarence A, Flynn Icie, A13-5
Engle Jack L, 9-17-1937, Ray P, Fish Ruth, K4-55
Engle Kenneth L, 3-25-1918, Haskle, Piper Esther R, A10-63
Engle Leora G, 7-30-1924, Elden, Pennel Myra, A11-85
Engle Loris, 11-5-1910, Elden, Pennel Myra, A8-77
Engle Mable M, 5-4-1912, Elden, Pennel Myra, A9-20
Engle Male, 4-X-1887, Werten, Umbenhower Mary E, A1-234
Engle Male, 4-5-1891, Cleborn, --, A2-7
Engle Male, 5-9-1916, Elden, Pennel Myra, A10-20
Engle Martha E, 7-23-1927, Harvey M, Smith Vera, K3-71
Engle Mary I, 1-11-1916, Haskle A, Piper Esther R, A10-12
Engle Ray P, 6-1-1914, Elden, Pennel Myra, A9-69
Engle Roger L, 6-1-1936, Haskle,Piper Esther, A13-76
Engle Rosemary R, 4-5-1934, Dallas, Marsh Hilda, L2-63
Engle Ross L, 9-1-1914, John E, Fisher Maggie E, A9-74
Engle Ruth L, 2-14-1918, Carl, Smith Fannie, A10-61
Engle Sheldon B, 9-30-1886, Cleborn, McMann Caroline, A1-204
Engle Woodward, 3-13-1918, Elden, Pennel Myra, A10-63
Englert Barnesse, 12-30-1913, Ervin, Zimmerman Audry, A9-53
Englert C L, 9-25-1905, C L, Wilson --, A5-43
Englert Charles S, 5-15-1884, Andrew, Stump Mary, A1-128
Englert Edwin W, 5-15-1919, Charles S, Whan Hazel, A10-90
Englert Floyd A, 3-15-1927, Spurgeon, Whan Hazel, A12-26
Englert Harold L, 9-19-1929, Spurgeon C, Whan Hazel, A12-70
Englert John A, 9-19-1907, Charles, Wilson Clara, A6-27
Englert John Jr Stillborn, 2-2-1927, John, Shambaugh Mable, A12-24
Englert Mary A, 7-28-1921, Charles S, Whan Hazel M, A11-27
Englert Orpha B, 1-30-1914, Spurgeon, Wilson Clara, A9-55
Enos Catherine V, 11-13-1930, Ray L, Erwin Fern E, A12a-28
Enos Female, 2-21-1884, Alexander, Shelander Emma, A1-118
Enos Female, 5-4-1886, L P, --, A1-192
Enos Female, 2-6-1902, Frank A, Oliver Mable, A4-20
Enos Joseph, 2-7-1897, Alexander, Shelander Emma, A2-39
Enos Male, 11-3-1905, Frank A, Oliver Mabel, A5-45
Enos Mary L, 4-7-1932, Ray L, Erwin Fern E, A12-30
Enos Myrtie, 4-30-1888, Alex, Shelander Emma, A1-266
Enos Perry F, 1-21-1929, Ray, Irwin Fern E, A12-26
Enos Walter R, 7-26-1934, Ray L, Irwin Fern E, A12a-33
Epert Adam C, 8-16-1906, John, Bradley Blanch, A6-6
Epert Blanch V, 10-26-1918, John, Bradley Blanch, L-30
Epert John E, 2-11-1909, John, Bradley Blanch A, L-5
Epert Walter J, 11-12-1904, John, Bradley Blanch, A5-25
Epperson Margaret M, 5-14-1911, J R, Buriat Winnifred, K2-28
Erdley Male, 6-11-1904, Charles, Rowley Mary, A5-15
Erdly Blanche A, 10-24-1915, Leo B, Grimes Emma, A10-5
Erdly Elila E, 10-13-1921, Leo B, Grimes Emma J, A11-32
Erdly Female, 11-3-1906, Frank, Jerraid --, A6-11
Erdly Female, 7-30-1907, L Berten, Grimes Emma, A6-24
Erdly Hellen J, 67-5-1928, Ace, Gaerte Aldina, A12-49
Erdly Jimmie, 2-2-1934, Ace D, Gaerte Aldine, A12a-33
Erdly Joan E, 8-16-1931, Ace, Gaerte Aldine, A12-102
Erdly Male, 7-12-1905, Burt, Grimes Emma, A5-38
Erdly Margaret S, 11-15-1913, Leo B, Grimes Emma J, A9-52
Ervin Francis M, 3-10-1913, William, Copp Georgiana, A9-38
Ervin Male, 12-27-1890, Perry, Kniss --, A2-5
Ervin Nancy J, 3-7-1933, Wallace B, Fryback Helen M, A13-21
Erwin Female, 2-20-1884, Edwin P, Signer Joana, A1-114
Esch Lois A, 9-10-1917, Joseph, Plank Eva, A10-53
Eshelman Carol A, 4-27-1937, Dale M, Prentice Harriet E, K4-51
Eshelman Charlene, 11-24-1932, Eshelman Hugh, Pulskamp Rosalinda, K4-10
Eshelman Ethel M, 12-5-1908, Harvey G, Reber Lulu M, A8-35
Eshelman Female, 5-27-1900, John, --, A3-38 & K1-4
Eshelman Female, 12-26-1906, Harvey, Reber Lulu, A6-12 - Male on K1-21
Eshelman Helen A, 1-30-1915, Harvey, Reber Lulu M, A9-82
Eshelman Margaret J, 5-27-1933, Dale M, Prentice Harriet E, K4-14 
Eshelman Marilyn L, 9-29-1935, Hugh, Pulskamp Rosalind, K4-34 
Essex Betty J, 3-5-1929, George F, Dirr Sylvia, Av2-8
Estlick Ella D, 6-5-1909, Joseph, Archer Christena, A8-45
Estlick Hazel P, 1-11-1908, Joseph W, Archer Christena, A8-9
Estlick Mary, 1-19-1904, Joseph, Archer Cristena, A5-7
Estlick Russell R, 12-8-1910, Joseph, Archer Christena, A8-79
Eubank Patricia W, 4-3-1933, Clyde, Bowles Mayne, L-62
Eulitt Clyde W, 7-13-1913, Jerome, Weaver Grace, A9-45
Eulitt Doris L, 4-4-1906, J F, Weaver --, K1-20 & A6-1
Eulitt Earl F, 3-7-1917, Jerome F, Weaver Grace, K2-82
Eulitt Female, 4-2-1903, Rome, Weaver Grace, A4-45 & K1-11
Evans Female, 7-8-1903, H J, Ellsworth E A, A4-49
Evans Kathryn, 8-13-1925, Harry, Hough Madia, A12a-22
Evans Lucy L, 1-21-1905, W J, Wagner Dora J, A5-29
Evans Nora M, 8-23-1924, Harry R, Hough Madia J, A12a-20
Evans Phyllis M, 8-17-1927, Arthur R, Spicher Alta A, A12-34
Evans Robert A, 7-4-1926, Burrell E, Belew Ada L, A12a-23
Evans Walter H, 4-12-1931, Harry R, Hough Maida I, A12-28
Evans Wanda H, 12-22-1927, Harry R, Hough Madia I, A12a-24
Evers Ann M, 7-18-1938, Robert J, Lash Evelyn R, K4-66
Evers Barl L, 7-9-1910, F, Bodenhafer A K, A8-70
Evers Emily A, 10-18-1912, Joseph F, Bodenhafer Arzilla K, A9-26
Evers Female, 9-11-1905, David, --, A5-42
Evers Female, 6-28-1914, James H, Drerup Rose K, A9-68
Evers Female, 2-20-1938, Harold, Shutta Angela, K4-61
Evers Harold I, 3-2-1910, James H, Drerup Rose K, K2-19
Evers Helen M, 2-29-1912, James H, Drerup Rose K, K2-36
Evers Howard J, 7-2-1908, Joseph F, Bodenhafer Arzilla K, K2-6
Evers Male, 3-25-1918, James, Drerup Rose, K2-92
Evers Maynard P, 8-2-1921, James, Drerup Rose, K3-20
Evers Robert J, 7-5-1915, James, Drerup Rose, K2-66
Evers Walter H, 6-26-1920, James H, Drerup Rose, K3-11
Eversole Female, 9-4-1900, Milo, Fuller Francis, A3-43
Eversole Iva M, 4-10-1891, Milo, Fuller Francis, A2-7
Eversole Male, 4-11-1905, Milo, Fuller Francis, A5-35
Ewell Carol J, 12-17-1937, Lloyd G, Kline Pauline M, K4-58
Ewell Jo A, 9-15-1936, Merritt J, Owen Mary, A13-80
Ewell Lloyd G, 9-17-1905, John, Spatz Julia, A5-42
Ewell Male, 11-11-1899, John, Spatz --, A3-28
Ewell Male, 10-2-1906, John, Spatz --, A6-9
Ewell Thelma E, 10-31-1921, Albert E, Kern Dora W, K3-22
Ewell Warren D, 4-12-1925, Albert, Kern Dora W, K3-52
Exner Jaunita M, 2-2-1917, Carl, Haff Edus J, A10-37
Eyer Faye, 6-20-1895, Oliver, Latimer Minnie E, A2-31
Eyer June E, 9-28-1938, Clarence O, Troyer Ruth E, K4-68
Eyer Male, 9-30-1893, Oliver, Latimer Minnie E, A2-21
Eyer Male, 10-3-1903, Oliver, Latimer Minnie E, A5-1
Eytcheson Betty H, 9-29-1929, Franklin, Madison Leona, L-54
Eytcheson Isaac F, 7-11-1904, Nathan, Hite Mary J, A5-17
Eytcheson John F, 2-17-1932, Franklin, Madison Leona, L-59 
Male Stillbirth 12-24-1884, Robert, Good Amanda, A1-154
Eytcheson Robert P, 11-30-1926, Franklin, Madison Leona M, A12-21
Eytcheson Willard L, 9-19-1897, Edward C, Miller Mary, A3-3

Noble Notes:  The happiest are those who do the most for others. 
Booker T. Washington